List of events ordered by date

United Kingdom - WAR Warwickshire - Sutton Coldfield, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1783CHATFIELD Herbert?
Birth1804CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth1805CHATFIELD William?
Birth24 August 1808CHATFIELD Mary?
Christening9 November 1808CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth1811CHATFIELD Elizabeth Ann?
Death1811CHATFIELD Elizabeth Ann?
Birth1813CHATFIELD Ann?
Birth9 May 1815CHATFIELD John?
Christening30 July 1815CHATFIELD John?
Birth7 February 1818CHATFIELD Herbert?
Christening6 June 1819CHATFIELD Herbert?
Birth20 December 1819CHATFIELD James?
Christening28 May 1820CHATFIELD James?
Birth1820HAWKINS Maria?
Birth8 December 1821CHATFIELD Joseph?
Christening2 June 1822CHATFIELD Joseph?
Birth13 January 1824CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
DeathAugust 1825CHATFIELD Herbert?
Death1825CHATFIELD William?
Christening15 January 1826CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Marriage1938CHATFIELD Harold James with QUINEY Elizabeth E?



United Kingdom - WAR Warwickshire - Warwick & Leamington, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1978STANDING Stephen H with GEBBETT Alison L?



United Kingdom - WAR Warwickshire - Warwick CV34 : 6 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1845CHERRY Mary Ann?
Birth6 August 1945MCGETTIGAN Timothy?
Marriage3 September 1972JAKEMAN Stephen Richard with DOLPHIN Clare Frances?

St Johns House

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death?STOUGHTON Eugenia?

St Nicholas

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening21 February 1715STOUGHTON Eugenia?
Marriage28 November 1743MONEY James with STOUGHTON Eugenia?



United Kingdom - WAR Warwickshire - Warwick Rd., Bickenhill, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Lizzy Louisa?
Census1891CHATFIELD Isaac?
Census1891CHATFIELD Afred Leonard?
Census1891CHATFIELD Albert Bailey?
Census1891CHATFIELD Rowland George?
Census1891CHATFIELD Isaac John?
Census1891SLATCHER Eliza?



United Kingdom - WAR Warwickshire - West Bromwich, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1927HARRIS Patricia Gertrude?



United Kingdom - WAR Warwickshire - Whitnash, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1941MCGETTIGAN Dennis with CHATFIELD Kathleen Mary?
Christening2 December 1945MCGETTIGAN Timothy?



United Kingdom - WAR Warwickshire - Yardley Cmtry., Birmingham, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Thomas Charles?



United Kingdom - WAR Warwickshire - Yardley, Birmingham, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1911CHATFIELD Albert Bailey?
Census1911CHATFIELD Isaac?



United Kingdom - WES Westmorland - England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1943CHATFIELD Frederick?



United Kingdom - WES Westmorland - Appleby, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage29 September 1886CHATFIELD Frederick with NANSON Ethel Maud?
Census1911CHATFIELD Ivor Edward?
Census1911CHATFIELD Herbert Lonsdale?
Census1911CHATFIELD Frederick Cresswell?
Census1911CHATFIELD Mary Winifred?
Census1911CHATFIELD Frederick?
Burial1951CHATFIELD Mary Winifred?



United Kingdom - WES Westmorland - Bongate, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Frederick?



United Kingdom - WES Westmorland - Brampton Crofts, Long Marton, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Mary Winifred?
Census1891NANSON Ethel Maud?
Census1891CHATFIELD Frederick Cresswell?
Census1891CHATFIELD Frederick?
Census1891CHATFIELD Herbert Lonsdale?



United Kingdom - WES Westmorland - East Ward, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1866NANSON Ethel Maud?
Birth5 November 1887CHATFIELD Mary Winifred?
Birth25 June 1890CHATFIELD Herbert Lonsdale?
Birth13 October 1891CHATFIELD Ivor Edward?



United Kingdom - WES Westmorland - Long Marton, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth31 January 1889CHATFIELD Frederick Cresswell?



United Kingdom - WES Westmorland - St Lawrence, Appleby, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening7 December 1887CHATFIELD Mary Winifred?
Christening11 February 1889CHATFIELD Frederick Cresswell?



United Kingdom - WIG Wigtownshire - Kirkmaiden, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871MCMASTER Elizabeth McKie?



United Kingdom - WIG Wigtownshire - New Luce, Scotland.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1899MCLELLAND Jeanie?
Census1901CHATFIELD Henry?
Death1909CHATFIELD Henry?



United Kingdom - WIG Wigtownshire - New Luce, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Henry?
Census1891MCLELLAND Jeanie?



United Kingdom - WIG Wigtownshire - Old Luce, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891RITCHIE Archibald?
Census1891MCMASTER Elizabeth McKie?
Census1891RITCHIE Sarah Paton?



United Kingdom - WIG Wigtownshire - Portpatrick, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth3 March 1848RITCHIE Archibald?
Christening26 March 1848RITCHIE Archibald?
Birth1857MCMASTER Elizabeth McKie?
Census1861RITCHIE Archibald?
Marriage8 August 1873RITCHIE Archibald with MCMASTER Elizabeth McKie?
Birth1880RITCHIE Sarah Paton?
Census1881RITCHIE Sarah Paton?



United Kingdom - WIG Wigtownshire - Sorbie, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth6 July 1847STEWART Louisa Wilhelmina?
Christening12 September 1847STEWART Louisa Wilhelmina?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial21 October 1725ERNLE John Kyrle?
Birth9 January 1836CHATFIELD Charles Kyrle?
Birth17 November 1838CHATFIELD George Eugene?
Birthabout 1851? Martha?
Birth1890STURGESS Ethel Shirley \ Shorland?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - 3 Church Place, Swindon, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Census1861WILSON John?
Census1861WILSON George?
Census1861WILSON Jesse?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Alderbury, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1871BRISTOW Robert with ? Martha?
Death1881CHATFIELD Alfred James?
Death1890CHATFIELD Leonard William?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Amesbury SP4 : 4 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1865HEDGES Edwin George?
Death4 April 1880JESSON Anna Maria?
Birth1932CANNINGS June Y M?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death21 September 1882CHATFIELD Robert Money?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Atworth, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth2 January 1907MARTIN Marjorie Rose?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Bath St., Swindon, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871WILSON George?
Census1881CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Census1881WILSON George?
Census1881WILSON Jesse?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Box, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
BirthSeptember 1832NEWMAN Mary Jane?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Collingbourne-Kingston, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening3 June 1827STEVENS Thomas J?
Birth1827STEVENS Thomas J?
Census1841STEVENS Thomas J?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Cricklade St Sampson, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851DAFTER Lucy?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Cricklade, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1871TALBOT James with DAFTER Lucy?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Devizes, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1830PRICE Jane?
Birth1894SMITH Ivor Thomas M?
Marriage1931HALES Henry Charles J with STAPLES Dorothy?
Birth1945SKITTRALL Malcolm I.?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Donhead St Andrew, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHAPMAN Adelaide Mabel?
Census1881FLETCHER Adelaide Maria?
Census1881CHAPMAN Helen M?
Census1881CHAPMAN Florence Maria?
Census1881CHAPMAN Mary Edith F?
Census31 March 1901CHAPMAN Horace Edward?
Census31 March 1901CHAPMAN Mary Edith F?
Census31 March 1901FLETCHER Adelaide Maria?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Donhead St Mary, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871CHAPMAN Kyrle Alfred?
Census1871STEWART Louisa Wilhelmina?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Enford, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1911DARK Hilda Emily?
Marriage8 February 1928CHATFIELD David Albert Charles with DARK Hilda Emily?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Fisherton Anger, Alderbury, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1 May 1882CHATFIELD Frederick George with HARDING Elizabeth?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Fisherton Anger, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861FREESTON William?
Census1861NUNN Rose Emily?
Census1871CHATFIELD Ruth?
Census1871CHATFIELD Alfred James?
Census1871CHATFIELD Frederick George?
Census1871CHATFIELD Arthur Charles?
Census1871CHATFIELD William?
Census1871CHATFIELD Leonard William?
Census1881CHATFIELD Leonard William?
Census1881CHATFIELD Ruth?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Godford St Peter, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth12 May 1839BENNETT Sarah Ann?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Highworth, Swindon, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1854WILSON John?
Birth1893DAVID Henry W?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Horningsham, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1866DOEL Frances Caroline?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Leigh, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1845DAFTER Lucy?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Malmesbury SN16 : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1859WHEELER Mary Ellen?
Birth1883WILSON Emily Ethel J?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Marlborough, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1899ROFF Florence Olive?
Marriage1919CLARK William H with ROFF Florence Olive?
Marriage1931CHATFIELD Alfred Thomas with ROFF Florence Olive?
Birth1932CHATFIELD Maurice A?
Birth1934CHATFIELD Maureen A?
Death1934CHATFIELD Maureen A?
Birth1 April 1935CHATFIELD Michael Robert?
Birth1938CHATFIELD David J?
Marriage1953CHATFIELD Maurice A with CARTER Myrtle Joan?
Death1962SIMMONS Grace?
Death1963CHATFIELD Arthur Richard John?
Death1966ROFF Florence Olive?
Death1969CHATFIELD Alfred Thomas?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Meadow Rd., Fisherton Anger, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Ruth?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Ruth?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Melksham SN12 : 4 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1914ASLETT Wilfred Charles E?
Birth1915WICKHAM Margaret Phyllis?
Marriage1933ASLETT Wilfred Charles E with WICKHAM Margaret Phyllis?
Birth1935ASLETT Alan E?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Mere, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1947CHATFIELD William Arthur?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Middle Woodford, Woodford, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Mary Madeline?
Census1861JESSON Anna Maria?
Census1861CHATFIELD Robert Edward?
Census1861CHATFIELD Catherine Maria?
Census1861CHATFIELD Ella Eugenia?
Census1861CHATFIELD Alice?
Census1861CHATFIELD Robert Money?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Nettleton, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening30 May 1819RICHARDSON Charlotte (19)?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Pewsey, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth7 March 1908DARK Hilda Emily?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Philip St Jacob, Warminster, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1775CAINS Richard?
Birth25 December 1801CAINS William Tudway?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Preshute Within, Marlborough, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1911ROFF Florence Olive?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Prospect Hill, Swindon, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901WHEELER Mary Ellen?
Census31 March 1901WILSON Jesse?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Purton Hill, Purton, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861DAFTER Lucy?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Rodburn Cheney, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1829TUCKEY Henry Edward?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Salisbury : 14 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence?MCCAUL Agnes Elizabeth?
Birth1583HERBERT Ann?
Birth1785SAUNDERS George Eveleigh?
Birthabout 1840? Jane?
Death18 January 1909CHATFIELD Ruth?
Probate2 March 1909CHATFIELD Ruth?
Birth6 June 1946DANCER Gareth Bernard?
Birth1962CHATFIELD Nicholas M?
MarriageMarch 1984CHATFIELD Gary D with IRELAND Bridget?
DeathJuly 1985CHATFIELD Joy Myra?
Marriage1994SKUTEK Michael C with SKUTEK Sharon J?

St Thomas'

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening29 December 1785SAUNDERS George Eveleigh?

Stratford sub Castle

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth27 August 1831CHATFIELD Alfred John?
Death12 June 1833CHATFIELD Robert Ernle Orrey?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - South Marston, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1797WILSON Jesse?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - St Edmunds, Burytown, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage16 June 1690WASHBOURNE William with ERNLE Hester?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - St Marks, New Swindon, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening30 August 1857WILSON Charlotte Elizabeth?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Stanton Fitz Warren, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1828WILSON George?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Stanton Fitzwarren, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851WILSON Jesse?
Death1852WILSON Jesse?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Swindon, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Deathabout 1838MOSS Martha?
Birth1856WILSON Charlotte Elizabeth?
Birth1858WILSON Jesse?
Death1859WILSON George William?
Census1871CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Census1871WILSON Jesse?
Census1871WILSON John?
Marriage1885WILSON Jesse with WHEELER Mary Ellen?
Death1887CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Census1911WHEELER Mary Ellen?
Census1911WILSON Jesse?
Death1933WILSON Jesse?
Death1946CHATFIELD Amelia May?
Birth1959CHATFIELD Maxine D?
Birth1962CHATFIELD Colin A?
Birth1964CHATFIELD Julie A?
Death1965TOURNAY Doris Frances?
Death1975CHATFIELD Reginald Arthur?
Marriage1983ALLAN Terence F with CHATFIELD Maxine D?
MarriageMay 1985CHATFIELD Colin A with HAZLEWOOD Jill Y?
BirthMay 1986CHATFIELD Michael David?
BirthMay 1987CHATFIELD Benjamin?
BirthDecember 1987ALLAN Daniel Charles R?
BirthMay 1990CHATFIELD Abigail?
BirthJune 1990ALLAN Thomas Anthony D?
BirthAugust 1991CHATFIELD Kelly Louise?
BirthMay 1994ALLAN Elizabeth Rose?
BirthAugust 1994CHATFIELD Gemma Louise?
BirthMarch 1996ALLAN Jack Oliver T?
Death7 July 2007CARTER Myrtle Joan?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Taunton St., Swindon, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891WILSON Emily Ethel J?
Census1891WHEELER Mary Ellen?
Census1891WILSON Jesse?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Trowbridge BA14 : 8 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth16 February 1938ASLETT Doreen P?
Birth1943ASLETT Valerie D?
Marriage1958ASLETT Alan E with BROOKMAN Pauline M?
Marriage1964ASLETT Valerie D?
Marriage1979VANTROMP William A with SYRED Jane C?
Birth1979VANTROMP Michael William J?
Birth1980VANTROMP Nicholas Ian?
Death1994ASLETT Wilfred Charles E?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Vicarage, Woodford, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871CHATFIELD Robert Edward?
Census1871CHATFIELD Caroline Blanche Cecilia?
Census1871CHATFIELD Alice?
Census1871JESSON Anna Maria?
Census1871CHATFIELD Mary Madeline?
Census1871CHATFIELD Ella Eugenia?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Warminster, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1779TUDWAY Mary?
DeathSeptember 2005van TROMP William M?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - West Harnham, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening20 December 1868FREESTON Rose Emily?
Birth1868FREESTON Rose Emily?
Census1881FREESTON Rose Emily?
Census1881NUNN Rose Emily?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Westbrook, Bromham, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth29 January 1658BAILEY Joel?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Whetham Estates, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death6 November 1808MONEY William?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Woodford, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?HARDING Issue 6?
Birthabout 1832HARDING Samuel?
Birth1834CHATFIELD Mary Madeline?
Christening6 March 1836CHATFIELD Charles Kyrle?
Birth2 April 1837CHATFIELD Catherine Maria?
Christening30 April 1837CHATFIELD Catherine Maria?
Christening16 December 1838CHATFIELD George Eugene?
Birth28 April 1845CHATFIELD Robert Edward?
Christening25 May 1845CHATFIELD Robert Edward?
Birth29 February 1848CHATFIELD Ella Eugenia?
Birth24 April 1850CHATFIELD Alice?
Christening7 June 1850CHATFIELD Alice?
Christening26 February 1860HARDING Elizabeth?
Birth1860HARDING Elizabeth?
Marriage25 April 1867DAVIDSON Alexander Henry with CHATFIELD Catherine Maria?
Census1871WELFARE Keziah Emma?
Marriage25 April 1872FFRENCH William Stephen with CHATFIELD Ella Eugenia?



United Kingdom - WIL Wiltshire - Woodford, Swanborough, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1841CHATFIELD Charles Kyrle?
Census1841CHATFIELD Catherine Maria?
Census1841CHATFIELD Caroline Blanche Cecilia?
Census1841CHATFIELD George Eugene?
Census1841JESSON Anna Maria?
Census1841CHATFIELD Alfred John?
Census1841CHATFIELD Robert Money?
Census1841CHATFIELD Mary Madeline?



United Kingdom - WLN West lothian - Whitburn, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth15 September 1825BEVERIDGE Robert?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1831TYLER John Chatfield?
Birthabout 1876LOWE Ada?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Brettell Lane, Kingswinford, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CARTWRIGHT Margaret?
Census1891? Ann?
Census1891CARTWRIGHT John?
Census31 March 1901CARTWRIGHT Margaret?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Bromsgrove : 10 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage18 June 1846COLLIS John Day with TYLER Josephine Martha?
Death15 October 1851TYLER John Chatfield?
Census1851TYLER Lucy?
Census1851TYLER John Chatfield?
Census1851HENLEY Amelia?
Census1851TYLER Charlotte Augusta?
Census1851TYLER Edward Saumarez?
Census1851TYLER John Chatfield?
Census1851TYLER Frederick Joseph?
DeathMay 1997BELCHER Annie?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Droitwich WR9 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1945CHATFIELD Patricia J?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Dudley, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1894EDMONDS Benjamin with CHATFIELD Susanna?
Birth1899KETTLE Dorothy Alice?
Census1911BEVANS John William?
Marriage1914HERBERT Henry J with POOLE Emily?
Birth1916BEVANS Marjorie J?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Elmley Castle, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1880CHATFIELD Agnes Edith?
Census1881CHATFIELD Agnes Edith?
Census1881CHATFIELD Samuel?
Census1881SMITH Agnes?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Inn Lane, Hartlebury, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Arthur Samuel?
Census1891SMITH Agnes?
Census1891CHATFIELD Agnes Edith?
Census1891CHATFIELD Frank Albert?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Islington Terrace, Kings Norton, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHAPPLE \ BLOXHAM Martha Adelaide?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Kidderminster : 5 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1924BOWN Mary?
Death4 May 1962CHATFIELD Charles?
Death1964BARROW Elizabeth Barbara?
Death1991HERBERT Emily Beatrice?
Death2001CHATFIELD Eric C?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Kings Norton, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1891CHAPPLE \ BLOXHAM Martha Adelaide?
Birth31 January 1913BARTHOLOMEW Mary Teresa?
Death1915HERITAGE Elizabeth Emily?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Malvern Hospital, Malvern, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death9 October 2005SPRACKLING Richard Hugh?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Malvern Wells, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death30 October 1844CHATFIELD Elizabeth?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Martley WR6 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1857MELVILLE Beresford Valentine?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Old Swinford, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1 February 1874JORDAN John with CHATFIELD Susanna?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Redmarley, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1801BROWN John?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Shelsey Beauchamp, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening25 October 1857MELVILLE Beresford Valentine?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Skinner St., Wollaston, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHERRY Thomas?
Census1861CHERRY Mary Ann?
Census1861HARRIS Mary Ann?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - St Peter, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871HARRIS Mary Ann?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Stourbridge, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1889JORDAN John?
Birth1907CLIST Evelyn May?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Waresley, Hartlebury, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Samuel?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Wollaston, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth31 December 1869CLACK James Walter?



United Kingdom - WOR Worcestershire - Worcester WR8 : 4 events

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Hartlebury Palace

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1841CARR Robert James?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth19 November 1881CHATFIELD Frank Albert?
Birth1884CHATFIELD Arthur Samuel?
Birth8 May 1893CHATFIELD William Cyril S?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Barnsley, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1845? Eliza?
Birth4 March 1946NEWBERRY Jane Mary Louisa?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Bradford BD : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth8 May 1863HISCOX Frank William?
Death1885UPTON John Adams?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Bramley, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1909SLINN Frederick H?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Brotherton, Pontefract, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth28 April 1954MARSH Garry?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Church St., Mexborough, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891THOMPSON Mary Ann?
Census1891MARSDEN \ MARCHANT Alice Maud?
Census1891MARSDEN George?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Cliffe St., Nether Hallam, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881ATTFIELD Fanny?
Census1881CHATFIELD George?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - East Rosedale, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871BARROW Mary Ann?
Census1871BARROW Michael?
Census1871BARTLETT Mary Ann?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Ecclesall B., Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1874MCPHADEN Annie Oldfield?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Featherstone WF7 : 1 event

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Wilson Street Methodist

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage4 July 1981CHATFIELD Kevin John with JOBES Jayne Alison?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Hartshead Moorside, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening28 March 1880WOODCOCK Esther Ann?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Headington, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1861PATTISON Mark with STRONG Emilia Frances?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Henley St., Kimberworth, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881BALL Ann?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Huddersfield : 8 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1912JEFFRIES Ernest A with RHODES Alice?
Birth15 May 1915JEFFRIES Dorothy Mary?
Marriage1944SHAW Douglas with WOOD Mary?
Birth1947SHAW Elizabeth Margaret?
Birth1950SHAW John Miles?
Death14 October 1975CHATFIELD Nellie May?
Birth1976SHAW Rachel Caroline?
Birth1978SHAW Stephen John?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Hunslett, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1924MULLINGER Elvin?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Kimberworth, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851TROWER Ann?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Leeds LS : 10 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1870MARSDEN George with THOMPSON Mary Ann?
Birth1882BRADLEY Ethel May?
Birth1947WHEATLEY Andrea?
Birth1948WHEATLEY Michael?
Death17 May 1986BATCHELLER Winifred L?
Marriage1986FROST Neil with BUNDEY Catherine Anne?
Marriage1988BUNDEY Michael Deavin with WHITELEY Lynn?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1821SWITHINBANK Joshua S?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1826? Hannah?
Birth1852SWITHINBANK Emma Anne?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Leeds North, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death11 October 1933BRIDAULT Joseph Louis?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Leigh St., Attercliffe Cum Darnall, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891BALL Ann?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Mexborough, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1 November 1886MARSDEN \ MARCHANT Alice Maud?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Pontefract General Infirmary, Pontefract, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth3 October 1982CHATFIELD John Robert?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Pontefract, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?JOBES Issue 2?
Birth1932ASQUITH Patricia?
Birth1961FRANCE Martin R?
Birth27 June 1964JOBES Jayne Alison?
Marriage1972CLARK Gabriel A F with ASQUITH Patricia?
Marriage1983FRANCE Martin R with FRIAR Katherine?
Birth9 February 1984FRANCE Jolene Marie?
Marriage1988AU Clement C K with JOBES Jayne Alison?
BirthSeptember 2000CHATFIELD Joshua?
MarriageFebruary 2003WILLIAMS John P with JOBES Jayne Alison?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Rothwell LS26 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth4 November 1760WALKDEN Thomas?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Spen Valley, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1948WHEATLEY Norman Roy with DAVIES Joyce?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Tadcaster, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1942CLARK Gabriel A F?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Victoria St., Swinton, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901MARSDEN \ MARCHANT Alice Maud?
Census31 March 1901THOMPSON Mary Ann?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Wakefield GB-WKF : 5 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1867PERRYMAN William Henry?
Birth1956SMITH Michael?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1867PERRYMAN George Robert?

Pinderfields Hospital

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death20 August 2020RHODES June Rose?

Wakefield Crematorium, tandbridge Lane

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial8 September 2020RHODES June Rose?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Wharfedale, Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1888HOULDSWORTH Joseph with LISTER Hannah Florence M?
Birth1891HOULDSWORTH John Clifford?
Birth1893HOULDSWORTH Marian Lena?
Birth1896HOULDSWORTH Norman?
Birth1901HOULDSWORTH Kathleen Winifred?
Birth1963BUNDEY Michael Deavin?
Birth1964BUNDEY Catherine Anne?



United Kingdom - WRY West Yorkshire - Yorkshire West, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth3 November 1879WOODCOCK Esther Ann?
Birth12 August 2014CHATFIELD-FRANCE Connor Brendan?



United States of America - 1416 F. St., Washington,District of Columbia, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage25 January 1876CHITTENDEN George Benjamin with DELANO Ella Spencer?



United States of America - 3400 Seventeenth St. Nw, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death28 July 1920CHATFIELD Alonzo Bradley?



United States of America - 738 Frankford Rd., Louisiana, Pike Co., Missouri, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1998CHATFIELD Richard Louis?



United States of America - Aston Twp., Upper Chichester, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage30 September 1704COPPOCK Aaron with SHORT Miriam?



United States of America - Black Oak Ridge, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage17 October 1942CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Hobart with LYON Mary Owen?



United States of America - California, Branch Co., Michigan, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1880? Elva?
Census1880HELF Jacob?
Marriage21 May 1890HELF Jacob with DEAN Sarah Arminda?



United States of America - Canada, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1801LAMMING \ LANNING Hannah?



United States of America - Colbrook Cmtry., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?DOTY Charlotte H?



United States of America - Colorado or Missouri, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Deathafter 1891WESTENFELDT Elizabeth?



United States of America - Congressional Cmtry., Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?KING Maria Louise?
Burial?TOWNLEY Eugene A?
Burial?BINNIX Thomas?
Burial26 March 1893BINNIX Alma?



United States of America - Dawson, Co., Nebraska, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage25 March 1908OLCOTT Harley L with HASSELBALCH Frederikke?



United States of America - Delaware, Delaware Co., Ohio, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1920MEADER Mildred Sayles?
Census1920WELLS Charles?
Census1920WELLS Barbara?
Census1920WELLS George Ross M?
Census1920WELLS Lois Meader?
DeathJune 1973AGLER Martha Leona?
Death1 November 1976SPITZER Cyrus E?
Death5 January 1997EDWARDS Nellie Von?



United States of America - Delaware, Leavenworth Co., Kansas, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1930SHOPE Albert C?



United States of America - East 74th St., New York City. New York. New York, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1880LOONIE John?
Census1880? Sarah?
Census1880LOONIE Mary Loretta?



United States of America - Erie Canal, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death23 September 1825KELSEY Charles?



United States of America - Forest Hill Cmtry., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?HILLS Forest Daniel?



United States of America - George Washington University Hospital, Washington, District Of Columbia, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death24 September 1987FOSSE Robert Louis?



United States of America - Georgetown, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1880YOUNG Ethel Atalanta?



United States of America - Greensburg Catholic Cmtry., Greensburg, Westmorland, Pennsyvlania, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?MORLEY Mary Ellen?
Burial?SPICE James Bronson?



United States of America - Greensburg, Westmorland, Pennsyvlania, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1 May 1998SPICE James Bronson?



United States of America - Greenwood Cmtry., Virginia, St Louis Co., Minnesota, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BRAGG Archie Clinton?
Burial?MERRITT Bert Udell?
Burial?BRAGG Barnabas?



United States of America - Homeopathic Hospital, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death10 February 1949HOUGH Frances Rosetta Bishop?



United States of America - Ia, Tx,Va, Mi, Il, Ar, Wi, Belleville, St Clair Co., Illinois, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence?CHATFIELD William Eldon?
Residence?OSWALD Shirley Mae Harriet?



United States of America - Illinois \ Ohio, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth7 April 1855EASTER David M?



United States of America - La Marque, Galveston Co., Texa, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death27 August 1986KELSEY Landon McKee?
Death3 November 1986BARGER Mildred Inez?



United States of America - Lake Havasu City, Mohave Co. Arizona, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death13 December 1992MCKINNON Hugh Harry?



United States of America - Lewis C. Missouri, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Divorceabout 2005CHATFIELD Gregory Lee with HOLFORD Therese Mary?



United States of America - Liberty, Jackson Co., ichigan, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1850LAMBSON Susan Jane?
Census1850STUART Willard Henry?



United States of America - Lyons, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death?DRATT Abram Lincoln?



United States of America - Nevada, Gilpin Co., Colorado, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1870BUZZELLE Sophronia?
Census1870CHATFIELD Charles?
Census1870CHATFIELD Norman?
Census1870CHATFIELD Norman?
Census1870CHATFIELD Nellie?



United States of America - New York City. New York, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth9 April 2007DUBIN Gabriel John?
Birth20 November 2008DUBIN Max Jacob?
Birth7 January 2010DUBIN Andrew Vladimir?



United States of America - New York City. New York. New York, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1 January 1875DODD Mary?



United States of America - North Oregon Cmtry., Oregon, Lucas Co., Ohio, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?ALLEN William Henry?
Burial?BOVEE Loeza \ Louisa E?



United States of America - Oakhill Cmtry., Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Mchigan, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?VINKEMULDER Dorothy C?



United States of America - Oakwood Cmtry., Pulaski, Co., Virginia, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CALFEE Robert Martin?
Burial?HAAS Alwine Betsey?
Burial?CALFEE Robert Martin?
Burial?CHATFIELD Elizabeth Tinker?



United States of America - Oregon, Ogle Co., Illinois, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage16 September 1916LAFOLLETTE Thomas Franklin with WOODS Doris Dorothy?



United States of America - Owen Co.Indiana, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth8 June 1899SPANGLER Mary Lorene?



United States of America - Pioneer Infirmary, Virginia, St Louis Co., Minnesota, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death9 May 1964MERRITT Bert Udell?



United States of America - Precinct 10, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1910PRIME Juliette S?



United States of America - Prescott, Yavapai, Arizona Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage2 November 1924MANER James Edgar with CHATFIELD Mabel Samathie?



United States of America - Richmond, Virginia or Indiana, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage20 October 1863CHATFIELD William Lewis with BARTON Josephine?



United States of America - Rock Creek Cmtry., Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Ethel?
Burial?CHATFIELD Alonzo Bradley?
Burial?PIERCE Sarah Louisa?
Burial?DAVIS Ruth Goldie?
Burial?ONG Eleanor?
Burial?STEVENS Marcy Ella?
Burial?LOVING Lucas Powell?
Burial?CHATFIELD Alonzo Bradley?
Burial28 June 1911NIMS Harriet Eliza?
Burial30 July 1920CHATFIELD Alonzo Bradley?
Burial10 August 1933HOWARD Hattie Catherine?
Burial14 February 2007CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Richard Farwell?



United States of America - Rocky Hill, Hartford Co., Conneticut, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1968CHATFIELD Donna May?



United States of America - St George, Washington Co. Utah, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage10 June 1919MATHESON Hughe Edward with BENSON Ellen?



United States of America - Stark, Ohio Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage5 December 1865BARD Charles H with UNDERWOOD Rachel L?



United States of America - Thomaston, Upson Co., Gerogia, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1993CARITHERS Susan Denise?
Residence1993CHATFIELD Robert Henry?
Death15 January 2018ADAMS Edith Annette?



United States of America - Township 27 N. Range 16 E., Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1900CHATFIELD Harry J?



United States of America - US National Cmtry., Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Jerome \ Joram?



United States of America - US Soldiers' and Airmen's Home National Cmtry., Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Alonzo?



United States of America - USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?FOSTER Issue 9?
Marriage?WISE Alvin J with HICKS Viona?
Birth?HINMAN Issue 6?
Birth?HINMAN Issue 2?
Birth?HAZELWOOD Issue 3?
Birth?GELSTON Issue?
Birth?GETSMAN Damon A?
Birth?GERARD Issue 7?
Birth?GODDARD Rebecca?
Birth?HAND Issue 6?
Birth?HANLON Aidan?
Birth?HATHAWAY Billy?
Birth?HAUCH Megan?
Death?GRISWOLD Polly?
Marriage?WOODS William Seymour with HARPER Panzy Marie?
Birth?GUSTORF Issue 2?
Birth?GRISWOLD Issue 7?
Birth?GRAY Callie Elizabeth?
Birth?GOODRIDGE Jeffrey?
Birth?GOODNIGHT Tammatha L?
Birth?FLORA Gabby?
Birth?CHATFIELD Marissa?
Birth?DAVIS Mary?
Birth?DAVIS Michael?
Birth?? ??
Birth?DAVIS Pamela?
Birth?CHATFIELD Ruthann?
Birth?CHATFIELD Zachary?
Marriage?HAMILTON ? with CHATFIELD Ruth Emma?
Birth?FLORA Isabella?
Marriage?HULTMAN Bernard Clifford with EPPERLY Lillian H?
Birth?GOODNIGHT William R?
Birth?GOODRIDGE Katherine?
Birth?HAKES Issue 6?
Birth?GOODRIDGE Janet?
Birth?GRAVES Harold?
Birth?HARGER Issue 7?
Birth?HADLEY Issue 4?
Birth?HARRIS Kristen?
Birth?HARNESS Nancy?
Birth?HARNESS William?
Birth?GOODRIDGE Cynthia?
Birth?GOODRIDGE Barry?
Birth?HATHAWAY Scott?
Birth?HAUCH Frederick Morton?
Birth?HATHAWAY Pamela?
Birth?HANLON Connor?
Birth?HAWKINS Elizabeth?
Birth?GOODNIGHT Marsha?
Birth?GOODNIGHT Issue 7?
Birth?GODDARD Susan?
Birth?GOULD Issue?
Birth?GELSTON Thomas Chatfield?
Birth?FLORA Chandler?
Birth?FLORA Alex?
Birth?FLECK Meaghan?
Birth?HILSABECK Issue 3?
Birth?HAZELTON Katherine?
Birth?HEADLEY Issue?
Birth?HAZELTON Penelope?
Birth?HINMAN Issue?
Birth?CHATFIELD Randi?
Birth?FORSHAW Laurence?
Birth?HELTON Issue 2?
Birth?CAMPBELL George?
Marriage?LAVENDER Lawrence William with CARTWRIGHT Virginia Ann?
Birth?CARTWRIGHT Cullen?
Birth?CHATFIELD Lindsay?
Birth?CHATFIELD Kimberley?
Birth?CHATFIELD Louise?
Birth?CASE Merceddes?
Birth?CHATFIELD Larence J?
Birth?CHATFIELD Levi Taylor?
Birth?CHATFIELD Lauren?
Birth?CHATFIELD Kittie?
Birth?CHATFIELD Larry?
Birth?CARPENTER Cherub?
Birth?CHATFIELD Frank L?
Birth?CHATFIELD Kimberly Ann?
Birth?CARTER Karen?
Birth?BEACOM William Alvin?
Birth?BEACOM Marilyn Joyce?
Birth?BEACOM Frances Ann?
Birth?CASE Cody?
Birth?CASE Brittney?
Birth?CALLAHAM Karla Ann?
Marriage?CAMPBELL Roy R with HARPER Panzy Marie?
Birth?CAMPBELL Issue 2?
Birth?CAMPBELL Hillary?
Birth?CHATFIELD Shannon?
Birth?CHATFIELD Terry F?
Birth?CHATFIELD Margaret?
Birth?CAMPBELL Carolyn?
Birth?CALLAHAM Loren Harry?
Birth?CHATFIELD Sherri L?
Birth?CANFIELD Issue 12?
Birth?CARPENTER Lindsey?
Birth?CHATFIELD Kinslee?
Birth?BEACOM Clark Adam?
Birth?CHATFIELD Lenora?
Birth?BALLARD Roger?
Birth?CARRINGTON Issue 5?
Birth?CHATFIELD Brianna?
Birth?CHATFIELD Gabriel?
Birth?CHATFIELD George?
Birth?CHATFIELD Brendan?
Birth?CHATFIELD Gayle?
Birth?CHATFIELD Hailee?
Birth?ALCOTT Issue 3?
Birth?CHATFIELD Christopher Daniel?
Birth?CHATFIELD Claire?
Death?CHATFIELD George M?
Birth?CHATFIELD Constance?
Birth?CHATFIELD Charles?
Birth?CASHMAN Lisa Marie?
Birth?CHATFIELD Charles?
Birth?BASTEN Terri?
Marriage?CHATFIELD Benajah with WOOSTER Abigail?
Birth?BASTEN Ethan?
Birth?CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth?CHATFIELD Ernest?
Birth?CHATFIELD Carolyn M?
Birth?CHATFIELD Danny?
Birth?CHATFIELD Daphne?
Birth?BASSETT Issue 2?
Birth?BALLARD Karen?
Birth?ALLEN Issue 7?
Birth?CHATFIELD Ellen?
Marriage?CHATFIELD John Harlan with ? Susanne H?
Birth?BARTON Andrew?
Marriage?GOWEN John Emery with ADAMS Anna Darling?
Birth?CHATFIELD David Charles?
Birth?ALDEN Cindy?
Birth?CHATFIELD David Lloyd?
Birth?CHATFIELD Andrea?
Birth?CHATFIELD Alice?
Birth?? Suzanne J B?
Birth?CHATFIELD Dennis?
Marriage?MCCARTHY ? with CHATFIELD Alice Ruth Marian?
Birth?CHATFIELD Amanda?
Marriage?WILKINS Benjamin S with CHATFIELD Amber Dawn?
Birth?CHASE Larry W?
Birth?CHATFIELD Edith?
Death?CHALKIN Sophia?
Marriage?CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Robert Farwell with MACKENZIE Elinor?
Birth?CHATFIELD Rebecca?
Birth?CHATFIELD Riena E?
Death?CHATFIELD William?
Birth?CLASON Issue 5?
Birth?CLARKE Issue 7?
Birth?CHADDERDON Issue 10?
Birth?COX Eric?
Birth?CORBUT Madison?
Birth?CHATFIELD Karis?
Birth?CONKLING Issue 3?
Birth?CHATFIELD Sandra?
Birth?DAVIS Richard?
Birth?DAVIS Issue 5?
Birth?CHATFIELD Victoria?
Birth?COLE Issue 5?
Birth?CHATFIELD Karen J?
Birth?DAY Kim?
Birth?DAUGHERTY Samuel?
Birth?DECKER Jay?
Birth?DRUM Barbara?
Birth?DICKEY Linda?
Death?DURFEE Prosper?
Birth?DRURY Issue 7?
Birth?DUDNEY Issue 9?
Birth?DICKEY Jeannie D?
Birth?DILTS Emily?
Birth?DILTS Scott?
Birth?DOUGLAS Brittney?
Birth?DOUGLAS Gerald Steward?
Birth?DOUGLAS Issue 3-4?
Birth?DONOVAN Joseph Daniel?
Birth?DOLE Issue 4?
Birth?CHATFIELD Susan Teresa?
Birth?BAIRD Issue 6?
Birth?CHATFIELD Susan?
Birth?CHATFIELD Stephen?
Birth?BURST Christopher Neal?
Birth?CHATFIELD Tanner?
Birth?CHATFIELD Teresa Carmel?
Birth?BURST Emily?
Birth?ANDERSON Herman?
Birth?BAKER Hannah?
Birth?BURST Rebecca Louise?
Birth?BURST Winton?
Birth?BEACOM Betsey Luanne?
Birth?ANDERSON Issue 8?
Birth?BABCOCK Issue 3?
Birth?BELLITTER Connie Lynn?
Birth?BIGELOW Issue 4?
Death?BLAKESLEY Issue 3?
Birth?BLAKESLEY Issue 4?
Birth?BLAKE Issue 3?
Birth?BLACK Nikki?
Birth?BESSEY Hazel?
Birth?BUCKINGHAM Issue 5?
Birth?BUCKINGHAM George?
Marriage?BLEILE ? with CHATFIELD Melissa Elaine?
Birth?BROCKMAN Valarie?
Birth?BROWN Becky?
Birth?BROWN Frederick?
Marriage?BRYAN ? with VANN Jane?
Birth?BRYAN Issue 5?
Birth?BROWN Michael?
Immigration?BRENNAN Joseph?
Birth?BOWSHER Patricia?
Birth?BOYER Allan?
Death?BOYDEN Issue 2?
Marriage?CHATFIELD Michael Lewis with BOYT Amelia Ann?
Marriage?BEEBE George with FRENCH Mary Ann?
Birth?BALSMEYER Micah?
Marriage?PATTERSON Jesse with BALLOU Estella S?
Birth?ANGOTTI Issue 3?
Birth?CAMERON Caroline?
Marriage?SANFORD Everitt Elisha with BALDWIN Jennie Louisa?
Birth?CHATFIELD James?
Birth?CAMPBELL Carolyn?
Birth?CHATFIELD Issue 1?
Birth?CHATFIELD Issue 2?
Birth?CHATFIELD Jacqueline?
Birth?CHATFIELD Jacqueline?
Birth?CHATFIELD Jason?
Birth?CHATFIELD Meladi Amber?
Birth?CHATFIELD Norma Jean?
Birth?CHATFIELD Joseph?
Marriage?HILLS Merle Russell with ? Violet?
Birth?CHATFIELD Michael L?
Birth?CHATFIELD Judith?
Birth?CHATFIELD Patrick David Ison?
Birth?CRUZ Nicole Ann?
Birth?CRUZ Valeria Lisa?
Birth?CULLIFER Issue 6?
Birth?CHATFIELD Michael Wade?
Birth?CHATFIELD Phyllis Jean?
Birth?CREIGHTON Stephen?
Birth?CHATFIELD Paula M?
Birth?DACY Michelle?
Marriage?CHATFIELD Ronald Curtis with FRIBLEY Peggy Carol?
Birth?CRAWFORD Brandon?
Birth?FARNSWORTH Brenda?
Birth?ENGLEBERG Deacon?
Marriage?FEHRENBACH Arthur Burt with SPARKS Viola?
Birth?ENGLEBERG Langston?
Birth?FALCONE Mark?
Birth?CHATFIELD Jeremy R?
Birth?CHATFIELD Penelope B?
Birth?ERNST ??
Birth?FREDERICK Jennifer?
Birth?ERNST Robert?
Birth?HOPKINS Patsy?
Birth?FITTING Issue 5?
Marriage?HOPKINS Earle Clifton with WOOD Nancy C?
Birth?HOPKINS Cynthia?
Birth?HUTCHINS Issue 4?
Death?HYATT Issue 2?
Birth?FOX Issue 4?
Birth?ECKLEY Issue 11?
Birth?HOUGH Vera Alice?
Birth?JARRELL Issue 3?
Birth?JAUREGUI Miren Elizabeth?
Marriage?WELCH E W with HOUGH Wilma?
Birth?KORSMEYER Evan John?
Birth?KRUPA Richard?
Birth?KREINEST Daniel?
Birth?LAIRD Issue 6?
Birth?LYON Issue?
Birth?LUCENTE Dominick Albert?
Birth?LUCENTE Paul J?
Birth?LENOIR Issie 2?
Birth?LEVY Mason?
Birth?LORDSON Olivia?
Birth?LEWIS Jode L?
Birth?LEWIS Jancee?
Birth?LONG Krystl?
Birth?LEWIS Harold?
Birth?LEWIS Shannon A?
Birth?LODGE Issue 3?
Birth?MAY Polly?
Birth?LIGGETT Kate?
Birth?MAY Earl?
Birth?MAZZARA Nick?
Birth?MCCACHREN Julia?
Birth?MCCRAY Dennis?
Birth?MCCRAY Kelson?
Birth?MCKEARNEY Cheryl?
Birth?MOHLER Kyle?
Birth?MOORE Addison?
Birth?MORRILL Issue 10?
Birth?MORGAN Jonathon F?
Birth?MILLS Travis?
Birth?MILLS Helen?
Birth?MORRIS Luke?
Birth?MORRIS Stephanie?
Birth?MORRIS Mikah?
Birth?MILLER Richard Robert?
Birth?MORTENSEN David J?
Birth?MORTENSEN Denise?
Birth?MORTENSEN James L?
Birth?MORTENSEN John Mike?
Birth?MORTENSEN Marlene?
Birth?MOULTON Amy?
Birth?MOULTON Daniel?
Birth?MASE Theodore Starr?
Birth?MATTHEWS Devlan?
Birth?MULFORD Myra Elaine?
Birth?MULLANEY John?
Birth?MULFORD James?
Birth?MURPHY Lauren?
Birth?MYERS Rebecca?
Birth?MURPHY Mackenzie?
Birth?MCKINNON Kevin Scott?
Birth?MCKINNON Thomas Lee?
Birth?MCKINNON Mark Stephen?
Birth?MERRICK Gerald?
Birth?PATKAU Maverick?
Birth?PATRICK Issue 5?
Birth?NETTLETON Issue 4?
Birth?MERRITT Judith Ann?
Birth?PANCAKE Issue 8?
Birth?NETTLETON Mark Alvin?
Birth?ROGERS Issue 3?
Birth?ROY Donna Jean?
Birth?PEEK Bernadette M?
Birth?NEWSOME Gerry Calvin?
Birth?PELLETREAU Issue 5?
Birth?ROBERTS Issue 2?
Birth?LEWIS Beth?
Birth?PAXTON Thomas?
Birth?RUSSON Milton W?
Birth?PHELAN Sabrina?
Marriage?SAMAHA ? with UNDERHILL Esther B?
Death?RICHARDS Maria?
Birth?PHELPS Issue?
Birth?PRIOR Johnathon H \ N?
Birth?PAGE Marni?
Birth?RIGGS Issue 6?
Burial?RICHARDSON Joseph Matthew?
Birth?PETERSON Hannah?
Birth?RADEKIN Cindy?
Birth?RADEKIN Martin?
Birth?SARROS RuthMarie?
Birth?QUICK Issue 5?
Birth?QUICK Issue 2?
Birth?RADEKIN Issue 2?
Birth?QUAY Quay-ke-ge-wah-n?
Birth?OLCOTT Issue 7?
Birth?PERRY Issue 9?
Birth?PROCTOR Issue?
Birth?RIGGS George?
Birth?PROCTOR Issue?
Birth?PRUITT Issue?
Marriage?PROCACINA ? with THOMPSON Gilda Maureen?
Birth?PHELPS Isaac?
Birth?RIFFLE Issue 4?
Birth?PHILLER Jane Wylie?
Birth?ROBBINS Heather?
Birth?ROBBINS Emily?
Birth?RICHEY Issue 4?
Birth?PHELPS Issue 10?
Birth?RIDDLE Issue 6?
Birth?PHELAN Jeremy?
Birth?RUSSON Paulette?
Birth?PAXTON Julienne?
Birth?NICOLL Issue 7?
Birth?MALONE Gary E?
Birth?ROBSON Issue 3?
Birth?ROSKELLEY Issue 5?
Birth?ROMERO Issue 2?
Birth?ROYCE Issue 2?
Birth?MCKENZIE Issue 4?
Marriage?ROYCE Charles with WIGGINS ??
Birth?NETTLETON Lance Michael?
Birth?MELLUISH Issue 5?
Marriage?MERCIERI Antonio with URSO Frances?
Birth?MERRICK Don?
Birth?PARKER Ace?
Birth?NETTLETON Issue 4?
Birth?PARMALEE Issue 9?
Birth?PATRICK Issue 2?
Birth?NETTLETON Issue 2?
Birth?MCKENZIE Issue 2?
Birth?MCKINNON Jackie?
Birth?NEMEC Mark?
Birth?MCKINNON Norman Bernard?
Birth?MCKINNON Kyler?
Birth?MCNEILL Rick?
Birth?MCKINNON Issue 5?
Birth?MYERS Bruce?
Birth?MYERS Steve?
Birth?NEAR Isaac?
Birth?MURPHY Kaitlin?
Birth?NASON Issue 3?
Birth?MULFORD Issue 4?
Birth?MULLANEY William?
Birth?MULLANEY Dorothy?
Birth?MCKINNON Coby?
Birth?MATTHEWS Nolan?
Birth?MALONE Rhonda?
Birth?MILLARD Richard?
Birth?MOULTON Jessica?
Birth?MULFORD Bruce?
Birth?MASE Theodore Starr?
Birth?MASURE Jane?
Birth?MCDOWELL Randy Scott?
Birth?MALONE Alyssa?
Birth?MCDOWELL Anastasia?
Birth?MORTENSEN Irene?
Birth?MILTON Thomas?
Birth?MORSE Issue 4?
Birth?MILLER Steve?
Birth?MORSEMAN Issue 6?
Birth?MILTON Robert?
Birth?MORRIS Summer?
Birth?MORRIS Stacy?
Birth?MORRIS Kim?
Birth?MORRIS Lauren?
Birth?MILLER Stacy?
Birth?MALONE Connor?
Birth?MORRIS Cathy?
Birth?MORRIS Anna?
Birth?MILLS Taylor?
Birth?MCKEARNEY Steven?
Birth?MORGAN Alexis H?
Birth?MCCABE Elizabeth Alicia?
Death?MCCRAY ??
Birth?MCCURDY Kalend Ray?
Birth?MCCULLOGH Vicki Elaine?
Birth?MCDONAGH Margaret?
Birth?MCCACHREN Emily?
Birth?MCCABE Hillary Susannah?
Birth?LENT Issue 6?
Birth?MAY Bruce?
Birth?MAY Forrest?
Birth?LIGGETT Charles?
Birth?LIDDLE Heather?
Birth?MAY Monte?
Birth?MAY Paul?
Birth?LEWIS Gail?
Birth?LEWIS Richard?
Birth?LEWIS Keith?
Birth?LEWIS Kristi A?
Birth?LEWIS Kaylee?
Birth?LEWIS Jennifer R?
Birth?LOVELAND Issue 3?
Birth?MACK Kaitlyn?
Birth?MACHACEK Issue 7?
Birth?LETOURNEAU Heather?
Birth?LAW Carson Brooke?
Birth?HULLINGS Issue 2?
Birth?LANDIS Nicole?
Birth?LUCENTE Joseph A?
Marriage?MUSHATT Leslie LeRoy with ERHARDT Irene Julia?
Birth?KREINEST Hadley?
Birth?KREINEST Sarah?
Birth?KREINEST Price?
Birth?LAMKIN Issue 4?
Birth?KREINEST Chatfield?
Birth?LAKE Infant?
Birth?LAKE Issue 4?
Birth?LAKE Issue 13?
Birth?KOENIG Issue 3?
Birth?KOENIG Issue 2?
Birth?KIMBALL Issue 8?
Birth?KIMBALL Issue 4?
Birth?JAUREGUI Petra Maria?
Birth?HOUGH Wilma?
Birth?HOUSTON Jennifer?
Birth?HOWELL Issue 5?
Birth?HERMANN Issue 3?
Birth?ISON Issue 2?
Birth?CRANE Issue 9?
Marriage?OPENSHAW Brigham Nelson with HUBER Elizabeth Ann?
Birth?ISBELL Issue 5?
Birth?ISBELL Issue 5?
Birth?HOXIE Issue 3?
Birth?ERNST Timothy?
Birth?HYATT Issue 2?
Birth?ILES Issue 8?
Birth?HOPKINS Deann?
Birth?HOPKINS Ellen?
Birth?HOPKINS Robert?
Birth?HOPKINS Nancy?
Birth?EVANS Issue 3?
Birth?ERNST Steven?
Birth?HORNING Issue 4?
Christening?CHATFIELD Rosemary Ann?
Birth?EVERETT Shawn?
Birth?EVERETT Jennifer Lynn?
Birth?CHATFIELD Jeremy?
Birth?CHATFIELD Rachel?
Birth?FALCONE Sandra?
Marriage?SMITH Frank Casbin with FIFE Mary?
Birth?FALCONE Laura?
Birth?ENGLEBERG Trenton?
Birth?ENGLEBERG Jaxson?
Birth?FAULKNER Wyatt?
Birth?ENDERLIN Issue 2?
Marriage?ENDERLIN Raymond Chatfield with TRUESDELL Margaret Blanche?
Birth?ELSMORE Brianna L?
Birth?ELSMORE Abby?
Death?CHATFIELD Phebe Jane?
Birth?CHATFIELD Phebe Jane?
Birth?CHATFIELD William?
Birth?CRAWFORD Araka?
Birth?CHATFIELD Quinn?
Birth?CHATFIELD Jenny?
Birth?DACY Kim?
Birth?DACY Amie?
Birth?CHATFIELD Robert?
Birth?CHATFIELD Robert?
Birth?CREIGHTON Catherine?
Birth?CREIGHTON Laureen?
Birth?CREIGHTON David?
Birth?CHATFIELD Jennifer?
Birth?CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Birth?CROOKHAM Issue 16?
Death?CHATFIELD Mildred Lucinda?
Birth?CHATFIELD Michelle R?
Birth?CRUSE Issue 14?
Birth?CHATFIELD Miles?
Birth?CHATFIELD Michael?
Birth?CHATFIELD Julia Rose?
Birth?? Lois?
Marriage?CHATFIELD John with ? Phebe A?
Marriage?CRANDALL John with CHATFIELD Nancy?
Marriage?SHIPLEY Michael with CHATFIELD Patricia Ann?
Birth?ADAMS Ruth?
Birth?BORA Elizabeth J?
Birth?CHATFIELD Joseph Dale?
Birth?CHATFIELD Infant?
Birth?CHATFIELD Infant?
Birth?BORA Scott D?
Birth?BORDNER Issue 4?
Birth?BORA Riley K?
Birth?ALLRED Jolene ParDee?
Birth?ADDISON Hannah?
Birth?CHATFIELD Jason?
Birth?CHATFIELD Jason?
Birth?CHATFIELD Jasmine?
Birth?ADDISON Edward Thornton?
Birth?CHATFIELD Jackson?
Birth?CHATFIELD Issue 6?
Marriage?CHATFIELD Herman D with KINDLEY Lena K?
Birth?BOTTI Joanna?
Marriage?ALLEN William Henry with BOVEE Loeza \ Louisa E?
Birth?CHATFIELD James?
Birth?BALLEW David?
Marriage?CHATFIELD Robert Conway with ? Tracey Lynn?
Birth?BRAZIER Issue 5?
Birth?ALLEN Stephen?
Birth?BRADY Ashlee K?
Birth?BOWERS Issue 3?
Marriage?CHATFIELD Paul Hunter with ? Verna Caroline?
Birth?BALSMEYER Ezekiel?
Birth?BENNETT Issue 12?
Birth?BRAATZ Charlotte?
Birth?BOYER Gabrielle?
Birth?BOYER Alexandra?
Birth?AHO ??
Birth?APT Collin?
Birth?BOWSHER Mary?
Birth?BRENNAN Issue 5?
Birth?BENNETT Donna Jean?
Birth?BAGLEY Issue 11?
Marriage?SPERRY Everett Davis with BERQUIST Florence E?
Birth?BREWER Issue 6?
Birth?BROWN Marion?
Marriage?BRENTLINGER Jason Paul with RHODES Ruth Emerett?
Birth?BRENNER Rick?
Marriage?THOMAS Grant with BACON Roie May?
Birth?BELSHE Issue 4?
Birth?BROCKMAN Rachel?
Marriage?CHATFIELD Donald Clark with BERSON Joanne Dionne?
Birth?BUCKINGHAM Issue 5?
Birth?BENTLEY Hannah?
Birth?BESSE Issue 3?
Birth?BESSEY Georgia J?
Birth?BLACK Hanna?
Birth?BISHOP Issue?
Birth?BEGLEY Issue 8?
Birth?BLAKESLEY Issue 4?
Birth?BULLOCK Issue 7?
Birth?BLAKESLEY Issue 3?
Birth?BLAKESLEY Issue 11?
Birth?BIGGS Sarah E?
Birth?BARKER Melanie?
Marriage?BUSSE ? with ANDERSON Laura Jean?
Birth?BARNES Issue 2?
Birth?ARNESON Issue 3?
Birth?BAKER Francis?
Birth?BURST Sarah?
Birth?BURST Mary Beth?
Birth?BURST Laurel?
Birth?CHATFIELD Alan Roy?
Divorce?KADING William Dewey with CHATFIELD Ada May?
Birth?BURST Elizabeth?
Birth?CHATFIELD Terrence?
Birth?CHATFIELD Terry?
Birth?CHATFIELD Tracey Lee?
Birth?CHITTENDEN Reuben?
Birth?CHITTENDEN Jerusha?
Birth?CHATFIELD Wah-Wah-Sum?
Birth?COLEMAN ??
Birth?DAUGHERTY Tracy?
Birth?DAUGHERTY William?
Birth?COLEMAN Issue 2?
Birth?DAUGHERTY Terry?
Birth?DONOVAN Peter Gregory?
Birth?DONNELLY Rebeccah?
Birth?DOUGLAS Jeffery?
Birth?DONNELLY Kaitlyn?
Birth?DOUGLAS Antonia Marie?
Birth?DAUGHERTY Janice?
Birth?DILTS Joshua?
Birth?DILTS Michael?
Birth?DAUGHERTY Shannon?
Birth?DREW Cameron?
Birth?DREW Kevin?
Birth?DURNION Margaret?
Birth?DURHAM Brian Leroy?
Birth?EASTERDAY Issue 4?
Birth?DRIVER Minotte?
Birth?DRUM Elizabeth?
Birth?DECKER Teri?
Birth?DECKER Ann?
Birth?DAUGHERTY Matthew?
Birth?ASHLEY Issue 6?
Birth?DAVIS Austin?
Birth?CHATFIELD Sawyer?
Birth?DAUGHERTY Brian?
Birth?DAVIS Florence?
Birth?CHATFIELD William Merkel?
Birth?CHATFIELD Kathy?
Birth?CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth?DAVIS Issue 4?
Birth?DAVIS Issue 2?
Birth?COLLINS Margaret?
Birth?CHATFIELD Sarah C?
Birth?CORCORAN Timothy?
Birth?CHATFIELD Karen Jill?
Birth?CONKLIN Issue 6?
Birth?COX Casey?
Birth?ARMSTRONG Issue 5?
Birth?CLEMENS Issue 2?
Birth?AHO ??
Birth?COPPOCK Issue 7?
Birth?CRABTREE Jennifer?
Birth?CHATFIELD Sally?
Birth?COE Issue 7?
Birth?CLASON Issue 11?
Birth?ANDERSON Harold?
Birth?CHIASSON Hope?
Birth?CHATFIELD Robert Henry?
Birth?CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Richard Farwell?
Birth?CHATFIELD Richard C?
Birth?CHATFIELD Juliette?
Birth?CHATFIELD Jesse?
Birth?CHAMBERLIN Issue 5?
Birth?CERRUTO Arial?
Birth?? Janet?
Birth?CHATFIELD Donna?
Birth?? Amanda?
Marriage?LATENDRESSE Frank Joseph with CHATFIELD Doris Mae?
Birth?CERNETIC Michaela?
Birth?CHATFIELD Douglas Alan?
Marriage?CHATFIELD Douglas Howard with DALY Marion H?
Birth?CHASE Benjamin?
Birth?AUSTIN Issue 3?
Birth?CHATFIELD Diann?
Death?CHATFIELD Alice Ruth Marian?
Birth?CHATFIELD Alida Rose?
Birth?CHATFIELD Alice?
Death?CHATFIELD David P?
Birth?CHATFIELD Deborah Mary?
Birth?CHATFIELD Andred?
Birth?CHATFIELD David?
Birth?CHATFIELD David?
Birth?CHATFIELD David?
Birth?CHATFIELD David Hughes?
Birth?CHATFIELD David Dean?
Birth?CHATFIELD Angela H?
Birth?CHATFIELD Elizabeth Raluca?
Birth?CHATFIELD Andrew?
Birth?CHATFIELD Ann Marie?
Birth?CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth?CHATFIELD David A?
Birth?ALLEN Issue 2?
Birth?BATES Mary?
Birth?BALLARD David?
Birth?CHATFIELD Charles A?
Birth?CHATFIELD Austin?
Birth?CHATFIELD Bennett R?
Death?CHATFIELD Charles William?
Birth?CHATFIELD Charles William?
Birth?CHATFIELD Carol?
Birth?CHATFIELD Carolynn?
Birth?CHATFIELD Daniel?
Birth?CHATFIELD Emily?
Birth?CHATFIELD Emily?
Birth?CHATFIELD Ethan?
Birth?CHATFIELD Cason Lee?
Birth?CHATFIELD Carroll S?
Birth?CHATFIELD Carol Leona?
Birth?CHATFIELD Carol Ann?
Birth?CHATFIELD Augusta?
Marriage?CHATFIELD Carl Ellis with CLARK Virginia Ann?
Birth?CHATFIELD Cameron J?
Birth?CHATFIELD Fanny?
Birth?CHATFIELD Charlotte A?
Birth?CASHMAN Julie A?
Birth?CHATFIELD Claudia Jean?
Birth?CHATFIELD George M?
Birth?CHATFIELD Christine?
Birth?CHATFIELD Bertha?
Birth?BASTEN Richard?
Birth?CHATFIELD Greyson?
Birth?CHATFIELD Christian J?
Birth?CHATFIELD H Arthur?
Birth?CHATFIELD Grace?
Marriage?CHATFIELD Gene Henry with ELLIS Nancy Gay?
Birth?CHATFIELD Bonnie May?
Birth?CHATFIELD George?
Birth?CHATFIELD Brenda?
Birth?CHATFIELD Brook S?
Birth?CHATFIELD Brian?
Birth?CHATFIELD Brian?
Birth?CHATFIELD Leeane?
Birth?CHATFIELD Leanne Marie?
Birth?BEALS Issue 11?
Birth?CHATFIELD Lavade?
Birth?CHATFIELD Laurie Leigh?
Birth?RHOADES Noah?
Birth?SCHMAHL Shardae L?
Birth?SCHWARTZ Fred?
Birth?SCHMIDT Lauren?
Birth?SCHMIDT Logan?
Birth?RHOADES Victoria?
Birth?REIK Mason?
Death?POWLESLAND Issue 6?
Birth?SEARFOSS Abigail?
Birth?SEARFOSS Evan?
Birth?MAPES Dan R?
Birth?PERSCHKE Lisa Marie?
Birth?SHARP Issue 3?
Birth?SHOPE Alex?
Birth?SHOPE Amy?
Birth?PUTNAM Linda A?
Birth?SHOCKLEY Issue 2?
Birth?THOMASSEN Thomas?
Birth?TAYLOR Arthur C?
Death?SHERROUSE Infant?
Birth?TENNIES Issue 3?
Birth?THOMPSON Hyrum?
Birth?WOOD Issue 2?
Birth?WOOSTER Emma?
Birth?TESKE Gary L?
Birth?TESKE Lance?
Birth?WOOTEN Gordon?
Birth?ZAGRYN Tyler?
Birth?ZUMWALDE Michael A?
Birth?PAGANO Timothy?
Birth?NOTTINGHAM Tammy Marie?
Birth?WRIGHT Issue 2?
Birth?LEE Issue 2?
Birth?SJOLANDER Teala?
Birth?WISE Issue 10?
Birth?SMITH Michael?
Birth?SLAUSON Suzanne?
Birth?TUCK Issue 2?
Birth?TRUMAN ??
Birth?STICKLEY Beverly Lynn?
Birth?TUHRO Lauren?
Birth?STOUFFER Robbie?
Birth?STEVENS Issue 6?
Birth?STEPHENS Karen?
Birth?WILLIAMS Kimberly S?
Birth?TINKER Issue 8?
Birth?SNOW Issue 2?
Birth?WEBB Raymond?
Birth?RAYMOND Christina Marie?
Birth?WILKINS ??
Birth?WEATHERWAX Issue 9?
Birth?SMITH Julie?
Birth?WALKER Johnny?
Birth?WELLS Andy?
Birth?WEIGAND Corey?
Birth?WEIGAND Cortney?
Marriage?WISE Richard Calvin with WALLACE Margarethe E?
Birth?WALKER Ethan?
Birth?UCHIDA Emily?
Birth?RAVENNA Maggie?
Birth?WANAMAKER Essie May?
Birth?WANAMAKER Charles William?
Birth?WAGNER Nick?
Birth?SMITH Issue 2?
Birth?RAVENNA Nicholas?
Birth?SMITH Dewayne?
Birth?VANN Jack N?
Birth?VANRIPER Issue 8?
Birth?VANDENHEUVEL Eric \ Erik?
Birth?SMITH Betty Marie?
Birth?MARTIN Opal?
Birth?SMITH ??
Birth?POOL Jamie?
Birth?NEWBURY Issue 6?
Birth?POPE Clark Cable?
Birth?NEWELL Issue 3?
Marriage?MARKHAM Kenneth Richard with SHOULTZ Tara Michelle?
Birth?MAPES Issue 7?
Birth?SPATH Brian?
Birth?MAPES Kathleen?
Birth?SOUTHWORTH Issue 7?
Birth?MANER J E?
Marriage?RICHARDSON William A with LANGLEY Minnie?
Birth?LEISHER Christopher Lee?
Birth?LE BARON Issue 6?
Birth?KETELSEN Faith Ann?
Birth?KIMBERLY Donald Raymond?
Birth?FULLER Issue 2?
Birth?GARCIA Samantha?
Birth?FORD Issue 3?
Birth?JONES Issue 5?
Death?JORDAN ??
Marriage?NEER William John with KIMMERLE Bette Alice?
Birth?KEEFE Sydney?
Birth?JOYCE Micah?
Birth?KELLY Olive A?
Birth?KELLY Issue 2?
Birth?GARLAND Nancy?
Marriage?JUZA Michael E with JUZA Rennee S?
Birth?GARRIGUS Issue 3?
Birth?GALUCKI Issue 5?
Birth?JESSER Marrissa Ann?
Birth?HENRY Issue 5?
Birth?GAILUNAS Lisa?
Birth?JEFFERS Margaret A?
Birth?HERRICK Issue 9?
Birth?HILL Warren A?
Birth?HEWITT John?
Birth?GALL Issue 2?
Birth?HIGGINS Leuann?
Birth?HILL Issue 8?
Birth?HELWIG Janet?
Birth?HILLIARD Issue 6?
Birth?ERHARDT Kenneth?
Birth?HERRICK Issue 7?
Birth?GATTIS Issue 5?
Birth?van GIESON ??
Birth?van GIESON ??
Birth?HENRY Issue?
Birth?JESSER Zane Francis?
Birth?JESSER Kelsey Johanna?
Birth?JOHNSON Gina Marie?
Birth?JOHNSON Issue?
Birth?GARNHART Issue 8?
Birth?HOLLAND Sheila A?
Birth?KELSAY Issue 2?
Birth?KELLY James A?
Death?KELTON Clarissa?
Birth?KELLY Mary?
Death?JORDAN ??
Birth?KELLY Barbara?
Birth?JORDAN ??
Death?KEAST John?
Death?KELLEHER Peter Joseph?
Birth?KIRWAN Issue 9?
Birth?KEEFE Caleb?
Birth?JORDAN ??
Birth?KISSEL Issue 3?
Birth?KIMBERLY Issue?
Birth?GAILBRAITH Issue 6?
Birth?FLECK Jennifer Lynn?
Birth?HERREL Issue 9?
Birth?HOLMAN Issue 11?
Birth?KETELSEN Jan Robert?
Birth?LEISHER Thomas Alexander?
Birth?SOPER Issue 9?
Birth?LINDLEY ??
Birth?HUGHES P. J.?
Birth?MANN Issue 4?
Birth?MANN Dennis?
Birth?MANER Dora Norine?
Birth?SPARKS Tabitha?
Birth?SPATH Evan?
Birth?MARKS Adeline?
Birth?SPATAFORA Anthony C?
Birth?NOVELLE Virginia M?
Birth?SPERRY Issue 12?
Birth?MARKHAM Issue 5?
Birth?MARLOW Issue 2?
Birth?MARKHAM Bradley John?
Birth?MANER Berta Lu Lea?
Birth?PORCH Issue 6?
Birth?SMITH ??
Birth?SPROUL Issue 6?
Birth?SMITH ??
Birth?SOMERS Issue 3?
Birth?ST JOHN Issue 6?
Birth?USHER Issue 4?
Birth?SMITH Charles Austin?
Birth?VERPLANCKE Issue 2?
Birth?VANDYKE Issue 2?
Birth?VANN Jane?
Birth?VANCE Mallory?
Birth?SMITH Edward G?
Birth?VANCE Aidan?
Birth?STACEY Sarah Allen?
Birth?STACEY George William?
Birth?SMITH Issue 5?
Birth?SMITH Jennifer?
Birth?WAGNER Hailey?
Birth?SMITH Jackson Layne?
Birth?WELLS Robby?
Birth?UCHIDA Allison?
Birth?WHEELER Issue 4?
Birth?WHEELER Melissa Kaye?
Birth?WALKER Emily?
Birth?WELLS Jeremy Travis?
Birth?WELLMAN Joel?
Birth?WELLS Amanda?
Birth?WELLS Daniel?
Birth?WALKER Kelly Kaye?
Birth?WILCOX Issue 9?
Birth?WALKER Alyssa?
Birth?RAWSON Phoebe L?
Birth?RAWSON Silas Anson?
Birth?WILKINS ??
Birth?WEBBER Frank?
Birth?SNITKO Connor?
Birth?WEBB Shirley?
Birth?TIMBIMBOO Issue 6?
Birth?STEPHENS Robert G?
Birth?WILMOT Issue 6?
Birth?WILLIAMS Robert Martin?
Birth?TOMLINSON Issue 6?
Birth?WILSON Marjorie?
Birth?STONE Issue 4?
Birth?STOUFFER Mike?
Birth?TULLI Lori?
Birth?TUPPER Issue 8?
Birth?TUHRO Justin?
Birth?STIREWALT Issu 8?
Birth?TUCK Issue 3?
Birth?STEVENS Lowell?
Birth?SOMERS Brian Dayton?
Birth?WISENOR Issue 5?
Birth?SMITH Sam?
Birth?RAWSON Loretta?
Birth?RAYMOND Jane?
Birth?THURBER Issue 6?
Birth?SITES Issue 4?
Birth?SICKLER Issue 5?
Birth?WOLLENBURG Issue 3?
Birth?RAVENNA Harry?
Birth?ZIEGELASCH Dwight William?
Birth?ZINK Nathan?
Birth?ZUMWALDE Heather?
Birth?ZUMWALDE April?
Birth?de WITT Sherry?
Birth?NOTTINGHAM Issue 4?
Birth?WOOTEN Janie?
Birth?de TESSAN Christina?
Birth?WOODWARD Issue 3?
Birth?WOOSTER Issue 6?
Birth?POTTER Issue 6?
Birth?THOMPSON Laura?
Birth?THOMPSON Lyka?
Birth?THOMPSON Laura Ann?
Birth?TESKE Ericka?
Birth?THOMPSON Jordan?
Birth?SHIPLEY ??
Birth?THOMPSON Annabella?
Birth?THOMPSON Alexis?
Birth?TARR Daniel W?
Birth?TAYLOR Sarah Catherine?
Birth?THOMASSEN Paula?
Birth?THOMASSEN Soren?
Birth?STURTEVANT Issue 3?
Birth?SHERROUSE Infant?
Birth?SHEPARDSON Issue 5?
Birth?SHOPE Elias?
Birth?SEASHOLES Catherine?
Birth?SHARP Issue 4?
Birth?SHARP Susan?
Birth?PERSCHKE Jerry?
Birth?RAINS Issue 4?
Birth?SEARS Edward George?
Birth?SEARFOSS Amanda?
Birth?RADEKIN Warren L?
Birth?REIK Weston?
Birth?SANFORD Scott Randall?
Birth?SANFORD Paul?
Birth?PATTISON Issue 5?
Birth?SCHMIDT Lacey?
Birth?SCHMIDT Leah?
Birth?SCHNEHAIN Samantha Elizabeth?
Birth?SCOTT Patricia Ann?
Birth?SCHWARTZ Jeff?
Birth?RHODES Issue 3?
Birth?SCHMAHL Natalie J?
Birth?SANDS Nathan?
Birth?CHATFIELD Thomas John?
Christening3 May 1674BOTSFORD Hannah?
Deathbefore 1677CHATFIELD Abigail N?
Birth19 August 1700HALSEY Recompense?
Death1699/1701VEELEN \ VERVEELEN Johannes ver?
Birth1710ALLEN John?
Birth11 March 1713BATES Anna?
Birth23 March 1715BATES Elias?
Birth7 June 1723BATES Benjamine?
Birth10 March 1725GELSTON Sarah?
Birth16 April 1727BATES Henry?
Marriage9 September 1731KING Joseph with CHATFIELD Mercy?
Death6 November 1732KING Joseph?
Birth18 September 1736COPPOCK John?
Death1736BOTSFORD Hannah?
Birth1737CHATFIELD Sarah Riggs?
Birth7 August 1744SANDFORD Thomas?
Birth28 August 1747GELSTON Anna?
Marriage29 December 1748PELLETREAU Elias with GELSTON Sarah?
Marriage1748ALLEN Samuel with CONGDON Margaret?
Birthabout 1748HOWELL Arthur?
Birthabout 1749CHATFIELD Comfort?
Birth22 November 1751DUDLEY Mabel?
Birth1752RIGGS John?
Birth1753CHATFIELD Caleb?
Death1753CHATFIELD Caleb?
Death1753CHATFIELD Hannah?
Birth1755CHATFIELD Abigail?
Marriageabout 1756SPENCER John with CHATFIELD Abigail?
Marriageabout 1758STRONG Charles with HINMAN Bettey?
BirthMay 1759NETTLETON Elizabeth Dyer?
Death18 September 1759FOX Benjamin?
Birth1759CHATFIELD Anna \ Arma \ Armenia?
Death1 April 1760CHATFIELD Anna?
Christening21 August 1764CHATFIELD Ebenezer?
Death1764BALDWIN Josiah?
Birth1764CHATFIELD Ebenezer?
Birth1750/1764CONKLING Issue 7?
Marriageabout 1765CHATFIELD Daniel K with BALDWIN Prudence?
Birth1755/1765HAWKINS Issue 7?
Birth30 March 1769HOWELL Francis?
Birthabout 1769CHATFIELD Esther?
Christening1 July 1770WOOSTER Mindwell?
Marriage1770RUSSELL Stephen with CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1770CHATFIELD Sally?
Birthabout 1770CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth1771HOWELL John Gelston?
Death1771LENT Isaac?
Marriageabout 1772ALLEN Ebenezer with WHITE Margaret?
Death1772HOWELL John Gelston?
Birth1772CHATFIELD Susannah?
Birthabout 1772LOUNSBURY Esther?
Birth1772CHATFIELD John?
Birthabout 1772CHATFIELD Oliver?
Marriage1773BARD Peletiah with BRADLEY Sarah?
Birth22 February 1774NORTH Lucy?
Birth13 March 1776SANDFORD Sophia?
Birth21 January 1778KELSEY Josiah?
Birth1 December 1778CHATFIELD Mary?
BirthDecember 1778MIGHILLS Sarah?
Death17 October 1779MIGHILLS Sarah?
Marriage15 November 1780WOOSTER Walter Ozro with BEEBE Ursala?
Birth16 December 1781KELSEY Phebe?
Death1782WOOSTER Moses?
Birth1782ACKLEY ??
Deathabout 1782ARNOLD Joseph?
Marriageafter 20 December 1783HAWKINS Eli with CHATFIELD Hannah?
Marriage1783COTTON Michael with THRALL Mindwell?
Birth1783SANFORD Sarah?
Death14 April 1784GELSTON Sarah?
Birth22 June 1784MIGHILLS Huldah?
Birth10 October 1784CHATFIELD Lucenda or Lucinda?
Christening18 October 1784CHATFIELD Lucenda or Lucinda?
Marriage1784SMITH Abijah with CHATFIELD Eunice?
Birth1785ACKLEY ??
Death23 February 1787SANDFORD Thomas?
Marriageabout 1787BIXBY Ambrose with CLEVELAND Priscilla?
Birth25 June 1788CHATFIELD Hannah?
Birth17 July 1788CHATFIELD Oliver?
Birthabout 1788CHATFIELD Polly?
Marriage25 November 1789CHATFIELD Josiah with BRAHMAN Amy?
Birth1789CHATFIELD Orren?
Marriageabout 1790BREWSTER David with CHATFIELD Esther?
Marriageabout 1790CHATFIELD Caleb with ST JOHN Hannah?
Birth15 May 1791THOMPSON Polly?
Marriageabout 1791CHATFIELD Daniel with LOUNSBURY Esther?
Birth1791MULFORD Hannah?
Birth13 February 1792KELSEY Frederick?
Birth9 May 1792LAMKIN Huldah?
Birth1792CHATFIELD Curtis?
Birth1793CHATFIELD Wealthy?
Birthabout 1793SANFORD Nancy?
BirthJune 1794CANFIELD Amos Nathaniel?
Marriage21 September 1794DWIGHT James Scutt with SANDFORD Mary?
Christening30 October 1794CHATFIELD Lewis?
Marriage10 June 1795ARNOLD Eli with CALDWELL Wealthy?
Marriage3 November 1795MASTICK Nathaniel with CARYL Lydia?
Birth1795CHATFIELD Chauncey?
Death1796CHATFIELD Caleb?
Marriage23 January 1797BLATCHLEY John with KELSEY Charity?
Birthabout 1797CHATFIELD Emma?
Birth1798MOORE Minerva?
Birth2 November 1799LAMKIN Theoditia?
Birth1799CHATFIELD Charlotte?
Marriageabout 1800CHAPMAN Moses with COE Ada?
Birthabout 1800CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth1800MOORE Samantha?
Birth14 February 1801LAMKIN Heriam?
Birth16 December 1801CHAPMAN Alanson?
Birth1801HOLBROOK Lucius?
Birth1801MOORE Delanson?
Death28 April 1802? Amie \ Anna?
Death1 May 1802CONKLING Samuel?
Birth2 July 1802CHATFIELD Hope?
Birth4 February 1803LAMKIN Roxena?
Marriage21 November 1803PARMELEE Moses with DUDLEY Ruth?
Death1803CHATFIELD Susannah?
Birth1803CHATFIELD William?
Birth1803MOORE Smith?
Death22 July 1804DAYTON Phebe?
Birth1804CHATFIELD Amy?
Birth1804MOORE Alonzo?
Deathbefore 1804COE Martha?
Birth14 January 1805CHAPMAN Linus \ Minas?
Birth20 March 1805LAMKIN Eurydice?
Marriage18 May 1806HEAD James Waller with SANDFORD Frances?
Birth1806CHATFIELD Eliza?
Birth1806HULL Laura F?
Birth1806MOORE James A?
Birth1806CHATFIELD Samuel\Solomon J?
Death28 March 1807HOWELL Francis?
Birth4 July 1807CHAPMAN Uriah?
Marriage11 September 1807SANFORD Guy with SMITH Keran?
Birth1807PRINDLE Lois?
Marriage1807CHATFIELD George with BRADLEY Betsey?
Birth1807MOORE Legrange?
Birth1807MOORE Savanchia?
Birth1808ACKLEY Joel Woodworth?
Birth1 May 1809BAKER John?
Birth24 August 1809PRINDLE Lewis?
Birth28 September 1809CHAPMAN Sibyl?
Birth4 December 1809CHATFIELD Janette?
Marriage6 December 1809HULL Roswell with BRONSON Irena \Irene?
Marriage24 December 1809CHATFIELD Sherman with WOOD Deborah?
Marriageabout 1809BOAKS John with BOAKS Olive?
Birthabout 1809CHATFIELD Ebenezer?
Death1 March 1810PELLETREAU Hannah?
Death16 March 1810CHATFIELD Janette?
Death20 August 1810ROBERTS Pamelia?
Birth1810CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth1810CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth1810CHATFIELD Wealthy Dorothy?
Death1810HOLBROOK Lucius?
Birth1810LARKINS Charles E?
Death19 February 1811SANDFORD Thomas?
Death22 October 1811KELSEY Amanda Ann?
Birth5 March 1812CHATFIELD Cynthia?
Birth1812MOORE Clarissa?
Birth1812CHATFIELD Audrice?
Birth1812HUMPHREY Eli?
Death18 June 1813GILBERT Joel?
Birth27 August 1813CHAPMAN Jane?
Birth7 September 1814CHATFIELD John L?
Birth1811/1814CHATFIELD Abigail Brahman?
Marriageabout 1814BARNUM Ezra Smith with OSTRUM Mary?
Birth1814CHATFIELD Susan?
Birth3 March 1815CHAPMAN Andrew Jackson?
Marriage1815TUPPER Benjamin Sweet with MATTESON Susan?
Marriage22 November 1816MULFORD Jonathan Burnett with BARNES Esther?
Birth1816CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1816CHATFIELD Henry?
Birth3 May 1817CHAPMAN Roswell?
Birth19 June 1817CHATFIELD Martha Lamar?
Deathafter 1817BRONSON Elijah?
Deathabout 1817LE BARON Daniel?
Birth1796/1817MASTICK Issue 7?
Death7 June 1818CHATFIELD Ebenezer?
Birthabout 1818LAWS Philena?
Birth14 August 1819CHAPMAN Otto K?
Birth25 January 1820LAMKIN Thayer?
Marriage16 February 1820GRAVES William with CHATFIELD Hope?
Death9 July 1820HAWKINS Hannah?
Birth25 November 1820WHEELER Howard?
Death1820CHATFIELD Alvina?
Birth1820NETTLETON Daniel?
Marriagebefore 1820SMITH Lyman with CHATFIELD Submit?
Death16 January 1821STRONG Lucretia?
Birth6 May 1821CHATFIELD Giles Whitney?
Birth1821CHATFIELD Ora Bea?
Birth1821MICOU Clara Elizabeth?
Birth11 February 1822WHEELER John T?
Marriage4 June 1822CHATFIELD Henry Mulford with HAVENS Nancy?
Death23 August 1822CHATFIELD Giles Whitney?
Birth1822HULL Eliza?
Marriage2 April 1823CHATFIELD John Milton with GRAVES Laura?
Death17 May 1823COY Joseph?
Death10 September 1823WILSON Jane?
Birth1823CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth21 January 1824BEACH Polly Ann?
Birth23 June 1824CHATFIELD Charlotte Eliza?
MarriageJune 1824CANFIELD Amos Nathaniel with SCHOONOVER Nancy?
Birth6 November 1824CHATFIELD Sarah Maria?
Death1824GRIGGS Polly Ann?
Birth1824CHATFIELD Belerma?
Birth1824CANDEE David?
Birth1824CHATFIELD David Russell?
Birthabout 1824RUSSELL ??
Birth1824THOMPSON Alvah J?
Birth1825FARRINGTON Origen B?
Birth1825PARMALEE Emeline?
Birth1825HAZEN Samuel James?
DeathMarch 1826SAWYER Jerusha?
Birth7 August 1826CHATFIELD Sylvester?
Birthabout 1826CHATFIELD Jeanette?
Deathbefore 1826SMITH Lyman?
Birth14 April 1827CHATFIELD Obid Crane?
Birth10 June 1827CHATFIELD Arden?
Death27 July 1827HOTCHKISS Jennet?
Marriage22 August 1827WELLMAN Joel with PEARSON Martha?
Death17 September 1827WOODWORTH Hannah?
Death8 October 1827CHATFIELD Obid Crane?
Marriage15 October 1827REDFIELD Horace with HULL Almira Maria?
DeathNovember 1827WHEELER Charlotte?
Deathabout 1827GAY Ann?
Birthabout 1827BILLINGSLEA Mary?
Marriage1827BIGELOW Hiram with GORDON Lovantia?
Birth1827MILLER Elizabeth?
Birth1827WHEELER Charlotte?
Death27 August 1828HAWKINS Joseph?
Death17 September 1828CHATFIELD Arden?
Death23 September 1828WHEELER Howard?
Death16 October 1828RUSSELL ??
Birth11 December 1828CHATFIELD Cynthia Ann?
Birth1828CHATFIELD Charles B?
Marriage1828TERRILL Henry with MERRIMAN Rebecca (Terrill)?
Birth1828BILLINGSLEA Cyrus?
Death1828CHATFIELD Charles B?
Birth18 July 1829BAKER Margaret E?
Marriage25 July 1829WOLFORD George W with LAKE Lydia?
Marriageabout 1829HOBART Peter with ? Sarah?
Marriageabout 1829SCOVIL Lucius Nelson with SNOW Lury?
Birth1829CHATFIELD Frances J?
Birth15 November 1830CHATFIELD Emma?
Marriage2 June 1831SANFORD Guy with STEVENS Polly?
Death1831BILLINGSLEA Cyrus?
Marriage1831PERRY Marshall with DEWEY Mariva J?
Birth1831LAKE William?
Birth22 January 1832BAKER Rebecca?
Death15 February 1832SANDFORD Thomas Gelston?
Birth3 July 1832CHATFIELD Dillon?
Death8 September 1832LEE Timothy Hill?
BirthDecember 1832BRIDDELL Sarah Jane?
Birth1832PARMALEE Walter M?
Death1832SANDFORD Sophia?
Birthabout 1832SMITH George Wilson?
Birthabout 1832POWERS Marcellus L?
Marriagebefore 1833HALSEY Elisha Lindsley with PERRYCLEAR Elizabeth Gray?
Marriage1833CHATFIELD Levi Starr with WILSON Mary Jane?
Marriage1833COE John Dudley with HOSKINS Sarah?
Birth11 August 1834BRONSON Enos S?
Death9 October 1834CHATFIELD Cynthia Ann?
Death22 November 1834LAKE Orson S?
Death1834CHATFIELD Esajas?
Immigration1834CHATFIELD Walter?
Marriage1834KIMBALL Truman M with FULLINGTON Mary Jane?
Death22 May 1835HOLBROOK John?
Birth26 August 1835GRANT Howard Perry?
Birth8 November 1835DAMAN Hiram S?
Birth1835PARMALEE Sarah E?
Birthabout 1835CHATFIELD Ellen?
Birth1835CHATFIELD Sarah?
Marriage17 April 1836KIMBALL Leonard L with CHATFIELD Minerva Melvina?
Marriage26 July 1836CHATFIELD Stephen E with WALKER Margaret L?
Birth24 August 1836HUBBELL Charle T?
Birth30 October 1836HUMPHREY Henrietta?
Deathabout 1836DAMAN Matson?
Marriage1 June 1837CORNING John Randall with CHATFIELD Almira Jane?
Death2 July 1837SCOVIL Edwin Wallace?
Birth14 July 1837WASHBURN Thomas Wayne?
Death17 September 1837ALCOTT John Blakeslee?
Marriageabout 1837ROSE George H with POPPLETON Sally?
Birth1837CHATFIELD Edward?
Birthabout 1837CHATFIELD Sylvester?
Marriageabout 1837ISBELL Ezra Tyron with COSPER Elizabeth?
Birth30 January 1838MICOU William?
Birth1838PARMALEE Martha J?
Marriageabout 1838CHATFIELD Asa with WARNER Dolly?
Birth1838HAZEN William Franklin?
Birthabout 1838HILL Arthur Q?
Birth23 April 1839CHATFIELD Orilla?
Birth22 May 1839CHATFIELD Benjamin L?
Death15 October 1839WOOD Deborah?
Birthabout 1839BROWN William C?
Marriageabout 1839CHATFIELD Oliver Gould with CRANE Mary?
Death1839CHATFIELD Edward?
Birthabout 1839CHATFIELD Mary ??
Death31 March 1840? Nancy?
Marriage1 April 1840SOUTHWORTH Lorenzo with ISBELL Miranda?
Marriage18 October 1840HULL Alvan \ Alvin with GRISWOLD Julia Maria?
Death1840HULL Laura F?
Marriageabout 1840FINN Philander G with HALSEY Leonora Sarah?
Birth1840JOHNSON Charles?
Marriage15 March 1841CHATFIELD Henry Bruce with PERRY Lucia A?
Death19 April 1841CHATFIELD Sallie or Sally?
Marriage21 July 1841CHATFIELD Levi Starr with SWIFT Abigail Maria?
BirthSeptember 1841HILL Margaret C?
Death1841CHATFIELD Oliver Gould?
Birth1841DAMAN Matilda M?
Death29 April 1842BARNEY John?
Death1 June 1842RIGGS Betty?
Marriage3 July 1842SCOVILLE Bennett with SPERRY Lucinda?
Death16 August 1842CRANE Hannah B?
Birth1842CHATFIELD Charlotte?
Birth1842CHATFIELD Susan?
Birth1842HAZEN Hiram?
Death4 January 1843TWITCHELL Urania Rayner?
Death15 August 1843CHATFIELD William Henry?
Death20 August 1843LAKE Reuben?
Death17 September 1843WALKER Margaret L?
Deathbefore 1843CHATFIELD Albert Alonzo?
Birth1843CHATFIELD Charles A?
Death1843CHATFIELD Esther?
Death15 February 1844HOTCHKISS Eliza Ann?
Death15 May 1844BENNETT Bertha \ Bethia?
Death26 December 1844CHATFIELD Dillon?
Immigration1844O'CONNER Mary V?
Birth1844CREASE Ann Constant?
Birth1844HILL George John?
Birth1844CHATFIELD Marys S?
Marriageabout 1844CHATFIELD Charles Henry with GAY Marriette Martha?
Birthabout 1844MICOU Philip Rootes?
Marriageabout 1844CLASON Joseph with KENYON Rebecca?
Death26 February 1845CHATFIELD Bennett?
Death8 June 1845WALBRIDGE Rosalany \ Roxylany?
Birth21 June 1845ROSS Jesse Alexander?
Birth1 September 1845WASHBURN Emma Martha?
Marriage25 November 1845CHATFIELD George Westel with CUNINGHAM Mary Louise?
Birth1845SHIELDS William?
Birth1845MCKEAN Frank?
Birth1845HAYWARD Hannah?
Birth1845HAZEN Mercy E?
Birth1845CHATFIELD David B?
Death1845CREASE Ann Constant?
Birth1845HILL John?
Birth1846CHATFIELD Emma?
Death1846CHATFIELD David B?
Marriageabout 1846CHATFIELD Gilbert Layfayette with SELLERS Eliza A?
Birth1846CREASE Harold Felton?
Death1846GOULD Anna?
Death1846CHATFIELD Marys S?
Birth1846HAZEN Richman Pitts?
Birth1846SHIELDS Helen?
Birth1846JOHNSON Henry A?
Birth1847CHATFIELD Benjamin?
Death1847CHATFIELD Emma?
Birth1847CHATFIELD John Fletcher?
Death1847CREASE Harold Felton?
Birth22 January 1848WASHBURN Ellen Lucy?
Death17 April 1848CHATFIELD Sarah Marinda?
Marriage17 April 1848MANN Eliel with HINMAN Lucy?
Birth1848CHATFIELD ??
Immigrationabout 1848ARROL Jean Jane?
Birth1848CHATFIELD Thomas?
Immigration1848HENNEMAN Johann Carl?
Residenceabout 1848ARROL Janet?
Marriageabout 1848CHATFIELD Nicholas with DEGROTH Mary Elizabeth?
Residenceabout 1848MCINNES Barbara?
Residenceabout 1848ARROL John?
Birthabout 1848WATSON Arthur?
Birth1848CHATFIELD Emma Louisa?
Marriage1 January 1849CHATFIELD Ira Day with PATTERSON Lydia Agnes?
Death5 March 1849CHATFIELD John Fletcher?
Death22 April 1849MAPES Elisha G?
Birth1849CHATFIELD Lucy Jane S?
Birth1849CHATFIELD Albert?
Death1849CHATFIELD Eletha?
Immigration1849GRAY Elizabeth G?
Birthabout 1849PHELPS Zack?
Birth1849TIBBETTS Alice?
Birth1849HAZEN Mary?
Marriage29 January 1850CHATFIELD David Asa with BROWN Elizabeth?
Birth12 May 1850CHATFIELD ??
Death25 May 1850CHATFIELD ??
Birth11 December 1850WASHBURN Catherine Elizabeth?
Death1850CHATFIELD Eva?
Marriage1850CHATFIELD Joel Lester with HECKLE Catherine W?
Marriageabout 1850CANN John with CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth1850CHATFIELD Eva?
Deathbefore 1850CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth1850CHATFIELD John?
Birth1850SCOVIL Rachel Lydia?
Death2 April 1851ORMS Sophia M?
Death30 April 1851SPERRY Samuel?
Death29 May 1851CHATFIELD Rheuba J?
Death13 August 1851MILLER Nancy?
Death18 August 1851SMITH Richard?
Death18 October 1851CHATFIELD Love Rebecca?
Death10 November 1851BISHOP Rosalia?
Marriage9 December 1851ROSS Phillip Connor with TINKER Nancy?
Marriageabout 1851BILLINGSLEA Francis J with SKINNER Mary Frances?
Birth1851SMITH Frederick F?
Birth1851CHATFIELD George E?
Birth1851CHATFIELD ??
Birth1851WILKINSON Asahel?
Deathbefore 1851CHATFIELD Benjamin?
Birth1851CHATFIELD Edwin D?
Birth1851TIBBETTS Charles?
Birth1851HAZEN Charles Daniel?
Birth12 February 1852WISENOR William Thomas?
Death3 March 1852COATE Mary Davis?
Death10 August 1852MICOU Henry?
Death18 August 1852COE Ada?
Birth18 August 1852CRANE Martha S?
Death29 November 1852WOOSTER Levi?
Birth1852CHATFIELD Lydia Eveline?
Marriage1852FARWELL Charles Benjamin with SMITH Mary Eveline?
Marriageabout 1852HAGER Charles Piper with O'CONNER Mary V?
Birth5 October 1853WASHBURN Albert Eugene?
Death8 October 1853WIXON Mary?
Marriage20 December 1853CHATFIELD Robert Emmett with PERKINS Julia B?
Birthabout 1853ALBRIGHT Henry B?
Birth1853CANN Amos Monroe?
Marriage1853HOWELL Levi with GRIFFIN \ VAUGHN Emeline?
Marriage1853CROSS William D with ODELL Paulina?
Birth1853CHATFIELD Norman?
Birth1853SMITH Mary?
Birth1853TIBBETTS Harriet?
Death14 January 1854HITCHCOCK Esther?
Death4 October 1854CHATFIELD Anna \ Arma \ Armenia?
Death11 October 1854CHATFIELD William G?
Death1854CHATFIELD Norman?
Death1854CHATFIELD George E?
Death1854RIGGS Nathan Burr?
Immigration1854HILDRETH Maria Isabella?
Marriage1854CHATFIELD William Henry with DISNEY Mary Ann?
Birth1854SCOVIL Rosetta?
Birthabout 1854HOTCHKISS Jenny J?
Birth1854FRISBIE Elvira F?
Death1854FRISBIE Elvira F?
Marriage27 February 1855SECOMBE David Adams with EASTMAN Charlotte Augusta?
Birth18 August 1855WASHBURN Benjamin Standish?
Marriageabout 1855ADT John (Johann) with KARMANN Elisabeth?
Birth1855CHATFIELD Nellie?
Birth1855HAZEN George Willard?
Birth1855TIBBETTS Charlotte?
Birth1855CHATFIELD Ellen?
Birth1855SHIELDS Ella?
Death8 March 1856MILLER Harriet Jarvis?
Marriage24 August 1856CHATFIELD James A with BRIDDELL Sarah Jane?
Birth10 September 1856HUNT Daniel F?
Birth16 September 1856SMITH Milton B?
Marriageabout 1856BENEFIELD Levi P with ? Mary J?
Death9 November 1857RICKETTS Elizabeth?
Death1857MATHEW Ann Constant?
Birth1857CHATFIELD Lewis O?
Immigration1857? Dianna?
Marriage1857CHATFIELD Levi Gould with STARRR Mary E?
Immigration1857BLUM Roza G?
Birth1857HAZEN Ida Jane?
Birth1857WEBBER Willie A.?
Death16 April 1858CHATFIELD Theodore C?
Birth18 June 1858IRWIN Alexander J?
Death23 June 1858ALBRIGHT Henry B?
Birthabout 12 August 1858TIBBETTS Frank?
Birth18 August 1858CHATFIELD Arthur Eugene?
Death15 October 1858CHATFIELD Arthur Eugene?
Death30 November 1858KISSAM Samuel Marshall?
Death16 December 1858MICOU Philip Rootes?
Immigration1858AUER Catherine?
Immigration1858WISSNER Johanne (John) C?
Birth1858CHATFIELD Lucinda?
Birth11 January 1859CHATFIELD Anna C?
Birth12 January 1859FARRINGTON Adelaide Chatfield?
Death11 February 1859IRWIN Alexander J?
Marriage31 May 1859HUNTINGTON Frederick Gilbert with FLETCHER Mary Louise?
Birth30 July 1859FINN Philander G?
Death31 July 1859FINN Philander G?
Death21 September 1859HOLBROOK Cyrus?
Birth1859HARVEY Marion Isabelle?
Immigration1859CROMIE Robert?
Immigration1859PERRY John E?
Marriageabout 1859SMITH Fitch William with EAGLE Isabella C?
Death24 March 1860CHATFIELD Frank Edward?
Death5 July 1860COSPER Elizabeth?
Birth21 September 1860CHATFIELD Albert Leo?
Birth4 November 1860IRWIN Mary Ann Smith?
Marriageabout 1860CHATFIELD John Henry with PECKHAM Maryette?
Immigration1860TROUGHTON Joseph Edward?
Immigration1860HOWSON Charles?
Death6 April 1861IRWIN Mary Ann Smith?
Marriage16 June 1861ILES Jeremiah Stephen with CONKLIN Sarah Ellen?
DeathJuly 1861KENDALL Jennie?
Birth1861SMITH David C?
Birth1861CHATFIELD Lillie?
Birthabout 1861LAIB August?
Death8 March 1862CRANE Corydon G?
Death1 June 1862KELSEY Phebe?
Death24 July 1862STEWART Eben F?
Death30 July 1862COE John Dudley?
Death1862BROWN Elizabeth?
Marriageabout 1862CHATFIELD Joel Lester with RICHARDS Clorinda Catherine?
Immigration1862MORGAN George Henry?
Death1862WIGHT Niram L?
Death1862CHATFIELD George H?
Marriage5 FEB 1862/1863CHATFIELD Theodore Edward with GRIDLEY Althea Melissa?
Birth12 February 1863LOVELAND Ida L?
Death30 May 1863POST Jesse D?
Marriage2 September 1863SANFORD William Mitchell with CHILDS Mary A?
Death21 November 1863SICKLER John?
Birth1863CHATFIELD Edith?
Marriage1863TROYER Joseph D with HERSHBERGER Magdalena?
Birthabout 1863LAIB Fred?
Birth17 March 1864BOYD Cora?
Death16 April 1864CORNING John Randall?
Marriage12 May 1864GIBBS William H with GRANT Julia Ann?
Death26 May 1864CAMERON William?
Death18 September 1864CHATFIELD David Avery?
Death27 October 1864COOK Mary?
Immigration1864? Flora?
Immigration1864BAUDER Frederick E?
Birth1864CHATFIELD Clifton?
Marriageabout 1864HOGOBOOM Christian with GARDNER Grace F?
Birth1864TIBBETTS Laura?
Birth1864SMITH Harriet B?
Birth1864MCMAHAN Daniel T?
Death5 January 1865ARMSTRONG John L?
Death23 October 1865REED Martha?
Marriage3 December 1865HUBBELL Frederick William with GATES Alice E?
Birth19 December 1865CHATFIELD Adelaide Isabella?
Death1865PATRICK Fayette?
Immigration1865GIBSON Alexander Forrest?
Immigration1865EDWARDS George William?
Birth1865PRATT (ALCOTT) John Sewall?
Death10 April 1866KELSEY Josiah?
Death3 September 1866HUBBELL Charle T?
Death13 October 1866DAYTON Eunice?
Birth21 November 1866KENDALL Charlie?
Birth1866TIBBETTS Clark?
Immigration1866LADEL Rosa \ Rose?
Death1866CHATFIELD Edith?
Immigration1866HOLM Angeline?
Birth1866MCMAHAN Robert T?
Marriage1866SEAMAN Edward P with FREELAND Harriet?
Birth1866CHATFIELD Edmund H?
Birth1866GOODELL Hattie?
Marriage1866WATSON Robert with SMITH Olive?
Death25 January 1867CHATFIELD Florence H?
Birth6 March 1867CHATFIELD Walter?
Birth15 May 1867HOUGH Mabel?
Birth5 August 1867STEVENS Olive Annette?
Birthabout 1867CHATFIELD Margret?
Marriageabout 1867CROMIE Robert with MCROBERTS Elizabeth?
Birth1867FRENCH Alice Matilda?
Marriage1867PARRISH Felix Warden with MCCONNELL Mary Matilda?
Death30 January 1868CHATFIELD George A?
Death16 March 1868GILBERT Elisha Morgan?
Marriage31 May 1868BLAKESLEE Coral Dwight with ALCOTT Mary?
Birth17 August 1868CARPENTER Electa?
Death2 October 1868STEVENS Olive Annette?
Marriage23 November 1868MARSDEN William with BENSON Mary Alice?
Immigration1868CHATFIELD Frederick?
Marriage1868DAVIS Frank M with HOY Emily S?
Marriageabout 1868BRAMAN Leonard with BOYD Elizabeth J?
Birthabout 1868TREACY Daniel F?
Marriageabout 1868BOYDEN Leander with CHAPPEL Lucinda Bridget?
Marriage1865/1868CHATFIELD Eugene A with DOWD Frances J?
Immigration1868BUDDENBAUM William F?
Birth1868TIBBETTS Susie?
Birth1868SMITH Augusta G?
Birth1 January 1869CHATFIELD ??
Death2 January 1869CHATFIELD ??
Marriage18 January 1869BODAMER \ BODIMER John A with FINN Leonora H?
Marriage21 January 1869CRAMPTON William Milton with KIMBALL Minerva R?
DeathFebruary 1869KENDALL Charlie?
Death14 March 1869LAMKIN Hiram?
Birth22 May 1869CHATFIELD Ernest Jay?
Birth9 August 1869CHATFIELD Charles Stephen\Stoddard?
Death7 November 1869SWIFT Abigail Maria?
Death15 November 1869BISHOP Samuel Lester?
Death1869HURD Jane E?
Deathafter 1869CHATFIELD Esther?
Marriageabout 1869CHATFIELD Oliver Porter with RASNIER Anna?
Birth1869PECK Fred Johnson?
Marriageabout 1869PARKER Milton Leonard with BENDLE Ella A?
Christening1869SCOVIL Asa Brigham?
Marriage1869CHATFIELD Abiram Parker with WILMOT Julia?
Birth1869DAVIS Winifred M?
Marriage1869NORTON Otis with CHATFIELD Harriet Lucretia?
Birthabout 1869SNYDER Jennie?
Death1869CHATFIELD Charles Stephen\Stoddard?
Birth11 March 1870STEVENS Margaret Annie?
Death26 May 1870CHATFIELD Josiah B?
Death5 September 1870STEVENS Margaret Annie?
Birth7 November 1870CHATFIELD John Pinkston?
Death3 December 1870SANFORD Jessie Howard?
Death22 December 1870TOMLINSON Charles Augustus?
Immigration1870NUHN Conrad?
Immigration1870? Sarah?
Marriageabout 1870CHATFIELD Henry Thomas with LITTLE Ida L?
Naturalization1870AUER Catherine?
Birth1870DEETS Sarah?
Deathafter 1870CHATFIELD Nettie \ Nellie?
Immigration1870IDLY \ IDLEY Christian?
Death1870SHEPPHARD Susan?
Birth1870WARNER Emma A?
Immigration1870BULGEN \ BELGIN Hannah?
Marriage1870BORSTORFF Charles James with THOMAS Dora Ellen?
Death7 January 1871WHITNEY Marshall Frost?
Death9 January 1871CHATFIELD Bennie?
Marriage18 January 1871TURK Jacob Henry with WHITE Etta B?
Birth13 February 1871CHATFIELD Edward Livingston?
Marriageabout 1871CHATFIELD Isaac Abrem with CAZIER Eliza?
Marriageabout 1871CHATFIELD Nicholas with HARRIS Sussana Elizabeth?
Deathbefore 1871CHATFIELD Edmund H?
Immigration1871WATTS John Florence?
Birth1871FRENCH William Eli?
Deathbefore 1871CHATFIELD W G?
Marriageabout 1871AYER Warren Leroy with DWIGHT Sarah Adelia?
Immigration1871BUTEL Alfred Griffith?
Immigration1871EVO Margaret?
Death1871CHATFIELD Timothy?
Birth1871MCMAHAN Floyd J?
Immigration1871MCLENNON Robert?
Death16 March 1872CHATFIELD Georgie?
Marriage6 June 1872RICHARDSON Robert Douglas Callihan with MORSE Julietta Frances?
Birth27 July 1872WANAMAKER Thomas Webster?
Death10 August 1872CORNING Adella M?
Birth3 September 1872CHATFIELD George Vollie?
Naturalization8 October 1872HOWSON Charles?
Marriage18 November 1872MACCHESNEY Samuel with SPINNEY Anna?
Marriageabout 1872CHATFIELD George B with GASLINE Alice C?
Marriage1872CHATFIELD Newton Jasper with EVANS Nancy Lillian?
Marriageabout 1872WOODWARD George Edward with HATCH Altha?
Immigration1872NELSON Rebecca?
Marriageabout 1872TYLER B Ackley with BOLLES Mary Jane?
Birthafter 1872SIMPSON ??
Death10 February 1873HITCHCOCK Charity?
Death5 May 1873CRANE Ruth Ann?
Birth14 May 1873CHATFIELD Purley?
Marriage18 May 1873BESSEY Wellington L with CHATFIELD Viola Jane?
Birth16 November 1873CHATFIELD Eli P?
Death11 December 1873WRIGHT Olive E?
Marriage1873POWELL George Washington with TURNER Martha?
Marriage1873HENRY Nimrod Milton with LINSON Melissa Ann?
Marriageabout 1873YOUNG Jefferson J with CHATFIELD Ruth Abigail?
Birth1873CHATFIELD Bernice M?
Birth1873CHATFIELD Richard?
Marriageabout 1873CHATFIELD Walter Stephen with ? Bessie C?
Marriageabout 1873FAIRS James E with VANLOUTAN Mary?
Death1 January 1874CHATFIELD Edward Livingston?
Death16 January 1874PURDY Merritt?
Birth3 April 1874CHATFIELD William Horace?
Marriage22 April 1874BAYLOR David with CHATFIELD Merrie Christmas?
Marriage15 August 1874CHATFIELD-LAW-BE-QUAY William with THOMAS Jane?
Death22 November 1874SPERRY Esther A?
Birth3 December 1874CHATFIELD Josiah H?
Marriageabout 1874TOWNSLEY George Washington with van WAGNER Harriet Newell?
Birthabout 1874CHATFIELD George?
Immigration1874DOVE Mary Elizabeth?
Birth1874CHATFIELD Ida Belle?
Death1 January 1875CHATFIELD Josiah H?
Burial26 April 1875CREASE Emily?
Death3 June 1875CHATFIELD Almira Jane?
Birth26 June 1875WANAMAKER Charles Lewis?
Birth12 August 1875CHATFIELD Estelle?
Death31 December 1875HINSDALE Dudley?
Death1875CARL Electa?
Death1875RAILSBACK Newton Smith?
Birth1875CHATFIELD Harrison?
Death1875MORRISON Samuel T?
Death1875ALBRO Angeline F?
Birth1875CHATFIELD Laura Ayer?
Immigration1875FEDJE Rannie A?
Marriageafter 1875SMITH Martin with BROWN Louise Maria?
Marriageabout 1875COE Almon F with LACHAPELLE Almira?
Birth1875CHATFIELD Ernest?
Death14 January 1876PERKINS Julia B?
Death5 May 1876BRADLEY Betsey?
Birth9 May 1876KIMBALL Mary Belle?
Marriage14 June 1876MAPES Ores C with ANDERSON Hettie J?
Marriageabout 1876ROCKWELL John with DAVENPORT Clara?
Death1876CHATFIELD Ernest?
Marriageabout 1876DEAN Madison with NEAL Lydia?
Immigration1876EDWARDS Thomas Henry?
Immigration1876MALTBY George?
Marriageabout 1876WHEAT William with COBB Sarah?
Death9 March 1877TUBBS Rachael?
Birthabout 1877CHATFIELD Jennie?
Death1877CHATFIELD Cornelia?
Birth1877CHATFIELD Margaret?
Marriage1877HINDS Charles Jospeh with CONKLIN Anna L?
Birth2 January 1878CHATFIELD Lura?
Death6 January 1878CHATFIELD Charles A?
Death16 March 1878WAKELEE Watrous Clark?
Death8 April 1878MICOU Martha Augusta?
Marriage28 May 1878HUBBELL George Sperry with WARD Susan Hepsie?
Death26 August 1878BOGARDUS William?
Birth6 September 1878CHATFIELD Ruth Wooster?
Death17 December 1878BULEN Joseph?
Death29 December 1878GEE Hannah E?
Birth1878CHATFIELD Joseph?
Marriageabout 1878MAYBERRY Joseph with DIXON Isabele?
Birth1878GRANT Edna Mabel?
Marriageabout 1878CHATFIELD Joel Albert with BENTON Ella May?
Marriageabout 1878GIBSON Andrew W with EMERY Effa Adelia?
Marriageabout 1878COLLIER Eugene Alonzo with WITHERINGTON Eliza Caroline?
Death27 March 1879SMITH Emma L?
Birthabout November 1879CHATFIELD Howard Judd?
Immigration1879KIRSCH Magdalena?
Immigration1879BURG Peter John?
Immigration1879van ESS Cornelius?
Marriage1879CHATFIELD Jonathan Charles David with KELSO Isabella?
Marriageabout 1879SMITH William Benton with CHATFIELD Elizabeth B?
Immigration1879TUCKER Anna?
Immigration1879van ESS Simon?
Immigration1879PETERSON Lewis?
Marriageabout 1879CHATFIELD Fremont J with KELF Rosa?
Marriageabout 1879FARRINGTON Fred with LOGAN Anna F?
Immigration1879OLESON Olof C?
Immigration1879MCDONOUGH Bridget?
Marriage1 January 1880BRYAN Albert L with LEE Launa Lorinda?
Marriageafter 31 March 1880BILLINGSLEA Cyrus Clement with WILSON Nellie E?
Death12 April 1880CHATFIELD Hope?
Death16 September 1880CHATFIELD Loyd Sherman?
Marriage14 October 1880WILLIAMS Jacob I. with FINN Lillian Estelle?
Marriage1 December 1880DICKINSON Alpheus Lyman with CAVENDER Ida?
Marriage21 December 1880CHATFIELD Walter Henry with RAINS Francis \ Frances Mae \ May?
Marriage30 December 1880ANDREWS Will with STODDARD Lillie M?
Birthabout 1880GREEN L C?
Deathafter 1880BEECHER Selina?
Death1880CHATFIELD Estelle?
Immigration1880? Helma B?
Marriageabout 1880CHATFIELD Myron W with ? Martha W?
Immigration1880BLANCHARD Annie L?
Deathbefore 1880CHATFIELD Rebecca P?
Deathafter 1880BEECHER Henry Russell?
Deathbefore 1880CURRY William?
Marriageabout 1880EPPES William Langham with KILGORE Susan Daniel?
Marriageabout 1880CHATFIELD Thomas Babcock with SCHWAB Rose?
Marriageabout 1880TUCKER Frank A with CHATFIELD Mary Josephine?
Marriageabout 1880DAY Benjamin Franklin with KELLY Mary E?
Immigration1880BENSON John O?
Birth10 February 1881DAMAN Minnie Elsie?
Death7 May 1881CHATFIELD Phoebe?
Death27 September 1881CHATFIELD Arthur Ives?
Birth24 November 1881CHATFIELD John Thomas?
Birth6 December 1881CHATFIELD Arthur?
Marriage13 December 1881STEELE Frank E with CHATFIELD Lillian Josephine?
Marriageabout 1881OAKLEY Judson J with MERRETT Ella?
Marriageabout 1881MCGRATH John Joseph with KELLEY Mary R?
Marriageabout 1881GILLESPIE Joseph Sobieska with CORNPROPST Florinda?
Marriageabout 1881CHATFIELD Frederick Newton with ROOD Mary Ann?
Marriageabout 1881CHATFIELD Daniel Harmon with STYCKLE Minnie Sophia?
Marriageabout 1881CHATFIELD Leston Orson with MCKNIGHT Sarah Harriett?
Marriagebefore 1881NEWBURY John Price with CHATFIELD Lavanda Abigail?
Death1881STUART Emmeline A?
Marriageabout 1881WEISKOTTEN Eugene with MERCER Clara L?
Deathbefore 1881CHATFIELD William F?
Immigration1881STEWART Catherine May?
Death1881CHATFIELD Elizabeth Ann?
Deathbefore 1881RICHEY Robert?
Death1881CHATFIELD Laura Ayer?
Birth20 March 1882CHATFIELD Minnie Belle?
Marriage27 March 1882THOMASSON Robert Fleming with PHILLIPS Margaret Ann?
BirthMarch 1882CHATFIELD Allen S?
Death24 April 1882BAKER John?
Death13 May 1882PRINDLE Rhoda?
Death17 May 1882FOSTER Kendall B?
Birth19 June 1882WEISKOTTEN Eugene Mercer?
Death3 July 1882RIGGS Ellis E?
Death7 December 1882BIGELOW Sophia M?
Death1882DAVIS Winifred M?
Marriageabout 1882NALE George A with LIVERMORE Jennie Alberta?
Immigration1882BODAN Louis?
Marriage1882HARDAWAY Cyrus J with HYDE Cordelia \ Cordilea \ Cornelia?
Immigration1882ATKINSON William James?
Marriageabout 1882TYLER Timothy Enoch with CHATFIELD Sarah Lucinda?
Birth1882CHATFIELD Ralph?
Birthabout 1882HERRE Kathryn M?
Death1882CHATFIELD Ralph?
Immigration1881/1882LINDE \ LINDEE Thorvald H?
Immigration1882BEATTIE Jane?
Birth1882PATTERSON Irving Wooster?
Birth1882CHATFIELD Allen?
Immigration1882GONIA Levi R?
Death10 March 1883CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth17 May 1883FRY Minnie Mae?
Death14 June 1883GRANT Orson?
Birth8 September 1883CHATFIELD Nellie Beatrice?
Immigration1883HAMMINK George?
Death1883BALDWIN Augustus Franklin?
Residence1883? Frieda M?
Marriage1883CHATFIELD Aaron Warren with FOWLER Minnie?
Birthabout 1883CHATFIELD Bertrem?
Birth24 January 1884GRANT Ethel?
Death27 September 1884FRY Minnie Mae?
Death17 October 1884TIMOTHY Frances?
Marriage13 November 1884BLAKEMAN Frank Ernest with BEARD Nellie Elizabeth?
Birth16 November 1884HARDY Sylvia?
Birth8 December 1884CHATFIELD Leila?
Marriageabout 1884PRINDLE Sherman C?
Immigration1884HAIN Elizabeth?
Marriageabout 1884IVES John W with CHATFIELD Adella A?
Birth1884GRANT Ralph?
Immigration1884GUILFORLE Mary?
Death22 January 1885TURK Lyman?
Death2 February 1885CHATFIELD Livonia E?
Death2 February 1885HOSKINS Sarah?
Death2 March 1885BARLOW Jane Deborah?
Death17 June 1885CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Birth12 August 1885LOUDON Eugene R?
DeathAugust 1885CHATFIELD Herbert Fosdick?
Birth1885WARNER William Clifford?
Immigration1885BAUMGART Olga?
Marriageabout 1885MCCORMICK Jacob W with REPROGLE Barbara Ann?
Marriageabout 1885SMITH Frank with GASLINE Alice C?
Death16 March 1886RHODES George A?
Birth19 August 1886EMERY Emily Alice?
Birth14 September 1886NICOLL Alexander Babbitt?
Marriage22 September 1886CHATFIELD William Crandall with STRAIN Jane \ Virginia?
Marriage4 October 1886MURRAY William Henry Harrison with RIVERS Frances M?
Marriage27 October 1886STEVENS Augustin Washburn with ULMER Caroline?
Death1 November 1886CHATFIELD Lewis Coy?
Death14 November 1886CHATFIELD Martha Lamar?
Birth30 November 1886BILLINGSLEA Ralph C?
Death5 December 1886CHAPPEL Lucinda Bridget?
Birth1886FRY George Franklin?
Death1886GRANT Ralph?
Marriage16 February 1887GREGORY John with SHOPE Mary Clema?
Birth16 May 1887CHATFIELD Eleanor?
Birth7 July 1887WEBB Clyde Charles?
Birth10 December 1887HENNEMAN Sarah J?
Death27 December 1887CHATFIELD Harvey W?
Immigration1887SUTKE John?
Marriageabout 1887RUGGLES John F with WILLIS Mary A?
Immigration1887MACAULAY Angus?
Birth1887GRANT Russell?
Immigration1887MONTEITH John?
Birthabout 1887MILLER Maud?
Death2 January 1888SILL Delilah J?
Marriage5 April 1888SANFORD Gay R with SMITH Frances E?
Death21 April 1888ISBELL Myron?
Death7 June 1888TYLER George O?
Death10 June 1888CRANE Martha S?
Death23 November 1888LLOYD Frederick?
Death12 December 1888CHATFIELD Darius?
Birth29 December 1888BRAGG Effie L?
Immigration1888de LASKEY Annabel Florence?
Marriageabout 1888CHATFIELD LeGrand with BARTRAM Sarah Frances?
Death1888GRAY Jean?
Death1888WALLACE Margarethe E?
Birth1888MCCRAY ??
Death1888GRANT Russell?
Death1888MILLER John D?
Deathabout 1888MILLER Maud?
Divorce1888MURRAY William Henry Harrison with HULL Isadora Laura?
Birth29 January 1889WEITZEL Walter A?
Death13 April 1889NEHEMIAH Charles S?
Death10 September 1889? Charlotte C?
Death12 October 1889SMITH Milton B?
Immigrationabout 1889MORRIS Joseph?
Marriageabout 1889TILGHMAN Noah Littleton with SHORT Virginia?
Immigration1889? Eva F?
Marriageabout 1889CLARK J Milo with CHATFIELD Cora Albina?
Immigration1889MARTIN Arthur L?
Marriageabout 1889BODAN Louis with CARUCCI Julia?
Death1 February 1890RAMSAY James Burns?
Marriage3 April 1890SHEPPERD Abel Meade with POOLE Elizabeth Jane?
Death6 July 1890JOHNSON Lars Walter?
Marriage6 August 1890RICHARDSON Frank Edward with CHATFIELD Emma Mary?
Death30 November 1890HAWKINS Caroline H?
Birth10 December 1890BELL Colleta Marie?
Death1890TALMADGE Electa A?
Birth1890WARNER Laura B?
Marriageabout 1890JEFFERSON Charles W with ? Sarrah J?
Death1890KINNEY Mertie M?
Death1890PATTERSON Irving Wooster?
Marriageabout 1890HILL Wesley D with ? Josie M?
Immigration1890SMITH James Leander?
Marriage1890CUTLER Charles L with NYE May E?
Immigration1890ANDERSON Oliver?
Marriageabout 1890CHATFIELD Lucius H with ? Frederica?
Marriageabout 1890ANDREWS Asberry with CHATFIELD Dora M?
Marriageabout 1890WHITLEY Wilber with KIMBALL Mary Belle?
Marriageabout 1890NORTON Adelbert Alonzo with GILLISPIE Anna Belle?
Immigration1890JENSEN Anton M?
Immigration1890MORRIS Charles Henry?
Birth5 February 1891BRAGG William Leonard?
Death24 March 1891QUILLEN Anderson?
Death2 April 1891SAUNDERS Charlotte?
Birth15 October 1891GRANT Ida May?
Death20 December 1891HOLCOMB Sarah Mariah?
Death1891DYE Martha A?
Marriageabout 1891AUSTIN Frank with DAMAN Myra Belle?
Marriageabout 1891SUTKE John with BAUMGART Olga?
Birth1891HUBBELL Paul A?
Immigration1891HANDY Harriet?
Marriageabout 1891KUENTZEL Heinrich A with CHATFIELD Mary D?
Death1891FROST Horace?
Immigration1891BARTEAUX Blanche Hayes?
Death1891GRANT Edna Mabel?
Death9 January 1892SPICER Irene Ann?
Death12 May 1892BRAGG Effie L?
Death18 May 1892BARTON Wright?
Birth6 July 1892WOOD Frances Ruth?
Marriage26 October 1892BEACH Otis Seth with WRITER Lena?
Death31 October 1892CHATFIELD Wayne Bogue?
Death1892LAMMING \ LANNING Hannah?
Immigration1892PLATT Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1892HARPER James E?
Marriageabout 1892CHATFIELD Oliver Porter with MCNAMARA Lulu?
Birthabout 1892BELL Ruby M?
Death1892HUBBELL Paul A?
Marriageabout 1892MORTON George Ashmun with BURLEIGH Nancy Louise?
Death25 January 1893DAMAN Hiram S?
Birth23 April 1893NOVELLE Philip?
Marriage11 July 1893CHATFIELD Richard Summer with MCMULLIN \ MCMILLAN \ MCMILLIAN Jennie Isham?
Death15 November 1893BISHOP Josephine V?
Death15 December 1893ISBELL Ezra Tyron?
Death24 December 1893WEED John?
Death1893BUCKINGHAM Harriet Esther?
Marriageabout 1893MULFORD Luther J with CANTERBURY Mary Elizabeth?
Death1893CLARKE Janet?
Marriageabout 1893AULT Franklin Sherman with CHATFIELD Jennie Belle?
Marriageabout 1893CHATFIELD David Alvah with ? Mabel M?
Marriageabout 1893MOBLEY Harris Thompson with DAVIS Laura Jane?
Immigration1893MCMILLEN Emelinne J?
Birth1893WARNER Grace A?
Marriageabout 1893van KENSEN ? with CHATFIELD Alice E?
Death5 January 1894SPICER Freeborn Garrison?
Birth6 January 1894CHATFIELD Minnie?
Death8 January 1894RATHBUN Mary?
Death19 June 1894CHATFIELD Edward Aurelius?
Death26 June 1894CHATFIELD Norman Alonzo?
Birth22 August 1894GUSTORF Charlotte Price?
Death31 August 1894BARKER Lucinda?
Death16 November 1894HOWE Alonzo V?
Birth23 November 1894SMITH Harley William?
Marriageabout 1894BADGER William with ? Estella?
Immigration1894? Matilda?
Marriagebefore 1894BRENKE Gustavus with NEMIO \ NIMZ \ NEINZ Amelia?
Death1894COLE Mary E?
Death16 April 1895CHATFIELD Minnie?
Marriage28 June 1895SCOFIELD William T with COON Ellen Cecelia?
Death24 August 1895? Sarah?
Birth24 October 1895COTTINGHAM Ruth May?
Marriage7 November 1895KIMBALL Nathan Levi with GRAY Sarah Rebecca?
Death10 December 1895MCEWEN Dwight Ferdinand?
Marriageabout 1895LAMB William with KIMBALL Alice?
Death1895HAWKINS Ulista Alice?
Marriageabout 1895CHATFIELD Frank P with J Nancy Jennie?
Immigration1895EDMONSON Margaret?
Birthabout 1895LOGIE Thomas Thomson?
Death12 January 1896TAYLOR Charlotte Hall?
Death27 January 1896CHATFIELD George Smith?
Death30 January 1896BRADSHAW Harry?
Birth7 March 1896WOOD Prudence Lettie?
Marriage10 May 1896TURNER Earnest with RICE Mary E?
Marriage12 July 1896KIMBALL Charles Edward with PAGE Sadie?
Birth22 August 1896CHATFIELD Perry Willis?
Marriage9 September 1896CHATFIELD Arthur Woolsey with LOONIE Mary Loretta?
Birth15 September 1896DEETS Jessica Lelia?
Death5 October 1896GUSTORF Charlotte Price?
Marriage20 October 1896AMSLER James Gilbert with GALLUP Virginia Rose?
Death16 November 1896TILLOTSON Alpharetta A?
Marriageabout 1896STRATMAN Herman Francis with PARKER Sarah Frances?
Immigration1896MACDONALD Annie F?
Death1896TOWNE Sarah Mary?
Death1896ZENGERLE Louis H?
Immigration1896MACDONALD Grace Ethel?
Immigration1896MACDONALD Norman Malcolm?
Marriageabout 1896BILLINGSLEA Francis J with DUNCAN Martella?
Immigration1896MACDONALD Adah?
Marriageabout 1896MARTIN Arthur L with SHOEMAKER \ SHUMAKER \ SCHUMACHER Freda?
Immigration1896MACDONALD Elizabeth Mary?
Marriageabout 1896BUCKLEY John J with BLANCHARD Annie L?
Death1896CAMPBELL Abigail F?
Death7 March 1897CHATFIELD Grace Hattie?
Marriage10 March 1897KELLY Allen with SHOPE Sarah Ella?
Death11 August 1897DRAPER Fanny?
Death13 August 1897HALLER Henrietta?
Death16 August 1897ROSSETER Elizabeth A?
Birthabout 1897LONG Cecile?
Marriageabout 1897NICHOLSON Samuel Bert with BUSEY Emma Jane?
Marriageabout 1897DUNN Henry Martin with WANAMAKER Vera?
Death1897PATTISON William James?
Death1897EAMES Harriet?
Death7 February 1898THURBER Amasa?
Death14 February 1898? Melancy?
Death25 February 1898CHATFIELD Perry Willis?
Death25 February 1898PHILLIPS Rebecca?
Birth3 May 1898WEBB John Edward?
Birth30 July 1898STEVENS David Newton?
Death30 July 1898STEVENS James Augustin?
Birth30 July 1898STEVENS James Augustin?
Death6 August 1898STEVENS David Newton?
Death25 October 1898GRANT Lois?
Marriageabout 1898MCDADE Benjamin Micou with ? Eugene F?
Death1898CHATFIELD Berlin?
Deathafter 1898CURRY Leonard Miners?
Death1898TAYLOR John Otis?
Death24 February 1899BRAGG William Leonard?
Death14 March 1899FORD Elias?
DeathApril 1899LEWIS Anna Olivia?
Death19 May 1899JOHNSON Thomas Samuel?
Death25 May 1899EDWARDS Adelia Evelyn?
Marriage18 June 1899FULLER Burton Foster with CHAPLIN Mabel Inez?
Marriage1 July 1899CHATFIELD William Audrey with REYNOLDS Mary Jane?
Death5 November 1899REED Benjamin Porter?
Death21 November 1899SHIELDS David?
Death1899FARRINGTON Adelaide Chatfield?
Marriageabout 1899HOOK Addison A with WISE Lovina J?
Marriage1899HALL Lucius W with ? Minerva H?
Marriage1899SAUTERS Frederick John with CHATFIELD Effie Frances?
Deathafter 1899BASSETT Abram Way?
Death18 January 1900O'NEALE Thomas P?
Marriage27 February 1900WISE Marvin Otis with DARR Ethel Arvilla?
Death28 February 1900WRIGHT Silas P?
Birth6 April 1900RIGGS William?
Birth12 May 1900CHATFIELD Florence Amber?
Death16 May 1900CHATFIELD Florence Amber?
Marriage26 May 1900WILSON Robert with BESSEY Lucinda May?
Birth4 June 1900EBERHARD Eleanor Aileen?
Deathbefore June 1900MCCRAY Mabel?
Death5 July 1900YOUNG Senica?
Marriageabout 1900MORSEMAN Edison J with CORNWELL Jane L?
Marriage1900MERRITT Bert Udell with BRAGG Ora Jeanette?
Birth1900FRENCH Marion Marilla?
Marriageabout 1900WRIGHT Harry M with DAMAN Myra Belle?
Divorcebefore 1900BROOKS Harris A with CHATFIELD Frances?
Death1900MORRILL Charles?
Birthabout 1900CHATFIELD Arthur E?
Immigration1900WING George W?
Birth4 February 1901GOODELL Helen?
DeathMarch 1901GRAY Neely?
Death21 July 1901CHATFIELD Clark?
Death25 August 1901FINN Philander G?
Death19 October 1901CAZIER Eliza?
Death13 November 1901SOUTHWORTH Lorenzo?
Birthabout 1901BROWNELL Ernest?
Marriageabout 1901CHATFIELD Curtis William with SMITH Clara M?
Immigration1901GJEDSTED Charles Edward?
Divorcebefore 1901FULLER Henry Riley with GARDNER Genevieve?
Death1901HARWOOD Mortimer L?
Marriage31 January 1902GOULD Bert with BESSEY Grace B?
Death5 April 1902SONTER Maria A?
Birth30 June 1902EXTINE Josephine?
Death20 August 1902HEFFLEY \ HERFFNER Sarah?
Marriage22 October 1902LUCHT Louis with WILKENS Christina M?
Birth29 October 1902JORALEMON Ethel Mae?
Death1902? Ida M?
Death1902MORRISON Mary?
Death15 August 1903HANDY Bethuel Gifford?
Death1903PETERSON James?
Immigration1903POCOCKE Edith May?
Marriageabout 1903CHATFIELD Alfred Clark with TOWNLEY Blanche Louise?
Death1903CHATFIELD Ora Bea?
Marriageabout 1903CHATFIELD Franklin with PEASE Alice May?
Birthabout 1903BESSE Gem?
Death1903GOODRICH Lucy Benton?
Death1903PLACE Savannah?
Death1903CHATFIELD Victoria?
Death5 February 1904HOWELL Samuel H?
Birth19 April 1904DEETS Frank Willard?
Birth27 April 1904MULFORD Charles F?
Death9 June 1904RUCKER Mary Ann?
Death23 November 1904CHATFIELD Ira Day?
Marriage24 December 1904BRIMHALL Orson Spencer with OPENSHAW Delcina Vilate?
Birth1904CHATFIELD Al?
Death1904EATON William?
Immigration1904MILLS Anna Minyonette?
Marriageabout 1904CHATFIELD Ray Willis with COATES Rosa Bell?
Death28 February 1905PERRY Mary?
Death27 March 1905WANAMAKER Zina H?
Death20 April 1905WRIGHT Lucy?
Death23 July 1905CHATFIELD Rosanna?
Death14 November 1905HOADLEY Esther Elvira?
Death1905LEWIS Julia?
Birthabout 1905WAFFLE Grace?
Marriageabout 1905CHATFIELD Charles Mortimer with LIELAN Clara?
Marriageabout 1905HALL E. Barton with LANG Gertrude Adele?
Marriage1905LOGAN Arthur William with KIMBALL Sarah Eugenia?
Immigration1905OLSON Hjalmer N?
Divorce1905SAUTERS Frederick John with CHATFIELD Effie Frances?
Marriage3 January 1906PENDLETON William Clarence with BENSON Sariah?
Death23 January 1906PICKETT Lyman B?
Marriage26 January 1906MACK Peter Joseph with CHATFIELD Bessie Evans?
Death8 February 1906MOORE Ann?
Death11 August 1906CHATFIELD Cora Albina?
Death7 September 1906FLANDER Mary E?
Birth10 October 1906ZELLNER Benjamin Holmes?
Birth3 December 1906CHATFIELD Lee Walter?
Immigration1906BRENNAN Thomas Francis?
Deathbefore 1906FINN Leonora H?
Deathbefore 1906SUTTEN William D?
Immigration1906CHATFIELD William Parkhurst?
Marriage1906STIERS William M with CHATFIELD Effie Frances?
DeathFebruary 1907HENNEMAN Dolly Emily?
Death5 May 1907FARRINGTON Origen B?
Death15 May 1907CHATFIELD William Cramer?
Death13 June 1907CHATFIELD Ralph L?
Marriage8 August 1907KIRWAN Peter Lewis with CHATFIELD Anna Elizabeth?
Death6 September 1907WRITER Gabriel M?
Marriage14 October 1907OPENSHAW William Franklin with MAGELBY Eliza Marie?
Death1907PHELPS Sarah A?
Marriage1907CHATFIELD William Lewis with RYAN Winifred Louise?
Death1907BOLLES Charles Bradley?
Immigration1907GRELE Philip L?
Birth1907HAND G Edward?
Death1907CHATFIELD George W?
Death1907CHATFIELD Whitman Mattoon?
Immigrationabout 1907CHATFIELD Ernest George?
Birth1907WISE Paul F?
Divorceabout 1907CHATFIELD Alfred Omeria with ROUSE Frances Lavina?
Immigration1907SWANAT Bertha?
Marriageabout 1907CHATFIELD Herbert with HODGSON Sarah Allison?
Immigration1907CHATFIELD William?
Death30 July 1908CHATFIELD Celia Antonette?
Death20 October 1908HINSDALE Henry Walbridge?
Death9 November 1908BAIRD Matthew?
Death14 December 1908NORTON Lucy?
Death1908ROGERS William H?
Immigration1908SALLS Abbie May?
Death1908EGELER Jacob?
Death1908CHATFIELD Allen S?
Marriageabout 1908COLE Charles Nelson with MUNSON Lena Lillian?
Birthabout 1908NICHOLS John H?
Marriageabout 1908POWELL Delbert Lee with CHATFIELD Sophia?
Marriage15 February 1909BROOKS George Chatfield with HARP Ella Myrtle?
Death22 March 1909CHATFIELD Viola Jane?
Death29 March 1909PHELPS Mahala?
DeathApril 1909BRATTON Selinah Jane?
Death5 December 1909PRATT Byron J?
Marriageabout 1909MONTEITH Edwin Miland with BUSCH Meta M?
Deathafter 1909GARDNER Grace F?
Marriageabout 1909SITES Marion Herbert with ? Elsie?
Marriageabout 1909RADCLIFFE Albert Edward with ? Ida W?
Birth1909COLE Grace L?
Deathafter 1909WISE Richard Calvin?
Death1909FRELIGH Wesley H?
Immigration1909BRAMHALL Mary Anna?
Marriage1909PENUELL Harley James with MOORE Effie?
Death28 February 1910HARDY Sylvia?
Birth20 April 1910SMITH Kenneth Lane?
Marriage21 June 1910CHATFIELD Harry J with HOUSE Florence Susan?
Birth18 August 1910PROCTOR William McKinley?
Death30 August 1910TIMBIMBOO Edna?
Deathbefore 1910O'BURNE Patrick?
Marriageafter 1910GRIGSBY Harry Frank with CHATFIELD Olive I.?
Immigration1910ANTIZZO Annette \ Antonette \ Antonia?
Marriageabout 1910CHATFIELD James Franklin with CRANDALL Alice Bertha?
Death1900/1910CHATFIELD Cora?
Birthabout 1910MCGILLVRAY Gwendolyn?
Immigration1910WHITEBREAD Anna Louise?
Birth1910JACKSON Wesley Elmore?
Immigration1910ROSATTI Ida?
Death1910KINNEY Clair L?
Birth11 January 1911CHATFIELD Stanley Spencer?
Death4 February 1911ANDERSON Lucille?
Death13 February 1911NICHOLSON J P?
Death30 May 1911CHATFIELD Mary N?
Death11 July 1911JACKSON Martin?
Death6 August 1911SYLVESTER Laura Ann?
Death14 September 1911EXTINE Josephine?
Marriage23 October 1911HUNT Otis Eugene with EATON Hattie?
Death1911HULL Eliza?
Birth1911CHATFIELD Herbert Stanley?
Marriageabout 1911CHATFIELD Harold Gould with LONG Margaret B?
Marriagebefore 1911NICHOLSON Frank Robert with FISHER Mabel Moree?
Immigration1911SCOTT Ruby Primrose?
Death1911IRVIN Carrie Mae?
Death17 January 1912GRANT Ida May?
Death18 January 1912HOWELL Mary Amelia?
Death15 February 1912CHATFIELD Charlotte?
Death13 March 1912WHITE Johanna Marie \ Mariah?
MarriageApril 1912MULFORD John Watt with TOWNER Grace Gertrude?
Death28 May 1912BALL Sophie Rebecca?
Death9 June 1912SHOPE Earl M?
Birth17 June 1912HENNEMAN Mary Elizabeth?
Birth12 July 1912? Alberta Y?
Birth12 August 1912BURMASTER Roland C?
Birth22 August 1912GREEN Charles F?
Birth13 December 1912? Viola M?
Death1912WISSNER Johanne (John) C?
Marriageabout 1912JUDD Ross B with ? Arabella?
Death1912CHATFIELD Luman Curtis?
Immigration1912MULTANA Elizabeth M?
Marriageabout 1912PHILLER Henry Lewis \ Louis with TORRENCE Alberta W?
Birthabout 1912MCGILLVRAY Ruth?
Birth15 May 1913BOTTI John Joseph?
Marriage7 August 1913CONAWAY William Morgan with HARRIS Mary Belle?
Death8 October 1913CHATFIELD Samuel Eugene?
Birth6 November 1913LONGWORTH Cathern L?
Immigration1913BOUTIN Louis Emile?
Death1913CHATFIELD Elizabeth Starr?
Immigration1913COYLE James J?
Marriageabout 1913SAYLES Almon D with CLEMENT Flora M?
Birth1913BRODERSON Ida May (Mae)?
Death1913ELLIOTT Cora Adell?
Marriage1913CHATFIELD George Clark with RICE Mabel Elizabeth?
Immigration1913STROKOSCH Hildegard Margaret?
Immigration1913COYLE Stella L?
Death1913HAND G Edward?
Birth3 February 1914MCNABB Mildred Ruth?
Death26 May 1914HUTCHINSON Maude May?
Marriage29 May 1914PAGE John Chatfield with SLOAN Mildred Rebecca?
Birth14 June 1914HENNEMAN Henry Charles?
Death16 June 1914BRIGGS Thomas G?
Death29 June 1914CHATFIELD George S?
Death9 August 1914PIERCE James D?
Marriage15 August 1914HATTON William Mills with POWELL Ruby Esther?
Marriage20 October 1914CALLAHAM Crawford Ligon with WILLIAMS Carla?
Death14 December 1914GATES Alice E?
Marriage30 December 1914HUNSUCKER Hubert with DEETS Gladys Bell?
Death1914THOMPSON William Henry?
Birth1914GERTH Ralph Eugeme?
Marriage1914YOUNG Frank Arthur with CHATFIELD Blanche Elizabeth?
Marriage1914ZENGERLE Otto Bismark with MITCHELL Ruby Fern?
Immigration1914DRUMMER Christian?
Death21 January 1915GRANT Howard Perry?
Marriage6 February 1915MOORE Calvin Tadlock with HUTCHENS Maude Emily?
Death1 June 1915BACON Mary Rosanna?
Death28 September 1915DARLING Nettie Irene?
Death5 October 1915BEACH Otis Seth?
Marriage26 October 1915DAVIS William C with BAYLOR Emily Elnora?
Marriage18 November 1915RIGGS Edward W with GRANT Ethel?
Death27 November 1915COLLISTER Lucy Jane?
Death1915CREGO Milo H?
Death1915STRAIN Jane \ Virginia?
Marriageabout 1915SITES Harry Auburn with ? Katherine \ Kathryn Frances?
Immigration1915BROWN Mary?
Marriage1915DEVERS William Henry with CHATFIELD Winnifred Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1915GILL William E?
Immigration1915BEAM Wilbur W?
Birth11 January 1916HEADFORD Irene Ellen?
Death18 January 1916STRAIN James?
Marriage22 March 1916WEBB Joseph E with LONG Nettie Elizabeth?
Death30 March 1916BURMASTER Roland C?
Birth10 June 1916OLSON Howard Arthur?
Birth24 June 1916HENNEMAN Robert Edwin?
Marriage8 November 1916CHATFIELD Ernest Boyd with COLLINS Helen A?
DeathNovember 1916CHATFIELD Anna C?
Death1916PARKER Frank B?
Marriageabout 1916ZENGERLE Otto Bismark with RUSNE Chalsey Lee?
Marriage1916PEARSON Sander Sigfrid with AINGE Elizabeth Peterson?
Marriagebefore 1916WISE Leon Edwin with KEITH Rosie?
Birth1916WOOLLEY Russell Hill?
Death12 January 1917ROSS Jesse Alexander?
Death4 March 1917OLSON Howard Arthur?
Death9 March 1917RUSSELL Addie E?
Death11 April 1917CHATFIELD Mabel Ida?
Death12 May 1917STANBERY Carrie?
Birth1 June 1917GREEN Helen A?
Birth14 June 1917FRIDENMAKER Thelma Elizabeth?
Birth16 June 1917SLAUGHTER Richard S?
Birth10 September 1917NEWBURY Harry?
Death10 December 1917BUTLER Hattie M?
Marriageabout 1917WEBBER Willie A. with MUNSON Grace Helen?
Birthabout 1917TRZOS George?
Marriage1917BECKER John Thomas with JOHNSTON Marnesse?
Birth1917CHATFIELD Ruth?
Death1917GORDEN Mary Ann Kendric?
Death1917PAINE Amy H?
Death1917BROWNE Elizabeth C?
Immigration1917SALLS Margaret May?
Marriage1917HERTZ Oluf with CHATFIELD Effie Frances?
Death1917BROWN Louise Maria?
Death28 February 1918? Clara G?
DeathFebruary 1918CRANDALL Martha Electra?
Death27 March 1918HART Alice Louise?
Death30 April 1918GRANT Nelson?
Death31 May 1918CHATFIELD Lucy Ann?
Marriage13 July 1918HENNEMAN Lloyd Earl with KILLEEN Katherine Margaret?
Birth29 July 1918STONE Frances?
Birth22 August 1918FIELDS Dorothy Alberta?
Marriage30 August 1918CHATFIELD Forrest Leonidas with PIERCE Amanda Alice?
DeathNovember 1918EMERY Hugh Hildreth?
Death1918LENNON Mary Ann?
Immigration1918ANISFELD Marochka Borisovna?
Birth1918DAY Robert Elwood?
Immigration1918DIAZ Rosa Marina?
Death19 March 1919HILL Sophronia Adelia?
Death14 April 1919BROWN Elizabeth Jane?
Death25 April 1919HAZEN Fanny?
Birth19 May 1919? Edith Irene?
Death9 June 1919TURK Ida Catherine?
Birth24 June 1919OLSON Russell E?
Death25 July 1919GILCHRIST Allen Robert?
Birth31 July 1919KEENY William Francis?
Marriage11 October 1919SMITH Harley William with DEETS Jessica Lelia?
Marriage17 December 1919CHATFIELD Trevor Virgil with DUMAS Ruby Anna?
Deathafter 1919ELLISON George Crawford?
Death1919KINNEY Joseph Burroughs?
Marriageabout 1919REHN Henry L with REHN Doris May?
Marriage1919ZIEGELASCH William Otto with GORMLEY Maud H?
Death1919YEATON Melvin Fisher?
Deathafter 1919DAWSON William?
Death1919SCHRYOC Elizabeth O?
Birth1919WOOLLEY Doris Irene?
Death1919GREEN William R?
Death1919COX Charles A?
Death1919RUSH Henry L?
Immigrationabout 1919FOREST Alcide George?
Death9 January 1920GORHAM Emmet G?
Marriageafter 15 January 1920ZORN Benjamin Conrad with KIRCHAN Aurelia E?
Death13 February 1920OLSON Russell E?
Death8 April 1920CHATFIELD Mary P?
Death8 April 1920CHATFIELD Robert Rabey?
Death20 April 1920BOLLES Mary Jane?
Death24 April 1920WILLISTON Edward Bancroft?
Death30 June 1920GRILLEY William Frank?
Birth30 June 1920HENNEMAN Janet Ann?
Birth2 July 1920HERREL James J?
Marriage5 July 1920BENSON Clarence with LEE Esther Mae?
Divorcebefore July 1920GRIFFITH Henry Carlos with CARNAHAN Ruby H?
Marriage25 September 1920SHERWOOD Albert Charles with CARRINGTON Irma?
DeathSeptember 1920WELLS Frederick Isaac?
Marriage6 October 1920MOEN Archie Herman with CHATFIELD Hazel Beatrice?
Marriage11 November 1920BENTLEY John Earl with MCCOY Ida Mae?
Birth12 November 1920? Goldie E?
Birth20 November 1920NEWBURY Raymond?
Birth30 December 1920CHATFIELD ??
ImmigrationDecember 1920BREZNAY Louis?
Death1920BARKER Alfred?
Divorce1920CADE Dewey Louis with CHATFIELD Iris Minola Aloha Thyra?
Marriageabout 1920BREWER Royal Luther with GLEASON Mary Gertrude?
Deathbefore 1920CHATFIELD Charles?
Birth1920TYLER Everett F?
DeathJanuary 1921CHATFIELD ??
Death15 February 1921PATTERSON Hollis Yale?
Birth11 May 1921HUTCHENS Warren Henry?
Marriage20 June 1921MULFORD Rollo J with JOLLY Hattie Marie?
Death1 July 1921GIBSON Doris Eilene?
Marriage3 August 1921CHATFIELD William Richard with SCHMIDT Augusta Victoria?
Death4 August 1921BACON Roie May?
BirthSeptember 1921WOODS Mary Ellen?
Burial14 October 1921TAYLOR Louise Harriet?
Immigration1921? Elizabeth?
Marriagebefore 1921WALSH Thomas A with CHATFIELD Edith Anna?
Marriageabout 1921DEUEL Frank G with CHATFIELD Vinetta Norene?
Deathbefore 1921SIMERAL Esther A?
Birth3 January 1922MARSHALL Betty A?
Birth31 March 1922MADILL Raymond Clark?
DeathMay 1922CHATFIELD Cyrus Harold?
Marriage1 June 1922MCCARTY Glen H with FRANCIS Irene K?
Death2 July 1922CHATFIELD Richard Summer?
Death15 July 1922EASTER David M?
Marriage20 September 1922BOWSHER Donald Conrad with QUICK Crystel L?
Death1 December 1922LONGWELL Isaac Newton?
Death1922GREEN James?
Marriage1922FREEMAN Horace Smith with FRENCH Abbie Mae?
Divorceabout 1922TUCK Thomas Mitchell with CHATFIELD Margaret Emma?
Death1922CHATFIELD Nina A?
Marriageabout 1922STODARD Harold Turner with HOTCHKISS Margaret?
Marriage1922CHATFIELD Clarence Cramer with HOLLOWAY Lillian Nordica?
Marriageabout 1922CHATFIELD Paul E with TODD Rose T?
Death1922WHITE Charlotte J?
DeathJanuary 1923WHITMORE Hannah?
Birth20 February 1923GRAVES Louise Jane?
Death13 April 1923ALCOTT Harriet Ann?
Death11 November 1923CRANE Mary H?
Marriage28 November 1923JOHNSTON Leslie Parker with LAMOREAUX Zara?
Marriage1923STEELE Frank Willis with WORDEN Hazel Margarette?
Death1923NICHOLS George Daniel?
Birthabout 1923HUNNEL Harley Eugene?
Death1923HUTCHINSON John I.?
Marriagebefore 1923NICHOLSON James Herman with CHATFIELD Ruth Buel?
Marriageabout 1923ROUNTREE Columbus Edward with EMERY Bernice?
Death1923TYLER Zetta H?
Death17 January 1924KIMBERLY Mary Chatfield?
Birth22 January 1924CHILDERS Anna Louise?
Death12 March 1924PENDERY Bryant Pawn?
Birth25 May 1924NICHOLSON James H?
Marriage17 June 1924BENSON Lucius Marsden with APPLEGATE Gladys?
Marriage26 December 1924HELWIG Frederic William with CHATFIELD Charlotte Elmina?
Death1924WOOD Robert C?
Death1924DRATT John L?
Marriageabout 1924BOLDEN Frank with TRIPLETT Emma?
Immigration1924? Norah?
Death1924CHATFIELD Jean Gray?
Immigration1924WELSH Ellen?
Birth1924ALDEN John L?
Birth7 February 1925HENNEMAN David Franklin?
Marriage1 July 1925TENNIES Raymond A with FISKE Frances E?
Birth15 August 1925DAUGHERTY Freemon Ray?
Marriage25 August 1925BARROW John Henry with WAGONER Helen Elouise?
Death29 September 1925CONKLIN Susan E?
Birth13 October 1925STUART Charles Wilmon?
Death1925THOMAS Ossian J?
Death1925BOLLES Emma A?
Marriageabout 1925CORBETT John Herman with HOSLEY Doris N Warner?
Death1925SMITH Frederick F?
Birthabout 1925ROSSIE Helen Ann?
Marriageabout 1925GOLLIHER Rennell R with CHATFIELD Angie B?
Death1925SHOPE Owen Franklin?
Marriage21 September 1926CHATFIELD Hollis Merle with PIPER Mamie Victoria?
Marriage7 October 1926CHATFIELD Herbert Corning with STAMPP Mildred Hazel?
Death13 November 1926BEACH Harold Franklin?
Birth25 November 1926LUTZ Marian Louise?
Birth13 December 1926PFISTER Garnet E?
Marriageabout 1926LEWIS Owen B Chatfield with CAPPER Mildred C?
Birth1926PARDEE Allen Chatfield?
Death1926LANG Percy Lyford?
Death1926CHATFIELD Archibald David?
Marriage5 January 1927van VALKENBERG Amos Jay with CHATFIELD Frances Mabel?
Death24 February 1927CLEVELAND Jennie Harris?
Death2 March 1927PUTNAM Anna Louise?
Marriage30 April 1927CHATFIELD Edward E with DAVENPORT Alice D?
Birth7 June 1927FALCONE Alphonse?
Marriage27 June 1927LEACH Harry Alexander with MARTIN Frances Chatfield Irwin?
Death12 July 1927TURK John Hyde?
Marriage24 August 1927GILL James William with REED Ruth?
Death2 October 1927DALZELL John?
Death1927CARD Hazel M?
Death1927GIBBS William H?
Birth1927GARRIGUS Doris Catherine?
Birthabout 1927JOHNSON David Russell?
Death1927WARD Susan Hepsie?
Death17 March 1928GORMLEY Maud H?
Marriage4 June 1928CHATFIELD Silas Albert with MORSE Gladys Estella?
Death3 October 1928HUBBELL Mary E?
Marriage19 October 1928GRISWOLD Stanley Moritze with CHATFIELD Katherine A?
Birth9 November 1928CHATFIELD Nancy Lee?
Death17 November 1928SEABLOOM Emil?
Marriage1 December 1928CHEATLE Stanley Chatfield with SANOK Anna Catherine?
Death1928THOMPSON Mary Ann?
Birthabout 1928LONG Thelma T?
Death1928STEVENS Samuel Ruggles?
Death1928COOPER Mamie?
Marriagebefore 1928IRVEN Thomas Dixon with SLOAN Hester J?
Death1928PAGE Walter Ernest?
Death1928HUBBELL George Sperry?
Marriage1928DAYE Arden J with CHATFIELD Maycel D?
Death1928WARNER Clara Emma?
Birth3 January 1929JOHNSON Edna Faye?
Death16 March 1929WALCH Ellen \ Helen?
Marriage18 April 1929CHATFIELD Clarence Harold with ANDERSON Enid?
Birth26 April 1929MACRAE Carter?
DeathApril 1929HOUGH Joseph Trimball?
Marriage11 May 1929MULFORD Earl Ray with SOLOMON Thelma H?
Death31 July 1929LITTLE Ida L?
Death31 August 1929YOUNG Violet E?
Marriage27 November 1929MANGIN Clarence Maurice with WHALEN Bertha Regina?
Marriageabout 1929HEYD Frank J with CHATFIELD Laura Avery?
Marriage1929O'CONNELL James W with SHURR Hazel Helen?
Death1929LATHAM Lina A?
Death1929CHATFIELD George Augustus?
Marriageafter 1929EDWARDS Irving Chatfield with ? Mabel?
Death1929HORWEGE Jordan Henry?
Deathafter 1929SWEATMAN Anna Walter?
Marriage1929PRATT Frederick Wolsey with WINSOR Theresa?
Birthabout 1929LONG Keith A?
Death1929FRAZIER Grace Anna?
Marriage1929WARD Thomas E with SHEPARDSON Marcia L?
Death1929BARKER Eva M?
Death18 July 1930BEAUMONT Sarah E?
Birth19 September 1930MOSIES Juanita A?
Death28 November 1930RUSSELL Virginia Ann?
Deathafter 1930PETERSON Charlotte Marie?
Divorce1925/1930CHATFIELD John Hopkins with GRANT Lula Bell?
Divorcebefore 1930CHATFIELD Royal Edward with BARTH Lydia Ellen?
Death1930CREASE Emily Melvin?
Marriageafter 1930GREER Luther Cheatham with CHATFIELD Iris Minola Aloha Thyra?
Birth27 February 1931CALHOUN Richard?
Marriage26 April 1931CULLIFER William Leonard with YOUNG Lerah Mae?
Birth24 July 1931BALL Iris A?
Death22 September 1931CHATFIELD Willis Bleigh?
Marriage12 October 1931BYRNE John Leo with CHATFIELD Edna Frances?
Birth30 November 1931HUTCHENS Franklin Carl?
Birthabout 1931LEDYARD Voyle O?
Death1931CHATFIELD Adelaide?
Death1931HOOK Addison A?
Death1931FRANCIS Morrell?
Birthabout 1931STOCKTON Audrey Ellen?
Deathbefore 1931THOMAS Henrietta A?
Birthabout 1931SHALLENBERG Robert?
Death1931OLESON Olof C?
Divorcebefore 1931FENDER Van with PICKENS Ellen Barbara?
Marriage1 January 1932MULFORD Edgar Anson with LOGAN Erma J?
Death28 March 1932MURPHY Alonzo?
Death17 May 1932SMITH Sarah E?
Death20 May 1932KEMP Addie L?
Birth8 June 1932CHATFIELD Shirley Jocelyn?
Birth8 June 1932HULBERT Shirley Jocelyn?
Birth16 June 1932BATEY Marion Frances?
Marriage6 August 1932CHATFIELD Gaylord Charles with WICKLIFFE Mary Jane?
Death27 October 1932CHATFIELD Henry Summers?
Birth27 November 1932CHATFIELD Robert Joseph?
Divorce1932WHITMAN Hendricks Hallett with CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Adelaide?
Death1932HAMMAR Caroline May?
Death1932KINCAID Florence R?
Birth20 February 1933MCLELLAN Marian Louise?
Marriage4 March 1933DEETS Joseph Neil with WICHMAN Arleen?
Marriage2 April 1933FISH Arthur Young with FOUTY Ruby Irene?
Birth20 April 1933O'CONNELL Edward F?
Birth24 April 1933ROSE Jerald Lee?
Marriage28 April 1933CHATFIELD George Irving with WALTERS Marie Margaret?
Birth24 May 1933CHATFIELD Walter Jack?
Death30 May 1933BARNES George Francis?
DeathJune 1933FORD Robert Jay?
Marriage15 July 1933FREEMAN Malcolm with CHEATLE Dorothy Louise?
Birth20 July 1933NEWBURY Virginia Ann?
Death30 July 1933HOUGH Vera Alice?
Birth3 August 1933HOFFMAN Gloria J?
Marriage2 October 1933SLOMERS Harry Timothy with CHATFIELD Lillian?
Birth16 November 1933MULFORD Gerald?
Death19 November 1933GRANT Arthur Nelson?
Death24 November 1933CARLTON Nancy?
Death12 December 1933CHATFIELD Isaiah H?
Birth1933PINDER Cecil Wilmer?
Birthabout 1933AUBIN Jacquelin Lee?
Death1933ROCKWELL Nettie?
Marriage1933SONNERS Ora with SINGER Mattie Grace?
Death1933FRENCH Alice Matilda?
Marriage1933CHATFIELD Paul Franklin with GALEY Mildred Lorene?
Birth23 January 1934GARRIGUS Howard Sherman?
Death23 January 1934GARRIGUS Howard Sherman?
Marriage10 February 1934YOUNG Chatfield H with HEADFORD Irene Ellen?
Death22 February 1934CHATFIELD Clara A?
Marriage13 March 1934HICKS Lawrence George with CHATFIELD Doris E?
Marriage19 May 1934CHATFIELD Orval Eugene with SWARTZ Viola Irene?
Birth22 July 1934JOHNCOX Dorothy Grace?
Birth21 August 1934BURNS Bonnie L?
Death18 September 1934CHATFIELD Augustus Sherwood?
Death17 November 1934SKUTT William?
Birth26 November 1934CHATFIELD Ross Harper?
Death1934MCFALL Michael?
Marriage1934DRUMMER Christian M with CHATFIELD Henrietta Maye Louise?
Marriage1934THOMAS Grant with WISE Bessie May?
Death1934CREASE Emma Sophia?
Birth1934HOSTETLER Larry Ray?
Marriage1934THOMAS Silas E with CHATFIELD Effie Frances?
Birth1934GARRIGUS Evelyn Bertha?
Death1934HOLCOMB Pearl?
Birth11 January 1935TISHER Ann L?
Birth29 January 1935CHATFIELD China Mae?
Birth8 March 1935NEWBURY John Morris?
Death19 April 1935WRITER Lena?
Death31 May 1935ROBIE Henry McElwee?
Birth26 June 1935CAMERON Milton James?
Death4 July 1935WOMBLE John Berry?
Birth28 September 1935NIXON Jo Ann?
Death4 October 1935LEE Launa Lorinda?
Birth29 October 1935DARRELL Chickford Bobbiee?
Birth31 October 1935? Darlene M?
Birth13 November 1935MULFORD Beatrice Alberta?
Death19 November 1935BYARS Florence Amelia?
Marriage22 December 1935PROCTOR William McKinley with CHATFIELD Allison Beth?
Death22 December 1935WELLS Mary Minerva?
Death29 December 1935SANDERS Oscar?
Marriageabout 1935CHATFIELD Respess Massey with JERNIGAN Linda?
Death1935MALLON George Washington?
Marriage1935HILL Leslie Clarence with WHITE Caroline Penrose?
Death1935CHATFIELD Clayton Calkins?
Birth1935HAND Barbara?
Death1935CRANE Charles Allen?
Death10 January 1936MORROW Mary?
Death6 February 1936GREGORY John?
Birth29 February 1936YOUNG Margaret Jean?
Death22 April 1936BOYDSTON Sarah?
Marriage13 June 1936MILLER Granville Gould with COGHILL Isabel Margaret?
Death23 June 1936DANIELS Joseph?
Marriage15 July 1936STEAR Robert Florn with CHATFIELD Martha Jane?
Death15 July 1936HILLS Forest Daniel?
Birth19 July 1936CHATFIELD Elmer Lee?
Death1 August 1936SECOMBE Carrie Eastman?
BirthOctober 1936BAHNER Avonne M?
Birth3 November 1936JOHNSTON Wanda Wray?
Death15 November 1936LACEY Charles Edward?
Birth1 December 1936? Shirley Ann?
Marriage25 December 1936REENE John Legle with MCCORMICK Cleobelle?
Death1936DIBBLE Cora B?
Death1936CHATFIELD Ezra?
Birthabout 1936DANIELS Joseph?
Death1936LIBBEY Joseph D?
Birth1936HAND Robert Lauren?
Death1936RIGGS Edward W?
Death7 January 1937CHATFIELD Alice Jane?
Birth22 March 1937HESLIP Judith C?
Marriage12 June 1937CHEATLE Charles Raymond with WEIGAND Mae Lorraine?
Death19 July 1937EVANS Hazel?
Birth4 August 1937? Corinne Ruth?
Death23 August 1937FIFE Mary?
MarriageAugust 1937DETWILER Earl M with CHATFIELD Alberta Isabelle?
Birth19 September 1937CHURCH Ruth Ann?
Marriageabout 1937CHATFIELD Ross Harper with HAYES Edna?
Birthabout 1937EDWARDS Martha?
Death1937ROSE Lucy?
Death1937THIELE Mary A?
Death1937CHATFIELD Franklin?
Marriageabout 1937ZUCHOWSKI John Thomas with CHATFIELD Twila Winifred?
Birth15 January 1938CAMERON Claude Lanier?
Birth8 February 1938MCCALLLUM Donald Merton?
Marriage3 July 1938JAUREGUI Luis with CHATFIELD Mary Imogene?
Marriage11 July 1938ZENGERLE Thomas Grant with CANZE Virginia Anne?
Death12 October 1938PAYSON Amon R?
Marriage17 November 1938POWELL Delbert Lee with MASTERSON Pearl Irene?
Marriage24 November 1938TYLER Charles V with WILLIAMS Charlotte V?
Death1938KANE Oliver Terwilliger?
Birthabout 1938MCDANIEL Bobby Milton?
Marriage1938FIELDS Harry Leslie with WEST Dorothy Maude?
Birthabout 1938CANFIELD Roger Allen?
Death1938CHATFIELD Emma Jerusha?
Death1938LINDE \ LINDEE Thorvald H?
Birth21 February 1939CHATFIELD William Eugene?
Death9 March 1939REED John?
Death21 March 1939LOUDERBACK Ruey E?
Birth10 April 1939SINNOTT James T?
Birth15 April 1939ELLIS Jean Laverne?
Death10 June 1939RANSOME Alice Ella?
Birth17 June 1939NOVELLE Harry E?
Birth6 July 1939ROLLINS Gilbert Hartley?
Birth29 July 1939WHALEN Donna E?
Birth11 August 1939NEWBURY George Reuben?
Marriage24 August 1939CLARK John Clinton with STONE Frances?
Death27 August 1939CARROLL Mary Jane?
Birth1 September 1939LINDEMAN Phillip James?
Birth17 October 1939? Ilse Renate?
Death20 October 1939FLAKE Augustus?
Death30 October 1939HOUGH William E?
Birthabout 1939CHATFIELD Hugh M?
Marriageabout 1939CHANEY Charles Eugene with CHATFIELD Thelma Pearl?
Marriage1939MCCORMICK Gerald Wesley with KLOPFENSTEIN Beatrice Carrie?
Marriageafter 1939SHAW Milo Chester with MOYER Julia M?
Marriage1939GARLAND John Cameron with CHATFIELD Josephine Wright?
Deathafter 1939? Mary C?
Deathafter 1939ELY Minnie Edwards?
Birthabout 1939EDWARDS Roland?
Death1939HAUSE Alice A?
Deathafter 1939CHATFIELD Mary E?
Marriage1939CHATFIELD Leslie Eugene with WEBSTER Barbara Augusta?
Marriage1939SCHENDEL A D with KNOTT Louella?
Marriage1939BLANC Frank R with SMITH June Lucille?
Death1939CHATFIELD Irene P?
Marriageafter 1939CHATFIELD Chester F with ? Marguerite Elizabeth?
Marriageabout 1939CHATFIELD Melvin McKnight with PENUELL Doris?
Marriagebefore 17 January 1940KOPPERS Herman Henry with CHATFIELD Alice Belle?
Birth20 February 1940LINDEMAN Gene Leroy?
Death26 March 1940LITTLE George H?
Birth29 March 1940PEPE Albert Joseph?
Birth1 April 1940HADEMAN Karen L?
Birth4 April 1940CHATFIELD Elinor Louise?
Divorcebefore 5 April 1940WILLARD Lester Leon with DUERR Edna?
Birth6 April 1940MELLUISH James William?
Birth23 April 1940CHATFIELD Sadie Juanita?
Death2 May 1940RICHARDSON Frank Edward?
Birth29 May 1940HANNERS Earl James?
Marriagebefore June 1940SERFASS Mahlon R with LATTIMER Ruth C?
Marriage3 July 1940HENNEMAN Katherine Mary?
Birth9 July 1940YOUNG Robert Edward?
Death28 July 1940VIALL Harry Stewart?
Marriage17 August 1940ZELLNER Benjamin Holmes with DUMAS Euna Virginia?
Marriage14 September 1940BRACE Richard Isaac with BENNETT Elizabeth Margaret?
Marriage22 September 1940SOHIER William Davies with CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Adelaide?
Death6 October 1940SHRIVER John Adison?
Death10 October 1940MALOY Martha?
Birth15 October 1940HOFF Peter Leroy?
Birth22 November 1940CHATFIELD Carole Anne?
Birth26 November 1940KAIL William Ainsley?
Death1940HUBBELL Mary Elizabeth?
Marriageabout 1940CHATFIELD Alfred Charles with BELLARD Lois Marie?
Marriagebefore 1940NICHOLS Kendrick with ? Virginia L?
Divorceabout 1940CHATFIELD Henry Treat with DIVINE Martha Amelia?
Marriageabout 1940KIMBERLY Raymond Burford with KRICK Mabel Evelyn?
Marriageabout 1940CHATFIELD Robert Emmett with JERNIGAN Myrta?
Birth1940JAUREGUI Mary Terrisa?
Marriagebefore 1940CHATFIELD Hawley Herbert with HAMILTON Margaret E?
Divorcebefore 1940MULFORD Rollo J with JOLLY Hattie Marie?
Divorcebefore 1940CHATFIELD Frederick Loomis with COLBERT Lula M?
Divorcebefore 1940SANDSTROM Victor Leroy with HENNEMAN Martha Ellen?
Marriage4 January 1941IRWIN Robert Alexander with KRUSCHKE Lydia Louise?
MarriageJanuary 1941KERNOCHAN John Marshall with CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Adelaide M?
Death25 February 1941CHATFIELD Infant?
Birth19 March 1941BRADY Dennis C?
Death4 April 1941HAZARD Willet Edwin?
Birth13 April 1941CHATFIELD Ronald Norman?
Birth25 August 1941COTTER James Warren?
Birth9 September 1941MOREY Frank Alvah?
Birth3 November 1941LORDSON Robert Lee?
Birth11 November 1941TYLER Charles R?
Death29 November 1941CAVENDER Ida?
Birth12 December 1941THOMPSON Gilda Maureen?
Birth12 December 1941WOLFF Carol Williams?
Marriage24 December 1941KRAVEC Peter with LESLIE Wilhelmina?
Birth24 December 1941LIEF Carl Edwin?
DeathDecember 1941CHATFIELD Horace Fosdick?
Death1941BASHAM Mary Ann?
Death1941BLATCHLEY Lucius Seaton?
Birth1941ULMER Sylvia Sue?
Birth1941CHATFIELD Infant?
Death1941CHATFIELD Charles Edward?
Birth1941AHO Diane?
Death1941MOTT Martha L?
Death1941MITCHELL Francis George?
Marriageabout 1941HEIN ? with BARROW Korena Olive?
Divorcebefore 1941CHATFIELD Russell Warren with PARKER Margaret E?
Marriage1941KELLY John Simms with FRAZIER Brenda Diana Duff?
Death29 January 1942POUNDSTONE Dora Olive?
Marriage31 January 1942PRATT Kendric Chatfield with DANIELS Ada?
Birth10 February 1942THIELKE James William?
Birth3 March 1942CHATFIELD Darrell Franklin?
Birth17 March 1942ELLIS Sharon Doris?
MarriageMay 1942CHATFIELD Keith Grayson with RINDT Betty Jane?
Marriage6 June 1942ROUNTREE Russell Emery with QUICK Rhoda Marie?
Birth16 June 1942RADEKIN Evelyn A?
Birth20 July 1942CHATFIELD Jonathan Hastings?
Marriage22 August 1942DAWSON Harold W with BATHGATE Olive Margaret?
Birth24 August 1942CHATFIELD Marilyn Sue?
Birth21 September 1942BIRD Lawrence Arthur?
Birth15 November 1942HENCKE David Graham?
Birth3 December 1942ELLIS Joyce Kay?
Death19 December 1942MORTON James Burleigh?
Birth22 December 1942KRAVEC Diane Pearl?
Death28 December 1942GRANT Ellen?
Birthabout 1942BENDER Carol Diane?
Death1942CHATFIELD Roy Spencer?
Death1942ENDERLIN Edward S?
Death1942BELL Edward Janes?
Marriage1942EHRHARDT Raymond Everett with SEVERANCE Barbara E?
Birth1942ZELLNER Benjamin Holmes?
Birth1942GRIMES Frances Rosemary?
Death1942ADT Ida Elizabeth?
Marriageabout 1942CHATFIELD Robert Crane with NANCE Jane?
Birth21 January 1943HEJDUK Harold James?
Birth11 February 1943DUNCAN Francis James?
Birth2 March 1943MANN Stanley Amos?
Birth29 March 1943CHATFIELD Jessica Ann?
Birth25 April 1943CHATFIELD Robert Dean?
Death9 May 1943CHATFIELD Henry Albert?
Birth10 May 1943HOFFMAN Sheryle?
Birth25 May 1943WEISKOTTEN Mercer E?
Birth5 June 1943CHATFIELD Carol Celeste?
Birth5 June 1943DUPEE Grant Sperry?
Birth5 June 1943CHATFIELD Glen Foster?
Death6 June 1943DUPEE Grant Sperry?
Birth22 June 1943RUUD Barbara J?
Birth11 July 1943CHATFIELD Sue Ellen?
Birth6 August 1943CAMERON John Archibald?
Birth23 August 1943BRANNON Gwendolen Nesta?
Birth3 September 1943HANNERS Richard Edwards?
Marriage19 September 1943HURLEY Herbert Van Cleve with CONOVER Florence?
Birth22 September 1943CHATFIELD James A?
Birth22 September 1943CHATFIELD James Anslie?
Birth19 October 1943TUCKER Richard Mathews?
Birth27 October 1943GRELE Lynn Chatfield?
Birth3 November 1943CHATFIELD William David?
Death28 November 1943HUTCHENS Benjamin John Henry?
Birth15 December 1943CHATFIELD Edward Arthur?
Birth1943DELANAUZE Denise S?
Marriage1943ADAMS Henry Estrada with KETTENRING Ruth S?
Birth1943BOOCK Barbara?
Marriageabout 1943GALLIGAN ? with CHATFIELD Gladys Elizabeth?
Birth1943NEWBURY Michael D?
Marriageabout 1943CHATFIELD Richard Louis with SWEETWOOD Helen Marie?
Birth1943PRILLWITZ Alan D?
Marriage1943HILL Francis Roy with HARDY Sybil?
Birthabout 1943CALLAHAM Norman Edward?
Death1943BUTCHER Inez Violet?
Birth7 February 1944HENDLEY Edward Vincent?
Birth14 February 1944CHATFIELD George Marvin?
Birth24 February 1944CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Catherine \ Katherine Bentley?
Birth6 March 1944MULFORD Bruce Allen?
Birth22 March 1944THOMPSON James?
Birth16 May 1944CHATFIELD Richard Stephen?
Birth19 May 1944CHATFIELD William David?
Birth20 May 1944CHATFIELD Melville Harris?
Death25 May 1944TIBBETTS Frank?
Birth30 May 1944DAVIS James Rodney?
Birth1 July 1944HOLLAND Colleen Catherine?
Marriage8 July 1944HILL George Frederick with STRAUB Florence Louise?
Birth29 July 1944CHATFIELD Walter Franco?
Birth8 August 1944DANNA Shirley Anne?
Marriage9 August 1944GODDARD Charles Garyth with DUMAS Charlene?
Birth14 August 1944NEWBURY Dwight Dean?
Marriage20 August 1944CAMPBELL Ivan with WISE Waneta May?
Birth24 August 1944ARMATI Pamela?
Birth9 September 1944CHATFIELD Dale Warren?
Birth22 September 1944STEVENS Katherine?
Birth22 October 1944FAULKNER Kenneth M?
MarriageOctober 1944CHATFIELD Lowell with WHEATLEY Helen Louise?
Birth23 November 1944GAUDERN Jack Ellis?
Birth25 November 1944? Rosemarie M?
Birth12 December 1944SOUTHWICK Lawrence A?
Death1944LOVELAND Ida L?
Birth1944HEILBRUN Jim D?
Death1944RAMAGE Ivy Louise?
Death1944NICHOLS Fannie M?
Marriageabout 1944CHATFIELD Edward Horace with HUGHES Donie Cornellia?
Marriageabout 1944KIBODEAUX ? with MACAULAY Ruth May?
Marriageabout 1944SUTHERLAND Jack Lawrence with CHATFIELD Gloria Jane?
Marriageabout 1944TESKE Lyle Gust with CHATFIELD Irene Mamie?
Marriageabout 1944GINGRAS Albert Joseph with CHATFIELD Thelma Pearl?
Birth1944THORNE Cynthia N?
Marriageafter 1944BAILEY Harry Raymond with STOUT Sylvia Marie?
Marriageabout 1944CHATFIELD Charles Edward with HECK Ruth?
Divorce1944SCRANTON James Albert with HESSLING Deloris?
Birth1944THOMPSON Jackie Edward?
Birth1944BOOCK Patricia?
Birth15 January 1945CHATFIELD Jean Louise?
Birth23 January 1945CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Charles F?
Birth27 January 1945CALLAHAM Wilma Ann?
Birth29 January 1945CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Adele Blow?
Birth14 March 1945HILL David Roy?
Birth3 May 1945BYRD Barbara Joan?
Birth12 May 1945CHATFIELD Dean?
Marriage12 May 1945HYMAN Harold G with DAVIS Virginia R?
Death15 May 1945CHATFIELD MILLER Lucinda M?
Death29 May 1945HOLBROOK Miriam Emily?
Death8 June 1945JONES Franklin E?
Birth15 June 1945? Marian H?
Birth15 June 1945CHATFIELD Robert Dennis?
Marriage17 June 1945CHATFIELD Wilson Wade with MCCARTY Francis Jean?
Birth19 June 1945IRWIN William Chatfield?
Birth6 July 1945DRUM Howard J?
Birth21 July 1945? Cheryl Lynne?
Death28 July 1945CHATFIELD George Henry?
Birth29 July 1945CHATFIELD Rosemary Ann?
Marriage14 August 1945SEARS Winston Clark with CHATFIELD Muriel Alice?
Marriage7 September 1945WEISKOTTEN Robert Chatfield with CURRAN Betty V?
Birth22 September 1945DARRELL Sheila S?
Birth23 September 1945CHATFIELD Patricia Ann?
Death7 October 1945BENTLEY Marie Constance?
Birth27 November 1945KELLY Brenda Victoria?
Birth9 December 1945CHATFIELD Lorraine?
Birth25 December 1945? Bernadette D?
Death27 December 1945BURMASTER Alvin Albert?
Death29 December 1945CHATFIELD Lewis?
Birth29 December 1945HOLLCROFT Stephen R?
Birth31 December 1945CHATFIELD Patricia Lynn?
Marriage1945KUIPERS Henry C with CHATFIELD Helen L?
Birthabout 1945INTLEKOFER Marcella A?
Death1945THURBER Sarah J?
Marriage1945PEARL Lester Eugene with BEECHEY Athalie Gladys?
Birthabout 1945KING Rita?
Death1945CORBETT William John?
Death1945WESTOVER Edna Lucy?
Death1945EMERY Alice Chatfield?
Death1945? Anne E?
Death1945SCHULTEN Otto?
Birth1945CHATFIELD Marcus Morton?
Marriageabout 1945MALONE Thomas J with COMEAU Millicent Monica?
Birthabout 1945MARTIN Mary C?
Death6 January 1946MULFORD Mary Emily?
Death5 February 1946WENDEL Clara?
Death9 February 1946OLCOTT Frank Adelbert?
Birth26 February 1946CHATFIELD Lawrence Roe?
Birth5 March 1946CASE Spencer H?
Birth14 March 1946CHATFIELD Alan Floyd?
Birth9 April 1946WILLHITE Larry Jess?
Birth19 May 1946CHATFIELD Scott Fuller?
Birth22 May 1946HERREN Melody?
Birth15 June 1946MARBLE Helen Mae?
Birth13 July 1946SEARS Elinor Beatrice?
Birth19 July 1946CHATFIELD Ronald Maurice?
Birth20 July 1946CERNETIC William?
Marriage8 August 1946KOENIG Afton Arthur with SPACE Shirley Lou?
Birth30 August 1946HOFFMAN Jeffrey L?
Marriage1 September 1946CHATFIELD Jesse Franklin with LATTIN Matilda Ruth?
Birth1 September 1946TESKE Debra L?
Marriage28 September 1946GREDINGER Eric with CHATFIELD Alberta Isabelle?
Birth3 October 1946FAULKNER Karen Lee?
Birth14 November 1946SELTZER Robert Alan?
Birth23 November 1946KNIGHT Alan Russell?
Death25 November 1946? Caroline?
Death17 December 1946CHATFIELD Ethel Mae?
Marriage27 December 1946HILL Lyle Phillip with COOMBS Ellen Jane?
Marriage1946ADDISON Edward Thornton with CHATFIELD Jeanne?
Marriageabout 1946BROKAW Mark Shifflet with MORITZ Melba Marie?
Birthabout 1946CHATFIELD John Wilfred?
Death1946SHURR Frederick John?
Marriage1946SOULE Martin Philip with GLASSFORD Barbara Jean?
Birth1946JONES Sandra Kay?
Birth1946CHATFIELD Judith Ann?
Marriage1946CHATFIELD Edward Joseph with MITCHELL Margaret?
Death1946CONELLEY Irene?
Immigration1946SMITH Ivoreen S A?
Marriage1946SEDAM Richard Lavern with MANLEY Betty May?
Death1946REES Nellie Pearl?
Death1946BROWN Laura V?
Marriage1946CHATFIELD Wilbert Eugene with CHIPMAN Ruth Ann?
Birth1946ZELLNER James Dumas?
Birth2 January 1947MOORE Judy Ann?
Birth4 January 1947DRUM George A?
Marriage18 January 1947SHULER Jake D with HAMILTON Olive Virginia?
Death11 February 1947van DEVENTER Elizabeth?
Birth18 February 1947BUETOW Larry K?
Marriage12 March 1947TINLIN Walter Douglas with BROOKS Jean Annette?
Birth12 March 1947RADEKIN Jeffrey Dale?
Birth17 March 1947SCHOEPPER Edward Robert?
Marriage14 April 1947HENNEMAN Charles Henry with KANDALL Josephine T?
Birth21 April 1947TESKE Sandra L?
Birth6 June 1947PACHECO Belen J?
Birth23 June 1947CHATFIELD Emaline Alice?
Birth24 June 1947CHATFIELD William Jesse?
Birth28 June 1947CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Wayne?
Birth2 August 1947HEJDUK Carol?
Marriage2 August 1947WOODHAMS Alvin Edwin with ORWELLER Joyce Margery?
Birth9 August 1947CHATFIELD Charlton H?
Birth14 September 1947BAHNER Larry Eldon?
Birth23 September 1947FITZPATRICK Terry Edward?
Birth11 October 1947CHATFIELD Walter P?
Birth11 October 1947ROSE Marcia J?
Birth14 October 1947CHATFIELD Thomas Edward?
Birth1 November 1947REYNOLDS \ HORN Darella R?
Birth11 November 1947CHATFIELD Linda Madge?
Death19 November 1947GRANT Maud E?
Marriage26 November 1947GALL Arthur with SHURR Mary Jane?
Birth28 November 1947CHATFIELD Randall Wade?
Death6 December 1947FAULKNER Evelyn Mary?
Marriage20 December 1947BUTTON Jack Blair with STODARD Jean Marie?
Death1947PENDELL Thomas?
Marriageabout 1947MCCRAY Clarence Richard with CUVELLER Jacomina?
Death1947CALDWELL Mary King?
Naturalization1947BORSHEIM Glenn Dennis?
Birthabout 1947CHATFIELD Renee Mae Belle?
Birth1947CHATFIELD Christian J?
Birth1947GULLICKSON Ellen Kay?
Marriage24 January 1948CHATFIELD Charles Harold with HARRIS Janet Cornelia?
Birth26 February 1948WHITE John Longworth?
Birth29 February 1948MULFORD Thomas D?
Birth6 March 1948CHATFIELD Jeffrey Alan?
Birth28 March 1948JEFFERS Robert W?
Birth8 April 1948CHATFIELD James Rust?
Marriage25 April 1948CHATFIELD Mark Vern with TIMBIMBOO Grace Irene?
Birth20 May 1948SELPH \ PRENTISS Sharon Kay?
Birth1 June 1948MORSE Susan A?
Birth26 July 1948PENNOCK Robert Lawrence?
Birth7 August 1948KIMBERLY Janet A?
Birth1 September 1948FAIRL BECKER Kathy Jo?
Birth1 September 1948WARNER Deanna May?
Birth30 September 1948LEAR Ann Catherine?
Birth12 October 1948CAMERON Milton Perry?
Marriage31 October 1948NEAL John Isaac with BODAN Barbara Lee?
Birth11 November 1948RUSSON Kolene?
Marriage6 December 1948DUSSAULT John A with CHATFIELD Patricia Joy?
Birth7 December 1948CORCORAN Darlene?
Death9 December 1948OLSON Hjalmer N?
Death14 December 1948SNYDER John Wilfred?
Birthabout 1948CHATFIELD Lee?
Death1948BLATCHLEY Seaton Lucius?
Marriage1948CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Richard Farwell with ONG Eleanor?
Birth1948GRIMES Sandra Leah?
Death1948CHATFIELD William?
Birth1948HILL Mary Ann?
Death1948DUNLAP Cora Jemima?
Death1948KIRSCH Magdalena?
Death1948CHATFIELD Philip Kouns?
Birth1948CHATFIELD Carol Ann?
Birthabout 1948BEGNAUD Alandria Lee?
Marriageabout 1948WOODWORTH ? with CHATFIELD Gladys Elizabeth?
Marriageabout 1948CHATFIELD Raymond William with JOHNSON Patricia Ann?
Birth6 January 1949CHATFIELD Barbara S?
Birth12 January 1949CHATFIELD Kathleen Janette?
Marriage14 January 1949WARMACK George Milton with LOWRIE Helen Louise?
Birth15 January 1949CHATFIELD Linda Kay?
Birth17 January 1949CHATFIELD Jack Frank?
Marriage23 January 1949TVEDT William Howard with SEABLOOM Charlotte Lauretta?
Birth24 January 1949BALDWIN Katherine Lee?
Birth25 January 1949NETTLETON Loreen?
Birth27 January 1949MERTEL Sandra K?
Birth8 February 1949MOORE Mary Alta?
Birth15 February 1949WHITE Michael E?
Birth27 February 1949MULFORD Richard Wayne?
Birth7 March 1949TAYLOR Karen Lynne?
Birth31 March 1949CHATFIELD Courtney Crandall?
Birth1 April 1949THOMPSON Marilyn?
Birth20 April 1949BRICKER Gary A?
Birth23 April 1949CHATFIELD George Asa?
Birth27 April 1949MCGLINCH Theodore Harold?
Birth8 May 1949MERCIERI Rose Ann?
DeathMay 1949CORNING Mary?
Birth5 June 1949WOOLLEY Debra Lynn?
Marriage17 June 1949CHATFIELD David Everett Wade with CARLETON Dorothy?
Birth25 June 1949HILL Jere Lyle?
Birth5 July 1949CHESNEY Candice Therese?
Birth26 July 1949SACKMAN Kathy Ann?
Death5 August 1949EMERY Avery Homer?
Birth8 August 1949STEVENS Miles Gordon?
BirthAugust 1949CHATFIELD Malcolm Fleming?
Birth27 October 1949HENNICK Marcia H?
Birth11 November 1949BOTTI Stephen Joseph?
Birth29 November 1949HILL Wayne Douglas?
Marriage17 December 1949CHATFIELD Bruce Robert with BALL Iris A?
Birth23 December 1949CHATFIELD Lynsley Joseph?
Marriage29 December 1949HENRY Wilber Edward with MCCRAY Dorathea R?
Death1949HEADLEY Walter Harrison?
Marriageabout 1949CRUMBLEY Kathleen Mary?
Death1949CHATFIELD Hellen?
Birth1949GRELE Russell Timothy?
Marriage1949CHATFIELD Paul Vernon with PIATT Marguerite Louise?
Birth1949JONES Richard Alfred?
Birth1949CHATFIELD Janet Elaine?
Marriageabout 1949CHARLTON Elbridge Butterworth with AUCOIN Gloria Mae?
Marriage1949CHATFIELD Thurber Redmayne with PEET Vivian Jean?
Birth1949MORTENSEN James Basil?
Birth8 January 1950STEVENS Daphne Ellen?
Death28 January 1950CHATFIELD William F?
Birth4 March 1950JACKSON Ronald Paul?
Birth5 March 1950DAUGHERTY Bennie Hope?
Birth13 March 1950CHATFIELD Sandra J?
Birth10 April 1950BRICKER Gail E?
Birth15 April 1950MULFORD Lonnie Dean?
Birth18 April 1950CHATFIELD Mark Ross?
Birth28 April 1950? Nancy M?
Birth18 May 1950RUSSON Brent C?
Birth25 May 1950GALL Brenda P?
Marriage27 May 1950RHINE Richard D with SAVAGE Faye?
Birth29 May 1950BRANNON Diana Dunster?
Birth3 June 1950GARRIGUS Mark Tyler?
Birth15 June 1950NETTLETON Rodney G?
Birth2 August 1950CHATFIELD Dale Evans?
Birth18 August 1950MORRELL Cheryl Ann?
Birth19 August 1950WOODWORTH Joan E?
Birth1 September 1950CHATFIELD Patricia F?
Birth4 September 1950MILTON Susan?
Death8 September 1950MERRIMAN Chester David?
Birth4 October 1950SEARS Elizabeth Alice?
Birth10 October 1950JAUREGUI John Allen?
Marriage14 October 1950CHATFIELD Donald William with DEFELICE Jeanne M?
Marriage15 October 1950CHATFIELD Sheldon C with GUDAS Annie A?
Birth15 October 1950THOMPSON Randall Keith?
Birth17 October 1950CHATFIELD Kevin Mitchell?
Birth23 October 1950KEENY Kathryn Gladys?
Birth4 November 1950CHATFIELD Janice Mary?
Birth1 December 1950BURST Thomas L?
Marriage9 December 1950BROWN Frederick Rudolf with CHATFIELD Marion?
Birth9 December 1950HILLS Nancy Lee?
Birth12 December 1950STEVENS Eugenie Marie?
Marriage1950II John Raphael Quigley with WHITTIER Susanne Fisher?
Marriageabout 1950TESSNEER Kenneth Arnold with GLIDDEN Roberta L?
Death1950LAFFERTY Weltha?
Marriage1950CARLSON Delmar Duane with FLINT Janet E?
Birthabout 1950BISACCIA Paulette?
Death1950PASSER Anna Marie?
Birth1950MCKINNON Gerald Duane?
Birth1950MORTENSEN Steven Dewayne?
Death1950HARRIS James P?
Marriage1950BINKLEY Foster D with ROMIRE Grace Esther?
Marriage1950CHATFIELD Richard Fuller with RINGWOOD Barbara?
Birthabout 1950PFITZNER Harold Thomas?
Birthabout 1950CORCORAN Michael P?
Birth2 January 1951SCHLITZ Constance Ann?
Birth9 January 1951CHATFIELD Diane E?
Death18 January 1951TWIST Rolla Benton?
Marriage26 January 1951BUTLER Benjamin F with GRANT Ethel?
Birth1 February 1951CHATFIELD George W?
Birth12 February 1951HILL Paul Stephen?
Birth19 February 1951CHATFIELD Lora Oakes?
Birth20 February 1951CORCORAN Michael Joseph?
Birth6 March 1951? Debra K?
Birth16 March 1951ARMATI Mark G?
Birth26 April 1951ADDISON Jane A?
Birth5 May 1951WALES Terrance Charles?
Birth16 May 1951PAGANO Terence Russell?
Birth25 May 1951CHATFIELD Mary Elizabeth?
Birth29 June 1951BALDWIN Mary Margaret?
Birth13 July 1951MORIN Jean Marie?
Birth13 July 1951ULMER Kurt Michael?
Marriage25 July 1951BUTTIKOFER Herman A with ELLIOTT Mildred Marie?
Marriage26 July 1951HICKMAN Arthur with CHATFIELD Lucena Pauline?
DeathJuly 1951SUTTEN Lauretta Anna?
Birth4 August 1951CHATFIELD Virginia Lee?
Birth4 August 1951NETTLETON Alice Kay?
Marriage16 August 1951CHATFIELD Ralph Wesley with SWINGLE Ila May?
Birth16 September 1951TESSNEER Mark Robbin?
Birth8 October 1951NEWBURY Sandra Kay?
Birth19 October 1951LEKBERG Kathleen Sue?
Birth20 October 1951CHATFIELD Clarence J?
Birth18 November 1951CHATFIELD Donald George?
Birth19 November 1951CHATFIELD Marilyn Langdale?
BirthNovember 1951KIMBERLY Elizabeth Ann?
Birth1 December 1951STEPHENS Brian Leslie?
Birth6 December 1951DAIGNEAULT Marie A?
Birth13 December 1951GEISKE Susan Lynn?
Birth19 December 1951CHATFIELD Judy Lynn?
Birth20 December 1951THOMASSEN Craig Pendell?
Birth1951CHATFIELD Pamela Anne?
Birthabout 1951CHATFIELD Charles Edward?
Birthabout 1951CHATFIELD John Raymond?
Death1951NICHOLS Henry Bardon?
Birth1951BOOCK Robert F?
Marriageafter 1951CHATFIELD Walter Young with MCKENZIE Florence?
Birth1 January 1952BERENS Larry Steven?
Birth2 January 1952CHATFIELD Sandra J?
Birth17 January 1952EVERETT Richard Ralph?
Birth11 February 1952NETTLETON Stanley?
Marriage23 February 1952MCMULLEN Myron C with CHATFIELD Joan Lee?
Birth24 February 1952CHATFIELD Richard Fuller?
Birth24 February 1952CHILDS Michael Gregory?
Birth9 March 1952CHATFIELD Gary Thomas?
Birth21 March 1952CHATFIELD Richard Eberle?
Marriage3 April 1952CHATFIELD Arthur Kelsey with HANSEN Lois Rose?
Birth7 April 1952CANNON James Cecil?
Birth18 April 1952KETELSEN Daniel Allen?
Birth21 April 1952GALL Karol J?
Birth31 May 1952CHATFIELD Virginia Ruth?
Death3 June 1952CHATFIELD Robert Rabey?
Marriage6 June 1952BORDNER Floyd L with POTTS Helen R?
Birth15 June 1952HILL Daryl Ross?
Birth19 June 1952? Susanne H?
Birth1 July 1952KLOPFENSTEIN Deborah Lynn?
Birth3 August 1952OVERHOLT William Allan?
Birth13 August 1952CHATFIELD Richard Allan?
Birth1 September 1952BRANSON Earl Wesley?
Birth3 September 1952? Elaine Louise?
Birth9 September 1952CHATFIELD David L?
MarriageSeptember 1952CARTER Dennis L with CHATFIELD Joan Louise?
Birth14 October 1952CHATFIELD Donald Strong?
Birth17 October 1952HILL Gregory Allen?
Birth1 November 1952SEARS Eric Chatfield?
Birth12 November 1952THOMPSON Betty?
Birth19 November 1952STEVENS Paul Schott?
Birth2 December 1952SANFORD Ilene Ann?
Birth4 December 1952CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Moncure Lyon?
Birth10 December 1952NETTLETON Trenda J?
Birth11 December 1952CHATFIELD Richard Charles?
Birth12 December 1952CHATFIELD Adrienne Elaine?
Birth12 December 1952CHATFIELD Lynn Richard?
Birth25 December 1952CHATFIELD Prentice M?
Birth31 December 1952OTWELL Ben Arthur?
Birthabout 1952ADAMS Nancy?
Death1952BAYLOR Clyde David?
Death1952HALE Emma A?
Marriage1952CHATFIELD William Richard with STRADER Alma Vee?
Marriage1952CHATFIELD Arthur Ives with MCMAHON Joyce Lee?
Birthabout 1952CHATFIELD Sherry L?
Marriage1952MCELHINEY Roy Joseph with ADDISON Patricia Elizabeth?
Divorce1952CARLSON Delmar Duane with FLINT Janet E?
Birth1 January 1953HATFIELD Edna Jean?
Birth8 January 1953EVERETT Joyce L?
Death8 January 1953TOWNLEY Blanche Louise?
Birth14 January 1953CHATFIELD Spencer Kelsey?
Death24 January 1953HAZEN Florence Hannah?
Birth27 January 1953DAUGHERTY Debra Lee?
Birth28 February 1953CHATFIELD Melody Ann?
Birth9 March 1953NORRIS Neva Crawley?
Birth21 March 1953COUTURE Janine Linda?
Marriage11 April 1953TOWNE James B with MILLER Carol Jean?
Birth23 April 1953BORA Douglas Arthur?
Marriage2 May 1953CHATFIELD John Lewis with ADAMS Edith Annette?
Birth2 May 1953CAMERON Nelson Welch?
Birth11 May 1953BOYER Olivia?
Birth28 June 1953GARVOCK Timothy Malcolm?
Death29 June 1953MORGAN Flora E?
Birth2 July 1953ULMER Eric Stephen?
Death3 July 1953FROELICH Katherine?
Birth30 July 1953CONLEY Jill L?
Death16 August 1953MICK Anna B?
Death26 August 1953RUSSELL Mary?
Birth1 September 1953SWANSON Lynette R?
Marriage9 September 1953CHATFIELD Thomas Albert with ? Patricia A?
Birth2 October 1953EMERY Elaine?
Birth7 October 1953CHILDS Kirk Alan?
Birth22 October 1953CHATFIELD Catherine Ann?
Birth27 October 1953STEVENS David Eugene?
Birth30 October 1953FLECK Ellen?
Birth19 November 1953TESSNEER Michael Lee?
Birth22 November 1953CHATFIELD Sarah Dianne?
Birth10 December 1953JOHNSTON Gregory Allan?
Death22 December 1953SNOW Mary Rosetta?
Birth26 December 1953BATES Steven Earl?
Birth29 December 1953CHATFIELD Teresa Lane?
Death1953O'DELL Mary M?
Death1953WEST Jeremiah?
Death1953FRIEDMAN Michael?
Death1953SEELEY James Osborn?
Death1953OLIVER Mary Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1953KELLY Rebecca Louise?
Birth1953LOWE Marco Eugene?
Marriageabout 1953KING Daniel W with CHATFIELD Ruth Emma?
Birth1953CHATFIELD Janet Claire?
Birthabout 1953MCMULLEN Myra Jo?
Death1953? Margaret?
Birth1953STEPHENS Rebecca Susan?
Birthabout 1953DICKS Terry L?
Birth1953CHATFIELD James?
Birth12 January 1954NETTLETON Arlene R?
Birth6 February 1954GALL Dean A?
Death18 February 1954CHATFIELD Fredericka?
Marriage27 February 1954ERNST Francis Albert with CHATFIELD Dorothy?
Birth2 March 1954OLSON Richard Allan?
Birth15 March 1954MACMURRAY Worth Daniels?
Death9 April 1954CHATFIELD Jay Clarence?
Birth21 April 1954JERVA Aaron \ Allan J?
Birth28 April 1954? Paula A?
Birth2 May 1954WASNER Bonnie Lou?
MarriageJune 1954BOEHMER Bernard A with KIRWAN Anna Marguerite?
Birth2 July 1954CHATFIELD Michael John?
Marriage10 July 1954BURTON Raymond William with CHATFIELD Mary Christine?
Marriage10 July 1954HALL Earl Leon with CHATFIELD Doris Ethel?
Birth16 July 1954STEVENS Marilyn Irene?
Birth20 July 1954HAWKINS Ewing B?
Birth20 July 1954HERBST Elizabeth Jane?
Birth1 August 1954MCLAUGHLIN Joseph G?
Birth30 August 1954CORCORAN Patricia G?
Death1 September 1954SNOW Ida Loretta?
Birth2 September 1954CHATFIELD Gary Neil?
Birth10 September 1954NETTLETON Jane Ann?
Birth19 September 1954CHATFIELD Kevin David?
Birth30 September 1954CHANCE Cindy Lou?
Birth4 October 1954CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Marie Constance?
Death4 October 1954CHATFIELD Louise Catherine?
Birth7 October 1954CHATFIELD Leilani Terri?
Death11 October 1954PINARD Eugene G?
Birth12 October 1954STEVENS Mary Eugenia?
DeathOctober 1954HOUSE Earl R?
Birth7 November 1954GAINES Victoria P?
Birth6 December 1954IZZARD Kenneth Wilson?
Marriage24 December 1954STYER James Joseph with NORMAN Ethel L?
Birth28 December 1954RUSSON Scott Chatfield?
Marriageabout 1954ELLIS ? with CHATFIELD Janene Rae?
Marriageabout 1954CHATFIELD Cecil James with TIBBS Margaret A?
Birth1954SWEARS Deborah Jeanette?
Death1954MAYER Rena Ellen?
Death1954HULSE Archie Alvin?
Marriageabout 1954ORELLANO Plato Lopez with CHATFIELD Betty Jean?
Marriageabout 1954MYERS Luke with CHATFIELD Myra Sue?
Marriageabout 1954LINDEE Roland Lester Stanley with CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Death1954BARD Nellie U?
Birthabout 1954CHATFIELD Julie L?
Marriageabout 1954MACHACEK John Francis with FINN Alice Caroline?
Birth1954CHATFIELD David John?
Birth1 January 1955? Debora Jean?
Birth5 January 1955NETTLETON Tracey Lynn?
Death6 January 1955SHOSHONITZ Phebe Ann?
Birth16 January 1955MCMULLEN Cindy J?
Birth19 January 1955CHATFIELD Donna J?
Birth19 January 1955JACKSON Allen Michael?
Birth21 January 1955WELYTOK Jacqueline C?
Marriage14 February 1955HOSLER John Keith with SYLVESTER Avanell Jean?
Death27 February 1955FAIRS Helen Katherine?
Birth18 March 1955STEVENS Richard Matthew?
Death12 April 1955BUTEL William Alfred?
Marriage16 April 1955MANER Ivan Errol with TAYLOR Patsy L?
Death28 May 1955PARENT Amos Saraphien?
Birth15 June 1955FLECK Karen Ann?
Marriage12 July 1955CHATFIELD Cyrus with POLZIN Sadie?
Birth12 July 1955WILLIAMS Sarah Rosalie?
Birth17 July 1955CHATFIELD Cecil James?
Marriage30 July 1955CHATFIELD Carl L with ANDREWS Kay E?
Birth31 July 1955CHATFIELD Michael Lewis?
Birth1 September 1955CHATFIELD Deborah Louise?
Birth1 September 1955WHITTED Mary Kay?
Birth2 September 1955? Melanie D?
Birth7 September 1955CHATFIELD James Warren?
Marriage10 September 1955CHATFIELD Charles Kelton with INSLEY Mildred Charlene?
Marriage23 September 1955CHATFIELD John William with HALL Rosemary?
Birth1 October 1955KIEFFER Monty?
Birth5 October 1955CHATFIELD Margaret?
Birth16 October 1955PATENAUDE Arthur Daniel?
Birth18 October 1955LEWIS Richard J?
Birth19 October 1955DAUGHERTY Timothy J?
Birth10 November 1955SLOMERS Harry Timothy?
Birth19 November 1955PARSONS Allen Griff?
Birth1 December 1955CHATFIELD Keith Marshall?
Birth12 December 1955CHATFIELD Randy Lee?
Marriageabout 1955HANCOCK Rufus with CHATFIELD Mary Emma?
Marriageabout 1955LANDES James Curtis with CHATFIELD Olive Grayce?
Death1955BRAMHALL Mary Anna?
Death1955KENDALL Nellie Grant?
Death1955CHATFIELD David Asa?
Deathabout 1955PATTERSON Bernice?
Death1955CHATFIELD Clarence Harmon?
Marriageabout 1955BODAN Emerson Ellsworth with DALZELL Joyce Eileen?
Marriageabout 1955CHATFIELD Donald Edward with STEVENS Dawn Marie?
Marriagebefore 1955CHATFIELD Robert Warren with OLMEDA Eleanor May?
Marriageabout 1955BUTTERFIELD David with MCCORMICK Norma Jean?
Birth1 January 1956CHATFIELD Bruce?
Birth5 January 1956NEWBURY Darrell Wayne?
Birth12 January 1956COWLES William Beecher?
Birth18 January 1956KING Denise?
Birth20 January 1956CHILDS Steven Douglas?
Death20 January 1956CRESSEY Frank Graves?
Birth24 January 1956DAHL Chris G?
Birth25 January 1956ULMER Mark Timothy?
Birth30 January 1956MOFFAT John C?
Death15 March 1956WALL Mabel Anna?
Birth19 March 1956BURST Joseph C?
Birth1 April 1956CHATFIELD Margaret Celeste?
Birth1 April 1956CHATFIELD Patrick William?
Marriage21 April 1956WIDELL Donald Dale with NEWBURY Hazel Ione?
Birth22 April 1956MCSHERRY Richard Matthew?
Birth10 May 1956NETTLETON Joyce M?
Birth24 May 1956CHANCE Michael Ray?
Birth28 May 1956CHATFIELD Keith Arlan?
DeathMay 1956FRIDENMAKER Homer Sylvester?
Birth1 June 1956CHATFIELD Lawrence Baker?
Birth6 June 1956CHATFIELD John A?
Birth6 June 1956HILL Dale Kevin?
Birth20 June 1956? Lila A?
Death24 June 1956DAYTON Emily Adeline?
Birth9 July 1956NEWSOME Jerry Roger?
Birth12 July 1956KROPP Kerry Eileen?
Birth14 July 1956ELSTON David Paul?
Marriage22 July 1956TREVARROW Laurence Edgar with ADAMS Mary Sue?
Birth27 July 1956DAYE Richard Neal?
Birth31 July 1956LANDES James Curtis?
Birth2 August 1956HALL Roy E?
Birth29 August 1956UMSTOT Sheryl Ann?
Birth14 October 1956NETTLETON Robert Glenn?
Birth15 November 1956CHATFIELD Arthur Edwin?
Birth29 November 1956CHATFIELD Patrick Joseph?
Birth17 December 1956STEVENS Robert Kevin?
Birth23 December 1956CHATFIELD Louis Kenneth?
Death1956SEELEY Ivan Lyle?
Divorce1956PERCY Richard Gird with CHATFIELD Maye Frances?
Birth1956STEPHENS John Luther?
Birthabout 1956NEAL CLARK Lesley Marguerite?
Marriageabout 1956CHATFIELD William Leroy with MORITZ Melba Marie?
Birthabout 1956CHATFIELD Gayle Anne?
Marriage1956HILL Francis Roy with BRAUER Delores?
Birth1956JAUREGUI James?
Death1956CLYNE Elman V?
Marriage1956CHATFIELD Robert George with ELLETT Daisy Louise?
Marriageafter 1956CHATFIELD Walter Alexander with NEWMAN Doris Elizabeth?
Marriageabout 1956CARLSON Delmar Duane with WHEAT Doris June?
Birth20 January 1957PERSCHKE Gerald Richard?
Birth23 January 1957CHATFIELD Russell John?
Birth25 January 1957WILLIAMS Valerie?
Birth11 February 1957? Terry J?
Birth19 February 1957FLECK David Jonathan?
Birth21 February 1957DAUGHERTY Terry Ray?
Birth22 February 1957WHITE Bradley Wayne?
Birth23 February 1957CHATFIELD Raymond William?
Birth1 March 1957KENNEMER Mary Aileen?
Birth15 March 1957NETTLETON Colleen Minnetta?
Birth21 March 1957CHATFIELD Brenda Wray?
Death8 April 1957EMERY Ostie?
Birth16 April 1957CHATFIELD Martin LeRoy?
Birth30 April 1957CORBITT David C?
Birth15 June 1957CHATFIELD Carl L?
Birth16 June 1957CHAPMAN Douglas Gordon?
Birth21 June 1957GARMAN Dale Alan?
Birth22 June 1957FREY George Gerald?
Birth23 June 1957INGALLS Jaclyn L?
Birth23 June 1957CHATFIELD Gerald Louis?
Birth23 June 1957NICHOLS \ YODER Rhonda Kay?
Birth3 July 1957CHATFIELD James Scott?
Marriage7 July 1957TENNIES Paul R with CHATFIELD Helen Louise?
Birth27 July 1957BELL Andrew Montgomery?
Birth29 July 1957WIDELL Debra A?
Birth1 August 1957CHATFIELD Virginia Kay?
Birth1 August 1957MCCORMICK Wilford Orel?
Birth7 August 1957LANDES Loriann?
Birth27 August 1957SPANOGLE Eric D?
Birth22 October 1957NICHOLS \ YODER Sharla Elaine?
Birth11 November 1957CHATFIELD Joel Alden?
Death11 November 1957CHATFIELD Lefa May?
Birth15 December 1957BORA Carolyn B?
Death1957SMITH Augusta G?
Death1957O'CONNOR Theresa Marguerite?
Birth1957CHATFIELD Susan Mary?
Birth1957MCDOWELL Cynthia Sue?
Death1957CERIANI Edward Robert?
Birthabout 1957WHITTED Vicki Lynn?
Death1957ALEXANDER Thomas John?
Marriage1957CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Robert Farwell with FRAZIER Brenda Diana Duff?
Death1957CHATFIELD Bessie R?
Death1957PERRY Ernest Glenn?
Death1957CERIANI Pietro Paul?
Birth5 January 1958CHATFIELD Darten Alexander?
Birth11 February 1958CHATFIELD Catherine Alice?
Birth15 February 1958HEXT Kenneth Gene?
Death25 February 1958PEASE Mabel?
Birth15 March 1958LEWIS Keith Thomas?
Death20 March 1958CHATFIELD Kim Elizabeth?
Birth7 April 1958CHATFIELD Joanne Louise?
Birth11 April 1958CARTER Joel A?
Birth25 April 1958UMSTOT Marshall W?
Birth5 May 1958VENABLE Melissa Annette?
Death9 May 1958CHATFIELD Frederick Rupert?
Birth12 May 1958CHATFIELD Alonzo Bradley?
Birth27 May 1958CHATFIELD Lisa F?
Birth5 June 1958BUHLKE Richard L?
Birth23 June 1958CHATFIELD Charles James?
Birth9 July 1958CHATFIELD Kathleen?
Death12 July 1958WILSON James Edward?
Birth13 July 1958SANFORD Gerald James?
Birth15 August 1958BREWER Teresa Lynn?
Birth27 August 1958CHATFIELD Stephen Allen?
Birth1 September 1958BALDWIN Kim Hammond?
Birth2 September 1958CHATFIELD Gwendolyn Lee?
Birth5 October 1958STICKLEY Joseph Franklin?
Marriage10 October 1958CULLIFER James William with CHATFIELD Sandra Jeanne?
Death30 October 1958BEACOM Morris Allen?
Birth1 November 1958NETTLETON Vickie Sue?
Death18 November 1958CHATFIELD Paul Oakes?
Birth28 November 1958NESBIT Steven U?
Birth14 December 1958MCKAY Cindy Lee?
Birth17 December 1958HORTON Janet Ruth?
Birth24 December 1958TENNIES Deborah L?
Birth28 December 1958CHATFIELD Diane?
Birth30 December 1958CHATFIELD Shari Lynn?
DeathDecember 1958CHATFIELD Benjamin Edgar?
Marriageabout 1958SHAFER Harless Phillip with CHATFIELD Sadie Juanita?
Death1958NICHOLS Mary Elizabeth?
Death1958van DYKE August Lock?
Death1958MORGAN Margaret E?
Death1958CHESS FUSON Mary Catherine?
Birth11 January 1959DRUM Susan E?
Death16 January 1959? Elizabeth A?
BirthJanuary 1959MCDOWELL Candace Lou?
Birth22 February 1959SHAFER Harry D?
Birth9 March 1959HILL Laurie M?
Birth26 March 1959CHATFIELD Kevin Peter?
Birth1 April 1959CHATFIELD Randolph John?
Birth5 May 1959CHATFIELD Paul Hansen?
Birth16 May 1959RAMSAY DeeAnn A?
Birth23 May 1959CHATFIELD Robert Dean?
Marriage23 May 1959COLE Frank Crunden with STARKLOFF Ardath Adele?
Birth6 June 1959MALONE Curtis L?
Birth23 June 1959BURST Marianne?
Birth1 July 1959SHUTT James Cecil?
Birth6 July 1959DEUEL Jeffrey?
Birth7 July 1959CHATFIELD Eileen Joan?
Birth22 July 1959CHAPMAN Annette Stuart?
Birth1 September 1959CHATFIELD Caroline E?
Birth1 September 1959WEISKOTTEN Maria Guadelupe?
Birth1 September 1959ISON Anna Lisa Chan?
Birth1 September 1959CHATFIELD Jennifer E?
Birth1 September 1959AVERY Steven Wayne?
Birth1 September 1959CHATFIELD Frederick Montgomery?
Birth21 September 1959NETTLETON Morris Samuel?
Birth25 September 1959NETTLETON Ronald Jay?
MarriageSeptember 1959KURTZ Martin Elmer with CHATFIELD Carole Jane?
Birth1 October 1959CHATFIELD Robert Clark?
Birth17 October 1959CHATFIELD Connie Lea?
Birth17 October 1959CHATFIELD Richard Darren?
Birth20 October 1959WHITTED Louanne Jane?
Birth26 November 1959BUHLKE Dennis L?
Birth26 November 1959CONNER \ CONNOR Christine?
Birth29 November 1959PARSONS David Michael?
Birth5 December 1959CHATFIELD Thomas Allen?
Birth11 December 1959? Brenda Louise?
DeathDecember 1959? Mabel?
Death1959BARBER William P?
Death1959MECHTLE Robert Benjamin?
Death1959BAYLOR Emily Elnora?
Marriage1959MATTHIESEN Marvin H with HILLER Doris?
Marriage1959CHATFIELD Donald Franklin with DAILY Martha Jane?
Death1959PIERCE Hattie B?
Death1959CHATFIELD Alfred?
Birth16 January 1960WIDELL Dona Marie?
DeathJanuary 1960EGELER Otto?
Death5 March 1960WOLF Daniel Eligah?
Birth8 March 1960MULFORD Susan Marie?
Death23 March 1960MULKEY Anna Lough?
DeathMarch 1960RUGGLES Nellie?
Birth10 April 1960CHATFIELD Thurber Redmayne?
Birth25 April 1960CHATFIELD Kelly Sue?
Birth26 April 1960? Tamara J?
Birth29 April 1960GRAHAM Jeffrey Allen?
MarriageApril 1960VINKEMULDER Charles Bradley with BAILEY Elaine Gertrude?
Birth3 May 1960IZZARD Brent Ames?
Birth4 May 1960CHATFIELD John Arthur?
Birth4 May 1960CHATFIELD Stephen Lee?
Birth13 May 1960STEVENS Rosemary Louise?
Birth17 May 1960GRILLI Andrea M?
Marriage4 June 1960MULFORD Donald E with ? Phyllis K?
Birth6 June 1960RICHMOND Timothy Earl?
Birth30 June 1960KROPP Karen J?
Birth6 July 1960NETTLETON Robert William?
Marriage6 August 1960HENNEMAN Donald Carl with MOUNTAIN Frances A?
Birth10 August 1960CHATFIELD Kimberly A?
Birth22 August 1960CHATFIELD Arthur Kelsey?
Birth1 September 1960BOYER Deborah D?
Birth19 September 1960MCCALLLUM Scott Allen?
Birth24 September 1960NICHOLS \ YODER Charles William?
Birth19 October 1960MILTON Mary Grace?
Birth21 October 1960HERREN Rebecca Jane?
Birth24 October 1960CHATFIELD Harvey E?
Birth29 October 1960CHATFIELD Timothy James?
Death3 November 1960CHATFIELD Anna E?
Birth17 November 1960MALONE Teresa J?
Birth19 November 1960RECORDS Robert F?
Birth18 December 1960CHANCE Gregory Lynn?
Marriage1960FOSSE Robert Louis with VERDON Gwyneth Evelyn?
Birthabout 1960KELLY Sharon Kay?
Birthabout 1960LANDES Christopher W?
Birthabout 1960VALENCIA Angela Marie?
Marriage1960CHATFIELD George Alva with HULBERT Shirley Jocelyn?
Marriageabout 1960MULFORD Daniel Alexander with ? Virginia?
Marriageabout 1960SAXENIAN Ara C with YOVONOVICH Christine S?
Marriage1960CHATFIELD William Eugene with ACTON Luella Frances?
Birth1960CHATFIELD Timothy?
Birth3 January 1961MARCINONIS Alan Joseph?
Birth16 January 1961INGALLS Samuel L?
Death5 March 1961BRENNAN Elizabeth Anna?
Death13 March 1961CHATFIELD Blanche Elizabeth?
Birth16 March 1961WHITELYON Mary Beth?
Birth21 April 1961CHATFIELD Randy Eugene?
Death26 April 1961SLOAN Iola Frances?
Birth4 May 1961CHATFIELD Dale Edward?
Birth14 May 1961WIDELL Diana?
Birth19 May 1961CHATFIELD Ellen Louise?
Birth15 June 1961IZZARD Rodney James?
Birth15 June 1961NETTLETON Raymond Dale?
Birth16 June 1961CHATFIELD Karen C?
Birth16 June 1961PHILLER Wylie Goodloe?
Birth20 June 1961CHATFIELD Ruth Ann?
Birth23 June 1961CHATFIELD Raymond Thomas?
Birth3 July 1961CHATFIELD Paul Felton?
Birth1 August 1961CHATFIELD Donald J?
Birth2 August 1961BEACOM Gary Allen?
Birth7 August 1961PARSONS Thomas Richard?
Birth22 August 1961CHATFIELD Summer?
Birth28 August 1961CHATFIELD Douglas?
Birth30 August 1961BRYANT Gary Lee?
Birth15 September 1961CHATFIELD Deborah Ann?
Birth21 September 1961CHATFIELD Joyce Ann?
Birth6 October 1961BELLITTER Libby Marie?
Birth15 October 1961BELL Edward Jeary?
Birth22 October 1961BOSLEY Cheryl Diane?
Birth3 November 1961HALL Ronald Allen?
Birth14 November 1961CHATFIELD Shannon?
Death20 December 1961WEAVER John Ernest?
Birth21 December 1961HERREN Gary Lee?
Birth24 December 1961MORIN William Alfred?
Birth27 December 1961GALL Fae C?
Marriage1961HILL George Frederick with WEYER Donna B?
Birthabout 1961HUGHES Beverly J?
Death1961CRANE Georgie?
Marriage1961RAVENNA Harold Charles with CHATFIELD Martha Lee?
Death1961CHILDS Fred Clayton?
Birth8 January 1962CHATFIELD Dawn Esther?
Death8 January 1962LUCHT Louis?
Birth25 February 1962CHATFIELD Kevin Lee?
Birth27 February 1962CHATFIELD Michael T?
Birth1 March 1962IZZARD Laura Jean?
Birth6 March 1962? Rebecca A?
Birth16 March 1962MILLER Kelly?
Birth17 March 1962CHATFIELD Scott P?
Birth23 March 1962TESSNEER Wendy S?
Birth30 March 1962HOBBS Gregory Scott?
Birth4 April 1962CHATFIELD Gregory Lee?
Birth12 April 1962CHATFIELD Marcus Bryan?
Birth12 May 1962CHATFIELD Michael M?
Birth5 June 1962CHATFIELD Carin P?
Birth15 June 1962GRAHAM Lisa Kay?
Birth22 June 1962FISH Gabrielle Elizabeth?
Birth23 June 1962CHATFIELD Janice E?
Birth24 June 1962HENNEMAN Henry C?
Birth29 June 1962CHATFIELD Cynthia Glenn?
Death10 July 1962BAYLOR Myrtle Viola?
Birth18 July 1962CHATFIELD Carol Anne?
Birth2 August 1962SEARS Elinn Muriel?
Marriage25 August 1962HUNT Leon Ivan with CHATFIELD Carol Lou?
Birth1 September 1962MULFORD Travis Scott?
Birth7 October 1962? Anita?
Birth7 October 1962CHATFIELD Anne Elizabeth?
Birth28 October 1962THOMASON Sherri Lynn?
Birth9 November 1962CHATFIELD Deborah Sue?
Birth27 December 1962MEUNIER Lori Jean?
Marriage1962SIDWELL Aubrey Lee with DOLE Carolee Joyce?
Birth1962CHATFIELD Sherri?
Marriageabout 1962KRICHBAUM Clarence K with CHATFIELD Arla Lee?
Death1962HOLLOWAY Lillian Nordica?
Birthabout 1962TENNIES Lisa Ann?
Death1962MITCHELL Agnes J?
Marriageabout 1962DAVIS Leroy Eugene with CARPER Betty J?
Birthabout 1962CHATFIELD Lee?
Birth1962SELDEN Laurie Ann?
Birthabout 1962SURGENER Christopher Curtis?
Birth1962CHATFIELD Douglas Scott?
Marriage10 January 1963CHATFIELD Clarence Cramer with EASTER Alda?
Birth15 January 1963MOORE Janice Lynn?
Birth16 January 1963CHATFIELD Heather Belinda?
Death20 January 1963ROBINSON Clifford Arthur?
Birth26 February 1963BELLITTER Debra Lee?
Marriage25 March 1963HALL James with STARR Billie Sue?
Birth1 April 1963BAILEY James R?
Birth8 April 1963CHATFIELD Laurie Ann?
Birth7 May 1963ULMER Dana Edward?
Birth7 May 1963ULMER Roby Dean?
Birth30 May 1963RAVENNA John Andrew?
Birth20 June 1963SMITH Nancy Anne?
Birth25 June 1963CHATFIELD Gary Allen?
Birth29 June 1963HOFFMAN Kelly S?
DeathJune 1963HOXIE Allan K?
Birth8 July 1963CHATFIELD Tina M?
Birth27 July 1963MULFORD Kevin Randall?
Birth19 August 1963CHATFIELD Darrell Franklin?
Birth29 August 1963NEAL CLARK Benjamin Scott?
Death8 September 1963COX Leo Everett?
Birth9 September 1963HANNERS Earl James?
Birth14 September 1963CHATFIELD Tammy L?
Birth30 September 1963PARDEE Alan Sherwood?
Birth5 October 1963CHATFIELD Dianna Marie?
Birth7 October 1963CHATFIELD Kathy A?
Marriage26 October 1963YOUNG Robert Edward with SNIDER Catherine Elizabeth?
DeathOctober 1963MYERS Benjamin Ernest?
Birth15 November 1963SNITKO Laurie?
Birth8 December 1963TRIPPE Mark Crawford?
Marriage1963MCELHINEY Roy Joseph with ? Marceil?
Death1963ADAMS Richard Cuyler?
Birthabout 1963PRUITT Roger?
Death1963WAY Mary Belle?
Marriage8 January 1964HENCKE David Graham with MALEY Patricia Ann?
Birth23 January 1964KURTZ Gregory M?
Birth1 February 1964CHATFIELD Robert W?
Birth26 February 1964CHATFIELD Brian Edward?
Birth20 March 1964CHATFIELD Alan Scott?
Birth3 April 1964CHATFIELD Robin Linn?
Birth15 April 1964HICKMAN Gene?
Birth17 April 1964MUTCHLER Donald K?
Birth18 April 1964CHATFIELD James M?
Birth23 April 1964DRURY Wesley Joseph?
Birth30 April 1964ACKERMAN William Marshall?
Death7 May 1964REDICK Ida May?
Birth20 May 1964CHATFIELD Mark Cuyler?
Birth29 May 1964PETERSON Susan Elaine?
BirthJune 1964CHATFIELD John F?
Birth3 July 1964CHATFIELD Jeffrey Charles?
Birth7 August 1964CHATFIELD Dorothy C \ L?
Birth12 August 1964LORDSON Todd A?
Birth14 August 1964SIMPSON Julie Rose?
Birth21 August 1964CHATFIELD Darla Faye?
Birth15 September 1964CHATFIELD Kimberly Jo?
Birth7 October 1964CHATFIELD Glenn R?
Birth11 October 1964RAVENNA William H?
Birth14 October 1964CHATFIELD Christopher J?
Birth14 October 1964WOODIN Donnie Ray?
Birth15 October 1964HENNEMAN Bret E?
Birth7 November 1964HOFFMAN Laura B?
Birth11 November 1964CHATFIELD Gregory Allen?
Death15 November 1964LIPSCOMB Lillie Agnes?
Birth17 November 1964CHATFIELD Jessica Allison?
Marriageabout 1964MCCRAY Theodore D with RENNELLS Elsie?
Death1964CHATFIELD Henry Walter?
Marriageabout 1964CHATFIELD Larry Dale with LOPER Bonnie Marie?
Birth1964IZZARD Jodi Rae?
Marriagebefore 1964CHATFIELD Nicholas Eric with HULTMAN Sandra Lee?
Death1964ROUNSAVALL Addie Lee?
Death6 January 1965BAYLOR Nellie Irene?
Birth9 January 1965CHATFIELD Timothy Brian?
Birth15 January 1965CHATFIELD Dawn E?
Birth28 January 1965LORDSON Robert Scott?
DeathJanuary 1965TYLER Victor?
Birth5 February 1965DARRELL Shelley L?
Death7 February 1965BRENNAN John Adrian?
Birth13 February 1965CHATFIELD Vivian Mae?
Death19 February 1965ROWE John Jay?
Birth3 March 1965CHATFIELD Kimberly G?
Death8 March 1965GRIFFITH Lester?
Birth20 March 1965MCCRAY David B?
Birth25 March 1965SHERMAN Brenda Lou?
Death21 April 1965MORRIS Jasper William?
Birth15 June 1965BURIAK Michael George?
Marriage20 June 1965TREVARROW Paul Henry with BEDFORD Judith Lynn?
Birth21 June 1965CHATFIELD Holly S?
Marriage14 August 1965ULMER John Maxwell with MCEWAN Martha Elizabeth?
Death18 August 1965WARNER Russell Gillette?
Birth23 August 1965CHATFIELD Melissa Gayle?
Birth24 August 1965CHATFIELD Barbara M?
Birth1 September 1965KEITH John William?
Birth1 September 1965SHELTON Robyn?
Birth11 September 1965CHATFIELD David F?
Birth23 October 1965CHATFIELD Melissa Elaine?
Birth30 October 1965CHATFIELD Joseph Erick?
Death6 November 1965SHOPE Emmett D?
Birth15 November 1965CHATFIELD George Robert?
Birth16 November 1965WITT Ronald Ray?
Birth2 December 1965CHATFIELD Todd Alan?
Birth14 December 1965MOREY Tina Marie?
Birth15 December 1965HOWARD Lisa?
Birth17 December 1965CHATFIELD Thomas W?
Birth21 December 1965WELLS Michael Wayne?
DeathDecember 1965CHATFIELD Raymond P?
Death1965LAFFOON Merta Ellen?
Marriageabout 1965CAPP ? with CHATFIELD Janene Rae?
Birth1965CHATFIELD Shawna Lynn?
Birth4 January 1966ALEGI Charles Anthony?
Birth11 February 1966TRIPPE Laura Beth?
Birth14 February 1966CHATFIELD Joann Lauren?
Birth28 February 1966CHATFIELD Christopher David?
Birth16 March 1966CHATFIELD Hope Melissa?
Birth19 March 1966ROYBAL Michelle M?
Birth23 March 1966LORDSON Tuesday?
Birth24 March 1966CHATFIELD Nancy Jo?
Birth9 April 1966CHATFIELD Robert Crane?
Birth15 April 1966CHAPMAN Mason Travers?
Birth30 April 1966HUNT Shelly Marie?
Birth17 May 1966INGALLS Andrew L?
Birth3 June 1966ARMATI John D?
Birth4 June 1966CHATFIELD Cheryl L?
Birth15 June 1966ORSBORNE Richard Harlin?
Birth20 June 1966CHATFIELD Rebecca June?
Marriage27 June 1966CHATFIELD Jimmie Bert with TAYLOR Josephine?
Birth1 July 1966ROLLINS Katherine Helen?
Birth2 August 1966CHATFIELD Leah R?
Birth12 August 1966COTTER Lorinda Kay?
Birth26 August 1966CHATFIELD Deborah L?
Birth1 September 1966DILLON Robert Allen?
Birth20 September 1966HERREN Robin L?
Marriage30 September 1966CHATFIELD Wayne with HERWEHE Joneen M?
Birth20 October 1966PAGE Jamie R?
Birth30 October 1966CHATFIELD Lynda Lucene?
Birth9 November 1966BURST John Eric?
DeathNovember 1966FARRA George Ross?
Birth3 December 1966ISON Daniel Daniel?
Death10 December 1966CHATFIELD Charles L?
Birth30 December 1966CHATFIELD Natalie Ann?
Marriageabout 1966CHATFIELD Harry Elbert with THOMPSON Beverly Louise?
Divorce1966CHATFIELD Donald Franklin with DAILY Martha Jane?
Birth1966CHATFIELD Bonnie J?
Birth1966COLE Sarah Starkloff?
Birthabout 1966SURGENER Michelle M?
Birthabout 1966SEASHOLES Edward Lyon?
Birth25 January 1967NEWBURY Sheri Lynnis?
Birth17 March 1967CHATFIELD Dean Eliot?
Birth18 March 1967IRVINE Scott Samuel?
Birth20 March 1967CHATFIELD Myles Lee?
Death18 April 1967BURTON William Edward?
Birth27 April 1967BELLITTER Vera Renee?
Birth12 May 1967HANNERS Christopher D?
Birth24 May 1967PRATT Samuel Frederick?
Birth30 May 1967COPELOTTI Denise R?
Birth2 June 1967TRIPPE Alan Vinson?
Birth8 June 1967FOOTE Jeffrey Alan?
Death10 June 1967BREMMER Walter H?
Birth15 June 1967LORDSON Troy Andrew?
Birth15 June 1967RAVENNA Peter F?
Birth20 June 1967CHATFIELD James Anslie?
Birth27 June 1967SEASHOLES Kenneth?
Birth9 July 1967CHATFIELD Carl S?
Birth2 September 1967CHATFIELD Mika Marie?
Death12 September 1967MOORE Effie?
DeathSeptember 1967KINNEY Albert Everett?
Birth3 October 1967CHATFIELD Chelle Lyn?
Marriage13 October 1967ROGERS Jack Leon with FULLER Eloise Rae?
Birth21 October 1967DRIVER Stephanie Gene?
Birth10 November 1967BURIAK Nancy Lynn?
Birth21 December 1967PINT Shawn Robert?
Birth30 December 1967SHULL Amy Renee?
Death1967ROUTSON Alice Muriel?
Death1967TORMEY Raymond L?
Death1967LARGENT Johnnie Morris?
Death1967PHILLIPS Hattie May?
Marriage1967CHATFIELD William David with ? Carol?
Marriage1967CHATFIELD Donald Franklin with HURLEY Kathleen Jane?
Birth12 January 1968CHATFIELD Lawrence Richard?
DeathFebruary 1968RUSSET Sarah Cecelia?
Birth5 March 1968CHATFIELD Tamitha K?
Birth7 April 1968CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Mercedes?
Birth22 April 1968NEWSOME Sherry Olivia?
Birth26 April 1968CHATFIELD Debra Diane?
Birth1 May 1968GATES Michael D?
Death4 May 1968STEVENS Augustin Washburn?
Birth15 May 1968CASDORPH David Neal?
Birth25 May 1968ALLDRITT Shawn Emerson?
Birth28 May 1968CHATFIELD Barbara Jean?
Birth1 June 1968CHATFIELD Lloyd Charles?
Death8 June 1968HARRIS Mary Belle?
Birth19 June 1968STEED James Ronald?
Birth3 July 1968CHATFIELD Mark?
BirthJuly 1968CHATFIELD Patrick A?
DeathAugust 1968CHATFIELD Vernon G?
Birth1 September 1968HOYT Justin M?
DeathSeptember 1968BOOCK Oscar Martin?
MarriageOctober 1968CARGILL Robert Weldon with CHATFIELD Margaret Ann?
Death18 November 1968SLOAN Hester J?
Birth22 November 1968BURIAK Paul Alvin?
Birth5 December 1968CHATFIELD Melissa Ann?
DeathDecember 1968CHATFIELD Melissa Esmeralda?
Divorce1968SIDWELL Aubrey Lee with DOLE Carolee Joyce?
Marriage1968SONBERG Henry Alexander with BYRD Barbara Joan?
Deathabout 1968CHATFIELD Cora E?
Birthabout 1968? Anita M?
Death1968CHATFIELD Doris M?
Birthabout 1968CHATFIELD Jeffrey Allen?
Marriage1968HADLEY Donald Byron with DOLE Carolee Joyce?
Marriage1968HEFFERNAN William J with WILSON Carolyn?
Birth1968CHATFIELD Julie Ann?
Birthabout 1968SMITH Lisel Anne?
Birthabout 1968CHATFIELD Christine Michelle?
Death12 January 1969CHATFIELD Harry Leob?
Birth13 January 1969HUNT Corey Eugene?
Death16 February 1969NICHOLS William Harrison?
Birth18 February 1969MAYNE Jennifer A?
Birth24 February 1969ADAMS Lynn Marie?
Birth12 March 1969CHATFIELD Charlene Marie?
Birth17 March 1969PEROTTI Kevin P?
Birth13 April 1969SLOMERS Rhonda Lilliane?
Birth15 April 1969HILBERT Dawn M?
Birth15 April 1969SONBERG Gregory E?
Birth24 April 1969BERNARD Marvin Dee?
DeathApril 1969CHATFIELD Jeannette Marion?
Birth9 May 1969CHATFIELD Alexander E?
Birth16 May 1969COTTER Daren J?
DeathMay 1969WEYER Donna B?
BirthJune 1969HENDLEY Edward Allin?
Birth7 July 1969RALLS James David?
Birth10 July 1969ALLDRITT Nanette Yvonne?
Death15 July 1969URDA Mary?
Birth28 August 1969ISON Diane Lisa Chan?
Birth9 September 1969CHATFIELD Edward Leon?
Birth18 September 1969CHATFIELD Gina Kay?
Birth7 October 1969CHATFIELD Joseph Crandall?
Birth14 November 1969SHERIFF Jamie L?
Birth14 December 1969KELLER Darlene Marie?
Birth1969ARMATI Scott Marcus?
Death1969COLE Sarah Starkloff?
Marriageabout 1969COLE Charles Chatfield with BLYLER Joan Ellen?
Birth1969WOODIN Brett?
Birthabout 1969CHATFIELD Scott McKnight?
Birth17 January 1970BURST Brian Neal?
Birth31 January 1970MURKLEY Kevin J?
MarriageJanuary 1970CHATFIELD Jimmie Bert with PEEK Bernadette M?
DeathJanuary 1970ENGLISH Harrison Force?
Birth13 February 1970ADAMS Douglas Wright?
Birth1 April 1970DALTON \ DAVIS Audrey Christine?
Birth12 June 1970GREENHAW Karen K?
Birth15 June 1970CARGILL Mitchell Alan?
Birth27 July 1970NOTTINGHAM Wayne Alfred?
Death28 July 1970SMUCK Gertrude Fianna?
Birth30 August 1970HAERI Tanya Mina?
Birth16 September 1970CHATFIELD Rebecca Lynn?
Birth20 September 1970FECTO Gary F?
DivorceSeptember 1970CHATFIELD Maurice Edwin with ? Patricia?
Birth6 October 1970CHATFIELD William Stephen?
Birth19 November 1970COVIELLO Vincent P?
Birth24 November 1970LAMKIN Janette Michelle?
Birth11 December 1970POLEYNARD Kelly Byron?
Birth20 December 1970RALLS Laura Ann?
Marriage1970HILL George Frederick with ? Sophie?
Marriageabout 1970CHATFIELD Michael Bryon with CHATFIELD Donna Marie?
Death1970BEECHER Lucy Mary?
Marriage1970CHATFIELD Dale Warren with DREIZEGACKER Carol Ann?
Birth1970CHATFIELD Nicole?
Birthabout 1970CARLIN Tammy Lynn?
Birth1970DRURY Karriann M?
Birth6 January 1971CHATFIELD Brenda Marie?
Birth11 January 1971CRUZ Michael Louis?
Birth11 January 1971HANSON Christian \ Christine R?
Birth16 January 1971CHATFIELD Bart Laurence?
Birth11 February 1971CHATFIELD Brien James?
Birth21 February 1971HENDLEY Melinda Dawn?
Birth5 March 1971GASSEN Josh A?
Birth22 March 1971INGALLS Tammy Lynne?
Birth25 March 1971WORKUM Rachel Elizabeth?
Death15 April 1971HALSEY Ashley?
Death9 May 1971COLE Charles Nelson?
Birth12 May 1971SHERIFF Craig Lawrence?
Birth15 May 1971CHATFIELD Christopher Lee?
Birth23 June 1971BURIAK Wendy Sue?
Birth7 July 1971DILLON Christopher?
Death13 August 1971CHATFIELD Pearl Hill?
Birth19 August 1971CHATFIELD Ryan Chad?
Birth27 August 1971CHATFIELD Douglas James?
Marriage29 August 1971ELSMORE Robert J with COTTINGHAM Rebecca Jane?
Birth1 September 1971BULLARD Michelle L?
Birth9 September 1971CHATFIELD Russell J?
Death15 September 1971HARPER Lola M?
Birth22 September 1971CHATFIELD Christopher?
Birth27 September 1971CHATFIELD Bryan Wayne?
Birth8 October 1971CASE Brett R?
Birth15 October 1971CHATFIELD Allison Marie?
Birth12 December 1971NEMEC Donna Lynn?
Death14 December 1971GRANT Ethel?
Birth1971CHATFIELD Jamison?
Birth1971HILL Pamela Marie?
Death1971COOK Michael S?
Birth1971COOK Michael S?
Death1971WYATT Mary Virginia?
Death1971NEWBURY Harold C?
Birth1971GREENHAW Angel Ann?
Birth7 February 1972CHATFIELD Marsha Lynn?
Birth15 March 1972BATES Deanna Sue?
Birth12 April 1972DAVIES John Brantley?
Death27 April 1972PHILLIPS Helen Mabel?
Birth15 May 1972TRIPPE Joanna Lynne?
DeathMay 1972BOTHFUHR Mayme Helen?
Birth20 June 1972MURKLEY Tyler W?
Death16 July 1972SYLVESTER Oscar James?
Birth21 July 1972CHATFIELD Jonathan Oakes?
Birth4 August 1972IRWIN Cathy Jonell?
Birth19 August 1972CHATFIELD Jonathan Bradley?
Birth1 September 1972CHATFIELD Kacie Caitlin?
Birth2 September 1972IZARD Bethany Chatfield?
Birth13 September 1972HILL Jason Edward?
Birth11 October 1972CHATFIELD Nathaniel A?
Birth21 October 1972TANASI-ALLEGER Richard?
Death27 October 1972PRIM James William?
Death28 November 1972CARSON Ray?
Death3 December 1972CHATFIELD Victor Ramage?
Birth15 December 1972LAISKONIS Michael Laurence?
Birth18 December 1972BURST Adam Christopher?
Marriage1972GRAVES Clyde William with MCCARTY Francis Jean?
Birthabout 1972CHATFIELD Issue 1?
Birth1972CHATFIELD Kimberly Ann?
Marriageabout 1972BARCLAY ? with ? Rosalee?
Divorce1972ALDEN John L with STANDER Ila Mae?
Marriageabout 1972BATTON Earl L with CHATFIELD Linda Grace?
Death1972SWEITZER Bertha A?
Birth9 January 1973SIX Amy?
MarriageJanuary 1973HOPPEL David Lee with CHATFIELD Mary Theresa?
Birth7 February 1973CARGILL Rhonda Kay?
Death19 February 1973BARTLETT Alberta F?
DeathFebruary 1973BOTHFUHR Albert William?
DeathFebruary 1973WOOD William Arthur?
Birth25 March 1973PETERSON Nancy Kay?
Birth30 March 1973COBB Michael Lyle?
Birth29 April 1973LAWRENCE Justin Paul?
Birth27 May 1973BATES Eric Brandon?
Marriage9 June 1973CHATFIELD Burleigh Allen with KRUPA Karen Anne?
Birth15 June 1973CLEGG Mark J?
Death31 July 1973CHATFIELD Ada?
DeathJuly 1973RHINE Harry Monroe Phillips?
Birth21 August 1973WHITE Jason Christian?
Birth22 September 1973CHATFIELD Kevin E?
Birth24 September 1973CHATFIELD Paul Edward?
Birth26 September 1973IRVINE Kayla Heather?
Birth9 October 1973BOND Shannon Heather?
Birth27 October 1973THIELKE Jeffrey James?
Death18 November 1973WHALEN Bertha Regina?
Birth29 November 1973PROVOST Roland Joseph?
Birth9 December 1973ULMER Stephanie Renee?
Birth31 December 1973CHATFIELD Kathryn Collier?
Birthabout 1973KNIGHT Jeffery Alan?
Death1973ALDEN John L?
Death1973KINNEY Ira Neal?
Marriageabout 1973CANNON James Cecil with HUTCHESON Marlene?
DeathMarch 1974BEHRENSMEYER Edwin H?
Birth9 May 1974TANASI-ALLEGER Joseph Richard?
Birth14 May 1974RADEKIN Rachael Z?
Birth17 May 1974CARGILL Heath Robert?
Birth5 June 1974CHATFIELD Walter Phillip?
Birth15 June 1974FOUNTAIN Rochelle Neil?
Birth29 June 1974SONBERG Joanne E?
BirthJune 1974MULFORD Annette Kathleen?
Birth9 July 1974GUBLER Derek W?
Birth4 August 1974CHATFIELD Brandon M?
Birth12 August 1974DEWITT Laura Elaine?
Birth20 August 1974POLEYNARD Christian Darneville?
Birth31 August 1974CHATFIELD Jill M?
Birth10 September 1974CHATFIELD Wayne David?
Birth4 November 1974BRANNON Rebecca Nathan?
DeathNovember 1974COSTON Wilma?
Death3 December 1974CHATFIELD Kenneth Eugene?
Birthabout 1974SURGENER Bradley Joe?
Birth1974CHATFIELD Kari Lynn?
Birthabout 1974BENNETT Shawn J?
Death1974CRUSON Mary?
Birth1974HILL Andrea Susan?
Birthabout 1974COVIELLO Amanda Jane?
Birth1 January 1975IZARD Amanda Maude?
Birth1 January 1975MONTEI Jamie A?
Birth13 February 1975CERNETIC Joshua T?
Birth15 February 1975BUETOW Michael L?
Birth16 February 1975CHATFIELD Kimberly Kay?
Birth16 February 1975CHATFIELD Kimberly?
Death17 February 1975SMITH Harley William?
Birth26 February 1975MILTON Erica C?
Birth15 March 1975COLEMAN Benjamin J?
Birth19 March 1975CHATFIELD Scott Michael?
Birth8 April 1975CHATFIELD Scott Ray?
Birth8 April 1975HANSON Matthew W?
Birth15 June 1975NETTLETON Anthony Steven?
Birth26 June 1975CHATFIELD Stacey Lynn?
Marriage4 July 1975CHATFIELD Randal Ray with HAYWARD Carol L?
Birth16 July 1975CHATFIELD Julia S?
Death8 August 1975ZELLNER Benjamin Holmes?
Death27 August 1975CARRINGTON Irma?
Birth8 September 1975CHATFIELD Joshua David?
Birth10 October 1975ENGLEBERG Brian James?
Birth15 October 1975CHATFIELD Valerie Jean?
Birth5 November 1975CARLINO Lindsay M?
Birth22 November 1975CARDAMONI Angela Marie?
Birth24 December 1975CASE Charles R?
Death1975LIBBEY Glen Edward?
Birth1 February 1976HILL Christina Ilene?
Birth8 March 1976CHATFIELD Jason Noah?
Birth15 March 1976HATHAWAY Philip Edward?
Birth5 April 1976IZARD Sarah Louise?
Birth12 April 1976CHATFIELD Danielle Louise?
Birth9 May 1976HANNERS Alison St Clair?
Death15 June 1976DEETS Jessica Lelia?
Birth15 June 1976DURHAM Gregory P?
Birth20 June 1976CHATFIELD Quentin Wade?
Birth24 June 1976LIDDLE Stephen Burt?
Birth1 July 1976MCCLOY Jennifer Leigh?
Marriage31 July 1976CHATFIELD Wayne with DOMBROUSKIS Vera?
Birth15 August 1976CHATFIELD Jason Albert?
Birth15 August 1976MARTIN Layla Bay?
Birth2 September 1976CRUZ Shannon Marie?
Birth3 September 1976CURTIS Martha?
Marriage3 October 1976SCRANTON Frederick with CHATFIELD Linda Ann?
Birth19 October 1976SIX Nathan?
Birth21 October 1976SILLYMAN Bryce Terrance?
DivorceOctober 1976BARCLAY ? with ? Rosalee?
Birth19 November 1976CHATFIELD Kimberly J?
Birth22 November 1976HILL Daniel Stephen?
Birth12 December 1976TESSNEER Brian D?
Marriage18 December 1976FITZPATRICK Terry Edward with CHATFIELD June?
Birthabout 1976CHATFIELD Lucas?
Marriage1976CHATFIELD Jack Bryant with AKERS Ina?
Divorce1976CHATFIELD Richard Norman with HALL Phyllis Cecilia?
Divorceabout 1976THIELKE Lawrence Barry with SPENGLER Deborah M?
Death1976CONRAD Laura?
DeathJanuary 1977? Beatrice M?
Birth4 February 1977BEVILACQUA Amy Joy?
Birth9 February 1977CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth10 February 1977BOYER Tiffany R?
Death19 March 1977CHATFIELD Oliver Stoddard?
Birth24 March 1977CHATFIELD Anthony T?
Birth12 April 1977CHATFIELD Andrew Robert?
Birth27 April 1977DAVIES Ryan Chatfield?
Birth28 April 1977GUBLER Daryl Leslie?
Birth23 May 1977CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Rebecca F?
Birth7 June 1977TASSELL Ryan A?
Birth30 June 1977FITZPATRICK Jennifer Lynn?
MarriageJune 1977LOWRY Robert Goodrich with LEWIS Wendy?
Birth19 July 1977DEWITT Leslie Lynn?
Marriage22 July 1977ROMERO Louis with CHATFIELD Julie L?
Marriage19 August 1977CHATFIELD Walter Alexander with STANDER Ila Mae?
Marriage27 August 1977ERNST Francis Albert with HASBARGEN Karen Jean?
Birth3 October 1977MONTEI Rachel D?
Birth6 October 1977GAUMER Anthony Lance?
Birth12 October 1977SYSKA Mark S?
Birth10 November 1977CHATFIELD Heather Lynn?
Birth24 November 1977HAHN Evan Dale?
Birth29 November 1977CHATFIELD Michael K?
Birth11 December 1977CHATFIELD Brian M?
Birth1977TRUMPER Johnathon Douglas?
Death1977? Charlotte?
Divorce1977BARGER Rodney Thomas with CORCORAN Patricia G?
Divorce1977DAVIS James Rodney with ROBERTS Susie?
Birth2 February 1978GASSEN Jenny L?
Birth4 April 1978CHATFIELD Andrea Lyn?
Birth1 May 1978CHATFIELD Michael Aaron?
Birth23 May 1978DELUCA Anthony Eugene?
Death29 May 1978PERKINS Andrew Lazelle?
Marriage2 June 1978ZAGRYN Alex with MANGINELLI Kristen?
Birth15 June 1978DEWITT Lacie Kay?
Death28 June 1978CHATFIELD Raymond Rogers?
Birth30 June 1978NETTLETON Kenneth Robert?
Birth15 July 1978TESSNEER Jennifer H?
Birth28 July 1978CHILDS Kelly?
DeathJuly 1978BUDDE Thelma Waunita?
Birth9 August 1978CHATFIELD Glen S?
Birth19 September 1978CHATFIELD Emily Lynn?
Death22 September 1978CHATFIELD Marion?
Birth18 October 1978SCHOEPPER Edward Robert?
Birth10 November 1978CHATFIELD Seth Jordan?
Birth15 November 1978MILTON Nicole R?
Birth4 December 1978CHATFIELD Stephen J?
Birthabout 1978CHATFIELD Amy Rose?
Divorceabout 1978HENCKE David Graham with MALEY Patricia Ann?
Marriage1978ZEAMAN John D with CHATFIELD Janet Elaine?
Birth10 February 1979CHATFIELD Kim D?
Birth27 February 1979HILL Jennifer Marie?
Birth1 March 1979PAGE Ross Christian?
Birth7 March 1979CHATFIELD Jonathan Seth?
Marriage17 March 1979RHINE Richard D with MYERS Pauline Miller?
BirthMarch 1979ENGLEBERG Bradley Edward?
Birth25 May 1979HOOLSEMA Jessica Marie?
DeathMay 1979CHATFIELD Irwin Harvey?
Birth2 June 1979CHATFIELD Charity L?
Birth18 June 1979WALES Brittany B?
Birth21 June 1979KETELSEN Sam Edward?
Birth23 June 1979CHATFIELD Kelly Harris?
Birth26 June 1979CULLIFER Jason Allen?
Death19 July 1979KERSSEN Ada L?
Birth8 August 1979JAUREGUI Matthew Sean?
Birth31 August 1979PIFKIN Steven Robert?
Birth7 September 1979MCCLOY Lynsay L?
Marriage22 September 1979KALKWARF Craig Henry with HERREN Melody?
Birth7 October 1979SHULER Kevin Moran?
Birth14 October 1979DUNCAN Adrienne Marie?
Birth17 November 1979CHATFIELD Caleb Nelson?
Death1979CHATFIELD Lola Beatrice?
Marriage1979CHATFIELD Michael John with WESTON Deborah?
Birth28 March 1980GARMAN Paul Alan?
Birth24 April 1980TROUT Joshua E?
Birth9 May 1980CHATFIELD Sarah Mada?
Death9 May 1980MCKENZIE Florence?
Birth3 June 1980BROSIUS Ellen M?
Birth25 June 1980SCHLUENTZ Matthew W?
Birth30 June 1980CHATFIELD Shannon Brooke?
Death7 December 1980DAUGHERTY Freemon Ray?
Marriage1980LORDSON Allen Herbert with MORIN Shirley J?
Birth1980CHATFIELD Jesse Donald?
Marriage1980HARSH Griffith Rutherford with WHITMAN Margaret Cushing?
Birth14 January 1981BEVILACQUA Daniel G?
Birth22 January 1981NETTLETON Christopher John?
DeathFebruary 1981CHATFIELD June L?
Birth27 March 1981NETTLETON Danielle Dawn?
Birth18 April 1981CHILDS Daniel Cooper?
Birth6 May 1981SHOPPA Aaron?
Birth23 May 1981BRANNON Hillary Dunster?
DeathMay 1981POST Jessie Zella?
Birth13 June 1981CHILDS Jessie?
Birth14 June 1981DMOCHOWSKI Kevin M?
DeathJuly 1981CHATFIELD Melvin McKnight?
Death28 August 1981O'BRYAN Richard H?
Birth31 August 1981PIFKIN Matthew P?
Marriage6 September 1981KNIGHT Peter with van SICKLIN Marianne?
Birth2 October 1981WALES Jaimee Nicole?
Birth25 October 1981KOPALD \ CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Julian Hadley?
Death12 November 1981CHATFIELD Ralph R?
Birth19 November 1981CHATFIELD David Michael?
Marriage23 November 1981SHAFFER Edwin Franklin with DREIZEGACKER Carol Ann?
Immigration1981BARROW Wayne D?
Death1981? Lucille?
Divorce1981WELLS Noel Franklin with CHATFIELD Rosemary Ann?
Marriageabout 1981CHATFIELD Richard Norman with MILTON Mary Grace?
Birth7 January 1982PRUITT Matt?
Birth23 February 1982KETELSEN Sarah Marie?
Birth11 March 1982ZEAMAN Claire E?
Birth20 April 1982MONTEI David J?
Death14 May 1982LOWDER Royal Myrthan?
Death17 May 1982ROBINSON J Bliss?
Marriage10 June 1982NEAL John Isaac with WROS Margaret Ella?
Death16 June 1982TVEDT William Howard?
Marriage24 July 1982PIPPIN H Roscoe with DUMAS Euna Virginia?
Birth27 July 1982STEINMETZ Sara Jean?
Birth18 August 1982CHATFIELD Heather M?
Birth16 September 1982HATHAWAY Dustyn Daryl?
Birth17 September 1982UMSTOT Travis?
Birth6 October 1982CHATFIELD Richard Darren?
Birth15 November 1982SMITH Tonya?
Marriage1982SJOLANDER Curtis with TENNIES Joan C?
Death22 February 1983BRIGHT Philip Vaughan?
Birth8 April 1983CHATFIELD Allison Lindsay?
Birth8 April 1983CHATFIELD Ashley?
Birth16 April 1983BEFORE Kyle McKee?
Marriage23 April 1983RAYMOND Ronald Marcus with QUINLIVAN Darlene Linda?
Birth27 May 1983HANNERS Earl James?
Birth7 June 1983DMOCHOWSKI Daniel J?
Birth20 June 1983CHATFIELD Bethany Ruth?
Birth22 June 1983CHATFIELD David Alan?
Birth20 August 1983LOWE Melisa Renee?
Birth21 August 1983MCCLOY Emily Claire?
Birth2 September 1983DUNCAN Michael James?
Birth7 September 1983VALDEZ Randy Allen?
Death11 September 1983BRICKER James Allison?
Birth22 September 1983TESSNEER Sharon Elizabeth?
Death25 November 1983DRESSER Elva Mae?
Birth3 December 1983ADAMSON Bonita May?
Birthabout 1983CHATFIELD Thomas?
Divorce1983MURPHY Kelly J with WARKOSKI Lynda Marie?
Death1983CHATFIELD Nancy?
Divorce1983CHATFIELD Donald Franklin with HURLEY Kathleen Jane?
Divorce1983ROGERS Jack Leon with FULLER Eloise Rae?
Birth10 January 1984CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Nicholas?
Birth21 March 1984CHILDS David Dudley?
Birth24 March 1984CRAWFORD Juston Scott?
DeathMarch 1984? Dorothy?
Birth26 April 1984ALLEGER Carl Wayne?
Birth26 June 1984FAULKNER Joshua D?
Birth28 June 1984CHATFIELD Joshua Ryan?
BirthJune 1984SCHLUENTZ Marc Andrew?
Birth1 July 1984CHATFIELD Thomas L?
Birth3 July 1984ZINK Justin D?
Birth27 July 1984CHATFIELD John Robert?
Birth16 August 1984DAVIS Shawna H?
Death28 August 1984EVANS Rose Katherine?
Marriage1 September 1984ELSMORE Robert J with BAUER Judith Ann?
Birth12 September 1984GREENHAW Zachary P?
Birth24 September 1984CHATFIELD Carmen Lorain?
Birth1 October 1984LIBBY Erik Scott?
Birth12 November 1984LIGHT Tonja Marie?
DeathDecember 1984HENNEMAN Donald Carl?
Birthabout 1984KRUG Michaela A?
Divorce1984HADLEY Donald Byron with DOLE Carolee Joyce?
Divorce1984ZAGRYN Alex with MANGINELLI Kristen?
Death23 January 1985CHATFIELD Almeda B?
Birth28 January 1985CHATFIELD Melissa Marie?
Birth14 February 1985ZEAMAN Alex?
Death5 March 1985PIERPONT Mildred Iola?
Death23 April 1985BIRD Minnie?
Birth17 May 1985CHATFIELD Sara Ruth?
Marriage1 June 1985POOL John Douglas with SWINEHART Jan Marie?
Birth8 June 1985HOBBS Tyler S?
Birth18 July 1985CHATFIELD Christopher T?
Marriage31 August 1985ALLRED Joel Eugene with TAYLOR Karen Lynne?
BirthAugust 1985CHATFIELD Megan A?
Birth12 September 1985KETELSEN Stephen Thomas?
Birth15 September 1985CHATFIELD Amanda Bliar?
Marriage19 October 1985COREY Albert M with HILL Nancy Larayne?
Death9 November 1985GARDNER William Ola?
Marriage16 November 1985PFITZNER Harold Thomas with GROSS Kim M?
Birth30 November 1985JAUREGUI Nicholas M?
Birth6 December 1985WALKER Nichole M?
BirthDecember 1985PRUITT Matthew?
Divorce1985LITCHFIELD Michael L with TRAUNER Kathryn Elizabeth?
Marriageabout 1985MOEN Ronald Howard with CHATFIELD Judith Ann?
Birthabout 1985MARKHAM Craig Joseph?
Birth21 February 1986MARKHAM Tyler Kenneth?
Birth15 March 1986ZLATEFF Nicole M?
Marriage10 May 1986PETERSON Gregg Matthew with MACIEJEWSKI Linda?
Birth23 May 1986CRAWFORD Lorn \ Lora R?
DeathMay 1986MCCAHILL Angela D?
Birth15 July 1986GREENHAW Britteny A?
Birth18 July 1986BEFORE Kelsey Jean?
Birth28 July 1986SHULER Kathleen Heron?
Death5 August 1986CAMERON Milton James?
Marriage28 August 1986CHATFIELD Richard Darren with LEAPER Judy?
DeathSeptember 1986TORRENCE Alberta W?
DeathOctober 1986CORCORAN Thomas Harmon?
Marriage6 December 1986PETERSON Grant Mark with STALEY Brenda?
Birth1986BUDAJ Nicole Erica?
Birthabout 1986HOBBS Stefanie L?
Marriage1986HESNARD Donald Keith with FULLER Eloise Rae?
Birth9 January 1987LEWIS Annessa Marie?
Death19 January 1987LANDES James Curtis?
Birth1 March 1987CERNETIC Faith B?
Death24 March 1987? Mamie C?
DeathMarch 1987RAINWATER Luella?
Birth22 May 1987CHATFIELD Thomas Corey?
Death3 June 1987ADAMS Marjorie Helen?
Birth6 June 1987? Ashley M?
Birth8 June 1987SCHAEFFER Paul Russell?
Marriage20 June 1987CHATFIELD Donald Franklin with LANE Judith Eloise?
Birth3 July 1987CHATFIELD Sarah Hope?
Birth19 July 1987CHILDS Christine Carellen?
Birth27 July 1987NESBIT Ryan William?
Marriage12 August 1987CERRUTO Jamas with CHATFIELD Vivian Mae?
Birth5 October 1987ALLEGER Mary Elaine?
Death21 October 1987GONIA Kathryn M?
Birth2 December 1987CHATFIELD Diane Jean?
Birth1987NORTH Jessi Lee?
Death1987BLAKE Jon E?
Birth1987CHATFIELD Crystal Ann?
Birth1987HANLEY Melanie?
Death1987GOODELL Helen?
Death9 April 1988DURKES Dale G?
Birth11 April 1988HOUSEKNECHT Alicia Rose?
Marriage12 May 1988KETELSEN Daniel Allen with BOOCK Susan Kathleen?
Birth18 July 1988CHATFIELD Constance Elizabeth?
Birth27 August 1988CHATFIELD Joseph Pierce?
Birth8 September 1988RECORDS Ginger Michele?
Marriage21 October 1988FALLER Stephen Wade with ECHERD Diane Leslie?
Birth5 December 1988LOWE Holly Nicole?
Death20 December 1988SMITH GARNETT Grace Irene?
Marriageabout 1988OTT Michael Francis with CHATFIELD Shawn Anne?
Birthabout 1988FLECK Kaitlin M?
Birth1988DMOCHOWSKI Elizabeth?
Birth28 February 1989HOUSEKNECHT Adam Robert?
Birth18 May 1989WHITE Kyle?
BirthMay 1989CHATFIELD Charlene Marie?
Birth20 June 1989NESBIT Rebecca Lynn?
Death18 July 1989HARP Ella Myrtle?
Death9 August 1989CHATFIELD Sarah Dianne?
Death4 October 1989JANES Emory Charles?
Death3 December 1989HOUSE Alta Myrtle?
Death22 December 1989GREEN Charles F?
Naturalization1989BARROW Wayne D?
Death1989JACKSON Wesley Elmore?
Birth1989MCCALLLUM Conner Emanual?
Birth1989KETELSEN Kyle Allen?
Death2 January 1990ISRAEL Edna Myrtle?
Death21 January 1990HARDING Orville?
Birth20 March 1990MCDOWELL Kylan Christopher?
Birth22 June 1990NETTLETON Caitlin Elise?
BirthAugust 1990CHATFIELD Nicholas?
Death7 September 1990PRATT Kendric Chatfield?
Death17 September 1990WEST Richard McFall?
Death29 October 1990HAMBURGER Alvin R?
DeathDecember 1990PENUELL Doris?
Birth1990CHATFIELD Cody Fraser?
Birthabout 1990BAILEY Michael Glenn?
Birth1990THOMPSON Alison M?
Marriage1990DAVIS Ronald Keith with NEWSOME Sherry Olivia?
Death1 February 1991WEBB George Hobert?
MarriageMarch 1991THOMPSON W M with MORGAN Diane L?
Death13 August 1991BROWNING Ralph Ewing?
Death14 September 1991WISE Charles Wesley?
Birth12 October 1991CHATFIELD Dustin?
Birth30 November 1991MARKHAM Grant Espenschied?
Marriage21 December 1991NOTTINGHAM Wayne Alfred with CONNOR Linda S?
Birth1991UCHIDA Kimberly?
Death1991MCDANIEL Helen Marie?
Death1991CARLSON William Ambrose?
Birth1991MCCALLLUM Payton Nathaniel?
Death4 February 1992HESLIP Judith C?
Death24 March 1992MOUNTAIN Frances A?
Death3 April 1992KIRCHAN Aurelia E?
Marriage15 August 1992PINT Shawn Robert with IRWIN Cathy Jonell?
Death22 September 1992WARNER Donald Chatfield?
Birth31 October 1992MCSHERRY Caitlyn Rose?
Birth31 October 1992MCSHERRY Kelly Jean?
Birth30 November 1992GAILUNAS Alexander?
BirthNovember 1992GENTER Zachary Norman?
BirthNovember 1992KERWIN Brittany J?
Death1992HILLS Violet Verenda?
Birth1992CHATFIELD Kyle David?
Death1992HASKINS Donald H?
Birth1992CHRISTNER Alyssa?
BirthFebruary 1993CHATFIELD Chelsea Marie?
Death21 March 1993CHAMBERS Thelma Louise?
BirthApril 1993STACY Nicole Layne?
Death16 June 1993CHATFIELD E Lawrence?
Birth20 June 1993CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1 July 1993NETTLETON Timothy Gordon?
Birth14 August 1993CERRUTO Abigail?
Death19 November 1993FAULKNER Virgil Lewis?
DeathNovember 1993BEVINGTON Ralph E?
Death1993STODDARD Marjorie Frances?
Death1993ARMATI Scott Marcus?
Death1993NEWBURY Michael D?
Death6 March 1994BUEHLER Donald Eugene?
Death16 March 1994BEALS Ercel?
Death21 March 1994CALHOUN Richard?
Birth6 July 1994LOWE Samantha Kay?
BirthSeptember 1994GENTER MacKenzie Diane?
Birth12 October 1994PETERSON Sarah Dillingham?
Death21 October 1994AMBROSIANO Joseph?
Marriage31 December 1994HIATT Joseph Roy with MCMULLEN Cindy J?
Birth1994MCCALLLUM Ian Donald?
Birth1994CHRISTNER Justin Scott?
Birth1994MCCALLLUM Colin James?
Birthabout 1994CHATFIELD Timothy W?
Birth1994CHATFIELD Tanner Dylan?
Birthabout 1994BERNARD Myra?
Birthabout 1994CHATFIELD Alexia Lynne?
Death25 January 1995CHATFIELD Ada May?
Death13 March 1995CHATFIELD Alice Virginia?
Birth1 April 1995PINT Travis Alexander?
Marriage17 June 1995ZORN Ralph Allan with UFHEIL Betty Gerels?
BirthJune 1995CHATFIELD Connor Robert?
Death4 July 1995GERINGER William Donald?
Death12 August 1995CHATFIELD Emery Edgar?
Death23 September 1995HERREN George Harry?
Birth1 November 1995MCDOWELL Brady Alexander?
Death1995? Lillian I.?
Marriage1995LAWSON Stuart James with HOOD Becky J?
Death4 January 1996HAWLEY Delbert F?
Birth25 January 1996RECORDS Brynn Elizabeth?
Death9 April 1996SWINGLE Ila May?
Death25 April 1996LOMAX Dorothea Regina?
Death5 August 1996CHATFIELD Mary Kay?
Marriage21 September 1996KEEFE Christopher with SIX Amy?
Birth22 September 1996CERRUTO Nicholas?
Death9 November 1996COX Kate?
Death13 February 1997CHATFIELD Eddie Dean?
Death18 March 1997HARPER Donald L?
Marriageafter 17 April 1997CHATFIELD Gregory Van Cleve with LARKE Stacy?
Death8 August 1997NETTLETON Leo Franklin?
Death29 August 1997? Cecil Marie?
Death9 October 1997TYRE Robert Dale?
Death27 October 1997RAYMOND Stanley Kenneth \ Elvin?
Marriage29 November 1997DAHL Chris G with CHATFIELD Hope Melissa?
DivorceDecember 1997FALLER Stephen Wade with ECHERD Diane Leslie?
Death1997DUMAS Euna Virginia?
Divorce1997APT Charles W with CHATFIELD Barbara M?
Birthabout 1997BRAUER Jacqueline Ann?
Birth1997CHRISTNER Cassidy?
Death24 June 1998BANGS Lawrence Cutler?
Death25 June 1998CLARK Mary Lesa Prochazkia?
Death3 July 1998CURTIN Thomas Patrick?
Death15 July 1998HALL Robert Lester?
Death7 October 1998CHATFIELD William Bonnell?
Birth13 December 1998WOODIN Skylar Ray?
Marriage1998CHATFIELD Carl Leslie with WALTER Susan Gayle?
Death1998CRAWLEY James?
Deathafter 1998GRAHAM Patricia M?
Death2 November 1999TERWELP Kathryn Helen?
Death4 November 1999DENNIS Audrey Lillian?
Death17 November 1999? Barbara L?
Marriage29 January 2000CONNOR John J with CHATFIELD Mika Marie?
Birth23 February 2000SILLYMAN Abby Rae?
Death13 March 2000? Geraldine C?
Death16 March 2000SUPACK Rudy Anthony?
Death31 March 2000MULFORD Mildred Elaine?
Death19 April 2000CHATFIELD Gwendolyn Ann?
Death10 June 2000CLUFF Julia?
Death3 July 2000LATHAM Arlene Ruth?
Birth21 July 2000CERRUTO Molly?
Death3 October 2000CHATFIELD Patricia Lynn?
Death23 October 2000FISK Perry Warren?
Marriage29 October 2000BARKLEY Jeff with CHATFIELD Kimberly?
Birthabout 2000HANLON Brenna?
Death2000JONES Olive Standish?
Death7 February 2001CHATFIELD Doris Mae?
Death3 March 2001CHATFIELD Richard Eberle?
Death28 April 2001NICHOLSON James H?
Death4 May 2001NETTLETON Jack Alvin?
Death12 May 2001KORNOELJE Clifford C?
Death27 May 2001HAMBLETON Joyce Mary (Fox)?
Death31 May 2001PETERSON Waldo E?
Death3 July 2001MULLEN Effie?
Death5 July 2001CHATFIELD William S?
Death1 August 2001ROUTSON Carl Albert?
Death24 September 2001EDINGER Joseph Vincent?
Marriage29 September 2001CHATFIELD David Michael with HARRIS Mary Ruth?
Death15 October 2001TAYLOR Willard Harold?
Death6 December 2001KETELSEN Daniel Allen?
Marriageafter 2001CHATFIELD George Leslie with REED \ GOODMAN Nancy?
Marriage2001LARMEY Kenneth with HALL Desiree?
Death8 May 2002CHATFIELD Valda Eugene?
Death27 August 2002AHO Danny William?
Marriage31 August 2002CHATFIELD Randall Dean with ALLRED Cheryle Lynne?
Death23 September 2002ELLETT Daisy Louise?
Death28 September 2002LIPKE Barbara?
Death23 October 2002KELSEY Mary Elizabeth?
Death1 November 2002CHATFIELD Mary Louise?
Death29 December 2002LAMB Kenneth Harlan?
Birthabout 2002CHATFIELD Leila?
Death29 January 2003CHATFIELD Gladys Elizabeth?
DeathFebruary 2003KRUPA Henry J?
Death8 April 2003CROSS Ruth V?
Death13 April 2003SPARKS Viola?
Death26 May 2003BELLON Aldon Westley?
Death27 May 2003LEWIS Paul J?
Death3 July 2003CHATFIELD Doris E?
Birth11 July 2003WOODIN Noah John?
MarriageAugust 2003CHATFIELD Robert P with ALDER Kirsty Anne?
Marriageafter 2003OLSON Edward with CHATFIELD Dorothy C \ L?
Marriage2003CHATFIELD Jamie Scott with JARVIS Emily?
Birthabout 2003SEVENAU Satchel?
Death2 January 2004LEWIS Ray Phillip?
Death12 January 2004GREEN Helen A?
Death27 July 2004CHATFIELD Scott Michael?
Death16 August 2004EPPERLY Lillian H?
Death27 September 2004BOTSFORD Gardner?
Death12 November 2004ANGELO Ricky Lee?
Death6 December 2004MORTON Louise B?
Death8 February 2005AGLER Jack Paul?
Death19 February 2005MORSEMAN Philip E?
Death19 March 2005MULFORD Marvin Stanley?
Death31 March 2005KORSMEYER Stanley J?
Death10 May 2005PENNOCK Robert Lawrence?
Death14 May 2005PEEK Bernard A?
Death29 May 2005JANES Roy J?
Death5 August 2005CHATFIELD David R?
Death29 August 2005LOPER Bonnie Marie?
Death18 November 2005BEACOM Ruth Margaret?
Death8 December 2005RADEKIN Ross Wesley?
Death27 December 2005COOMBS Ellen Jane?
Death23 February 2006EHRLICH Alice A?
Death30 April 2006CHATFIELD John William?
Death10 May 2006MULFORD Harriet Louise?
Death14 May 2006FULLER Ollie June?
Death29 June 2006CHATFIELD Richard Norman?
Death7 August 2006CHATFIELD Lucille Helen?
Death16 August 2006BECK Mary M?
Death24 September 2006CASE Phyllis H?
Death4 December 2006WISE Charles Eugene?
Death2006GRELE Russell Timothy?
Death8 February 2007CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Richard Farwell?
Death15 April 2007CHATFIELD Randal Ray?
Death4 May 2007CHATFIELD Michael Lewis?
BirthJuly 2007STANDEFER Emily?
Death13 August 2007STREETER Jean Paula?
Marriage1 September 2007CHATFIELD Jonathan Frederick with STEWART Brittney Jean?
Death21 October 2007HENNEMAN Carl Newhall?
Marriage21 October 2007RICE David Earl with PATTANGKHO Phairat?
Marriageafter 2007GEDAMOSKE Jason with CHATFIELD Stacey Ann?
Death28 January 2008KUENTZEL Florene Janet?
Birth1 February 2008CARDAMONI Anthony John?
Death11 March 2008GRAHAM Barbara Ann?
Death28 March 2008BOGGS Janice Merelyn?
Death31 March 2008SINKEY Anne Yvonne?
Death28 July 2008FIELDS Dorothy Alberta?
Birth1 August 2008RICE Jada Patcha?
Death1 October 2008SEABLOOM Charlotte Lauretta?
Death15 October 2008ROSE Douglas R?
Birthabout 2008SEVENAU Temple?
Birthabout 2008BALSMEYER Tabitha?
Birth2008CHATFIELD Katie?
Death18 January 2009YAKOTS Frank Michael?
Death22 April 2009ROBINSON J Bliss?
Birth23 August 2009FECTO Sofia June?
Marriage27 September 2009THURSTON Donald with SCRANTON Elizabeth Gilmour?
Death22 October 2009CORCORAN Michael Joseph?
Death22 December 2009GETSMAN Ronald Lee?
Marriage12 January 2010MCCLURE ? with NOTTINGHAM Tammy Marie?
Death17 January 2010HADDIX Leone Jennie?
Death23 June 2010BASTIAN Dorothy C?
Death26 June 2010CUNNING Alton Samuel?
Death9 October 2010MOSIES Juanita A?
Marriage16 October 2010CHATFIELD Darrell Franklin with REYNOLDS \ HORN Darella R?
Death3 November 2010HILL Lyle Phillip?
Death8 December 2010GALL Arthur?
Death9 March 2011SCOTT Margaret Elizabeth?
Death19 April 2011CHATFIELD David Norman?
Death6 May 2011HEWITT Manford Ackley?
Death22 May 2011KRUPA Joanne?
Death31 May 2011CHATFIELD Miriam Eugenia?
Death1 June 2011DAVIS Ralph Howard?
Death28 September 2011CHATFIELD Richard Stephen?
Death29 November 2011BELANGER Robert J?
Death18 December 2011KRICHBAUM Clarence K?
Deathbefore 2011? Tina?
Death9 February 2012PARKINSON Ramona E?
Death2 April 2012GOODRIDGE Edwin Barringer?
Death18 October 2012PICCIOTTO Anthony J?
Death13 December 2012SHAFER Harless Phillip?
Death2012NETTLETON Barney George?
Burial12 January 2013RHODEN Pamela K?
Death18 June 2013MULFORD Thomas D?
Death24 June 2013CHATFIELD Robin Linn?
Death8 July 2013JARVIS Emily?
Death2 August 2013HALL Roy E?
Marriage25 August 2013CHATFIELD Seth William with HELLER Sarah Steinberg?
Death20 February 2014BETTIS William Milton?
Death24 May 2014JOHNSTON Patsy Delores?
Deathbefore June 2014FLORA Chandler?
Death27 July 2014CHATFIELD Nancy Lee?
Marriage7 August 2014CHATFIELD Aaron David with LEONARD Rebekah Lynn?
Death13 December 2014TENISON John Hughes?
Birth8 May 2015WEAVER Lydia Catherine?
Death19 August 2015MOREY Frank Alvah?
Marriage19 December 2015CABADING Paul D with LORDSON Mallory Christine?
DeathDecember 2015CHATFIELD Catherine Alice?
Birthabout 2015CHATFIELD Grayson Edward?
Death20 January 2016YOUNG Margaret Jean?
Burial8 February 2016YOUNG Margaret Jean?
Burial13 February 2016HUGHES Donie Cornellia?
Death21 April 2016CHATFIELD Sadie Juanita?
Death8 May 2016CHATFIELD Janice K?
Death11 July 2016CHATFIELD Paul Edward?
Death30 September 2016HOSKINS David Lee?
Death2016ATWELL Ford?
Death23 March 2017BIXBY Dorothy Etta?
MarriageJune 2017CHATFIELD David Allen with SMITH Lisel Anne?
Residence2017HEUSSLER William?
Death5 March 2018KRUPA Richard?
Death29 April 2018LIDDLE Mark Robert?
Death2018ENGLAND Noel C?
Engagement2019CHATFIELD Zachary with BIGELOW Kayla?
Death16 June 2020RIPA Paul Joseph?

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