List of events ordered by date

United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Newburg, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth20 February 1822PRINDLE Eliza?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - North Plainfield borough, Somerset Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1900/1910BALL Frederick O?
Census1915BALL Frederick O?
Census1915BALL Thomas Muller?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Nursing Home, Elizabeth, Union Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death14 December 1990CHATFIELD Nettie Louise?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Nutley, Essex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1915FITTING George?
Census1915FITTING Issue 5?
Census1915FROBOSE Mary M?
Census1920CHATFIELD Wilson Fritcher?
Census1920CHATFIELD Clarence Fritcher?
Census1920CLEMENTS Dorothea M?
Census1920CHATFIELD George Clements?
Census1930CLEMENTS Dorothea M?
Deathbefore 1930FITTING George?
Census1930CHATFIELD Clarence Fritcher?
Census1930CHATFIELD Ann M?
Census1930FITTING Marie Helen?
Census1930CHATFIELD Wilson Fritcher?
Census1930CHATFIELD George Clements?
Census1930/1940FROBOSE Mary M?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Ocean Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage19 March 1876CREGO Milo H with OSBORN Louisa?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Old Brick Reformed Church Cmtry., Marlboro, Monmouth Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BEACH Sophie?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Orange, Essex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth25 August 1805CONDIT Daniel?
Residence1920WASHBURN Eugene Robinson?
Residence1920/1930STRONG Fanny Louise?
Residence1920/1930STRONG Mary E?
Residence1930WASHBURN Eugene Strong?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Passaic, Morris Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1910MAY Forrest?
Census1910BARNUM Clara R?
Census1910MAY Helen Louise?
Census1915CHATFIELD William A?
Census1915MAY Helen Louise?
Census1920/1930CHATFIELD William A?
Census1920/1930MAY Helen Louise?
Birth26 March 1936CHATFIELD Eugene Hale?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Paterson City, Passaic Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940PEPE Albert Joseph?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Paterson, Passaic Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage15 September 1864CHATFIELD John with LEIGH Anna Jane?
Birth2 January 1886HOUBERTZ ??
Birth5 December 1894HOUBERTZ Edith H?
Birth6 March 1921FERRARY Dorothy Jane?
Birth29 January 1924LESLIE Wilhelmina?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Patterson Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1880YORK Robert R?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Patterson, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage14 December 1943COLE John Roberts with BARNUM Sally Adams?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Peapack,Somerset Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth26 March 1915WEIGAND Mae Lorraine?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Penns Grove, Salem Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940BORDEN Caroline Mulford?
Census1940MILLER Halsey Wilkinson?
Census1940MILLER Halsey Wilkinson?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Pennsauken Twp., Merchantville, Camden Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1900TRUSCOTT Katherine Frances?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Philhower Chapel of Vincent Methodist Episcopal Church, Vincent Place, Nutley, Essex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage8 December 1934CHATFIELD Wilson Fritcher with WEBSTER Laura Anne?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Princeton, Mercer Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death2 October 2016CONOVER Florence?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Rahway Cmtry., Rahway, Union Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?NEWBURY Edward Stewart Elder?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Rahway, Union Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1860OSBORN Louisa?
Death12 January 1920NEWBURY Edward Stewart Elder?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Raritan Twp., Middlesex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940CHEATLE Walter?
Census1940CHATFIELD Florence Mae?
Census1940FREEMAN Malcolm?
Census1940CHEATLE Dorothy Louise?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Readington Twp., Hunterdon Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1915GOEBEL Edgar D?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Red Bank,Monmouth Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
DeathAugust 1967ZAUSCH Frederick?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Restland Cmtry., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?DOX Anna?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Ridgefield Park, Bergen Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage5 June 1943CHATFIELD Donald Leroy with SWITKOWSKI Alice W?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Ridgewood, Bergen Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1 December 1887CHATFIELD Raymond Rogers?
Residence2012CHATFIELD Katherine Amelia?
Residence2012CHATFIELD Victoria Elizabeth?
Residence2012HILLOCKS Beverley A?
Residence2012CHATFIELD Tyler Christopher?
Residence2012/2017CHATFIELD John Farquhar?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Rockleigh. Bergen Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage17 June 2006DUBIN Marc John with BENAUR Marina?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Rosedale Cmtry., Orange, Essex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CONDIT Daniel?
Burial?BARLOW Jane Deborah?
Burial?SMITH Eunice Jane?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Rutherford, Bergen Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death30 April 1949DAYTON Edward George?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Sayer, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death5 July 1992BEECHEY George Edward?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Sea Isle City, Cape May Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth14 July 1946EWING Charlotte?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Shrewsbury Twp., Monmouth Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1747ALLEN Ebenezer?
Birthabout 1750ALLEN Daniel?
Birth1752ALLEN Margaret?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Somers Point, Atlantic Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death10 May 1983CHATFIELD Alexander Sidney?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Somerset Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth12 September 1898BALL Thomas Muller?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Somerset Hills Memorial Park, Basking Ridge, Somerset Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Charles Edward?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Somerset, Somerset Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriageabout 1971CHATFIELD Charles Edward with ARGILE Diane?
DeathDecember 1977HECK Ruth?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Somerville, Somerset Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth23 November 1920CHATFIELD Robert Edwin?
Census1920CHATFIELD Charles Buckingham?
Census1920HALL Marion Ruthven?
Death6 December 1972CHATFIELD Richard Smith?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Sparta, Sussex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth19 June 1830KISHPAUGH George Willard?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - St Marys Nursing Home, Cherry Hill, Camden Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death25 May 1994BRENNAN Mary Immaculata?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Sussex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth28 January 1841CONKLIN Sarah Ellen?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Towanda, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BEECHEY George Edward?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Trenton, Mercer Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage28 February 1855BARRICKLO William Reid with ROWLEY Charlotte W?
Marriage10 July 1871CREASE Henry with ROWLEY Charlotte W?
Birth9 June 1872CREASE Jennie Taylor?
Marriage25 November 1891DEAN William Franklin with CREASE Jennie Taylor?
Birth15 July 1899TURANO Samuel Thomas?
Census1900PARMELLE Mildred D?
Birth3 May 1912ENGLISH Harrison Force?
Census1920CHATFIELD Edith Anna?
Census1920WALSH Thomas A?
Residence1930ENGLISH Harrison Force?
Residence1930MATTHEWS Iris?
Residence1930ENGLISH Joseph Edgar?
Birth22 September 1938CHATFIELD Ray Warren?
Birth1941MCMEANS George B?
Residence2006CARGILL Heath Robert?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Union Cmtry. Hope, Warren Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?LUSE Sarah Margaret?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Union Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage20 June 1863NEWBURY Edward Stewart Elder with SPROAT Margaret S?
Census1905MCCAHILL Angela D?
Census1905KELLY Arline \ Solene?
Census1905MCCAHILL Alfred?
Census1920CHATFIELD Raymond Rogers?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Verona, Essex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage?ZAUSCH Frederick with DOX Anna?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Warren Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth15 July 1819LUSE Sarah Margaret?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - West Orange, Essex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death27 September 1923CHATFIELD Lilla F?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Westfield Town, Union Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940CHATFIELD Horace?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Westfield, Union Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1930CHATFIELD Horace Fosdick?
Census1930PRIME Juliette S?
Census1930/1940EVANS Rose Katherine?
Census1930/1940CHATFIELD Edward Horace?
Census1930/1940CHATFIELD Raymond Rogers?
Residence2016FLECK Joel Juden?
Residence2016FLECK Meaghan?
Residence2016HOLDA Marilyn Ann?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Williamstown, Gloucester Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence2015CARLINO Lindsay M?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?JACQUES Issue 4?
Death?ALLEN Samuel?
Death?ALLEN Susannah?
Death?SHOTWELL Martha?
Marriage8 November 1677POTTER Marmaduke with BINGLEY Mary?
Birthabout 1679DILLIE MERRICK Susannah?
Birth1680POTTER Deliverance?
Birth5 February 1684ALLEN John?
Death19 December 1694POTTER Marmaduke?
Death1694BINGLEY Mary?
Marriage11 December 1700JACQUES John with DILLIE MERRICK Susannah?
Marriage24 October 1707ALLEN John with POTTER Deliverance?
Birth24 August 1708ALLEN Samuel?
Birth1710SHOTWELL Martha?
Birth6 March 1711ALLEN Joseph?
Birth24 May 1714ALLEN Ursula?
Birth30 November 1715ALLEN Susannah?
Deathabout 1715DILLIE MERRICK Susannah?
Death19 January 1716ALLEN John?
Marriage17 November 1716JACQUES John with POTTER Deliverance?
Death17 November 1716POTTER Deliverance?
Birthbefore 1717JACQUES John?
Death4 August 1725JACQUES John?
Marriage18 MAY 1728/1732ALLEN Samuel with SHOTWELL Martha?
Marriage1735ALLEN John with PARKER Elizabeth?
Birth1747ALLEN John?
Death19 January 1750ALLEN Joseph?
Birth21 October 1844BORSTORFF Charles James?
Residence1860BORSTORFF Charles James?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Woodland Cmtry., Newark, Essex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Edwin W?
Burial?CLEARY Frances Louise?
Burial1 May 1889PERINE Mary Jane?
Burial8 November 1894CHATFIELD John Edwin?
Burial7 December 1898CHATFIELD Edwin Eugene?
Burial1 November 1950CHATFIELD Florence Mae?
Burial27 January 1958CHEATLE Walter?



United States of America - NJ New Jersey - Woodlawn Cmtry., Lakewood, Ocean Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?WORDEN Alice Walton?
Burial?DAYTON Emily Adeline?
Burial?DAYTON Edward George?
Burial?DAYTON Edward Smith?
Burial?DAYTON James Ward?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth10 October 1889CHATFIELD Anna Laura?
Birth3 December 1889MARBLE Naomi?
Birth9 February 1891CHATFIELD Ella Nora?
Birth11 October 1894MANER James Edgar?
Birthabout 1894CHATFIELD Charles Alfred?
Birthabout 1896? Odian?
Birth20 October 1898CHATFIELD Harvey Silas?
Birth1903CHATFIELD Norman Omeria?
Death1907CHATFIELD Ella Nora?
Birth4 October 1911HOOTEN Louis Morgan?
Birthabout 1912MARTIN Helen G?
Birth15 November 1913BOLANDER Ralph?
Death1918CHATFIELD Harvey Silas?
Birthabout 1924WHITTED Myrna H?
Birth26 May 1925WHITTED Margaret Emily?
Birthabout 1928CHATFIELD Dorothy L?
Birthabout 1929CHATFIELD Donald?
Birthabout 1933CHATFIELD Barbara?
BirthJune 1936CHATFIELD Harvey Ferdinand?
Birthabout 1937BOLANDER Richard Dean?
Birthabout 1939CHATFIELD Francis?
Birth15 September 1947NEMEC John J?
Birth18 December 1949NEMEC Carol Jean?
Birth20 December 1951NEMEC Daniel Paul?
Birth1 September 1970NEMEC Jason James?
Death1972DAVIS Pinkney?
Death1973CHATFIELD Margaret Jane?
Birth6 July 1979HALL Desiree?
DeathDecember 1980CHATFIELD Maude Shockley?
Birthabout 1983OTWELL Tyler B?
Death20 March 2002WERSHAW Arthur Samuel?
Death2 September 2005KLEINSTIVER Kathryn Ann?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death27 September 1954KOENIG Afton Arthur?
Birth11 May 1959KLEINSTIVER Kathryn Ann?
DeathNovember 1965BUNKER Mary Adeline?
Birth21 June 1975ROBERDS Sanford John?
Birth17 May 1978ROBERDS Brian Dickey?
Death25 November 1981CHATFIELD Dorothy Elizabeth?
Death28 September 2003BARNUM Margaret J?
Residence2011GRIFFITH Lesley Anne?
Residence2011SPROUL Robin A?
Residence2012GUNCKEL Frederick James?
Death27 March 2018CHATFIELD Alonzo Bradley?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Armijo, Bernalillo Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death27 December 1932WHITTED Percy Murray?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Arrey, Sierra Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1930CHATFIELD Dorothy L?
Census1930? May \ Maye?
Census1930CHATFIELD Donald?
Census1930CHATFIELD Oliver Ames?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Caballo, Sierra Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1930CHATFIELD George Ferdinand?
Census1930ROUSE Frances Lavina?
Census1940CHATFIELD Francis?
Census1940CHATFIELD Harvey Ferdinand?
Census1940CHATFIELD Barbara?
Census1940? Celena?
Census1940? May \ Maye?
Census1940CHATFIELD Oliver Ames?
Census1940CHATFIELD Dorothy L?
Census1940CHATFIELD Donald?
Residence1973CHATFIELD George Ferdinand?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Carlsbad Cmtry., Carlsbad, Eddy Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?JOHNSTON Patsy Delores?
Burial?CHATFIELD Guy Orville?
Burial?VERNON Dean Curtis?
Burial?CHATFIELD Randy Lee?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Carlsbad, Eddy Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?CHATFIELD Bradley?
Birth?CHATFIELD Ashlyn?
Birth?CHATFIELD Lanndan?
Birth?CHATFIELD Brennan?
Birth12 January 1969CHATFIELD Randy Lee?
Birth1969VERNON Sonja J?
Death25 September 1972CHATFIELD Guy Orville?
DeathJuly 1987CHATFIELD Stanley Spencer?
Death13 January 1995RAWLINGS Ardell?
Marriage31 July 1999CHATFIELD Randy Lee with VERNON Sonja J?
Death12 May 2006VERNON Dean Curtis?
Death7 December 2011CHATFIELD Randy Lee?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Chilili, Bernalillo Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1900BOLANDER Grover Thomas?
Census1900BOLANDER James Buchanan?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Columbus, Luna Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence2009NEMEC Carol Jean?
Death13 September 2015OTWELL Ben Arthur?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Cuchillo, Sierra Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1910MARTIN William?
Residence1910FALL Stella Gentry?
Residence1910MARTIN William W?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Deming, Luna Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth29 November 1948NEMEC James Richard?
DeathAugust 1982NEMEC Stanislav \ Stanley?
DeathJanuary 1986BARCUCH Mary Agnes?
Death15 March 2003NEMEC James Richard?
Death15 August 2004NEMEC John J?
Residence2009NEMEC John J?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Doņa Ana Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1920MARTIN William W?
Census1920MARTIN Helen G?
Residence1920FALL Stella Gentry?
Residence1920MARTIN William?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Edgewood, Santa Fe Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence2005FLANDERS Grace Parker?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Fairview Memorial Park Cmtry, Albuquerque Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?WERSHAW Arthur Samuel?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Fairview Memorial Park, Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BUCHANAN Fred J?
Burial?CHATFIELD Maude Shockley?
Burial?WARD Ella A?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Farmington, San Juan Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940HANSEN Rulon Kershaw?
Census1940HANSEN Lois Rose?
Census1940MERKLEY Margret Jane?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Faulkner, Sierra Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1920CHATFIELD Oliver Ames?
Census1920CHATFIELD Norman Omeria?
Census1920CHATFIELD Barbara \ Frances Elizabeth?
Census1920ROUSE Frances Lavina?
Census1920CHATFIELD George Ferdinand?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - First Baptist Church, Tucumcari, Quay Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage19 October 1957VERNON Dean Curtis with JOHNSTON Patsy Delores?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Grenville, Union Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth19 December 1928LOCKHART Phyllis Marie?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Hillsboro Cmtry., Hillsboro, Sierra Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Ella Nora?
Burial?CHATFIELD Margaret Jane?
Burial?CHATFIELD George Ferdinand?
Burial?DAVIS Pinkney?
Burial?CHATFIELD Norman Omeria?
Burial?CHATFIELD Harvey Silas?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Hillsboro, Sierra Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death29 November 1973CHATFIELD George Ferdinand?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Hot Springs Cmtry., Hot Springs, Sierra Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Oliver Ames?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Hot Springs Cmtry., Truth or Consequences, Sierra Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?? Mae?
Burial?? Essie M?
Burial?BOLANDER Grover Thomas?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Hot Springs, Sierra Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1920? Odian?
Census1920BOLANDER Ralph?
Census1920BOLANDER Grover Thomas?
Census1930BOLANDER Grover Thomas?
Census1930BOLANDER Ralph?
Census1930CHATFIELD Alice Belle?
Census1930BOLANDER James Buchanan?
Death3 June 1938CHATFIELD Norman Omeria?
Census1940BOLANDER Richard Dean?
Census1940BOLANDER Ralph?
Census1940BOLANDER Grover Thomas?
Census1940? Louise?
Census1940? Mae?
Death1946ROUSE Frances Lavina?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Jemez Springs, Sandoval Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence2013MCCRAY David B?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Kingston, Sierra Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage20 December 1887CHATFIELD Alfred Omeria with ROUSE Frances Lavina?
Birth15 April 1900CHATFIELD Oliver Ames?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Las Cruces, Doņa Ana Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death17 December 1921MARTIN William?
Death11 August 2009JENKINSON Audrey Lauder?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Las Cruces, Luna Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth22 December 1891AGUIRE Mary Theresa?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Las Vegas, San Miguel Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth14 January 1890CHATFIELD Lyman George?
Birth14 March 1892CHATFIELD Frank Bonnell?
Birth19 January 1932SICKENGER JoAnn C?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Logan, Quay Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth3 September 1939JOHNSTON Patsy Delores?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Lordsburg, Hidalgo Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage12 July 1945CHATFIELD Elbert Allen with JOHNSTON Lois?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Lower Gila, Gold Hill, Black Hawk, Lordsburg, Red Rock, Grant, Hidalgo Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1900CHATFIELD Frank McKean?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Luna Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death28 November 1999GREENWELL Homer F?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Mas. Cmtry., Las Cruces, Doņa Ana Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?MARTIN William?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Mayhill Cmtry., Mayhill, Otero Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD George Ferdinand?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Memory Garden of the Valley, Anapra, Doņa Ana Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial31 July 1964MARTIN William W?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Mogollon, Socorro Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1910BOLANDER Grover Thomas?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Mountain View Cmtry., Deming, Luna Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?GREENWELL Homer F?
Burial?NEMEC James Richard?
Burial23 August 1982NEMEC Stanislav \ Stanley?
Burial8 January 1986BARCUCH Mary Agnes?
Burial19 August 2004NEMEC John J?
Burial20 August 2009JENKINSON Audrey Lauder?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Myndus, Luna Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940BARCUCH Mary Agnes?
Census1940NEMEC Leonard?
Census1940NEMEC Stanley Andrew?
Census1940NEMEC Stanislav \ Stanley?
Census1940NEMEC Ruby A?
Census1940NEMEC John J?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Nara Visa, Quay Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1910HOOTEN Warren Homer?
Census1910HOOTEN Homer Young?
Census1910CHRISTIAN Olga C?
Census1910HOOTEN Earnest Christian?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - New York 10000 : 34 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth27 January 1812BIGGS William C?
Marriageabout 1835BIGGS William C with PRIEST Emiline?

Montgomery Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1910WING Clarence E?
Census1915? Marion A?
Census1920/1930? Marion A?
Census1920/1930WING Coburn E?
Census1920/1930WING Clarence E?
Census1920/1930WING Marion A?

USA or,Owego, Tioga Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1845CABLE Edwin Joseph?

Clarkson, Monroe, .

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth5 January 1870NICHOLS Fannie M?
Birth1871NICHOLS Henry Bardon?
Birth19 September 1872NICHOLS Herbert Warren?
Birth4 August 1876NICHOLS William Harrison?
Birthabout 1877NICHOLS Mary Elizabeth?
BirthNovember 1879NICHOLS George Daniel?
Census1880NICHOLS Fannie M?
Census1880NICHOLS William Henry?
Census1880NICHOLS Herbert Warren?
Census1880HAZEN Elizabeth Almira?
Census1880NICHOLS William Harrison?
Census1880NICHOLS Mary Elizabeth?
Census1880NICHOLS George Daniel?
Census1880NICHOLS Henry Bardon?
Census1920KINNEY Earl?
Census1920NICHOLS William Henry?
Census1920SKUTT Jessie B?
Census1920/1930KINNEY William L?
Census1920/1930NICHOLS Mary Elizabeth?
Census1920/1930KINNEY Marian E?
Census1920/1930NICHOLS Fannie M?

Garland Cmtry., Clarkson, Monroe, .

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?NICHOLS Fannie M?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage5 September 1838HARVEY Joseph with BIGGS Rozilaner H?

Lakeside Cmtry., Hamlin, Monroe, .

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?NICHOLS William Harrison?

Wolf Creek

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1853PALMER Jesse?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Pine River, San Juan Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1940? Geraldine?
Census1940CHATFIELD Floyd Charles?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Placitas, Rio Arriba Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence2011SPROUL Amy?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Santa Fe, Santa Fe Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death2 January 1990TRUMAN James Carlton?
Residence1990INDRA Roberta L?
Residence1990TRUMAN ??



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Santa Rita, Grant Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940CHATFIELD Alice Belle?
Census1940KOPPERS Herman Henry?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Sierra Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death10 June 1954? Mae?
DeathMarch 1969BOLANDER Grover Thomas?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Silver City, Grant Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage6 July 1908MARTIN William W with FALL Stella Gentry?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Sunset Memorial Park, Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?MORSE Robert H?
Burial?van SCOYK Evelyn Ethel?
Burial?WHITTED Percy Murray?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Trujillo, San Miguel Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence2010CHATFIELD Christian J?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Virden, Grant Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth9 January 1906LAMOREAUX Zara?



United States of America - NM New Mexico - Weed, Otero Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth29 October 1892CHATFIELD Margaret Jane?
Birth30 March 1893DAVIS Pinkney?
Death26 August 1894CHATFIELD George Ferdinand?
Death13 January 1895CHATFIELD Silas Porter?
Birth4 July 1895CHATFIELD Alice Belle?
Marriage15 September 1895CHATFIELD Frank McKean with PIERSON Millie Lavina?
Birth2 July 1896CHATFIELD Mabel Samathie?
DeathSeptember 1926WALLACE Samantha Murilla?



United States of America - NV Nevada - USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1885? Edna A?
Birthabout 1904GLADDING Harriett L?
Birth5 May 1913OLD Clara Kathryn?
Birth4 February 1917RIGGS Mary Elizabeth?
Birth31 August 1918CHATFIELD Norman R?
Birthabout 1930MCLAUGHLIN Jacquelyn Ann?
Divorceabout 1950SHAY Alvin R with WOODS Wilma Yvonne?
Marriage12 June 1966CHATFIELD James Solon with SNYDER Linda Teresa?
Divorce1971ACCARDI Jules Valentine with MCELHINEY Mary Ellen (Mote)?
Marriage4 September 1976WILLSON James Arno with ZIMMERLA Jenifer Kay?
Death26 May 1997SANDSTROM Frederick Ray?
Death1 February 2012GRONEMAN Marvin Gene?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Carson City, Ormsby Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage4 May 1951QUIRING Richard Howard with CHATFIELD Nadine Evelyn?
Marriage31 July 1955HAYNIE Raymond D with CHATFIELD Noreen Ellen?
MarriageMay 1957SCOTT L. A with BODENNER Betty Jean?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Carson City, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage9 July 1949CHATFIELD Clayton Charles with GARCIA Mary Margaret?
Marriage11 August 1970WEBER Jay S with BORSHEIM Ruth Ellen?
Marriage8 August 1975KATSCHER Roy Fredrick with TOULBER Dianne Marie?
Death17 April 2005HILL Ethel M?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Christ Lutheran Church Prayer Garden Columbarium, Las Vegas, Clark Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial6 June 2011DEDEYNE Julius Anthony?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Clark Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage18 August 1956SEAVEY Edward Paul with PIERSON Emilienne Eugennie?
Marriage7 July 1958PACILLAS Manuel with CHATFIELD Irma Ione?
Marriage12 April 1959HANCOCK Robert Joseph with CHATFIELD Judith Ann?
Marriage20 December 1961MCCULLOGH Robert E with AKIMOTO Yuriko?
Marriage31 January 1964CHATFIELD Keith Willis with GIFFORD Paula Lee?
Marriage14 June 1964HENNEMAN Carl Newhall with MEDARIS PHILLIPS Mary Lorraine?
Marriage27 June 1964CLARK Lewell Harold with BODAN Barbara Lee?
Marriage11 May 1965FOSTER Grover J with CHATFIELD Carol L?
Marriage19 September 1965WATTS Michael Armond with BOLAND Barbara Ann?
Marriage25 November 1965LEEPER Vernon A with MOEN Valera B?
Marriage13 January 1973MURRAY Michael E with DEDEYNE Jill Andrea?
Marriage10 October 1975FROBISH Kenneth James with VINKEMULDER Carol Louise?
Marriage17 January 1976CHATFIELD Kevin David with SAUNDERS Andra Jane?
Marriage4 September 1976REYNOLDS Jack H with DEDEYNE Jill Andrea?
Marriage19 March 1977RUSSO Andrew Frank with SINNOTT Sheila Marlene?
Marriage2 July 1977RICH Richard Stillman with HALL \ FORNOF Betty Lou?
Marriage20 February 1978HILL Charles B with MACHACEK Martha Marie?
Marriage4 June 1978WATTS Michael Armond with BRYANT Helen Royse?
Marriage4 August 1978BURNS Patrick James with CHATFIELD Brenda Wray?
Marriage20 May 1981DAGROSO John Joseph with KLOPFENSTEIN Deborah Lynn?
Marriage5 July 1981WARREN James R with BORSHEIM Ruth Ellen?
Marriage14 February 1982RICH Richard Stillman with CHATFIELD Iris June?
Marriage11 September 1982CUNNING Alton Samuel with THOMPSON Gilda Maureen?
Marriage12 March 1983MULFORD Richard Wayne with SANDERS Sandra Kay?
Marriage30 July 1983ANGELO Ricky Lee with HANCOCK Lorrie Jean?
Marriage27 October 1984CHATFIELD Walter Jack with JOHNSON Pauline?
Marriage26 October 1985DAVIS Ronald Gordon with VEGA Liliana Isabel?
Marriage18 April 1986ALLPHIN Lynn Leron with MILLER Buncy Marie?
Marriage5 May 1986GORDON Richard Andrew with SAUNDERS Andra Jane?
Marriage9 July 1986CHATFIELD Kevin David with DEDEYNE Jill Andrea?
Marriage27 December 1986CHATFIELD Nelson William with GARDNER Rebecca Kay?
Marriage2 November 1987THOMASSON Fennell Rutherford with RODGERS Virginia L?
Marriage26 March 1988DAGROSO John Joseph with MESYN \ MALEC Donna Evelyn?
Marriage2 June 1988LOWE Kenneth Eugene with HURST Rhonda Leigh?
Marriage18 June 1989CHATFIELD James Solon with SAINCOME Christina Marie?
Marriage6 March 1993CHATFIELD Walter Jack with THOMPSON Gilda Maureen?
Marriage17 February 1995REHDER Shawn Michael with PERSCHKE Lisa Marie?
Marriage18 April 1995MARATHAS Jeffrey Peter with CHATFIELD Allison Marie?
Marriage4 July 1995CHATFIELD Gregory Lee with HOLFORD Therese Mary?
Marriage31 May 1996WEATHERSBY Joseph Allen S with THOMPSON Gilda Maureen?
Marriage22 June 1996TROTT Craig Roger with JACOBY Sally Ann?
Marriage15 November 1997YOUNG David George with CHATFIELD Shanna Marie?
Marriage17 January 1998PEDDER Glenn with PIERCE Deborah?
Marriage20 December 1998GRONEMAN Marvin Gene with COUTURE Janine Linda?
Marriage19 February 1999CHATFIELD Dale Edgar with BIGGS Carolyn Irene?
Marriage30 June 1999WEISKOTTEN Mercer E with MCGUERN Lana J?
Marriage24 November 2001CHATFIELD Bart Laurence with DALTON \ DAVIS Audrey Christine?
Marriage30 June 2002DIETRICH Scott Ryan with CHATFIELD Annika Rae?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Davis Memorial Park, Las Vegas, Clark Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial7 February 2012GRONEMAN Marvin Gene?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Douglas Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage5 October 1991JAEGER Albert Routson with OBERMIRE Beverly Ann?
Marriage15 October 1994PERSCHKE Gerald Richard with SIMMONS Judy Lynn?
Marriage1 June 1995CAMERON Clark Hans with CHATFIELD Amy Burns?
Marriage15 September 1996CRIPE John B with VANARTSEN Colleen Loraine?
Marriage26 December 1997LOBB Michael Garr with FAIRL BECKER Kathy Jo?
Marriage24 September 1998BARGER Rodney Thomas with WEEKS Evelyne M?



United States of America - NV Nevada - East Ely, White Pine Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1930STIREWALT Ethel Helen?
Residence1930ZORNES Joseph Eugene?
Residence1930ZORNES Wayne E?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Elko, Elko Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage2 November 1979CHATFIELD Calvin with HATFIELD Edna Jean?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Fallon, Churchill Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death22 November 1965SLATE Charles Addison?
Residence2016JAUREGUI Ryan Paul?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Gold Hill, Storey Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1870CHATFIELD Timothy?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Goldfield, Esmeralda Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1910CHATFIELD Aleene Rae?
Residence1910CHATFIELD William Nathan?
Residence1910HARRINGTON Gustavia Aleene?
Birth23 December 1921VERNON Lorris M?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Hillside Cmtry., Reno, Washoe Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Richard Edwin?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Las Vegas, Clark Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage4 January 1913CHATFIELD John Curtis with AGUIRE Mary Theresa?
Census1940BRIGHAM Juliana?
Census1940CARROZZO Michael?
Marriage1 March 1943COLE Donald Demming with BOWELSBY Elizabeth?
Marriage23 May 1953CHATFIELD Thomas Roderick with CARROZZO Carole A?
Marriage3 August 1954ROGERS Edward Jack with GRAHAM Marion Joann?
Marriage5 February 1955GRAHAM Jay William with YELTON Beatrice?
Marriage11 February 1966STALLARD Weldon Laurie with THOMPSON Gilda Maureen?
Marriage25 April 1970DEMARCO Robert J with PROHL Sandra?
Marriage28 July 1970SANDSTROM Frederick Ray with PROPPS Mary Lou?
Marriage29 January 1972SUTKE Arthur Truxton with KAHNE Helen L?
Marriage9 November 1972REYNOLDS Paul Wayne with BENDER Carol Diane?
Marriage8 April 1973LOVERIDGE Luverne Lewis with SCHWEMMER Kathleen Ann?
Marriage12 August 1973CHATFIELD William Martin with BOGGS Janice Merelyn?
Marriage23 January 1974HENNEMAN Carl Newhall with WEST ROSTER Judith Anne?
Residence1999CHATFIELD Theresa Marie?
Death21 May 2004CAMERON Patricia Ann?
Residence2008CHATFIELD Doris Miriam?
Death29 May 2011DEDEYNE Julius Anthony?
Death14 October 2014ERHARDT Lola Mae?
Residence2014FOWLER Dawn?
Residence2014POINTER ??
Death14 March 2018FISHER Elaine B?
Marriage6 JUNVOGLE William James with KLEINSTIVER Kathryn Ann?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Mina Twp., Mineral Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940CHATFIELD Maurice Solon?
Census1940CHATFIELD Walter William?
Census1940CHATFIELD Muriel Marie?
Census1940CHATFIELD Gertrude Louise?
Census1940HEIDRICH Gertrude Marie?
Census1940SUPACK Rudy Anthony?
Census1940CHATFIELD Solon Silas?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Mountain View Cmtry., Reno, Washoe Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?MCELHINEY Edward Waldon?
Burial?SHAY Alvin R?
Burial?STEWART Iola M?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Pahrump, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death20 June 1968PETERSON Edward Hilbert?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Palm Northwest Mortuary and Cmtry., Las Vegas, Clark Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial8 April 2018FISHER Elaine B?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Pioneer Hill Cmtry., Overton, Clark Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?PERKINS Kathryn?
Burial?SANDSTROM Frederick Ray?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Reno, Clarke Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage19 April 1980AVENTI Roy Daniel with WEEKS Evelyne M?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Reno, Washoe Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage?WALKER Leroy Eddie with FOUCH Joan Arline?
Death18 November 1880CHATFIELD Richard Edwin?
Census1880CHATFIELD Richard Edwin?
Marriage6 June 1928PUTNAM Thomas Wesley with CHATFIELD Charlotte Mary?
Census1930CHATFIELD Norman?
MarriageJuly 1932FOUCH James Leroy with CHATFIELD Jacqueline?
Divorce15 January 1934CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Otis with BENSON Jane?
Marriage24 September 1939MCELHINEY Edward Waldon with STEWART Iola M?
Marriage2 September 1940LYNCH Edward Patrick with GABRIEL Cecilia Blanche?
Marriage1 February 1941CHATFIELD Earl Edwin with ROBERTS Myrtle?
MarriageFebruary 1944WILKERSON Floyd Olin with CHATFIELD Patricia Joy?
Marriage17 November 1946PERCY Richard Gird with CHATFIELD Maye Frances?
Marriage21 March 1950MALLON James DeVere with HOWARD Chellie D?
Marriage1 August 1956CHATFIELD Roy Elmer with CHAMBERS Josephine Elizabeth?
Marriage1 March 1968CHATFIELD Clayton Nelson with HARRIS Delpha Amelia?
Marriage27 June 1970LIRA Michael Max with SMITH Valerie Jean?
Marriage9 April 1971MORGAN Thomas Herbert with OBIEDO Lolly M?
Marriage1 September 1971WEBSTER Caroll Chatfield with KASILIA Veronica?
Marriage4 May 1972MULFORD Thomas D with BATES \ SALZER Darlene K?
Death26 May 1972MCELHINEY Edward Waldon?
Marriage29 July 1972CHATFIELD Maurice Solon with RICE Tulula Quanah?
Marriage16 February 1973CHATFIELD Keith Willis with BOWRON Robin H Diaz?
Marriage6 March 1973CHATFIELD William Oral Edson with VOGLE Joyce Anne?
Marriage2 September 1973CHATFIELD Stephen Newman with CAMPBELL Gabrielle Ann J?
Marriage20 October 1973CHATFIELD Melville Harris with JONES Barbara Jean?
Marriage12 June 1974WOODS William Seymour with HARPER Panzy Marie?
Marriage2 July 1976WILKIE Leroy Kenneth with CHATFIELD Joyce Allene?
Marriage24 February 1979CHATFIELD Gaylord Leroy with JOHNSON Veda Martha?
Marriage2 October 1981MULFORD Thomas D with OROCU Candida?
Marriage27 October 1981COWLES Ronald Houston with WATKINS Cynthia A?
Marriage14 June 1982PICKETT Paul D with KATSCHER Deborah Marie?
Marriage13 October 1984SAMMONS Robert D with MANGINI Jill Allison?
Marriage25 November 1984COWLES William Beecher with WATKINS Cynthia A?
Marriage11 May 1985LEVINE Leon Ludwig with GRAHAM Marion Joann?
Marriage21 June 1985LAMKIN Claude Russell with WHALEN Donna E?
Death1 May 1989SHAY Alvin R?
Death10 October 1991SAWYER Ira Reuben?
Marriage9 July 1993PETERSON William Richard with CHATFIELD Marjorie Jane?
Death27 June 1997LESLIE Virginia?
Marriage30 October 2001TODD Michael D with CHATFIELD Karen J?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Round Mountain, Nye Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1920CADE Dewey Louis?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cmtry., Boulder City, Clark Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?ERHARDT Lola Mae?
Burial?LAMB Kenneth Harlan?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Sparks, Washoe Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage15 September 1956MCDANIEL Bobby Milton with CLEMENS Claudia?
DeathOctober 1980STEWART Iola M?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Storey Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage4 October 1980AUFRANC Gary Edward with CHATFIELD Susan Elaine?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Virginia City, Storey Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth6 February 1878BUCHANAN Charles Edwin?
Birth8 May 1879BUCHANAN Arthur David?
Death11 May 1879CHATFIELD Alice Lydia?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Washoe Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage2 June 1936MERRILL Roy with HORNE Zina Ruth?
Death7 May 1957WOODS Wilma Yvonne?
Marriage29 March 1991CHATFIELD Maurice Roy with JENKINSON Kathryn May?
Marriage8 January 2003CHATFIELD Colin George with van EREM Julie L?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Winnemucca, Humboldt Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage7 May 1973HILLS Merle Russell with ROGGENBUSK \ WOINOWSKI Hazel A?



United States of America - NV Nevada - Zephyr Point, Douglas Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage2 August 1959TREMBLY Raoul D with CHATFIELD Patricia Joy?



United States of America - NY New York

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1857COONEY Stephen Patrick?



United States of America - NY New York - Kings Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1915CHATFIELD Harrison Palmer?



United States of America - NY New York - New York Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth27 October 1828PATTISON William James?
Birth19 April 1845DALZELL John?
Marriage1855ELLISON George Crawford with LESTER \ LEISTER Hannah Eliza?
Birth16 October 1870CHATFIELD Mary Effingham?
Residence1880WASHBURN Eugene Strong?
Residence1880STRONG Fanny Louise?
Residence1880WASHBURN Eugene Robinson?
Death1901CHATFIELD Harvey Strong?
Death29 December 1913CHATFIELD Mary Effingham?
Census1915CHATFIELD Mabel E?
Census1915CHATFIELD Stella?
Residence1915/1917CHATFIELD Hazen?
Death15 May 1928WOODWARD Joseph Hooker?
Death22 August 1945CHATFIELD Lyman George?
Immigration4 July 1954CHATFIELD Susan?
Immigration4 July 1954CHATFIELD John Hyde?
Emigration4 July 1954JUDD Elizabeth M?



United States of America - NY New York - USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?PRIME Issue 3?
Birth?HYDE Issue?
Birth?WINTERS Dennis?
Birth?KEETS Jacob?
Marriage?CHATFIELD James Vincent with PARSONS Suzanne Therese?
Birth?HOLCOMB Issue?
Birth?HAZEN Issue 10?
Birth?CROLICK Issue?
Birth?RUSSELL Helen?
Birth?MULFORD Issue 5?
Birth?WEED Issue?
Birth?CREGO Issue 4?
Marriage?CHATFIELD John with BRUNDAGE Henrietta?
Birth?? Ada?
Birth?BAIRD James?
Birth?PERKINS Issue?
Birth?? ??
Birth?LIPKE Issue?
Birth?HINMAN Issue 4?
Birth?GRIFFIN ??
Birth?HYDE Maria?
Birth?DIBBLEE Issue 8?
Birth?CRANE Mary?
Birth?SEAMAN Issue?
Birth?PERRY Issue 11?
Birth?CRUIKSHANK Issue 4?
Birth?TROLL Issue 4?
Birth?ELLISON Issue 3?
Birth?MALOY ??
Birth?SMITH Eugene?
Birth?TREACY Issue 3?
Birth?WHITMORE Issue?
Marriage?CHATFIELD Oscar F with BUNEL Maria G?
Birth?de GROAT Issue 4?
Birth?TOLAND Richard?
Birth?AREHART Lawrence?
Birth?MALONE Thomas J?
Birth?HALLOCK Calvin?
Birth?KING Issue 3?
Birth?DEGRAFF ??
Birth?JOHNCOX Issue 12?
Birth?RHODES Issue?
Birth?DAVIS Issue 5?
Birth?? Mary?
Birth?CHATFIELD Michael?
Birth?PRATT Judy?
Marriage?UTZ Henry J with CHATFIELD Eloise?
Birth?FREESE Issue 8?
Birth?HUGGINS Issue 5?
Birth?PRATT Sharon Esther?
Birth?HOFMANN Kerry L?
Residence?CHATFIELD Charles Buckingham?
Birth?ISBELL Mary?
Birth?SHEPARD ??
Birth?CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth?HARDAWAY Cyrus J?
Birth?PRATT Karen Kay?
Birth?HARWOOD Issue 5?
Birth?PETERSON Alexander?
Birth?MASE Issue 4?
Birth?WELCH Issue 3?
Birth?ALT Issue 3?
Birth?? Elizabeth?
Birth1677MEYER Anna Catharina?
BirthJune 1687STRATTON \ STRETTON Hannah?
Marriage28 July 1699MULFORD William with ? Mary?
Birthabout 1700PELLETREAU Francis?
Birth1712CHATFIELD Thomas?
Death4 May 1720CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth1720CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth10 April 1735MULFORD Mary?
Birth4 September 1736MULFORD Hannah?
Birth21 June 1737CHATFIELD Phebe?
Birth31 October 1738CHATFIELD Abigail?
Birth18 June 1739MULFORD Phebe?
Birth25 December 1740CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth19 March 1741MULFORD Jerusha?
Birth27 September 1742CHATFIELD Elnathan?
Death1 January 1743CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth9 July 1743CHATFIELD Henry?
Birth16 January 1744MULFORD Josiah?
Birth16 November 1749MULFORD Esther?
Birth17 January 1750CHATFIELD Henry?
Death26 August 1754STRATTON \ STRETTON Hannah?
Birth1759CHATFIELD David I.?
Christening1760CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth1765NETTLETON David?
Birth1766? Nancy?
Birthabout 1766HICKS \ HUYCK Lydia?
Christening1772CHATFIELD John?
Christening1775CHATFIELD Juliana?
Birth1776CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth1776CLARK Jemina?
MarriageOctober 1778CANFIELD Daniel with NETTLETON Elizabeth Dyer?
Birth9 July 1782CHATFIELD Obedience?
Death15 January 1783CHATFIELD Sarah?
Marriageabout 1783CHATFIELD Roswell with SHEFFIELD Sarah Ann?
Birthabout 1784? Polly?
Birthabout 1788? Phebe?
Birthabout 1790GREEN Mary?
Birth3 May 1791CHATFIELD Jesse?
Birth11 May 1792PRINDLE Rhoda?
Birth5 March 1793OSTRUM Mary?
Birth3 August 1793CHATFIELD Susannah?
Birth24 September 1793BEACH Reuben Castle?
Birthabout 1794WARNER Aseneth?
Birth1794CHATFIELD Curtis?
Birthabout 1794? Mary?
Birthabout 1794CHATFIELD Samuel?
Birth15 August 1796CHATFIELD William Asa?
Birth1796UNDERHILL Sarah B?
Birthabout 1796? Nancy?
Birth1796MULFORD Mary D?
Birthabout 1796? Wealthy?
Birth1796TUPPER Benjamin Sweet?
Birth3 September 1797CHATFIELD Joram?
Marriage1797SMITH Richard with BRUCE Zelpha\Zilpha?
Birth23 March 1798GRAVES William?
Birth24 October 1799LOCKWOOD John?
Birth1799ISBELL James?
Birthabout 1799STARBUCK Eveline?
Death1799GOODRICH Hope?
Birthabout 1799PERRY H N?
Birthabout 1800O'DELL Amanda \ Miranda \ Anna?
Birth14 April 1801BOGUE Catherine Rose?
Death1801WESTOVER Lydia?
Birthabout 1801? Ruby?
Birth1801ALEXANDER Abigail Jennie?
Birth1801CARL Electa?
Birth8 July 1802KELSEY Roxana Clark?
Birthabout 1802DRATT John?
Birth1802HAYFORD Altana?
Birth24 June 1803SICKLER Maria?
Birth1803DOTY Daniel?
Birthabout 1803HOLCOMB Polly?
Birth1804CHATFIELD Pierpont E?
Birth1804KINNEY Alanson?
Birth1804FREESE Philip?
Birth1804TAYLOR Sarah A?
Birth1804HARDAWAY Joshua?
Birth4 August 1805BIGELOW Hiram?
Birth26 August 1805MOORE Mary Ann?
Birth17 October 1805HOTCHKISS Thankful?
Marriage1805BENTLEY Jacob with CHATFIELD Olive?
Birth1805CHAPPEL Lucinda Bridget?
Birthabout 1805? Lydia A?
Birthabout 1805NORTH John DuPuy?
Birthabout 1805THAYER Hiram P?
BirthAugust 1806CHATFIELD Walter W?
Death19 September 1806MULFORD Abigail?
Birthabout 1806IVES Nancy Minerva?
Birthabout 1806PERINE Daniel C?
Birth1806NETTLETON Mary?
Birth13 March 1807GORDON Lovantia?
Birth16 May 1807BROOKS Alanson?
Birth13 September 1807ACHENBACH Sarah Elizabeth?
Birth1807? Matilda?
Birth1807ISBELL Albert?
Birth1807GREEN Laura?
Birth26 January 1808MAPES Elisha G?
Birth1808CHATFIELD Eletha?
Birthabout 1808FRITCHER George?
Birthabout 1808JELLIFF Mary?
BirthFebruary 1809KENNEY Hannah Stiles?
Birth28 August 1809HAYWARD Stephen R?
Birth1809ISBELL Joel?
BirthMay 1810WATERS Matilda D?
Birth27 December 1810EVANS Anna?
Birthabout 1810WILLIAMS Sarah E?
Birth1810WIGHT Niram L?
Birthabout 1810STEVENS Polly?
Birthabout 1810? Sarah?
Birthabout 1810DAVIS Marietta Ann?
Birthabout 1810PATTISON Caroline M?
BirthJune 1811HOYT Sarah Ann?
Birth22 September 1811SOUTHWORTH Lorenzo?
Birthabout 1811IRVING William?
Birthabout 1811? Elizabeth?
Birth1811SCOFIELD Robert W?
Birthabout 1811CAFFERTY Lydia?
Birth1811CHATFIELD Josiah B?
Birth25 March 1812CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
BirthJune 1812SICKLER John?
Birth26 July 1812CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth27 October 1812CHATFIELD William Barrack?
Birthabout 1812? Almira?
Birth1812CRAW Eunice?
Birth21 March 1813ISBELL Myron?
Birth11 September 1813CHATFIELD Armina?
Birth1813RUSSELL William P?
Birth1813SPICER Irene Ann?
Birthabout 1813MILLER John D?
Birthabout 1813SMITH Orvin C?
Birthabout 1814DAKE Tompkins?
Birthabout 1814? Mary S?
Birth1814ISBELL Philander?
Birthabout 1814SCOTT Abraham?
Birth1814SHERMAN Margaret?
Birth1814ISBELL Leander?
Birth1814PINE Adelia Frances?
Birthabout 1814WHITMORE John?
Marriage23 July 1815ISBELL Charles with TRYON Adah?
Birth1815CHATFIELD Alvina?
Birth1815? Hannah L?
Birthabout 1815BUSK Mary A?
Birth1815WILSON Mary Jane?
Birth1 September 1816SPICER Freeborn Garrison?
BirthOctober 1816JOHNSON Louisa?
Birth1816CHATFIELD Isaac?
Birth15 January 1817WHITE Margaret?
Birth2 March 1817ORTON Zipporah?
Birth1817KENYON Rebecca?
Birth1817CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1817PALMER Rebecca?
Death4 March 1818MARTIN Levina?
Birth4 June 1818ALBRO John Convis?
BirthJuly 1818JOHNSON Benjamin F?
Birthabout 1818DYE Samuel Beriah?
Birth1818COTREL Mary?
Birth1818WILKINSON Beebe Smith?
Birth1818STUART Willard Henry?
Birth1819CHATFIELD David I.?
Birthabout 1819BARBER Melinda?
Birth1819THURBER Amasa?
Birth1819PALMER Chloe Jane?
Birthabout 1819LOWE Sarah Ann?
Birth1819CHATFIELD Robert M?
Birth18 January 1820CASE Eliza?
Birth15 April 1820OGDEN Sarah Ann?
Birth19 June 1820BIGELOW Alvah?
BirthOctober 1820HOLCOMB Sarah Mariah?
Birth3 December 1820CHATFIELD Sophia?
Birthabout 1820PECKHAM Stephen M?
Marriageabout 1820HALSEY Elisha Lindsley with LOPEZ Leonora?
Birthabout 1820HOGOBOOM Christian?
Birthabout 1820ERKENBECK Jacob?
Birthabout 1820LOCKWOOD Ruben A?
Birth3 June 1821CHATFIELD Chester Clark?
Immigration12 July 1821CHATFIELD Alfred?
Immigration12 July 1821CHATFIELD William?
Immigration12 July 1821CHATFIELD John?
Immigration12 July 1821CHATFIELD George Benjamin?
Immigration12 July 1821CHATFIELD William Theodore F?
Immigration12 July 1821CHATFIELD Edward J?
Immigration12 July 1821CHATFIELD Henry?
Immigration12 July 1821HAWKINS Sarah Ann?
Immigration12 July 1821CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth19 November 1821BAILEY Alanson B?
Birthabout 1821? Fanny?
Birth1821JENNINGS Joseph?
Birth1821CHATFIELD Lydia Ann?
Birthabout 1821SCHOONOVER Norman?
Birth5 January 1822WEED John?
Birth11 April 1822CHATFIELD Louisa Marie?
Birth30 May 1822CHATFIELD Elvina?
Birth20 October 1822BRIGGS Silas?
BirthDecember 1822FINN Philander G?
Birthabout 1822CHATFIELD Henry Bruce?
Birth1822CHATFIELD Elizabeth Ann?
Birth1822HODGES Eunice?
Birth1822PALMER Emeline?
Birth1822CHATFIELD Margaret J?
Birthabout 1822ALBRIGHT George W?
Birthabout 1822DOLLY Horace?
Birth1822SOUTHWICK Betsey Allen?
Marriage27 February 1823CHATFIELD Joel with KELSEY Roxana Clark?
Birth4 May 1823HALSEY Leonora Sarah?
Birth22 September 1823WATKINS Emily Jane?
Birth25 December 1823TURK Lyman?
Birthabout 1823PAUL Sarah E?
Birth1823HOLMES Julia Ann?
Birthabout 1823PERRY Lucia A?
Birthabout 1823? Cathran \ Catheron?
Birthabout 1823CHATFIELD Cyrus Griswold?
Birth8 May 1824PALMER Eunice Elizabeth?
Birth28 September 1824CHATFIELD Albert Leonard?
Birthabout 1824BIGGS Jesse R?
Birth1824RATHBUN Mary?
Birthabout 1824? Sarah A?
Birthabout 1824? Elmira?
Birth1824HORTON Hiram?
Birth1824CHATFIELD Josiah J?
BirthJuly 1825PRINDLE Sherman C?
Birth26 December 1825PAYNE Corinda E?
Birthabout 1825HAWLEY Joel L?
Birthabout 1825GALLOP Jane?
Birthabout 1825HANER Maria M?
Birth8 January 1826BRAZIER John S?
Birth2 February 1826FOSTER Sarah Delia?
BirthSeptember 1826CHATFIELD Samuel Ives?
Birth16 October 1826RHODES George A?
Birth1826DEGROTH Mary Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1826? Clarissa?
Marriageabout 1826FREESE Philip with CARL Electa?
Birth1826DORRANCE Eliza?
Birthabout 1826GAY Marriette Martha?
Birthabout 1826CREGO Jane?
Birth24 January 1827POST Levi Dennison?
Birth29 January 1827PALMER Asa?
BirthAugust 1827de GROAT Henry?
BirthSeptember 1827COLEMAN Mathias?
BirthDecember 1827TUBBS Rachael?
Birth1827CHATFIELD Cornelia?
Birth1827CAMPBELL Abigail F?
Birthabout 1827? Amy E?
Birthabout 1827? Phebe A?
Birthabout 1827DEGRAW Samuel?
Birthabout 1827DOLPH Almira?
Birth28 May 1828ADAIR Lucinda?
Birth24 September 1828STOCKING Sarah G?
Birth1828CHATFIELD Zina Bradley?
Birthabout 1828BIGGS Elizabeth Jane?
Birthabout 1828? Narcissus?
Marriageabout 1828FAIRCHILD Henry with ROOT \ ROOST Cynthia?
Birth1828CHATFIELD Calina?
Birthabout 1828STURTEVANT Orlon \ Orlow?
Birth1828CHATFIELD Eliza Ann?
Birthabout 1828WILKINSON James?
Marriage19 February 1829DAVIS Jacob with PRENTICE Jane C?
Birth3 September 1829CHATFIELD Robert Emmett?
Birth7 September 1829SMITH Martin?
Birth30 November 1829HAY Mary Jane?
Birth24 December 1829? Charlotte C?
Birthabout 1829WHEELER Walter?
Birthabout 1829HAWLEY Edward B?
Birthabout 1829CLARK Jacob?
Birthabout 1829FERGUSON Alanson D?
Birth1829PALMER David Dayton?
Birth16 April 1830CHATFIELD Wayne Bogue?
BirthAugust 1830CHATFIELD Emily?
BirthSeptember 1830CHATFIELD Russell F?
Birth28 October 1830WILKINSON Moses M?
Death1830INGRAHAM Dwight?
Birthabout 1830CREGO Ann?
Birth1830CHATFIELD Joseph Starr?
Birthabout 1830CREGO Ann?
Birthabout 1830WILCOX Samantha?
Birth1830KENDALL Edwin R?
Birthabout 1830HOBART Susan?
Birth1830WHITCOMB Celestia Evaline?
Birth2 January 1831HOLCOMB Mary Elizabeth?
BirthFebruary 1831? Martha?
BirthMay 1831COOK Mary Caroline?
BirthMay 1831HITCHCOCK Milo J?
Birth27 July 1831LEWIS Susan Bowen?
Birth2 November 1831JOHNSON Horace?
Birth8 December 1831WILCOX Esther Ann?
Birth10 December 1831BUSS Alfred Carter?
Birth27 December 1831HARLOW \ SHOWERMAN Lavinia?
Birthabout 1831HAPPY Gertrude?
Birth1831CHATFIELD Jerome \ Joram?
Birth1831PALMER Harriet?
Birth1831HENYAN Sarah?
Birth31 January 1832DEFOREST Thomas B?
Birth22 April 1832FREESE Marietta E?
BirthApril 1832? Margaret E?
BirthAugust 1832LOTT John?
Birth16 October 1832CHATFIELD Sarah Elizabeth?
Death16 October 1832CHATFIELD Sarah Elizabeth?
Birth4 November 1832COLE John Roberts?
Birthabout 1832HITCHCOCK Delia M \ N?
Birthabout 1832CHATFIELD Seager?
Birth1832PALMER Irinda?
Birthabout 1832? Louisa?
Birthabout 1832BIGGS Solomon D?
Birthabout 1832CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1832RIX Margaret?
Birth1832BULLOCK Menzo D?
Birth1832CHATFIELD Albina \ Alvina?
Death23 January 1833CHATFIELD Levi?
Birth24 January 1833CHATFIELD Phoebe Jane?
BirthMay 1833WELCH Smith?
BirthJuly 1833CHATFIELD Arden?
Birthabout 1833HOWELL Harriett?
Birth1833CHATFIELD Harriet?
Birthabout 1833CREGO Henriett?
Birth1833PALMER Orin Henry?
Birthabout 1833TWIST George W?
BirthMarch 1834HINMAN Howard H?
Birth6 May 1834BARD Helen Hannah?
BirthMay 1834BROOKS Stephen A?
BirthMay 1834MATTHEWS Martha?
Immigration3 June 1834NYE Susanna?
Immigration3 June 1834CHATFIELD Nicholas?
Immigration3 June 1834CHATFIELD Walter?
Immigration3 June 1834CHATFIELD Thomas?
Immigration3 June 1834CHATFIELD John?
Immigration3 June 1834CHATFIELD William?
Birth3 July 1834BEARDSLEE Elizabeth Ambrosia?
Birth2 August 1834CHATFIELD Helen Mary?
Birth9 August 1834CHATFIELD Adeline Elizabeth?
Birth6 December 1834HULL Asenath?
Death6 December 1834SMITH George Wilson?
Birth1834ELLISON George Crawford?
Birthabout 1834CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birthabout 1834LITCHULT William H?
Birthabout 1834PERRY Margaret?
Birthabout 1834CUTLER Mary Eliza?
BirthJanuary 1835CHATFIELD William Cramer?
Death30 March 1835CHATFIELD Josiah B?
Birth21 April 1835LEE Stillman Cady?
Immigration8 May 1835CHATFIELD Walter?
BirthJune 1835LESTER \ LEISTER Hannah Eliza?
Birth19 September 1835CHATFIELD Rheuba J?
Birthabout 1835CHATFIELD Arden?
Birthabout 1835CHATFIELD Warren L?
Birth1835MARSH Harriet E?
Birth1835NEWCOMBE Elizabeth?
Birth1835FRY James?
Birth2 March 1836PIERCE Elsie Anna?
BirthJuly 1836BLIGH Jane?
BirthAugust 1836PENDELL Gulian?
Birth5 October 1836CHATFIELD Richard Thomas?
BirthOctober 1836? Elimira S?
BirthOctober 1836JACKSON Julietta?
Birthabout 1836HITCHCOCK George S?
Birthabout 1836CHATFIELD Melissa?
Birth1836BARRY Helen?
Birthabout 1836WILCOX Sarah?
Birth1836CHATFIELD Bernice?
Birth1836KEMP Lucinda?
Birth21 January 1837HAWLEY Phineas Van Buren?
BirthFebruary 1837CHATFIELD Byron A?
BirthFebruary 1837PERRY Mary?
BirthMarch 1837HILL Martin V?
Birth26 April 1837CHATFIELD Berlin G?
Birth10 July 1837CHATFIELD Cecelia Annette?
Birth12 July 1837CHATFIELD Luman Curtis?
Birth15 July 1837CHATFIELD Harvey Strong?
BirthJuly 1837ROGERS William H?
Marriage26 December 1837JOHNSON Henry B with SHIELDS Polly?
Birth1837TRACY Ellen L?
Birthabout 1837PRICE Alexander?
Birthabout 1837CHATFIELD Helen M?
Birthabout 1837CRITTENDEN Mary Root?
Death15 February 1838CHATFIELD Charlotte R?
Marriage6 March 1838BENEDICT Harlow with SHIELDS Fanny?
Birth12 September 1838HARDAWAY Cyrus J?
Marriage13 September 1838HODGES David with GRANT Elsie?
Birth21 October 1838CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Birthabout 1838CHATFIELD Abram Martin?
Birthabout 1838CHATFIELD Stephen H?
Birthabout 1838HITCHCOCK Phebe?
Birthabout 1838? Mary Etta M \ Marieta?
Birthabout 1838HITCHCOCK Ruth?
Deathbefore 1838HARDAWAY Cyrus J?
Birthabout 1838PERKINS Julia B?
Death8 January 1839CHATFIELD Henry?
Birth8 April 1839HILL Sophronia Adelia?
Death6 August 1839HAWKINS Sarah Ann?
BirthOctober 1839CLARK Augusta S?
Birth28 December 1839SANFORD Gay R?
Death1839GREEN Laura?
Birthabout 1839? Helen?
Birth1839HOLCOMB Lydia E?
Birthabout 1839CHATFIELD Marion H?
BirthApril 1840SNYDER Harriet Isabel?
Birth4 July 1840CHATFIELD Freedom?
Birth15 October 1840BURNETT Helen Gertrude?
Birth13 December 1840CHATFIELD Theodore Edward?
Marriage27 December 1840SHIELDS Henry with SHAW Roxanna?
Birthabout 1840? Carolyn?
Birthabout 1840CHATFIELD William H?
Death1840CHATFIELD Walter?
Birthabout 1840CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth1840CHATFIELD Betsey?
Birth1840CHATFIELD Andrew Murray?
Birthabout 1840CORNING Adelia?
Birthabout 1840CHATFIELD Jenesha?
Birthabout 1840MULLER Joanna Abeel?
Birth17 January 1841CHATFIELD Aaron George?
Birth29 March 1841MILLER Mary Jane?
BirthMay 1841HAMILTON Esther Elizabeth L E R?
Birth23 July 1841HILL Harriet \ Henrietta M?
BirthJuly 1841DAVIS Clarrissa Ann?
BirthSeptember 1841KING L Byron?
Birth1841SANFORD Martha M?
Birthabout 1841HILL Ann?
Birthabout 1841DECKER Abby A?
Birthabout 1841COLLINS Charles C?
Birthabout 1841JOHNSON Margret Masters?
Birth26 June 1842CHATFIELD Livonia E?
BirthJune 1842HYDE Mary Ann?
Birth15 September 1842CHATFIELD Lucy A?
Birth6 December 1842CHATFIELD Asa C?
BirthDecember 1842BODAMER \ BODIMER John A?
Birthabout 1842GUYOTT Frank?
Birth1842THOMPSON Catherine?
Birthabout 1842MASE Theodore?
Marriage1842CHATFIELD Hiram Henderson with KENNEY Hannah Stiles?
Birthabout 1842CHATFIELD Henry R?
Birthabout 1842CHATFIELD Richard?
Birth1842CORNING Burdette R?
Birth1842FINN Robert W?
Birthabout 1842CHATFIELD Richard?
Birth11 February 1843ABSALOM Mary Cecelia?
Birth20 March 1843CHATFIELD William Henry?
Birth31 March 1843CHATFIELD Adrian S?
Birth24 April 1843HILL Mary D \ E \ L?
BirthMay 1843CHATFIELD Isaiah H?
BirthJuly 1843? Diana?
BirthJuly 1843JONES Egbert C?
Birthabout 1843? Eunice?
Birthabout 1843CHATFIELD Charlotte E?
Birthabout 1843FLEMMING Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1843CHATFIELD Mary J?
Birthabout 1843FRYATT Mary E?
Birth1843BRAGG Austin Daniel?
Birth1843SANFORD Sarah J?
Marriageabout 1843IVES Washington Montgomery with MEEKER Harriett N?
Birth11 February 1844COLLISTER Lucy Jane?
BirthMarch 1844CHATFIELD Horatio F?
Birth14 July 1844BESSEY Wellington L?
Birth21 October 1844CHATFIELD Florence H?
Birth18 December 1844CHATFIELD Charlotte L?
BirthDecember 1844HAWLEY Jane?
Birth1844? Lucinda?
Birthabout 1844CHATFIELD Charles?
Birthabout 1844CHATFIELD Silas?
Birth1844CHATFIELD Samuel?
Birthabout 1844CUSACK Henry B?
Birth1844BARNUM Frederick?
BirthMay 1845CHATFIELD Silas Robert?
Birth30 June 1845MILLER Sarah Ann?
Birth16 August 1845CHATFIELD Caroline Jane \ Jay?
Birth1845FINN Henry E?
Birth1845CHATFIELD Agnes L?
Birthabout 1845? Emma?
Birth1845CHATFIELD Ezra?
Birth1845KINNEY Joseph Burroughs?
Birthabout 1845CHATFIELD Lavina?
BirthApril 1846RARRICK Edgar?
BirthApril 1846WATSON Mary?
BirthJune 1846? Estella?
BirthSeptember 1846SISSON Allen?
BirthSeptember 1846SMITH Ella Agnes?
BirthDecember 1846WARD Elmira?
Birthabout 1846HAWLEY Ellen?
Birthabout 1846? Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1846NEWTON William M?
Birth1846BRAGG Mary Elizabeth?
BirthJanuary 1847? Mary Elizabeth?
BirthFebruary 1847BUSH Mary A?
BirthFebruary 1847CORNELL Martha Elizabeth?
Birth3 July 1847TURK John Hyde?
Birth31 July 1847WILKINS Ella Sellick?
BirthAugust 1847MARICLE Jane?
Birthabout 1847CREGO Laura W?
Birthabout 1847HIBBARD Alonzo John?
Birthabout 1847? Charlotte?
Birthabout 1847LOCKWOOD Betsey?
Birthabout 1847WATSON Emory A?
Birth1847CHATFIELD Jonathan Charles David?
Birthabout 1847MURPHY Joseph Edward?
Birthabout 1847DOXEY William L?
Birth1847CHATFIELD Lovinia \ Lovina A?
Birth1847CHATFIELD Mary Melissa?
BirthFebruary 1848CHATFIELD Job W?
Death5 April 1848CHATFIELD Charlotte L?
BirthMay 1848CREGO Milo H?
Birth4 August 1848PRATT Byron J?
Birth23 October 1848CHATFIELD Oscar R?
BirthNovember 1848SINCEBAUGH Delphine?
Birthabout 1848MCCAHILL Alfred?
Birth1848CHATFIELD David P?
Birthabout 1848WILBUR Lewis H?
Death21 April 1849CHATFIELD Asa C?
BirthMay 1849CHATFIELD Henry Thomas?
BirthMay 1849FRELIGH Wesley H?
BirthJune 1849? Louise A?
Birth2 October 1849CHATFIELD George H?
Birthabout 1849DRAKE Charles R?
Birthabout 1849HYDE Cadelia \ Camilla \ Cornelius \ Cornelia?
Birthabout 1849WATSON Helen E?
Birthabout 1849HAYES Jasper B?
Marriage11 January 1850SHIELDS Lewis with SIMPSON Amy E?
BirthJanuary 1850? Jennie E?
BirthJuly 1850CHATFIELD Frederica L?
BirthAugust 1850BLAKE Mary Ada?
BirthAugust 1850HOUCK Joseph George?
BirthAugust 1850DYE Emogene?
BirthSeptember 1850MASTERS Willis J?
Birth8 October 1850CHATFIELD Ida Elizabeth?
BirthOctober 1850ACKERMAN Clarissa J?
BirthOctober 1850DWIGHT Sarah Adelia?
Birth19 November 1850WHITE Johanna Marie \ Mariah?
Marriage1850CHATFIELD Isaac L with ALEXANDER Abigail Jennie?
Census1850DRATT John?
Birthabout 1850ROBERTS Rebecca?
Birthabout 1850CHATFIELD Zipporah Maria?
Birthabout 1850SHEPARD Edmund L?
Birthabout 1850TOOLEY Mary Eunice?
Deathafter 1850HOBART Susan?
Birth15 January 1851THAYER John Vanburen?
Birth27 January 1851CHASE Laura Elizabeth?
BirthFebruary 1851VALENTINE Celestia Evelyn?
Birth7 April 1851CHATFIELD Horace Fosdick?
BirthApril 1851CHATFIELD Edward Lewis?
Birth24 July 1851SPINNEY Anna?
BirthSeptember 1851STOW Helen?
BirthDecember 1851HOWELL Ella E?
Birthabout 1851CHATFIELD Horace?
Birthabout 1851CHATFIELD John W?
Birthabout 1851HALL Charles W?
Birth29 January 1852LITTLE Ida L?
Birth8 February 1852CHATFIELD Clara A?
BirthMarch 1852BRADFIELD George E?
Birth24 April 1852JUDD Frank P?
BirthJuly 1852PATTERSON Mary Jane?
Birth27 September 1852CHATFIELD Joseph Lee?
Birth20 October 1852HOLTON Almeda Jane?
Death1852FREESE Philip?
Birth1852COON Emma A?
Birthabout 1852CHATFIELD George W?
Birth1852? Mary S?
Marriagebefore 1852CHATFIELD Merritt Ogden with FAIRCHILD Hannah?
BirthJanuary 1853TROLL Jacob?
BirthApril 1853SMITH Frances E?
Birth29 May 1853O'BRIEN William Duncan?
BirthJuly 1853PRIME Juliette S?
BirthSeptember 1853CHATFIELD Robert Rabey?
BirthDecember 1853STICKLES Mary T?
Birth1853CHATFIELD Estella?
Birthabout 1853CHATFIELD George B?
Marriage25 January 1854SCOTT Abraham with SHIELDS Lydia?
Birth29 January 1854CHATFIELD Julia Elizabeth?
Birth5 February 1854CHATFIELD Willis Bleigh?
BirthMarch 1854ALLEN Lillian?
Birth21 April 1854WHITE Mary Kate?
Birth29 April 1854MILLER Margaret Viola?
Birth27 June 1854HOUSER Charles Edmond?
Birth16 August 1854ELLIS William John?
BirthAugust 1854WHITMORE Hannah?
BirthSeptember 1854CHATFIELD Charles S?
BirthNovember 1854HALLENBECK Marilla?
Birth1854CHATFIELD Laura?
Birthabout 1854HALL Emma?
BirthJanuary 1855CHATFIELD Cornelius Vanslight \ Van Slicke?
BirthJanuary 1855CHATFIELD Emma Jane?
Birth17 February 1855GORHAM Emmet G?
BirthApril 1855GASLINE Alice C?
BirthApril 1855ROACH George W?
BirthMay 1855CHATFIELD John E?
BirthMay 1855RHODES Emmett?
BirthJune 1855RAWSON J Emma?
BirthSeptember 1855MAY Forrest?
Birthabout 1855? Emma?
Birthabout 1855CHATFIELD Emma L?
Birth1855CHATFIELD Anna?
Birthabout 1855HALL Ernest?
Death1855KEMP Lucinda?
BirthMay 1856WEST Millard?
Birth17 July 1856CHATFIELD William Swift?
DeathAugust 1856CHATFIELD Emma Jane?
BirthAugust 1856FRIEND \ FRINT Ella?
Birth12 September 1856MORROW Mary?
BirthOctober 1856LENNON Mary Ann?
Birthabout 1856CHATFIELD Jo Alice?
Birthabout 1856WALDRON James?
Birthabout 1856WATSON Isabella?
BirthFebruary 1857ELY John W?
BirthMay 1857DAKE Edgar T?
BirthMay 1857HANDY Ann?
Marriage1 October 1857CHATFIELD John Havens with EDWARDS Esther E?
BirthOctober 1857FERGUSON Adelaide C?
BirthDecember 1857BOGARDUS Henry S?
Birth1857CHATFIELD Charles H?
Birthabout 1857YOUNGMAN - SMITH Elizabeth?
Birth23 March 1858MCKNIGHT Sarah Harriett?
BirthJune 1858ENDERLIN Edward S?
BirthJune 1858RICHMOND Elijah V?
Death29 July 1858DOWNS Olive Sara?
BirthNovember 1858MENZEL William?
Birth28 December 1858PERT Fred Chatfield?
Birthabout 1858KELLY Arline \ Solene?
Birthabout 1858CHATFIELD Eliza L \ S?
Birthabout 1858CHATFIELD Catherine?
Birth1858CHATFIELD Eliza F?
BirthFebruary 1859CHATFIELD Mary Kate?
Birth10 June 1859CHATFIELD John Henry?
Birth26 June 1859ROGERS Nellie Hatch?
BirthAugust 1859ERHARDT Pauline Augusta?
Birthabout 1859PEVRIN HYDE Myrtle E?
Birthabout 1859CHATFIELD Olive?
Birth1859CHATFIELD Elmer Squires?
Birthabout 1859GRAVES Issue 4?
Birthabout 1859SCOTT Florence G?
Birth1859HAZEN Frank?
BirthJanuary 1860SMITH Isabella M?
BirthMarch 1860LATZ Elizabeth?
Birth30 July 1860ROBIE Henry McElwee?
Deathbefore 25 August 1860CHATFIELD Eliza F?
BirthAugust 1860J Nancy Jennie?
BirthSeptember 1860CHATFIELD Ambrose Nicholas?
Birth1860HAZEN Jennie Webb?
Birth1860CHATFIELD Anna?
Birthabout 1860WHEELER Mary?
Birth1860JOHNSON Edwin W?
Birth1860KEMP Hattie A?
Birthabout 1860LITCHULT Margaret Emma?
Birth1860CHATFIELD Frank H?
Birth2 March 1861SCHWAB Rose?
Birth21 March 1861EVARTS Walter.S?
Marriage5 June 1861CRAIG Oscar with CHATFIELD Helen Mary?
BirthAugust 1861ALT George?
MarriageSeptember 1861CHATFIELD Luman Curtis with MASON Mary?
BirthSeptember 1861RISING George E?
BirthOctober 1861CLARK Ruth A?
BirthOctober 1861KELLEY Mary R?
Birthabout 1861? Louise?
Birth1861LINEHAN James?
Marriageabout 1861CHATFIELD Eben S with BLIGH Jane?
Birth18 April 1862SCOFIELD William T?
BirthMay 1862PALMER Ella Louise?
Birth18 July 1862WELCH Ralph J?
Birth1862CHATFIELD Charles E?
Birthabout 1862? Marie?
Birth1862DAYTON Edward Smith?
Birthabout 1862WHEELER Estella?
BirthJanuary 1863BARTLETT Cora?
BirthJanuary 1863CHATFIELD Lewis?
Birth12 April 1863MATTHEWS Frank Ralph?
BirthJuly 1863SMITH Frank?
Death19 September 1863HAVENS Nancy?
BirthSeptember 1863ERKENBECK Walter?
Birth31 October 1863KEMP Addie L?
BirthDecember 1863CHATFIELD Mary Elizabeth?
BirthDecember 1863HANDY Charles G?
Birthabout 1863CHATFIELD Lucina W?
Birth1863WEAVER Hattie A\g?
Birthabout 1863CHATFIELD Sarah?
BirthFebruary 1864MORGAN Lillian O?
Birth6 May 1864HAMBLET Andrew Seth?
Birth5 October 1864SKUTT William?
Birthabout 1864HOLLOWAY William J?
Birth1864PURDY Maria?
Birthabout 1864HAWLEY Joel E \ T?
Birthabout 1864CHATFIELD Frances N?
Birthabout 1864CHATFIELD George A?
Birth1864CHATFIELD William Henry?
Birth1864MITCHELL Agnes J?
Birthabout 1864CHATFIELD Olive?
Birth4 March 1865CHATFIELD Susan?
BirthApril 1865MALOY Martha?
Birth6 June 1865TURK Sarah Elnora?
BirthJuly 1865ELLISON Leonline?
Death27 August 1865GORHAM Lucy Ett?
BirthDecember 1865? Mary A?
Birthabout 1865SCOTT Byron L?
Birth1865BROWN Eudora F?
Birthabout 1865WATSON Clara?
Census1865SISSON Allen?
Birth27 May 1866PERT Willis Ives?
Birth1 November 1866GUSTORF Lettie Bishop?
BirthNovember 1866CHATFIELD Adelaide?
Birth9 December 1866FERRELL Jennie Eliza?
BirthDecember 1866RICHARDSON Irving R?
Birth1866CHATFIELD Edith Almy?
Birth1866CHATFIELD Archibald David?
Birthabout 1866SOULE Fred?
Birth1866CHATFIELD Nelson?
Marriageabout 1866KING L Byron with WARD Elmira?
Birthabout 1866CHATFIELD Henry Summers?
Birthabout 1866CHATFIELD Edwin?
Birth1 January 1867TURK Margaret?
Marriage19 January 1867CHATFIELD Egbert H with WHITE Johanna Marie \ Mariah?
BirthApril 1867PENDELL Thomas?
Birth14 May 1867van GIESON Henry?
Birth23 May 1867CATHRELL Minnie Elizabeth?
Death16 September 1867HYDE Harmon?
Birth27 September 1867FITTING George?
BirthOctober 1867ROSE Lucy?
BirthNovember 1867CHATFIELD Josephine?
Birth17 December 1867CHATFIELD Lillian May?
Birthabout 1867HARWOOD Edith M?
Birthabout 1867CHATFIELD John Parker?
Birthabout 1867DRATT Minnie V?
Birthabout 1867HANDY George?
Birthabout 1867HOOPER William J?
Birth1867KEMP Eva T?
Birth1867LIBBEY Joseph D?
BirthJanuary 1868de GROAT Herbert?
Birth6 June 1868PERRY Charles Lewis?
BirthAugust 1868? Bertha?
Birth16 September 1868CHATFIELD William Nash?
Birth22 September 1868HOTCHKISS Leonard F?
Birth18 October 1868LOWE Catherine Isabel?
BirthOctober 1868HASKINS George A?
BirthNovember 1868MATTHEWS Sarah?
Birthabout 1868KINNEY Nettie E?
Death1868CHATFIELD Cindarilla?
Birth1868CORNING Adella M?
Birthabout 1868CHATFIELD Effie?
Birth11 April 1869ROBINSON Clara W?
Birth18 June 1869PETERSON Charlotte Marie?
Marriage19 June 1869BALLOU Abner S with BOGARDUS Lydia Elizabeth?
Birth10 September 1869GUSTORF Edmund Bishop?
Death12 October 1869SEARS Amanda?
Birth28 December 1869CHATFIELD Eloise?
BirthDecember 1869RICHARDSON Frank Edward?
Birth1869DIBBLE Cora B?
Birthabout 1869CABLE Eugene?
Birthabout 1869SOULE Mary?
Birthabout 1869SCHIFFERDECKER Katherine?
Birthabout 1869WILSON Mary Adeline?
Birth1869SMITH Clara Estella?
Birth1869KEMP Frederick H?
BirthJanuary 1870HARWOOD Frank E?
Birth20 March 1870COON Ellen Cecelia?
BirthApril 1870ROXBERRY Florence Kirch?
BirthJuly 1870DEAN William Franklin?
BirthAugust 1870LEAMEY Mary E?
Birth6 September 1870CHATFIELD Walter Clark?
BirthSeptember 1870? Clara G?
Census1870BARNEY Abigail P?
Census1870WHITE Margaret?
Census1870CHATFIELD Byron A?
Census1870WHITMORE John?
Census1870WHITMORE Issue?
Census1870NICHOLS Fannie M?
Birthabout 1870BUCHEA \ BUTCHER Robert?
Census1870FRITCHER Ella Gertrude?
Census1870CHATFIELD Zipporah Maria?
Census1870CHATFIELD Mary Elizabeth?
Census1870WATERS Matilda D?
Census1870SOULE Mary?
Census1870SOULE Fred?
Census1870CHATFIELD Walter W?
Census1870CHATFIELD Viola Jane?
Census1870? Charlotte C?
Census1870SOULE Amasa J?
Census1870CHATFIELD Joel?
Census1870ELLISON George Crawford?
Census1870CRAW Eunice?
Census1870DRATT William R?
Census1870DRATT Mary Frances?
Census1870LESTER \ LEISTER Hannah Eliza?
Census1870CREGO Stephen B?
Census1870CHATFIELD Cornelia?
Census1870ISBELL Myron?
Census1870COTTON Jerusha?
Census1870DRATT John L?
Census1870HYDE Cadelia \ Camilla \ Cornelius \ Cornelia?
Census1870CHATFIELD MILLER Lucinda M?
Census1870DRATT Jennie?
Census1870CHATFIELD Pierpont E?
Census1870PRIME Sarah Louise?
Census1870PRIME Juliette S?
Census1870PRIME Claudius Buchanan?
Census1870HALSEY Stephen Ellis?
Census1870HYDE Mary Ann?
Census1870DRATT Eva?
Census1870DRATT Abram M?
Census1870HAZEN Elizabeth Almira?
Census1870PRIME Issue 3?
Census1870CHATFIELD John Henry?
Census1870DRATT Minnie V?
Census1870CHATFIELD Thomas Ives?
Census1870CHATFIELD George Smith?
Census1870CHATFIELD Sarah E?
Census1870COTREL Mary?
Census1870CHATFIELD John W?
Birth1870CHATFIELD Daisy?
Census1870CHATFIELD Ezra?
Census1870CHATFIELD Sarah?
Census1870CHATFIELD John R?
Census1870CHATFIELD John E?
Census1870DAVIS Jacob?
Census1870CHATFIELD Charles H?
Census1870MARICLE Jane?
Census1870TIMOTHY Frances?
Census1870RHODES George A?
Census1870RHODES Issue?
Census1870TOWNE Sarah Mary?
Census1870CHATFIELD Clark?
Census1870CHATFIELD Levi Starr?
Census1870CHATFIELD Jo Alice?
Census1870CHATFIELD Ida Mae?
Census1870CORNING Hannah?
Census1870CHATFIELD Herbert Arthur?
Census1870PECKHAM Maryette?
Census1870CHATFIELD Clinton?
Census1870CAMP Arthur C?
Census1870STEWART Sarah?
Census1870BOUGHTON Mary L?
Census1870CHATFIELD Harry Ives?
Birth1870CHATFIELD Laura?
Census1870CHATFIELD Esther Alvaretta?
Census1870DRATT Abram Lincoln?
Census1870CHATFIELD Alfred Francis?
Census1870SMITH Siba?
Census1870CHATFIELD Guy Levi?
Census1870GOODRICH Lucy Benton?
Residence1870DEGROTH Mary Elizabeth?
Census1870CHATFIELD Susan?
Census1870ROGERS Ella?
Census1870KELSEY Martin?
Census1870NICHOLS William Henry?
Census1870CHATFIELD Nicholas?
Census1870CHATFIELD Harvey Strong?
Residence1870SCOTT Abraham?
Census1870ELLISON Leonline?
Census1870CHATFIELD Frederica L?
Census1870SMITH Abbie Eunice?
Census1870KELSEY Roxana Clark?
Census1870WHITE Joseph?
BirthJanuary 1871JENNINGS Mary E?
BirthMarch 1871? Minerva H?
BirthApril 1871LITTLE George H?
BirthMay 1871HUGGINS William T?
BirthAugust 1871SMITH Wilson Fitch?
Death23 September 1871CHATFIELD Mary Ada?
BirthDecember 1871HARWOOD Lyman Alexis?
Birthabout 1871HARDING William P?
Birthabout 1871CHATFIELD Morton Thomas?
Birthabout 1871CABLE Mary A?
Birth1871GRANT Nathan J?
Naturalization1871GRIESEL John H?
Birth29 January 1872O'BURNE Margaret A?
BirthFebruary 1872CHATFIELD Egbert H?
BirthFebruary 1872JONES Charles L?
Birth26 March 1872FINCH John H?
BirthJune 1872CHATFIELD Frank P?
Marriageabout 1872WILLIAMS Frank Parks with FARRINGTON Mary Parker?
Birthabout 1872CHATFIELD Luman Curtis?
Birthabout 1872HILDRETH William?
Birth1872SHOEMAKER Dellaphine?
Birthabout 1872DUNCAN Jennie M?
Birth2 January 1873CHATFIELD Austin Newcombe?
BirthFebruary 1873CHATFIELD Walter H?
Birth21 June 1873CHATFIELD Richard Summer?
BirthJune 1873MCMULLIN \ MCMILLAN \ MCMILLIAN Jennie Isham?
BirthSeptember 1873MCGEE Phoebe E?
BirthSeptember 1873DIEFENDORF Blanche?
BirthSeptember 1873DRATT Lena Frances?
Birthabout 1873MURPHY Maud H?
Birth1873KEMP Edith G?
Birthabout 1873CHATFIELD Elizabeth C?
Birth1873MORGAN Margaret E?
BirthFebruary 1874AYER Laura Dwight?
Birth18 March 1874FINCH Roa?
BirthMarch 1874CHATFIELD Carlie Theresa?
BirthMay 1874CHATFIELD Jennie Belle?
Birth14 August 1874CASTLEMAN Thomas Edward?
Birth16 September 1874CHATFIELD Arthur Ives?
Death22 September 1874FINCH Roa?
BirthNovember 1874CHATFIELD Alfred Nicholas?
Birthabout 1874? Anna E?
Birth1874CHATFIELD Minnie?
Birthabout 1874HANDY Edward?
Birthabout 1874? Louise?
Birthabout 1874WILSON Eliza?
BirthFebruary 1875CHATFIELD Alice E?
Death15 April 1875FINCH John H?
Death18 May 1875PURDY Caroline?
BirthMay 1875BREWER Pauline R?
Death16 July 1875? Lydia A?
BirthAugust 1875CHATFIELD Edna M?
BirthSeptember 1875LEAMEY Julia?
Birthabout 1875CHATFIELD George H?
Birth1875PALMER James?
Birth1875KANE Oliver Terwilliger?
Birthabout 1875LITTLE John C?
Marriageabout 1875CHATFIELD Pierpont E with ? Mary Etta M \ Marieta?
Birth1875MOTT Martha L?
Birth1875COOL Edith?
Birth7 March 1876CHATFIELD William Henry?
BirthMay 1876? Frances?
BirthJune 1876PRESTON Annie L?
Birth17 July 1876CHATFIELD Curtis William?
Birth1876CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1876CHATFIELD Bertha M?
Birthabout 1876HOLSLAG Julia M?
Birth22 February 1877MASE Starr Danforth?
BirthFebruary 1877HARWOOD Grace E?
BirthFebruary 1877KING Nellie C?
Death14 March 1877MCKELLAR Isabel?
BirthJune 1877CHATFIELD Eugene?
BirthOctober 1877BODAMER Wilber \ Wilbur G?
BirthNovember 1877HINMAN Willis A?
Birth1877KNIGHT Myrtle Adele?
Marriageabout 1877TURK John Hyde with HALLENBECK Marilla?
Birthabout 1877? Maria L?
Birthabout 1877CHATFIELD Nellie E?
Birthabout 1877CHATFIELD William A?
Birth1877PEASE Alice May?
Birth1877KEMP Truman P?
Birthabout 1877MORGAN James?
Birthabout 1877MASTERS Julia Lillian?
Birth10 April 1878HALSEY James Joseph?
Birth10 May 1878CHATFIELD Louise Catherine?
BirthAugust 1878STRONG Florence?
Death27 October 1878FINCH Alice F?
Birth1878CHATFIELD Hazen?
Birth1878FINCH Alice F?
Birthabout 1878CHATFIELD Jennie?
Birthabout 1878SALTSMAN Ray F?
Birthabout 1878LITTLE William M?
BirthFebruary 1879? Lena M?
BirthApril 1879BARNES Bertram W?
BirthApril 1879CHATFIELD Marie Catherine?
BirthMay 1879GIBBON Bertha C?
BirthJune 1879CHATFIELD Deborah E?
Birth12 September 1879WASHBURN Eugene Strong?
BirthOctober 1879CLEMENTS Dorothea M?
Birth15 November 1879CHATFIELD Bertha Taylor?
Birth22 November 1879HALSEY Nellie?
BirthNovember 1879CHATFIELD Bertie M?
Birthabout 1879? Lillie \ Lilly P?
Birth1879CHATFIELD Nina A?
Marriage1879SMITH Eugene with HANDY Ann?
Birthabout 1879CHATFIELD Ethel C?
BirthApril 1880SISSON Bertha H?
Birth21 May 1880TRUMAN Percy Edwin?
Birth20 November 1880CHATFIELD Berlin G?
BirthNovember 1880MORGAN Ruth?
Birthabout 1880KNIGHT Howard?
Birthabout 1880COLLERAN Margaret R?
Marriageabout 1880BEEBE Samuel with CHATFIELD Olive Louisa?
Birthabout 1880MASTERS Mary E?
Census1880COONEY Stephen Patrick?
Birth1 June 1881CHATFIELD Ethel L Nichols?
BirthJune 1881HARWOOD Laura?
Birth28 July 1881RUSSET Sarah Cecelia?
Birth30 September 1881FINCH James F?
Birth4 October 1881MCGRATH Katherine A?
Death16 October 1881FINCH James F?
BirthNovember 1881DEGRAFF Minnie \ Mernia \ Marina \ Merina W?
BirthNovember 1881DRUM George?
BirthDecember 1881ROGERS Elsie F?
Birthabout 1881? Anna?
Marriageabout 1881RHODES Emmett with CHATFIELD MILLER Lucinda M?
BirthJanuary 1882CHATFIELD Mary Emma?
BirthJanuary 1882THAYER Beatrice?
Birth18 February 1882RHODES Edith?
DeathMarch 1882SMITH Orange?
BirthSeptember 1882BARRY Rosetta?
BirthSeptember 1882CORNING Maud L?
Birth9 November 1882THOMAS Lucile?
Birth27 December 1882LOTT Fanny?
Birth1882BOURST S Winifrid?
Birthabout 1882BUCHANAN Mabel?
Death1882BARNUM Frederick?
Death1882BOURST S Winifrid?
Birthabout 1882WELD VOLKER Susan S?
BirthMarch 1883MORGAN Agnes E?
BirthMay 1883SHERMAN Howard Leslie?
BirthAugust 1883MCCRAY Elizabeth Foster?
BirthAugust 1883PARK Mary Ethel?
Death3 September 1883CHATFIELD Clinton?
BirthSeptember 1883KEMP George E?
Birth1883CHATFIELD David Asa?
Marriageabout 1883ALT George with LATZ Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1883HALSEY Anna C?
Birth1883CHATFIELD Edwin Penfeld?
Birthabout 1883LEAMEY Alice?
Birthabout 1883CHAMBERS Bertha?
Birth7 January 1884RHODES Clarence Dana?
BirthJune 1884CHATFIELD Gertrude?
Birth3 July 1884CHATFIELD Vernon Edward?
BirthAugust 1884AYER Helen Dwight?
BirthAugust 1884CHATFIELD Mary?
Death5 September 1884GILMAN Tabatha?
Birth22 September 1884WEISKOTTEN Herman Gates?
Birth2 November 1884LITTLE James A?
BirthNovember 1884SMITH Ethel?
BirthNovember 1884WEST Jeremiah?
Death9 December 1884CHATFIELD George B?
BirthDecember 1884HARWOOD Nina L?
Birthabout 1884? Isabel B?
Marriage3 May 1885CHATFIELD Herbert Arthur with CLARK Ruth A?
Birth16 September 1885MCFALL Fred?
Death21 October 1885? Roxana?
BirthOctober 1885KEMP William L?
Birth2 December 1885TEW Daisy Rosella?
BirthDecember 1885CHATFIELD Florentine S?
Birthabout 1885BUSCH Meta M?
Death1885CHATFIELD Edwin Penfeld?
Birth14 March 1886RHODES Harold E?
BirthMarch 1886THAYER Gordon C?
Birth20 April 1886CHATFIELD William Theodore?
BirthApril 1886CHATFIELD Rosalia?
Birth4 August 1886COPELAND John Lucius?
Birth31 August 1886CHATFIELD Henrietta?
BirthAugust 1886SMITH Marion?
Death15 September 1886ORTON Zipporah?
Birth10 November 1886LANG Gertrude Adele?
Birth12 December 1886MILLER Nora?
BirthDecember 1886WATROUS Alford C?
Birthabout 1886LEWIS La Verne D?
Birth11 February 1887CHATFIELD Ada?
BirthFebruary 1887WHALEN Mary?
Death3 May 1887BURNETT Helen Gertrude?
BirthJuly 1887STRONG Alice?
Birth20 September 1887CHATFIELD Mabel Ida?
Death10 November 1887CHATFIELD Jane Eliza?
Birth28 November 1887CHATFIELD Ernest A?
Birth20 December 1887ENDERLIN Frederick William?
BirthDecember 1887CHATFIELD Hazel E F?
Birthabout 1887CHATFIELD Mary?
Birthabout 1887CROUCH Ethel Minnie?
Birth1887CHATFIELD Phynetta?
Marriageabout 1887CHATFIELD John G with ROBINSON Clara W?
Marriageabout 1887SKUTT William with NICHOLS Fannie M?
Birth2 January 1888DREW Mary D?
Birth11 January 1888CODY Peter?
Birth14 February 1888TROLL Grace Marion?
Birth9 June 1888WEISKOTTEN Ernest Samuel?
BirthOctober 1888SKUTT Jessie B?
BirthOctober 1888SMITH Hazel?
Birth13 December 1888LANG Alice Marion?
Marriageabout 1888RICHMOND Elijah V with ? Bertha?
Birthabout 1888HAWLEY Ruth Irene?
Marriageabout 1888NORTH Henry Augustus with CHATFIELD Hellen J?
Birth1888BOURST Samuel V?
Marriageabout 1888CARD William with LACEY Carrie A?
BirthFebruary 1889CHATFIELD Edith M\n?
BirthMarch 1889SOULE Pearl I.?
Death3 April 1889HANER Maria M?
Birth8 May 1889RICHMOND Edith L?
BirthMay 1889CHATFIELD Addie?
BirthMay 1889WOLFORD Jeanette T?
Birth7 June 1889CHATFIELD Bessie E?
Death25 June 1889WHITE Margaret?
BirthSeptember 1889SANFORD Gay Raymond?
Birth5 October 1889BOSER Lillian Elizabeth?
Birth2 November 1889LIBBEY George?
Birth1889MCCRAY Mabel?
Birthabout 1889? Lillian?
Birth1889CHATFIELD Ralph David?
Birthabout 1889MCDONALD Mary?
Birth17 January 1890CHATFIELD Alberta C?
Birth23 March 1890CHATFIELD Florence C?
Birth25 June 1890THAYER Thornton Chatfield?
BirthJune 1890CARD Hazel M?
BirthJune 1890WHALEN Catherine C?
Death21 July 1890CHATFIELD Florence C?
BirthAugust 1890NORTH PALMER Grace?
Birthabout 1890CHATFIELD Raymond H?
Birthabout 1890SULLIVAN Florence?
Birthabout 1890VROOMAN Beatrice Fay?
Birthabout 1890? Emma?
Census1890COOL Edith?
Birth12 January 1891CHATFIELD Helen Elizabeth?
Birth5 August 1891PENDELL Thomas Franklin?
Birth24 August 1891THOMPSON Garner C?
Birth27 August 1891HAWLEY Ethel Anna?
BirthAugust 1891HASKINS M Raymond?
Birth4 November 1891CLARK John Clinton?
Marriageabout 1891PENDELL Thomas with CHATFIELD Adelaide?
Birthabout 1891SCHMITT Flora E?
Birthabout 1891WALSH Thomas A?
BirthJanuary 1892RICHARDSON Albert?
BirthJanuary 1892SOULE Harold P?
BirthDecember 1892PENDELL Katherine S?
BirthDecember 1892CHATFIELD Anna E?
BirthDecember 1892GORHAM Eleanor?
Census1892KINNEY Kittie L?
Birthabout 1892? Margaret D?
Birthabout 1892CONSTANTINE Joseph?
Census1892HARWOOD Grace E?
Birthabout 1892HOUBERTZ Lillian H?
Birth15 January 1893HUGGINS Cecil Ray?
BirthJanuary 1893CHATFIELD Helen N?
Death24 February 1893BOURST Samuel V?
DeathMarch 1893MCCRAY Charles Chatfield?
Birth3 May 1893BAKER Jane Marie?
Marriage5 September 1893CHATFIELD Charles H with HOLCOMB Pearl?
Death4 October 1893HAZEN Maryett\e?
Birth12 December 1893CHATFIELD Mildred Caroline?
Birth31 December 1893CHATFIELD Harold Wheeler?
Birthabout 1893CHATFIELD Mabel M?
Birth1893LANG Helen Lyford?
Marriageabout 1893TOLAND Walter G with MORGAN Lillian O?
Birth1893CHATFIELD Jean Gray?
Birthabout 1893? Grace?
Birthabout 1893? Ruth?
Marriageabout 1893CHATFIELD Walter H with BREWER Pauline R?
Birthabout 1893CAREY Ella?
BirthJanuary 1894CLARK Harold Orville?
BirthMarch 1894ALT Esther Viola?
Birth12 May 1894LEROY Ethel J?
BirthJuly 1894NORTH PALMER Nora?
Birth2 August 1894TOLAND Harry Bracy?
BirthSeptember 1894CHATFIELD Edna B?
BirthSeptember 1894COMEAU Arthur John?
Birth4 November 1894RICHARDSON Frank Edward?
Birth24 November 1894GOODELL Grace?
Birth15 December 1894BEACH Harold Franklin?
Birthabout 1894MURRAY William?
Birthabout 1894FALZ Henry?
Death1894CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1894SWEITZER Bertha A?
BirthJanuary 1895THAYER Elizabeth?
Birth12 February 1895JENNINGS Leon H?
Birth10 March 1895CHATFIELD Robert Rabey?
Marriage17 April 1895CHATFIELD Samuel B with SEAMAN Theora?
Birth26 June 1895LATTIMER Dorothy Jean?
Birth11 August 1895VOUGHT Edith I.?
Death18 October 1895CHATFIELD Julia Ann?
Birthabout 1895? Constance N?
Birth1895RICE Mabel Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1895HAWKEY George E?
Birth1895TRAVERS Catherine?
Marriage3 January 1896CASTLEMAN Thomas Edward with CHATFIELD Louise Catherine?
BirthFebruary 1896CHATFIELD Hattie Jane?
BirthJuly 1896PENDELL Augusta C?
Birth14 August 1896BYRNE John Leo?
Birth14 September 1896BEACH Jeannette Helen?
Death1896? Mary S?
Birthabout 1896? Izra?
Birth1896RICHARDSON Eva?
Death1896RICHARDSON Eva?
Birthabout 1896KING Warren?
Birth4 January 1897CHATFIELD Bertha M?
Death4 April 1897ENDERLIN Frederick?
Birth21 May 1897JONES Franklin E?
BirthJune 1897TOLAND Kathleen?
Birth11 October 1897CHATFIELD Jessie?
BirthNovember 1897SMITH Clarence?
Marriageabout 1897LITTLE George H with ? Clara G?
Marriageabout 1897HITCHCOCK Milo J with ? Louise A?
Birthabout 1897WILLIAMS Donald M?
Birth20 January 1898BORST Lawrence S?
Birth20 January 1898HALL Ruth V?
Birth31 March 1898PAINTER Elsie K?
BirthMarch 1898CHATFIELD Maud Beatrice?
BirthMarch 1898CHATFIELD Mildred Verna?
Death13 May 1898COTREL Mary?
BirthMay 1898MINER Edna C?
Birth25 June 1898LANG Percy Lyford?
Birth31 August 1898CHATFIELD Douglas Howard?
BirthAugust 1898CHATFIELD Lester \ Leslie?
Birth24 September 1898CHATFIELD Clayton Calkins?
Birth19 October 1898SKUTT Frank William?
BirthDecember 1898TOLAND Emily E?
Birthabout 1898TRAVERS John?
Birthabout 1898? Catherine?
Birthabout 1898UTZ Margaret C?
BirthJanuary 1899CHATFIELD Marion K\R?
BirthJanuary 1899PENDELL Robert G?
Birth7 July 1899CHATFIELD Eliza?
BirthAugust 1899CHATFIELD E Stanley?
Birth23 September 1899FINK Charles William?
Birth27 September 1899? Beatrice M?
Birth27 September 1899MOORE Victor?
BirthSeptember 1899BREWER Margery H?
Birth19 October 1899CHATFIELD Irwin Harvey?
BirthDecember 1899CHATFIELD Herbert K?
BirthDecember 1899LITTLE Fannie \ Fanny?
Marriageabout 1899CHATFIELD Egbert H with DEGRAFF Minnie \ Mernia \ Marina \ Merina W?
Birth14 February 1900PARSONS Walter Lyman?
BirthFebruary 1900CHATFIELD George L?
BirthJune 1900CHATFIELD Hazel Irene?
Death10 August 1900CHATFIELD Hazel Irene?
Birth26 August 1900CHATFIELD Edna Frances?
Birth6 November 1900ROSCOE Arlene H?
Birth9 December 1900NEWBURY Denwood W?
Birth14 December 1900BEISHEIM Edward H?
Birth1900CHATFIELD Louise N?
Birthabout 1900LIDDIARD Alfred?
Birth1900CHATFIELD Alfred?
Death1900LANG Helen Lyford?
Birthabout 1900? Kathyrn M?
Death1900HASKINS M Raymond?
Immigration1900HACKU John?
Birth1 January 1901WITTY Raymond J?
Birth21 September 1901MCMAHON Lee W?
Birth26 September 1901NORTH Eugene?
Birthabout 1901? Mabel?
Birthabout 1901CHATFIELD Katherine Ives?
Birthabout 1901PENDELL Jack?
Birthabout 1901JACK Grace Esther?
Birthabout 1901KINNEY Earl?
Birthabout 1901HILDRETH Edith M?
DeathFebruary 1902CHATFIELD Barton Lewis?
Birth16 March 1902KNAUSS COOK Gertrude Mary?
Birth13 August 1902CASTLEMAN George E?
Birth1 September 1902CHATFIELD Dorothy \ Dorothea R?
Birth7 September 1902DALY Marion H?
Birth12 October 1902BAILEY Anna?
Birth8 December 1902CHATFIELD Russell Alfred?
Birthabout 1902MERKEL Mary?
Birth1902COOMBS Herbert S?
Birth1902O'DELL Mary M?
Birth1902HENDERSON Morton L?
Birth24 February 1903LUTZ Iola L?
Birth16 April 1903COPELAND Louise?
Birth24 April 1903TOLAND Walter G?
Birth26 April 1903CHATFIELD Gilbert B?
Birth30 May 1903CHATFIELD Helen A?
Birth18 June 1903HAZARD Maurice Henry?
BirthJune 1903CHATFIELD George Clements?
Immigration2 August 1903KIDGELL Ernest J?
Birth11 August 1903CHATFIELD Arthur Woolsey?
Death27 November 1903COLE John Roberts?
Birthabout 1903JONES Clara M?
Birthabout 1903LITTLE Ellen?
Birthabout 1903CHATFIELD Edward?
Birth1903ROCHE Jennie M?
Birthabout 1903WILLIAMS James?
Birthabout 1903CORWIN Gladys Marie?
Death1903BLIGH Jane?
Birthabout 1903HILDRETH Mary E?
Birth12 July 1904KANE Louisa Catherine?
Birth28 July 1904CLYNE Marion Claire \ Clarie?
Birth3 August 1904BUETE Robert V?
Birthabout 1904PENDELL Lawrence?
Birthabout 1904WING Louise H?
Birthabout 1904PENDELL James C?
Birth1904STOCK Merrill Aubrey?
Birthabout 1904BITTMAN Harry Clarence?
Birth1904CHATFIELD George Jarvis?
Birthabout 1904HALL Fletcher?
Birthabout 1904LEBKUCHER Dorothy?
Birth24 March 1905CHATFIELD Sherwood Clarke?
Death8 April 1905MICOU William Henry?
MarriageApril 1905STOKES James with CHATFIELD Florence Brooks?
Birth31 July 1905LAPP Clifford G?
Death25 December 1905BOND Lena?
Death1905WILMOT Julia?
Birthabout 1905CHATFIELD Bessie R?
Birthabout 1905BRUNO OR BRUNE Josephine?
Marriagebefore 1905THAYER Frank B with CHATFIELD Urania?
Birth20 January 1906HOOPER William Harwood?
Death28 July 1906CHATFIELD Mary Elizabeth?
Birth7 October 1906CHATFIELD Alma M?
Birth27 October 1906? Helen Marie?
Death9 December 1906STOCKING Sarah G?
Birthabout 1906NORTON William W?
Birthabout 1906CHATFIELD William Gordon?
Birth1906CHATFIELD Franklin David?
Marriageabout 1906HAND Frank H with ROBINSON Clara W?
Birthabout 1906PENDELL Richard B?
Birthabout 1906NICHOLS Kendrick?
Birthabout 1906STEVENS John A?
Birthabout 1906WING Blanche A?
Marriageabout 1906PALMER James with CHATFIELD Hellen J?
Birthabout 1906HALL Percy Lang?
Birthabout 1906LITTLE Catharine?
Birth23 January 1907DREW Frank John?
Birth23 April 1907MASE Theodore Starr?
Death10 July 1907CHATFIELD Donald?
Birth8 October 1907THAYER Theodore R?
Birth29 October 1907CHATFIELD Anna Evelyn?
Birthabout 1907CHATFIELD Doris K?
Birthabout 1907CHATFIELD Emma H?
Birthabout 1907SELLE Gladys May Stevenson?
Birthabout 1907CHATFIELD Emma Nancy?
Birthabout 1907TOLAND Gladys?
Death1907CLARK Ruth A?
Birthabout 1907? Jeanette \ Irene?
Birthabout 1907HIBBS W Gordon?
Birthabout 1907PALMER Ethel?
Birth7 July 1908SALTSMAN Leah?
Birth8 August 1908CHATFIELD Mary Theresa?
Birth28 August 1908CHATFIELD Bligh W?
Marriage19 October 1908FORD Robert Jay with DAGGETT Vivian D?
Birthabout 1908KEMP Claude W?
Birthabout 1908HALL E. Barton?
Birthabout 1908PENDELL Cornelia A?
Birthabout 1908? Helen?
Birth1908CHATFIELD Mary Augustine?
Death1908MASON Mary?
Marriageabout 1908CODY Peter with HERKERT Genevieve?
Birthabout 1908DOUGLAS Robert L?
Birth12 January 1909PRATT Eveyln Elise?
Birth3 May 1909SENIOR Norman C?
Birth25 May 1909? Isabelle O?
Death1 September 1909CHATFIELD Kate Amelia?
Birth1 November 1909BESSEY Roy?
Birth6 December 1909PENDELL George R?
Birthabout 1909HILDRETH Rachel C?
Birthabout 1909? Alberta?
Birthabout 1909WING Donald J?
Birthabout 1909RYAN Edwinna Kathryn?
Birthabout 1909FULLER Beatrice P?
Immigration1909KIDGELL Herbert?
Birthabout 1909KINNEY Keith?
Birthabout 1909HOOPER Helen E?
Immigration1909AVERY Mabel Matilda?
Birth7 March 1910PATRICK Joseph E?
Birth20 June 1910CHATFIELD Charles Foster?
Death17 August 1910HARDAWAY Cyrus J?
Birth10 November 1910OSBORN Willard Phillips?
Birth22 December 1910CASTLEMAN Gladys M?
Death1910LESTER \ LEISTER Hannah Eliza?
Birthabout 1910CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Census1900/1910BALL Thomas Muller?
Birth1910CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1910CHATFIELD Ursula E?
Census1900/1910MULLER Cornelia?
Census1910CHATFIELD Ruby McIntire?
Birth1910JOHNSON Nelly E?
Marriage18 January 1911ELLIS George Willet with CHATFIELD Anna Estella?
Birth20 March 1911? Beatrice L \ M?
Marriage23 October 1911CHATFIELD Cuyler Renny with POCOCKE Edith May?
Birthabout 1911MCMANN Henrietta F?
Birth1911CHATFIELD Sarah Caroline?
Birthabout 1911KEMP Frances?
Birthabout 1911RHODES Dorothy E?
Birth26 February 1912? Mildred S?
Marriage25 September 1912THOMPSON Garner C with CHATFIELD Alice Abigail?
Marriage25 September 1912WEISKOTTEN Herman Gates with HERRE Kathryn M?
Birth26 October 1912CHATFIELD Anna Estelle?
Birth21 December 1912CHATFIELD John Blake?
Birth24 December 1912CHATFIELD Jesse Franklin?
Marriage25 December 1912SHUMWAY Rush Richmond with CHATFIELD Hattie Jane?
Birthabout 1912? Helen?
Birthabout 1912WHITE William Thompson?
Birthabout 1912HASKINS Lois?
Marriage20 March 1913CHATFIELD Isaiah H with PEVRIN HYDE Myrtle E?
Birth13 June 1913RINGWOOD Joseph A?
Birth8 August 1913BRADLEY Jessica?
Birth17 August 1913BRISTOL Karl E?
Birth19 September 1913WHITMAN Rose?
Birth2 October 1913THOMPSON Doris?
Birth25 November 1913CHATFIELD Hobart Edwin?
Birthabout 1913CHATFIELD Ruth?
Birthabout 1913? Virginia L?
Birth1913CHATFIELD Doris M?
Birth1913CODY Eleanor?
Birth1913CHATFIELD Margaret J?
Birthabout 1913TYLER George J?
Birthabout 1913RHODES Helen M?
Birthabout 1913CHATFIELD Vincent C?
Birthabout 1913KEMP Stanley?
Birth14 January 1914DRUM Howard?
Birth25 May 1914PRATT Edith Helena?
Immigration21 July 1914DRUMMER Christian M?
Birth16 September 1914CHATFIELD Mary Louise?
Birthabout 1914WING Coburn E?
Birthabout 1914LAIRD John?
Birthabout 1914LATTIMER George McLaren?
Immigration15 March 1915LITTLEJOHN Arthur Runsett?
Birth26 March 1915CHATFIELD Muriel Adeline?
Immigration1 April 1915KLEMA Hedwig Margarete?
Birth21 April 1915CHATFIELD Charles James?
Immigration30 April 1915HOLLAND Daisie Ysobel?
Marriage19 June 1915TOLAND Harry Bracy with CAREY Ella?
Birth6 September 1915CLARK John Clinton?
Marriage14 October 1915ADAMS James Loyd with GOODELL Grace?
Marriage18 October 1915GOSSAGE Roy Gordon with CHATFIELD Bessie E?
Birthabout 1915CHATFIELD Richard T?
Birth1915ABERLE Janet G?
Birth1915RICHARDSON Harlow Maurice?
Marriage22 January 1916LEAVENWORTH Howard LeGrand with MEECH Helen?
Birth9 March 1916CHATFIELD Charles Purdy?
Birth13 April 1916NARROW Lena May?
Birth24 April 1916CHATFIELD Isabel Delphine?
Marriage13 May 1916HALL Charles W with CHATFIELD MILLER Lucinda M?
Birth15 June 1916MCCRAY Lillian Retta?
Death15 June 1916MCCRAY Lillian Retta?
Birth16 June 1916WEISKOTTEN Mercer E?
Birth24 August 1916CHEATLE Charles Raymond?
Birth13 September 1916THOMPSON Garner Egbert?
Birth28 September 1916STRAMIELLO James F?
Birth12 November 1916HAWKINS Ewing Butler?
Birthabout 1916TYLER Guinevere?
Birthabout 1916? Ruth?
Birth1916CHATFIELD William David?
Birthabout 1916RYAN Rosina?
Birthabout 1916WHITE Alice M?
Birthabout 1916TYLER Letha \ Litha?
Birth14 February 1917CHATFIELD Perry Richmond?
Death11 April 1917WEAVER Hattie A\g?
Birth2 June 1917? Anna V?
Birth7 July 1917BOTSFORD Gardner?
Death28 July 1917CHATFIELD Frederica L?
Birth13 November 1917CHATFIELD Paul Oakes?
Marriage25 December 1917HUGGINS Cecil Ray with CHATFIELD Marion K\R?
Birthabout 1917LIBBEY Grover E?
Birthabout 1917KRICKOVICH John?
Birthabout 1917GOSSAGE Gordon J?
Birth1917GRAY Virginia K?
Birth1917CHATFIELD Virginia Lee?
Birthabout 1917KINNEY Edith?
Marriage26 January 1918PRICE David with CHATFIELD Marion E?
Birth2 May 1918WEISKOTTEN Robert Chatfield?
Birth12 May 1918HAWKEY Luella Mae?
Birth15 July 1918CLARK Ruth M?
Birth5 October 1918CASTLEMAN Harry B?
Birthabout 1918TRAVERS Gerard?
Birthabout 1918CHATFIELD Joyce Benton?
Birth1918CHATFIELD Richard Troll?
Birthabout 1918CLARK Milo C?
Birth1918MASE Stanley Wilson?
Birthabout 1918TOLAND Norman?
Marriage26 February 1919BEECHEY Frederick John William with BOLDT Charlotte L?
Birth20 March 1919LEWIS Kathleen Sommers?
Birth11 April 1919RICHARDSON Leroy Edward?
Birth17 June 1919BRANDTE Raymond Alexander?
Birth9 July 1919CHATFIELD Thelma R?
Death16 July 1919CHATFIELD Richard Troll?
Birth3 August 1919KERNOCHAN John Marshall?
Birth8 October 1919PENDELL Grace C?
Birth28 October 1919PRATT Kendric Chatfield?
Birth28 October 1919PRATT Kenneth Charles?
Birth3 November 1919GOODRIDGE Edwin Barringer?
Birthabout 1919KINNEY Marian E?
Birthabout 1919GOSSAGE Wesley?
Birthabout 1919BYRD Ruth Evelyn?
Birthabout 1919CAMP Walter Clement?
Birthabout 1919WING Marion A?
Birthabout 1919RICHARDSON Franklin L?
Birthabout 1919TOLAND Donald W?
Birth16 February 1920THOMPSON William Robert?
Birth8 March 1920CLOWE Charles Francis?
Birth27 September 1920KING Daniel W?
Death16 November 1920ADDOMS William Henry?
Birthabout 1920HILL Frank?
Birthabout 1920LIBBEY Ida Belle?
Birth1920SOULE Raymond G?
Birthabout 1920EDWARDS Ruth?
Census1920CHAMBERS Bertha?
Birthabout 1920PRICE Ethel M?
Birth30 March 1921CHATFIELD Laverne Kenneth?
Death27 April 1921PRATT Kenneth Charles?
Birth2 November 1921ROYCE Charles?
Birth1921MORTENSEN Hester Cecelia?
Birthabout 1921TYLER Clarence Jay?
Birth1921RICHARDSON Ralph Albert?
Birth4 January 1922CHATFIELD John Dewitt?
Death13 January 1922DWIGHT Sarah Adelia?
Death1 May 1922GARRISON Martha Elizabeth?
Birth7 June 1922CHATFIELD George Edward?
Marriage9 June 1922BALL Thomas Muller with CHATFIELD Katherine Ives?
Death8 October 1922BESSEY Wellington L?
Marriage23 October 1922LITTLE George H with WELD VOLKER Susan S?
Birthabout 1922HILL Gordon?
Birthabout 1922RICHARDSON Lloyd?
Birthabout 1922PRICE Margaret D?
Birthabout 1922KEMP Marion R?
Birthabout 1922LIBBEY Melvin G?
Immigration1922EGGINTON Sidney J R?
Birth13 January 1923THOMPSON Betty Jane?
Birth13 May 1923CHATFIELD Charles Hunter?
Immigration1 July 1923BONS Paulina Cornelia?
Birth1923BARKER Jean Charlotte?
Birthabout 1923TRAVERS John?
Birth1923BATES Louise Mumford?
Birthabout 1923? Ritabelle?
Birth1923CHATFIELD Florence Katherine?
Birthabout 1923CLARK Richard W?
Death1923NETTLETON Lorenzo D?
Birthabout 1923KINNEY Pearl?
Birthabout 1923TYLER Virginia M?
Birthabout 1923TOLAND Trevil?
Death1923NEWCOMBE Elizabeth?
Death1923SEAMAN Edward P?
Birth29 March 1924HESTER Edward A?
Birth5 May 1924RICHARDSON Donald Bruce?
Birth29 June 1924TYLER Rex D?
Birth26 October 1924CHATFIELD James Shaw?
Marriage5 November 1924MOORE Victor with CHATFIELD Dorothy \ Dorothea R?
Birth20 December 1924VERDINI Joseph I.?
Birthabout 1924THAYER Gordon C?
Birthabout 1924MCMAHON Wilfred?
Birth1924CHATFIELD Elizabeth Joyce?
Birth1924BEISHEIM Robert Edward?
Birthabout 1924CHATFIELD Helen A?
Birth23 January 1925CHATFIELD Arthur Ives?
Immigration5 August 1925LEACH Harry Alexander?
Birth11 November 1925SKUTT Frank William?
Birth19 December 1925? Frances?
Birthabout 1925MITCHELL Barbara?
Birth1925LIBBEY Glen Edward?
Birth1925RICHARDSON Betty Jane \ Jean?
Birth1925HAWLEY Lillian Jane?
Census1925CHATFIELD Gerard?
Birth11 February 1926COMEAU Edna?
Birthabout 1926ARCHER Mary S?
Birthabout 1926KINNEY Orr?
Birth15 March 1927LOWRIE Helen Louise?
Birth12 April 1927LIBBEY Roy E?
BirthMay 1927STOCK Merrill Aubrey?
Birth9 August 1927SKUTT Carolyn Ann?
Birthabout 1927HALSE Frank A?
Birthabout 1927COMEAU Gertrud?
Birthabout 1927THAYER Lois?
Birthabout 1927CONSTANTINE Raymond?
Immigration1927ALCORN Ivy Edith?
Birth17 April 1928CHATFIELD Doris Miriam?
Birth22 July 1928CHATFIELD Katherine E?
Birth1928RICHARDSON Ruth Elaine?
Death1928DRATT Mary Frances?
Birthabout 1928THAYER Constance?
Birthabout 1928CHATFIELD George?
Birthabout 1928ARCHER Richard D?
Birthabout 1928BEISHEIM Jean S?
Birth1 March 1929CHATFIELD Douglas?
Birth19 May 1929CHATFIELD Olive Grayce?
Birth9 September 1929CASTLEMAN Harold G?
Birth11 September 1929CHATFIELD Alfred R?
Immigration23 September 1929GOECKEN Wilhelm Gerhardt?
Marriage4 October 1929HOFF Leroy Peter with UNLAUFT Johanna?
Birth3 November 1929CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Valborg?
Immigration12 December 1929PRATT Frederick Wolsey?
Immigration12 December 1929WINSOR Theresa?
Birthabout 1929HAWLEY Ethel I. \ J?
Birthabout 1929GORDON Shirley A?
Birthabout 1929ARCHER Catherine G?
Birthabout 1929LOWRIE Dorothy?
Birthabout 1929CHATFIELD Richard?
Birth14 July 1930ROCKWELL Wallace J?
Immigration5 August 1930CLARK Jean Chatfield?
Birth1 October 1930CHATFIELD Charles Harold?
Death1930RHODES Clarence Dana?
Birthabout 1930COMEAU Joan?
Birthabout 1930CHATFIELD Nancy?
Birthabout 1930SCHANZE Gloria?
Birth1930LIDDIARD John Ernest?
Death1930FREELAND Harriet?
Birth11 March 1931CHATFIELD Eugene Francis?
ImmigrationOctober 1931LEACH Harry Alexander?
ImmigrationOctober 1931IRWIN Elvira Furber?
ImmigrationOctober 1931MARTIN Frances Chatfield Irwin?
Death1931CHATFIELD Alfred B?
Birthabout 1931CHATFIELD Delores?
Birthabout 1931THAYER Joanne M?
Immigration1931CHATFIELD Estelle Evelyn?
Death1932CHATFIELD Berlin G?
Birthabout 1932SCHANZE Jeanette?
Birthabout 1932CHATFIELD Catherine?
Birthabout 1932CHATFIELD Joyce?
Birthabout 1932KING Roland?
Birth4 April 1933UNDERWOOD Joan Stella?
Birth25 October 1933CHATFIELD Charles Earnest?
Birthabout 1933SUDDUTH William Henry?
Birthabout 1933CHATFIELD Lois?
Birth1933CRESSEY Frances G?
Birthabout 1933MOORE Jean?
Death26 September 1934FERRELL Jennie Eliza?
Marriage6 December 1934CHATFIELD Ralph David with DUNKS PULLING Florence May?
Birthabout 1934BYRNE Elizabeth Anne?
Birthabout 1934CHATFIELD Edward?
Immigration1934CHATFIELD Estelle Evelyn?
Marriage27 March 1935NORTON William W with TYLER Guinevere?
Birth5 June 1935CHATFIELD Arthur Woolsey?
Birth7 November 1935THAYER Sandra Anne?
Birthabout 1935SCHANZE William Roy?
Birthabout 1935EDWARDS Elizabeth?
Birth1935JOHNSON George Edwin?
Birthabout 1935CHATFIELD Donna M?
Birthabout 1935THAYER Theodore B?
Deathabout 1935LIDDIARD Alfred?
Birthabout 1935CHATFIELD Helen?
Birth27 January 1936PATRICK Marlene?
Birth25 December 1936van SCOYK Diane Nyra?
Birth27 December 1936STOCK Gail Alice?
Immigration1936CHATFIELD Estelle Evelyn?
Birthabout 1936BYRNE Patricia Marie?
Birthabout 1936MOORE Robert J?
Birthabout 1936SUDDUTH John Chatfield?
Birthabout 1936CHATFIELD Marilyn?
Birth7 February 1937ZADEIK Denise?
Birth13 April 1937CHATFIELD Judith Ann?
Birth28 July 1937CHATFIELD James Vincent?
Death7 August 1937BESSEY Edward Eugene?
Immigration15 August 1937BONNOITT Lucille?
Immigration15 August 1937HALSEY Alfred Olney?
Immigration1937SHEPARDSON Charles Noah?
Birth1937JOHNSON Donald?
Death1937PARK Mary Ethel?
Birthabout 1937TYLER Robert?
Immigration1937CHATFIELD Melville?
Birth5 February 1938GUARE John?
Birth30 October 1938HAYES Charles C?
Birth19 November 1938HAZARD Willet Edwin?
Birthabout 1938LAPP Donald C?
Birthabout 1938FALZ Sallie D?
Birth1938JOHNSON Mary L?
Birth1938SUDDUTH George Norton?
Birth31 May 1939TYLER Nancy?
Death5 July 1939CHATFIELD Merle Amber?
Birthabout 1939DOUGLAS Robert Leslie?
Birthabout 1939CHATFIELD Juanita M?
Birthabout 1939CHATFIELD Raymond?
Birthabout 1939SUDDUTH Susan?
Birthabout 1939TYLER Thomas?
Birthabout 1939KRUPA Robert?
Deathafter 1939MYERS Josephine?
Birthabout 1939PEARL Patricia?
Birth29 February 1940CHATFIELD Edwin Howard?
Birth12 June 1940PARSONS Suzanne Therese?
Birthabout 1940BRISTOL Selvia?
Census1940SCHANZE William Roy?
Birthabout 1940WALSH Thomas?
Birthabout 1940TOLAND Patricia?
Census1940HIBBS W Gordon?
Birth27 March 1941CHATFIELD Burleigh Allen?
Birth6 April 1941HAWLEY Joan E?
Marriageafter 1941COOMBS Herbert S with CHATFIELD Mary Theresa?
Birth22 July 1942HAMILTON Alfred W?
Birth29 July 1942CHATFIELD Peter Allen?
DeathAugust 1942CHATFIELD Elmer Squires?
BirthAugust 1942KRUPA Barbara?
Birth10 October 1942CHATFIELD Naomi E?
Death27 December 1942MORGAN William George?
Death1942TROLL Jacob?
Birth16 October 1943KRUPA Karen Anne?
Death1943STICKLES Mary T?
Birthabout 1944CHATFIELD Jean Louise?
Birth14 April 1945CHATFIELD Warren Barry?
Birth22 December 1945HAWLEY Carol A?
Immigration1946JENKINSON Audrey Lauder?
Death1946MORGAN Lillian O?
Immigration19 June 1947HORVAT Hildegarde?
Death26 September 1947WHITE William Thompson?
Death1947JENNINGS Mary E?
Birth30 September 1948CHATFIELD Wendy Lee?
Birth17 September 1949CHATFIELD Terrance L?
Birth21 February 1950KING Margaret C?
Birth5 October 1950CHATFIELD Kathleen S?
Deathabout 1950CHATFIELD Ethel C?
Death27 July 1951CHATFIELD Emma Mary?
Birth1951CHATFIELD John Howard?
Birthabout 1952SKUTT David F?
Immigration3 June 1953CHATFIELD Robert Wilson?
Immigration8 June 1953PORCH Quinta?
Birth8 January 1954MORSEMAN David D?
Birth20 June 1954SKUTT Thomas A?
Birth16 July 1954LETOURNEAU Glenn Allen?
Birth4 August 1954CHATFIELD Robert Allen?
Birth1 September 1954MORSEMAN Donna L?
Birth9 September 1954ROCKWELL Anne Marie?
Death23 September 1954WEISKOTTEN Mercer E?
Immigration17 January 1955VERDON Gwyneth Evelyn?
Immigration21 July 1955MARTIN Frances Chatfield Irwin?
Death7 August 1955BARNES Bertram W?
Birth28 September 1955SKUTT Renee J?
Birth22 March 1957MORSEMAN Rebecca L?
Immigration29 April 1957HENAGHAN James Archibald?
Immigration29 April 1957LOROI Mary Frances?
Marriage22 June 1957CHATFIELD Eugene Hale with ZADEIK Denise?
Death22 July 1957CHATFIELD Benton Hallock?
Death4 November 1957CALHOUN Harry?
Birthabout 1957CALKINS Harvey L?
Birth27 August 1958MORSEMAN Philip E?
Birth15 July 1959van SICKLIN Marianne?
Birth4 October 1959CHATFIELD Pamela J?
Birth11 October 1959CHATFIELD Paul Richard?
Death9 December 1959MCCRAY Elizabeth Foster?
Death25 October 1960BARBOUR Estelle?
Birth12 December 1960SOULE Roger Philip?
Birth23 July 1961SAXENIAN Gary S?
Birth15 December 1961CHATFIELD Guy R?
Birth1 September 1962CHATFIELD Lori Sue?
Death27 December 1963CHATFIELD Nina Frances?
Residence1963FISK Perry Warren?
DeathJanuary 1964TOLAND Harry Bracy?
Death10 April 1964WING George W?
DeathJuly 1964CHATFIELD Alberta C?
DeathAugust 1964DAGGETT Vivian D?
DeathSeptember 1964HILL Pliny Alges?
DeathJune 1965FRELIGH Wesley Henry?
Death28 May 1967CHATFIELD William G\J?
Birth9 July 1967HAMILTON Anthony W?
Marriageabout 1967FISCHER Raymond with MCLAUGHLIN Margaret Mary?
Birth26 February 1968CHATFIELD Stacey Ann?
Death2 March 1968LEBKUCHER Dorothy?
Birth6 May 1968HORAN ??
Death22 May 1968MOORE Victor?
DeathJune 1968ROYCE Charles?
Death4 July 1968CHATFIELD Vincent C?
Marriage2 November 1968DEXTER Merlin L with van VALKENBERG Ilan Pearl?
Birth11 December 1968CHATFIELD Carolyn M?
DeathSeptember 1969TATUM Elizabeth Madilene?
DeathOctober 1969LIBBEY George?
DeathDecember 1969NORTH Eugene?
Birth3 March 1970MOREY Frank A?
Birth5 March 1970CHATFIELD Andrew K?
DeathOctober 1970FINK Charles William?
DeathNovember 1970EILERS Melvin E?
Death1970HENDERSON Morton L?
Birthabout 1972CHATFIELD Robert P?
Death4 June 1974HALL Ruth V?
Death30 September 1975PENDELL Thomas Franklin?
Death13 August 1976CHATFIELD William David?
Birth1976COLUCCI Marcus Anthony?
DeathJune 1977CHATFIELD Walter Myers?
Death25 August 1977CODY Helen Margaret?
DeathOctober 1977CHATFIELD Gilbert B?
Death12 February 1978DRUM Howard?
Birth31 December 1978CHATFIELD Julie M?
Marriageabout 1978HALL Robert L?
DeathMay 1979CASTLEMAN George E?
Death21 November 1979ARMSTRONG Dorothy Patricia?
DeathMarch 1981THOMPSEN Arnfin O?
Death16 October 1982CLYNE Marion Claire \ Clarie?
DeathOctober 1982? Mildred S?
DeathDecember 1982PATRICK Joseph E?
Death10 March 1983FISKE Frances E?
Death25 September 1983FLAGLER Julia?
DeathFebruary 1984? Lillian M?
DeathJune 1985CHATFIELD Bligh W?
DeathMarch 1986WITTY Raymond J?
Death2 June 1987NORTH Ephraim Edward?
Death11 November 1987RINGWOOD Joseph A?
Death18 May 1988CROLICK Andrew?
Death23 September 1988CHATFIELD Bertha M?
Birthabout 1988CHATFIELD Katelyn B?
Birthabout 1989CALKINS Patrick?
Death25 September 1990HAWKEY George E?
Death23 March 1991CHATFIELD Russell Alfred?
DeathJuly 1991STOCK Thelma?
Birth1993CHATFIELD Samantha Kykel?
Death12 March 1994? Isabelle O?
Death18 April 1994STEIL Carl John Martin?
Death8 May 1994CODY Eleanor?
Death21 September 1994WILLISTON Mary Alena?
Death10 October 1996CHATFIELD Mary Theresa?
Death20 February 1997CHATFIELD George Edward?
Marriage17 May 1997CHATFIELD Andrew K with MCKENNA Kristen Michele?
Death25 August 1997LEWIS Kathleen Sommers?
Death17 March 1999CHATFIELD Robert Rabey?
Death25 April 2000? Frances?
Death6 May 2001STRAMIELLO James F?
Death1 June 2001BEVINGTON John Richard?
Marriageabout 2001HALL Ronald Allen?
Death17 May 2002BRISTOL Karl E?
Death28 October 2002BEECHEY Ernest George?
Death25 August 2003LIBBEY Roy E?
Death5 December 2003CHATFIELD Charles Purdy?
Death1 March 2004CHATFIELD Arthur Woolsey?
Death24 August 2005HOWE Lewis John?
Death4 May 2006LIBBEY Leah H?
Death21 September 2006? Linda J?
Residence2007CHATFIELD Brian Patrick?
Death16 July 2009COOK Richard A?
Death5 October 2010SORTINO Benny W?
Death3 November 2010SCHMELZLE Joyce M?
Death10 May 2011HALL Ronald Allen?
Death12 June 2012? Anna V?
Death6 April 2016LOSURDO Catherine?
Death28 May 2018COMEAU Millicent Monica?

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