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United States of America - CO Colorado - Fairview Cmtry., Basalt, Eagle Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Harold Leonard?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Fairview Cmtry., Basalt, Pitkin Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Norman G?
Burial?CHATFIELD Clinton?
Burial?HYATT Ida Emeline?
Burial6 May 1900CHATFIELD Willard James?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Fairview Cmtry., Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial5 September 1928STEVENS Samuel Ruggles?
Burial3 January 1929WARNER Clara Emma?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Fisher, Mesa Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1920CHATFIELD Emma Jerusha?
Census1920PAGE Walter Ernest?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Florence, Fremont Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth12 June 1863CHATFIELD Elmer Ellsworth?
Birth10 December 1867CHATFIELD Jacqueline Ann?
Birth21 September 1870CHATFIELD Charles Henry?
Birth24 April 1898ADAMS Marian Jacqueline?
Residence1926ALLISON Marguerite Emily?
Residence1926PATRICK Heman Alexander?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Florissant, Teller Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence2012CHATFIELD Stanley Edward?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Fort Collins, Larimer Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1910CHATFIELD Mary Margaret?
Census1910SHEPARDSON Margaret C?
Census1910HIBBARD Dorothy?
Census1900/1910CHATFIELD Laura Avery?
Census1900/1910CHATFIELD Isaac Newton?
Census1900/1910CHATFIELD Eunice Prudentia?
Census1910CHATFIELD Newton Leslie?
Census1910CHATFIELD Raymond Cornell?
Census1910SHEPARDSON Marcia L?
Census1910CHATFIELD Newton Hibbard?
Census1900/1910MEAD Elizabeth A?
Census1910SHEPARDSON Charles Noah?
Marriage7 June 1912GRAVES George Wadsworth with CHATFIELD Laura Avery?
Death1914CHATFIELD Eunice Prudentia?
Death7 April 1917GRAVES George Wadsworth?
Marriage19 August 1917SHEPARDSON Charles Noah with TRAMMEL Jean Virginia?
Death25 May 1918MEAD Elizabeth A?
Birth7 October 1920HALLAM Alberta Lee?
Census1920GRAVES Leonard Chatfield?
Census1920CHATFIELD Isaac Newton?
Census1920CHATFIELD Laura Avery?
Death15 February 1925CHATFIELD Mary Margaret?
Death27 December 1961HIBBARD Dorothy?
DeathNovember 1965SHEPARDSON Margaret C?
Death10 February 1972GETSMAN Robert Kenneth?
Death13 April 1973FERGUSON Lillian E?
Death25 August 1975SHEPARDSON Charles Noah?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Fort Lupton, Weld Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth9 March 1897FEILAND Eula?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Fort Morgan, Morgan Co., USA

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Death13 February 1909IDE James Albert?
Census1910FAULKNER Evelyn Mary?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Fremont Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1870CHATFIELD Isaac Willard?
Census1870CHATFIELD Jacqueline Ann?
Census1870CHATFIELD Ella Clara?
Census1870CHATFIELD Philip van Wert?
Census1870HARRINGTON Elizabeth Ann?
Census1870CHATFIELD Elmer Ellsworth?
Residence1986CHATFIELD Sherwood Benton?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Fruita, Mesa Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth18 November 1895CHATFIELD Charles Joseph?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Garden of Memories Cmtry., Crawford, Delta Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?ENSLEY Joy Lea?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Garfield, Chaffee Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1930CHATFIELD Ralph Elmer?
Census1930SPRADLIN Frances Elizabeth?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Garnet Mesa, Delta Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1920ZIMMERMAN Emma?
Census1920LATHAM Floyd Adelbert?
Census1920LATHAM Lina A?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Georgetown 1657988 : 5 events

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Clear Creek Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth29 October 1876IDE Clarence Faulkner?
Census1880IDE Clarence Faulkner?
Census1880FAULKNER Evelyn Mary?
Census1880IDE James Albert?
Death26 February 1904MATTHEWS Frank Ralph?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Glenwood Springs, Garfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1900FAULKNER Evelyn Mary?
Census1900IDE James Albert?
Marriage15 February 1911IDE Clarence Faulkner with CHATFIELD Pearl Mabel?
Marriage19 December 1917JENSEN Anton M with CHATFIELD Pearl Mabel?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Golden Cmtry., Golden, Jefferson Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?WANAMAKER Henry Lewis?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Golden, Jefferson Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage23 January 1882NEWTON William M with DAVIS Harriet Chatfield?
Death23 July 1900CHATFIELD Hannah Abia?
Residence1900CROW M Louize?
Residence1900CHATFIELD Hannah Abia?
Residence1900WANAMAKER Nellie Rebecca?
Residence1900CROW Jesse?
Residence1900WANAMAKER Henry Lewis?
Death22 February 1906WANAMAKER Henry Lewis?
Marriage8 September 1914LINTZ Edward Elias with ESTLINBAUM Nellie?
Marriage26 December 1916DAVIS Joseph Howard with FEILAND Eula?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Granby, Grand Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940CHATFIELD Edward Henry?
Census1940CHATFIELD James Niles?
Census1940DRIVER Margaret Elmina?
Census1940CHATFIELD Margaret Ann?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Grand Junction Ward 1, Mesa Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1910SEAVEY Charles Wesley?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Grand Junction, Mesa Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage26 December 1894CHATFIELD Charles Henry with CHAMBERLIN Nellie Belle?
Residence1900YEATON Evelyn?
Residence1900YEATON Arlie Monroe?
Residence1900YEATON Melvin Fisher?
Marriage8 November 1905YEATON Arlie Monroe with CHATFIELD Lucille May?
Census1910CHATFIELD Emma Jerusha?
Census1910PAGE Walter Chatfield?
Census1910PAGE John Chatfield?
Census1910PAGE Walter Ernest?
Marriage6 September 1915CHATFIELD Oliver Wendell with GLENNDENNING Dorthea?
Marriage22 April 1916WEHMAN Harry Milton with LONG Cecile?
Marriage9 January 1918CHATFIELD Arthur Benjamin with COX Gladys Goldie?
Marriage27 April 1919SHRIVER John Adison with CHATFIELD Daisy I.?
Census1920LABLANCE Florence?
Census1920DIGGLES Donald R?
Census1920DIGGLES Robert E?
Death23 May 1924SHRIVER Stephen A Douglas?
Marriage31 July 1926LATHAM Floyd Adelbert with YEATON Beatrice?
Marriage8 December 1928WEHMAN Harry Milton with CHATFIELD Lucille May?
Death12 July 1954CHATFIELD Daisy I.?
Death11 March 1976PUTNAM Thomas Wesley?
Death20 August 1976SNIDER Allen Jackson?
Marriage1979CHATFIELD Alonzo Bradley with DUREE Cheryl Lane?
Death28 September 1982CHATFIELD Minnie M?
Residence1995JOHNSTON Wanda Wray?
Death29 April 1996HICKS Lawrence George?
Residence1998/2010CHATFIELD Austin Ross?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Grandview Cmtry., Fort Collins, Larimer Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?HIBBARD Dorothy?
Burial?MEAD Elizabeth A?
Burial?SHEPARDSON Charles Noah?
Burial?CHATFIELD Isaac Newton?
Burial?CHATFIELD Eunice Prudentia?
Burial?GRAVES George Wadsworth?
Burial?TRAMMEL Jean Virginia?
Burial?CHATFIELD Newton Leslie?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Greeley, Weld Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth3 January 1917BIGGS Virginia Harriet?
Death10 March 1998STETSON Elsie Roberta?
Death19 December 2003STOUFFER Stephen A?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Green Mountain Cmtry., Boulder, Boulder Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?EMERY Electa Ann?
Burial?LINSON Melissa Ann?
Burial?ROUNTREE Columbus Edward?
Burial?ROUNTREE Russell Emery?
Burial?EMERY Bernice?
Burial?CHATFIELD Mary Alice?
Burial?EMERY Amos Gardiner?
Burial?HENRY Nimrod Milton?
Burial?QUICK Rhoda Marie?
Burial?EMERY Harriet Marinda?
Burial?FRY Gladys Lucy?
Burial?ERIKSON Emma?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Greenland, Douglas Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1910INGALLS Andrew L?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Gypsum, Eagle Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?SOMERS Lena F?
Marriage25 July 1893CHATFIELD Ralph Elmer with SPRADLIN Frances Elizabeth?
Birth12 May 1894CHATFIELD Elda Alice?
Census1900/1910CHATFIELD Pearl Mabel?
Residence1910FRENCH Orinda Caroline?
Census1900/1910CHATFIELD Ray Edward?
Census1900/1910CHATFIELD Reine Viola?
Census1900/1910IDE Laura Elizabeth?
Census1900/1910HAND Franklin?
Census1900/1910HAND Lauren Chatfield?
Residence1910CHATFIELD James Lauren?
Census1900/1910CHATFIELD Hubert Edmund?
Residence1900/1910CHATFIELD Lotta M?
Divorce4 September 1917IDE Clarence Faulkner with BRUNN Cora Ella?
Divorce4 September 1917IDE Clarence Faulkner with CHATFIELD Pearl Mabel?
Census1920CHATFIELD Ray Edward?
Census1920MAYER Rena Ellen?
Census1920CHATFIELD Wayne Winton?
Death13 March 1921SOMERS Lena F?
Death7 November 1935IDE Laura Elizabeth?
Marriage22 August 1936KELLY George R with IDE Muriel B?
Census1940CHATFIELD Hubert Edmund?
Census1940KELLY George R?
Census1940IDE Muriel B?
Death25 May 1945CHATFIELD Hubert Edmund?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Haxtun, Phillips Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth28 August 1888SCOTT Emery Goodwin \ Goodenough?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Henderson, Adams Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth18 May 1914FOSTER Grace Celeste?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Henry Farm, Niwot, Boulder Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth25 January 1910CHATFIELD Edward Henry?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Holly Cmtry., Holly, Prowers Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?ROBISON Harry Johnson?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Holly, Prowers Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage24 November 1909ROBISON Harry Johnson with SMITH Sylvia May?
Census1910ROBISON Harry Johnson?
Census1910SMITH Sylvia May?
Birth20 September 1914ROBISON Mabel Ione?
Census1920ROBISON Mabel Ione?
Census1920SMITH Sylvia May?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Hot Sulphur Springs, Grand Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage5 September 1904DRIVER George Franklin with CHATFIELD Nellie Margaret?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Hotchkiss Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage5 August 1977CHATFIELD Steven John with WILSON Jane Elizabeth?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Hugo, Lincoln Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth13 March 1908ADCOCK Gladys Leone?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Idaho Springs, Clear Creek Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1 May 1923DAVIS Robert Arnold?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Irondale, Adams Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1910HAMMIT Pearl M?
Census1910SEAVEY Ella May?
Census1910HAMMITT Alvia Delizon?
Census1910HAMMIT Arthur Delison?
Census1910HAMMIT Luther W?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Jefferson Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1868ROGERS Eugenia A?
Birth17 November 1879DOANE Harold R.?
Birth29 January 1913FIELDS Ruth Josephine?
Birth8 September 1918WEST Dorothy Maude?
Death7 January 1927FIELDS Ruth Josephine?
DeathMarch 1972CHATFIELD Walter James?
DeathApril 1975? Eva?
Death7 November 2014WEST Dorothy Maude?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Joes, Yuma Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth10 February 1928AMSBURY Marilyn Jean?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Julesburg, Sedgwick Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1930DINSMOOR Lila Maxine?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Kirk, Yuma Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940AMSBURY Marilyn Jean?



United States of America - CO Colorado - La Jara Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth10 December 1904JOHNSON Olive E?



United States of America - CO Colorado - La Junta, Otero Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage23 November 1904CHATFIELD Willis B with GRAY Ethel M?
Death15 July 1916ROBISON Harry Johnson?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Lake Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1880CHATFIELD Ralph Elmer?
Census1910BREAM \ BREEW \ BREEN Mary Laura?
Census1910SEAVEY Mason Moses?
Census1910SEAVEY Mason Moses?
Census1940CHATFIELD Ralph Lauren?
Census1940CHATFIELD Ralph R?
Census1940GENTON Eva Marie?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Lakeside Cmtry., Caņon City, Fremont Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CARNAHAN Ruby H?
Burial?CHATFIELD Sherwood Benton?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Lakewood, Jefferson Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death8 March 1973EMERY Bernice?
DeathNovember 1986SLOAN Mildred Rebecca?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Larimer Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage31 July 1923SHEPARDSON Charles Noah with REDIFER Florence?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Leadville, Lake Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1880CHATFIELD Charles Henry?
Census1880CHATFIELD Calla Mabel?
Census1880CHATFIELD Elmer Ellsworth?
Census1880HARRINGTON Elizabeth Ann?
Census1880CHATFIELD Jacqueline Ann?
Census1880CHATFIELD Ella Clara?
Census1880CHATFIELD Isaac Willard?
Census1880CHATFIELD Philip van Wert?
Marriage21 May 1911CHATFIELD Clark Samuel with ROSA Madgelena?
Birth20 August 1949BURGESS Suvila Jo?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Life Care Center of Greeley, Greeley, Weld Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death9 November 2020CHATFIELD Patricia Ann?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Littleton Cmtry., Littleton, Arapahoe Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Edward Livingston?
Burial?RHEA Bernie Landon?
Burial?HERRICK Margaret Prudentia?
Burial?CHATFIELD Edaline Anesta?
Burial?CHATFIELD Mary Margaret?
Burial?CHATFIELD Myrtle Lovina?
Burial?DICKINSON Mary Elmina?
Burial?BATES Anna E?
Burial?CHATFIELD Charlotte Elmina?
Burial?CHATFIELD Nathan Stoddard?
Burial?CHATFIELD Grace?
Burial?CHATFIELD James Herrick?
Burial3 December 1883CHATFIELD Philip van Wert?
Burial28 February 1889BRAZIER Anna Mary?
Marriage19 March 1895SHEPARDSON Noah with CHATFIELD Mary Margaret?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Littleton, Arapahoe Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth7 November 1873CHATFIELD Myrtle Lovina?
Birth1874CHATFIELD Grace?
Death1874CHATFIELD Grace?
Death23 October 1877CHATFIELD Myrtle Lovina?
Birth7 November 1878HARRINGTON Gustavia Aleene?
Census1880CHATFIELD Della?
Census1880CHATFIELD Clark Samuel?
Census1880CHATFIELD Ida Bell?
Census1880CHATFIELD Ora L?
Census1880CHATFIELD Clark Samuel?
Census1880CHATFIELD Arthur William?
Census1880MORROW Mary Elizabeth?
Birth27 July 1883CHATFIELD Edaline Anesta?
Death22 August 1885CHATFIELD Nathan Stoddard?
Death10 October 1887HERRICK Margaret Prudentia?
Death27 February 1889BRAZIER Anna Mary?
Marriage5 September 1892CHATFIELD James Herrick with DICKINSON Mary Elmina?
Birth11 January 1896SHEPARDSON Charles Noah?
Birth19 September 1897CHATFIELD Charlotte Elmina?
Death6 July 1916BATES Anna E?
Death13 July 1919DICKINSON Mary Elmina?
Birth3 March 1929GIRAULT John Stevens?
Marriage11 June 1949DAVIS Robert Arnold with SCHAMP Virginia Lee?
Death26 May 1993EMERY John Whitford?
Death31 July 2011SPROUL Elmer Chatfield?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Littleton, Douglas Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death3 November 1998PEETE Joseph Albert?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Longmont, Boulder Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death24 September 1918MCGRAY Angeline Frances?
Census1930KIRSCH Magdalena?
Census1930WESTON Numa LaValle?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Los Angeles 1660243 : 1 event

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Long Beach, ., California

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death7 October 1972CURRY Charles Forest?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Loveland, Larimer Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death5 March 1982CHATFIELD Roy Hoag?
Birth3 November 1989HUGHES Clayton Miller?
Death6 October 2006BUHLKE Lee Eldridge?
Residence2006BUHLKE Beth Lee?
Residence2006BUHLKE Steven L?
Residence2015MILLER Cynthia Annette?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Manasa, Conejos Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth14 February 1892MCKENZIE Etta Johannah?
Marriage29 December 1909HAYNIE John David with MCKENZIE Etta Johannah?
Birth25 September 1910HAYNIE Vina Eva?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Manhattan, Berkeley, Jefferson Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1900? Elizabeth?
Residence1900WEHMAN Harry Milton?
Residence1900WEHMAN William E?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Memorial Gardens, Grand Junction, Mesa Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Doris E?
Burial?HICKS Lawrence George?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Mesa Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth15 June 1906YEATON Beatrice?
Residence1917PAGE John Chatfield?
Residence1917MARTIN Henry George?
Residence1917SHRIVER John Adison?
Census1940LATHAM Arlene Ruth?
Census1930/1940LATHAM Floyd Adelbert?
Residence1930/1940YEATON Beatrice?
Census1940LATHAM Russell F?
Death20 March 1974WEHMAN Harry Milton?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Mesa View Cmtry., Delta, Delta Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?PARKINSON Richard J?
Burial?CHATFIELD Reine Viola?
Burial?PARKINSON Thomas Cleveland?
Burial?PARKINSON William Theodore?
Burial?SMITH Enid Vera?
Burial26 April 2010PARKINSON Hubert Thomas?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Montrose Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1920CHATFIELD Ralph Elmer?
Census1920CHATFIELD Elda Alice?
Census1920SPRADLIN Frances Elizabeth?
Census1920CHATFIELD Ralph R?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Montrose, Delta Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage26 June 1921LATHAM Floyd Adelbert with CAMPBELL Ruby Gertrude?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Montrose, Montrose Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage21 June 1921BURGENER John Carl with CHATFIELD Elda Alice?
Residence2005BROWN Frederick?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Mount Morrison, Jefferson Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage25 July 1936CHATFIELD Henry Edward with DALTON Verlin Murnice?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Mount Olivet Cmtry., Wheat Ridge, Jefferson Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Mary Almira?
Burial?DAVIS Harpin?
Burial?DAVIS Arthur Lucius?
Burial?ROGERS Eugenia A?
Burial?DAVIS Martha Ella?
Burial?SEAVEY Ella May?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Mountain View Cmtry., Longmont, Boulder Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?DAMAN Francis Marion?
Burial?MCGRAY Angeline Frances?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Municipal Cmtry., Orchard Mesa, Mesa Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Emma Jerusha?
Burial?PAGE Walter Ernest?
Burial?PAINE Amy H?
Burial?YEATON Melvin Fisher?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Naturita, Montrose Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage9 February 1889PAYSON Amon R with BLAKE Sarah B?
Census1900CHATFIELD Ralph R?
Census1900CHATFIELD Elda Alice?
Census1900CHATFIELD Ralph Elmer?
Census1900GORDEN Mary Ann Kendric?
Census1900SPRADLIN Frances Elizabeth?
Census1920PAYSON Garry Amon?
Census1920PAYSON Amon R?
Census1920LAWHEAD Helen?
Census1920LAWHEAD Philip Mason?
Census1920/1930CHATFIELD Mary Olive?
Census1930PAYSON Amon R?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Nevadaville, Gilpin Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1900HOGOBOOM Evelyn?



United States of America - CO Colorado - New Castle, Garfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth30 March 1917PARKINSON William Theodore?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Niwot, Boulder Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth13 February 1883HENRY Jessie May?
Marriage9 June 1909CHATFIELD Edward Livingston with HENRY Jessie May?
Death9 August 1934LINSON Melissa Ann?
Death19 January 1940HENRY Nimrod Milton?
Residence2014GLOWACKI Therese?
Residence2014WEBSTER James?
Census2014WEBSTER Maggie?
Census2014WEBSTER Grant?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Northglenn, Adams Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death15 October 1983KOENIG Afton Arthur?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Norwood Cmtry., Norwood, San Miguel Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BLAKE Sarah B?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Nucla Cmtry., Nucla, Montrose Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?GORDEN Mary Ann Kendric?
Burial?CHATFIELD Mary Olive?
Burial?PAYSON Amon R?
Census1900PAYSON Amon R?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Nucla, Montrose Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1910CHATFIELD Ralph Elmer?
Census1910GORDEN Mary Ann Kendric?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Olinger Eastlawn Cmtry., Aurora, Arapahoe Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Stanley M?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Orchard Mesa Cmtry., Grand Junction, Mesa Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?LATHAM Lina A?
Burial?ZIMMERMAN Emma?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Palisade Cmtry., Palisade, Mesa Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Lucille May?
Burial?WEHMAN Harry Milton?
Burial?COX Gladys Goldie?
Burial?CHATFIELD Russell Henry?
Burial?SHRIVER John Adison?
Burial?LONGWELL Emma Jane?
Burial?CHATFIELD Merritt Ogden?
Burial?BARKER Ella Lorain?
Burial?MALUTE Santa Cecelia?
Burial?? Ida M?
Burial?CHATFIELD Daisy I.?
Burial?COX Charles A?
Burial?? Anne E?
Burial?CHATFIELD Arthur Benjamin?
Burial?CHATFIELD Minnie M?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Palisade, Mesa Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth7 September 1914HICKS Lawrence George?
Death23 May 1946MALUTE Santa Cecelia?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Parker 1866999 : 1 event

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Douglas Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death23 June 1993ROUNTREE Russell Emery?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Plainview, Jefferson Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth4 May 1884EDWARDS Robert Ogden?
Birth4 April 1911EDWARDS Robert Bruce?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Platte, Jefferson Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1910BATES Anna E?
Residence1910CHATFIELD Edward Livingston?
Marriage19 February 1913RHEA Bernie Landon with CHATFIELD Edaline Anesta?
Residence1910/1920CHATFIELD Edaline Anesta?
Residence1920RHEA Bernie Landon?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Platteville, Weld Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth12 March 1861HAMMITT Alvia Delizon?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Precinct 03, Kit Carson Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1930AMSBURY Marilyn Jean?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Precinct 5, Jefferson Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1880CHATFIELD Charles Henry?
Census1880HERRICK Margaret Prudentia?
Census1880CHATFIELD Mary Margaret?
Census1880CHATFIELD Nathan Stoddard?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Pueblo Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1900CORNELL Martha Elizabeth?
Census1900HIBBARD Dorothy?
Marriage27 December 1905CHATFIELD Newton Leslie with HIBBARD Dorothy?
Death4 November 1939CHATFIELD Guy Alonzo?
Death31 December 1972WHITE Laura L?
Death6 March 1989CHATFIELD Olive Lucretia?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Pueblo, Pueblo Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1 September 1928WHETZAL Frank with CHATFIELD Olive Lucretia?
Census1930CHATFIELD Elda Alice?
Census1930BURGENER Wilma E?
Census1930BURGENER Elizabeth?
Census1930BURGENER John Carl?
Census1930HAMMIT Arthur Delison?
Census1930BURGENER John Ralph?
Marriage16 November 1932CHATFIELD William Crandall with GRANELL Anna Elizabeth?
Death11 September 1938HAMMIT Luther W?
Residence1930/1940WHETZAL Joyce L?
Residence1940WHITE Laura L?
Death9 April 1973WHETZAL Frank?
Residence1928/1973WHETZAL Frank?
Residence1928/1989CHATFIELD Olive Lucretia?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Ralston, Jefferson Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1864DAVIS Charles Howard?
Residence1864DAVIS Harriet Chatfield?
Residence1864CHATFIELD Mary Almira?
Residence1864DAVIS Martha Ella?
Residence1864DAVIS Harpin?
Census1880DAVIS Harriet Chatfield?
Census1880BULGEN \ BULGIN \ BELGIN Solomon?
Census1880CHATFIELD Mary Almira?
Census1880DAVIS Arthur Lucius?
Census1880DAVIS Harpin?
DeathJanuary 1893BULGEN \ BULGIN \ BELGIN Solomon?
Census1940DOANE Dorothy?
Census1940KIZZOR Andrew Joseph?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Resthaven Memory Gardens, Fort Collins, Larimer Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BUHLKE Lee Eldridge?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Rico, Dolores Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth13 December 1884FIELDS Berton?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Rifle, Garfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth20 March 1901CHATFIELD Roy Elmer?
Birth11 March 1903CHATFIELD Nellie Mary?
Death9 August 1905CHAMBERLIN Finley McLaren?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Riverside Cmtry., Denver, Denver Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?SEAVEY Mason Moses?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Riverside Cmtry., Fort Morgan, Morgan Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?FAULKNER Evelyn Mary?
Burial?IDE James Albert?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Rocky Ford Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth2 March 1906CHATFIELD Alfred Russell?
Birth3 February 1908CHATFIELD Leora Estelle?
Birth10 December 1911CHATFIELD Floyd Charles?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Rose Hill Cmtry., Rifle, Garfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHAMBERLIN Finley McLaren?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Rosebud Cmtry., Glenwood Springs, Garfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?ROSA-DUTZ Oswaldo?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Roselawn Cmtry., Pueblo, Pueblo Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Guy Alonzo?
Burial?WHETZAL Frank?
Burial1 January 1973WHITE Laura L?
Burial8 March 1989CHATFIELD Olive Lucretia?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Russell, Gilpin Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1880BUZZELLE Sophronia?
Census1880CHATFIELD Charles?
Census1880CHATFIELD Norman?
Census1880CHATFIELD William Audrey?
Census1880CHATFIELD Norman?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Salida 233445 : 17 events

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Chaffee Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1930CHATFIELD Ralph Lauren?
Census1930GENTON Eva Marie?
Census1930CHATFIELD Ralph R?
Death30 March 1940SPRADLIN Frances Elizabeth?
Census1940BURGENER John Carl?
Census1940BURGENER Elizabeth?
Census1940BURGENER Wilma E?
Census1940CHATFIELD Elda Alice?
Census1940BURGENER John Ralph?
Death15 December 1953CHATFIELD Ralph Elmer?
Death3 February 1954BURGENER John Carl?
Death17 September 1993CHATFIELD Elda Alice?
Residence2001BURGENER John Ralph?

Fairview Cmtry.,Chaffee Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Elda Alice?
Burial?BURGENER John Carl?
Burial?SPRADLIN Frances Elizabeth?
Burial?CHATFIELD Ralph Elmer?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Sanford, Conejos Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth28 May 1905JOHNSTON Leslie Parker?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Seventeenth St., Denver, Denver Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1910CHATFIELD Nathan Stuart?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Shrine of Remembrance Mausoleum, Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?HALLAM Alberta Lee?
Burial?SPROUL Frederick Chester?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Silver Plume, Clear Creek Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth14 March 1891JEWELL Margaret Mary?



United States of America - CO Colorado - South Glenwood, Garfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1920CHATFIELD Lola?
Census1920CHATFIELD Clark Samuel?
Census1920CHATFIELD Charlotte Mary?
Census1920ROSA Madgelena?
Census1920CHATFIELD Lillian?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Springdale Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth23 August 1897COMPTON Reed William?



United States of America - CO Colorado - St Elmo, Chaffee Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth29 October 1912WEBB Marjorie Jessie?



United States of America - CO Colorado - St Matthias Cmtry., Monument, El Paso Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Jeffrey Alan?
Burial?CHATFIELD Stanley Edward?



United States of America - CO Colorado - St Scholastica Catholic Church, Longmont , Boulder and Weld Cos., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage18 October 1980JUZA Robert with ZIRBES Susan?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Steamboat Springs Cmtry., Steamboat Springs, Routt Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?WANAMAKER Zina H?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Steamboat Springs, Routt Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth7 August 1885PARKINSON Thomas Cleveland?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Sterling, Logan Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death5 December 1931WOODS Josephine Lois?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Sunset View Cmtry., Eagle, Eagle Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Ray Edward?
Burial?MAYER Rena Ellen?
Burial?CHATFIELD Ray Warren?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Ute Cmtry., Aspen,Pitkin Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Ida Bell?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Vasques Precinct, Jefferson Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage20 October 1878DAVIS Charles Howard with BULGEN \ BELGIN Hannah?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Veterans Cemetery Orchard Mesa, Orchard Mesa, Mesa Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?WISE Richard Calvin?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Victor Town, Teller Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1900CHATFIELD Jacqueline Ann?
Census1900ADAMS Frederick William?
Census1900ADAMS Marian Jacqueline?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Washington Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
DeathSeptember 1981CHATFIELD Walter James?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Weld Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1880HAMMITT Alvia Delizon?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Wellman, Washington Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth25 October 1857LONGWELL Emma Jane?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Westminister, Adams & Jefferson Cos., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage23 MAYHUGHES William Earl with DINSMOOR Lila Maxine?



United States of America - CO Colorado - White River 1661683 : 5 events

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Rangley, Picance Creek, Angora, Rio Blanco Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1900CHATFIELD Howard Francis?
Census1900CHAMBERLIN Nellie Belle?
Census1900CHATFIELD Charles Joseph?
Census1900CHATFIELD Leo Willard?
Census1900CHATFIELD Charles Henry?



United States of America - CO Colorado - Willow Tree Care Center, Delta, Delta Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death20 April 2010PARKINSON Hubert Thomas?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?SOMERS Issue 2?
Birth?ENGLISH Issue 7?
Birth?LAKE Issue 8?
Burial?CHATFIELD Emma?
Death?WOOSTER Elizabeth Ann?
Birth?CHATFIELD Gwendolyn?
Birth?HOTCHKISS Issue 5?
Birth?MURPHY Brielle Amara?
Birth?? ??
Birth?CHITTENDEN Issue 5?
Birth?MOFFAT Mary?
Birth?BROWN Kathleen A?
Burial?THOMPSON Charlotte E?
Birth?? ??
Birth?MOFFAT Kathryn?
Birth?CHATFIELD Issue 3?
Birth?ALCOTT Issue 7?
Birth?ROOT Della?
Birth?RICE Issue 3?
Burial?HOTCHKISS Gilbert Benjamin?
Birth?LUM Issue 4?
Birth?BURGOS Issue 2?
Death?LAKE Edward?
Birth?CHATFIELD Wilson?
Birth?WARREN Edmund?
Birth?WOODWORTH Issue 7?
Birth?WAY ??
Birth?MILES Issue 5?
Birth?NORTON Issue?
Birth?DAVIS Issue 9?
Birth?HUBBELL Issue 7?
Death?MARTIN Hester Elizabeth?
Marriage?GERTH Ralph Eugene with CHATFIELD Maude Olivia?
Birth?HUBBELL Issue 5?
Birth?HUBBELL Issue c?
Birth?CHATFIELD Marjorie Jane?
Birth?KELSEY Issue 11?
Birth?ALEGI Emily?
Birth?? ??
Death?BEARD Joel Agur?
Birth?BASSETT Issue 3?
Birth?SANDERS Issue 2?
Birth?SHERWOOD Issue 3?
Birth?ALCOTT Issue 4?
Birth?DOWN Issue 9?
Birth?CHATFIELD Laura?
Birth?CHATFIELD Nancy J?
Burial?BUELL Infant?
Birth?? ??
Birth?BREENEY Edmond J?
Birth?ARROL Issue 4?
Death?ALCOTT John B?
Birth?GRISWOLD Issue 4?
Birth?ALCOTT Issue 18?
Burial?CHATFIELD Elmer J?
Burial?SWIFT Abigail Maria?
Birth?DOWNS Issue 4?
Birth?IVES ??
Birth?BALDWIN Issue 6?
Birth?ATWATER Issue 10?
Birth?HITCHCOCK Issue 10?
Death?HARRIGAN Nellie E?
Marriage?WILLIAMS Nelson B with TUTTLE Maria?
Birth?NICHOLS Issue 2?
Marriage?RIGGS Philo with HOLBROOK Anna Maria?
Marriage?ROBY Peter F with BISACCIA Cheryl L?
Birth?SMITH Issue 6?
Death?HINMAN Ransom B?
Birth?RUPP Carl R?
Birth?BURMASTER Donna B?
Birth?BALDWIN ??
Birth?SMITH Issue 5?
Birth?CRITTENDEN Edward?
Burial?RUSSELL Harry L?
Birth?PIERSON Issue?
Birth?OSBORN Issue 6?
Birth?HITCHCOCK Issue 2?
Marriage?RIGGS William Edgar with CRITTENDEN Harriet?
Birth?GUNN Issue 3?
Marriage?CHATFIELD Edward Harley with HOYT Irene Alice?
Birth?FLINT ??
Birth?LANDON Issue 3?
Birth?ALEGI Sarah?
Birth1640WOODWORTH Charles?
Birth1642HAYDEN Nathaniel?
Birth1669SMITH Susannah?
Birth1682BUCKINGHAM Hezekiah?
Marriage28 June 1710BUELL Benjamin with HUTCHINSON Hannah?
Birth1716CHITTENDEN Timothy?
Marriageabout 1723DAVIS John with ? Elizabeth?
Marriageabout 1727WOODWORTH Caleb with MUNGER Jane?
Death1728BUCKINGHAM Hezekiah?
Marriageabout 1732CHATFIELD Samuel with RIGGS Sarah Elizabeth?
Birth17 May 1734SMITH Abraham?
Birth4 January 1735WOODWORTH William?
Birth1739CHATFIELD Martha?
Birth15 October 1740ARNOLD David?
Birth1740RIGGS Hannah?
Birth1742DUDLEY Susanna?
Birthabout 1744CHATFIELD Caleb?
Marriageabout 1745CHATFIELD Samuel with JACKSON Anna or Anne?
Marriageabout 1746ST JOHN Mark with GAY Ann?
Birth1747BUELL Infant?
DeathFebruary 1750BUELL Infant?
Marriage16 December 1750SMITH John with CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Deathabout 1750CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth1750RIGGS Samuel?
Death13 November 1752BUELL John?
Marriage23 February 1757CHATFIELD Joseph with PEET Dinah?
Birth12 October 1757PRATT Peabody?
Birth1759HAWKINS Joseph?
Birth1759RIGGS Mabel?
Birth13 November 1760DURAND Susannah?
Marriage12 November 1761HUBBELL Timothy with LAKE Abigail?
Death1761JOHNSON Gideon?
Marriage7 June 1762LAKE Andrew with WILCOXSON Elizabeth?
Birth1762JONES Elizabeth?
Death1767DAVIS John?
Birthabout 1767LOVELAND Lewis?
Death12 January 1770GRINNELL Priscilla?
Deathbefore 1770CHATFIELD Mary?
Birthabout 1770CHATFIELD William Mason?
Marriage5 December 1771SPERRY Eleazer Elisha with HOLBROOK Dorcas?
Birth1772CHATFIELD Reuben?
Birthabout 1773TINKER Stephen?
Marriage4 May 1774HITCHCOCK David with CHATFIELD Anna?
Marriage20 July 1774HINMAN Philo with COE Mary?
Birth1774LOVELAND Miles?
Birth27 March 1775SPERRY Samuel?
Birthabout 1775SANFORD Susan?
Birth5 February 1776HULL Jeremiah?
Birth1776LOVELAND Betsey Ann?
Birth1777BARD David?
Birthabout 1777SANFORD Mary?
Marriage4 June 1778CHATFIELD Samuel with PERKINS Eunice?
Birth1778LOVELAND Arnold?
Birthabout 1779LEE Jonathan?
Birth1780NETTLETON Barnabas?
Birthabout 1782KIRTLAND Lewis?
Marriage26 February 1783RIGGS Joseph Harvey with JOHNSON Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1783HILL Mindwell?
Birthabout 1783? Sally?
Birthabout 1783MARTIN Joseph?
Birth8 May 1784FOWLER Molly?
Birth1784KELSEY Amanda Ann?
Birth10 September 1785KINNEY Betsey?
Birth8 October 1785CHATFIELD Lewis?
Birth1785CHATFIELD Sheldon?
Birth5 March 1786WILKINSON Robert?
Birthabout 1786? Hannah?
Birth15 May 1787? Clarissa?
Birth1787SMITH Willis?
Deathafter 1788TOMLINSON Zerviah?
Birth26 January 1789REYNOLDS Sarah?
DeathMarch 1790MALLORY Lois?
Birth3 January 1791CHATFIELD Rebina?
Death14 May 1791DOWNS Sally?
BirthJune 1791CHATFIELD Abraham?
Birth27 November 1791MAINE \ MANE \ MAYNE Lucinda?
Christening13 December 1791CHATFIELD Agnes?
Death18 December 1791CHATFIELD Agnes?
Birth1791? Sarah W?
Birth1791CHATFIELD Agnes?
Birth4 January 1792PRUDEN Sally?
Birth1792BOOTH Sally Newton?
Birthabout 1792CHATFIELD Lewis?
Birth1792SKIDMORE Hannah Ann?
Will15 March 1793DOWNS Ebenezer?
Death11 June 1793BRISTOL Dinah?
Birth24 June 1793ALCOTT Jedediah G?
Death28 June 1793DOWNS Ebenezer?
Birthabout 1793BUNEL William?
Birth28 November 1794CHATFIELD Cindarilla?
Birthabout 1794ANDREWS Benjamin H?
Birth1794CHATFIELD Uriah John?
Death11 February 1795DUDLEY Mabel?
Birth17 March 1795BARTLETT \ (MADISON) Roxanna?
Birth1795CONVERSE Deborah?
Marriage1795ALCOTT Mark with LANE Mary?
Birth1795RIGGS Nathan Burr?
Birthabout 1796? Polly?
Birthabout 1796BRADLEY Betsey?
Birthabout 1796DOOLITTLE Maranda?
Birth29 August 1797SMITH Orange?
Birthabout 1797BROWN Hannah?
Birth1798CHATFIELD Abel?
Birth1799ALCOTT Thomas?
Birthabout 1799CHATFIELD Enos?
Birth1799MORRIS Martha A?
Birthabout 1800BUELL William A?
Birthabout 1800DIBBLE Sarah (Sellock)?
Birthabout 1801BARD Pelatiah?
Death1801CHATFIELD Mindwell?
Birth21 May 1802SPERRY Roxy?
Birth20 September 1802SMITH Lavinia?
Birth1802HYDE David Aurelius?
Marriage12 January 1803HITCHCOCK Timothy with TWITCHELL Urania Rayner?
Marriage4 August 1803MERWIN Thomas with TREAT Amy?
Birthabout 1803HOTCHKISS Willis?
Birthabout 1803BRONSON Susan L?
Birthabout 1803FORD Elias?
Marriageabout 1803RIGGS Ranford with BALDWIN Deborah?
Birthabout 1803CHATFIELD Polly Ann?
Birth1803GRISWOLD Amasa Pettibone?
BirthApril 1804KELSEY Dan?
Birth1804HYDE Sarah Ann?
Birth1804CHATFIELD Betsey?
Birth1804NEWTON Amos?
Birth29 March 1805ALCOTT Emily?
Birth8 December 1805LEE Timothy Hill?
Birthabout 1805MORRIS John N?
Birthabout 1805SPENCER Laura?
Birth6 December 1806TOMLINSON Mariah?
Birth1806HYDE Mary Jane?
Birth1806CHATFIELD Eunice?
Birth1806MERWIN Mary Gibson?
Birth12 August 1807ALCOTT Salina?
Birth1807HYDE Jane Janette?
Birth1807WHEELER Sarah H?
Birth1807WILLIAMS Nelson B?
Birth1807JOHNSON Theadocia?
Birth1807SMITH Ephraim?
BirthJanuary 1808DOWD Richard Nelson?
Birth1 May 1808HAWKINS Charles?
Marriage6 July 1808CHITTENDEN Samuel with KELSEY Amanda Ann?
Death22 August 1808MALLORY Ada?
Marriage19 October 1808CHATFIELD Levi with REYNOLDS Sarah?
Birth1808DUDLEY Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1808WARNER Bennett Abijah?
Birth18 May 1809CHITTENDEN Luranda C?
BirthOctober 1809HALE Betsy Ann?
Birth4 November 1809ALCOTT Isaac?
Marriageabout 1809SPERRY Silas with CHATFIELD Lucinda?
Birth1809SOMERS David?
Death24 January 1810PIERSON Hanna Retta?
Birth9 December 1810CHATFIELD John Edwin?
Birthabout 1810TINKER Sarah?
Birth1810WOOSTER Elizabeth Ann?
Birthabout 1810CLARK Olive Green?
Birthabout 1810DAVIDSON Jenette L?
Birth22 September 1811CHITTENDEN Samuel Conkling?
Death30 November 1811HULL Electa?
Marriage1811DAVIS Anson R with PRUDEN Sally?
Birth1811DOWNS Smith?
Birth1811TUTTLE Maria?
Birth25 January 1812NICHOLS Noyes?
Death18 August 1812HUBBELL Mary?
Birthabout 1812THOMPSON Paulina M?
Birthabout 1812CRITTENDEN Harriet?
Birthabout 1812KIMBERLEY Mary A?
Birthabout 1812CHATFIELD Clarissa Lewis?
Birth1812BOOTH Nancy J?
Birth1812FRISBIE Almira?
Birth3 June 1813TINKER Abraham?
Birth11 June 1813ARMSTRONG John L?
Birth1813MUNGER Ada C?
Birthabout 1813TOMLINSON Betsey?
BirthMay 1814BASSETT Abram Way?
Birth10 June 1814STEELE John Burton?
Birth19 October 1814CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1814CHATFIELD James Linsley?
Birthabout 1814CHATFIELD John L \ S?
Birth1814OLDS Elizabeth Ann?
Birth1815BUNNELL Catherine C?
Birth1815DYE Martha A?
Birth21 March 1816CHATFIELD Oliver Gould?
Marriage22 September 1816DOOLITTLE John with DAVIS Ruth Ann?
Birth27 September 1816LINES Mary Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1816DUDLEY Erastus F?
Marriage9 April 1817ATWATER Ira with BUCKINGHAM Roanna?
Birth8 September 1817BALDWIN Eliphalet?
Death11 October 1817DAVIS Benjamin?
Birth1817GRISWOLD Cynthia?
Birth1817BLACKMAN Isaac?
Birthabout 1817BALDWIN Andrew Miles?
Marriage1817CHATFIELD David with CHATFIELD Nancy?
MarriageJanuary 1818BASSETT Zerah with DOOLITTLE Maranda?
Birth23 May 1818HOTCHKISS Charlotte?
BirthJune 1818? Maria E?
Marriage19 November 1818PARMALEE Loren B with CHATFIELD Cindarilla?
Birth1818CHATFIELD Henry?
Birthabout 1818? Sarah A?
Birth1818JUDD Myron E?
Birthabout 1818WATROUS Esther?
Birth4 February 1819SPERRY Harriet Abigail?
Birth29 March 1819CHATFIELD Barton Lewis?
Birth13 July 1819STUART Emeline A?
Death15 September 1819RUSSELL Stephen Daniel?
Birth2 October 1819BEACH Jennette?
Marriage13 November 1819BUCKINGHAM Aurelius with BEECHER Laura?
Birth1819? Parnel C?
Birthabout 1819CHATFIELD Bernard?
Birth8 March 1820SPERRY Lucien Wells?
Birth15 November 1820ARNOLD Temperance S?
Birth1820CHATFIELD Jennette?
Birthabout 1820BENTON Henry?
Birth1820CHATFIELD Stephen Josiah?
Birth1820MORGAN Betsey?
Birth1820HILL Betsey?
Birth3 October 1821CHATFIELD Caroline?
Birthabout 1821? Anne J?
Birthabout 1821CHATFIELD Emily?
Birthabout 1821HATCH Frances J?
Birthabout 1821FRENCH Laura Ann?
Marriage26 March 1822PECK Thomas with COE Theodosia?
Birth18 September 1822BUCKINGHAM Harriet Esther?
Birth19 March 1823CHATFIELD John Holbrook?
BirthJuly 1823WRIGHT Sophia L?
BirthSeptember 1823MARTIN Philena?
Marriage17 November 1823PRIOR Johnathon H \ N with MARKS Adeline?
Marriage24 December 1823GILBERT Lewis with FITTS Lydia?
Birthabout 1823HOTCHKISS Henry Dwight?
Birth25 February 1824TOMLINSON Ann Maria?
Marriage11 March 1824FITTS Harvey with GILBERT Mary?
Birth2 October 1824BUCKINGHAM Laura Jane?
Birth1824CHATFIELD Emily?
Birthabout 1824LOUNSBURY Charles?
Marriage16 February 1825MORRIS John N with CHATFIELD Polly Ann?
Death18 March 1825HULL Roswell?
Death29 March 1825CHATFIELD Emily?
Birthabout 1825GRISWOLD Doriska \ Dorliska A?
Birthabout 1825HOTCHKISS Harriet M?
Birth1825SCOTT Elizabeth H?
Birth10 January 1826LAKE Angelina \ Angeline?
Death16 February 1826ALCOTT Cleora?
Birth21 May 1826CROWELL Martha A?
Death4 October 1826CHATFIELD Josiah?
Death5 October 1826ALCOTT Lois Gaylord?
Marriage18 November 1826THOMAS James with GRAVES Clarissa?
Birthabout 1826? Jane O?
Birth1826STRONG Charles?
Marriage20 January 1827GUNN Silas with JOHNSON Theadocia?
Marriage29 January 1827STOWE Frederick with SOMERS Lois?
Death10 March 1827? Lois?
Death6 November 1827WARNER Simeon T?
Birthabout 1827JOHNSON Nathan S.?
Birth14 January 1828GUNN Harriet Louisa?
BirthJuly 1828? Elvina H?
Birth26 August 1828CHATFIELD Edward Jay?
Death11 September 1828HOLBROOK Betsey Grace?
BirthSeptember 1828? Jenette?
Birthabout 1828ROOD Harvey J?
Birth1828WHITNEY Esther Betsy?
Death16 June 1829LUM Austin A?
Birth7 September 1829ALCOTT Emeline M?
BirthNovember 1829WOODING Harry J?
Birth25 February 1830BRONSON Stiles A?
Birth29 June 1830HUBBELL Samuel Everett?
BirthJune 1830BUELL Samuel?
BirthJune 1830PERRY Henrietta?
Birth6 August 1830FORD Cornelia?
Death19 August 1830STRONG Charles?
Birth27 August 1830WOOSTER Letsome Terrell?
Death31 August 1830LAKE Abigail?
Birth1830CHATFIELD Grace D?
Marriagebefore 1830OSBORN Phares with GUNN Anna?
Marriage10 July 1831CHATFIELD John Edwin with HALE Betsy Ann?
Marriage7 September 1831SMITH Fitch with BOUTON Jane H?
Death17 September 1831BRONSON Stiles A?
Marriage24 December 1831LEE Timothy Hill with CHITTENDEN Luranda C?
Birth1831GRISWOLD Charles E \ M?
Birth1831WOOSTER Nancy Ellen?
Birth6 March 1832BRONSON Elizabeth A?
Burial14 March 1832FOX Amos?
Birth6 August 1832SCOTT Franklin?
Birth10 August 1832LEE Timothy H?
Birth1832? Mary?
Birth1832RIGGS Edgar?
Marriage21 February 1833HULL Shelden with BOOTH Nancy J?
Death26 March 1833CRAWFORD Ann E?
Birth1 November 1833CHATFIELD John Edwin?
BirthJanuary 1834HULL Charlotte J?
Birth10 March 1834ALCOTT Mariett \ Mariette \ Maryette?
Birth14 July 1834HOLBROOK Mary Grace?
Death26 October 1834BRONSON Zenas?
Birthabout 1834? Mary A?
Birth1834WOOSTER Fannie M?
Birthabout 1834CHATFIELD Elmina A?
Death9 June 1835FOWLER Lucy?
BirthJune 1835GUNN Esther S?
Marriage13 September 1835HUBBELL Joseph Orrin with SMITH Augusta?
Marriage15 September 1835BUCKINGHAM Ebenezer N with SPERRY Betsey?
Death28 October 1835CHATFIELD George?
Birthabout 1835CHATFIELD Martha L?
Birth1835ROBINSON Ella Maria?
Birthabout 1835THOMAS George B?
Birth1835CHATFIELD Hudson A?
Birthabout 1835PEASE Buell?
BirthJanuary 1836THOMPSON William Henry?
Birth4 February 1836HULL Sarah A?
BirthSeptember 1836RIGGS James Philo?
Birthabout 1836CHATFIELD Sarah J?
Birth1836SKINNER Sarah E?
Marriage2 January 1837BLACKMAN Isaac with MORGAN Betsey?
Birth6 January 1837CHATFIELD Mary Elizabeth?
Birth8 January 1837GRILLEY William Frank?
Death23 September 1837RIGGS Philo?
BirthSeptember 1837FRANCIS Morrell?
Marriage1 November 1837BUSHNELL William Chapman with GRISWOLD Cynthia Ann?
Birth1837CHAPMAN Charles Hiram?
Birth1837GUNN Mary Melissa?
Birth19 May 1838CHATFIELD Georgianna A?
BirthJuly 1838? Maria?
BirthAugust 1838THOMPSON Frances H?
Marriage22 September 1838STRONG Charles Pond with CHATFIELD Clarissa Lewis?
Birthabout 1838CHATFIELD George A?
Birthabout 1838BALDWIN Mary E?
Birth1838CHATFIELD Emma C?
Birth1838CHATFIELD Charlotte?
Birth1838BEEBE Jane \ Mary?
Death17 March 1839CHATFIELD Emma C?
Death15 September 1839GUNN Ransom?
Death23 October 1839BASSETT Zerah?
Birth24 December 1839HUBBELL Henry S?
Birth1836/1839CHATFIELD Charles N?
Birth1839WOOSTER Ellen Rebecah?
Marriage22 January 1840CHATFIELD Chester with BUCKINGHAM Cynthia?
Birth12 March 1840CHATFIELD Ruth Abigail?
BirthMarch 1840KIMBERLY Jared T?
Birth26 April 1840MURRAY William Henry Harrison?
Birth8 September 1840WARNER John Justus?
Marriage26 November 1840CHATFIELD Barton Lewis with HATCH Frances J?
BirthNovember 1840WATSON Irene Jane?
Birth19 December 1840RUSSELL Elford C?
Marriage26 December 1840KIRTLAND Lewis with CHATFIELD Nancy?
Death29 December 1840HOLBROOK Anna Maria?
Birth1840CHATFIELD Saraette O?
Birth1840JOHNSON Christina?
Birth1840HARRIGAN Nellie E?
Birth18 March 1841BALDWIN Augusta A?
Birth12 September 1841JOHNSON Theron Smith?
Birth1841CHATFIELD Charles?
Birthabout 1841LA FOGG Nelson S?
BirthJanuary 1842DOWNS Ann Jeanette?
Death16 March 1842TUTTLE Lucinda?
Marriage20 March 1842BASSETT Abram Way with FRENCH Laura Ann?
Death10 May 1842POTTER Maria Hannah?
BirthJune 1842? Mehitable J?
Birth2 July 1842CHATFIELD Frances Jane?
Birth26 January 1843CHATFIELD Anna Augusta?
Marriage9 February 1843CHITTENDEN Samuel Conkling with MUNGER Amanda Ann?
Marriage22 July 1843LEEK Alonzo with CABLE Lavinia Lucy?
Marriage2 August 1843HITCHCOCK Timothy with DOOLITTLE Maranda?
Birth7 August 1843NICHOLS Nancy Maria?
Birth10 August 1843GRIFFIN Betsey Maria?
Birth27 September 1843WHEELER Leander Joseph?
Birth8 November 1843DUDLEY Louis Franklin?
Birth1843CHATFIELD Cynthia D M?
Birth1843CHATFIELD Roderick?
Death20 January 1844WOOSTER Albert?
BirthJanuary 1844CHATFIELD Frederick Newton?
Death22 February 1844CHATFIELD Saraette O?
Death20 June 1844TUTTLE Merit?
BirthOctober 1844DOOLITTLE Mary?
Birth1844ALCOTT James Polk?
Birthabout 1844CHATFIELD Edwin?
Birthabout 1844KIMBERLEY Charles?
Birth28 January 1845CHATFIELD Lyman B?
Death10 July 1845RIGGS Elizabeth?
Birth30 December 1845LEIGH Anna Jane?
Birth1845GUNN William Andrew?
Birthabout 1845CHATFIELD Frederick?
Birth1845BROWN Louisa A?
Birthabout 1845SOMERS Christine Estelle?
Birth1845CHATFIELD Nathan E?
Birthabout 1845CAMP Julia?
Marriage30 May 1846SPERRY Lucien Wells with SPERRY Harriet Abigail?
BirthJune 1846? Bessie C?
Birth11 July 1846HURD Emily Elizabeth?
Birth7 October 1846SMITH Mary Helen?
BirthOctober 1846BRADSHAW Edward J?
Birthabout 1846KIMBERLEY Ellen A?
Birthabout 1846BOWNS Arabella C?
Birth1846CHATFIELD Joseph?
Birthabout 1846CHATFIELD Ellever?
Birthabout 1846CHATFIELD John A?
Birth15 January 1847HOLBROOK Daniel Tomlinson?
Birth27 February 1847WILCOX Caroline M?
Birth24 March 1847HUBBELL Lewis Bennett?
Birth20 May 1847ROWE Ella?
Marriage22 May 1847MORRIS Leonard A with SANDLAND Priscilla?
BirthJuly 1847PRESTON Henry Green?
Birthabout 1847DUDLEY Eli T?
Birthabout 1847LEEK Mary?
Birthabout 1847? Mahala?
Birthabout 1847? Mary J?
Marriage1 May 1848CHATFIELD John Lyman with RIGGS Mary Ann?
Death2 May 1848WARNER Lydia?
Birth9 May 1848BENTON Ella May?
Birth23 June 1848CHATFIELD Edward Aurelius?
BirthJune 1848HOPKINS Joseph?
Death19 July 1848GRAVES Clarissa?
Birth10 August 1848WILCOX Amy Louisa?
Birth30 August 1848FOSTER Charles?
Birthabout 1848BLAKESLEE Ellen J?
Birthabout 1848MORRIS Esther M?
Birth1848CHATFIELD Carlisle?
Birth1848CHATFIELD Franklin?
Birth1 February 1849HUBBELL George Sperry?
BirthMay 1849HANCHETT Charles E?
Death26 August 1849CHATFIELD Joel?
Birth25 September 1849? Caroline?
BirthSeptember 1849CARTER George W?
BirthSeptember 1849GUNN Luther E?
Marriage17 December 1849RUSSELL Edward with TOMLINSON Betsey?
Birth1849KIMBERLY Willis H?
Birthabout 1849CHATFIELD Celestia M?
Birthabout 1849GUNN Henry?
Birthabout 1849LEEK Julia?
BirthJuly 1850CHATFIELD Jane E?
Birth1850TUCKER Frank A?
Birthabout 1850HARRIGAN Margaret?
Birthabout 1850CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1850CHATFIELD Mary Almira?
Birth1850WHITE Junius \ Jumaus Marcellus?
Birth1850MARVIN Rose?
Marriage1 January 1851ROOD Harvey J with HART Amanda W?
Death8 September 1851NEWTON Amos?
Deathbefore 1851LEEK Horace C?
Birthabout 1851JOHNSON Martha B?
Birth1851WOOSTER Ellen M?
Birth31 January 1852CHATFIELD Walter Stephen?
BirthJanuary 1852PHELPS Frank James?
Birth16 February 1852ALCOTT George A?
Birth7 May 1852UPSON Evelyn M?
MarriageJune 1852HUBBELL Samuel Everett with HAWKINS Martha M?
Marriage15 September 1852MEIGS Edward Morrison with CHITTENDEN Luranda C?
Birth27 September 1852LANDERS Della E?
Birthabout 1852GUNN Arthur?
Birth1852CANAN Mary E?
Birth1852TUTTLE Annabella Amelia?
Birth1852CHATFIELD Ann Augusta?
Marriage23 February 1853CAMP Abraham St John with CHATFIELD Anna Maria?
Birth5 March 1853BALDWIN Henry Rockwell?
Birth26 August 1853WILCOX Alice Elizabeth?
BirthSeptember 1853SANFORD Everitt Elisha?
Marriage29 October 1853SCOTT Franklin with GUNN Esther S?
Birthabout 1853WILCOX Frank?
Birthabout 1853? Frances?
Birthabout 1853CHATFIELD Carrie S?
Marriageabout 1853BUELL Samuel with ? Jenette?
BirthFebruary 1854BARKER William Ludlow Ballis?
Death10 April 1854CRITTENDEN Harriet?
Death11 April 1854PERRY Joel?
BirthMay 1854ELY Minnie Edwards?
Birth6 July 1854WOOSTER Homer L?
Death8 August 1854GRISWOLD Cynthia Ann?
Death22 August 1854STEELE John Burton?
BirthSeptember 1854BLAKESLEE Merrick Cranmer?
Birthabout 1854CHATFIELD Edward?
Marriageabout 1854INGHAM George W with BALDWIN Mary E?
Marriage1854ALCOTT Sidney Whiting with ALCOTT Mariett \ Mariette \ Maryette?
Birth1854WARNER Frank?
Birth18 February 1855NEWTON Jennie Augusta?
Death4 April 1855MANSFIELD Sally?
Birth8 May 1855BALDWIN John Miles?
Marriage31 May 1855CANDEE David with GUNN Flora Philinda?
BirthMay 1855CHATFIELD William?
BirthMay 1855? Ella F?
BirthMay 1855HALL Katherine D?
Birth27 June 1855BALDWIN Franklin Augustus?
Marriage17 November 1855LANE Albert Nathaniel with ALCOTT Esther Melissa?
Birthabout 1855CHATFIELD Royal E?
Birth1855CHATFIELD Arden Monroe?
Birthabout 1855CHATFIELD Ellen F?
Death20 January 1856LAKE Huldah?
Death12 March 1856BALDWIN Mary E?
BirthMay 1856RICHARDSON Orilla D?
Birth15 August 1856LANE Elsie Salina?
Birthabout 1856BUELL Samuel?
Birthabout 1856ALCOTT Clara E?
Birth1856ADT Ida Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1856SPERRY Addie?
Birth1856CHATFIELD Ellen?
Marriageabout 1856FRENCH William Oscar with BOOTH Anne Eliza?
Death13 January 1857CHATFIELD George?
Death17 May 1857WILCOX Amy Louisa?
Death1 June 1857FARRELL Almon?
BirthOctober 1857MCGRATH John Joseph?
BirthDecember 1857? Martha W?
BirthJanuary 1858CHITTENDEN Edward J?
BirthFebruary 1858CHATFIELD Frederick?
BirthMay 1858SCOTT Herbert E?
BirthJuly 1858SMITH Stella A?
MarriageAugust 1858FILLEY Myron Winslow with GILBERT Cleora?
Marriage4 October 1858HUBBELL John P with WHITTLEY Celestia Amanda?
Death19 November 1858CHATFIELD Curtis?
Birth26 November 1858? Jennie?
Birthabout 1858? Eva?
Birth1858BALDWIN Jennie Louisa?
Marriageabout 1858ALCOTT Rufus Cleveland with ? Maria?
Marriage30 January 1859THOMAS George B with CHATFIELD Ellen Fannie?
Marriage21 April 1859HUBBELL Charle T with FORD Mary?
BirthMay 1859CHATFIELD Charles W?
Birth19 June 1859LANDON Samuel Wilmot?
Birth25 June 1859WILCOX Emily L?
Death28 June 1859BISSELL Emily?
BirthNovember 1859NORTON Adelbert Alonzo?
Birth1859PECK Howard F?
Birthabout 1859SPERRY Nillie T?
Birthabout 1859THOMAS Ralph B?
Birthabout 1859TUTTLE Zina Doolittle?
Birthabout 1859SPERRY Jennie E?
Marriage8 January 1860GRILLEY William Frank with ALCOTT Harriet Ann?
Birth12 January 1860CHATFIELD Elizabeth Brooks?
BirthFebruary 1860BUELL Leila A?
BirthMarch 1860CHATFIELD Myron W?
Birth9 April 1860MCCARTNEY Annette?
Marriage24 October 1860HUBBELL Henry S with MURRAY Bridget?
Marriage1 November 1860PRITCHARD Berlin Joseph with ALCOTT Emily?
Birth27 November 1860HUBBELL Ida?
BirthNovember 1860THOMPSON Charlotte E?
Birthabout 1860? Emma C?
Birthabout 1860CHATFIELD Ella?
Birth1860CHATFIELD William Newman?
Birthabout 1860ALCOTT Frederick C?
Birthabout 1860CHATFIELD Elena?
Death25 February 1861BRONSON Elizabeth A?
Marriage23 March 1861RUSSELL Elford C with BALDWIN Augusta A?
BirthApril 1861GRISWOLD John D?
BirthJune 1861HALL Lucius W?
BirthAugust 1861JOHNSON Josephine Lillian?
Death11 December 1861CHATFIELD Charles D?
Birthabout 1861SPERRY Frank D?
Birth9 January 1862STOWE Frederick P?
BirthMarch 1862TREAT Henry B?
Birth11 April 1862CHATFIELD Florence Brooks?
Birth16 May 1862HUNT Henry Dwight?
BirthSeptember 1862GILL John T?
BirthDecember 1862SPERRY Lillie E?
Birthabout 1862BARKER Eva M?
Birthabout 1862CHATFIELD Nettie \ Nellie?
Birth1862GILLETTE Nellie Jane?
Death1862WALKER Sarah?
Marriage29 March 1863CHATFIELD Alfred Bennett with SMITH Laura Cornelia?
Birth30 April 1863PIERPONT Wilfred Ellis?
Birth7 November 1863RUSSELL Addie E?
Birthabout 1863CHATFIELD George B?
Birthabout 1863CHATFIELD William?
Death9 February 1864? Sarah W?
Death21 March 1864ALCOTT Emily?
BirthJune 1864? Henrietta L?
DeathAugust 1864SMITH James?
Death7 November 1864MANN Eliel?
Birthabout 1864MORRIS Ella j?
Birth1864SCHMIDT Lydia?
Birth22 January 1865ALCOTT Mary A?
Death9 September 1865ROBERTSON Mary L?
Birth13 September 1865POPE Elizabeth Coe?
Death16 September 1865GUNN Mary Melissa?
Marriage7 October 1865WHEELER Leander Joseph with CHATFIELD Anna Augusta?
Marriage30 October 1865CHATFIELD Henry Wheeler with BLACKMAN Adeline M?
BirthNovember 1865HUBBELL Mary Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1865CHATFIELD George?
Birthabout 1865SPERRY Nellie?
Birthabout 1865HENDRICK Fredrick?
Marriageabout 1865WOODING Harry J with WATSON Irene Jane?
Marriage17 June 1866LUM Bennett A with THOMPSON Frances H?
BirthAugust 1866SMITH Clarence E?
Birth13 October 1866BRADSHAW Charles Edward?
Birthabout 1866CHATFIELD Lewis?
Birthabout 1866LEAVENWORTH Seth H?
Death21 January 1867DOOLITTLE Maranda?
BirthApril 1867CHATFIELD Robert?
Marriage21 June 1867FULLER Charles M with MORRIS Esther M?
Birth1867HUBBELL Burton Everett?
Birthabout 1867WOOSTER Effie?
Birthabout 1867GRILLEY Eva Melissa?
Birthabout 1867SPERRY Fannie?
BirthJanuary 1868FINKLE Charles Henry?
Marriage6 October 1868BEARD James Henry with HURD Emily Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1868CHATFIELD Frederick?
Marriageabout 1868NICHOLS Kendrick Hothckiss with JOHNSON Martha B?
Birthabout 1868WHEELER Frederick J?
Birth15 March 1869BEECHER Herbert Bird?
BirthMarch 1869ALCOTT Joseph B?
BirthMay 1869HUBBELL Arthur Dwight?
Death28 July 1869FRENCH Laura Ann?
BirthSeptember 1869CHATFIELD Seymour Hudson?
BirthOctober 1869WRIGHT Nellie R?
BirthNovember 1869NUHN Christine Caroline?
Birthabout 1869SPERRY Katie?
Birthabout 1869? Amelia S?
Birth1869CHATFIELD Richard M?
Birth1869NICHOLS Ethelbert H?
Birth13 January 1870PARDEE Fannie Grace?
Death16 March 1870RUSSELL Harry L?
Deathbefore 16 June 1870MUNGER Ada C?
Birth10 August 1870DAVIS Alice Maude?
Birth21 November 1870RUSSELL Wellington B?
Census1870BUELL Samuel?
Census1870CHATFIELD Henry Wheeler?
Census1870ALCOTT Sidney Whiting?
Census1870ALCOTT Sarah Jane?
Census1870HULL Sarah A?
Census1870PERKINS Sally Caroline?
Residence1870LEEK Frank Alonzo?
Census1870PERRY Henrietta?
Residence1870LEEK Elizabeth Amanda?
Census1870NICHOLS Ethelbert H?
Census1870HICKOX Huldah?
Census1870NICHOLS Kendrick Hothckiss?
Census1870CHATFIELD Stephen Josiah?
Residence1870CHATFIELD Leman?
Census1870BUELL Leila A?
Census1870BUELL Samuel?
Census1870NICHOLS Noyes?
Census1870WHEELER Leander Joseph?
Census1870CHATFIELD Martha A?
Residence1870LEEK Frederick T?
Census1870CHATFIELD Joel Albert?
Census1870BALDWIN John Miles?
Census1870CHATFIELD Henry?
Census1870FRISBIE Almira?
Census1870POPE Elizabeth Coe?
Census1870BUCKINGHAM Harriet Esther?
Census1870CABLE Lavinia Lucy?
Census1870HART Alice Louise?
Census1870BUCKINGHAM Philo Beecher?
Residence1870DIBBLE Sarah (Sellock)?
Census1870CHATFIELD Philo?
Census1870CHATFIELD Eugene A?
Census1870CHATFIELD Frederick?
Census1870DUDLEY Louis Franklin?
Census1870ALCOTT Lucien Palmer \ Pons?
Census1870CHATFIELD Thirza?
Census1870OLDS Elizabeth Ann?
Census1870BLACKMAN Adeline M?
Census1870KIMBERLEY Enos Sperry?
Census1870CHATFIELD Charles Andrew?
Census1870JOHNSON Christina?
Census1870ALCOTT Issue 4?
Census1870ALCOTT Albin?
Census1870CHATFIELD Emma C?
Residence1870CHATFIELD Lewis?
Census1870SCOTT Franklin?
Census1870CHATFIELD Seymour Hudson?
Census1870CHATFIELD Nathan E?
Census1870WEAVER Elisha Harris?
Census1870MUNGER Amanda Ann?
Census1870FINCH Chloe B?
Census1870BALDWIN Augusta A?
Census1870CHATFIELD Anna Augusta?
Census1870DOWD Frances J?
Census1870JOHNSON Theron Smith?
Census1870SMITH Ruth Ann?
Census1870GUNN Esther S?
Census1870HALE Betsy Ann?
Census1870ALCOTT Clara E?
Census1870WRIGHT Sophia L?
Census1870CHATFIELD Frederick John?
Census1870CHATFIELD Mary Josephine?
Census1870CHITTENDEN Samuel Conkling?
Census1870CHATFIELD Albert N?
Census1870ROBINSON Ella Maria?
Census1870ALCOTT Mariett \ Mariette \ Maryette?
Residence1870? Clarissa?
Census1870RIGGS James Philo?
Census1870? Jenette?
Census1870CHITTENDEN Samuel Hosmer?
Census1870ALCOTT Henry Gilbert?
Census1870CHATFIELD Jane E?
Census1870BEACH Jennette?
Census1870JOHNSON Martha B?
Census1870CHATFIELD Henry Beach?
Census1870RUSSELL Addie E?
Census1870WEAVER Wilbour Hart?
Census1870CHATFIELD Carrie S?
Census1870CHATFIELD Richard M?
Census1870JOHNSON Josephine Lillian?
Census1870RUSSELL Elford C?
Census1870BROWN Louisa A?
Census1870SCOTT Herbert E?
Census1870CHATFIELD Henry King?
Census1870CHATFIELD Harvey W?
Census1870CHATFIELD John Edwin?
Census1870WHEELER Frederick J?
Census1870KIMBERLY Jared T?
Census1870UPSON Daniel?
Census1870KIMBERLY Willis H?
Census1870HANCHETT Charles E?
Census1870HOTCHKISS Charlotte?
Census1870ALCOTT James Polk?
Census1870CHATFIELD Walter Stephen?
Census1870CHATFIELD Sarah Clarissa?
Census1870CHATFIELD Charles Timothy?
Birthabout 1870HOPKINS Edgar?
Census1870? Mahala?
Census1870CHATFIELD Hudson A?
Census1870CHATFIELD Sarah Lucinda?
Census1870ALCOTT Amos Newton?
Census1870LEE Timothy H?
Census1870CHATFIELD Charles Samuels?
Census1870HULL Frederick?
BirthSeptember 1871BISSELL Benjamin B?
BirthOctober 1871CHATFIELD Elmer J?
Birth1871WELTON Mary F?
Death1871HAWKINS Martha M?
Birthabout 1871NICHOLS Wallace Johnson?
Death7 April 1872WARNER George William?
Death28 June 1872CHATFIELD Lewis?
BirthAugust 1872BEARDSLEY Edwards S?
Death8 March 1873MORGAN Betsey?
Death14 May 1873STRONG Caroline Merwin?
Birth17 July 1873PECK Henrietta Louise?
Birth12 December 1873CHATFIELD Cornellia Caroline?
Birth1873BEECHER Charles?
Birth1873HIGBY Edward Joy?
Birth1873BUTLER Arthur S?
Birth30 June 1874NEWBURY Edgar Bennett?
BirthSeptember 1874CHATFIELD Josephine M?
BirthSeptember 1874HODSELL Caroline A?
Birthabout 1874CHATFIELD Edwin J?
Birth13 January 1875CHATFIELD Charles Francis?
Death21 February 1875CANAN Mary E?
Death14 March 1875OLDS Elizabeth Ann?
Birth25 June 1875CHATFIELD George Edward?
Death29 August 1875? Clarissa?
BirthOctober 1875WHEELER Cora A?
Birthabout 1875? Charlotte?
Birthabout 1875DUDLEY William A?
Birthabout 1875DUPEE Edward T?
Birthabout 1875CHATFIELD Celia?
Birth16 February 1876FRANCIS Otis Courtney?
BirthJune 1876? Lena?
Birthabout 1876? Florence E?
Birthabout 1876? Marion?
Marriageabout 1876UPSON Evelyn M with LANE Elsie Salina?
Death13 January 1877SPERRY Jane E?
Birth15 February 1877CHATFIELD William?
Birth25 February 1877CHATFIELD Alfred Burton?
Death31 March 1877UPSON Daniel?
BirthMarch 1877HOPKINS Carrie B?
Birth27 June 1877CHATFIELD Lena G?
BirthSeptember 1877THOMPSON William Henry John?
Marriage24 December 1877KIMBERLY Jared T with CHATFIELD Charlotte Frances?
BirthDecember 1877GUNN Lottie?
Birthabout 1877FIELD Lottie B?
Birthabout 1877? Jessie L?
Birth1877BEECHER Isaac Ray?
BirthJune 1878DUDLEY Amy L?
Death17 August 1878BALDWIN Lena May?
Death5 December 1878HITCHCOCK Timothy?
Birth1878BALDWIN Lena May?
Birth1878BEECHER Otis Ray?
Marriageabout 1878BARKER William Ludlow Ballis with ELY Minnie Edwards?
Death1878BEECHER Isaac Ray?
BirthJanuary 1879GUNN Clarence?
BirthJanuary 1879WHEELER Edwin C?
Birth7 February 1879CHATFIELD Everitt Carlyle?
BirthMarch 1879CHATFIELD Glenora?
Death8 May 1879HAWKINS Charles?
BirthAugust 1879BEECHER Harry G?
BirthSeptember 1879BALDWIN Harry M?
BirthSeptember 1879FARRELL Elise M?
Birth6 November 1879CHAMBERLAIN Hubert W?
BirthDecember 1879CHATFIELD Ida?
Death1879BARKER Daniel?
Birthabout 1879SHERWOOD Grace F?
Birthabout 1879CHATFIELD Adah?
Death22 February 1880THOMAS Alice Naomi?
MarriageMay 1880FULLER Henry Riley with GARDNER Genevieve?
Birth21 June 1880CURTISS Pauline Strong?
Death30 August 1880MUNGER George Arthur?
DeathOctober 1880HILL Betsey?
Birth6 December 1880WILBUR Oliver\Otto Hugh?
Death1880HULL Mary Nancie?
Birth24 April 1881CHATFIELD Henry Finch?
Birth17 September 1881HUBBELL Floyd Hotchkiss?
Death20 September 1881STUART Emeline A?
BirthOctober 1881GUNN Charles?
BirthNovember 1881TUCKER Grace Louise?
Birth10 December 1881JUDD Ross B?
Marriageabout 1881DUDLEY Louis Franklin with DOWD Frances J?
Marriageabout 1881HANCHETT Charles E with JOHNSON Josephine Lillian?
Birth9 January 1882STOWE Florence M?
BirthJanuary 1882CHATFIELD Emma J?
BirthMarch 1882FOSTER Alice J?
BirthMay 1882CARTER Harry W?
Birth27 July 1882UPSON Edward C?
Death17 August 1882UPSON Edward C?
Birth5 October 1882FULLER Louis Gardner?
Death1 December 1882MCEWEN Maria Louisa?
Birth1882BRADLEY Nellie C?
Birth26 February 1883WASHBURN Clifford M?
Birth2 March 1883SANDERSON Harry Bronson?
BirthMarch 1883BALDWIN Edith Augusta?
BirthMay 1883CHATFIELD Grace A?
Marriage20 November 1883HULL Albert E with SEELEY Lucy Azetta?
Death23 November 1883WARNER Ruth Emma?
Death10 December 1883SMITH Ephraim?
BirthJanuary 1884TREAT Ruby May?
Birth11 June 1884CHATFIELD Russell Estes?
BirthOctober 1884CHATFIELD Howard?
BirthOctober 1884PHILLIPS Hattie May?
Birthabout 1884? Ida W?
Marriageabout 1884LEAVENWORTH Seth H with TUTTLE Myrtle Ellen?
Birth2 February 1885HUBBELL Walter Whittlesey?
Birth5 February 1885CHIPMAN Harold Loyal?
Death2 March 1885PEET Polly?
Death2 May 1885BUCKINGHAM Mary?
Death18 August 1885TUTTLE Selden M?
Birth20 August 1885? Arabella?
Death30 August 1885CHATFIELD Jane?
Death4 December 1885GRISWOLD Amasa Pettibone?
Marriageabout 1885BEARD Zina Chatfield with TURNEY May Hawkins?
Death1885KIMBERLY Willis H?
Birthabout 1885MICOU Paul?
Birth14 January 1886FULLER Harold William?
Birth20 July 1886CURTIS Marian B?
Death23 October 1886BUCKINGHAM David Woodruff?
Death7 November 1886CANDEE David?
Death3 December 1886CHITTENDEN Samuel Conkling?
Birth10 December 1886CHATFIELD James Henry?
BirthDecember 1886CHATFIELD Harry F?
Death1886DUDLEY Elizabeth?
Marriageabout 1886STRONG James Preston with SMITH Stella A?
BirthJune 1887WALDRON Annie L?
Death24 July 1887GUNN Anna?
BirthJuly 1887SMITH Jean C?
BirthAugust 1887STRONG Genevera \ Geneora H\N?
Death1887CHATFIELD Frank James?
Death1887CHATFIELD Orange?
Birth9 January 1888CARLEY Myrtle Leona?
Death28 January 1888HURD Emily Elizabeth?
Death28 February 1888LINES Mary Elizabeth?
BirthFebruary 1888BRADSHAW Edward Joseph?
Marriage19 May 1888FRENCH Charles Beebe with STODDARD Lillie M?
BirthJune 1888CHATFIELD Esta B \ Esther L?
BirthJuly 1888MCINTOSH Elizabeth H?
Death11 October 1888HUBBELL Eli?
Birthabout 1888BRODIE James?
Marriageabout 1888PECK Howard F with CHATFIELD Mary Viola?
Marriage1888FINKLE Charles Henry with HUBBELL Mary Elizabeth?
Death15 January 1889STOWE Lavinia?
Death19 July 1889DOWD Richard Nelson?
Marriage4 September 1889HUBBELL Burton Everett with POPE Elinor?
Marriage9 September 1889BEARD James Henry with BLUE Margaret Elizabeth?
Marriage30 October 1889CURTISS William Orrin with INGHAM Nellie Louise?
Birthabout 1889SENIOR Hazel A \ J?
Birth1889HUBBELL Jennie R?
Birthabout 1889MARKHAM Robert H?
Death1889HUBBELL Jennie R?
Birth19 January 1890HENDRICK Howard Clinton?
Death2 February 1890CHATFIELD Ellen Fannie?
Death28 February 1890BUCKINGHAM Cynthia?
Birth23 March 1890LEAVENWORTH Howard LeGrand?
Death6 July 1890PIERPONT Jason?
Birth4 December 1890CURTISS Elsie Louise?
Marriageabout 1890RUSSELL Elford C with RICHARDSON Orilla D?
Marriageabout 1890HUBBELL Arthur Dwight with POPE Elizabeth Coe?
Birthabout 1890BARNES Harry C?
Birth1890KOTT Vera Alcott?
Birth13 February 1891SHERWOOD Helen Gerard?
Birth19 May 1891RICE Clarence A?
BirthMay 1891FARRELL Lillian E?
Death17 June 1891CHATFIELD Anna Marie or Maria?
Death10 July 1891CROWELL Martha A?
BirthAugust 1891LEAVENWORTH Ruth C?
Death6 November 1891HOLBROOK Esther?
Death28 December 1891MCINNES Barbara?
BirthDecember 1891TREAT Rutherford S?
Birth1891CONGDON Frances Alice?
Birth1891MOORE Margaret E?
Birth6 July 1892CHATFIELD Jennie Arrol?
Birth10 July 1892BEECHER Martha Belle?
Birth19 November 1892HENDRICK Mabel Frances?
Marriageabout 1892CHATFIELD Charles W?
Death1892HINMAN Polly Ann?
Birthabout 1892CHATFIELD Nathaniel?
Birth22 January 1893BRADSHAW Olive Boakes?
BirthFebruary 1893CHATFIELD Alice C?
BirthMarch 1893REARDON Grace F?
Birth23 April 1893CHATFIELD Tracy?
BirthApril 1893CHANDLER Vera M?
Birth5 May 1893CHATFIELD Katherine A?
Death1 June 1893DAVIDSON Jenette L?
Death5 August 1893CHITTENDEN Luranda C?
Birth4 September 1893GRISWOLD Stanley Moritze?
BirthSeptember 1893HUNT Gordon F?
Birth26 May 1894CHATFIELD Margaret?
BirthMay 1894CHATFIELD Viola M?
Birth7 September 1894HENDRICK Louis Barnes?
Birth18 December 1894BRADSHAW Harry?
Birthabout 1894PARSONS Edith Martha?
Birthabout 1894BUTLER Bernice?
Birth1894KOTT Amy Irmagarde?
Birth1894KOTT Ernestine Wilhelmine?
Birth29 January 1895CHATFIELD Gertrude Yates?
Birth22 March 1895BEECHER Otis Evelyn?
Birth8 October 1895HENDRICK Elsie Viola?
Marriageabout 1895SOMERS Robert Dwight with WELTON Mary F?
Death1895GRISWOLD Leander?
Death1895WOOSTER Fannie M?
Death19 May 1896HUBBELL Henry S?
BirthJanuary 1897MITCHELL Francis George?
Marriageabout 1897CHATFIELD Seymour Hudson with HOPKINS Carrie B?
Birth9 January 1898CHATFIELD Robert Arthur?
Birth15 March 1898BEECHER Harold Edwin?
Birth30 May 1898MORTON James Burleigh?
BirthMay 1898CHATFIELD Florence?
MarriageJune 1898NORTON Frederick Edwin with CURTIS Phebe T?
Marriage23 February 1899CHATFIELD Howard Guy with CARRINGTON Sarah M?
Birth24 March 1899CHATFIELD Howard Nelson?
Birth6 September 1899BEECHER Helen May?
Marriageabout 1899DOW Harry Barnes with CHATFIELD Alice J?
Marriage1899SMITH Clarence E with SOMERS Lillian?
Birth1899CHATFIELD Florence?
Death13 April 1900CHATFIELD William Newman?
BirthApril 1900CHATFIELD Chester?
Birth8 June 1900CHATFIELD Richard Smith?
Death2 July 1900MERRIMAN Rebecca (Terrill)?
Death1900CHATFIELD Florence?
Birth1900CHATFIELD Hattie C?
Death3 April 1901CHATFIELD Benjamin Pulaski?
Death13 June 1901BRISTOL Elias Edward?
Death18 June 1901WILCOX Alfred Nelson?
Birth5 July 1901WOODBRIDGE Alice L?
Birth21 August 1901CHATFIELD Frederick F?
Birth27 September 1901EYMAN Thomas J?
Birth14 October 1901? Millicent?
Birthabout 1901CHATFIELD Jesse?
Birthabout 1901TRUMAN Beatrice M?
Death23 September 1902WHITTLEY Celestia Amanda?
Birth14 October 1902HOSLEY Doris N Warner?
Birthabout 1902BEARDSLEY Ruth?
Birthabout 1902CHATFIELD Percy?
Birthabout 1902CHATFIELD Harold B?
Birth1902HABERERN Anna S?
Birthabout 1902CHATFIELD Arthur?
Birth1902CHATFIELD Esther Louise?
Birthabout 1902MILLER Ethel M?
Birth27 April 1903BISSELL John Mac?
Birth2 October 1903MILLER William G?
Birth23 November 1903PEET Hiram D?
Birthabout 1903CHATFIELD Robert?
Birthabout 1903SPERRY Helen?
Birth25 January 1904CHATFIELD Sherwood Benton?
Death3 March 1904MURRAY William Henry Harrison?
Death9 May 1904CHATFIELD Martha A?
Birth15 September 1904BAUER Anna?
Death30 September 1904MUNGER Caroline Amanda?
Death8 December 1904HULL Frederick?
Birthabout 1904CHATFIELD Betsy?
Birthabout 1904CABLE Glover H?
Birth1904CHATFIELD Edith?
Birthabout 1905CHATFIELD Dorothy E?
Birth1905CHATFIELD David Cowie?
Birthabout 1905SOMERS Joseph Gray?
Birth17 March 1906MCLAUGHLIN Florence Marie?
Death18 June 1906HICKEY Ada Josephine?
Marriage19 November 1906CHATFIELD Henry Oliver with TREAT Mary Henrietta?
Death22 December 1906LANE Elsie Salina?
Birthabout 1906WHEELER Helen?
Birthabout 1906CHATFIELD Marion E?
Birthabout 1906DAYTON Edythe?
Birthabout 1906CABLE Leland B?
Death1906? Jenette?
Birth1906CHATFIELD George Vance Killingworth?
Birthabout 1906BEARDSLEY William?
Death18 January 1907BLAKEMAN James H?
Death1907BUELL Samuel?
Birthabout 1907? Pauline?
Birthabout 1907HIGBY Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1907CHATFIELD Dorothy Mae?
Birth9 February 1908CHATFIELD Olive Rollina?
Birth26 February 1908CHATFIELD Emily Bullard?
Birth24 September 1908SOMERS Ellsworth W?
Birthabout 1908? Grace?
Birthabout 1908FARRELL Franklin?
Marriage1908HUBBELL Walter Whittlesey with CURTIS Marian B?
Death14 February 1909CHITTENDEN Samuel Hosmer?
Birth11 March 1909CHATFIELD Elmer H?
Birth25 April 1909WOODWARD Joseph Cutler?
Marriage22 November 1909PECK Fred Johnson with BEARD Helen Willard?
Birth25 November 1909JOHNSON Ethel?
Death1909BALDWIN Sarah Grace?
Birthabout 1909CABLE Harriet A?
Birthabout 1909CHATFIELD Inez Cowie?
Marriageabout 1909WILBUR Oliver\Otto Hugh with CHATFIELD Mary Clark?
Death13 April 1910BURLEIGH Nancy Louise?
Birth10 June 1910WEED Ruel O?
Birthabout 1910? Philomenu?
Birthabout 1910BALDWIN Walter M?
Marriageabout 1910HOTCHKISS - CHATFIELD Howard Edward with SWANAT Bertha?
Death24 May 1911CHATFIELD Edward Joseph?
Birth1911WILBUR Edwin Chatfield?
Birthabout 1911WARNER Arthur G \ P?
Birthabout 1911CABLE Catherine E?
Birthabout 1911CHATFIELD Josephine Wright?
Death26 April 1912HOLBROOK Daniel Tomlinson?
Birth9 September 1912KIMBERLY Gladys Marie?
Birthabout 1912CHATFIELD Shirley Ford?
Birthabout 1912JONES Charles Walter?
Birthabout 1912BALDWIN Robert C?
Birthabout 1912WHEELER Louisa?
Birthabout 1912HENDRICK Lilian H?
Birth22 January 1913PAGANO Gerald V?
Death23 January 1913LEE Timothy H?
Death3 February 1913CHATFIELD John Davis?
Death29 March 1913WEAVER Ellwood Harris?
MarriageMarch 1913DIVINE George A with RULE Clara E?
Death1913BENHAM Anna E?
Birth1913SOMERS Louis J?
Birthabout 1913CABLE Chauncey H?
Birth5 March 1914JUDD Ross B?
Birth14 May 1914CHATFIELD Mabel A?
Birth16 December 1914CHATFIELD Barbara?
Death1914BEECHER Frederick Willey?
Death1914DOWNS Ann Jeanette?
Death1914WOOSTER Nancy Ellen?
Birth1 March 1915CURTIN Thomas Patrick?
Birthabout September 1915FISHER Arthur L?
Birth21 November 1915DUPEE Howard Hewlett?
Death29 November 1915HUBBELL Samuel Everett?
Birthabout 1915BALDWIN Edith May?
Birth24 March 1916CHATFIELD Frederick Grant?
Birth26 March 1916HENNICK Robert Phillips?
Death27 March 1916WHEELER Leander Joseph?
Birth26 July 1916CASE Phyllis H?
Marriage25 October 1916KELSEY Clifford Hartt with MCCLOUD \ MCLEOD Effie?
Birth2 November 1916CHATFIELD Homer Edwin?
Birth7 December 1916CHATFIELD Marion?
Death1916SMITH Sarah?
Birthabout 1916CABLE Walter Roswell?
Birthabout 1916WARNER Margaret E?
Birthabout 1916WILBUR Louise Adele?
Birth1916CHATFIELD Marion K?
Birth7 February 1917GARRIGUS Upson Stanley?
Birth13 June 1917SANDERSON Lois Bradshaw?
Birthabout 1917CHATFIELD Helen?
Birth1917CHATFIELD Phyllis?
Death1917KIMBERLY Jared T?
Birth2 June 1918LEE Katharine Carson?
Death1918CHATFIELD Phyllis?
Death1918MORRIS Esther M?
Birthabout 1918CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1918GURNEY Kathleen?
Death28 March 1919HULL Sarah A?
Birth7 July 1919JUDD Elizabeth M?
Birth31 July 1919CHATFIELD Lois?
Birth29 August 1919TYLER Olive P?
Death31 August 1919KOTT Frank Percy?
Birth15 November 1919SANDERSON Harry Bronson?
Death1919CHATFIELD Hattie C?
Birthabout 1919WARNER Eunice C?
Death18 July 1920FORD Cornelia?
Naturalization1920BATHGATE Jack?
Birthabout 1920WARNER Russell Gillette?
Death2 February 1921? Caroline?
Birth14 February 1921PHILLIPS Rachel?
Birth15 February 1921KEARL Lucille F?
Birth14 May 1921BATHGATE Olive Margaret?
Birth7 September 1921WILBUR Alma Jenette?
Birth6 December 1921MITCHELL Margaret?
Birth24 December 1921BALDWIN Robert Hammond?
Death1921BUELL Leila A?
Death1921CARTER George W?
Birthabout 1921CHATFIELD Gladys L?
Death14 February 1922WOOSTER Jane G?
Birth28 February 1922STREETER Jean Paula?
Birth8 April 1922MORTON Louise B?
Birth12 July 1922CHATFIELD Jeanne?
Birth26 July 1922CHATFIELD Elinor Beatrice?
Birth8 August 1922PINCKNEY John Nelson?
Birth28 October 1922BATHGATE Helen Grace?
Birthabout 1922WARNER Vera B?
Birthabout 1922BRODIE Janet?
Naturalization1922BATHGATE George Drummond?
Death1922CHATFIELD Elmer J?
Death21 October 1923BURNES Harry Augustus?
DeathDecember 1923GRILLEY George Marcelius?
Birth1923FORD Druscilla Nettleton?
Death1923BRADSHAW Edward J?
Death1923POTTER Antanette E?
Birth27 January 1924WEBBER Helen Munson?
Birth8 April 1924FORBES Leslie Edgar?
Birth25 July 1924BEECHER Robert Harold?
Death1924FULLER Charles M?
Birthabout 1924MORTON Stella C?
Birthabout 1924MILLER Mary Ann?
Birth17 January 1925CHATFIELD Kenneth Eugene?
Birth26 March 1925HENDRICK Shirley E?
Birth1 October 1925BURDICK Helen?
Birth23 October 1925CHATFIELD Chester Hart?
Death6 November 1925CHATFIELD Frederick Newton?
Birthabout 1925BRADSHAW Howard?
Birthabout 1925MILLER Bertha P?
Death29 March 1926WRIGHT Morgan Spencer?
Birth15 August 1926CHATFIELD Judy?
Death27 August 1926DIBBLEE Margaret Wilson?
Birthabout 1926BRADSHAW Charles?
Birthabout 1926MCLAIN John A?
Marriageabout 1926CHATFIELD Lauren Hubert with MILLER Ethel M?
Birth1926CHATFIELD Averil B?
Birth1926MILLER Dwight S?
Birthabout 1926WRIGHT Jeanette R?
Birthabout 1926CHATFIELD Clifford F?
Death31 January 1927LEEK Frederick T?
Death16 March 1927BLUE Margaret Elizabeth?
Death27 June 1927MUNGER George Badger?
Death24 August 1927NEWTON Jennie Augusta?
Death31 August 1927NUHN Christine Caroline?
Birth22 October 1927BATHGATE Shirley Louise?
Death13 December 1927NUHN Conrad?
Birth1927CHATFIELD Sally Ann?
Birthabout 1927REDWAY Mandy E?
Death1927? Mehitable J?
Birthabout 1927CHATFIELD Lucy Winthrop?
Birthabout 1927JUDD Carol B?
Birthabout 1927HENDRICK Walter F?
Birth19 January 1928CASERTA Frank D \ P?
Birth27 May 1928SANDERSON Olive Jane?
Death14 September 1928BALDWIN Franklin Augustus?
Birth25 November 1928CHATFIELD Glen Tibbetts?
Death1928WARNER Frank E?
Birthabout 1928BURDICK Ruth?
Birth1928MORTON George Ashmun?
Birthabout 1928CORBETT Barbara J?
Death1928WILCOX Alice Elizabeth?
Death1928CHATFIELD Sally Ann?
Death17 April 1929BUSHNELL Cynthia Anne?
Death18 June 1929DELANO Ella Spencer?
Death1929HOPKINS Carrie B?
Death10 January 1930WEAVER Wilbour Hart?
Birth15 February 1930CHATFIELD Stanley M?
Death1 March 1930PIERPONT Esther Maria?
Birthabout 1930BURDICK Paul A?
Deathafter 1930WILLIAMS Alma Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1930REDWAY Albert Sessions?
Birth28 August 1931CHATFIELD Robert Ford?
Death23 November 1931CHATFIELD Ralph Clifford?
Birth24 December 1931KERCSI Emil Frank?
Birthabout 1931BURDICK Evelyn?
Birth1931CHATFIELD Edwin Bruce?
Birth1931CHATFIELD Hope?
Death8 July 1932PARDEE Sherwood Wallace?
Death24 September 1932CROSIER Lepha Emeline?
Birth30 October 1932COWLES John Ellsworth?
Birth1 September 1933SHUMSKI Peter P?
Death24 November 1933NORCROSS Mary Fanning?
Birth1933BOUTIN Virginia Roberta?
Birthabout 1933MILLER Lois P?
Birthabout 1933SOMERS Marguerite?
Death27 July 1934WOOSTER Homer L?
Death7 February 1935ROOD Mary Ann?
Birth1 June 1935FOSHAY Burton A?
Birthabout 1935CORBETT Sally?
Birthabout 1935MILLER Elsie J?
Birthabout 1935PEET Robert A?
Birth3 May 1936CHATFIELD Robert Brewster?
Death13 July 1936HOSLEY William Henry?
Birthabout 1936CARTER Gilbert?
Birth21 June 1937WEED Judith Amy?
Death17 January 1938ALCOTT Esther Melissa?
Death14 March 1938HENDRICK Walter F?
Death14 October 1938CHATFIELD Seymour Hudson?
Birth13 December 1938CHATFIELD Terry Richard?
Death17 February 1939CHITTENDEN George Benjamin?
Birth28 July 1939WOODWARD Brian?
Death21 December 1939CHATFIELD Elinor Beatrice?
Birth1939CORBETT William John?
Death3 March 1940JAMES George Walter?
Birth25 April 1940CHATFIELD James Martin?
Death21 July 1940ISBELL Milton Cleveland?
Death2 October 1941WARNER Emma A?
Death1941RADCLIFFE Albert Edward?
Birth1942CURTIN Thomas Bradshaw?
Death18 February 1943BATHGATE George Drummond?
Death25 May 1944HALL Katherine D?
Birth23 July 1946CHATFIELD Priscilla Anne?
Birth14 October 1946FLANDERS Grace Parker?
Birthabout 1946CHATFIELD Donald L?
Death1946CHIPMAN Ruth Ann?
Birth8 June 1947PARDEE Henry Warner?
Birth24 August 1947DAWSON Sharon Ann?
Birth25 November 1947BISACCIA Cheryl L?
Birth31 December 1948FLANDERS Thomas Gilman?
Birth24 January 1949FORBES Leslie Edgar?
Birth11 May 1949BATHGATE Sandra Jean?
Birth8 April 1950DAWSON Mary Jane?
Birth6 April 1951CHATFIELD John Farquhar?
Birth28 May 1951CHATFIELD Linda L?
Birth14 July 1951CHATFIELD Robert W?
Birth26 October 1951FORBES Wendy Elizabeth?
Birth18 August 1952CHATFIELD Diana Lepha?
Birth5 January 1953CHATFIELD Nancy L?
Birthabout 1953CHATFIELD Kathleen Frances?
Birth20 April 1954CHATFIELD Dwayne Robert?
Birth30 October 1954SLAUSON Robert L?
Birth7 January 1955CHATFIELD Arrol E?
Birth10 February 1955BATHGATE Shelly Jean?
Birth1 September 1955CHATFIELD Deborah D?
Birth6 May 1956HOLOMANY Sharon L?
Birth24 September 1956BOUSQUET Linda Susan?
Birthabout 1957CHATFIELD Richard?
Birth18 October 1958CHATFIELD Jeffrey N?
Birth11 April 1959CHATFIELD John Kevin?
Birth19 February 1960COWLES Deborah Helen?
Birth24 March 1960BATHGATE Lori Jean?
Marriage1960CHATFIELD Malcolm A with ? Ann?
Birth10 March 1962CHATFIELD John Thaye?
Birth21 May 1962SHUMSKI Gregory J?
Birth9 March 1963COWLES Holly Louise?
Birth4 August 1963KEENY Elizabeth A?
Birth1 September 1965CHATFIELD Dawn M?
Birth28 March 1966CHATFIELD Laurie A?
Birth15 May 1967CHATFIELD Tammy?
DeathJune 1967JUDD Ross B?
Birthabout 1968WINNE Maria Lynn?
Death1969CHATFIELD Marion K?
Death1969FITTING Marie Helen?
Birth7 April 1971WINNE Mark Franklin?
Birth17 July 1971CHATFIELD Elaine J?
Birthabout 1971CHATFIELD Almeda Louise?
Birth9 October 1972BREENEY John J?
Birth20 May 1973MCINTYRE Kenneth William?
Birth19 December 1973ROBY Keith P?
Death25 April 1974BRIGGS Nelson Garfield?
Birth26 April 1974CHATFIELD Michael R?
Birthabout 1974WHITE Teresa Lynn?
Birth22 June 1975MCINTYRE Kellie Leeann?
Birth31 January 1976WINNE Michael Edwin?
Divorce6 May 1976BURGOS Carmelo with OBAR Regina Mae?
Birth21 June 1976BREENEY Tracy L?
Divorce9 November 1976CHATFIELD Wilbert Eugene with GAFFNEY Helen Maria?
Birth20 January 1977ROBY Aimee S?
Birthabout 1977PARDEE ??
Death4 August 1979CABLE Emma Jeannette?
Divorce1980CHATFIELD William David with ? Carol?
Death27 September 1981BRISTOL Jeanette Frances?
Death13 July 1983CHATFIELD Margaret?
Birth8 August 1983PARDEE Marc J?
Birth11 February 1985MURPHY Ashley Erin?
Birth27 May 1986CHATFIELD Hunter R?
DeathDecember 1987CHATFIELD Stanley M?
Divorce1988PARDEE Alan Sherwood with SPRING Laura C?
Divorce1988SLAUSON Robert L with SIKERIS Ona-May A?
Birthabout 1989CHATFIELD Leslie Rene?
Birth31 July 1990RIVIVERA Amanda?
Death5 September 1991FISHER Arthur L?
Divorce1995LOWRY Robert Goodrich with LEWIS Wendy?
Residence1999BOOTH Lorene E?
Residence1999BORA Douglas Arthur?
Birthabout 2000VILLAROUEL Brandin?
Death2 April 2003SLAUSON Harvey Benson?
Death18 December 2007OLSEN Norma J?
Death22 February 2008MIKLOS Edward?
Death24 November 2008BATHGATE Helen Grace?
Death28 January 2009BURMASTER Carrie?
Death17 November 2009ADAMS John F?
Death14 September 2012SHUMSKI Peter P?
Death8 April 2014BOUTIN Virginia Roberta?
Death22 June 2014CHATFIELD Edward George?
Birth21 JANRUPP Jennifer?

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