List of events ordered by date

United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Broomly Cottage, Newick, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Frances?
Census1861MARTIN Mary?
Census1861MARTIN Thomas?
Census1861MARTIN James?
Census1861MARTIN Ellen?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Browns Brook, Maresfield, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861TESTER Edwin?
Census1861TESTER Charles?
Census1861TESTER George?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Brownsbrook, Buxted, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891TESTER Charles?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Brunswick Rd., Hove, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881HILTON Alice Jane?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Buckham Hill, Isfield, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861TOWNSEND Mary Ann?
Census1861CHATFIELD Henry?
Census1861CHATFIELD Mary Ann?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Bucklands Cottages, Bodiam Bridge, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861BUCKLAND James?
Census1861STEDMAN Caroline?
Census1861STEDMAN Harriett?
Census1861BUCKLAND Sarah?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Budlett's Rocks, Maresfield, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Charles?
Census1861CHATFIELD Charlotte?
Residence1861CHATFIELD George?
Census1861CHATFIELD Margaret?
Census1861CHATFIELD Henry?
Census1861CHATFIELD Henry?
Census1861CHATFIELD William?
Census1861CHATFIELD Esther?
Residence1861WHEATLEY William?
Census1861HOPE Elizabeth?
Census1881CHATFIELD Henry?
Census1881CHATFIELD Henry?
Census1881HOPE Elizabeth?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Burnt House, Chailey, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1841CORNFORD Rhoda?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Burnt Oak, Waldron, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891LANCASTER Robert?
Census1891LANCASTER William Arthur?
Census1891LANCASTER James?
Census1891LANCASTER Robert?
Census1891LANCASTER Mary Ann?
Census1891LANCASTER Charles Henry?
Census1891LANCASTER Rose E?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Burwash TN19 : 5 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth24 January 1810HILDER Frances Elizabeth?
Birth1853AKEHURST Daniel Jenner?
Census1871AKEHURST Daniel Jenner?
Census31 March 1901ALCORN William?
Census31 March 1901CRUSE Ann?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Burwash Weald, Ticehurst, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1886CHATFIELD Alfred Leonard George?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Buxted, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
DeathApril 1505STAPLEY Richard?
Birthabout 1732HILL Latitia \ Letita \ Lettice?
Christening2 February 1743DICKER Lucy?
Marriage6 March 1764HEMSLEY Thomas with DICKER Lucy?
Christening23 July 1780PENTICOST Philadelphia?
Christening6 October 1782HEMSLEY Richard?
Christening20 October 1782HOPE William?
Christening22 June 1800CORNFORD Samuel?
Marriage18 February 1805HOPE William with PENTICOST Philadelphia?
Christening15 June 1806HOPE Harriett?
Birth1806HOPE Harriett?
Birth4 January 1807COX Thomas?
Birth1810HOPE Elizabeth?
Christening22 August 1813WILMSHURST Edward?
Christening18 June 1815HOPE Hannah?
Birth1817TESTER Charles?
Christening27 September 1818VINALL William Thomas?
Birthabout 1818VINALL William Thomas?
Birthabout 1818WOODGATE Louisa?
Birth1819TESTER Caroline?
Birth1821HOOK John?
Christening20 July 1823MILLER Martha?
Birth1827THORP (FUNNELL) Harriet?
Birth30 January 1828TESTER James?
Christening13 March 1828TESTER James?
Christening7 September 1828WOODGATE Wiliam Horace?
Marriage5 July 1830HEMSLEY Richard with PAGE Lucy?
Christening3 February 1833REED Eliza?
Marriage27 October 1835COX Thomas with HELMSLEY Elizabeth?
Birth12 November 1835COX Charles?
Birth1838COX Thomas?
Census1841WOODGATE Louisa?
Birth1841COX Richard?
Census1841VINALL William Thomas?
Birth1841HOBBS William?
Burial21 April 1842PENTICOST Philadelphia?
Death1842PENTICOST Philadelphia?
Burial3 September 1843HOPE William?
Birth1843COX Elizabeth?
Birth1846COX George?
Birth1846TESTER Thomas?
Christening4 November 1849COX Harriett?
Birth1849COX Harriett?
Census1851COX Richard?
Census1851COX Charles?
Census1851WILMSHURST Edward?
Census1851HELMSLEY Elizabeth?
Census1851COX Thomas?
Census1851? Mary?
Census1851COX Thomas?
Census1851FROST George?
Census1851FROST David?
Census1851COX Elizabeth?
Census1851COX Harriett?
Census1851COX George?
Birth7 March 1852CHATFIELD Eliza Ann?
Birth1852COX Alfred?
Birth1852TESTER Mary Jane?
Death8 March 1853COX Thomas?
Burial8 March 1853COX Thomas?
Burial9 October 1853HEMSLEY Richard?
Death1853HEMSLEY Richard?
Birth1853TESTER George?
Christening2 April 1854VINALL Elizabeth?
Birth1854VINALL Elizabeth?
Birth1854WOODGATE Thomas William?
Birth1855TESTER Edwin?
Birthabout 1856POWELL Elizabeth Ann?
Birth1856TESTER Alfred?
Marriage3 October 1857COX Charles with TEAGUE Mary Ann?
Birth1857WOODGATE Sarah Jane?
Marriage29 October 1858TESTER James with REED Eliza?
Marriage4 April 1859FROST George with CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Birth1859TESTER Eliza?
Census1861VINALL Elizabeth?
Census1861VINALL William Thomas?
Census1861WOODGATE Louisa?
Birth1863WILMSHURST Mercy Ellen?
Birth1865TESTER Charles?
Birth1867BURLEY Owen?
Census1871TESTER Alfred?
Census1871HOBBS Henry?
Census1871TESTER Thomas?
Census1861/1871TESTER Eliza?
Census1871COX Alfred?
Census1871COX Richard?
Census1871HELMSLEY Elizabeth?
Marriage16 August 1872TURK Thomas with COX Elizabeth?
Christening16 November 1873CHATFIELD Benjamin William Harold?
Burial26 November 1874HELMSLEY Elizabeth?
Christening10 June 1877CHATFIELD William Richard?
Marriage29 October 1879MILLER Benjamin with COX Harriett?
Census1881MILLER Martha?
Census1871/1881TESTER Charles?
Census1871/1881TESTER William?
Census1881CHEWTER Jonathan?
Census1881CHEWTER Issue 3?
Census1881? Mary?
Census1871/1881TESTER George?
Census1881WILMSHURST Edward?
Census1871/1881TESTER Charles?
Census1871/1881CHATFIELD Lucy?
Birthabout 1886CHATFIELD William G \ H?
Birth3 September 1898CHATFIELD George Bernard?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Cambridge Rd., Hove, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881HILTON Albert?
Census1891HILTON Alice Jane?
Census1881/1891CHATFIELD Vashti?
Census1881/1891HILTON Helena Rosa?
Census1891HILTON Laura Ann?
Census1881/1891HILTON Horace?
Census1881/1891HILTON Joseph?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Caslens Common, Fletching, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851FARMER John?
Census1851FARMER George?
Census1851FARMER Sarah Jane?
Census1851FARMER James?
Census1851FARMER Lucy?
Census1851FARMER John?
Census1851FARMER Ann?
Census1851CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1851FARMER Emily?
Census1851FARMER Elizabeth?
Census1851FARMER Harriett?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Catsfield, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1881BANNISTER Charles?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Caves Rd., St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881ANDREWS William Edward?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Chailey, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?CHATFIELD Richard?
Birth?CHATFIELD Richard?
Birth?CHATFIELD Robert?
Birth?CHATFIELD William?
Birthabout 1480CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth1505CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birthabout 1530CHATFIELD John?
Birth1540SHOULDER Agnes?
Marriage24 September 1559CHATFIELD Robert with SHOULDER Agnes?
Death1589CHATFIELD Robert?
Birthabout 1600CHATFIELD John?
Marriage13 August 1609CHATFIELD Nicholas with GODLEY Sarah?
Christening25 March 1633CHATFIELD Henry?
Christening30 October 1635CHATFIELD Katherine?
Marriage19 February 1652BURTENSHAWE John with CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening24 January 1762TOMSET Ruth?
Marriage1 August 1780CHATFIELD John with MADGWICK Elizabeth?
Marriage18 April 1784MAYNARD William with TOMSET Ruth?
Marriage23 April 1787WOOD Richard with CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1787CHATFIELD John?
Birthabout 1790ALCORN William?
Birthabout 1792? Sarah?
Birth1793MARTEN Lucy?
Birthabout 1800CHATFIELD James?
Birth1802CHATFIELD Stephen?
Birthabout 1809PANNETT Lucy?
Marriage11 April 1812PALMER John with HOOK Susannah?
Birthabout 1812CHATFIELD William?
Birthabout 1814CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birthabout 1820CHATFIELD William?
Birthabout 1821CHATFIELD Jane?
Birthabout 1821PANNETT Hannah?
Birthabout 1822CHATFIELD Richard?
Birthabout 1828CHATFIELD Henry?
Birthabout 1828CHATFIELD Henry?
Birthabout 1829CHATFIELD Harriott?
Birthabout 1829MARTIN Thomas?
Birthabout 1830CORNFORD Rhoda?
Birthabout 1831CHATFIELD Ellen?
Birthabout 1833CHATFIELD Caroline?
Birthabout 1835CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birthabout 1837CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth1838CHATFIELD Lucy?
Birth1839CHATFIELD William?
Birthabout 1839DUMBRELL Philip?
Birth1840CHATFIELD Sophia?
Census1841SIFFLEET Elizabeth?
Census1841SIMMONDS Naomi?
Birth1842CHATFIELD Ann?
Birth1844ALCORN William?
Christening21 September 1845CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth1845CHATFIELD Jane?
Birthabout 1845CRUSE Ann?
Birth1845CHATFIELD Lucy?
Birth1846CHATFIELD Charles?
Birth1847CHATFIELD Dinah?
Death1847CHATFIELD Peter?
Birth1849CHATFIELD Harriett?
Birth1849CHATFIELD William?
Birthabout 1850CHATFIELD Henry?
Birth1851CHATFIELD Samuel?
Census1851CORNFORD Rhoda?
Census1851? Lucy?
Census1851CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth22 August 1852CHATFIELD George Stephen?
Birth22 August 1852CHATFIELD George?
Birth1856CHATFIELD John?
Birth1859PATEMAN Mary Ann?
Birth1860CHATFIELD Alice?
Birth1861CHATFIELD Hannah?
Birth1861CHATFIELD Clementina \ Lemonia?
Census1861CHATFIELD John James?
Birth1863CHATFIELD Harry?
Birthabout 1864UNWIN Sarah Ann?
Birth1867CHATFIELD Emily?
Birth1867CHATFIELD George?
Birth1867ALCORN William?
Birthabout 1867HEDGE William?
Birth1868ALCORN Thomas?
Birth1869ALCORN John?
Census1871CHATFIELD William?
Census1871CHATFIELD Alfred John?
Census1871CHATFIELD Horace?
Census1871CHATFIELD William?
Census1871CHATFIELD Sophia?
Census1871CHATFIELD William?
Census1871PATEMAN Thomas?
Census1871CHATFIELD John James?
Census1871CHATFIELD John?
Census1871CHATFIELD James?
Census1871CHERRYMAN Martha?
Census1871SANDLES Israel William?
Census1871CORNFORD Rhoda?
Census1871? Susan \ Susanna?
Census1871SANDLES Henry?
Birth1871SANDLES Joseph?
Census1871SANDLES Finden William?
Census1871CHATFIELD George?
Census1871ELLIS Margaret?
Census1871CHATFIELD Mary Maria?
Census1871CHATFIELD Margaret?
Census1871CHATFIELD Mary?
Census1871CHATFIELD Emily?
Census1871PATEMAN Mary Ann?
Census1871CHATFIELD Jane Elizabeth?
Death11 May 1873CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth1873SANDLES Martha Jane?
Birth15 July 1875SANDLES Thomas?
Birth1876CHATFIELD Oliver?
Birth1879ALCORN Andrew?
Birth1880ALCORN Abram?
Census1881HEDGE William?
Birth1881CHATFIELD William Henry?
Census1881MARTIN Herbert?
Census1881HEDGE William?
Census1881CHATFIELD Ann?
Census1881SANDLES Ruth?
Census1881CHATFIELD James?
Birth1882ALCORN Reuben?
Birth1883CHATFIELD Frederick James?
Birth1883CHATFIELD John?
Birth1884ALCORN Frank?
Birth1885CHATFIELD Albert?
Birth1885CHATFIELD Maud Mary?
Christening4 March 1888CHATFIELD Alice Leah?
Birth1888BEARD Dennis Henry?
Birth1888CHATFIELD Alice Leah?
Birth1890CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth12 February 1892CHATFIELD Ella?
Birth1896CHATFIELD Lily Olive?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD John James?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD George?
Census31 March 1901ELLIS Margaret?
Census1911CHATFIELD Harry?
Census1911MARTIN Mary?
Census1911CHATFIELD Harold?
Census1911CHATFIELD Alfred John?
Census1911CHATFIELD John?
Census1911CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1911CHATFIELD Frank?
Census1911CHATFIELD John?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Chelwood Common, Danehill, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1865CHATFIELD Martha?
Residence1865GURR Fanny?
Residence1869GURR John?
Residence1873CHATFIELD Martha?
Residence1873GURR Mary Eliza?
Residence1873GURR Timothy John?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Chichester Rd., East Blatchington, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891HOOPER Amy?
Census1891EBEL Annette Margaretta Jenny?
Census1891HOOPER Sampson Joseph?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Chichester, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1980WARD Archibald?
BirthJuly 1984UBSDELL Jessica Anne?
Death1986CHATFIELD Lily Una?
MarriageJune 2005CHATFIELD Scott Charles with UBSDELL Jessica Anne?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Chiddingly, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?HIDE Issue 7?
Birth2 November 1757FUNNELL John?
Christening11 October 1774RUSSELL Elizabeth?
Birth1774RUSSELL Elizabeth?
Christening7 November 1775RUSSELL Mary?
Birth1775RUSSELL Mary?
Christening16 October 1777RUSSELL Martha?
Birth1777RUSSELL Martha?
Christening14 January 1780RUSSELL Alice?
Birth1780RUSSELL Alice?
Christening4 November 1781RUSSELL Hannah?
Birth1781RUSSELL Hannah?
Birth24 January 1783FUNNELL William Baker?
Christening25 January 1783FUNNELL William Baker?
Christening2 November 1784RUSSELL William?
Birth1784RUSSELL William?
Birth8 May 1785CROWHURST Lucy?
Birth23 July 1786RUSSELL Susan?
Birth27 April 1788RUSSELL Edward?
Christening30 August 1788RUSSELL Edward?
Christening30 August 1788RUSSELL Susan?
Birth22 May 1791RUSSELL John?
Christening7 August 1791RUSSELL John?
Marriage12 October 1803FUNNELL William Baker with CROWHURST Lucy?
Birth1810GLADMAN Sarah?
Marriage24 August 1812RUSSELL John Clifford with THORPE Jane?
Birth7 December 1816GUY Robert Philemon?
Death11 May 1821FUNNELL John?
Burial5 August 1851RUSSELL William?
Census1851? Sarah?
Census1851GLADMAN George?
Birth1872HIDE Ruth?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Chiltington, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?CHATFIELD Nicholas?
Birthabout 1558CHATFIELD Richard?
Death1610CHATFIELD Robert?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Chilver Bridge, Arlington, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth18 August 1726TOURLE Dorothy?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Church Hill Cottage, Patcham, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Mary?
Census1881CHATFIELD Edward?
Census1881CHATFIELD George?
Census1881CHATFIELD Alfred?
Census1881CHATFIELD Ann?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Church Hill, Patcham, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891FLINT Edward Thomas?
Census1891FLINT Henry John?
Census1891CHATFIELD Caroline Maria?
Census1891FLINT Annie Elizabeth?
Census1891FLINT Frederick George?
Census1891FLINT Edith Minnie?
Census1891FLINT Frederick?
Census1891FLINT Alfred James?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Church Lane, Newick, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851HOLDER Susan?
Census1851CHATFIELD William?
Census1851CHATFIELD William?
Census1851CHATFIELD Susan?
Census1851CHATFIELD Frances?
Census1851CHATFIELD Charles?
Census1851CHATFIELD William?
Census1851CHATFIELD Henry?
Census1851CHATFIELD John?
Census1851PECKHAM Elizabeth?
Census1851CHATFIELD John?
Census1851CHATFIELD George?
Census1851CHATFIELD James?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Churchyard, Buxted, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?STAPLEY Richard?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Clarendon Rd., Hove, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Anna?
Census1881CHATFIELD Alice Mary?
Census1881RANSOM William?
Census1881TANNER Ann?
Census1881CHATFIELD Virginia?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Clocksmiths Cottage, Framfield, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871CHATFIELD Henry?
Census1871CHATFIELD Alfred?
Census1871CHATFIELD Eli?
Census1871KENNARD Phillis Ann?
Census1871CHATFIELD Agnes?
Census1871CHATFIELD William Arthur?
Census1871CHATFIELD Henry George?
Census1871CHATFIELD Warden Henry?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Common South, Chailey, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1841CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1841? Lucy?
Census1841PANNETT Hannah?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Conway St., Hove, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Elizabeth Alice?
Census1891WINDER John Alexr?
Census1891WINDER Harry?
Census1891WINDER Alice Eliza?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Coopers Green, Buxted, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861MILLER Martha?
Census1861WILMSHURST Edward?
Census1871WILMSHURST Mercy Ellen?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Coppards Bridge, Chailey, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD John?
Census1861MARTEN Lucy?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Corttage, Chailey, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1841CHATFIELD Peter?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Court Gardens, Ditchling, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence?CHATFIELD Michael?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Crowborough TN6 : 6 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth26 December 1894WICKINS Ernest Daniel?
Birth6 September 1903BROOKER Wyndham Albert?
Census1911BROOKER Edward Henry J?
Census1911BROOKER Wyndham Albert?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening1861CHATFIELD Rebecca?

Jarvis Brook

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth24 May 1872PAGDEN Lewis Henry?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Dane Hill Brook, Danehill, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Henry?
Census1861CHATFIELD Mary?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Dane Hill, Maresfield, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census2 April 1911GURR Elizabeth?
Census2 April 1911KEMP George?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Dane Hill, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861BRIGGS Ann?
Census1861BROWNING James?
Birth1906CHATFIELD Dora Violet?
Birth1908CHATFIELD Jessie Ethel?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Danehill Cmtry., Danehill, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BROWNING Hannah?
Burial?CHATFIELD Thomas?
Burial14 July 1859FRANCIS Frances Ann?
Burial21 February 1864CHATFIELD Edwin Pollard?
Burial20 September 1867CHATFIELD Albert?
Burial3 February 1870CHATFIELD Anna?
Burial3 February 1870CHATFIELD George?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Danehill, Fletching, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1841NEWNHAM Caroline?
Census1841CHATFIELD Louisa?
Census1841CHATFIELD Friend?
Census1841CHATFIELD Caroline?
Census1841CHATFIELD George?
Census1841CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1841CHATFIELD John?
Birth20 December 1853CHATFIELD Anna?
Birth1857CHATFIELD Alice?
Birth9 January 1861CHATFIELD George?
Birth20 October 1863CHATFIELD Ellen?
Birth30 June 1865CHATFIELD Harriett?
Birth6 May 1868CHATFIELD Annie Louisa?
Census1891CHATFIELD Harriett?
Census1891BROWNING Hannah?
Census1891CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1891CHATFIELD Annie Louisa?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Danehill, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1836CHATFIELD Alfred Benjamin?
Birth16 November 1851CHATFIELD Albert?
Birth1853WOOD John?
Christening14 January 1855FARMER Caroline?
Birthabout 1855SMITH Alice?
Birthabout 1856TURNER Martha?
Christening11 January 1857FARMER Albert?
Christening23 March 1857WOOD George?
Christening14 June 1857TURNER Elizabeth?
Christening14 March 1858CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Marriage12 June 1858PIERCE Edward with FARMER Ann?
Marriage1 November 1858HATFIELD Richard with FARMER Harriett?
Christening13 February 1859FARMER William?
Christening11 September 1859WOOD Sarah Ann?
Birth13 November 1859CHATFIELD Edwin Pollard?
Christening13 November 1859CHATFIELD Edwin Pollard?
Birth1859CHATFIELD Horace?
Marriage7 April 1860FARMER James with SMITH Harriet?
Marriage24 February 1861POLLARD Edwin Hazel with CHATFIELD Eliza?
Christening26 July 1863WOOD Ned?
Christening1 November 1863FARMER Emily?
Birth1863FARMER Emily?
Christening12 February 1865FARMER Frances?
Marriage1 April 1865GURR Timothy John with CHATFIELD Martha?
Christening21 May 1865GURR Fanny?
Christening2 December 1866WOOD Alfred Thomas?
Christening21 April 1867GURR Walter?
Marriage14 November 1868FARMER George with TESTER Ann Alice?
Christening6 June 1869GURR John?
Christening18 June 1871GURR Charles?
Census1871POLLARD Ellen?
Census1871CHATFIELD Eliza?
Census1871POLLARD Fanny?
Census1871POLLARD Edwin Hazel?
Census1871POLLARD Sophia?
Census1871POLLARD John?
Birth1872FARMER Agnes?
Christening31 August 1873GURR Mary Eliza?
Christening30 September 1877AWCOCK Annie Louisa?
Christening1880AWCOCK Alice May?
Birth1884POLLARD Mabel?
Census1891CHATFIELD Horace?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Harriett?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Annie Louisa?
Census31 March 1901? Mary?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Horace?
Census1901AWCOCK Alice May?
Birth1903CHATFIELD Grace?
Birth3 March 1910CHATFIELD George?
Census1911CHATFIELD George?
Census1911? Mary?
Census1911CHATFIELD Horace?
Census1911CHATFIELD Eliza?
Census1911POLLARD Edwin Hazel?
Census1911CHATFIELD Grace?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Danehurst Mansion, Fletching, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Jane?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Denton, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1900CHATFIELD Florence Emma?
Census1901CHATFIELD Florence Emma?
Census1901CHATFIELD Amelia Louisa?
Census1901VAUGHAN Charlotte Louisa?
Census1901CHATFIELD William?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Ditchling Common, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1863BROOKER Peter?
Birth1865BATCUP Mary Jane?
Birth1884BROOKER Peter Thomas John?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Ditchling, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?CHATFIELD Robert?
Burial?MOTT Robert?
Birth?CHATFIELD Michael?
Birth?LOOKER Lucy?
Birth?CHATFIELD Robert?
Birthabout 1446CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth1469CHATFIELD John?
Birth1485CHATFIELD William?
Birth10 September 1500CHATFIELD Richard?
Birth1502CHATFIELD John?
Birthabout 1536CHATFIELD Thomas?
Christening17 November 1576CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth1576CHATFIELD Thomas?
Christening13 August 1579CHATFIELD Richard?
Death1579BROUD Elizabeth?
Birth1579CHATFIELD Richard?
Christening4 March 1582CHATFIELD John?
Christening6 May 1582CHATFIELD Drew?
Burial6 May 1582CHATFIELD Drew?
Death1582CHATFIELD Drew?
Birth1582CHATFIELD John?
Christening18 November 1584CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth1584CHATFIELD Mary?
Marriage20 December 1596CHATFIELD Robert with HASLEGROVE Margery?
Christening9 October 1597CHATFIELD Robert?
Birth1597CHATFIELD Robert?
Burial19 September 1599HASLEGROVE Margery?
Death1599HASLEGROVE Margery?
Marriage8 April 1603CHATFIELD Richard with GASGOYNE Loore \ Loose?
Christening13 November 1605CHATFIELD Henry?
Birth1605CHATFIELD Henry?
Birthafter 1609CHATFIELD William?
Christening1 December 1622CHATFIELD Robert?
Birth1622CHATFIELD Robert?
Christening2 September 1632CHATFIELD John?
Birth1632CHATFIELD John?
Christening26 November 1635CHATFIELD William?
Birth1635CHATFIELD William?
Burial23 June 1637CHATFIELD William?
DeathJune 1637CHATFIELD William?
Christening6 October 1639CHATFIELD William?
Birth1639CHATFIELD William?
Burial13 November 1660CHATFIELD Robert?
DeathNovember 1660CHATFIELD Robert?
Burial27 February 1664COULSTOCKE Unica \ Unice?
Death1664COULSTOCKE Unica \ Unice?
Birth1668LOOKER Joseph?
Christening7 January 1669LOOKER Joseph?
Christening24 October 1671CHATFIELD John?
Birth1671CHATFIELD John?
Birth1675CHATFIELD Robert?
Christening21 March 1676CHATFIELD Robert?
Christening9 September 1677CHATFIELD Henry?
Birth1677CHATFIELD Henry?
Christening21 September 1679CHATFIELD John?
Birth1679CHATFIELD John?
Christening20 September 1680CHATFIELD Susan\Susannah?
Birth1680CHATFIELD Susan\Susannah?
Death10 December 1689CHATFIELD William?
Burial13 December 1689CHATFIELD William?
Burial24 August 1690JEFFERY Joan?
Burial1690? Jane?
Burial15 November 1693CHATFIELD William?
Death1693CHATFIELD William?
Birth1698CHATFIELD Robert?
Birth1699WOOD James?
Christening30 March 1703DUMBRILL Susanna?
Birth2 September 1703LOOKER Joseph?
Birth2 September 1703LOOKER Mary?
Birth1703DUMBRILL Susanna?
Death27 May 1704LOOKER Mary?
Birth29 November 1704LOOKER Jane?
Death4 January 1705DUMBRILL Frances?
Birth9 March 1706LOOKER Anne?
Christening3 September 1706LOOKER Anne?
Death11 December 1706DUMBRILL Susanna?
Birth26 July 1708LOOKER Thomas?
Birth26 October 1709LOOKER Eliz.?
Burial18 March 1710CHATFIELD Jane?
Death1710CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth18 August 1711LOOKER Sarah?
Christening12 September 1732CHATFIELD John?
Birth1732CHATFIELD John?
Marriageabout 1732CHATFIELD Robert with LOOKER Sarah?
Death24 January 1736CHATFIELD Robert?
Birth1737CHATFIELD Joseph?
Birthabout 1738CHATFIELD Sarah?
Burial31 March 1748DWITE Mary?
Death1748DWITE Mary?
Birth1750CHATFEILD John?
Birth1752CHATFIELD Looker?
Burial24 September 1753CHATFIELD John?
Death1753CHATFIELD John?
Birth1754CHATFIELD Lucy?
Birth1755CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Death1766LOOKER Sarah?
Birth1767MOTT Sarah?
Birthabout 1770MOTT George?
Birth1772MOTT Mary?
Birth1775MOTT Joseph?
DeathJanuary 1786MOTT Sarah?
Death1787CHATFIELD Michael?
Christening1791CHATFIELD Issue 1?
Christening1 February 1795CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth1795CHATFIELD Sarah?
Christening4 December 1796CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth1796CHATFIELD Thomas?
Christening23 February 1800CHATFIELD Richard?
Birth1800CHATFIELD Richard?
Christening27 June 1802CHATFIELD Susan?
Birth1802CHATFIELD Susan?
Christening1 April 1804CHATFIELD Henry?
Birth1804CHATFIELD Henry?
Birth1807CHATFIELD Harriot?
Christening4 January 1808CHATFIELD Harriot?
Burial20 March 1808CHATFIELD Harriot?
Death1808CHATFIELD Harriot?
Christening9 April 1809CHATFIELD John?
Birth1809CHATFIELD John?
Christening19 February 1811CHATFIELD Edward?
Birth1811CHATFIELD Edward?
Christening25 December 1812CHATFIELD Henry?
Birth1812CHATFIELD Henry?
Birthabout 1814BROOKER Jane?
Christening22 January 1815CHATFIELD William?
Birth1815CHATFIELD William?
Birth17 January 1817CHATFIELD George?
Christening2 March 1817CHATFIELD George?
Christening28 February 1819CHATFIELD Sarah?
Burial18 July 1819CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth1819CHATFIELD Sarah?
Death1819CHATFIELD Sarah?
Marriage21 February 1820CHATFIELD Thomas with HALL Elizabeth?
Death12 January 1822CHATFIELD Ann?
Burial17 March 1822CHATFIELD John?
DeathMarch 1822CHATFIELD John?
Birth29 December 1822CHATFIELD Jane?
Christening9 March 1823CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth24 October 1824CHATFIELD Barnabas?
Christening26 December 1824CHATFIELD Barnabas?
Birth22 December 1828CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1 October 1831CHATFIELD John?
Marriage4 May 1834CHATFIELD Edward with BROOKER Jane?
Christening29 April 1835CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth1835CHATFIELD Sarah?
Christening23 July 1837CHATFIELD Mary J?
Birth1839CHATFIELD Jane?
Death1841CHATFIELD John?
Birth1842CHATFIELD Robert JohnSource S10
Birth1845CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth1848CHATFIELD Harriett?
Birth1852CHATFIELD Edward?
Birth1854CHATFIELD Frances Harriet?
Birthabout 1854COTTINGHAM Jane?
Birth1855CHATFIELD George?
Birth1856COTTINGHAM William?
Birth1858COTTINGHAM Mary Ann?
Birth1859COTTINGHAM Sarah Maria?
Census1861CHATFIELD Frances Harriet?
Census1861CHATFIELD Henry James?
Census1861CHATFIELD James?
Census1861CHATFIELD Michael?
Census1871CHATFIELD Michael?
Birth1871CHATFIELD George?
Census1871TIDEY Elizabeth?
Birth1876CONSTABLE Albert?
Census1881CHATFIELD James?
Census1881CHATFIELD Robert?
Census1881BUDD Elizabeth?
Birth1881CHATFIELD Robert?
Birth1882CHATFIELD George Albert?
Birth1883BACON Frederick George?
Birth1884BACON Elizabeth Jane?
Birth1885CHATFIELD Stephen John?
Birth20 July 1886CHATFIELD Alfred Owen?
Birth1886BACON Albert?
Birthabout 1886WILLIAMS Eliza?
Birth1887HOLMAN Lucy?
Birth1888CHATFIELD William Henry?
Birth1890HOLMAN Rhoda Elizabeth?
Census1891CHATFIELD Susannah?
Census1891HOLMAN Lucy?
Census1891HOLMAN Annie?
Census1891HOLMAN Joseph?
Census1891CHATFIELD Anne?
Census1891HOLMAN Rhoda Elizabeth?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Dodds Grove, Maresfield, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861AVIS Robert?
Census1861STEVENSON Hannah?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Doges Cottage, Fletching, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1881MARTIN Eliza?
Census1881CHATFIELD Kate Ann?
Census1881CHATFIELD Oliver?
Census1881CHATFIELD Eliza Alice?
Census1881CHATFIELD William Richard?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Dormansland, Lingfield, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891MELVILLE Beresford Valentine?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Double Barns Broomly, Chailey, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Frances?
Census1881MARTIN Thomas?
Census1881MARTIN Fanny Elizabeth?
Census1881MARTIN John?
Census1881MARTIN William?
Census1881MARTIN George?
Census1881MARTIN Thomas?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Durham Cottage, Beddingham, West Firle, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Warden Henry?
Census1861CHATFIELD Harriet Jane?
Census1861KENNARD Phillis Ann?
Census1861CHATFIELD Alfred?
Census1861CHATFIELD Henry?
Census1861CHATFIELD Eli?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - East Blatchington, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage25 December 1858CHATFIELD William with GREEN Mary Anne?
Christening14 September 1884HOOPER Amy?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - East Chiltington, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1560CHATFIELD Robert?
Birthabout 1561CHATFIELD Dennys?
Marriage26 November 1848DAY John with CHATFIELD Ellen?
Birth1877CHATFIELD Christopher?
Birth1877SANDLES Ruth?
Christening3 November 1878WILLIAMS Reuben?
Birth1878CHATFIELD Mabel?
Birthabout 1879CHATFIELD Steven?
Census31 March 1901PATEMAN Thomas?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD James?
Census31 March 1901CORNFORD Rhoda?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - East Hoathly, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1749RUSSELL Robert?
Christening8 February 1750RUSSELL Robert?
Birth12 January 1777HAWKINS Sarah Ann?
Birthabout 1803FUNNELL Frances?
Death1827RUSSELL Robert?
Birth1862FARRANT Gaius?
Birth1869TURNER Lucy A?
Census1871TURNER Albert John White?
Census1871TURNER George W?
Census1871CHATFIELD Louisa?
Census1871TURNER Lucy A?
Birth1872TURNER Alfred John?
Birth1873NOVIS Anna \ Annie Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1876NOVIS Sarah Jane?
Birth1887CHATFIELD Lily?
Birth1888HUTSON Eva Lydia?
Birth1894BOOTH Albert Thomas?
Census31 March 1901TIZZARD Emma?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD William Thomas?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Annie?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Lily?
Census1911CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1911CHATFIELD Lily?
Census1911TIZZARD Emma?
Census1911CHATFIELD William Thomas?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - East St., Ditchling, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891BUDD Elizabeth?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - East St., Rottingdean, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Henry?
Census1891CHATFIELD William Henry?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Eastbourne : 708 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?STRANGE Issue 8?
Birth1750BREACH John?
Birthabout 1810? Jane?
Birthabout 1821GODDEN James?
Birthabout 1826MITCHELL Hannah?
Birth1837CHATFIELD Mary JSource S10
Marriage1851GODDEN James with MITCHELL Hannah?
Birth1852GODDEN Mary Jane?
Census1861GODDEN James?
Census1861GODDEN Mary Jane?
Birth1861KNIGHT Caroline?
Census1861MITCHELL Hannah?
Birth1862WHATTON Arundell Blount William?
Birth1864TEAGUE Elizabeth Ann?
Marriage1865ALCE Samuel with EARL Mary Jane?
Marriage1868BENNETT Thomas with BARTHOLOMEW Eliza?
Birthabout 1868TEAGUE John?
Census1871GODDEN Mary Jane?
Census1871COLEMAN George?
Census1871HOPE Sarah?
Birthabout 1872COLEMAN Edith Jane?
Birth1875BAULCOMB Jane Anne S?
Birth1876CHATFIELD Ruth?
Marriage1877METCALF Frank?
Death1878CHATFIELD Benjamin?
Birthabout 1879WILCOX William?
Death6 October 1880DIXON Emma?
Marriage1880MARKWICK Arthur Richard with AGATE Jenny?
Birth1880WILLIAMS Charlotte?
Birth1880BARROW Elizabeth Barbara?
Census1881PIPER Armigal?
Census1881CHATFIELD Arthur Allen?
Birth1881CHATFIELD Arthur Allen?
Birth1881CHATFIELD Rhoda?
Birth1881CHATFIELD Harry George?
Census1881KNIGHT Caroline?
Census1881CHATFIELD John?
Census1881STAMP Sarah Anna?
Marriage1881CHATFIELD John with KNIGHT Caroline?
Birth11 October 1882CHATFIELD Charles?
Birth11 October 1882CHATFIELD Lois Eliza?
Marriage1882CHATFIELD Charles with TEAGUE Elizabeth Ann?
Birth1882PIPER Charles Oliver?
Death1883CHATFIELD Ambrose?
Birth1883CHATFIELD John Frank F?
Birth1883CHATFIELD Walter?
Marriage1883CHATFIELD Harry with HEAD Fanny?
Birth1883CHATFIELD William Henry?
Death21 February 1884CHATFIELD Lois Eliza?
Birth12 April 1884CHATFIELD Annie?
Birth1884COLLINS Samuel Joseph Reuben?
Birth1884CHATFIELD Ellen?
Marriage1884CHATFIELD Allen with PATES Fanny?
Marriage1884CHATFIELD Richard with COLEMAN Eliza Jane?
Death1885CHATFIELD Harry George?
Birth1885CHATFIELD Olive Delphi?
Birth30 January 1886CHATFIELD Joseph?
Birth4 May 1886SHADBOLT Dorothy?
Birth1886GURNEY Mercy Emma?
Birth1886CHATFIELD Herbert Allen?
Birth1886STRANGE Anne Constance?
Birth1 November 1887CHATFIELD Emily Elizabeth?
Death1882/1887BARTHOLOMEW Eliza?
Birth1887CHATFIELD Jessie Sarah?
Birth1888CATT Matthias Walter?
Birth1888MARKWICK Lottie Elsie?
Birth1888CHATFIELD Annie?
Birth1888CHATFIELD Ethel May?
Birth25 May 1889CHATFIELD Alice?
Birth1889CHATFIELD Alice?
Birth1889CHATFIELD Olive Beatrice S?
Birth13 February 1890CHATFIELD Caroline?
Birth4 April 1890EARL Caroline?
Birth1890CHATFIELD Herbert Dixon?
Birth1890PAIN Winifred Ann?
Birth1890CHATFIELD Richard Spencer?
Birth10 February 1891CHATFIELD William Bertie?
Marriage1891BENNETT George with AVIS Ada Matilda?
Birth1891BENNETT Alice?
Death1891CHATFIELD John Frank F?
Birth1891CHATFIELD Eva Lilian E?
Marriage1891COWSHALL James William with COTTINGHAM Emily?
Census1881/1891CHATFIELD William?
Birth4 January 1892CHATFIELD Violet?
Birth11 May 1892CHATFIELD Harold Benjamin?
Birth11 November 1892TICEHURST Lily?
Marriage1892MASTERS Joseph Arthur with CHATFIELD Esther?
Death7 April 1893BAYLEY Augusta Catharine?
Birth18 May 1893MILLER Rebecca Elsie M?
Birth6 September 1893GREY Louisa Caroline?
Marriage25 September 1893CHATFIELD John with EASTON Fanny Maria?
Death1893KNIGHT Caroline?
Birth1893FRENCH Thomas H?
Birth1893POLLARD Grace Lilian?
Birth24 April 1894MASTERS Arthur Richard?
Birth28 June 1894CHATFIELD Nelly May?
Marriage1894CHATFIELD Ernest John with THREADGOLD Emily Ruth?
Marriage1894CHATFIELD Ernest George with BONIFACE Harriet Louisa,?
Birth1894GAUSDEN David G?
Marriage1895CHATFIELD James Michael with BARNARD Flora?
Birth1895PENNINGTON James?
Birth1895CHATFIELD Dorothy Ada Maria?
Marriage1895PENNINGTON Henry?
Birth1896CHATFIELD Arthur James?
Death1896CHATFIELD Ruth?
Death1896CHATFIELD Arthur James?
Birth1896CHATFIELD Eva Esther Mary?
Birth18 March 1897CHATFIELD David?
Christening18 March 1897CHATFIELD David?
Birth20 July 1897MASTERS Eva Mary?
Marriage2 August 1897CHATFIELD John Hunter with HIDE Ruth?
Marriage1897CHATFIELD Albert Charles with COLEMAN Edith Jane?
Death1897BENNETT Ellen?
Birth1897CHATFIELD Nellie?
Death28 April 1898DAVIDSON John?
Birth24 November 1898PAGDEN Lillian Victoria?
Marriage1898MARKWICK Charles Henry with BAULCOMB Jane Anne S?
Birth25 May 1899GARRETT Doris Emily F?
Birth9 August 1899CHATFIELD Cecil Freeman?
Birth26 December 1899CHATFIELD Arthur Amos Frank?
Marriage1899BUTLER Richard Frank with STEPHENS Annie?
Birth1899SMITH Charles Samuel?
Birth26 April 1900CHATFIELD Richard John?
Birth18 January 1901BUTLER Albert Frank?
Census31 March 1901FREEMAN Emily Ellen?
Census31 March 1901STAMP Sarah Anna?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD William Bertie?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Emily Emma?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD James Michael?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Emily Elizabeth?
Census31 March 1901BARNARD Flora?
Census31 March 1901BUTLER Richard Frank?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Bernard?
Census31 March 1901EASTON Fanny Maria?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD William?
Census31 March 1901STEPHENS Annie?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD John?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Richard John?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD David?
Census31 March 1901BUTLER Albert Frank?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD George Henry?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census31 March 1901PIPER Armigal?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Nelly May?
Census31 March 1901EARL Caroline?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Arthur Allen?
Census31 March 1901LINEHAM Frances Hannah?
Census31 March 1901TASKER Sarah Ann?
Census31 March 1901PIPER Charles Oliver?
Birth1901CHATFIELD Donald Alexander?
Census1891/1901ELLIOTT Ann Jane?
Marriage12 October 1902CHATFIELD Charles with BARROW Elizabeth Barbara?
Birth16 August 1903MARKWICK Alice Constance?
Marriage12 October 1903PIPER Charles Oliver with CHATFIELD Rhoda?
Birth1903CHATFIELD Lillian Esther L?
Death9 January 1904CHATFIELD Richard?
Birth30 August 1904CHATFIELD \ REID Gladys Annie Morris?
Death8 October 1904STRANGE Nevill?
Death1904COOMBER Mary Anne?
Birth30 November 1905PIPER Elsie Edna?
Marriage26 December 1905BROOKER Peter Thomas John with CHATFIELD Annie?
Birth1905CHATFIELD Charlie William Noel?
Birth6 May 1906BLACKMAN Cecil William L?
Birth8 May 1906CHATFIELD \ REID John Arthur?
Birth1906CHATFIELD Albert Ernest G?
Marriage1906WOOLER Charles Colin with CHATFIELD Jessie Sarah?
Death1907BARNES Harriet?
Birth26 February 1908STURGES Dorothy Mira \ Myra?
Birth28 April 1908PIPER Winifred Irene?
Death14 May 1908ST AUBYN John?
Birth2 August 1908BROOKER Doris Annie?
Birth1908CHATFIELD Douglas William M?
Birth9 March 1909CHATFIELD Cecil Francis J?
Birth19 November 1909WARD Ivy Florence Mary?
Death1909CHATFIELD Robert John?
Birth1909ALCORN Reuben Cecil?
Marriage1909CHATFIELD Walter with DAWES Ethel?
Birth1909FOORD James F?
Marriage1909CHATFIELD William Henry with ANDREWS Ellen Florence?
Marriage1909CHATFIELD George Henry with PARKER Grace?
Marriage12 October 1910COLLINS Samuel Joseph Reuben with CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth28 March 1911POTTER Marjorie Ethel?
Census1911EARL Caroline?
Census1911ELLIOTT Ann Jane?
Census1911MASTERS Arthur Richard?
Census1911MASTERS Eva Mary?
Census1911OLIVER Gladys Ada?
Census1911CHATFIELD Lilian Gertrude?
Census1911CHATFIELD Donald Alexander?
Census1911CHATFIELD Arthur Amos Frank?
Census1911BARROW Elizabeth Barbara?
Census1911CHATFIELD William Bertie?
Census1911CHATFIELD Arthur Allen?
Death1911TASKER Sarah Ann?
Census1911BAULCOMB Jane Anne S?
Census1911CHATFIELD Walter?
Census1911STRANGE Anne Constance?
Census1911MANTELL Elizabeth Susannah?
Census1911ALCORN Frank?
Census1911BARNARD Flora?
Census1911CHATFIELD William Davey?
Census1911EASTON Fanny Maria?
Census1911CHATFIELD Richard?
Census1911MARKWICK Alice Constance?
Census1911CHATFIELD Nelly May?
Census1911MORRIS Janet \ Jeanette Louise?
Census1911CHATFIELD Esther?
Census1911CHATFIELD William?
Census1911ANDREWS William Edward?
Census1911CHATFIELD David?
Census1911TASKER Sarah Ann?
Census1901/1911CHATFIELD William?
Census1911STAMP Sarah Anna?
Marriage1911CHATFIELD Robert with BOWLEY Harriet?
Census1911CHATFIELD David Albert Charles?
Census1911CHATFIELD James Michael?
Census1911CHATFIELD Lillian Esther L?
Census1911CHATFIELD Charles?
Census1911CHATFIELD James John K?
Census1911CHATFIELD George Henry?
Census1911CHATFIELD Dorothy Ada Maria?
Census1911CHATFIELD \ REID Gladys Annie Morris?
Census1911MASTERS Joseph Arthur?
Census1911OLIVER Richard William?
Census1911GUMBRELL Flora Ada?
Census1911COLEMAN Eliza Jane?
Census1911FREEMAN Emily Ellen?
Census1911PIPER Armigal?
Census1911CHATFIELD Richard John?
Census1911CHATFIELD Leslie E A?
Birth1911WOOLER Charles C?
Death1911WOOLER Charles C?
Census1911CHATFIELD \ REID John Arthur?
Census1911CHATFIELD Bernard?
Census1911CHATFIELD Emily Emma?
Census1911CHATFIELD Ernest John O?
Census1911BUTLER Richard Frank?
Census1911ALCORN Reuben?
Census1911CHATFIELD Harold Benjamin?
Census1911DAWES Ethel?
Census1911CHATFIELD Ethel May?
Census1911CHATFIELD Herbert Dixon?
Census1911WARD Ivy Florence Mary?
Census1911CHATFIELD Cecil Francis J?
Census1911DAVIDSON Alexander Henry?
Census1911CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1911CHATFIELD Rose Emiily?
Birth1911CHATFIELD Leslie E A?
Census1911LINEHAM Frances Hannah?
Census1911CHATFIELD Charlie William Noel?
Census1911CHATFIELD Cecil Freeman?
Census1911CHATFIELD John?
Census1911ALCORN Reuben Cecil?
Census1911CHATFIELD Douglas William M?
Census1911CHATFIELD Albert Ernest G?
Census1911CHATFIELD Annie?
Census1911SHADBOLT Dorothy?
Birth12 March 1912COLLINS Evelyn Winifred?
Birth1912CHATFIELD Eric G?
Marriage1912CHATFIELD Stephen John with HUTSON Eva Lydia?
Birth2 November 1913BROOKER Hilda Eva?
Death1913CHATFIELD Ruth A?
Birth1913CHATFIELD George J?
Birth1913CHATFIELD Bessie E A?
Birth1913CHATFIELD Ruth A?
Death1913CHATFIELD Eric G?
Marriage1913CHATFIELD Joseph with SHADBOLT Dorothy?
Death1913COLLINS James H?
Birth1913COLLINS James H?
Marriage1913CHATFIELD Herbert Allen with SOUTHEY Nellie \ Nelly?
Birth17 February 1914CHATFIELD Frederick Joseph?
Birth23 March 1914CHATFIELD\ REID Allen David?
Marriage22 August 1914POTTER Albert with CHATFIELD Nelly May?
Birth1914GAUSDEN Winifed E?
Birth1914CHATFIELD Florence A?
Marriage1914CHAPMAN Ebenezer John J with GURNEY Mercy Emma?
Marriage1914CATT Matthias Walter with CHATFIELD Ethel May?
Marriage1914GAUSDEN David G with PAIN Winifred Ann?
Marriage1915CHATFIELD Richard Spencer with EARL Caroline?
Death1915LINDFIELD Leah Rachel?
Death1915HARE Ada Martha Alice?
Birth1915CHATFIELD Jean Lilian O?
Death1915BROOKER Hilda Eva?
Birth1915GAUSDEN David L?
Birth1 July 1916CHATFIELD William H?
Birth15 August 1916CHATFIELD Robert John L?
Birth1916CHATFIELD Eileen Grace?
Birth1916CATT Eileen M?
Birth1916CHATFIELD William Bertie?
Birth1916WOOLER Doris M?
Census1917CHATFIELD Arthur Allen?
Death1917CHATFIELD Douglas William M?
Death10 August 1918DAVIDSON Alexander Henry?
Birth1918HAYLOCK Jack Hill?
Marriage1918BUCKINGHAM George with CHATFIELD Lilian Gertrude?
Marriage1918FRENCH Thomas H with MITCHELL Annie L?
Marriage1918PENNINGTON James with CHATFIELD Eva Esther Mary?
Birth1918CHATFIELD Dorothy A?
Birth1919FRENCH Ronald Thomas Raranga?
Death1919CHATFIELD William?
Death1919PAIN Charles Ernest?
Birth1919GAUSDEN Dorothy M?
Marriage1919REID Hugh Taylor with MORRIS Janet \ Jeanette Louise?
Marriage1919MASTERS Arthur Richard with MILLER Rebecca Elsie M?
Birth1919CATT Cecil H?
Marriage1919BACKLER Frederick John E with CHATFIELD Violet?
Marriage1919HOLLEBON Arthur Leopold with SAUNDERS Edith Ina?
Birth18 January 1920MASTERS Eileen Ruth N?
BirthMarch 1920CHATFIELD Richard James E?
Birth31 December 1920CHATFIELD Ronald David?
Marriage1920CLAYDEN Samuel J with CHATFIELD Alice?
Birth1920BACKLER Lawrence F?
Birth1920FUNNELL Betty?
Birth1920PENNINGTON James R H?
Marriage1920CHATFIELD Harold Benjamin with MARKWICK Lottie Elsie?
Birth1921GAUSDEN Renee G?
Census1921CHATFIELD Leah?
Marriage1921CHATFIELD David with GREY Louisa Caroline?
Census1921POTTER Albert?
Marriage1921CHATFIELD Arthur Charles with POLLARD Grace Lilian?
Marriage1921FOORD Frederick Walter with CHATFIELD Caroline?
Census1921CHATFIELD Cecil Francis J?
Census1921CHATFIELD Nelly May?
Birth1921FUNNELL Doris?
Death1921CHATFIELD William Davey?
Birth1922FOORD Freda Joan?
Marriage1922CORAM Harold Percy with MASTERS Eva Mary?
Birth1922CRISFORD Raymond L?
Death1922PAIN Winifred Ann?
Marriage1922CHATFIELD Arthur Amos Frank with PARKS Emily Ethel?
Birth1922CHATFIELD Herbert Arthur George?
Birth14 August 1923CHATFIELD Leslie Arthur John?
Death21 November 1923EASTON Fanny Maria?
Marriage5 December 1923CHATFIELD Bernard with GREEN Hilda Nora?
Birth1923BACKLER Doreen M?
Birth1923HALL Cecil A?
Birth1923CHATFIELD Lilian May?
Marriage1923CHATFIELD Richard John with COWSHALL Edith Rose?
Birth1923CHATFIELD Peggy M?
Marriage1923GAUSDEN David G with HOPE Annie?
Death1923CHATFIELD Peggy M?
Birth1923MASTERS Alec G?
Birth1923PENNINGTON Ronald C N?
Death1923CHATFIELD Dorothy Ada Maria?
Birth2 March 1924CHATFIELD John Richard?
Marriage1924CHATFIELD Cecil Freeman with GREED Florence Dorothy?
Birth1924MASTERS Jean E?
Marriage1925HILTON William Alfred John with WESTERN Alice Louisa B?
Birth1925CHATFIELD Lawrence S O?
Birth1925CHATFIELD Brenda Freeman?
Birth1925NICHOLLS Brian L?
Birth1925POTTER Albert?
Death4 January 1926CHATFIELD Herbert Allen?
Marriage24 May 1926BUTLER Albert Frank with PARTRIDGE Edith?
Birth1926PENNINGTON Maisie F?
Birth1926FOORD Frederick John?
Birth1926BACKLER Raymond J?
Death1926NEWNHAM Jane Caroline?
Marriage1926CHATFIELD Tom with MARKWICK Alice Constance?
Birth1926MASTERS Stella M?
Death1926CHATFIELD George Henry?
Birth17 March 1927CHATFIELD Philip D?
Birth24 March 1927BUTLER Peter Albert?
Death1927BACKLER Raymond J?
Marriage1927CHATFIELD Albert Ernest G with WARD Ivy Florence Mary?
Birth1927SHARP Barry J?
Marriage1928CHATFIELD Donald Alexander with STURGES Dorothy Mira \ Myra?
Marriage1928AUSTIN John Victor B with GARRETT Doris Emily F?
Birth1928CHAPMAN Mary E G?
Birth1928CHATFIELD Barbara E L?
Birth1928BACKLER Donald J?
Birth1928SINDEN Ruth C?
Marriage1928VENN John W with STRANGE Anne Constance?
Birth25 July 1929MASTERS Elsie Marion?
Birth29 October 1929CHATFIELD John Freeman?
Birth14 November 1929CHATFIELD Joy Myra?
Birth1929CHATFIELD Roy?
Death1929MASTERS Arthur?
Death1929CHATFIELD Charles?
Death1929STEEL Ethel Florence?
Birth1929MASTERS Arthur?
Death1929DOWSETT Mary Elizabeth?
Death1929COLEMAN Eliza Jane?
Death12 December 1930CHATFIELD William?
Birth1930CHATFIELD Michael Alfred?
Death1930PIPER Armigal?
Birth1930BUTLER Hazel Edith?
Marriage1930DANN Cecil Caleb with CHATFIELD Florence Sarah?
Death1930BACKLER Doreen M?
Marriage1930GREGORY Walter with CHATFIELD Olive Beatrice S?
Marriage1930CHATFIELD Cecil Francis J with POTTER Marjorie Ethel?
Birth27 March 1931CHATFIELD John Henry?
Death1931ALCORN Reuben?
Birth1931BACKLER Robert E?
Death1931CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth1931FOORD Christine Dorothy?
Death1931MARKWICK Charles Henry?
Birth1931CHATFIELD Audrey?
Birth1931SINDEN Levi H?
Marriage1931WALLIS Ernest W with WOOLER Joyce Olive J?
Marriage18 June 1932GRIFFITHS Ernest Evan with PIPER Winifred Irene?
Birth14 October 1932CHATFIELD Peter Alexander?
Marriage1932FOORD James F with WHITE Ruby M H?
Death1932SMITH Mary Ann?
Birth1932AUSTIN Doreen Sybil?
Birth1932CHATFIELD Vera M?
Birth1933WALLIS Roy E?
Birth1933FOORD Donald J?
Birth1933WALLIS Colin W?
Birth1933BACKLER Betty J?
Marriage1933SIMPSON Frederick with GAUSDEN Winifed E?
Birth27 June 1934BROWN Norman Roland?
Marriage1934CARTER Alfred J with BROOKER Doris Annie?
Birth1934CHATFIELD Patricia?
Death1934CHATFIELD Ann Janet?
Death1934ELLIOTT Ann Jane?
Birth1934CHATFIELD Constance J?
Birth26 September 1935CHATFIELD Maurice Anthony?
Death1935CHATFIELD John?
Birth1935DANN Doreen P?
Birth1936CHATFIELD Valerie?
Death1936CHATFIELD Richard?
Birth1936CHATFIELD Shirley K?
Marriage1936CHAPMAN Kenneth J C with CHATFIELD Bessie E A?
Marriage1936EVELEIGH Stanley Eric with COLLINS Evelyn Winifred?
Birth1937MASTERS Sylvia J?
Death1937LINDFIELD Frederick Henry?
Death1937SINDEN Levi H?
Birth1937PENNINGTON Ann R?
Death17 October 1938CHATFIELD George Henry?
Death1938GREGORY Walter?
Marriage1938POCOCK Jesse S with WOOLER Doris M?
Death1938MARKWICK Arthur Richard?
Census1939BROOKER Doris Annie?
Marriage1939RICHARDSON John W with CHATFIELD Jean Lilian O?
Death1939CHATFIELD Shirley K?
Death1941CHATFIELD Leslie E A?
Marriage1943WYATT Sidney J with GAUSDEN Renee G?
Birth1943CHATFIELD Roy?
Marriage1943CHATFIELD William Bertie with FRENCH Edith E?
Death1943FREEMAN Emily Ellen?
Death1944BATCUP Mary Jane?
Birth1944GINN Stephen B?
Marriage1944YOUNGHUSBAND Peter A with HARMER Joan?
Marriage1945JONES Harry E with MASTERS Jean E?
Death1945TEAGUE Elizabeth Ann?
Birth1945MABEY Dorothea M?
Birth1946CARTER Hazel L M?
Birth1946GINN Barbara A?
Birth1946GAUSDEN Leonard D G?
Birth1946GARNER Michael W?
Death1947SINDEN Levi Henry?
Marriage1947MILLER George A with CHATFIELD Mabel Grace?
Death1947BROOKER Peter?
Birth1947CURLEY Bernard J?
Death1947CHATFIELD Joseph?
Marriage1947CHATFIELD Richard James E with PARSLEY Enid Elsie?
Marriage1948CHATFIELD John Richard with SHIPP Cynthia?
Marriage1948SHARP Barry J with CHATFIELD Barbara E L?
Death1948BARTON Ann Winifred?
Marriage1948BATSON William H with CHATFIELD Lillian Esther L?
Birth1948GINN Christine S?
Birth1948MABEY Margaret L?
Birth1948JONES Christine A?
Death1948GUMBRELL Flora Ada?
Death20 April 1949BINGHAM George Charles?
Birth1949CRISFORD Peter R?
Marriage1949FOORD Frederick John with CROAD Patricia M?
Death1949MULLALY Philip Henry?
Death1950WHENDAY Henry Herbert?
Marriage1950CHATFIELD Ronald David with DAWE Joan E?
Birth1950FOORD Antony R?
Marriage1950NICHOLLS Brian L with MASTERS Elsie Marion?
Birth1950CHATFIELD Valerie J?
Birth1950CRISFORD Anne E?
Birth1950WYATT Alan J?
Birth1951MABEY Peter J?
Death1951CHATFIELD Allen?
Birth1951JONES Cheryl S?
Birth1951DAVIES Ann R?
Death1951HILTON William Alfred John?
Marriage1951BACKLER Donald J with FINN Theresa?
Marriage1951HOLLEBON George with CHATFIELD Vera M?
Marriage1952CHAPMAN Ebenezer John J with CHATFIELD Olive Beatrice S?
Marriage1952BARROW Donald John with CHATFIELD Audrey?
Death1952DAWES Ethel?
Death1952PATES Fanny?
Birth1952FOORD Carol A?
Marriage1952HALL Cecil A with MASTERS Eileen Ruth N?
Death1952CHATFIELD Olive Delphi?
Birth1952CHATFIELD Michael J?
Marriage1953CHATFIELD Michael Alfred with DAVID Mary M?
Birth1953RICHARDSON Ann G?
Birth1953MARCH Kevin W?
Death1954CHATFIELD Florence Sarah?
Death1954GAUSDEN David G?
Marriage1 October 1955CHATFIELD John Henry with AUSTIN Doreen Sybil?
Birth1955CHATFIELD Pamel A?
Death1955AVIS Ada Matilda?
Death1955BAULCOMB Jane Anne S?
Marriage1955FOORD Donald J with CHATFIELD Patricia?
Death1955WOOLER Charles Colin?
Marriage1956STURGESS Ernest William with GRIFFITHS Patricia Anne?
Birth1956CHATFIELD Raymond E?
Death1956CHATFIELD Richard Spencer?
Death1957CHATFIELD Sophia Emily?
Marriage1957CHATFIELD Maurice Anthony with ASLETT Doreen P?
Marriage1957SUMMERS Alexander M with MASTERS Sylvia J?
Death1958CHATFIELD Annie?
Death1958COWSHALL Edith Rose?
Birth1959SUMMERS Marilyn J?
Death14 June 1960CHATFIELD Esther?
Marriage1960WEEKS ? with CHATFIELD Constance J?
Death1960CHATFIELD James Michael?
Birth1961CHATFIELD Carol E?
Birth1961SUMMERS Jacqueline H?
Death1961CHATFIELD Lillian Esther L?
Death1962HOPE Annie?
Death1963CLAYDEN Samuel J?
Death1963FRENCH Edith E?
Death1964COLLINS Samuel Joseph Reuben?
Death1964PENNINGTON James?
Death1965CHATFIELD Alice?
Death1966WESTERN Alice Louisa B?
Marriage1967WRIGHT David R D with CARTER Hazel L M?
Death1968DANN Cecil Caleb?
Death1970BROWN Norman Roland?
Death1970CHATFIELD Alice?
Marriage1971MABEY Peter J with DAVIES Ann R?
DeathJuly 1972CHATFIELD Caroline?
Death1972CHATFIELD William Bertie?
Death1973CHATFIELD Stephen John?
Birth1973MARCH Larissa Emily J?
Marriage1973SMITH Paul F with JONES Cheryl S?
Death1974ANDREWS Ellen Florence?
Death1974CHATFIELD Cecil Freeman?
Death1974POTTER Marjorie Ethel?
Death1974CHATFIELD Frederick Joseph?
Birth1975GARNER Victoria Claire?
Birth1975SMITH Paul Edward?
Death1975CHATFIELD Albert Ernest G?
Death1975DURRANT Helena Stephanie Southel?
Death20 February 1976PIPER Elsie Edna?
Death1976BOWLEY Harriet?
Birth1976MARCH Antony Simon R?
Death1976CHATFIELD Robert John L?
Death1976EARL Caroline?
Death1976MASTERS Elsie Marion?
Death1976CHATFIELD Edward Walter?
Death1976GARRETT Doris Emily F?
Birth1977GARNER Emma Jane?
Death1977CHATFIELD Albert Edgar?
Death1977CHATFIELD Eva Esther Mary?
Death13 September 1978SHADBOLT Dorothy?
Birth1979SMITH Sara Jean?
Death1979HAZELDEN Grace?
Death1979HOLLEBON Arthur Leopold?
Death1980CHATFIELD George William?
Death1980MASTERS Arthur Richard?
Death1981WARD Ivy Florence Mary?
Marriage1982YOUNGHUSBAND John with EVELEIGH Christine M?
Death1982AUSTIN John Victor B?
Death1982FRENCH Ronald Thomas Raranga?
Death1982CHATFIELD Donald Alexander?
Death1984MILLER Rebecca Elsie M?
DeathJuly 1985CHATFIELD Violet?
Death1985CHATFIELD Richard John?
Death1985GREED Florence Dorothy?
Death13 June 1986CHATFIELD Nelly May?
Death1987CHATFIELD Leonard Frank?
DeathMarch 1988JENNER Nellie Kate?
DeathApril 1988CHATFIELD Cecil Francis J?
MarriageJuly 1989CHATFIELD Raymond E with ROUTLEY Ann J D?
Death1990HILTON Frances Emily?
DeathMay 1991CHATFIELD Bernard?
DeathNovember 1991FARRANT Bessie Annie Lilian?
Death1991de BREANSKI Rita Etoile?
Death1991MARKWICK Alice Constance?
DeathJanuary 1992EVELEIGH Stanley Eric?
DeathNovember 1993CHATFIELD Philip D?
DeathDecember 1993CHATFIELD Richard James E?
Death1993GREEN Hilda Nora?
Death1994ALCORN Rhoda?
Death1996BROOKER Doris Annie?
DeathFebruary 1997PARSLEY Enid Elsie?
Death1997JARVIS Donald S?
DeathFebruary 1999MANTON Ellen?
DeathFebruary 1999SMITH Ellen?
DeathApril 1999CHATFIELD Charles Frederick?
Birth1999CHATFIELD Archie James?
Death2000ALCORN Ruth Lucilla?
DeathJanuary 2001FORD Evelyn (Eveline) Violet?
Death18 October 2001CHATFIELD Ronald Nelson?
DeathMarch 2002BURKETT Nellie Rosina?
DeathJuly 2003CHATFIELD George?
DeathSeptember 2003SHIPP Cynthia?
DeathOctober 2003CHATFIELD Jean Lilian O?
DeathFebruary 2004TASKER Daphne Lilian?
Marriage2004CHATFIELD Stephen R with LUCK Janice?
DeathApril 2005CHATFIELD John Richard?
Death2006MASTERS Eileen Ruth N?
Death26 March 2011CHATFIELD John Freeman?
Death14 November 2011BARROW Donald John?
Birth1977-8SMITH Richard?

10 Crown St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891MARKWICK Lottie Elsie?

15 Brightland Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD William?
Census1881TASKER Sarah Ann?

17 Grand Parade

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Esther?

18 Cornfield Ter. Cornfield Rd, .

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Emily Emma?
Census1891CHATFIELD George Henry?

18 Cornfield Terrace

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Alice Ellen?

19 Firle Road

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1926CHATFIELD Herbert Allen?

2 North St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1918CHATFIELD Arthur Allen?

46 Ashford Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Thomas?

7 Wick Cottages

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871TEAGUE John?
Census1871OAYNE Ann?
Census1871TEAGUE John?
Census1871TEAGUE Elizabeth Ann?

Archery Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Olive Delphi?
Census1891CHATFIELD William Bertie?
Census1891CHATFIELD John Frank F?
Census1891CHATFIELD Caroline?
Census1891KNIGHT Caroline?
Census1891CHATFIELD John?

Baptist Chapel, Grove Rd

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage10 March 1894PARTRIDGE Thomas with CHATFIELD Eliza Maria?

Bay Pond Cottages

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD James Joseph Pierpoint?
Census1881CHATFIELD Sarah?
Census1881CHATFIELD Susan \ Susannah?

Brampton House, Camden Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Herbert?
Census1881CHATFIELD Alice Ellen?
Census1881CHATFIELD George Henry?
Census1881CHATFIELD Alfred Arthur?
Census1881CHATFIELD Ada?
Census1881CHATFIELD Walter Dixon?

Christ Church

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage28 February 1904CHATFIELD Arthur Allen with MORRIS Janet \ Jeanette Louise?

Church St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891SHADBOLT Alfred Summers?
Census1891SHADBOLT Dorothy?
Census1891CHATFIELD Charles?
Census1891TASKER Sarah Ann?
Census1891CHATFIELD Emily Elizabeth?
Census1891BARNES Harriet?
Census1891CHATFIELD Annie?
Census1891CHATFIELD William?

Cornfield Terrace

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901DAVIDSON Alexander Henry?

Crown St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891EARL Caroline?

De Walden Court Hospital

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death11 September 1916LONGLAND Charles?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1833BENNETT Elizabeth?
Birthabout 1841BENNETT Thomas?

Gildredge Hospital

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death10 January 1918CHATFIELD Arthur Allen?

Grand Parade

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891? Mary?
Census1891MASTERS Joseph Arthur?

Grange Gardens

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Annie?

Junction Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Rhoda?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Joseph?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Esther?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD William Davey?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD William Henry?

Langney Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901COLEMAN Edith Jane?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Albert Charles?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Daisy Maria?

Leaf Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Richard?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Esther?
Census31 March 1901MASTERS Joseph Arthur?
Census31 March 1901COOMBER Mary Anne?
Census31 March 1901MASTERS Arthur Richard?
Census31 March 1901MASTERS Eva Mary?

Leslie St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881HOPE Sarah?

Linkswood, Compton Place Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence2011CHATFIELD John Freeman?

Meads Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901AVIS Ada Matilda?
Census31 March 1901BENNETT Alice?
Census31 March 1901BENNETT George?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871ALCE Samuel?
Census1871EARL Mary Jane?

Ocklynge Cmtry.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?EASTON Fanny Maria?
Burial?CHATFIELD Herbert Arthur George?
Burial?MARKWICK Lottie Elsie?

Ocklynge Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891BATCUP Mary Jane?
Census1891BROOKER Peter Thomas John?
Census1891BROOKER Peter?

Old Town

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1911CHATFIELD Caroline?
Census1911SMITH John Brufton?
Census1911SMITH William Brufton?
Census1911SMITH John Richardson?

Seaford Road

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901TICEHURST Lily?

South St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901SHADBOLT Dorothy?

Spencer St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881COLEMAN George?

St Marys Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901BARNES Harriet?
Census31 March 1901SHADBOLT Alfred Summers?

St Marys

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening26 November 1882CHATFIELD Charles?
Christening26 November 1882CHATFIELD Lois Eliza?
Christening25 May 1884CHATFIELD Annie?
Christening20 November 1887CHATFIELD Emily Elizabeth?

Sydney Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901PAGDEN Lewis Henry?
Census31 March 1901PAGDEN Lillian Victoria?

Tideswell Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881COLEMAN Eliza Jane?

Watermill Cottage, High St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Richard?
Census1891COOMBER Mary Anne?
Census1891CHATFIELD Thomas?

Whitley Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Richard Spencer?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Richard?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Eva Esther Mary?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Jessie Sarah?
Census31 March 1901COLEMAN Eliza Jane?

Willingdon Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901ANDREWS William Edward?
Census31 March 1901HARE Ada Martha Alice?
Census31 March 1901BATCUP Mary Jane?
Census31 March 1901BROOKER Peter?

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