List of events ordered by date

United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Eastport Lane, Southover, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1841BRYANT William?
Census1841BRYANT John?
Census1841BUCKMAN Emily?
Census1851BRYANT William?
Census1861BRYANT William?
Census1861BRYANT John?
Census1861CHATFIELD Caroline?
Census1861PATTENDEN Jane?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Ellen St., Hove, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901YEATES Thomas Chatfield?
Census31 March 1901YEATES Grace Eva Rebecca?
Census31 March 1901YEATES Samuel Walter H?
Census31 March 1901YEATES Florence?
Census31 March 1901YEATES Nelly Adelaide L?
Census31 March 1901YEATES Annie Mary May?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Ruth?
Census31 March 1901YEATES Albert?
Census31 March 1901HAFFENDEN Elizabeth Ann Gaston?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Etchingham, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage8 August 1745MERCER Thomas with TEMPEST Bridget?
Christening6 July 1794CHATFIELD John?
Death12 December 1794HERYET Elizabeth?
Marriage4 February 1795CHATFIELD John with BROOK Mary?
Birth1795CHATFIELD Benjamin?
Birthabout 1826SMITH Ann?
Birth1848ELDRIDGE Caroline?
Marriage29 March 1857BEECHING William with GUEST Fanny?
Christening3 July 1881CONSTABLE Mary Ann?
Birth22 March 1889CHATFIELD Leo Styles?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Ewhurst, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening28 February 1790BOOTS Richard?
Christening28 May 1854GOODSELL Emma Ann?
Birth1854GOODSELL Emma Ann?
Census1871GOODSELL Emma Ann?
Marriage7 February 1880CHATFIELD John with GOODSELL Emma Ann?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Fair Warp, Maresfield, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial28 May 1907TESTER Caroline?
DeathMay 1907TESTER Caroline?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Fairlight Rd., Ore, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1841GLADWISH James?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Fairlight, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1869WHYBORN David John?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Fairwarp, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891AVUS Venus Minnie?
Census1891TESTER Lucy?
Census1891TESTER Charles?
Birth1895HORSCROFT Lucy Ellen?
Census31 March 1901HORSCROFT Lucy Ellen?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Falmer, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening?CHATFIELD Benjamin?
Christening24 February 1765CHRISTMAS Mary?
Birth1794HILLMAN Anne Mary?
Birthabout 1826SMITH Emily?
Birth16 December 1831CHATFIELD Louisa?
Christening5 February 1832CHATFIELD Louisa?
Christening9 March 1834CHATFIELD George?
Birth1834CHATFIELD George?
Christening31 October 1836CHATFIELD Charles?
Birth1836CHATFIELD Charles?
DeathMay 1839CHRISTMAS Mary?
Birth1848CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Marriage11 September 1852TURNER Albert John White with CHATFIELD Louisa?
Birth1854TURNER Mary Jane?
Birth1875AKEHURST Annie Esther?
Birth1877AKEHURST Jessie Margaret?
Birth1880AKEHURST Eleanor?
Census1881CHATFIELD Margaret?
Census1881AKEHURST Annie Esther?
Census1881AKEHURST Jessie Margaret?
Census1881AKEHURST Eleanor?
Census1881AKEHURST Daniel Jenner?
Marriage6 November 1887CHATFIELD Edward with GROVER Alice?
Birth1890ALCE Thomas Frederick?
Census1911FLINT Frederick?
Census1911FLINT Edith Minnie?
Census1911FLINT Edward Thomas?
Census1911FLINT Alfred James?
Census1911FLINT Louisa Mary?
Census1911CHATFIELD Caroline Maria?
Census1911FLINT Joseph Amos?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Farleigh, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1807CHISHOLM William?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Firle, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
BirthOctober 1859PAYNE Eli?
Birth1 August 1897CHATFIELD Lucy?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Five Ash Down, Buxted, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871MILLER Martha?
Census1871WILMSHURST Edward?
Census31 March 1901? Sarah?
Census31 March 1901BRUNSDEN Bessie?
Census1911BRUNSDEN Bessie?
Census1911CHATFIELD Luther?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Flectching or Newick, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1893CHATFIELD Frank?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Fletching Burial Ground, Fletching, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Walter?
Burial?HART Mary Sophia?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Fletching Common, Newick, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1841HOLMES George?
Census1841THOMSETT Elizabeth?
Birth1888CHATFIELD Emily?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Fletching, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?FARMER John?
Birth?POLLARD Sophia?
Birth?BROWNING Issue 2?
Birth?FARMER James?
Birthabout 1702HOLMES Henry?
Birth1730HOBBS John?
Marriage2 February 1764HOLMES Henry with FAULKNER Elizabeth?
Christening2 June 1765HOLMES Hannah?
Birth1765HOLMES Hannah?
Christening19 March 1769HOLMES George?
Birth1769HOLMES George?
Marriage27 October 1777VINCENT Stephen with COGAN Sarah?
Christening6 August 1780CHERRYMAN Mary?
Christening8 October 1780VINCENT John?
Birth1780CHERRYMAN Mary?
Christening1 May 1785VINCENT Stephen?
Marriage11 December 1785CHATFIELD William with HOLMES Hannah?
Marriage1782/1786CHATFIELD Thomas with FARRANT \ PRYER Mary?
Christening13 February 1791CHATFIELD Hannah?
Christening16 June 1793CHATFIELD William?
Christening17 December 1797BRIGGS Ann?
Birth1797BRIGGS Ann?
Marriage26 November 1799CHATFIELD John with CHERRYMAN Mary?
Christening11 May 1800CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1800CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening8 February 1801BROWN Ann?
Marriage28 December 1801CHATFIELD Henry with JOHNSON Elizabeth?
Birth1801BROWN Ann?
Marriage13 April 1802VINCENT John with DUMBRELL Frances?
Birth1802CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birthabout 1802JESSUP Mary Anne?
Christening30 January 1803CHATFIELD Thomas?
Christening6 March 1803VINCENT Sarah?
Christening29 May 1803CHATFIELD Harriett?
Christening8 July 1804ELLIS Jasper?
Christening7 October 1804VINCENT William?
Christening6 November 1804CHATFIELD John?
Birth1804CHATFIELD John?
Christening19 May 1805CHATFIELD Martha?
Christening6 April 1806FRANCIS Frances Ann?
Christening1 March 1807VINCENT Mary?
Christening13 September 1807CHATFIELD Henry?
Birth1807CHATFIELD Henry?
Christening14 May 1809VINCENT Harriet?
Christening2 July 1809NEWNHAM Caroline?
Birth1809NEWNHAM Caroline?
Christening4 February 1810CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening22 April 1810CHATFIELD Martha?
Birth1810CHATFIELD Martha?
Birth1811FARMER John?
Christening9 February 1812FARMER John?
Christening5 April 1812CHATFIELD John?
Christening10 December 1812VINCENT Ansley?
Birth1812CHATFIELD John?
Birth12 March 1814CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening10 April 1814CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth4 May 1814VINCENT Stephen?
Christening29 May 1814VINCENT Stephen?
Birth30 September 1816AVIS Ann?
Birth13 November 1816VINCENT David?
Christening22 December 1816VINCENT David?
Christening7 September 1817CHATFIELD Ellen?
DeathJune 1818CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
DeathJune 1818CHATFIELD John?
Marriage7 December 1818SMITH William with CHERRYMAN Mary?
Death1818CHATFIELD John?
Christening30 January 1820VINCENT John?
Marriage23 December 1821AWCOCK Richard with BAKER Jane?
Christening23 June 1822VINCENT Frances?
Birth1822CHERRYMAN Martha?
Christening24 December 1823CHATFIELD Louisa?
Birth1823CHATFIELD Emily?
Marriage7 February 1824ELLIS Jasper with JESSUP Mary Anne?
Birth1824BROWNING Hannah?
Marriage9 April 1826CHATFIELD Thomas with BROWN Ann?
Christening1 October 1826CHATFIELD Sophy Ann?
Birth1826CHATFIELD Sophy Ann?
Christening23 August 1829CHATFIELD William?
Birth1829CHATFIELD William?
Burial12 October 1831DUMBRELL Frances?
Marriage16 October 1831CHATFIELD Friend with NEWNHAM Caroline?
DeathOctober 1831DUMBRELL Frances?
Christening15 January 1832CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birthabout 1832SMITH Thomas?
Christening13 October 1833CHATFIELD George?
Christening17 November 1833CHATFIELD John James?
Birth1833CHATFIELD George?
Birth1833CHATFIELD John James?
Marriage16 February 1834FARMER John with CHATFIELD Harriet?
Christening13 April 1834POLLARD Edwin Hazel?
Christening22 June 1834FARMER John?
Christening27 November 1834ELLIS Margaret?
Birth1834ELLIS Margaret?
Birthabout 1834POLLARD Edwin Hazel?
Christening10 March 1835CHATFIELD Louisa?
Birth1835CHATFIELD Louisa?
Birthabout 1835SMITH James?
Christening13 March 1836FARMER James?
Christening25 June 1837CHATFIELD John?
Birth1837CHATFIELD John?
Birth1837CHATFIELD Martha?
Christening25 March 1838AWCOCK Mary?
Christening13 May 1838FARMER Ann?
Birth1839CHATFIELD Thomas?
Christening3 May 1840CHATFIELD Caroline?
Christening23 August 1840FARMER Harriett?
Birth1840CHATFIELD Caroline?
Birth1840FARMER Harriett?
DeathJanuary 1841NEWNHAM Richard?
Christening26 December 1841FARMER George?
Birth1841FARMER George?
Census1841VINCENT Ansley?
Christening3 August 1842CHATFIELD Friend?
Christening14 August 1842AVIS Samuel Stapleyhurst?
Birth1842AVIS Samuel Stapleyhurst?
Birth1842CHATFIELD Friend?
Christening26 February 1843CHATFIELD Martha?
Birth1843CHATFIELD Martha?
Marriage6 October 1844WOOD Edward with CHATFIELD Emily?
Christening26 October 1845CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1845CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1845FARMER Elizabeth?
Christening22 February 1846FARMER Amelia?
Christening22 February 1846FARMER Elizabeth?
Birth1847FARMER Lucy?
Birth11 January 1848CHATFIELD George?
Christening27 February 1848FARMER Lucy?
Christening12 March 1848CHATFIELD George?
Death1849HOLMES George?
Birth7 May 1850CHATFIELD Thomas Henry?
Christening9 June 1850CHATFIELD Thomas Henry?
Christening7 July 1850FARMER Sarah Jane?
Marriage1850CHATFIELD Thomas with BROWNING Hannah?
Birth1850FARMER Sarah Jane?
Christening26 January 1851CHATFIELD Robert?
Birth1851WOOD Lucy Mary Ann?
Census1851CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1851CHATFIELD William?
Census1851CHATFIELD George?
Census1851CHATFIELD Thomas Henry?
Census1851CHATFIELD Martha?
Census1851OLIVER Elizabeth?
Census1851BROWN Ann?
Census1851CHATFIELD Thomas?
Christening7 November 1852FARMER Stephen?
Birth1852FARMER Stephen?
Birth1852SMITH Charlotte?
Birth1853CHATFIELD Jane (Lucy)?
Burial24 April 1854AVIS Jane?
Birth9 December 1854FARMER Caroline?
DeathMay 1856THOMSETT Elizabeth?
Christening7 September 1856CHATFIELD George?
Birth1856CHATFIELD George?
Birth1856FARMER Albert?
Marriage12 July 1857CHATFIELD John James with ELLIS Margaret?
Birth1857TURNER Elizabeth?
Birth1858CHATFIELD Alfred John?
Birth1858CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Christening6 February 1859CHATFIELD Alfred John?
Christening3 April 1859CHATFIELD William Henry?
Christening27 December 1859CHATFIELD William?
Birth1859CHATFIELD William?
Birth1859CHATFIELD John?
Birth1859CHATFIELD William Henry?
Birth1859FARMER William?
Birthabout 1861FARMER Richard?
Birth1861POLLARD John?
Christening2 March 1862CHATFIELD Horace?
Marriage4 October 1862FARMER John with AVIS Harriet?
Birth1862CHATFIELD Horace?
Christening6 December 1863CHATFIELD George?
Birth1863CHATFIELD George?
Christening1 May 1864CHATFIELD Eleanor?
Birth1864CHATFIELD Eleanor?
Birth2 January 1865FARMER Frances?
Christening6 August 1865CHATFIELD Margaret?
Birth1865CHATFIELD Margaret?
Death1865CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth1866POLLARD Fanny?
Birth17 March 1867GURR Walter?
Marriage24 August 1867CHATFIELD Thomas with MARTIN Eliza?
Birth1867CHATFIELD Eliza Alice?
Birthabout 1867CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening1 March 1868CHATFIELD Eliza Alice?
Christening4 October 1868CHATFIELD Leah?
Marriage25 October 1868FRIEND William with FARMER Amelia?
Birth1868CHATFIELD Leah?
Christening2 May 1869CHATFIELD Kate Ann?
Birth1869POLLARD Ellen?
Birth1869CHATFIELD Kate Ann?
Birth1869GURR John?
Marriage26 February 1870LOCKYER Obadiah with FARMER Lucy?
Christening5 June 1870CHATFIELD Agnes Ada?
Birth1870CHATFIELD Agnes Ada?
Census1871CHATFIELD Horace?
Census1871BROWNING Hannah?
Census1871CHATFIELD Ellen?
Census1871CHATFIELD Harriett?
Birth1871GURR Charles?
Census1871CHATFIELD Alice?
Census1871NEWTON Leah?
Census1871FARMER Emily?
Census1871BRIGGS Ann?
Census1871CHATFIELD Leah?
Census1871CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1871CHATFIELD William Henry?
Census1871FARMER William?
Census1871CHATFIELD Annie Louisa?
Census1871CHATFIELD Eleanor?
Census1871FARRANT Gaius?
Census1871CHATFIELD Samuel?
Census1871FARMER Albert?
Census1871FARMER John?
Census1871CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1871CHATFIELD William?
Christening1 September 1872CHATFIELD Louisa Jane?
Birth1872CHATFIELD Louisa Jane?
Birth1872AVUS Venus Minnie?
Birth1872POLLARD William?
Birth1873GURR Mary Eliza?
Birth1874CHATFIELD Anne Louisa?
Birth1874POLLARD Henry?
Marriage24 September 1876FARMER Stephen with WESTON Catharine?
Birth1876CHATFIELD Louisa Tester?
Marriage25 August 1877CHATFIELD Warden Henry with SMITH Charlotte?
Birth1877POLLARD Walter?
Marriage5 October 1878CHATFIELD George with TESTER Emma?
Birth1879CHATFIELD Florence Ellen?
Christening4 January 1880CHATFIELD Florence Ellen?
Birth1880CHATFIELD Alfred?
Census1881POLLARD Henry?
Census1881POLLARD Edwin Hazel?
Census1881POLLARD Walter?
Census1881POLLARD William?
Census1881CHATFIELD Eliza?
Census1881POLLARD Ellen?
Birth1882CHATFIELD Percy?
Christening4 November 1883CHATFIELD Frederick James?
Birth1883CHATFIELD Alfred?
Christening2 November 1884CHATFIELD Alice Mary?
Birth1884CHATFIELD Alice Mary?
Christening1 August 1886CHATFIELD Mabel?
Birth1886CHATFIELD Mabel?
Christening4 March 1888CHATFIELD Emily?
Christening1 June 1890CHATFIELD Thomas?
Marriage24 December 1890BROWN Charles with SMITH Charlotte?
Census1891CHATFIELD Leah?
Census1891CHATFIELD William?
Death1892VINCENT David?
Census31 March 1901TESTER James?
Census31 March 1901REED Eliza?
Census31 March 1901WINDER Lillian Louisa?
Census31 March 1901WINDER Harry?
Census31 March 1901WINDER Edward?
Birth26 June 1902CHATFIELD Edward Walter?
Birth1903CHATFIELD Edith Jane?
Birth1906CHATFIELD Nellie Bertha?
Birth1907TESTER Reuben Jack?
Birth5 November 1908CHATFIELD Albert Charles?
Census1911TESTER Agnes?
Census1911TESTER William?
Census1911TESTER Reuben Jack?
Census1911TESTER Herbert George?
Census1911TESTER Charles Thomas J?
Census1911AVUS Venus Minnie?
Census1911REED Eliza?
Census1911TESTER Catherine Eliza?
Census1911TESTER James?
Census1911TESTER Charles?
Death1932CHATFIELD George?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Flimwell, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1832BEECHING William?
Birthabout 1839GUEST Fanny?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Folders Lane, Ditchling, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Reuben?
Census1891BACON Frederick George?
Census1891BACON Albert?
Census1891BACON Elizabeth Jane?
Census1891BACON William Henry?
Census1891CHATFIELD Rhoda?
Census1891BACON George?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Forest Row RH18 : 22 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening29 September 1861CHATFIELD Emma?
Burial3 October 1868GODSMARSH Sarah?
Death1868GODSMARSH Sarah?
Marriage1873FRIEND George with FARMER Elizabeth?
Christening29 March 1882CHATFIELD Eliza?
Birth1893TESTER William?
Birth1894TESTER Alice Maud?
Birth14 November 1902CHATFIELD Mary Katherine?
Birth18 July 1906CHATFIELD Emily Beatrice?
Birth17 December 1908CHATFIELD George Harold?
Census1911CHATFIELD Dora Violet?
Census1911CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1911CHATFIELD Kate Ann?
Census1911MARTIN Eliza?
Census1911COOPER Minnie Dora?
Census1911CHATFIELD John?
Census1911CHATFIELD Nellie Dora?
Census1911CHATFIELD Thomas John?
Census1911CHATFIELD Jessie Ethel?
Death4 August 1939CHATFIELD Emma?

Priory Farm

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Mary Maria?
Census1891MARTIN Amos?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Framfield St., Framfield, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851WALLIS Luther?
Census1851TURNER Thomasin?
Census1851WALLIS Ebenezer Samuel?
Census1851WALLIS Thomas?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Framfield, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening19 May 1696CHATFIELD William?
Birth1696CHATFIELD William?
Marriage29 April 1697CHATFIELD Thomas with PRAWLE Mary?
Christening12 July 1709CHATFIELD Frances?
Christening17 August 1711CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth1711CHATFIELD Thomas?
Christening26 September 1713CHATFIELD Edward?
Birth1713CHATFIELD Edward?
Christening9 February 1714CHATFIELD Edward?
Birth1718CHATFIELD Martha?
Christening7 January 1719CHATFIELD Martha?
Christening7 January 1719CHATFIELD Martha?
Marriage13 January 1741THUNDER William with CHATFIELD Frances?
Birthabout 1744CORNWALL Michael?
Christening9 October 1750CHATFIELD Ann?
Christening19 December 1752CHATFIELD Susanna?
Birth1752CHATFIELD Susanna?
Christening1 May 1755CHATFIELD William?
Birth1755CHATFIELD William?
Death1 April 1759OVENDEN Elizabeth?
Christening8 October 1760CHATFIELD Hannah?
Birth1760CHATFIELD Hannah?
Marriage8 November 1772TURNER Moses with CHATFIELD Susanna?
Birth1773TURNER John?
Christening14 October 1775CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening14 October 1775CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth1775CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1775CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth1775TURNER Thomas?
Marriage15 January 1777CHATFIELD Edward with POTTER Sarah?
Birth1777TURNER George?
Marriage29 June 1780CHATFIELD William with FALCONER Mary?
Christening14 February 1781CHATFIELD Edward?
Birth1781CHATFIELD Edward?
Birth1785TURNER Thomasin?
Christening31 August 1787CHATFIELD Hannnah?
Birth1787CHATFIELD Hannnah?
Christening21 March 1790CHATFIELD Ann?
Death11 November 1790CORNWALL Michael?
Birth1790CHATFIELD Ann?
Christening5 December 1792CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1792CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1795TURNER Sarah?
Burial28 June 1796CHATFIELD Thomas?
Burial28 July 1796CHATFIELD Thomas?
DeathJuly 1796CHATFIELD Thomas?
Death1796CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth1798CHATFIELD John?
Death9 April 1803CHATFIELD Susanna?
Burial15 April 1803CHATFIELD Susanna?
Burial5 May 1812TURNER Moses?
Death1812TURNER Moses?
Burial25 April 1817CHATFIELD George?
Death1817CHATFIELD George?
Burial31 December 1818CHATFIELD Frances?
DeathDecember 1818CHATFIELD Frances?
Burial9 April 1819CHATFIELD Edward?
DeathApril 1819CHATFIELD Edward?
Burial25 December 1819CHATFIELD Edward?
DeathDecember 1819CHATFIELD Edward?
DeathJuly 1820CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth5 December 1822WALLIS Ebenezer Samuel?
Death1823CHATFIELD Edward?
Birth5 April 1826WALLIS Naomi Mercy?
Birthabout 1827CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth1827WALLIS Luther?
Christening25 October 1829FROST George?
Birthabout 1829FROST George?
Marriageabout 1831CHATFIELD Levi with TICKNER Harriet Jane?
Birth1832CHATFIELD Eli?
Birth1834CHATFIELD John?
Death1838CHATFIELD Ada Augusta?
Birthabout 1839GARRETT Stephen?
Residence1841CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1841WALLIS Thomas?
Census1841TURNER Thomasin?
Census1841WALLIS Ebenezer Samuel?
Birth1846BARTON Elizabeth?
Death1849CORNWALL Frances?
Birth1849PAGE Mercy?
Christening2 June 1850NOVIS Samuel?
Birth1850NOVIS Samuel?
Christening28 March 1855WALLIS Louisa Madeline?
Birth1855WALLIS Louisa Madeline?
Christening31 August 1856WALLIS William Thomas?
Birth1856WALLIS John Benjamin?
Birth1856WALLIS William Thomas?
Burial9 November 1857WALLIS Luther?
Christening17 April 1858WALLIS Elizabeth Kate?
Birth1858WALLIS Elizabeth Esther?
Birth1858WALLIS Elizabeth Kate?
Birthabout 1860CHATFIELD Barbara?
Birth1860WALLIS Mary?
Birth1862WALLIS Ebenezer?
Marriage4 March 1865NOVIS Thomas with BARTON Elizabeth?
Census1861/1871WALLIS Ebenezer Samuel?
Marriage18 October 1873NOVIS Samuel with SHOOSMITH Lucy?
Birth1873DIPLOCK Ellen?
Birth1876DRIVER George?
Census1881WALLIS Mary?
Residence1881CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1881WALLIS Ebenezer?
Census1881WALLIS Ebenezer Samuel?
Census1881WALLIS Elizabeth Esther?
Birth1883DAWES Ethel?
Marriage5 August 1899CHATFIELD John with NOVIS Anna \ Annie Elizabeth?
Census31 March 1901FARRANT Gaius?
Census31 March 1901HEASMAN Isabella?
Birth28 February 1902FARRANT Bessie Annie Lilian?
Census1911FARRANT Gaius?
Census1911FARRANT Bessie Annie Lilian?
Census1911HEASMAN Isabella?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Frank Lands, Wivelsfield, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Alice Jane?
Census1861CHATFIELD John Banks?
Census1861CHATFIELD Jane Agnes?
Census1861CHATFIELD Eliza?
Census1861MAYNARD Harriet?
Census1861CHATFIELD Elizabeth Rhoda?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Frant, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening18 July 1742CHATFIELD Jane?
Christening18 July 1742CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth1742CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth1742CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth1744STAPLEY Richard?
Christening5 January 1745CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1745CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening26 December 1746CHATFIELD Martha?
Birth1746CHATFIELD Martha?
Christening25 October 1747CHATFIELD Walter?
Birth1747CHATFIELD Walter?
Death8 February 1748CHATFIELD Martha?
Christening23 July 1749CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth1749CHATFIELD Mary?
Christening20 August 1753CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth1753CHATFIELD Thomas?
Christening9 December 1770CHATFIELD John?
Christening12 NOV 1775/1776CHATFIELD Thomas?
Christening20 May 1778CHATFIELD William?
Christening2 April 1782CHATFIELD Anne?
Death26 May 1782CHATFIELD Anne?
Christening12 August 1804CHATFIELD Mary?
Death7 January 1819STRANGE Sarah?
Death20 February 1820STAPLEY Richard?
Christening12 October 1824BLACKFORD William?
Death1827CHATFIELD Walter?
Birthabout 1828AUSTEN Elizabeth?
Christening1 March 1829WELLER Sophia?
Marriage25 February 1832CHATFIELD Robert with HOPE Harriett?
Marriage23 September 1849CHATFIELD William with WELLER Sophia?
Christening24 February 1850CHATFIELD William?
Christening13 July 1851CHATFIELD Elizabeth Hallett?
Census1851AUSTEN Elizabeth?
Census1851BLACKFORD William?
Birth1851CHATFIELD Elizabeth Hallett?
Census1851WELLER CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1851CHATFIELD William?
Census1851CHATFIELD William?
Census1851WELLER Sophia?
Census1851CHATFIELD Harriet?
Christening12 June 1853CHATFIELD Sophia?
Christening31 March 1855CHATFIELD Susanna?
Marriage2 July 1855CHATFIELD Edwin with WALLER Anne?
Birth1855CHATFIELD Susanna?
Christening15 February 1857CHATFIELD George?
Birth1857CHATFIELD George?
Christening1 August 1858CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth1858CHATFIELD Thomas?
Death1859CHATFIELD Thomas?
Christening9 July 1860BLACKFORD Frederick William?
Birth1860BLACKFORD Frederick William?
Christening3 February 1861CHATFIELD James?
Census1861AUSTEN Elizabeth?
Birth1861CHATFIELD James?
Census1861BLACKFORD William?
Census1861/1871BLACKFORD Frederick William?
Census1871AUSTEN Elizabeth?
Census1871BLACKFORD William?
Marriage5 July 1873VIDLER James with CHATFIELD Dinah?
Death1885HOBBS Henry?
Birth1890CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth1893CHATFIELD Frederick?
Birth6 July 1895CHATFIELD Charles?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Freshfield Lane, Danehill, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1859FRANCIS Frances Ann?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Eliza?
Census31 March 1901POLLARD Edwin Hazel?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Friars Hill, Ore, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1901COOMBER Alice M?
Census1901COOMBER William?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Furners Green, Danehill, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1867CHATFIELD Albert?
Residence1870CHATFIELD George?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Garden St., Southover, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851BRYANT John?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Gate House, Maresfield, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861STEVENS Charlotte?
Census1861WOODGATE Wiliam Horace?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - George St., Hove, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881WIXEN John Thomas?
Census1881AILES Ann?
Census1881CHATFIELD William?
Census1881WIXEN Jane?
Census1881BASTYN Mary Anne?
Census1881WIXEN John?
Census1891WIXEN John Thomas?
Census1891WIXEN Jane?
Census1891WIXEN John?
Census31 March 1901AUBREY Emma Elizabeth?
Census31 March 1901WIXEN John?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Glynde St., Glynde, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901AVIS Harry Thomas?
Census31 March 1901HUNT Mary Jane?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Glynde, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening5 May 1783? Lucy?
Christening25 March 1804TURNER Charity?
Marriage20 October 1826TOWNSEND William with TURNER Charity?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Goldstone Rd., Hove, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881ATKINS Louisa Mary?
Census1891ATKINS Louisa Mary?
Census1891WOODGATE Harry?
Census31 March 1901ATKINS Louisa Mary?
Census31 March 1901WOODGATE Harry?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Gravel Hill Cott., Rotherfield, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1881CHATFIELD Louisa?
Census1881CHATFIELD Annie?
Census1881CHATFIELD Charles?
Census1881TIZZARD Emma?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Great Maxfield, Guestling, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Census1861FROST George?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Great Totean, Buxted, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1841? Mary?
Census1841FROST David?
Census1841FROST George?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Guestling, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth21 April 1771FOSTER John?
Birthabout 1780? Sarah?
Birth1782PECKHAM Lucy?
Marriage12 February 1790FOSTER John with BENNETT Sarah?
Birth10 October 1793FOSTER John?
Birthabout 1820FOSTER Ann?
Birth1839WILLARD Stephen?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Gurr's Land, Plumpton, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1841CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1841? Charity?
Census1841CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1841CHATFIELD Esther?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Hadlow Down, Buxted, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening1818WOODGATE Louisa?
Christening31 July 1836CHATFIELD Ada Augusta?
Marriage10 April 1839VINALL William Thomas with WOODGATE Louisa?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Hailsham BN27 : 109 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth11 January 1782CHATFIELD Robert?
Marriage23 April 1807CHATFIELD Robert with PATTENDEN Jane?
Birth15 May 1808CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth6 March 1810CHATFIELD Ann?
Birth13 February 1812CHATFIELD William?
Birth14 April 1814CHATFIELD John?
Birth29 January 1816CHATFIELD Louisa?
Birth13 February 1818CHATFIELD Charlotte?
Birth6 January 1820CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth4 June 1822CHATFIELD George?
Birth10 July 1824CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth8 January 1828CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth23 February 1830CHATFIELD Caroline?
Death15 May 1832CHATFIELD Jane?
Birthabout 1834? Mary?
Death3 January 1838CHATFIELD Robert?
Christening22 March 1840COLEMAN George?
Birth1841CHATFIELD Susan \ Susannah?
Census1841CHATFIELD Caroline?
Census1841PATTENDEN Jane?
Death1842CHATFIELD Ann?
Birthabout 1845CHATFIELD Susannah?
Death1846CHATFIELD Nicholas?
Birth1847CORNFORD Peter?
Census1851CHATFIELD Caroline?
Census1851PATTENDEN Jane?
Death1851RUSSELL William?
Marriage19 October 1856BRYANT John with CHATFIELD Caroline?
Birth1859VINE Frederick Richard?
Marriage1862COLEMAN George with HOPE Sarah?
Marriage1862TEAGUE John with OAYNE Ann?
Birth1864SINDEN Levi Henry?
Christening25 August 1867JARVIS Mary Jane?
Census1871JARVIS Mary Jane?
Marriage1872LANCASTER Robert with CHATFIELD Harriet Jane?
Death1872DAWES Jane Ann?
Marriage1873CHATFIELD Alfred with SUTER Mary Jane?
Death1876RUSSELL Miller?
Death1881FEIST Mary?
Birth1882LEVETT Edith May?
Birth1884HOLMAN Annie?
Birth1891STEEL Ernest James?
Birth17 September 1892HOLLEBON Arthur Leopold?
Birth23 January 1895SAUNDERS Edith Ina?
Marriage1895LEVETT Henry with GOSDEN Mary?
Birth24 February 1899HICKS Edith May?
Marriage1899SMITH Ernest Samuel with DARTNELL Gertrude?
Death1899VINE Frederick Richard?
Marriage18 February 1900FROST Ernest George with JARVIS Mary Jane?
Christening3 June 1900LANCASTER Percy Lawrence?
Birth1900CHATFIELD Daisy Maria?
Birth1900LANCASTER Percy Lawrence?
Birth1900DANN Cecil Caleb?
Birth1903BEAN Frederick Leslie?
Marriage1903COULSTOCK Alfred Ellis with LEVETT Edith May?
Birth4 February 1904PUTLAND Charles Frederick?
Death1908CHATFIELD Walter Dixon?
Birth28 October 1909EVELEIGH Stanley Eric?
Birth1 May 1913CHATFIELD Leo Sidney Arnold?
Birth2 August 1915CHATFIELD Ronald Charles Arnold?
Birth1916CHATFIELD Grace I. M?
Birth1919ASHFORD Ronald J?
Death1919PIPER Emily Jane?
Death1920CHATFIELD Eliza?
Birth1922HOLLEBON George?
Birth14 January 1923BOOTH Desmond Albert?
Death1923PAGE Mercy?
Death1924NOVIS Samuel?
Marriage1925SINDEN Levi Henry with HAZELDEN Grace?
Marriage1926ASHBY Frederick C with HILTON Rose May?
Birth1927HILTON Frederick Henry?
Birth1927LINDFIELD Cissie H F?
Birth1928HILTON Joyce Rosemary?
Marriage1928JARVIS Sydney with RADBOURNE Edith M?
Birth1928LUCK Mervyn W?
Birth1929LINDFIELD Mildred K?
Birth1931HILTON Dorothy?
Birth1931DANN Roy C?
Death1931SHOOSMITH Lucy?
Birth1931LEPPARD George J A?
Death1933DURRANT Fanny Maria?
Birth1933JARVIS Donald S?
Death1934CHATFIELD Benjamin?
Birth1934LINDFIELD Jean D A?
Marriage1937BEAN Frederick Leslie with CHATFIELD Florence A?
Birth1937LINDFIELD Margaret E?
Death1938CHATFIELD Job?
Marriage1946CHATFIELD Robert John L with SMITH Lilian R?
Marriage1947CRISFORD Raymond L with CHATFIELD Brenda Freeman?
DeathOctober 1948CHATFIELD William Henry?
Death1950GURNEY Mercy Emma?
Death1952CHATFIELD Walter?
Death1953CHATFIELD Jessie Sarah?
Marriage1956WALLIS Colin W with LOWER Valerie E?
Death1959GOSDEN Mary?
Marriage1962JARVIS Donald S with DANN Doreen P?
Death1962MITCHELL Albert William?
Death1964CHATFIELD Ruth Lillian?
Death1966DAVID Henry W?
Birth1966VALE Richard David?
Death1968BACKLER Frederick John E?
Death1968BOSTEL Beatrice May?
Death1970SAUNDERS Edith Ina?
Marriage1972MARCH Kevin W with LAPICKI Loretta D?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1858CHATFIELD William?

Terminus Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1889STEEL James?
Census1891BROWNINGS Susan?
Census1891STEEL Edith Ellen?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth9 July 1810SOBER Anne Cecilia?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Hamsey, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage27 July 1730CHATFIELD John with DWITE Mary?
Birthabout 1817HOLDER Susan?
Birthabout 1841CHATFIELD Susan?
Birth1844CHATFIELD George?
Christening8 January 1865PARSONS William?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Hapstead Green, Ardingly, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851CHATFIELD Charles?
Census1851CHATFIELD Harriett Emily?
Census1851CHATFIELD Ann Victoria?
Census1851CHATFIELD Jane Ann?
Census1851WEBBER Ann?
Census1891CHATFIELD Ann Victoria?
Census1891WEBBER Ann?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Hartfield TN7 : 3 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage16 June 1734CHATFIELD Robert with BURT Sarah?
Marriage16 December 1795NEWNHAM Richard with GAMMON Sarah?
Birth1874CHATFIELD John?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Hastings & Rother, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1977SIMMONS Trevor J with HOWE Jeannette M?
Death1980PLAYFORD Yvonne Priscilla?
Marriage1981WHITE Kevin a with ROBERTS Hilary A?
DeathJuly 1984ROSE Mary Ann A?
MarriageJune 1985WATSON Paul D with CHATFIELD Jacqueline T?
BirthMarch 1988WATSON Kirsty Lauren?
DeathNovember 1988LUSH Elsie Ellen?
BirthMay 1990WATSON Chelsea Jade?
DeathJuly 1990EVANS Muriel Rosaline?
MarriageJuly 1991CHATFIELD Stuart Gary with BROOKS Chantal Liliane?
Death1991OLDER Reginald K J?
Death1992BINGHAM John Edward?
Marriage1992TERRY Brian H with LABRUM Sara J?
DeathSeptember 1997CHATFIELD Anthony?
Death20 January 2000CHATFIELD Dorothea Blanche Delacour?
Marriage2002CHATFIELD Mark Leonard with MARSH Michelle A?
Death2002COLLINS Evelyn Winifred?
DeathOctober 2005CHATFIELD John Horace E?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Hastings Workhouse, Ore, Sussex East, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD James?



United Kingdom - SSX E East Sussex - Hastings : 1724 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?WELFARE Issue 6?
Birth?PAGE Issue 5?
Birth?KENT Issue 7?
Death?WYNHALL Charles Benjamin?
Birth?BOURNER Charles?
Birth?FARROLL Issue 3?
Birth?KENT Issue 7?
Birth?HIDE Issue 10?
Birthabout 1564CHATFELD Agnes?
Birth1650HIDE John (560)?
Birth1657? Katherine (561)?
Birth1662SPARROW Margret?
Birth1668SPARROW John?
Birth1670SPARROW Mary?
Birth1673SPARROW Dorothy?
Birth1673SPARROW Elizabeth (281)?
Birth1675HIDE John (280)?
Birth1676SPARROW Anne?
Birth1678SPARROW Anne?
Marriage26 December 1695HIDE John (280) with SPARROW Elizabeth (281)?
Birth1705WOODFORD Elizabeth?
Birth1706GALLOP Mary?
Birth1709HIDE John (140)?
Birthabout 1712CHATFIELD Alexander?
Death16 October 1714CHATFIELD Alexander?
Birth1720COLEMAN Sarah?
DeathNovember 1726SPARROW Elizabeth (281)?
Birth1726COLEMAN John?
Birth1728FOORD Elizabeth?
Birth1730WILLIS Elizabeth?
Birth1731FOORD John?
Birth1732GOURLEY Grace?
Birth1735FOORD Martha?
Birth1737BURCHETT John?
Birth1740HIDE Thomas (70)?
Birth1741SIMMONDS Richard?
Birth1743EDWARDS Ann?
Birth1744EDWARDS Mary?
Birth1744EDWARDS Sarah?
Birth1745EDWARDS Elizabeth?
Birth1745SIMMONDS John?
DeathAugust 1747FOORD John?
Birth1747SIMMONDS William?
Birth1747AILESBURY Thomas?
Birth1747EDWARDS Ann?
Birth1749SIMMONDS George?
Birth1749SIMMONDS Mary?
Marriage13 July 1750COLEMAN John with ? Hannah?
Birth1750COLEMAN John?
Birth1750EDWARDS John?
Birth1739/1752CHATFIELD John (64)?
Birth9 May 1757CHATFIELD Alexander?
Birth1757FOORD John?
Death26 March 1758CHATFIELD Alexander?
Death24 December 1758CHATFIELD Mark?
Birth1758CHATFIELD Mark?
Birthabout 1759BURCHETT James?
Birth1759CHATFIELD Martha?
Birth1760FOORD William?
Birthabout 1762CHATFIELD John?
Birth1762HIDE Sarah?
Birth1762FOORD Thomas?
Death1763WILLIS Elizabeth?
BirthFebruary 1764CHATFIELD Mark?
Birth1764CHATFIELD Alexander?
Death1764CHATFIELD Alexander?
Death1764CHATFIELD Mark?
Birth1765CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1767HIDE Thomas?
Birth1768CHATFIELD Alexander?
Birth1769HIDE Martha?
Birth1770FOORD Mary?
Birth1771CHATFIELD George?
Death1771HIDE Thomas?
Birth1771HIDE Maria?
DeathJune 1772MATTHEWS Elizabeth?
Birth1772KENT Spencer?
Death1773CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Death1773HIDE Sarah?
Birth1774CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth1775HIDE Thomas?
Birth1776CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1777HIDE Elizabeth (35)?
Birth1777HIDE Thomas?
Birth1779CHATFIELD Alexander?
Birth1780? Mary?
Birth1780SARGENT John?
Birth1781PHILLIPS Mary (33)?
Birth1782CHATFIELD John (32)?
Death1784BURCHETT John?
Death2 April 1786SOLOMON Unity?
Birth1786CHATFIELD Martha?
Birth1788CHATFIELD Alexander?
Birth1791CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Death1791PAIN Sarah (71)?
Birth1794SIMMONDS William Marchand?
Birth1795GEERING James?
Birth1795PHILLIPS Elizabeth?
Birth1797KENT John Spencer?
Death1798CHATFIELD John (64)?
Birth1799BREACH James?
Birth1799PETERS Bridget?
Birth1800MANN James?
Birth1800SIMMONDS Richard?
Birth12 June 1801CHATFIELD Mark?
Birth1801BREACH William?
Death1801FOORD John?
Death1801STAR Martha?
Birth1802BREACH Elizabeth?
Birth1802CHATFIELD John?
Birth1803CHATFIELD Harriet?
BirthSeptember 1804BREACH John?
Birth1804MANN Jane?
Birth1804SIMMONDS James?
DeathApril 1805HIDE Elizabeth (35)?
Birth1805WELFARE Mary?
Birth8 June 1806CHATFIELD George Austen?
Birth27 June 1806CHATFIELD William?
Birth1806BREACH Ann?
Birth1808CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth1808CHATFIELD John?
Birth1808CHATFIELD Mark Pearson?
Birth29 May 1809FOSTER Harriot?
Birth22 December 1810WISE Caroline?
Death1810WELFARE Thomas?
Birth1810BREACH Ann?
Birth1810WELFARE Thomas?
Birth1810CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Birth1811CHATFIELD Alfred?
Christening24 July 1812CHATFIELD James?
Birth1812BREACH Sarah?
Birthabout 1812TYHURST Emma?
Birth1812CHATFIELD James?
Birth1812KENT John?
Birth1813BREACH William?
Birth1813CHATFIELD James?
Birth1813HIDE Joseph Edward?
Birth1814CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birthabout 1814COUSSENS Elias?
Birth1815BREACH Mark?
Birth1816BAYLEY William?
Birthabout 1816BUMSTEAD James?
DeathDecember 1817CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth1817CHATFIELD Harriet?
Birth1817CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Birth1818COLEMAN Emily?
Birthabout 1818WELFARE Edward?
DeathJuly 1819BURCHETT Unity?
Death25 September 1819CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Birthabout 1819CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth1820CHATFIELD Alexander?
Birth1820CHATFIELD Edwin?
Birth1820FOORD Robert?
Death3 April 1821CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Death1821CHATFIELD Harriet?
Birthabout 1821FARROLL George?
Birth17 April 1822CHATFIELD George?
DeathAugust 1822SIMMONDS Sarah (65)?
Birthabout 1822CUTTING Ellen?
Birth1822PICKERDEN Amelia?
Birthabout 1822SINDEN Mary Ann?
Birth1822CHATFIELD Charles?
Birth1822PAGE James?
DeathFebruary 1823GOURLEY Grace?
Death3 March 1824CHATFIELD Alexander?
Birth1824BREACH Frances Louisa Robertson?
Birth1825BREACH Charles?
Birth1825CHATFIELD Alfred?
Birth1826CHATFIELD Charles?
Death24 May 1827CHATFIELD Alfred?
Marriage12 November 1827CHATFIELD William with EARLE Maria?
Birth1828GEERING James?
Birth1828DITON Lucy?
Birth1828FOSTER John?
DeathMarch 1829CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth1829BARTON John David?
Birth1829BREACH Maria Love Robertson?
Birth1829SARGENT Abraham?
Birth1832CHATFIELD Eliza?
Birth1832WHYBORN John Arthur?
Death6 May 1833CHATFIELD George?
DeathDecember 1833CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth1833BREACH Jane Caroline?
Birth16 November 1834CHATFIELD Matilda A?
Birthabout 1834STEVENSON Hariett Louisa?
Birth1834CHATFIELD Eliza?
Birthabout 1834HYLAND George?
Birth1835BREACH Harriet?
Birth1835CHATFIELD Edwin?
Birth1836BUMSTEAD James?
Birth1836CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
BirthMay 1837CHATFIELD John?
Death5 September 1837CHATFIELD John?
Birthabout 1837BREACH Caroline?
Birth1837CHATFIELD Ellen?
Birth1837CHATFIELD Emma Elizabeth?
Birth1837TUTT Benjamin?
Birth20 April 1838BREACH John Alfred?
DeathSeptember 1838HIDE Maria?
Birth1838GEERING William?
Birth1838CHATFIELD Frances Sarah?
Marriage1838BAYLEY William with REEVES Elizabeth Sarah?
Birth1838BUMSTEAD William George?
Birth1838CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1838BUMSTEAD George James?
Birth4 July 1839CHATFIELD Alfred John?
Birth1839CHATFIELD Jane?
Death1839FOORD John?
Birth1840CHATFIELD Edwin?
Marriage1840BRAGGE Nathaniel with WELFARE Ann?
Birth1840GEERING Ann Maria?
DeathApril 1841FOORD William?
Birth15 August 1841CHATFIELD Henry (8)?
Birth1841CHATFIELD Ann?
Census1841TUTT Benjamin?
Death1841GRIFFEN Adelina \ Addeylina?
Death30 January 1842BENNETT Sarah?
Birth17 August 1842FULLER Caroline Emma?
Birth1842BRAGGE Newton?
Birth1842BREACH Elizabeth?
Birth1842CHATFIELD Edwin?
Birth1842CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth1842BREACH Frances Louise?
Birth1843BREACH William?
Birth1843GEERING Emma?
Birth1844METCALF Sarah Ann?
Birth1844CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth1844HIDE Jason Caleb?
Birth1845CHATFIELD Harriet?
Birth1845CHATFIELD William?
Birthabout 1845CHATFIELD Edward Pearson?
Birth1845BUMSTEAD James William?
Death1845AYESBURY Elizabeth?
Birth1845CHATFIELD Louisa?
Birth1845BREACH Mark?
Death25 January 1846CHATFIELD Henry (16)?
Death17 April 1846ARCHIBALD Mary?
Death21 December 1846CHATFIELD Alfred John?
Birth1846COUSSENS John?
Death1846GEERING James?
Birth1846BREACH Charles?
Birthabout 1846KNIGHT William?
Birth21 July 1847CHATFIELD Clara Jessie?
Marriage1847BRIDGELAND Charles with PANKHURST Frances?
Birthabout 1847BUMSTEAD John H?
Birth1848BREACH Henry?
Death1 August 1849CHATFIELD James?
DeathSeptember 1849CHATFIELD John?
Birth1849CHATFIELD Lydia?
Birth1849FUNNELL Stephen?
Marriage1849GLADWISH James with UPTION Mary Ann?
Birth19 June 1850CHATFIELD Edwin?
Birth15 March 1851BREACH James Joseph?
Birth1851FOORD Robert Charles?
Deathafter 1851SIMMONDS Richard?
Birth1851FUNNELL Ruth?
Marriage1851HIDE Thomas Sansum with BREACH Maria Love Robertson?
Birth1851PAGE James?
Death11 March 1852WILDEN \ WILDING Diana?
Birth1852FOSTER Frances Ellen?
Birth1852GLADWISH Cordelia?
Birth1852FUNNELL Samuel?
Death20 January 1853CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth30 April 1853CHATFIELD Alfred?
Birth6 August 1853PAYNE Elizabeth Hannah?
Birth1853BREACH Edwin Thomas?
Birth1854FOSTER Roibert John?
Birth1854CHATFIELD James George?
Birth1854GEERING James Button?
Death1854CHATFIELD Emily Amelia?
Birth1854CHATFIELD Emily Amelia?
Birth1854BREACH Sarah Ann?
Marriage1854WOOD Thomas with SANDERS Amelia?
Death1 March 1855CHATFIELD Eliza?
DeathApril 1855WELFARE Elizabeth (17)?
Birth1855CHATFIELD Annie Maud?
Birth1855CHATFIELD Rachel?
Birth1856BARTON Sarah Bridget?
Death1856PHILLIPS Mary (33)?
Marriage1856SARGENT Abraham with BENNETT Elizabeth?
Death18 January 1857KENT Spencer?
Death26 January 1857FOSTER John?
BirthJune 1857CHATFIELD Joseph?
DeathAugust 1857CHATFIELD Charles?
Death1857FOSTER Frances Ellen?
Birth1857WHITE Frances Ann?
Marriage1857GOLDING Samuel with HUNT Sarah?
Birth1857CHATFIELD Sarah Lucy?
Birth1857COLEMAN James?
Birth10 September 1858CHATFIELD Elizabeth Ann?
Birth1858BARTON David John?
Death1858MANN Jane?
Birth1858FOSTER Jane?
Birth1858SPENCER Phillis Maria?
Birthabout 1858WOOD James?
Marriage1858HYLAND George with CHATFIELD Ellen?
DeathSeptember 1859CHATFIELD Sarah Lucy?
Birth1859CHATFIELD Samuel?
Birth1859CHATFIELD Ann?
Birth1859HYLAND Ellen?
Birth1860FOSTER Ann?
Birth1860WHYBORN Arthur?
BirthFebruary 1861CHATFIELD Alexander Edward?
Birth1861FARROLL Charlotte Ann?
Birth1861FUNNELL Grace?
Birth1861BARTON Matilda Ann?
Birth1861CHATFIELD Charlotte?
Birth1861HYLAND Charles?
Death1861WELFARE Jane?
Census1861BREACH Mark?
Birth1861POLLARD Mercy Elizabeth?
Marriage17 May 1862WYNHALL Nicholas James with CHATFIELD Ann?
Birth1862FOSTER John Henry?
Birth1862WOOD Albert Frederick?
Death1863FOSTER John Henry?
Death1863WILLIAMS Charity?
Birth1863CHATFIELD Lucy Susannah?
Birth1863WYNHALL Sarah Charity?
DeathAugust 1864CHATFIELD Lucy Susannah?
Birth1864CHATFIELD Sarah Jane?
Birth1864FOSTER John?
Birth9 August 1865CHATFIELD Richard Thomas?
Death1865BENNETT Elizabeth?
Birth1865HYLAND Edwin George?
Birth1866CHATFIELD Frances Matilda?
Birth1866PAIN Charles Ernest?
Birth1866FOSTER Ellen Victoria?
Death6 February 1867CHATFIELD John (32)?
Death1867TYHURST Emma?
Birthabout 1867WOOD Arthur?
Marriage1867HIDE James with FEIST Mary?
Birth1867WHYBORN Alice Louisa?
Death1867FOSTER Ellen Victoria?
Death1867PETERS Bridget?
Death4 March 1868CHATFIELD Alexander?
Birth1868FOSTER Charles William?
Birth1868FUNNELL Edith Mary?
Death1868WHYBORN Alice Louisa?
Birth1868HARVEY William John?
Birth1868BARTON Ann Winifred?
Birth1868ANDERSON Alfred James?
Death1868CHATFIELD Frances Matilda?
Marriage1868KNIGHT William with METCALF Charlotte?
Birth1868CHATFIELD William Rutlidge?
Death1868PICKERDEN Henry?
Death1868HYLAND George?
Birth1868LONGLEY John Henry?
DeathMay 1869CHATFIELD Joseph?
Death1869COUSENS \ COUSSINS Frances?
Death1869FOSTER Ann?
Birth1870TUTT Benjamin?
Marriage1870TUTT Benjamin with STEVENSON Hariett Louisa?
Birth1870COUSSENS Edward?
Death1870FOSTER Charles William?
Birth1870BARTON Alice Harriet Maud?
Birth1870CHATFIELD Rachel Rebecca?
Birth1870FUNNELL Ebenezer?
Birth1870MITTEN Edward James?
Death1870POPE Sarah Stapley?
Marriage1871SARGENT Abraham with ? Sarah?
Census1871BAYLEY Arthur Edward?
Census1871TUTT Benjamin?
Census1871PECKHAM Lucy?
Census1871BAYLEY William?
Census1871REEVES Elizabeth Sarah?
Census1871TUTT Benjamin?
Birth1871CHATFIELD Arthur Henry Rutlidge?
Birth1871FOSTER Mary Ann?
Census1871STEVENSON Hariett Louisa?
Birth1871WHYBORN Rodolph?
Birth1871DITON Henry Thomas?
Marriage10 February 1872STACE Jabez with CHATFIELD Harriet?
Death11 June 1872CHATFIELD Dorothea?
Marriage16 November 1872CHATFIELD Edwin with GLADWISH Cordelia?
Birth1872WYNHALL Maud Mary?
Birth1872WYNHALL Maud Mary?
Birth1872COUSSENS Louisa Edith?
Death1872BREACH Maria Love Robertson?
Death1872CHATFIELD Rachel Rebecca?
Death1872CHATFIELD Alexander Edward?
Death1872CHATFIELD Ann?
Death2 November 1873KENT John Spencer?
Birth1873WHYBORN Ann?
Birth1873FUNNELL Herbert?
Birth1873MEGEE Mary Ann?
Birth1873CHATFIELD Edwin James?
Birth1873FUNNELL Frederick?
Birth1874CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Death1874? Sarah?
Birth1874UPTON Leonard?
Birth1874COUSSENS Nelly \ Nellie?
Death1875WHITING Harriett?
Birth1875PAGE Harry?
Birth1875BUTTON Alice Charlotte?
Marriage1875DRAY Alfred with LINE Sarah Ann?
Birth1875WHYBORN Esther Lydia?
BirthJuly 1876CHATFIELD Laura Edith?
Birth1876DRAY Edgar Alfred?
Birth1876CHATFIELD Annie Cordelia?
Marriage1876FUNNELL Stephen with SARGENT Mary Ann?
Birth1876FUNNELL Elizabeth Anne?
Birth1876COUSSENS Florence?
Birth1877STACE Arthur Leslie?
Marriage1877FUNNELL Samuel with BRADLEY Matilda?
Birth1877BAYLEY Nellie?
Birth1877WHYBORN William?
Birth1877PAGE James Frederick?
Birth1877DRAY Albert James?
Birth1877CHATFIELD Ernest?
Marriage1877PEDDLESDEN Alfred with METCALF Matilda?
Birth1878CHATFIELD Charles John?
Death1878BREACH Elizabeth?
Birth1878COUSSENS Elias Owen?
Birth1878CHATFIELD William John?
Death1878CHATFIELD Lucy?
Death1878PECKHAM Lucy?
Birth1878CHATFIELD Ellen Rachel?
Death1878TUTT Benjamin?
Death23 January 1879CHATFIELD Laura Edith?
Birth1879CHATFIELD Harriett Rachel?
Birth1879BAYLEY Arthur William?
Death1879HIDE Thomas Sansum?
Death1879FOSTER Jane?
Birth1879WHYBORN James?
Death1879CHATFIELD Sarah Jane?
Birth1879COX Emma?
Death11 June 1880MONCUR Mary?
Birth9 November 1880STACE Edward?
Marriage1880WYNHALL Nicholas James with STEVENSON Elizabeth?
Birth1880FUNNELL Ruth?
Birth1880COUSSENS Emma Ann?
Birth1880STACE Frederick Charles?
Death1880CUTTING Ellen?
Marriage1880CHEAL Thomas with BARTON Matilda Ann?
Birth1880BEVIS Ethel?
Marriage1880WHYBORN Arthur with POLLARD Mercy Elizabeth?
Death14 October 1881CHATFIELD Edwin?
Census1881CARROTT George Bridgeland?
Death1881FUNNELL Ruth?
Birth1881COOPER Alice Amelia?
Birth1881CHATFIELD John Edwin?
Birth1881DRAY Alfred?
Birth1881CHATFIELD Albert Edward?
Death1881CHATFIELD Mark Pearson?
Birth1881TILDEN Ada?
Birth1881FUNNELL George Samuel?
Death10 February 1882FUNNELL Samson?
Death1882CHATFIELD Frances Sarah?
Death1882COUSSENS Elias?
Birth1882STACE Reginald Jabez?
Birth1882CHATFIELD Agnes Sarah?
Marriage1882ANDREWS William Edward with HARE Ada Martha Alice?
Birth1882BAYLEY Wallace?
Birth1882WHYBORN Emily Madelene F?
Marriage1882BRIDGELAND Charles with CHATFIELD Elizabeth Ann?
Death1883BREACH Mark?
Death1883SARGENT Mary Ann?
Birth1883CHATFIELD Ellen Ethel?
Death1883METCALF Charlotte?
Birth1883FOSTER Robert William?
Marriage1883WHYBORN John Arthur with STEVENSON Hariett Louisa?
Birth1883CAMPANY Emma Gertrude?
Marriage1883FOSTER Roibert John with WHITE Frances Ann?
Death1883MANN Rachel?
Marriage1883COLEMAN James with FOSTER Ann?
Marriage1884THOMPSON Rowland Theophilus with CHATFIELD Rachel?
Birth1884CHATFIELD Florence Catherine L?
Marriage1884BARTON David John with FARROLL Charlotte Ann?
Birth1884BAYLEY Charles Robert?
Death1884UPTION Mary Ann?
Birth1884BARTON Frances May?
Marriage1885CHATFIELD Edwin with SUTTON Sarah Jane?
Marriage1885FUNNELL Stephen with ELLIOTT Caroline Ann?
Birth1885STACE Ethelbert Claude?
Birth1885FUNNELL Charles Samson?
Death1885EARLE Maria?
Birth1885COUSSENS Naomi?
Birth1885FOSTER Amelia Matilda?
Marriage1885SCALES Henry Victor with STRANGE Kate Mary?
Birth1885BROOKS Frederick George?
Birth1885CHATFIELD Charlotte Emily?
Death1885BRAGGE Nathaniel?
Birth1885BRIDGELAND Arthur Edward?
Death1885CHATFIELD George?
Birth1885STACE Henry James?
Birth1886DRAY Mabel L?
Marriage1886GLADWISH James with PHILLIPS Jane?
Birth1886FOSTER James Henry?
Birth18 March 1887CHATFIELD Florence Matilda?
Marriage1887CHATFIELD William with ELLIOTT Ann Jane?
Death1887BARTON John David?
Marriage1887PAIN Charles Ernest with BARTON Ann Winifred?
Birth1887WHYBORN Victor William?
Marriage1887CHATFIELD William?
Birth1887BAYLEY Florence Ann?
Death1887HIDE Joseph Edward?
Birth2 February 1888FOORD Frederick Walter?
Marriage1888AMOS Richard with FUGGLE Maria?
Birth1888PLAYFORD Edward Frank?
Marriage1888FOSTER John with PIPER Emily Jane?
Birth1888BRISTOW Percy Albun?
Death1889WHYBORN John Arthur?
Death1889BAYLEY William?
Birth1889BRIDGELAND William Thomas?
Birth1889THOMPSON Rowland Theophilus?
Death1889THOMPSON Rowland Theophilus?
Death1890GLADWISH Cordelia?
Birth1890CHATFIELD Beatrice Maud?
Birth1890WILLIS Sarah?
Birth1890HOBDEN Lily?
Birth1890FOSTER Lilian Emily?
Marriage1890STRANGE Alfred Wellesley with SPENCER Phillis Maria?
Death1891LINE Sarah Ann?
Census1891FOSTER Sarah?
Census1891WHYBORN Arthur?
Census1891DRAY Albert James?
Marriage1891TUTT Benjamin with BUTLER Emily?
Census1891CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1891CHATFIELD John?
Census1891POLLARD Mercy Elizabeth?
Death1892FOSTER Sarah?
Marriage1892WOOD Arthur with WHYBORN Sarah Jemima?
Death1892FARROLL George?
Birth1892WOOD Ethel?
Death27 November 1893STRANGE Francis Thompson?
Birth1893BARTON John David?
Marriage1893DRAY Alfred with CHATFIELD Ann?
Death1893WHITE Frances Ann?
Marriage1893CHATFIELD Edwin James with PAYNE Mary Annie Elizabeth?
Marriage1893STRANGE Frank Edward with WESTON Charlotte Victoria?
Marriage1894DITON Henry Thomas with BARTON Alice Harriet Maud?
Birth1894FITT Alfred James?
Birth1894WOOD Kate?
Birth15 November 1895FOSTER Gertrude Beatrice?
Birthabout 1895BARTON George Victor?
Birth1895CLARK Emmeline Daisy?
Marriage1896WYNHALL Nicholas John with BUTTON Alice Charlotte?
Birth1896KIRKLAND Gerald Baeyertz?
Birth1896BARDEN Moses?
Marriage1896BOURNER Charles with CHATFIELD Annie Cordelia?
Death1896CHATFIELD John?
Marriage1897CLARKE Samuel with BAYLEY Nellie?
Death1897WELFARE Ann?
Birth1898DITON Henry Thomas?
Death1898FOORD Robert?
Death1899CHATFIELD Annie Cordelia?
Death1899RUTLIDGE Elizabeth?
Death1899BOURNER Charles Alfred?
Death1899WYNHALL Nicholas James?
Birth1899BOURNER Charles Alfred?
Death1899FOSTER John?
Marriage1899BOURNER Charles with CORKE \ HORNSBY ??
Death1899CHATFIELD Edwin?
Death1899MALLYON William Hobbs?
Birth1899CLARKE Nellie?
Death1900CHATFIELD James?
Death1900BRAGGE Newton?
Marriage1900MAJOR William Lancaster with CARROTT Hannah Bridgeland?
Death1900METCALF Lester?
Death1900GOLDING Samuel?
Birth1900WOOD Eliza?
BirthSeptember 1901CHATFIELD Albert Edward?
Census1901TUTT Benjamin?
Death1901DITON Lucy?
Birth1901BAYLEY Arthur William?
Marriage1901STACE Edward with SARGENT \ SURMAN Tilly Sophia \ Kate Elizabeth?
Marriage1901GOLD John Frederick E with COOPER Alice Amelia?
Marriage1901BAYLEY Arthur William with COX Emma?
Census1901CHATFIELD Rachel?
Birth13 March 1902OLIVER Richard William?
Death1902STACE Ethelbert Claude?
Death1902CHATFIELD Ula Agnes Irene?
Marriage1902STEVENSON Elizabeth?
Birth1902MAJOR Dorothy Winifred?
Birth1903WOOD \ CHATFIELD Leonard Henry?
Death1903WELFARE Edward?
Marriage1903GRANGER Robert Daniel with CHATFIELD Ellen Rachel?
Marriage1903WHYBORN Rodolph with DAVIES Edith?
Birth23 October 1904OLDER Albert John?
Marriage1904CARROTT Sarah Bridgeland?
Marriage1904OLDER Albert Henry with CHATFIELD Agnes Sarah?
Birth19 July 1905GOOD \ CHATFIELD Ivy Elizabeth?
MarriageOctober 1905VICARY Frederick James with CHATFIELD Ellen Ethel?
Birth16 December 1905OLDER George Roland?
Death1905CHATFIELD Harriet?
Marriage1905MALLYON Daniel Alfred with MEGEE Mary Ann?
Birth1906GRANGER Robert?
Marriage1906THEOBALD Charles Percy with CHATFIELD Harriett Rachel?
Death1906GOLD John Frederick E?
Death1906BAYLEY Charles Robert?
Birth1906BAYLEY Eva Florence Nellie?
Marriage1906HILDER James with CARROTT Gertrude Bridgeland?
Birth24 December 1907WARD \ CHATFIELD William John?
Death1907CHAPMAN Horace Edward?
Birth1907CHATFIELD Reginald?
Death1907OLDER Florence Maud?
Death1907BAYLEY Wallace?
Death1907PEDDLESDEN Alfred?
Birth1907OLDER Florence Maud?
Birth7 March 1908CHATFIELD COOPER Elsie May?
Marriage26 August 1908CHATFIELD John with GOOD Mary Jane?
Death1908SANDERS Amelia?
Marriage1908STACE Henry James with BUTTENSHAW Frances Annie?
Birth1908MAJOR Ivy Edith?
Marriage1908BRISTOW Percy Albun with CHATFIELD Florence Matilda?
Birth1903/1908GRANGER Issue?
Birth1908KING Frederick G?
Marriage1908HALES Henry with CHATFIELD Florence Catherine L?
Birthabout 1908CHATFIELD William?
Death17 January 1909CHATFIELD John?
Marriage1909FUNNELL Herbert with SANDERS Elizabeth Phoebe?
Marriage1909BROOKS Frederick George with BAYLEY Florence Ann?
Birth1909MAJOR Madge Evelyn?
Death20 July 1910FUNNELL Samuel?
Death1910CHATFIELD Charlotte?
Death1910CHATFIELD Harriet?
Death1910GLADWISH James?
Birth1910STACE Henry John?
Death1911CHATFIELD William John?
Marriage1911BUTTENSHAW John Henry with WILLIS Sarah?
Death1911BAYLEY Florence Ann?
Census1911PAGE Harry?
Census1911FUNNELL Ebenezer?
Census1911CARROTT Hannah Bridgeland?
Census1911FUNNELL Edith Mary?
Census1911STEDMAN Mary Jane?
Census1911MAJOR William Lancaster?
Death1911GEERING James?
Census1911MAJOR Dorothy Winifred?
Census1911MAJOR Ivy Edith?
Census1911MAJOR Madge Evelyn?
Census1911GODLEY James Owen?
Census1911FUNNELL Herbert?
Census1911CHATFIELD Rachel?
Death1912WOOD Thomas?
Birth26 February 1913CATT Arthur James?
Birth1913BAYLEY Stella?
Marriage1913PLAYFORD Edward Frank with HOBDEN Lily?
Death1914CHATFIELD Matilda A?
Birth1914GRANGER Grace A?
Death1914BRISTOW Percy A W J?
Death1914WINGFIELD Maria?
Birth1914FAIRBROTHER Edith A?
Birth1914BRISTOW Percy A W J?
Marriage1914STACE Reginald Jabez with LANGAN Elizabeth L?
Birth24 September 1915PLAYFORD Yvonne Priscilla?
Death1915BOURNER Charles?
Marriage1915ELDRIDGE Leonard Arthur with CREASEY Lily?
Death1915CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth1915STACE Reginald J?
Death23 January 1916FUNNELL Ebenezer?
Marriage1916CAVE Carl Frampton with WOOD Ethel Amelia?
Birth1916BRISTOW Robert P J?
Marriage1916FUNNELL Frederick with CAMPANY Emma Gertrude?
Death1916CHATFIELD Ann?
Death1917CHATFIELD Rachel?
Birth1917HOOK Francis D?
Death25 November 1918FUNNELL Elizabeth Anne?
Birth1919BAYLEY Percy E?
Birth1919HARVEY Elsie M K?
Marriage1919BARDEN Moses with CLARK Emmeline Daisy?
Marriage1919HARVEY William John with CHATFIELD Florence Matilda?
Death1919CHATFIELD Harriet?
Birth1920BRIDGELAND Marion Orlow Joy?
Birth1920BARDEN Cicely F?
Death1920MEACHEN Bertha?
Marriage1920THOMPSON Rowland Theophilus with FOSTER Annie Kingscote?
Death25 November 1921CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Death1921CHATFIELD Maud Mary?
Death22 April 1922ELLIOTT Caroline Ann?
Death1922PAGE James?
Death1922SARGENT Agnes?
Marriage1923NEWMAN Richard H with BOORMAN Alice M?
Death1923FUNNELL Stephen?
Death1923OLDER James?
Birth1924STACE Richard J L?
Death1925BAYLEY Percy E?
Death1925HARVEY William John?
Birth1925CHATFIELD Reginald A?
Death1928FOSTER Roibert John?
Death1928DITON Henry Thomas?
Birth1928CRUTTENDEN Henry J?
Birth1927/1928SAXBY Robert S?
Birth1928CHATFIELD Denis J?
Death1928FOSTER Ann?
Marriage1929KRENKEL Timothy C S with CLARKE Nellie?
Death1929CHATFIELD Edward Pearson?
Birth1929TODD Ruby S A?
Death1929METCALF Matilda?
Death1929COLEMAN James?
Marriage1929WHYBORN John Arthur with FOSTER Gertrude Beatrice?
Death3 October 1930BRADLEY Matilda?
Marriage1930BROWN Matthew W with CHATFIELD Florence Matilda?
Death1930CHATFIELD Edwin James?
Death4 March 1931GOOD Mary Jane?
Death1931BRIDGELAND Charles?
Death1932BARTON Alice Harriet Maud?
Death1932BAYLEY Arthur Edward?
Birth1932ELDRIDGE Lily?
Birth1933CHATFIELD Ena E?
Death1933BOORMAN Alice M?
Marriage1933MEPHAM Alfred with FAIRBROTHER Edith A?
Death1933CHATFIELD Charles William?
Birth8 March 1934HARRIS Marie Ann?
Death1934CHATFIELD William John?
Death1934STACE Jabez?
Death1936DRAY Alfred?
Birth1936CHATFIELD Godfrey William Leo?
Death1936THOMPSON Rowland Theophilus?
Death1936ANDREWS William Edward?
Marriage1936NEWMAN Richard H with BAYLEY Eva Florence Nellie?
Marriage1937OSWALD Ernest Albert W with GOOD \ CHATFIELD Ivy Elizabeth?
Death1937MAJOR William Lancaster?
Death1938ELLIS Mary Ann?
Marriage1938KING Frederick G with CHATFIELD Nellie Bertha?
Birth1938OSWALD Gillian L?
Birth1938OSWALD Deryck A?
Death1938BRETT Leonora Emily?
Marriage1938CHATFIELD Reginald with PLAYFORD Yvonne Priscilla?
Marriage1939CATT Arthur James with REED Kathleen Marjorie?
Death1939CHATFIELD Elizabeth Ann?
Birth1939EASTON Brian J?
Birth1939KING Freda D?
Census1940LANDMAN Barbara Pauline?
Birth1941NEVE Janet A?
Death1942CHATFIELD James George?
Marriage1942HOOK Francis D with BAYLEY Stella?
Birth1942MEPHAM Hilda M?
Death1943STACE Arthur Leslie?
Marriage1944BRISTOW Robert P J with BARDEN Cicely F?
Death1944COOTER Louisa?
Birth1944OLDER Pauline?
Death1945BRIDGELAND Arthur Edward?
Birth1945BRISTOW Margaret D?
Death1946DAVIES Edith?
Birth1946HOOK Sylvia?
Death1946POLLARD Mercy Elizabeth?
Death1946WOOD Albert Frederick?
Death1946WHYBORN Sarah Jemima?
Birth1947GREEN Valerie H?
Death1947WESTON Charlotte Victoria?
Death1948WHITE-THOMSON Ada Mary?
Death1949PLAYFORD Edward Frank?
Marriage1949CHATFIELD John Horace E with KNIBBS Barbara L?
Death1949FOSTER John?
Marriage1949CRUTTENDEN Henry J with VIDLER Marjorie D?
Death1949PAYNE Mary Annie Elizabeth?
Death1949FOSTER Lilian Emily?
Death1950FOSTER Annie Kingscote?
Death1950KEMP Dora Bertha?
Birth1950CHATFIELD Nigel John Leslie?
Marriage1950BALL Richard J with HARVEY Elsie M K?
Birth1950HOOK Teresa?
Marriage1950RHODES Norman with TODD Ruby S A?
Birth1951BLACKMAN Sheila M?
Birth1951OLDER Linda?
Marriage1951STACE Richard J L with LING ??
Death1951STACE Reginald Jabez?
Death1951COX Emma?
Birth1951BALL Carol A?
Death1951GRANGER Robert Daniel?
Marriage1951BARNARD Leonard S with GRANGER Grace A?
Birth1951CHATFIELD Susan H?
Death1951CHATFIELD William Frederick?
Marriage1952SAXBY Robert S with FIFIELD Margaret W?
Birth1952TUPPENNEY Nigel C?
Birth1952BALL Gloria J?
Death1952BARTON Sarah Bridget?
Birth1952CATT Vivian L?
Marriage1953CHATFIELD Reginald A with ELDRIDGE Lily?
Marriage1954WHITE William J with CHATFIELD Ena E?
Death1954ROWDEN Harold Edwin?
Death1954PAGE Harry?
Birth1955BALL Richard W J?
Birth1956HOWE Jeannette M?
Birth1956CHATFIELD Stephen R?
Birth1956WHITE Kevin a?
Birth1956STRETTON Allen J?
Death1956WOOD \ CHATFIELD Leonard Henry?
Death1957ELDRIDGE Leonard Arthur?
Birth1957HESELDEN Nigel?
Birth1957WHITE Jaqueline A?
Birth1958SAXBY Shirley A?
Birth1958BALL Robert D?
Marriage1958CAUCHI Roger S with KING Freda D?
Death1958WHYBORN Esther Lydia?
Birth1 March 1959MEPHAM Debra Jayne?
Marriage1959CHATFIELD Michael Harold with MEPHAM Hilda M?
Birth1959CHATFIELD Paul T G?
Death1959CHATFIELD Reginald?
Birth1959LUCK Janice?
Death1960BAYLEY Nellie?
Marriage1960CHATFIELD Godfrey William Leo with DENDY Hazel Joan?
Death1960CLARKE Samuel?
Death1960CHATFIELD Ellen Rachel?
Birth1961CHATFIELD Lesley K?
Birth1961RHODES John K?
Birth1961CHATFIELD Amanda J?
Birth1961SIMNETT David?
Marriage1961EASTON Brian J with NEVE Janet A?
Death1962HOBDEN Lily?
Death1962HART Daisy Phoebe E?
Death1962WHYBORN John Arthur?
Death1963BAYLEY Arthur William?
Death1963CHATFIELD Albert Amos?
Birth1963CHATFIELD Jacqueline T?
Death1963CAMPANY Emma Gertrude?
Death1964WOOD Ethel Amelia?
Death1964CARROTT Gertrude Bridgeland?
Birth1964CHATFIELD Colin?
Birth1964CRUTTENDEN Carol A?
Birth1964CHATFIELD Tracy A?
Death1964WHYBORN Emily Madelene F?
Death1965CHATFIELD Charles Gordon?
Birth1966CHATFIELD Stuart Gary?
Birth29 April 1967MEPHAM Andrew Paul?
Birth29 April 1967MEPHAM Ian David?
Marriage1967CHATFIELD Clive S with DOWNHAM Pamela M?
Death1967WHEATLEY Rosetta Edith?
Marriage1971CHATFIELD Nigel John Leslie with CATT Vivian L?
Birth1971HARMER Lisa Jayne?
Birth1971EASTON Louise?
Marriage1972WOOD Keith V with WILLETT Alice F?
Birth1972CHATFIELD Martin John?
Death1972CHATFIELD Percy?
Birth1973HARMER Dean Anthony?
Birth1974CHATFIELD Andrew James?
Death1975CHATFIELD Guy Stanton?
Death1976CHATFIELD Albert Edward?
Marriage1976STRETTON Allen J with WIMBORN Gillian B?
Death1976CHATFIELD George?
Death1977CREASEY Lily?
Death1978FOSTER Gertrude Beatrice?
Marriage1979CHATFIELD Stephen R with SAXBY Shirley A?
Marriage1980HUNNISETT John M with MEPHAM Debra Jayne?
Birth1980STRETTON Laura Dawn?
Birth1982CHATFIELD Louise Jane?
Marriage1982CHATFIELD Paul T G with CRUTTENDEN Carol A?
Birth1982HARMER Sarah Anne?
MarriageNovember 1984RHODES John K with CHATFIELD Tracy A?
Birth1984CHATFIELD Donna Marie?
BirthMay 1985CHATFIELD Andrew Stephen?
DeathAugust 1985HONNEYSETT Lillie?
Marriage1985SIMNETT David with CHATFIELD Amanda J?
Birth1985SIMNETT Lindsey?
BirthDecember 1986SIMNETT Michelle?
Birth1986CHATFIELD Colin Paul?
Birth1986SIMNETT Joanna?
Death1989CATT Arthur James?
MarriageSeptember 1991CHATFIELD Martin John with EASTON Louise?
Death25 November 1991CURD Irene Daisy?
BirthJanuary 1993CHATFIELD Joel Martin?
BirthApril 1993RHODES Jamie Michael?
BirthJune 1995CHATFIELD Joshua George?
DeathJune 1997WARD \ CHATFIELD William John?
BirthNovember 1999CHATFIELD Benjamin James?
Marriage2001CHATFIELD Andrew James with STRETTON Laura Dawn?
BirthMarch 2002CHATFIELD Tommy Andrew?
DeathNovember 2006POSTLE Kenneth F?
Death12 December 2007CHATFIELD Reginald A?
Death9 June 2010DENDY Hazel Joan?
Death15 April 2012KNIBBS Barbara L?
Death10 August 2012ROSE Marjorie M E?
Death14 October 2017CHATFIELD Anthony C?
DeathOctober 2019CHATFIELD Michael Harold?

1 East Cliff Cottages, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1911CHATFIELD James George?
Census1911GURR Elizabeth?

1 Gloster Place

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871CHATFIELD Rachel?

10 East St

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871FOSTER Jane?
Census1871FOSTER Mary Ann?
Census1871CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1871FOSTER John?
Census1871FOSTER John?
Census1871FOSTER Ann?

119 All Saints St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD John (32)?

12 Waldegrave St., St Andrew

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881METCALF Harriet?
Census1881CHATFIELD John Edwin?
Census1881CHATFIELD John?

127 All Saints St., All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871CHATFIELD John?
Census1871MANN Rachel?
Census1871CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1871CHATFIELD Ann?
Census1871CHATFIELD Charlotte?
Census1871CHATFIELD Edwin?
Census1871CHATFIELD Edwin?

127 Athelstone Rd., All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891PEDDLESDEN Alfred?
Census1891METCALF Matilda?
Census1891METCALF Emily?
Census1891METCALF Lester?

13 Bourne St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD James George?
Census1891GURR Elizabeth?

13 East Parade, .

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871ANDERSON Alfred James?

14 John St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD William?

15 East St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871BARTON Ann Winifred?
Census1871BARTON Sarah Bridget?
Census1871CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1871BARTON John David?
Census1871BARTON Alice Harriet Maud?
Census1871BARTON Matilda Ann?
Census1871BARTON David John?

15 Stone St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1903WOOD \ CHATFIELD Leonard Henry?

19 John St., St Clement

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881FOSTER John?
Census1881FOSTER John?
Census1881CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1881FOSTER Mary Ann?
Census1881FOSTER Ann?

2 Cornwallis St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891MALLYON Daniel Alfred?

2 Ebenezer Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891WHYBORN James?
Census1891STEVENSON Hariett Louisa?
Census1891WHYBORN Rodolph?
Census1891TUTT Benjamin?

2 Tackleway, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871CHATFIELD John?
Census1871FOSTER Sarah?
Census1871CHATFIELD Maud Mary?
Census1871CHATFIELD William John?
Census1881CHATFIELD James?
Census1881CHATFIELD Matilda A?
Census1881RUTLIDGE Elizabeth?
Census1881CHATFIELD John?
Census1881CHATFIELD Arthur Henry Rutlidge?
Census1881FOSTER Sarah?
Census1891CHATFIELD Matilda A?

207 Harold Rd, Clive Vale

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1916BRISTOW Robert?

22 Prospect Place

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861BAYLEY Arthur Edward?
Census1861BAYLEY William?
Census1861REEVES Elizabeth Sarah?

3 Carpenters Passage

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851CHATFIELD Charles?
Census1851PHILLIPS Mary (33)?
Census1851CHATFIELD John (32)?

3 Tassells Cott Pt., All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1881BARTON Alice Harriet Maud?
Census1881BARTON David John?
Census1881BARTON Ann Winifred?
Census1881BARTON John David?

31 Bourne St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851FUGGLE Edward?

32 Havelock Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Edwin?
Census1881CHATFIELD Charlotte?
Census1881CHATFIELD Ann?
Census1881CHATFIELD Rachel?
Census1881MANN Rachel?

32 Havelock Road

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Rachel?

33 High St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death26 June 1881CHATFIELD Henry (8)?

33 High Street

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Census1861CHATFIELD Henry (8)?
Census1911CHATFIELD Jane?

34 Wellington Square

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death23 December 1928FUNNELL Herbert?

39 Whitefriars Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1911BAYLEY Eva Florence Nellie?
Census1911BAYLEY Arthur William?
Census1911BAYLEY Arthur William?
Census1911COX Emma?

4 Bourne St., All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861COLEMAN Emily?
Census1861PAGE James?
Census1861PAGE James?
Census1861PAGE Issue 5?

4 Commercial Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851BREACH Frances Louisa Robertson?
Census1851BREACH Maria Love Robertson?
Census1851BREACH William?

4 Ebenezer Villas, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891PAGE Harry?
Census1891CHATFIELD Maud Mary?
Census1891PAGE James?
Census1891PAGE James Frederick?

4 Hope Cottages, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Edwin?
Census1861CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1861MANN Rachel?
Census1861CHATFIELD Joseph?
Census1861CHATFIELD Charles William?
Census1861CHATFIELD Ann?
Census1861CHATFIELD John?
Census1861CHATFIELD Rachel?
Census1861CHATFIELD Edwin?

4 St Marys Rd., St Mary in Castle

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Charlotte Emily?
Census1891CHATFIELD Harriett Rachel?
Census1891CHATFIELD Ellen Ethel?
Census1891METCALF Harriet?
Census1891CHATFIELD John?
Census1891CHATFIELD Albert Edward?
Census1891CHATFIELD Beatrice Maud?
Census1891CHATFIELD John Edwin?

4 St Marys Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1905GOOD \ CHATFIELD Ivy Elizabeth?
Residence1907WARD \ CHATFIELD William John?
Census1911WARD \ CHATFIELD William John?
Census1911CHATFIELD William?
Census1911GOOD Mary Jane?
Census1911WOOD \ CHATFIELD Leonard Henry?
Census1911GOOD \ CHATFIELD Ivy Elizabeth?

41 High St., St Clements

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871CHATFIELD Matilda A?

42 White Rock Pl.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891STRANGE Francis Thompson?
Census1891BOOBBYER Charlotte Matilda Roussell?
Census1891STRANGE Frank Edward?

4th House, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1841? Sarah?
Census1841FOSTER Robert?

59 Bourne Walk

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891BAYLEY Florence Ann?
Census1891BARTON Sarah Bridget?
Census1891BAYLEY Arthur William?
Census1891BAYLEY Arthur Edward?
Census1891BAYLEY Nellie?
Census1891BAYLEY Charles Robert?
Census1891BAYLEY Wallace?

6 Robertson Terrace

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Jane?

6 South Terrace

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881WOOD Albert Frederick?

66 Stonefield Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881STEVENSON Hariett Louisa?
Census1881TUTT Benjamin?

69 All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851BREACH Harriet?
Census1851BREACH Mark?
Census1851HAYWARD Harriet?
Census1851BREACH James Joseph?
Census1851BREACH Henry?
Census1851BREACH Caroline?
Census1851BREACH Charles?
Census1851BREACH Frances Louise?
Census1851BREACH Elizabeth?
Census1851BREACH William?

7 Stratford Pl.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871STRANGE Leonard?
Census1871STRANGE Francis Thompson?
Census1871BOOBBYER Charlotte Matilda Roussell?
Census1871STRANGE Florence Lotty?
Census1871STRANGE Lilian?

70 Stonefield Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Charles John?
Census1881BAKER LUSTED Elizabeth?
Census1881CHATFIELD Charles William?

79 Ashburnham Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891HUNT Sarah?
Census1891GOLDING Emily Maud?
Census1891GOLDING Samuel?

8 East Hill Pass

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881FARROLL Charlotte Ann?

8-10 Havelock Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891GOOD Mary Jane?

80 All Saints St

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1916BRISTOW Percy Albun?

9 Breeds Place, St Mary In The Castle

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861STRANGE Alfred Wellesley?
Census1861BOOBBYER Charlotte Matilda Roussell?
Census1861STRANGE Leonard?
Census1861STRANGE Francis Thompson?
Census1861STRANGE Lilian?
Census1861STRANGE Florence Lotty?

Alexandra Park, St Matthew

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901METCALF Matilda?
Census31 March 1901PEDDLESDEN Alfred?

All Saints Church, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening14 August 1867WOOD Arthur?

All Saints Place, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CUTTING Ellen?
Census1861HIDE Jason Caleb?
Census1861HIDE Joseph Edward?

All Saints St., All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851COUSENS \ COUSSINS Frances?
Census1851/1861TYHURST Emma?
Census1861FOSTER Ann?
Census1851/1861COUSSENS John?
Census1851/1861COUSSENS Elias?
Census1861FOORD Robert Charles?
Census1861FARROLL George?
Census1881HIDE Joseph Edward?
Census1891FOSTER Ann?
Census1891FOSTER Mary Ann?
Census31 March 1901WOOD Eliza?
Census31 March 1901BUTTENSHAW Hettey?
Census31 March 1901WOOD Arthur?
Census31 March 1901WOOD Ethel?
Census31 March 1901WOOD Kate?
Census31 March 1901BUTTENSHAW Frances Annie?
Census31 March 1901WHYBORN Sarah Jemima?

All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Alexander?
Christening?KENT Issue 7?
Christening?KENT John Spencer?
Marriage1656FOORD John with SMITH Mary?
Marriage27 December 1660SPARROW John (562) with FAUTELY Margery (563)?
Christening22 September 1662SPARROW Margret?
Christening1668SPARROW John?
Christening27 May 1673SPARROW Dorothy?
Christening27 May 1673SPARROW Elizabeth (281)?
Christening27 September 1678SPARROW Anne?
Marriage13 April 1699CHATFIELD Alexander with VENNES \ VENREE Mary?
Christening14 August 1706GALLOP Mary?
Christening31 December 1709HIDE John (140)?
Burial28 November 1726SPARROW Elizabeth (281)?
Christening17 February 1733GOURLEY Grace?
Marriage12 June 1733BURCHETT John with GALLOP Mary?
Marriage19 August 1736CHATFIELD Thomas with GIBSON Hannah?
Christening2 November 1737BURCHETT John?
Christening12 March 1741SIMMONDS Richard?
Christening10 September 1747AILESBURY Thomas?
Christening1 December 1751SIMMONDS Elizabeth?
Birth1751SIMMONDS Elizabeth?
Marriage13 November 1761HIDE Thomas (70) with PAIN Sarah (71)?
Christening29 September 1762HIDE Sarah?
Burial1763WILLIS Elizabeth?
Marriage17 February 1765FOORD John with GOURLEY Grace?
Christening26 March 1769HIDE Martha?
Marriage7 October 1770CHATFIELD John (64) with SIMMONDS Sarah (65)?
Marriage8 May 1771SIMMONDS John with STAR Martha?
Burial26 July 1771HIDE Thomas?
Burial3 December 1773HIDE Sarah?
Christening31 March 1776CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Marriage8 June 1779PHILLIPS John (66) with FRIFT (FRIST OR THRIFT) Mary (67)?
Christening9 June 1782FOSTER Robert?
Christening2 July 1782CHATFIELD John (32)?
Christening12 June 1784CHATFIELD Mary Anne?
Burial26 July 1784BURCHETT John?
Birth1784CHATFIELD Mary Anne?
Marriage16 December 1785CHATFIELD John with BURCHETT Unity?
Burial6 April 1786SOLOMON Unity?
Burial20 September 1791PAIN Sarah (71)?
Christening26 October 1791CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Marriage6 July 1797BREACH William with CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Marriage22 December 1801CHATFIELD John (32) with PHILLIPS Mary (33)?
Burial27 December 1801STAR Martha?
Burial1801FOORD John?
Christening17 January 1802CHATFIELD John?
Christening13 November 1803WELFARE Elizabeth (17)?
Burial11 April 1805HIDE Elizabeth (35)?
Christening11 April 1805WELFARE Mary?
Christening25 June 1806CHATFIELD George Austen?
Birth26 July 1809CHATFIELD Matilda?
Marriage1809WELFARE Stephen (34) with GRIFFEN Adelina \ Addeylina?
Burial22 April 1810WELFARE Thomas?
Christening15 August 1810CHATFIELD Henry (16)?
Birth1810CHATFIELD Henry (16)?
Christening20 May 1812KENT John?
Christening29 September 1813HIDE Joseph Edward?
Christening2 January 1814CHATFIELD James?
Birth7 March 1815WELFARE Ann?
Burial8 December 1817CHATFIELD Sarah?
BurialSeptember 1819CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Christening29 March 1820CHATFIELD Alexander?
Christening21 June 1820CHATFIELD Edwin?
Burial16 June 1821CHATFIELD Harriet?
Birth1 December 1821WELFARE Jane?
Burial26 August 1822SIMMONDS Sarah (65)?
Christening15 September 1822CHATFIELD Charles?
Burial20 February 1823GOURLEY Grace?
Christening12 October 1825CHATFIELD Alfred?
Christening2 November 1825COUSENS \ COUSSINS Frances?
Christening5 April 1826CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Death22 July 1826CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
BurialJuly 1826CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Christening9 August 1826CHATFIELD Charles?
Birth1826CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Burial29 May 1827CHATFIELD Alfred?
Christening7 November 1827CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth1827CHATFIELD Jane?
Christening1828FOSTER John?
Christening1828GEERING James?
Marriage29 June 1829CHATFIELD John with FOSTER Sarah?
Christening14 May 1830CHATFIELD Harriet?
Christening6 October 1830CHATFIELD Harriet?
Christening3 November 1830CHATFIELD Charlotte Maria?
Birth1830CHATFIELD Charlotte Maria?
Birth1830CHATFIELD Harriet?
Birth1830CHATFIELD Harriet?
Christening26 September 1832CHATFIELD Sarah?
Christening12 December 1832CHATFIELD Matilda?
Birth1832CHATFIELD Matilda?
Birth1832CHATFIELD Sarah?
Burial21 December 1833CHATFIELD Sarah?
Marriage22 September 1834BUMSTEAD James with CHATFIELD Mary?
Christening26 November 1834CHATFIELD Matilda A?
Marriage15 December 1834CHATFIELD James with WILDEN \ WILDING Diana?
Marriage30 November 1835CHATFIELD Alfred with MONCUR Mary?
Christening20 April 1836BUMSTEAD James?
Christening22 June 1836WINGFIELD Maria?
Christening12 August 1836CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Death19 August 1836CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
BurialAugust 1836CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Christening24 May 1837CHATFIELD John?
Burial9 September 1837CHATFIELD John?
Christening3 November 1837CHATFIELD Ellen?
Christening13 December 1837CHATFIELD Emma Elizabeth?
Christening15 August 1838CHATFIELD Frances Sarah?
Burial28 April 1841FOORD William?
Marriage9 May 1841HIDE Joseph Edward with CUTTING Ellen?
Christening23 June 1841CHATFIELD Ann?
Marriage1 May 1843CHATFIELD Edwin with MANN Rachel?
Birth22 September 1843CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth4 October 1843CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Marriage3 December 1843FOORD Robert with FOSTER Ann?
Marriage1843WELFARE Edward with SINDEN Mary Ann?
Marriage3 November 1844PAGE James with COLEMAN Emily?
Christening29 August 1845CHATFIELD Harriet?
Marriage29 September 1845CHATFIELD George with PICKERDEN Amelia?
Christening3 December 1845CHATFIELD Louisa?
Christening1845BREACH Mark?
Burial29 January 1846CHATFIELD Henry (16)?
Christening1846COUSSENS John?
Christening1846BREACH Charles?
Marriage1846FUNNELL Samson with WELFARE Jane?
Christening22 March 1848CHATFIELD Charles William?
Birth14 June 1848CHATFIELD William John?
Christening1848BREACH Henry?
Birth1848CHATFIELD Charles William?
Burial7 August 1849CHATFIELD James?
Marriage28 April 1850GEERING James with BUTTON Frances Elizabeth?
Marriage1850FARROLL George with COUSENS \ COUSSINS Frances?
Christening13 May 1851GEERING Frances Elizabeth?
Christening28 May 1851FOORD Robert Charles?
Marriage17 July 1851FOSTER John with CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1851FOSTER Robert?
Census1851? Sarah?
Census1851FARROLL George?
Marriage28 April 1853CHATFIELD Charles with KING Emily?
Birth13 July 1853CHATFIELD Maud Mary?
Marriage20 August 1853BARTON John David with CHATFIELD Harriet?
Marriage19 December 1853CHATFIELD James with RUTLIDGE Elizabeth?
Christening1853BREACH Edwin Thomas?
Christening1854FOSTER Roibert John?
Burial14 April 1855WELFARE Elizabeth (17)?
Christening2 May 1855CHATFIELD Rachel?
Death29 November 1856CHATFIELD Annie Maud?
Burial4 August 1857CHATFIELD Charles?
Christening9 June 1858FOSTER Jane?
Christening22 December 1858CHATFIELD Sarah Lucy?
Christening4 April 1860WHYBORN Arthur?
Christening10 November 1861FARROLL Charlotte Ann?
Census1861? Sarah?
Census1861COUSENS \ COUSSINS Frances?
Christening14 August 1864WHYBORN Frances Ann?
Burial26 August 1864CHATFIELD Lucy Susannah?
Christening1864WYNHALL George William?
Christening10 September 1865HYLAND Edwin George?
Burial9 February 1867CHATFIELD John (32)?
Burial9 March 1868CHATFIELD Alexander?
Death9 March 1868CHATFIELD Martha?
Burial15 March 1868CHATFIELD Frances Matilda?
Marriage5 April 1868CARROTT George Bridgeland with CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Marriage12 April 1868COUSSENS John with CHATFIELD Louisa?
Christening24 September 1868CHATFIELD Frances Matilda?
Christening1868FOSTER Charles William?
Burial12 April 1869COUSENS \ COUSSINS Frances?
Burial25 May 1869CHATFIELD Joseph?
Census1871CUTTING Ellen?
Census1871WHYBORN Eli?
Census1871WHYBORN Arthur?
Census1871GOLDING Samuel?
Census1871WHYBORN David John?
Census1871FOORD Robert?
Christening1871DITON Henry Thomas?
Census1871HUNT Sarah?
Census1871HIDE Joseph Edward?
Census1871FOORD Robert Charles?
Census1871CHATFIELD Frances Sarah?
Christening1871WYNHALL Ernest Arthur?
Census1871FARROLL George?
Census1871CHATFIELD George?
Census1871? Sarah?
Census1871WHYBORN Frances Ann?
Census1871WHYBORN John Arthur?
Census1871WHYBORN Sarah Jemima?
Census1871PICKERDEN Amelia?
Marriage25 February 1875PAGE James with CHATFIELD Maud Mary?
Marriage1876GEERING James Button with BERRY Ann?
Residence1876CHATFIELD James George?
Marriage10 February 1878CHATFIELD William John with SARGENT Agnes?
Christening1878CHATFIELD William John?
Census1881CURTIS Mary Emily?
Census1881PIPER Emily Jane?
Census1881PIPER William?
Christening6 June 1883CHATFIELD Agnes Sarah?
Marriage31 December 1888CHATFIELD Richard Thomas with CATT Eliza?
Christening10 December 1890CHATFIELD Florence Matilda?
Census1891COLEMAN James?
Christening9 July 1893BARTON John David?
Marriage13 June 1896CHATFIELD Arthur Henry Rutlidge with COOTER Louisa?
Census31 March 1901BUTTENSHAW Frances Annie?
Census1911WOOD Kate?
Census1911DITON Henry Thomas?
Census1911CHATFIELD Matilda A?
Census1911WHYBORN Sarah Jemima?
Census1911STACE Henry John?
Census1911OLDER James?
Census1911BARTON Alice Harriet Maud?
Census1911WOOD Eliza?
Census1911DITON Henry Thomas?
Census1911COLEMAN James?

Alma Terrace

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891PARSONS Ada?

Back 23 Hill St., St Clement

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Census1881CHATFIELD Ellen Rachel?
Census1881CHATFIELD Edwin James?
Census1881CHATFIELD Edwin?
Census1881CHATFIELD Annie Cordelia?
Census1881GLADWISH Cordelia?

Back Of, All Saints St., All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Census1851CHATFIELD Henry (8)?
Census1851WELFARE Elizabeth (17)?
Census1851CHATFIELD Jane?

Bexhill Rd., Bulverhithe

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CREASEY Lily?

Bossoms Square, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851CHATFIELD Frances Sarah?
Census1851CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Census1851CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1851CHATFIELD Ann?
Census1851CHATFIELD Louisa?
Census1851CHATFIELD Matilda A?
Census1851FOSTER Sarah?
Census1851CHATFIELD John?
Census1851CHATFIELD William John?

Bourne Passage, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851HIDE Jason Caleb?

Bourne Walk, St Clements

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Matilda A?

Brook St, St Andrew

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881METCALF Lester?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1867WYNHALL Nicholas John?
Birth1869WYNHALL Charles Benjamin?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage3 August 1888WOOD Albert Frederick with CHATFIELD Charlotte?

Church in the Woods, Hollington

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage27 November 1825CHATFIELD John with MANN Jane?
Marriage15 December 1830CHATFIELD Austin ? with HUMPHRIES Hannah?

Clive Vale Cong.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage24 June 1914BRIDGELAND Arthur Edward with CRAMP Orlow?

Collier Rd., St Clement

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901GOOD Rosa Jane?

Court House St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891FARROLL George?

Crown Row, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881WHYBORN James?
Census1881WHYBORN Arthur?
Census1881WHYBORN Rodolph?
Census1881CHATFIELD Frances Sarah?
Census1881WHYBORN Ann?
Census1881WHYBORN John Arthur?
Census1881WHYBORN William?
Census1881WHYBORN David John?
Census1881WHYBORN Eli?
Census1881WHYBORN Esther Lydia?

East Beach St., St Clement

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861GLADWISH Cordelia?
Census1861GLADWISH James?
Census1861UPTION Mary Ann?

East Hill Pass, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881FARROLL George?

East St., St Clements

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Ann?
Census1861CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Census1861CHATFIELD William John?
Census1861CHATFIELD Louisa?
Census1861CHATFIELD Matilda A?
Census1861FOSTER Sarah?
Census1861CHATFIELD John?

East Well, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861PECKHAM Lucy?
Census1861CHATFIELD Elizabeth Ann?
Census1861CHATFIELD Alexander Edward?
Census1861RUTLIDGE Elizabeth?
Census1861CHATFIELD James?
Census1861CHATFIELD James George?
Census1861CHATFIELD Alexander?

Elphinstone Rd., St Mary In The Castle

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881COUSSENS Elias?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage2 March 1859WHYBORN John Arthur with CHATFIELD Frances Sarah?

Foresters Arms, Sea Beach, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851CHATFIELD Alexander?
Census1851PECKHAM Lucy?

George St., St Clement

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851BRAGGE Nathaniel?
Census1851BRAGGE Newton?
Census1851WELFARE Ann?

Georges Rd., St Mary In The Castle

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901MEACHEN Bertha?
Census31 March 1901OLDER James?

Gilbert Cottages, St Clements

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Alfred?
Census1881CHATFIELD George?
Census1881PICKERDEN Amelia?

Hastings Cmtry & Crmtrm.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?DENDY Hazel Joan?
Burial21 January 1909CHATFIELD John?
Burial7 March 1931GOOD Mary Jane?
Burial30 October 2017CHATFIELD Anthony C?

Hastings Crmtrm.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial21 October 2019CHATFIELD Michael Harold?

High St., All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901COLEMAN James?
Census31 March 1901FOSTER Ann?

High St., St Clement

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891FUNNELL Herbert?
Census1891CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Census1891FUNNELL Ebenezer?
Census1891FUNNELL Grace?
Census1891FUNNELL Edith Mary?
Census31 March 1901FUNNELL Ebenezer?
Census31 March 1901FUNNELL Grace?
Census31 March 1901FUNNELL Elizabeth Anne?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Census31 March 1901FUNNELL Herbert?
Census31 March 1901FUNNELL Frederick?

High St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1838WELFARE Elizabeth (17)?
Census1891FUNNELL Elizabeth Anne?
Census1891FUNNELL Frederick?

Hill St., St Clement

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881GLADWISH James?
Census1881UPTION Mary Ann?

Holy Trinity Aka Priory

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Charlotte?

Hughenden Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891MEACHEN Bertha?
Census1891OLDER James?
Census1891OLDER Albert Henry?

John St., St Clement

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861FOSTER Ann?
Census1861FOSTER Roibert John?
Census1861CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1861FOSTER Jane?
Census1881DITON Lucy?
Census1881FOORD Robert?

Lavenders House, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891FOSTER John?

Lavenders House

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Harriet?

London Rd., St Clement

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861GOLDING Samuel?
Census1861HUNT Sarah?

Municipal Hospital

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death31 January 1947FUNNELL Frederick?

North Athelston Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CARROTT George Bridgeland?
Census1881CHATFIELD Elizabeth?

Norton House, St Clement

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881BAYLEY William?
Census1881REEVES Elizabeth Sarah?

Offa Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Edwin?
Census1891SUTTON Sarah Jane?

Old London Rd., St Clements

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851CHATFIELD Harriet?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth26 February 1804FOSTER William?
Birth12 June 1806FOSTER Sarah?
Birth6 October 1850BRIDGELAND Charles?
Birth1857PEDDLESDEN Alfred?
Birth1873/1890BRISTOW Issue 6?
Marriage1988MEPHAM Andrew Paul with SWANN Donna B J?

Plynlimmon Rd, St Mary In The Castle

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881HUNT Sarah?

Post Office Passage

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1852CHATFIELD Edwin?
Residence1852CHATFIELD John?

Priory Rd., Gatefield

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Charlotte?
Census1891CHATFIELD Ann?
Census1891WOOD Ethel Amelia?

Priory Rd., St Mary In The Castle

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891DRAY Mabel L?
Census1891DRAY Alfred?
Census1891LINE Sarah Ann?
Census1891DRAY Frank Charles?
Census1891DRAY Edgar Alfred?
Census31 March 1901DRAY Alfred?
Census31 March 1901DRAY Frank Charles?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Ann?
Census31 March 1901DRAY Alfred?
Census31 March 1901DRAY Mabel L?

Rock A Nore Rd., All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891DITON Lucy?
Census1891FOORD Robert?

Royal East Sussex Hospital

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death12 June 1961OLDER Albert Henry?

Simmon's Cottage, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD George?

Sinnocks Square

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1838CHATFIELD Henry (16)?

St Andrew

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage23 March 1957CHATFIELD Denis J with SMITH Elizabeth Patricia?

St Andrews

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1 October 1878CHATFIELD John with METCALF Harriet?
Christening30 November 1879CHATFIELD Harriett Rachel?
Christening27 March 1881CHATFIELD John Edwin?
Christening29 January 1882CHATFIELD Albert Edward?
Christening27 May 1883CHATFIELD Ellen Ethel?
Christening30 March 1884CHATFIELD Florence Catherine L?
Christening31 May 1885CHATFIELD Charlotte Emily?

St Clement, Sussex

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871CURTIS Mary Emily?
Census1871PIPER William?
Census1881PIPER Emily Jane?

St Clement

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening?FOORD John?
Christening?CHATFIELD William?
Burial?CHATFIELD George?
Birth?EMARY William?
Christening?FOORD Issue 10?
Christening?CHATFIELD Clara Jessie?
Burial?CHATFIELD Lydia?
Burial?CHATFIELD Mary?
Marriage13 June 1567HENLEY William with CHATFIELD Jone?
Marriage11 April 1580CHATFELD Thomas with WRIGHT Agnes?
Marriage30 April 1584TURNER Edward with CHATFELD Agnes?
Christening2 October 1670SPARROW Mary?
Christening15 September 1676SPARROW Anne?
Christening26 September 1680CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1680CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening30 September 1705WOODFORD Elizabeth?
Christening10 September 1709WOODFORD \ WOODFER Richard?
Birth1709WOODFORD \ WOODFER Richard?
Marriage13 January 1719COLEMAN John with HOAR Elizabeth?
Christening11 December 1720COLEMAN Sarah?
Christening1726COLEMAN John?
Marriage25 February 1727FOORD John with MATTHEWS Elizabeth?
Marriage14 June 1732CHATFIELD Alexander with WOODFORD Elizabeth?
Christening15 October 1733CHATFIELD Mark?
Christening6 January 1735FOORD Martha?
Christening22 February 1737CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening12 October 1740CHATFIELD Allick \ Alleck?
Christening20 October 1741CHATFIELD John?
Christening20 October 1741CHATFIELD Mary?
Marriage7 April 1743EDWARDS Richard with COLEMAN Sarah?
Christening14 December 1743EDWARDS Ann?
Christening19 October 1744EDWARDS Mary?
Christening19 October 1744EDWARDS Sarah?
Christening19 March 1745EDWARDS Elizabeth?
Christening1745SIMMONDS John?
Burial11 August 1747FOORD John?
Christening19 August 1747EDWARDS Ann?
Christening1747SIMMONDS William?
Christening21 December 1748EDWARDS Hannah?
Birth1748EDWARDS Hannah?
Christening27 November 1749SIMMONDS Mary?
Christening1749SIMMONDS George?
Christening1750COLEMAN John?
Christening1750EDWARDS John?
Marriage3 December 1756CHATFIELD Mark with FOORD Martha?
Marriage1756FOORD John with WILLIS Elizabeth?
Marriage5 January 1757BURCHETT John with SOLOMON Unity?
Christening20 May 1757CHATFIELD Alexander?
Burial27 March 1758CHATFIELD Alexander?
Christening21 December 1758CHATFIELD Mark?
Burial29 December 1758CHATFIELD Mark?
Christening19 August 1759BURCHETT James?
Christening31 October 1759CHATFIELD Martha?
Christening1760FOORD William?
Christening12 April 1761BURCHETT Unity?
Christening29 January 1762CHATFIELD John?
Christening1 March 1764CHATFIELD Alexander?
Christening1 March 1764CHATFIELD Mark?
Burial7 March 1764CHATFIELD Mark?
Burial20 March 1764CHATFIELD Alexander?
Christening27 June 1765CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening9 May 1766BURCHETT Elizabeth?
Christening1767HIDE Thomas?
Christening9 May 1768CHATFIELD Alexander?
Marriage1 October 1770AILESBURY Thomas with SIMMONDS Mary?
Marriage4 November 1770SIMMONDS Richard with EDWARDS Hannah?
Christening9 December 1770BURCHETT John?
Christening30 June 1771CHATFIELD George?
Marriage1771GALLOP James with SIMMONDS Elizabeth?
Christening1771HIDE Maria?
Birth1771SIMMONDS Richard?
Burial10 June 1772MATTHEWS Elizabeth?
Birth1772SIMMONDS John?
Burial18 August 1773CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening6 February 1774CHATFIELD Sarah?
Christening17 July 1774SIMMONDS Hannah?
Birth1774SIMMONDS Hannah?
Christening1775HIDE Thomas?
Birth1776SIMMONDS Sarah?
Christening26 January 1777HIDE Elizabeth (35)?
Christening1777HIDE Thomas?
Birth1778SIMMONDS George?
Christening4 April 1779CHATFIELD Alexander?
Christening8 April 1781SIMMONDS Ann?
Christening22 June 1781PHILLIPS Mary (33)?
Marriage1781FOORD John with MOORE Mansel?
Birth1781SIMMONDS Ann?
Birth1783SIMMONDS Thomas?
Marriage3 November 1784LESTER John with CHATFIELD Martha?
Christening29 December 1786CHATFIELD Martha?
Christening4 July 1788CHATFIELD Alexander?
Christening1794SIMMONDS William Marchand?
Christening1800SIMMONDS Richard?
Christening1801BREACH William?
Christening1801CHATFIELD Mark?
Christening5 November 1802BREACH Elizabeth?
Marriage13 November 1802WELFARE Stephen (34) with HIDE Elizabeth (35)?
DeathMarch 1803EDWARDS Richard?
Christening12 August 1803CHATFIELD Harriet?
Christening13 May 1804MANN Jane?
Christening1804BREACH John?
Christening1804SIMMONDS James?
Christening26 September 1806BREACH Ann?
Marriage15 June 1807CHATFIELD Alexander with PECKHAM Lucy?
Christening4 March 1808CHATFIELD John?
Christening11 March 1808CHATFIELD Jane?
Christening9 September 1808CHATFIELD Mark Pearson?
Christening6 April 1810CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Christening7 September 1810BREACH Ann?
Christening21 February 1812BREACH Sarah?
Marriage6 December 1812PEARSON Charles with CHATFIELD Martha?
Christening13 August 1813BREACH William?
Christening14 October 1814CHATFIELD Sarah?
Christening24 February 1815BREACH Mark?
Marriage8 December 1816KENT John Spencer with AYESBURY Elizabeth?
Christening1816BAYLEY William?
Christening2 May 1817CHATFIELD Harriet?
Christening31 October 1817CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Burial30 July 1819BURCHETT Unity?
Burial1821CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening14 June 1822PICKERDEN Amelia?
Christening12 July 1822MANN Rachel?
Burial30 September 1822BREACH John?
Birth1822MANN Rachel?
Marriage26 June 1823GEERING James with BREACH Elizabeth?
Burial12 June 1827EDWARDS Hannah?
DeathJune 1827EDWARDS Hannah?
Marriage6 August 1827MOON William with CHATFIELD Harriet?
Burial18 March 1829CHATFIELD Jane?
Death18 May 1829CHATFIELD John?
Burial18 May 1829CHATFIELD John?
Christening22 May 1829UPTION Mary Ann?
Christening12 June 1829BARTON John David?
Christening4 February 1831GEERING John Breach?
Christening23 November 1832CHATFIELD Eliza?
Christening24 May 1833GEERING Mary Ann?
Marriage9 June 1833BREACH William with HAYWARD Harriet?
Burial21 September 1833CHATFIELD Matilda?
DeathSeptember 1833CHATFIELD Matilda?
Christening4 October 1833BREACH Jane Caroline?
Christening28 November 1834CHATFIELD Eliza?
Christening20 January 1837BREACH Caroline?
Christening6 April 1838BUMSTEAD George James?
Marriage16 April 1838CHATFIELD Henry (16) with WELFARE Elizabeth (17)?
Christening25 May 1838BREACH John Alfred?
Christening22 June 1838GEERING William?
Christening28 December 1838CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening15 November 1839CHATFIELD Alfred John?
Christening3 January 1840CHATFIELD Jane?
Christening9 October 1840GEERING Ann Maria?
Christening19 December 1840CHATFIELD Edwin?
Christening3 September 1841CHATFIELD Henry (8)?
Census1841GEERING James?
Christening29 April 1842BREACH Elizabeth?
Christening10 June 1842CHATFIELD Edwin?
Christening12 August 1842CHATFIELD Mary?
Christening5 May 1843GEERING Emma?
Christening6 October 1843BREACH William?
Christening1 March 1844CHATFIELD Jane?
Burial5 December 1846GEERING James?
BurialDecember 1846CHATFIELD Alfred John?
Burial1846ARCHIBALD Mary?
Marriage1847PARKER James with BREACH Elizabeth?
Christening2 March 1849CHATFIELD Lydia?
Burial15 September 1849CHATFIELD John?
Death19 October 1849CHATFIELD Lydia?
Christening2 July 1852FOSTER Frances Ellen?
Birth26 October 1852CHATFIELD John?
Christening17 December 1852CHATFIELD John?
Burial1852WILDEN \ WILDING Diana?
Christening17 June 1853CHATFIELD Alfred?
Death5 December 1854BREACH William?
Christening8 December 1854CHATFIELD James George?
Burial11 December 1854BREACH William?
Christening15 December 1854BREACH Sarah Ann?
Christening9 November 1855CHATFIELD Annie Maud?
Burial1855CHATFIELD Eliza?
Christening8 October 1858BARTON David John?
Christening11 November 1859CHATFIELD Ann?
Christening20 June 1861CHATFIELD Charlotte?
Christening13 December 1861CHATFIELD Alexander Edward?
Christening28 February 1862WOOD Albert Frederick?
Christening5 December 1862FOSTER John Henry?
Marriage13 January 1863FUNNELL Samson with CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening22 May 1863WHYBORN Sarah Jemima?
Christening31 July 1863CHATFIELD Lucy Susannah?
Christening15 July 1864CHATFIELD Sarah Jane?
Christening16 September 1864FOSTER John?
Christening22 December 1865CHATFIELD Richard Thomas?
Christening21 December 1866FOSTER Ellen Victoria?
Christening30 October 1868CHATFIELD William Rutlidge?
Christening8 April 1870CHATFIELD Rachel Rebecca?
Census1871CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Census1871MONCUR Mary?
Census1871? Jane?
Census1871CHATFIELD Alfred?
Census1871BRAGGE Newton?
Census1871MITTEN Joseph?
Census1871MITTEN Edward James?
Census1871CHATFIELD Henry (8)?
Census1871CHATFIELD Clara Jessie?
Census1871WOOD Thomas?
Census1871WOOD James?
Census1871FUNNELL Samson?
Census1871BRAGGE Nathaniel?
Census1871GLADWISH Cordelia?
Census1871FUNNELL Edith Mary?
Census1871FUNNELL Ebenezer?
Census1871FUNNELL Stephen?
Census1871WOOD Albert Frederick?
Census1871SANDERS Amelia?
Census1871UPTION Mary Ann?
Census1871CHATFIELD Alfred?
Census1871WELFARE Ann?
Census1871GLADWISH James?
Census1871FUNNELL Samuel?
Census1871FUNNELL Grace?
Marriage10 September 1872ADAMS James with CHATFIELD Clara Jessie?
Marriage1872FOORD Robert with DITON Lucy?
Christening3 September 1876CHATFIELD Laura Edith?
Marriage1876BAYLEY Arthur Edward with BARTON Sarah Bridget?
Christening16 May 1879CHATFIELD Charles John?
Census1881CHATFIELD Jane?
Christening4 December 1891WHYBORN Ann?
Birth28 April 1905COOPER Richard Thomas Chatfield?

St Clements

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening8 March 1750STAR Martha?
Marriage1 September 1835COUSSENS Elias with TYHURST Emma?
Christening22 May 1863WYNHALL Sarah Charity?

St Georges Rd., St Mary In The Castle

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881WYNHALL Maud Mary?
Census1881WYNHALL Charles Benjamin?
Census1881WYNHALL Ernest Arthur?
Census1881WYNHALL Nicholas John?
Census1881WYNHALL Nicholas James?
Census1881WYNHALL Maud Mary?
Census1881WYNHALL George William?

St Georges Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891GLADWISH James?
Census1891PHILLIPS Jane?

St Helens Rd., St Mary In The Castle

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881COUSSENS Elias Owen?
Census1881CHATFIELD Louisa?
Census1881COUSSENS Nelly \ Nellie?
Census1881COUSSENS Edward?
Census1881COUSSENS John?
Census1881COUSSENS Louisa Edith?
Census1881COUSSENS Emma Ann?
Census1881COUSSENS Florence?

St Helens, Ore

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BENNETT Sarah?
Burial?FOSTER John?

St James Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891WYNHALL George William?
Census1891STEVENSON Elizabeth?
Census1891WYNHALL Nicholas James?
Census1891WYNHALL Nicholas John?
Census1891WYNHALL Ernest Arthur?

St Johns Church, Hollington

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage20 October 1956MEPHAM Brian L with HARRIS Marie Ann?

St Leonards

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1868CARROTT Alice Bridgeland?
Birth1869CARROTT George Bridgeland?
Death27 April 1871FOSTER William?
Birth1872CARROTT John Bridgeland?
Death1875CARROTT Lizzie Bridgeland?
Birth1878CARROTT Florence Bridgeland?
Birth1878CARROTT Sarah Bridgeland?
Birth1879CARROTT Hannah Bridgeland?
Birth1881CARROTT Gertrude Bridgeland?
Birth1881CARROTT Mary Bridgeland?

St Mary In The Castle

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage3 October 1822NEALE John with CHATFIELD Mary Anne?
Residence1822SIMMONDS Sarah (65)?
Marriage5 June 1823BREACH William with ARCHIBALD Mary?
Marriage13 September 1867ANDERSON James with CHATFIELD Mary?
Census1871CHATFIELD Jane?
Census1871HIDE Jason Caleb?
Census1881STEVENSON Elizabeth?
Census1901MALLYON Daniel Alfred?
Census1901WOOD Albert Frederick?
Census1901WOOD Ethel Amelia?

St Mary Magdelen

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage21 March 1874CHATFIELD Charles William with BAKER LUSTED Elizabeth?

St Marys Chapel

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage21 April 1868HIDE Jason Caleb with CHATFIELD Jane?

St Marys Rd., St Mary in Castle

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Ellen Ethel?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Harriett Rachel?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Charlotte Emily?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Albert Edward?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD John?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Beatrice Maud?
Census31 March 1901METCALF Harriet?
Residence1909CHATFIELD John?

Stonefield Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Charles John?
Census1891BAKER LUSTED Elizabeth?
Census1891CHATFIELD Charles William?
Census1891CHATFIELD Florence Catherine L?

Sylvester Terrace, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881METCALF Matilda?
Census1881PEDDLESDEN Alfred?

Tackleway, All Saints

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891WHYBORN Sarah Jemima?
Census1891BUTTENSHAW Frances Annie?
Census1891BUTTENSHAW John Henry?
Census1891BUTTENSHAW Hettey?

Upper Marys Hill

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Annie Clara?

West Hill Villa, St Clement

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881BRAGGE Newton?
Census1881BRAGGE Nathaniel?
Census1881WELFARE Ann?

West St., St Clement

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901DITON Lucy?

Winding Lane, St Clement

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1841COUSSENS Elias?
Census1841TYHURST Emma?
Census1881WINGFIELD Maria?

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