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United States of America - CT Connecticut - Southwest Cmtry., Killingworth, Middlesex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Mercy or Marcy?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Spindle Hill, Wolcott, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death27 September 1808ALCOX \ ALCOTT John?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Spring Grove Cmtry., Hartford, Hartford Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BARKER William Ludlow Ballis?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Squantuck Cmtry., Seymour,New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?HOLBROOK Cyrus?
Burial?MANSFIELD Sally?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Squantuck, Seymour and Oxford - all in,New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence?WOOSTER Jane G?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - St James Episcopal Church, Derby, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening1 May 1757CHATFIELD Joel?
Christening1769GUNN Hannah?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - St Johns Cmtry., Monroe, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?MIKLOS Edward L?
Burial?MIKLOS Edward?
Burial?OLSEN Norma J?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - St Joseph's Cmtry., Bristol, Hartford Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?URSO Frances?
Burial25 August 2015CHATFIELD Susan M?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - St Josephs Old Catholic Cmtry., Winsted, Litchfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?ENGLISH Carmine Edward?
Burial?ENGLISH Rose E?
Burial?PIGNATO Grace?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - St Marys Cmtry., Hamden,New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Helen?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - St Michael Cmtry, Pawcatuck, New London Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BRADSHAW Margaret S?
Burial?CURTIN Thomas Patrick?
Burial?MOORE Margaret E?
Burial?CURTIN Thomas Bradshaw?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - St Michaels Cmtry., Bridgeport, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?JOY Edward Francis?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - St Pauls Cmtry., Norwalk, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CAMP Abraham St John?
Burial?CAMP Abraham Keeler?
Burial?ST JOHN Mary?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - St Peter, Milford, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening24 October 1847STRONG Edward Henry?
Christening16 June 1850STRONG Clarissa Chatfield?
Christening21 October 1855STRONG Sarah Maria \ Martha?
Christening23 August 1857STRONG Anna Pond?
Marriage3 June 1858CLOUGH Henry H with STRONG Caroline Merwin?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - St Peters Church, Oxford,New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?SPERRY Roxy?
Marriage29 JAN/JUN 1856SPERRY Lucius Perkins with CHATFIELD Emily C?
Marriage26 January 1868CHATFIELD Heber C with WOOSTER Jane G?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - St Peters Episcopal Church, Oxford, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening?CABLE Henry Roswell?
Christening?CABLE Frederick Alfred?
Burial?CABLE Glover Wheeler?
Burial?HATCH Huldah Elizabeth?
Christening27 June 1847CHATFIELD Julia?
Christening3 September 1848CABLE Hannah Jennette?
Marriage20 September 1851CHATFIELD Enos Beecher with SEYMOUR Mary Elizabeth?
Christening28 November 1854LEEK Elizabeth Amanda?
Christening30 August 1861CLARK Helen Marian?
Christening14 January 1864WARNER Charles Bennett?
Christening12 December 1865WARNER Arthur Gaius?
Christening31 May 1869WARNER Mary Louise?
Christening4 June 1871CHATFIELD Edward Russell?
Christening13 October 1871CHATFIELD Carrie Julia?
Birth15 July 1875CABLE Bessie Minerva?
Christening17 September 1880CABLE Julia Gertrude?
Christening6 January 1881CHATFIELD Mary Clark?
Christening16 April 1882CHATFIELD Ruth Wooster?
Christening16 April 1882CHATFIELD Thomas Heber?
Christening11 December 1882CABLE Nelson Miles?
Christening1 February 1885CABLE Emma Jeannette?
Christening28 October 1885CHATFIELD Josephine Harriet?
Christening12 August 1886CABLE Horace Scott?
Christening17 September 1888CABLE Lillian Clark?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - St Peters Episcopal Cmtry., Oxford, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?HUBBELL Charle T?
Burial?CHATFIELD Edwin?
Burial?WILLIAMS Alma Elizabeth?
Burial?WARD Susan Hepsie?
Burial?JAMES George Walter?
Burial?CHATFIELD George?
Burial?CHATFIELD Josephine Harriet?
Burial?CHATFIELD Divine?
Burial?CHATFIELD Clark Charles?
Burial?CHATFIELD Charles Smith?
Burial?CABLE Horace Scott?
Burial?DAVIS Burritt?
Burial?CABLE Emma Jeannette?
Burial?ROBINSON Pearl H?
Burial?PERRY Elizabeth Jane?
Burial?CHATFIELD Jennette?
Burial?CHATFIELD Alfred Bennett?
Burial?CHATFIELD Enos?
Burial?CHATFIELD Edith Lillian?
Burial?CHATFIELD William Everett?
Burial?WILLIAMS Alice Jane?
Burial?WOOSTER Mamre?
Burial?MURRAY Bridget?
Burial?HUBBELL Henry S?
Burial?CHATFIELD Thomas?
Burial?CABLE Julia Gertrude?
Burial?HUBBELL George Sperry?
Burial?TUTTLE Maria?
Burial?LEEK Frank Alonzo?
Burial?WILLIAMS Henry Perry?
Burial?HUBBELL Henry Murray?
Burial?OSBORN Sarah Electa?
Burial?CHATFIELD Edward Wales?
Burial?HUBBELL Mary Elizabeth?
Burial?CLARK Jane Eunice?
Burial?HINMAN Ransom B?
Burial1883WILLIAMS Nelson B?
Burial1886WILLIAMS Elsie Maria?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Stafford, Tolland Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth5 December 1793TORREY John?
Marriage1 May 1808CHATFIELD Lewis with GOULD Sally?
Birth14 April 1809CHATFIELD Susan?
Census1930/1940ADAMS Forrest Varney?
Census1930/1940O'BRIEN Mary Ellen?
Census1930/1940ADAMS John F?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Stamford, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth22 April 1802CLASON Joseph?
Census1900GOULD Mary B?
Census1900CHATFIELD Cyrus Harold?
Census1900CHATFIELD Harold Gould?
Death17 October 1927CHATFIELD Charlotte May?
Marriage11 October 1930CARTER Harold Gilbert with CHATFIELD Jeannette Marion?
Census1930CHATFIELD Frederick Loomis?
Census1930CHATFIELD Jeannette Marion?
Census1930COLBERT Lula M?
Death18 January 1940PIERPONT Ruel D?
Census1940CARTER Harold Gilbert?
Census1940CARTER Charles?
Census1940CARTER Gilbert?
Census1940CARTER Dorothy?
Census1940COLBERT Lula M?
Census1940CHATFIELD Jeannette Marion?
Residence1942CHATFIELD Frederick Loomis?
Death6 July 1963CHATFIELD Chester Hart?
Death27 December 1965CHATFIELD Charles Thurston?
Death13 September 1973CHATFIELD Robert Dawson?
Death11 December 1975HYER Lucy Vandegrift?
Residence1981CHATFIELD John Farquhar?
Residence1981HILLOCKS Beverley A?
Death6 April 1989MARKHAM Virginia?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - State Veterans Cmtry., Middletown, Middlesex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial28 April 2011OBAR Cecil Eldon?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Stepney Cmtry., Stepney, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BEARDSLEY Edwards S?
Burial?WHEELER Cora A?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Stepney, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth12 December 1853SEELEY Lucy Azetta?
Marriage12 April 1887WARNER Arthur Gaius with BOTSFORD Bertha Maria?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Stevenson, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth15 August 1848WOOSTER Jane G?
Birth23 October 1871FRENCH Frederick Jordan?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Still Hill Road, Hamden, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death14 July 1933DEMING Mary Elizabeth?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Stone House Cmtry., Killingworth, Middlesex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?GRISWOLD Ezanos?
Burial?CHATFIELD Mary?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Stonington, New London Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Lewis?
Burial?BURNES Harry Augustus?
Burial?CHATFIELD Curtis?
Burial?? Clarissa?
Burial?CURTISS Charles Birdseye?
Birth14 February 1738PALMER Joseph?
Birth2 June 1760PALMER Jared?
Birth17 December 1762CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth1773PALMER Barbara?
Birth5 March 1778GRANT Joshua?
Birth28 August 1793AVERY Zipporah?
Death15 September 1953BRADSHAW Edward Joseph?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Stony Creek, Branford, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1 September 1937FLANDERS Percy Waldo with SHEFFER Ethel Lurlie Drew?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Storrs Cmtry., Storrs Mansfield, Tolland Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?PATTERSON Henry Sherman?
Burial?WOOSTER Estella B?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Storrs Mansfield, Tolland Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth2 June 1901GARRIGUS Elsie May?
Birth7 January 1903GARRIGUS Howard Sherman?
Birth17 April 1905GARRIGUS Russell Milton?
Birth16 June 1909GARRIGUS Wesley Patterson?
Death16 August 1935GARRIGUS Ralph Henry?
Death12 June 1941PATTERSON Bertha May?
Death10 July 1968GARRIGUS Harry Lucian?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Storrs New Cmtry., Storrs, Tolland Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?GARRIGUS Elsie May?
Burial?MILLER Frank Pierpont?
Burial?TYLER Olive P?
Burial?GARRIGUS Ralph Henry?
Burial?GARRIGUS Upson Stanley?
Burial?PATTERSON Bertha May?
Burial?MILLER Jessie G?
Burial?GARRIGUS Harry Lucian?
Burial?GARRIGUS Russell Milton?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Stratford, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth24 February 1642HARGER Jabez?
Birth1648WILCOX(SON) Obadiah?
Birth10 May 1658COE John?
Birth16 July 1663HAWLEY Mary?
Birth23 February 1668HARGER Anna?
Marriage20 December 1682COE John with HAWLEY Mary?
Marriage1689WILCOX(SON) Obadiah with MANSFIELD Silence?
Birth3 April 1699JOHNSON Hannah?
Birth18 August 1704COE Ebenezer?
Birth2 September 1705BLAKEMAN Mary?
Christening4 November 1705LEAVENWORTH Ann?
Birth15 December 1705LAKE Edward?
Christening19 May 1706LAKE Edward?
Birth5 October 1709HINMAN Ebenezer?
Birth18 September 1729COE John?
Marriage14 June 1731LAKE Edward with LEAVENWORTH Ann?
Death9 September 1731HAWLEY Mary?
Birth23 May 1737LAKE Abigail?
Birth2 October 1737CHATFIELD Zerviah?
Birth11 February 1739HUBBELL Timothy?
Birth21 June 1739LAKE Gersholm?
Birth2 March 1741LAKE Andrew?
Death19 April 1741COE John?
Birth25 January 1742HINMAN Ebenezer Eben?
Birth15 February 1752TOMLINSON Levi?
Birth29 October 1753HINMAN Hannah?
Death26 March 1766COE Ebenezer?
Death23 May 1773BLAKEMAN Mary?
Birth1 July 1773LAKE Huldah?
Death25 December 1779REDFIELD Abigail?
Birth21 March 1796CABLE Roswell?
Birth25 June 1816HOSKINS Sarah?
Birth1821CHATFIELD Mary E?
Death30 June 1836CHATFIELD David?
Birth9 August 1836BLAKEMAN James H?
Birth20 November 1839CURTISS Charles Birdseye?
Marriage14 June 1843STRONG William with CHATFIELD Mary E?
Birth13 May 1844STRONG George Lewis?
Birth20 March 1845STRONG John Lewis?
BirthOctober 1846STRONG Mary E?
Birth1 February 1847STRONG Edward Henry?
Residence1850? Clarissa?
Residence1850CHATFIELD Lewis?
Birth11 July 1855STRONG Sarah Maria \ Martha?
BirthJanuary 1856STRONG Fanny Louise?
Birth27 February 1857STRONG Anna Pond?
Birth27 January 1858COE Nettie?
Birth16 July 1859STRONG William Brown?
Census1860STRONG George Lewis?
Census1860STRONG Mary E?
Census1860CHATFIELD Mary E?
Census1860STRONG Fanny Louise?
Census1860STRONG William Brown?
Census1860STRONG William?
Death1 October 1861STRONG John Lewis?
Death25 August 1879CHATFIELD Nancy?
Residence1880CURTISS Charles Birdseye?
Census1880CHATFIELD Mary E?
Residence1880STRONG Mary E?
Census1880STRONG Sarah Maria \ Martha?
Census1880STRONG William?
Residence1900CURTISS Charles Birdseye?
Census1900STRONG Sarah Maria \ Martha?
Residence1900CURTISS Pauline Strong?
Death19 January 1905STRONG Edward Henry?
Birth23 March 1905AITKEN Mildred?
Census1910STRONG William Brown?
Death24 January 1912CURTISS Charles Birdseye?
Birth2 February 1914BURNES Betty?
Birth12 September 1920TERENZO Caroline Theresa?
Residence1920FULLER Charles M?
Death1935BEARD Nellie Elizabeth?
Residence1940BURNES Betty?
Residence1940SANDERS Issue 2?
Residence1940SANDERS James S?
Residence1940CURTISS Pauline Strong?
Census1940STRONG Sarah Maria \ Martha?
DeathMarch 1969CURTISS Pauline Strong?
Residence1983UGOLIK Lorraine M?
Marriage2 July 1994HARRIS Paul E with CHATFIELD Brenda Carol?
Marriage17 July 1999MIKLOS Edward L with CHATFIELD Chelle Lyn?
Death20 September 2015MIKLOS Edward L?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Suffield, Hartford Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth24 July 1748KING Palitiah?
Birth5 July 1753ARCHER Elizabeth?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Thirty Mile Island Plantation Burial Yard, Haddam, Middlesex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?ARNOLD Joseph?
Burial?SMITH Susannah?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Thomaston, Litchfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth21 June 1879CURTIS Phebe T?
Census1880CHATFIELD Henry King?
Census1880SOUTHEY Frances Dorothea?
Death1 February 1885SOUTHEY Frances Dorothea?
Death7 March 1895CHATFIELD Maria?
Census1930? Frederica?
Census1930CHATFIELD Lucius H?
Census1940CHATFIELD Lucius H?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Thomaston/Plymouth, Litchfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth7 December 1859WARNER Florence Electa?
Marriage12 October 1913CHATFIELD Albert Isiah with WARNER Florence Electa?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Tolland Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth6 March 1922GARRIGUS Ralph Henry?
Divorce22 September 1972ZEAMAN John D with ? Lynn?
Death14 December 1986CHATFIELD Katherine?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Tolland, Tolland Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1820CHATFIELD Uriah John?
Death1943FINKLE Charles Henry?
Death19 August 2015CHATFIELD Susan M?
Residence2015LABIENIEC Ryan?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Tolland, Tolland Twnship,Tolland Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth17 April 1765GROVER Mehittable?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Torrington, Litchfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?KELM Issue 3?
Death?KELM Issue 3?
Birth23 August 1870NORTON Henry O?
Census1870WOOSTER Estella B?
Census1870WOOSTER Effie?
Census1870WOOSTER Hollis?
Census1870WHITNEY Esther Betsy?
Census1870WOOSTER Antoinette E?
Census1870WOOSTER Polly?
Birth12 July 1871NORTON Frederick Edwin?
Birth28 February 1876NORTON Rebecca E?
Birth4 September 1881PATTERSON Bertha May?
BirthDecember 1883BRAMAN Grace R?
Death16 June 1891WHITNEY Esther Betsy?
Death24 January 1895ADT John (Johann)?
Death1 March 1899NORTON Frederick Edwin?
Death5 March 1899CURTIS Phebe T?
Census1900WOOSTER Polly?
Census1900WOOSTER Hollis?
Census1900? Frederica?
Census1900CHATFIELD Lucius H?
Residence1900? Elvina H?
Census1900CHATFIELD Howard Henry?
Marriage26 November 1901CABLE Henry Roswell with BEACH Cora Mae?
Death8 September 1902KARMANN Elisabeth?
Marriage18 February 1903CABLE Frederick Alfred with ALMAS Ethel Maud?
Birth29 September 1903NEWBURY Emeline Gilbert?
Census1900/1910WOOSTER Homer L?
Death13 August 1917WOOSTER Hollis?
Birth1918CHATFIELD Elizabeth N?
Census1920CABLE Walter Roswell?
Census1920CABLE Glover H?
Census1920CABLE Chauncey H?
Census1920CABLE Henry Roswell?
Census1920CABLE Catherine E?
Census1920BEACH Cora Mae?
Census1920CABLE Harriet A?
Census1920CABLE Leland B?
Census1920/1930WOOSTER Homer L?
Death5 August 1947NORTON Rebecca E?
Death20 January 1953CHATFIELD Thurber Redmayne?
Death27 December 1954NEWBURY Edgar Bennett?
Death15 May 1956ALMAS Ethel Maud?
Death17 April 1958LEAMEY Mary E?
Death1 November 1964KELM Ferdinand?
Death23 October 1989TKACS Michael A?
Death3 March 1990BAKER Florence Mae Tibbetts?
Residence1990BAKER Florence Mae Tibbetts?
Death9 December 1991CHATFIELD Thurber Redmayne?
Death23 March 1993NEWBURY Emeline Gilbert?
Marriage6 October 2001LAMERE Steven R with HILBERT Diane M?
Death17 April 2004DAIGNEAULT Kathleen M?
Residence2009ENGLISH Rose E?
Death2017CHAMBERLAIN Bruce E?
Residence2018CHATFIELD Constance Elizabeth?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Trinity Cmtry., Seymour, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD John Edwards?
Burial?CHATFIELD Leman?
Burial?CHATFIELD Frances?
Burial?CHATFIELD Charlotte?
Burial?CHATFIELD Almira?
Burial?WOODING Ida Estella?
Burial?CHATFIELD Thirza?
Burial?WOOSTER William Henry Harrison?
Burial?HOTCHKISS - CHATFIELD Howard Edward?
Burial?HITCHCOCK Lucinda?
Burial?CHATFIELD Alta Louise?
Burial?CHATFIELD Eliza Margaretta?
Burial?CHATFIELD Clark?
Burial?CHATFIELD Gladys Wooding?
Burial?HOYT Irene Alice?
Burial?CHATFIELD Elnathan?
Burial?CHATFIELD Brenda Carol?
Burial?PUTNAM Anna Louise?
Burial?CHATFIELD Annie Leigh?
Burial?CHATFIELD Mary Caroline?
Burial?NORTHROP Hannah?
Burial?CHATFIELD Elizabeth Keast?
Burial?DAVIS Anson R?
Burial?PRUDEN Sally?
Burial?SWANAT Bertha?
Burial?TODD Rose T?
Burial?WHEELER John Todd?
Burial?SWEETLAND Mary H?
Burial?CHATFIELD Minote E?
Burial?CHATFIELD John?
Burial?CHATFIELD Hattie Minerva?
Burial?CHATFIELD Benjamin Nichols?
Burial?DIBBLEE Margaret Wilson?
Burial?LEIGH Anna Jane?
Burial?STODDARD Ruth?
Burial?WOOSTER Letsome Terrell?
Burial?SANFORD Raymond?
Burial?SWEENEY Julia Adelia?
Burial?CHATFIELD Paul E?
Burial?GILYARD Sarah Lois?
Burial?CHATFIELD Joel?
Burial?CHATFIELD Joel Raymond?
Burial?CHATFIELD Ransom?
Burial?KEAST Maria Catherine?
Burial?CHATFIELD Thomas?
Burial?CHATFIELD Edward Harley?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Trinity Cmtry.,Seymour,New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Joel?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Trumbull, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1930PARDEE Sherwood Wallace?
Census1930REARDON Grace F?
Census1930CHATFIELD Esther Alvaretta?
Census1930PARDEE Sherwood Wallace?
Census1930WARNER Marion?
Census1930HENDRICK Shirley E?
Census1930HENDRICK Walter F?
Census1930HENDRICK Walter F?
Census1930HENDRICK Lilian H?
Census1930PARDEE Henry Warner?
Marriage26 August 1978CASERTA Anthony S with BATES Eliza H?
Residence1978BATES Eliza H?
Residence1978CASERTA Anthony S?
Marriage21 November 1984CASERTA Anthony S with CHATFIELD Barbara Ellen?
Residence1984CASERTA Anthony S?
Residence1984CHATFIELD Barbara Ellen?
Residence4 April 2007NOYES Priscilla Ann?
Residence2010CHATFIELD Barbara Ellen?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Union Cmtry., Killingworth, Middlesex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Joel?
Burial?WELLS Sarah?
Burial?GRISWOLD Nathaniel?
Burial?HULL Lucius?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Unionville, Farmington, Hartford Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1930/1940CHATFIELD Frederick F?
Residence1930/1940CHATFIELD Alvin Frederick?
Residence1930/1940BAUER Anna?
Residence1930/1940CHATFIELD Clifford F?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Upper Stepney, Monroe Town, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940CHAMBERLAIN Hubert W?
Census1940RADCLIFFE Dorothy Russell?
Census1940RADCLIFFE Jean Elizabeth?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Vernon, Tolland Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth3 October 1916STRONG Norman Randall?
Birth5 October 1945STRONG Carol Irene?
Death13 December 1960NETTLETON Irene Gilbert?
Death13 December 1986GRELE Russell H?
Marriage16 May 1992TOCCI Jeffrey Alan with NEAGLE Kimberly Elaine?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Veterans Cmtry., Darien, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Frederick Loomis?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Village Green, Guilford, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?HAND Sarah?
Burial?MUNGER Samuel?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Voluntown, New London Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth23 February 1875BRIGGS Emily F?
Census1910? Christina R?
Census1910BRIGGS Ezra?
Census1910/1920BRIGGS Emily F?
Census1910/1920CHATFIELD Constant Webb?
Death11 December 1921CHATFIELD Constant Webb?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Voluntown, Windham Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth26 November 1802CORNING Hannah?
Birth19 December 1804CORNING Elizabeth?
Birth13 January 1807CORNING John Randall?
Census1880BRIGGS Emily F?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Wallingford Twp., New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1880SCOTT Franklin?
Census1880GUNN Esther S?
Census1880SCOTT Herbert E?
Census1900GUNN Esther S?
Census1900SCOTT Franklin?
Census1900GUNN Harriet Louisa?
Census1900SCOTT Herbert E?
Census1930GUNN Esther S?
Census1930SCOTT Herbert E?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Wallingford, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?BATES Henry?
Marriage9 May 1712BATES Henry with CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth30 March 1755HOUGH Eunice?
Birth3 September 1794DOOLITTLE John?
Birth1 March 1795TUTTLE Merit?
Birth1817/1824TUTTLE Issue 6?
Birth5 November 1827FORD Friend Cook?
Birth1827TUTTLE Selden M?
BirthMarch 1837KIMBERLY Susan O?
Death12 April 1838KIMBERLY Susan O?
Marriage11 April 1849TUTTLE Selden M with DOOLITTLE Ellen Maria?
BirthNovember 1858TUTTLE Robert Adams?
Death3 August 1861TUTTLE Robert Adams?
Marriage24 December 1862TUTTLE Selden M with CHATFIELD Sarah Lucinda?
Birth3 June 1865TUTTLE Myrtle Ellen?
Birth4 May 1867TUTTLE Gertrude Chatfield?
Death22 July 1873DOOLITTLE John?
Birth31 October 1878KIMBERLY Jared Raymond?
Residence1880TUTTLE Selden M?
Residence1880TUTTLE Gertrude Chatfield?
Census1880CHATFIELD Sarah Lucinda?
Census1880TUTTLE Myrtle Ellen?
Birth6 February 1892CURTISS Maud Adella?
Birth4 July 1893CURTISS Bessie Ethyl?
Birth19 May 1897CURTISS Sarah A?
Death22 September 1897CURTISS Sarah A?
Birth2 December 1899CURTISS Charlotte Elizabeth?
Census1900CURTISS Elsie Louise?
Census1900CURTISS Maud Adella?
Census1900INGHAM Nellie Louise?
Census1900CURTISS Charlotte Elizabeth?
Census1900CURTISS Bessie Ethyl?
Census1900CHATFIELD Sarah Lucinda?
Census1900CURTISS William Orrin?
Residence1900TUTTLE Gertrude Chatfield?
Residence1900HUNT Gordon F?
Death26 March 1908CURTISS William Orrin?
Census1910CHATFIELD Sarah Lucinda?
Census1910TUTTLE Gertrude Chatfield?
Birth5 March 1915HACKU Helen?
Birth26 April 1916KIMBERLY Raymond Burford?
Death1924CHATFIELD Charlotte Frances?
Census1920/1930KIMBERLY Raymond Burford?
Census1920/1930WHITEBREAD Anna Louise?
Census1930TUTTLE Gertrude Chatfield?
Census1930KIMBERLY Frances Laurena?
Census1920/1930KIMBERLY Gladys Marie?
Census1920/1930KIMBERLY Jared Raymond?
Census1940CHITTENDEN Edward J?
Census1940KIMBERLY Jared Raymond?
Census1940KIMBERLY Raymond Burford?
Census1940KIMBERLY Frances Laurena?
Census1940KIMBERLY Gladys Marie?
Death26 June 1950INGHAM Nellie Louise?
Death20 May 1957GILL John T?
DeathNovember 1969CHATFIELD Bertha May?
Death25 October 1980BOWMAN Mira Chittenden?
Marriage24 January 1986BURKE Barry with ADAMS Nancy?
Marriage18 February 1989SHUMSKI Gregory J with SIMONE Dawn Marie?
Death22 December 1992BROWN Grace Emma?
Death22 August 1995CHATFIELD Gladys Wooding?
Marriage1995BARROW Wayne D with CHATFIELD Kimberly G?
Marriage9 October 1999SINGLETON Kim with DAWSON Katey?
Death13 February 2007VERDINI Joseph I.?
Residence2011MILTON Robert?
Death22 December 2013BATHGATE Elizabeth Beecher?
Death10 March 2015HACKU Helen?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Walnut Grove Cmtry., Marlborough, Hartford Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BARKER Daniel?
Burial?BARKER Alfred?
Burial?WOOSTER Fannie M?
Burial?WALKER Sarah?
Burial?WOOSTER Polly?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Walnut Grove Cmtry., Meriden, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Doris Ethel?
Burial?LANDERS Della E?
Burial?FOSTER Charles?
Burial?CHATFIELD Joel Albert?
Burial?TUTTLE Gertrude Chatfield?
Burial?WOOSTER Nancy Ellen?
Burial?WRIGHT Nellie R?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Warren, Litchfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth5 February 1774SWIFT Rufus?
Birth27 November 1778CARTER Lydia?
Marriage1 January 1799SWIFT Rufus with CARTER Lydia?
Birth19 February 1820SWIFT Abigail Maria?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Washington Depot, Litchfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage?CHATFIELD Lawrence Baker with LEE Maypa Lysa?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Waterbury Town, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1930/1940KEARL Lucille F?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Waterbury, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?FROST Horace?
Burial?CHATFIELD Horace Fosdick?
Birth?FARRELL Issue 6?
Marriage?CHATFIELD Joseph Edward with PAYNE Mary?
Birth6 October 1733BLAKESLEE Anna?
Birth27 April 1736BALDWIN Prudence?
Marriage3 June 1751BRONSON Amos with BLAKESLEE Anna?
Birth2 June 1753HOTCHKISS Submit?
Birth15 May 1755BRONSON Elijah?
Birth6 April 1759NICHOLLS Sarah?
Birth5 January 1761HICKOX Timothy?
Birth9 January 1761BEEBE Ursala?
Birth26 January 1764GUNN Abel?
Birth25 June 1765OSBORN Andrew?
Birth4 April 1766WARNER Lydia?
Birth21 May 1766CHATFIELD Joannah?
Birth21 April 1768CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth11 November 1768GUNN Hannah?
Death18 February 1770ALCOTT Mary?
Birth18 June 1770CHATFIELD Joseph Edward?
Marriage15 June 1775PAYNE David with HOTCHKISS Submit?
Birth10 December 1775CHATFIELD Josiah?
Birth1776PAYNE Mary?
Birth19 July 1777HOTCHKISS Sabra?
Birth3 December 1778JUDD Harvey?
Birth8 December 1778CHATFIELD Rachel?
Birth4 January 1780SCOVILLE David Killum?
Birth18 July 1780UPSON Gates?
Marriage4 January 1781FRISBEE Charles with ALCOTT Lydia?
Marriage3 May 1781HICKOX Timothy with NICHOLLS Sarah?
Birth12 December 1781TERRILL Esther Eells?
Death20 August 1783GUNN Joanna?
Marriage18 December 1783ALCOTT Samuel with WARNER Lydia?
Birth20 December 1784GUNN Silas?
Birth23 August 1785BEEBE Sabra?
BirthJune 1786ALCOTT Riley?
Birth9 January 1787GUNN Ransom?
Birth4 August 1787HICKOX Huldah?
Birth16 October 1787HOTCHKISS Isaac?
Birth28 February 1790WOOSTER David?
Birth10 November 1791WARNER Olive?
Birth7 August 1793GUNN Abel Festus?
Marriage2 October 1793HINMAN Philemon with FINCH Mary?
Birth8 June 1794CHATFIELD David?
Birth9 September 1794CHATFIELD David T?
Birth1796CHATFIELD Anna Marie?
Birth3 February 1797CHATFIELD Leonard?
Birth20 February 1799RUSSELL Edward?
Birth14 March 1799GUNN Anna?
Birth19 September 1799CLARK Nancy Polly?
Birth3 November 1800HOTCHKISS Phebe Irene?
Death15 March 1801PIERSON Hannah Elizabeth?
Birth16 March 1801UPSON Daniel?
Birth8 August 1801CHATFIELD Joseph Edward?
Birth8 August 1801SCOVILLE Nancy?
Birth1802ALCOTT Candace?
Birth27 May 1803CHATFIELD Fanny?
Birth25 June 1804CHATFIELD Anna Marie or Maria?
Birth21 August 1804JUDD Abijah Pascal?
Birth1805CHATFIELD Rebecca?
Birth18 March 1806SCOVIL Lucius Nelson?
Birth13 July 1806CHATFIELD Submit?
Marriage18 November 1806CHATFIELD Isaac with BEEBE Sabra?
Birth27 February 1808CHATFIELD Burritt?
Birth30 August 1808WARNER Ruth Emma?
Birth17 September 1808CHATFIELD Huldah Maria?
Birth4 August 1810CHATFIELD Sarah A?
Marriage12 August 1810JUDD Harvey with HINMAN Lucy?
Marriage7 October 1810ALCOTT Riley with WARNER Olive?
Marriage4 March 1812CHATFIELD James with NICHOLS Tamar?
Birth3 July 1812CHATFIELD Dennis?
Death24 January 1813NICHOLLS Sarah?
Birth14 September 1813MERRIMAN Rebecca (Terrill)?
Death16 July 1816LOVELAND Joseph?
Birth10 September 1816CHATFIELD Henry?
Birth7 May 1818CHATFIELD Samuel Eugene?
Death11 July 1818CHATFIELD Daniel K?
Birthabout 1818MERRIMAN Amanda?
Death14 March 1819WARNER Olive?
Marriage17 April 1820ALCOTT Riley with FRISBIE Ruth?
Census1820OSBORN Phares?
Birth21 May 1821CHATFIELD BRADLEY Jane?
Birth22 August 1822CHATFIELD Jane Eliza?
Birth17 December 1822WOOSTER Polly?
Marriage24 November 1823CHATFIELD Joseph Edward with SCOVILLE Nancy?
Marriage24 December 1823RUSSELL Edward with CHATFIELD Fanny?
Marriage16 June 1824CHATFIELD James with HICKOX Huldah?
Birth5 September 1824CHATFIELD Polly Ann?
Marriage25 September 1824GRISWOLD Amasa Pettibone with CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth12 December 1824CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth1824WOOSTER Levi A?
Birth2 May 1825CHATFIELD James?
Death2 May 1825CHATFIELD James?
Birth11 February 1826UPSON Anna Violetta?
Birth16 February 1826MORRIS Leonard A?
Birth25 February 1826RUSSELL Emma R?
Marriage1 May 1826FARRELL Almon with WARNER Ruth Emma?
Birth16 May 1826CHATFIELD Cyrus?
Birth1 November 1826CHATFIELD George?
Marriage19 November 1826WOOSTER Albert with CHATFIELD Submit?
Birth16 February 1828CHATFIELD Fidelia?
Birth17 February 1828FARRELL Franklin?
Birth22 February 1828MORRIS William H?
Birth6 March 1828RUSSELL Harry L?
Death19 March 1828BALDWIN Prudence?
Death16 October 1828RUSSELL Emma R?
Death18 December 1828CHATFIELD Lois?
Death26 December 1828SCOVILLE Nancy?
Birth1828PRIOR Mariette?
BirthMarch 1829WOOSTER Hollis?
Birth21 June 1829CHATFIELD Charles Timothy?
Death21 July 1829WOOSTER Walter Ozro?
Marriage1 December 1829CHATFIELD Joseph Edward with HOTCHKISS Phebe Irene?
Birth4 December 1830ANDREWS Mary E?
Birth28 May 1832SOMERS Dwight Leroy?
Birth3 March 1833CHATFIELD Emaline?
Death16 August 1833CHATFIELD Daniel?
Birth27 August 1833CHATFIELD Harriett C?
Birth7 October 1833MORRIS George M?
Birth20 September 1834FARRELL Margaret H?
Birth14 March 1835CHATFIELD Laura Elizabeth?
Birth9 May 1835GRILLEY George Marcelius?
Birthabout 1835RUSSELL Mary?
Marriage29 February 1836CHATFIELD Henry with MERRIMAN Rebecca (Terrill)?
Death2 August 1836PAYNE Mary?
Birth14 June 1837CHATFIELD Rachel Ann?
Birth1 November 1837MORRIS Catherine E?
Birth3 October 1838CHATFIELD Ellen Fannie?
Marriage21 October 1838CHATFIELD Samuel Eugene with MERRIMAN Amanda?
Birth13 January 1839CHATFIELD Fanny Maria?
Death31 January 1839CHATFIELD Joseph Edward?
Birth29 May 1840CHATFIELD Charles D?
Birth4 July 1840WOOSTER William Henry Harrison?
Birth1 August 1840CHATFIELD Emma Augusta?
Birth3 January 1841CHATFIELD Emogene?
Marriage10 January 1841TOMLINSON Harrison with DAVIS Emerett?
Christening29 January 1841CHATFIELD Emogene?
Birth14 April 1843CHATFIELD Edward Joseph?
Birth11 September 1843FROST Lucy Ellen?
Birth15 September 1843CHATFIELD John Davis?
Birth28 February 1845CHATFIELD Henry Delizon?
Marriage5 October 1845BLAKESLEE Amos Cranmer with CHATFIELD BRADLEY Jane?
Birth28 October 1845CHATFIELD James Madison?
Birth30 July 1847CHATFIELD Henry Frank?
Death5 May 1848LOUNSBURY Esther?
Marriage9 September 1848MORRIS William H with SCOTT Elizabeth A?
Death21 February 1849CHATFIELD Fanny?
Birthabout 1849CHATFIELD Adelia?
BirthJuly 1850CHATFIELD Frederick J?
Marriage15 October 1850CHATFIELD Charles Timothy with ANDREWS Mary E?
Death10 December 1850BOAKS Olive?
Census1850CHATFIELD Emogene?
Census1850CHATFIELD Fanny Maria?
Residence1850RUSSELL Mary?
Census1850CHATFIELD Laura Elizabeth?
Census1850CHATFIELD James Madison?
Residence1850MORRIS Catherine E?
Residence1840/1850MORRIS John N?
Residence1850MORRIS George M?
Census1850MARTIN Joseph?
Census1850CHATFIELD Harriett C?
Census1850CHATFIELD John Davis?
Census1850CHATFIELD Rachel Ann?
Census1850MATHEWS Mary Jane?
Census1850CHATFIELD Henry Delizon?
Census1850MARTIN Philena?
Census1850CHATFIELD Lyman B?
Residence1850RUSSELL Edward?
Residence1850CHATFIELD Polly Ann?
Census1850CHATFIELD Edward Joseph?
Census1850CHATFIELD Dennis?
Census1850CHATFIELD Cyrus?
Census1850BOAKS Lucinda?
Residence1850CHATFIELD Enos?
Residence1850DOTEN Faith Chandler?
Residence1850TOMLINSON Betsey?
Census1850MERRIMAN Rebecca (Terrill)?
Census1850CHATFIELD Emma Augusta?
Census1850CHATFIELD Franklin?
Census1850? Sally?
Census1850CHATFIELD Frances Jane?
Census1850CHATFIELD Burritt?
Census1850CHATFIELD Henry Frank?
Census1850CHATFIELD Henry?
Census1850CHATFIELD Adelia?
Birth2 January 1851CHATFIELD Benjamin?
Birth19 February 1851CHATFIELD Harriet Lucretia?
Marriage11 April 1852HAGGARD Albert B with WOOSTER Nancy Ellen?
Marriage7 June 1852FRISBIE Meret with CHATFIELD Fidelia?
Birth24 August 1852CHATFIELD George Welton?
Birth28 August 1852CHATFIELD Charles Andrew?
Birthabout 1852CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth22 May 1853FRISBIE Evalena I.?
Death20 October 1853CHATFIELD George Welton?
Death30 December 1854MATHEWS Mary Jane?
Birth8 March 1855CHATFIELD Frank Benjamin?
Marriage13 March 1855CHATFIELD John Lyman with AINSWORTH Sylvia Ann?
Death24 May 1855CHATFIELD Rachel Ann?
Death11 August 1855CHATFIELD Frank Benjamin?
Marriage21 October 1855CHATFIELD Dennis with PRIOR Mariette?
Birth21 October 1856CHATFIELD Emma C?
Death21 May 1857ALCOTT Riley?
Death2 November 1857CHATFIELD Anna Marie?
Birth15 February 1858CHATFIELD Benjamin Rockwell?
Death25 March 1858TERRILL Esther Eells?
Birth12 December 1858FRISBIE Lillian L?
Death26 March 1860CHATFIELD Emma Augusta?
Death15 September 1860SOMERS David?
Residence1850/1860CHATFIELD David T?
Census1860CHATFIELD Ellen Fannie?
Census1860CHATFIELD Jane W?
Census1860CHATFIELD Frederick Henry?
Census1860CHATFIELD John Lyman?
Census1860AINSWORTH Sylvia Ann?
Census1860THOMAS George B?
Census1860ALCOTT Mariett \ Mariette \ Maryette?
Census1860CHATFIELD Charles Henry?
Census1860CHATFIELD Adelia?
Census1860CHATFIELD Henry King?
Census1860CHATFIELD Lyman B?
Census1850/1860HICKOX Huldah?
Census1860CHATFIELD Franklin?
Census1860CHATFIELD Mary Ida?
Census1860CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1860CHATFIELD Charles D?
Census1860THOMAS Ralph B?
Residence1850/1860HITCHCOCK Polly?
Census1860CHATFIELD Benjamin Rockwell?
Census1860CHATFIELD Cyrus?
Census1860SOMERS Dwight Leroy?
Census1860FARRELL Margaret H?
Census1860WARNER Ruth Emma?
Census1860CHATFIELD Ellen?
Census1860LOUNSBURY Charles?
Census1860ALCOTT Clara E?
Census1860CHATFIELD Frederick?
Census1860FRISBIE Almira?
Census1860CHATFIELD Frances Jane?
Census1860SOMERS David?
Census1850/1860CHATFIELD James?
Census1860MARTIN Philena?
Census1860WILLIAMS Priscilla Cornelia?
Census1860CHATFIELD Jane?
Census1860CHATFIELD George S?
Census1860CHATFIELD Edward?
Census1860CHATFIELD Frederick J?
Census1860ALCOTT Sidney Whiting?
Birth20 March 1861CHATFIELD Edwin Henry?
Death4 April 1861CHATFIELD Edwin Henry?
Marriage26 August 1861WOOSTER William Henry Harrison with PUTNAM Anna Louise?
Death15 October 1861BEECHER Guy?
Birth21 December 1861FRISBIE Charles Merritt?
Birth11 August 1862CHATFIELD Lizzie Julia?
Marriage12 August 1862SOMERS Dwight Leroy with CHATFIELD Emogene?
Death9 August 1863CHATFIELD John Lyman?
Death14 July 1864CHATFIELD Lizzie Julia?
Death15 July 1864CHATFIELD Benjamin Rockwell?
Birth5 February 1865CHATFIELD Eliza Judd?
Death4 April 1865WOOSTER David?
Birth15 June 1865JOY Edward Francis?
Birth27 June 1866CHATFIELD Caroline Josephine?
Death28 June 1866CHATFIELD Eliza Judd?
BirthFebruary 1867CHATFIELD Mary Viola?
Death1 April 1867CHATFIELD James?
Death3 June 1867CHATFIELD Henry Frank?
Marriage29 August 1867HOTCHKISS Henry Dwight with WOOSTER Nancy Ellen?
Birth16 March 1868CHATFIELD John Lyman?
Birth9 November 1868CHATFIELD Rachel Agnes?
Birth1868SOMERS Lillian?
Death29 January 1869FARRELL Margaret H?
Birth26 October 1869CHATFIELD William Hobart?
Birth13 June 1870SOMERS Robert Dwight?
Birth30 June 1870CHATFIELD Frank Smith?
Birth21 October 1870CHATFIELD Benjamin Sedgewick?
Census1870THOMPSON William Henry?
Census1870CHATFIELD William Newman?
Census1870CHATFIELD John Lyman?
Census1860/1870PRIOR Mariette?
Census1870CHATFIELD Edward Joseph?
Census1870CHATFIELD Thomas?
Census1870CHATFIELD Frederick J?
Census1870CHATFIELD Cyrus?
Census1870CROWELL Martha A?
Census1870PIERPONT Edwin J?
Census1870CHATFIELD George S?
Census1870CHATFIELD William Hobart?
Census1870CHATFIELD Burritt?
Census1870CHATFIELD Frederick?
Census1870CHATFIELD William?
Census1870CHATFIELD Frederick Henry?
Census1870CHATFIELD Myron W?
Census1870WILLIAMS Priscilla Cornelia?
Census1870CHATFIELD Edward?
Census1860/1870CHATFIELD Dennis?
Census1860/1870CHATFIELD Mary A?
Census1870CHATFIELD Jane W?
Census1870CHATFIELD Harriet?
Census1870PIERPONT Ellen A?
Census1870PIERPONT Jason?
Census1860/1870JUDD Sarah Eliza?
Census1870CHATFIELD George?
Census1870CHATFIELD Adelia?
Census1870PIERPONT Wilfred Ellis?
Census1870MARTIN Philena?
Census1870PIERPONT Ruel D?
Census1860/1870CHATFIELD Benjamin Pulaski?
Marriage10 July 1871PHELPS Frank James with WOOSTER Antoinette E?
Marriage23 April 1872CHATFIELD Frederick J with PIERPONT Ellen A?
Birth7 May 1872CHATFIELD Irving B?
Death26 August 1872CHATFIELD Irving B?
Birth11 December 1872CHATFIELD Jane Elizabeth?
Marriage15 July 1873CHATFIELD Charles Edgar with FROST Lucy Ellen?
Birth29 December 1874SOMERS Joseph Edward?
Birth14 February 1875CHATFIELD Benjamin C?
Death25 April 1875CHATFIELD Charles Andrew?
Birth9 May 1875CHATFIELD Rhoda Elvira?
Birth27 May 1875CHATFIELD Ruel B?
Birth23 July 1875KYLE Marion Irene?
Birth2 January 1877GOLDSMITH Mary Louise?
Death18 October 1877FRISBIE Almira?
Birth5 November 1877CHATFIELD John Arrol?
Birth1 April 1878CHATFIELD Charles Sherwood?
Marriage3 July 1878NICHOLS Kendrick Hothckiss with CHATFIELD Emma C?
Death5 July 1878CHATFIELD Charles Sherwood?
Birth17 October 1878SNAGG Anna Julia?
Birth21 July 1879SOMERS Louis James?
Death3 December 1879ANDREWS Mary E?
Death22 December 1879HICKOX Huldah?
Marriage8 April 1880BATES George Winson with CHATFIELD Mary Ida?
Census8 June 1880BEECHER Charles?
Census8 June 1880PERKINS Eliza Emily?
Census8 June 1880BEECHER Herbert Bird?
Census8 June 1880BEECHER Otis Bird?
Census8 June 1880BEECHER Harry G?
Death3 August 1880PERKINS Eliza Emily?
Birth10 August 1880CHATFIELD Florence Emma?
Census1870/1880BOAKS Lucinda?
Census1880CHATFIELD Benjamin Sedgewick?
Census1880WELTON Mary F?
Census1880WARNER Ruth Emma?
Census1870/1880SOMERS Dwight Leroy?
Census1880CHATFIELD Burritt?
Census1880? Mary?
Census1880CHATFIELD Walter Henry?
Census1880CHATFIELD Emma C?
Census1880CHATFIELD William?
Census1870/1880CHATFIELD Caroline Josephine?
Census1870/1880CHATFIELD Emogene?
Census1880CHATFIELD Myron W?
Census1880CAIRNS Mary Fulton?
Census1870/1880ARROL Jean Jane?
Census1880JONES Matilda?
Census1880ALCOTT Sidney Whiting?
Census1870/1880GRILLEY Eva Melissa?
Census1870/1880ALCOTT Harriet Ann?
Census1880PIERPONT Esther Maria?
Census1880ANDREWS Benjamin H?
Census1870/1880CHATFIELD Rachel Agnes?
Census1880CHATFIELD Jane Elizabeth?
Census1880CAIRNS Robert?
Census1880CHATFIELD Ellen?
Census1880CHATFIELD Cyrus?
Census1880CHATFIELD John Arrol?
Census1870/1880SOMERS Lillian?
Census1880SOMERS Louis James?
Census1880CHATFIELD George?
Census1880CHATFIELD Charles Timothy?
Census1880SOMERS Robert Dwight?
Census1870/1880CHATFIELD Laura Elizabeth?
Census1880SOMERS Joseph Edward?
Census1880NICHOLS Kendrick Hothckiss?
Census1880MARTIN Philena?
Census1880NICHOLS Ethelbert H?
Census1870/1880GRILLEY William Frank?
Census1870/1880THOMPSON Charlotte E?
Census1880THOMPSON William Henry?
Census1870/1880CHATFIELD Mary Viola?
Census1880CHATFIELD Edward Joseph?
Census1880THOMPSON William Henry John?
Census1880SNAGG Anna Julia?
Census1880GRILLEY George Marcelius?
Census1880NICHOLS Wallace Johnson?
Census1880CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth18 January 1881CHATFIELD Bertha May?
Death3 March 1881CHATFIELD David T?
Death6 June 1881CHATFIELD Charles Edgar?
Death13 November 1882ARROL John?
Birth11 December 1882CHATFIELD Franklin W Burton?
Death5 August 1883CHATFIELD Franklin W Burton?
Death9 February 1884CHATFIELD Jane W?
Death19 December 1884CHATFIELD Mary A?
Death7 March 1885SMITH Lavinia?
Birth2 May 1886CHATFIELD Gerard?
Death17 July 1887CHATFIELD Howard Judd?
Death19 July 1887CHATFIELD Frederick Henry?
Birth16 September 1888KELSEY Clifford Hartt?
Death5 September 1889NICHOLS Noyes?
Death1889CHATFIELD Dennis?
Marriage20 March 1890CHATFIELD William Franklin with CAIRNS Mary Fulton?
Death12 November 1890HOTCHKISS Charlotte?
Death11 February 1891CHATFIELD Pulaski?
Marriage2 July 1891CHATFIELD Ralph Clifford with CURRY Sarah L?
Death21 February 1892BOAKS Lucinda?
Birth8 September 1892CHATFIELD Charles Hugh?
Birth10 January 1893MILLER Frank Pierpont?
Death11 May 1893CHATFIELD Burritt?
Birth8 February 1894CHATFIELD Frederick G?
Death30 August 1894CHATFIELD William Hobart?
Birth18 December 1894BRADSHAW Howard Ferris?
Birth2 December 1895CHATFIELD Edward Joseph?
Death21 November 1896CHATFIELD Frederick G?
Birth1 July 1897CHATFIELD Ruth Priscilla?
BirthAugust 1897CHATFIELD Bernice W?
Death11 December 1897WOOSTER Ira Beebe?
Death29 April 1898WILLIAMS Priscilla Cornelia?
Birth8 August 1900SOMERS Gordon Welton?
Census1900CHATFIELD Elmer J?
Residence1900CHATFIELD Ida?
Census1900MITCHELL Francis George?
Residence1900CHATFIELD Josephine M?
Census1900CHATFIELD Gerard?
Census1900SOMERS Lillian?
Census1900SOMERS Louis James?
Census1900CHATFIELD George S?
Census1900STOWE Nelson Lloyd?
Census1900PECK Howard F?
Census1900CHATFIELD Rachel Agnes?
Census1900CHATFIELD William Franklin?
Census1900SOMERS Dwight Leroy?
Census1900CHATFIELD Grace A?
Census1900CHATFIELD Esther Viola?
Residence1900LEAMEY Alice?
Residence1900LEAMEY Julia?
Census1900PIERPONT Ruel D?
Census1900CHATFIELD Alice C?
Census1900LEPEAN Charlotte Jane?
Census1900CHATFIELD Myron W?
Census1900CHATFIELD Emeline Bassett?
Residence1900? Martha W?
Census1900CHATFIELD Emogene?
Census1900CHATFIELD Mary Viola?
Census1900SOMERS Joseph Edward?
Census1900LEAMEY Mary E?
Census1900SMITH Clarence E?
Census1900CHATFIELD Fanny Maria?
Census1900SMITH Jean C?
Census1900CHATFIELD Edward Joseph?
Census1900KELSEY Clifford Hartt?
Census1900BRADSHAW Edward Joseph?
Census1900SOMERS Robert Dwight?
Census1900STOWE Florence M?
Census1900CHATFIELD Jennie Arrol?
Residence1900SHERWOOD Joseph Beach?
Census1900SNAGG Anna Julia?
Residence1900CHATFIELD Emma J?
Census1900CHATFIELD Frederick?
Census1900MARTIN Philena?
Census1900CHATFIELD Benjamin Sedgewick?
Death25 April 1902CHATFIELD Emma?
Marriage30 June 1902CHATFIELD Benjamin C with GOLDSMITH Mary Louise?
Death12 November 1902CHATFIELD Frank Smith?
Birth7 June 1904CHATFIELD Rhoda Goldsmith?
Death18 January 1906CHATFIELD Ruel B?
Death18 May 1906CHATFIELD Tracy?
Death2 October 1906HOTCHKISS Gilbert Benjamin?
Marriage27 August 1907COLE George Edwin with CHATFIELD Florence Emma?
Birth5 November 1908CHATFIELD Elizabeth Tinker?
Birth4 September 1909COLE John Roberts?
Census1910KOTT Vera Alcott?
Census1910SOMERS Joseph Edward?
Census1910CHATFIELD Gerard?
Census1910CHATFIELD Alice C?
Census1910GRAY Helen Josephine?
Census1910KOTT Ernestine Wilhelmine?
Census1910PATTERSON Henry Sherman?
Census1910LEAMEY Mary E?
Census1910KOTT Amy Irmagarde?
Census1900/1910CHATFIELD Caroline Josephine?
Census1900/1910THOMPSON William Henry?
Census1900/1910THOMPSON Charlotte E?
Census1910WOOSTER Hollis?
Census1910SOMERS Joseph Gray?
Census1900/1910CHATFIELD Ruth Priscilla?
Census1910DOW Harry Barnes?
Census1910MITCHELL Francis George?
Census1900/1910WELTON Mary F?
Residence1910SHERWOOD Helen Gerard?
Census1900/1910CHATFIELD John Davis?
Census1900/1910CHATFIELD Charles Hugh?
Census1900/1910CHATFIELD Laura Elizabeth?
Census1900/1910BRADSHAW Olive Boakes?
Census1900/1910BRADSHAW Charles Edward?
Census1910CHATFIELD George S?
Residence1900/1910BENHAM Anna E?
Census1910SOMERS Gordon Welton?
Census1910CHATFIELD Elmer J?
Census1910CHATFIELD Alice J?
Census1900/1910CHIPMAN Harold Loyal?
Census1910JENKINS Nettie M?
Census1910CHATFIELD William Franklin?
Residence1900/1910SHERWOOD Albert Fowler?
Census1910SOMERS Robert Dwight?
Census1910CHATFIELD Emeline Bassett?
Census1900/1910BRADSHAW Howard Ferris?
Census1910WOOSTER Estella B?
Census1900/1910MCCLOUD \ MCLEOD Effie?
Census1900/1910THOMPSON William Henry John?
Census1900/1910PLANT Della?
Census1900/1910CAIRNS Mary Fulton?
Birth1 January 1911COLE Charles Chatfield?
Death9 July 1911SMITH Alice Jane?
Birth14 October 1911SOMERS Dwight LeRoy?
Birth26 March 1913COLE Evelyn Estelle?
Death15 November 1914JUDD Sarah Eliza?
Birth7 July 1916COLE Donald Demming?
Marriage4 November 1916CHATFIELD Benjamin Thomas with BRICKETT Marie Louise?
Death1916CHATFIELD Laura Elizabeth?
Death7 January 1917AINSWORTH Sylvia Ann?
Death22 February 1917WARNER Florence Electa?
Birth24 September 1917CHATFIELD Thomas Roderick?
Death27 October 1917CHATFIELD Albert Isiah?
Death1917SOMERS Lillian?
Birth28 June 1919CHATFIELD June A?
Death8 January 1920CHATFIELD Horace Greeley?
Birth12 March 1920KELSEY Jane E?
Death22 March 1920BRECK Eliza Maria?
Census1920SANDERSON Harry Bronson?
Census1910/1920GRILLEY William Frank?
Census1920CHATFIELD Josephine Wright?
Census1920CHATFIELD Emogene?
Census1920CHATFIELD Howard Henry?
Death1920FRISBIE Lillian L?
Census1920CHATFIELD June A?
Census1920BRADSHAW Olive Boakes?
Residence1910/1920COWIE Inez Jillson?
Census1920SANDERSON Lois Bradshaw?
Census1920SANDERSON Harry Bronson?
Residence1910/1920CHATFIELD David Cowie?
Census1910/1920GRILLEY Eva Melissa?
Census1920CAIRNS Mary Fulton?
Census1920CHATFIELD Mabel A?
Census1920PIERPONT Ruel D?
Residence1920CHATFIELD Benjamin C?
Census1920PARSONS Edith Martha?
Census1920BRADSHAW Howard Ferris?
Census1920JENKINS Nettie M?
Residence1920GOLDSMITH Mary Louise?
Census1920BRADSHAW Charles Edward?
Census1920CHATFIELD Lucius H?
Census1920CHATFIELD Elmer J?
Residence1920CHATFIELD Rhoda Goldsmith?
Census1920LEAMEY Mary E?
Census1920CHATFIELD William Franklin?
Census1920? Frederica?
Residence1910/1920CHATFIELD Thurber Redmayne?
Residence1910/1920CHATFIELD George Vance Killingworth?
Census1920SOMERS Dwight Leroy?
Census1910/1920ALCOTT Harriet Ann?
Residence1920SOMERS Christine Estelle?
Residence1910/1920CHATFIELD Betsy?
Residence1910/1920CHATFIELD Emily Bullard?
Census1920CHIPMAN Harold Loyal?
Census1920CHATFIELD Thomas Roderick?
Census1920CHATFIELD Marion E?
Census1920CHATFIELD Caroline Josephine?
Residence1910/1920CHATFIELD Inez Cowie?
Death23 October 1921CHATFIELD John Lyman?
Death21 July 1923CHATFIELD William Franklin?
Birth1923CHIPMAN Ruth Ann?
Death8 June 1924FROST Lucy Ellen?
Death29 December 1924CHATFIELD Emeline Bassett?
Death19 October 1925SOMERS Dwight Leroy?
Birthabout August 1926CHATFIELD Jeanette?
Death15 April 1928COLE George Edwin?
Death1928FRISBIE Evalena I.?
Birth4 March 1929CHATFIELD Richard Keith?
Birth27 April 1929EYMAN Rosetta Nisbett?
Death26 May 1929CABLE Frederick Alfred?
Death15 August 1929MERRIMAN Esther Catherine?
Birth5 October 1929CAMMILLETTI Mary Victoria?
Marriage18 January 1930SUDDUTH Henry Norton with CHATFIELD Lyda Lyman?
Census1930SOMERS Joseph Edward?
Census1930GRAY Helen Josephine?
Census1920/1930SOMERS Louis J?
Census1920/1930SOMERS Louis James?
Census1920/1930SNAGG Anna Julia?
Census1920/1930SOMERS Robert Dwight?
Census1920/1930BRADSHAW Edward Joseph?
Census1930DOW Harry Barnes?
Census1930SOMERS Joseph Gray?
Census1930JENKINS Nettie M?
Census1930CHATFIELD Caroline Josephine?
Census1930SOMERS Dwight LeRoy?
Census1920/1930KELSEY Clifford Hartt?
Census1930BRADSHAW Howard?
Census1930KELSEY Jane E?
Census1930MACALAVAGE Julia E?
Census1930CHATFIELD Howard Henry?
Census1920/1930BRADSHAW Margaret S?
Census1920/1930SOMERS Gordon Welton?
Census1920/1930SOMERS Ellsworth W?
Census1920/1930TOOKER E Marguerite?
Census1930CHATFIELD Alice J?
Census1930PIERPONT Ruel D?
Census1930BRODIE James?
Census1930MITCHELL Margaret?
Census1930GRILLEY Eva Melissa?
Census1930BRADSHAW Charles?
Census1930BRADSHAW Charles Edward?
Census1930BRODIE Janet?
Census1930MITCHELL Francis George?
Census1920/1930MOORE Margaret E?
Census1920/1930WELTON Mary F?
Residence1920/1930CHATFIELD Elizabeth Tinker?
Census1920/1930MCCLOUD \ MCLEOD Effie?
Census1930BRADSHAW Howard Ferris?
Death6 February 1932CHATFIELD Emogene?
Death5 May 1932TOMLINSON Harriet?
Death26 December 1932DOW Harry Barnes?
Death28 January 1933SMITH GIBBS Maude Agnes?
Birth9 January 1934DREW Roger C?
Death26 February 1935SHERWOOD Joseph Beach?
Birth24 April 1935SOMERS Joseph Gray?
Marriage2 October 1935CALFEE Robert Martin with CHATFIELD Elizabeth Tinker?
Death1937CHATFIELD Mary Viola?
Death26 June 1938CHATFIELD Alice J?
Death12 October 1938SOMERS Louis James?
Census1940? Grace?
Residence1930/1940GOLDSMITH Mary Louise?
Census1940TOOKER E Marguerite?
Census1930/1940CAIRNS Mary Fulton?
Census1940SOMERS Robert Dwight?
Census1940SOMERS Marguerite?
Census1940SOMERS Joseph Gray?
Census1930/1940EYMAN Thomas J?
Census1940JENKINS Nettie M?
Census1940CHATFIELD Howard Henry?
Census1940KELSEY Jane E?
Census1940MCCLOUD \ MCLEOD Effie?
Census1930/1940CHIPMAN Ruth Ann?
Census1940DAYTON Edythe?
Census1930/1940PARSONS Edith Martha?
Census1940MITCHELL Francis George?
Census1940SOMERS Gordon Welton?
Census1940MITCHELL Margaret?
Census1930/1940CHIPMAN Harold Loyal?
Residence1930/1940CHATFIELD Benjamin C?
Residence1930/1940CHATFIELD Rhoda Goldsmith?
Census1930/1940WELSH Ellen?
Census1940SOMERS Joseph Gray?
Census1930/1940EYMAN Rosetta Nisbett?
Marriageabout 1941CHATFIELD Adrian Clayton with TERENZO Caroline Theresa?
Marriage27 January 1942ENGLISH Harrison Force with CHATFIELD Rhoda Goldsmith?
Death10 March 1944SOMERS Joseph Edward?
Death23 April 1944GOLDSMITH Mary Louise?
Birth2 October 1944COLE Robert Barnum?
Birth22 March 1945COLE Charles Chatfield?
Death22 February 1947CAIRNS Mary Fulton?
Birth18 March 1948MILTON Thomas Robert?
Birth1 November 1948COLE George Edwin?
Marriage22 July 1950CHATFIELD Wilbert Eugene with GAFFNEY Helen Maria?
Birth16 November 1950COLE Arthur Whitlock?
Death5 April 1952GRILLEY Eva Melissa?
Birth1 July 1954CHATFIELD Susan M?
Death23 July 1954CHATFIELD Benjamin C?
Death11 November 1954? Elizabeth H?
Death12 January 1955SNAGG Anna Julia?
Death12 March 1956GRAY Helen Josephine?
Death17 June 1957CHATFIELD Hope?
Birth28 September 1957CHATFIELD Nancy L?
Death10 March 1958MUNSON Lena Lillian?
Death10 February 1960SOMERS Robert Dwight?
Residence1960CHATFIELD Ellen F?
Death30 June 1962SHERWOOD Albert Charles?
Death22 September 1964LISTER Gilbert J?
Death15 August 1965SOMERS Ellsworth W?
Marriage9 May 1970BURGOS Carmelo with OBAR Regina Mae?
Death29 December 1972CHATFIELD Maud Tomlinson?
Marriage20 October 1973COLE Arthur Whitlock with JENNER Laurie Lynn?
Death27 August 1975CHATFIELD William E?
Death12 October 1975CHATFIELD John Louis \ Lewis?
Marriage18 June 1976CHATFIELD Robert W with BUCCITTI Michele M?
Residence1976BUCCITTI Michele M?
Death7 October 1977HIGGINS Freda?
Death1978MUNSON Grace Helen?
Marriage11 December 1981CHATFIELD Donald L with LANGDO Jeanne B?
Marriage17 June 1983CHATFIELD Robert W with DIMAURO Sandra L?
Residence1983CHATFIELD Robert W?
Residence1983DIMAURO Sandra L?
Death27 April 1985HILL Ethel L?
Death4 July 1986COVIELLO Vincent P?
Death7 October 1986EYMAN Thomas J?
Marriage1986d'ALOIA Elio J with CHATFIELD Laurie A?
Death25 April 1989CHATFIELD Morris Eugene?
Residence1990CHATFIELD Paul R?
Residence1992CHATFIELD Paula M?
Death25 January 1993SOMERS Gordon Welton?
Death18 October 1993SHERWOOD Albert Carrington?
Death2 January 1994CHATFIELD Elaine J?
Death26 January 1995SOMERS Dwight LeRoy?
Marriage22 April 1995RICHARDSON Garry Alan with SHIELDS Suzanne E?
Residence1996GAFFNEY Helen Maria?
Death12 November 1997WEBBER Helen Munson?
Marriage1997CHATFIELD Richard C with OBAR Regina Mae?
Death1 May 2002CHATFIELD John Kevin?
Death25 October 2003CHATFIELD Wilbert Eugene?
Residence2004CHATFIELD Richard C?
Death13 February 2005MCGARVEY George L?
Death19 March 2005SOMERS Joseph Gray?
Death4 November 2006CHATFIELD Richard Keith?
Death27 February 2007GAFFNEY Helen Maria?
Residence2010CHATFIELD Dawn M?
Residence2010CHATFIELD Tammy?
Residence2010CHATFIELD Richard?
Residence2010CHATFIELD Deborah D?
Residence2010CHATFIELD Nancy L?
Death20 April 2011OBAR Cecil Eldon?
Death11 September 2011OBAR Regina Mae?

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