List of events ordered by date

United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Minster, Sheppey, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death19 March 1964WARD Minnie Elizabeth?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Mount Zion-Independent, Tunbridge Wells, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening24 April 1836STRANGE Alfred?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Mt. Ephraim, The Countess of Huntingdons Emmanuel Church, Tunbridge Wells, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening17 February 1786RICHARDSON Herbert?
Christening21 October 1787RICHARDSON Elizabeth?
Christening26 April 1789RICHARDSON Sarah?
Christening21 August 1791RICHARDSON Selina?
Christening8 August 1793RICHARDSON John?
Christening31 January 1796RICHARDSON John (38)?
Christening6 January 1798RICHARDSON Matthew?
Christening14 July 1799RICHARDSON Ann Clark?
Christening11 October 1801RICHARDSON Mary?
Christening6 July 1803RICHARDSON Henry?
Christening9 June 1805RICHARDSON William?
Christening2 April 1807RICHARDSON Susannah?
Christening8 May 1814PAYNE Carolne?
Christening8 May 1814SEAMER Elizabeth?
Christening10 December 1821RICHARDSON Elizabeth Stafford?
Christening27 September 1824PAYNE Ann Clark?
Christening27 September 1824RICHARDSON Henry Percy?
Christening13 June 1826RICHARDSON Ann Clark?
Christening18 March 1828RICHARDSON George?
Christening17 January 1831RICHARDSON Mary?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Mt. Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth28 November 1795RICHARDSON John (38)?
Birth23 March 1807RICHARDSON Susannah?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Nevill Lodge, The Pantiles,Tunbridge Wells, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1842STRANGE Nevill?
Birth1843STRANGE Jane?
Birth1844STRANGE Emily?
Birth1849STRANGE Orlando?
Death1883MATHEW Mary Strange?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - New Romney TN28 : 3 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1835HUNT Sarah?
Christening8 April 1849BURTON Elizabeth Lewis?
Birth1849BURTON Elizabeth Lewis?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - North Aylesford, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1862BARLOW John Kennedy?
Marriage1879SPRACKLING George with ? Annie?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - North Cray, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1893CHATFIELD Frederick Leonard?
Birth1904HIGHGATE Alfred Jesse?
Birth1905HIGHGATE Herbert?
Birth1908HIGHGATE James?
Census1911CHATFIELD Alice?
Census1911SALES Gwendoline?
Census1911SALES Frederick?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - North Lane, Westgate Without, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851ABBOTT Charlotte Maria?
Census1851CHATFIELD Elizabeth Patience?
Census1861ABBOTT Arthur?
Census1861ABBOTT Charlotte Maria?
Census1861CHATFIELD Elizabeth Patience?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - North St., Strood, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881SPRACKLING George Isaac Edward?
Census1881? Annie?
Census1881SPRACKLING George?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Northfleet, Chatham, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1949CHATFIELD George James?
Death1950AUSTIN Amy Louise?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Northfleet, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1848BIRD Josephine Sarah?
Birth1849BIRD Edward Henry?
Birth1851BIRD Joseph Robert?
Birth1878CHATFIELD Isaac William (William J)?
Census1911CHATFIELD Louisa?
Census1911COUSSENS Naomi?
Census1911COUSSENS Elias Owen?
Census1911COUSSENS Cecil?
Census1911COUSSENS John?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Northumberland House, Tunbridge Wells, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Deathafter 1841STRANGE Richard?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Norton Rd., Southborough, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Emily Bailey?
Census31 March 1901BLACKFORD Ambrose Robert?
Census31 March 1901BLACKFORD Frederick Leonard?
Census31 March 1901BLACKFORD Frederick William?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Oakley Rd., Bromley, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD \ VIDLER Thomas?
Census31 March 1901GILLHAM Martha?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Old Bury, Ightham, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1871? Margaret?
Census1871ASHBY Henry?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Old Dover Rd., Northfleet, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851BIRD Edward Henry?
Census1851BIRD David?
Census1851BIRD Josephine Sarah?
Census1851BIRD Joseph Robert?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Old Meeting Bessells Green-Baptist, Orpington, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening8 April 1766AGATE Susannah?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Orpington, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage14 July 1747CHATFIELD Allen with OSBORNE Mary?
Birth1863CHATFIELD Sarah Ann?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Osborne Terrace, Eltham, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth19 May 1864BRUNNING Frederick Charles?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Otford St., Otford, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening3 October 1869GILLHAM Martha?
Census1881GILLHAM Martha?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Otford, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening23 August 1792YATES William?
Birthabout 1792YATES William?
Birth1869GILLHAM Martha?
Birthabout 1894CHATFIELD Ethel?
Census31 March 1901VIDLER Margery \ Marjorie Gladys?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Ethel?
Census31 March 1901VIDLER Nellie?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Otham, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1869SKEATS Arthur?
Census1871SKEATS Arthur?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Otterden, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1911CHATFIELD Mary Elizabeth?
Census1911SMITH George Frank?
Census1911DEMPSEY Bridget?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Overcliffe Gravesend, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1911GRIGGS Edith Lucy?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Paddock Wood, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1876FEVER Ellen?
Birthabout 1887LATTER Pearl Florence?
Birth1911CHATFIELD Dora Elizabeth?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Parish Church, Milton-next-Sittingbourne, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening27 February 1871WINDY Joseph James?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Park Rd., Tunbridge Wells, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD John?
Census1891CLARK Maria?
Census1891CHATFIELD Lilly Maria?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Park St., Tunbridge Wells, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901KILLICK Mary?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Minnie Ann?
Census31 March 1901KILLICK Horace Arthur?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Pembury, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1858DAY Charlotte?
Census1911CHATFIELD Eva Mary?
Census1911CHATFIELD Dinah?
Census1911CHATFIELD Arthur Warden?
Census1911CHATFIELD Gonville Alfred?
Census1911CHATFIELD Florence Agnes?
Census1911CHATFIELD Amelia May?
Census1911CHATFIELD Percy Cyril?
Death21 June 1919BOOBBYER Charlotte Matilda Roussell?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Penshurst, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening1 August 1568CHATFIELD Mary?
Christening3 June 1571CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening12 June 1575CHATFIELD Walter?
Christening21 December 1582CHATFIELD Richard?
Birth1843CARD Edward?
Marriage7 April 1844COULSTOCK Ellis with DEADMAN Harriet?
Birthabout 1853COULSTOCK Harriett?
Birthabout 1853MOWCOOMBER Rosina?
Birthabout 1856COULSTOCK George?
Census1871COULSTOCK Ellis?
Census1871? Mary?
Census1871COULSTOCK Ellis?
Census1871COULSTOCK George?
Birth1878TAYLOR Elizabeth?
Death23 August 1985MERRITT Florence Mabel?
Death4 December 1989BOWLES David?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Pickford Rd., Bexley, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Albert John Edward?
Census31 March 1901BUTCHER Elizabeth Hannah?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Daisy Elizabeth?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD John Richard?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Pickford, Road, Bexley Heath, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1901CHATFIELD Herbert William?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Platia Lane, St Margaret At Cliffe, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901EVENS Eunice Caroline?
Census31 March 1901EVENS Mabel Louise?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Plaxtol, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening4 January 1835CHATFIELD William Bassett?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Plumstead, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening1817RAWLINGS Richard?
Death20 November 1848RUSSELL Charlotte?
Census1871STEPHENSON Eleanor?
Birthabout 1893HOLLOWAY Frank Thomas?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Pot Kiln Houses, Hadlow, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881BARTON Sarah?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Poundsbridge Roe, Penshurst, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861COULSTOCK George?
Census1861COULSTOCK Harriett?
Census1861COULSTOCK Ellis?
Census1861? Mary?
Census1861COULSTOCK Ellis?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Poundsbridge, Penshurst, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BOWLES David Peter?
Burial?MERRITT Florence Mabel?
Birthabout 1860COULSTOCK Ellis?
Census1881COULSTOCK Ellis?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Princes St., Tunbridge Wells, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881HUNT Albert Hodges?
Census1881STRANGE Alice Elizabeth?
Census1881HUNT Albert Robert Edward?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Quarry Rd., Tunbridge Wells, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Charles Alfred?
Census1891KILLICK Mary?
Census1891CHATFIELD Frederick?
Census1891CHATFIELD William?
Census1891CHATFIELD Edwin?
Census1891CHATFIELD Bertie?
Census1891CHATFIELD Florence?
Census1891CHATFIELD William Thomas?
Census1891CHATFIELD Walter Henry?
Census1891SMITH Alice?
Census1891CHATFIELD Edith Fanny?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Bertie?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Ernest Victor?
Census31 March 1901SMITH Alice?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD William?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Queen Marys Hospital, Sidcup, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death10 December 1961CHATFIELD Frederick Leonard?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Rainham Rd., Gillingham, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891SMITH Annie Chatfield?
Census1891CHATFIELD \ SMITH Rosina?
Census1891CHATFIELD Alfred Horace?
Census1891SMITH Walter?
Census1891DEMPSEY Bridget?
Census1891CHATFIELD Mary Elizabeth?
Census1891SMITH Bertie?
Census1891CHATFIELD George?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Rams Hill, Brenchley, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861LAMBKIN Rosamond?
Census1861TOWNER Thomas?
Census1861TOWNER Thomas?
Census1891TOWNER Ruth?
Census1891TOWNER Thomas?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Ramsgate, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1867? Eliza?
Birth24 March 1872CHATFIELD Lillian Maud?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Reculver, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening12 August 1832HEATH Elizabeth Lydia?
Birth1832HEATH Elizabeth Lydia?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Riverhead, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1820CHATFIELD Nicholas?
Birth1823CHATFIELD Walter?
Birth29 August 1825CHATFIELD John?
Birthabout 1827CHATFIELD William?
Birth30 May 1831CHATFIELD Thomas?
Birth13 September 1833CHATFIELD George?
Birth1865CHATFIELD James Henry?
Birth1868CHATFIELD Alfred William Robert?
Birth1871CHATFIELD Elizabeth Ada?
Birth1874CHATFIELD Henry?
Census1881CHATFIELD Henry?
Birth1883KINGSWOOD Kate?
Birth1891CHATFIELD Charles William T?
Birth1893CHATFIELD James Walter?
Birth1894CHATFIELD Zillah Eleanor?
Birth15 October 1896CHATFIELD Alfred Henry Charles?
Birth1897CHATFIELD Albert Reginald?
Birth1898CHATFIELD Harry?
Birth1899CHATFIELD William?
Death1900CHATFIELD Alfred William Robert?
Census1911GASSON Edith Hester?
Census1911ASHBY Emily?
Census1911CHATFIELD William?
Census1911COOK Zillah?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Rochester St Margaret, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881FORD Millicent Esther?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Rochester, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Will1745STRANGE Rogor (576)?
Will1745/1746STRANGE William (288)?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Rock Cottages, Tunbridge Wells, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851HORSCROFT Mary?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Rolvenden, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth2 March 1804FUGGLE Edward?
Birthabout 1805WELLS Winifred?
Marriage28 October 1827FUGGLE Edward with WELLS Winifred?
Christening9 August 1829FUGGLE Maria?
Birth1829FUGGLE Maria?
Census1841FUGGLE Maria?
Census1841FUGGLE Sophia?
Census1841WELLS Winifred?
Marriage26 December 1852MOORE Thomas with FUGGLE Sophia?
Census1861WELLS Winifred?
Census1871WELLS Winifred?
Burial28 August 1881WELLS Winifred?
Census1881WELLS Winifred?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Romney Marsh, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1873FINN Samuel?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Romney, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Rotherfield, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening2 January 1780TICKNER George?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Royal Tunbridge Wells : 4 events

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Kent & Sussex Cmtry. & Crmtrm.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?FUNNELL Violet Emily?

Kent and Sussex Cemetery and Crematorium

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD George Henry?

Kent and Sussex Cmtry. & Crmtrm.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial6 July 1977CHATFIELD Harold Sydney?
Burial4 January 1980GASSON Edith Hester?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Ryarsh, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Alfred Leonard George with SAUNDERS Margaret Mahala?
Marriage1 September 1907CHATFIELD Alfred Leonard George with SAUNDERS Margaret Mahala?
Census1911CHATFIELD Henry George?
Census1911PLACE Elizabeth?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Sandgate, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth18 March 1888CAMPBELL Silvia Nina?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Sandhurst, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1827SAXBY James?
Birth1829SAXBY Caroline?
Burial3 July 1859SAXBY James?
Census1871BUTLER Harriett?
Census1871CHATFIELD Kate?
Census1871SAXBY James?
Birthabout 1874LAWRENCE Minnie Mary?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Seal, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening?WARRINGTON Issue?
Marriage19 October 1734STRANGE William (144) with HILDER Mary (145)?
Marriage9 December 1810WARRINGTON George with MAY Bethier?
Birth1817OSBORNE Eliza?
Christening3 January 1819WARRINGTON Frances?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Sevenoaks TN13 : 364 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1878SMITH Ernest Samuel?
Birth1880SMITH Lucy Hannah?

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?CHATFIELD Eliza?
Birth?CHATFIELD Lettice?
Birth1779CHATFIELD William?
Marriage30 April 1780GOLDSMITH James with GURIDGE Susannah?
Birth1781CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth1782CHATFIELD Eleanor?
Birth23 April 1784CHATFIELD John?
Birth24 October 1792CHATFIELD Richard?
Christening11 November 1792CHATFIELD Richard?
Birth21 October 1795GOLDSMITH Sarah?
Christening15 November 1795GOLDSMITH Sarah?
Birthabout 1800? Jane?
Birth12 April 1802CHATFIELD Eleanor?
Christening16 May 1802CHATFIELD Eleanor?
Birth2 March 1804CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth3 July 1805CHATFIELD William?
Birth23 April 1808CHATFEILD \ CHATFIELD John?
Birth3 September 1809CHATFIELD Robert?
Birth28 May 1811CHATFIELD Francis?
Christening1 September 1811CHATFIELD Francis?
Christening24 April 1813CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Christening26 December 1813CHATFIELD Stephen?
Birth1814CLARK Maria?
Christening19 April 1815CHATFIELD Eliza?
Marriage3 March 1816CHATFIELD Richard with GOLDSMITH Sarah?
Christening14 March 1816CHATFIELD William?
Christening13 March 1817CHATFIELD Lettice?
Burial30 April 1817GESUP Sarah?
DeathApril 1817GESUP Sarah?
Christening3 August 1817CHATFIELD Sarah?
Christening28 March 1819CHATFIELD Richard?
BirthOctober 1820CHATFIELD Timothy?
Christening5 November 1820CHATFIELD John?
Christening5 November 1820CHATFIELD Timothy?
Christening13 March 1822CHATFIELD James?
Burial26 April 1822CHATFIELD Timothy?
DeathApril 1822CHATFIELD Timothy?
Christening14 December 1823CHATFIELD Jane?
Christening30 October 1825CHATFIELD Jemima?
Christening9 September 1827CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth26 July 1829CHATFIELD Nicholas?
Marriage18 August 1829CHATFIELD Robert with DOWLING Sarah Ann?
Christening4 August 1830CHATFIELD Ann?
Birth1831CHATFIELD William?
Death23 May 1832CHATFIELD William?
Burial23 May 1832CHATFIELD William?
DeathMay 1832CHATFIELD William?
Christening9 September 1832CHATFIELD Emma?
Marriage25 December 1833CHATFEILD \ CHATFIELD John with CLARK Maria?
Christening12 November 1834CHATFIELD Jonathan?
Christening28 December 1834CHATFIELD Martha?
Birth1834CHATFIELD Martha?
Birth1834CHATFIELD Alfred?
Birth1834YATES Caroline?
Christening15 January 1837CHATFIELD Eliza?
Birth1837CHATFIELD Matilda?
Birth1838CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening7 April 1839CHATFIELD John?
Birth1839CHATFIELD John?
Birth1840CHATFIELD Bethia?
Christening9 May 1841CHATFIELD Letitia?
Census1841CHATFIELD Emma?
Birth1841CHATFIELD Letitia?
Census1841CHATFIELD Thomas?
Christening25 December 1842CHATFIELD Bethia?
Christening25 December 1842CHATFIELD William?
Birth1842CHATFIELD Maria?
Birth1842CHATFIELD William?
Christening7 May 1843CHATFIELD Alfred?
Birth1843CHATFIELD Alfred?
Christening2 June 1844CHATFIELD Emma?
Christening8 December 1844CHATFIELD Matilda?
Birth1844CHATFIELD Matilda?
Marriage1844CHATFIELD Richard with DUNMALL Mary?
Christening30 September 1846CHATFIELD Richard?
Christening18 October 1846CHATFIELD Emma?
Birth1846CHATFIELD Emma?
Birth1846CHATFIELD Richard?
Christening28 May 1848CHATFIELD George?
Birth1848CHATFIELD Arthur?
Birth1848CHATFIELD George?
Christening7 January 1849CHATFIELD Timothy?
Birth1849CHATFIELD Timothy?
Christening24 February 1850CHATFIELD Jemima?
BirthOctober 1850CHATFIELD Margaret?
Christening24 November 1850CHATFIELD Margaret?
Birth1850CHATFIELD Jemima?
Burial16 August 1851WARRINGTON Frances?
DeathAugust 1851WARRINGTON Frances?
Census1851OSBORNE Eliza?
Census1851CHATFIELD Matilda?
Census1851CHATFIELD Timothy?
Census1851CHATFIELD Alfred?
Census1851CHATFIELD Francis?
Census1851CHATFIELD Emma?
Census1851CHATFIELD Matilda?
Census1851CHATFIELD William?
Census1851CHATFIELD William?
Census1851CHATFIELD Letitia?
Census1851CHATFIELD Robert?
Census1851DOWLING Sarah Ann?
Census1851CHATFIELD Margaret?
Census1851CHATFIELD Alfred?
Birth1854CHATFIELD Clifford Walter?
Marriage20 October 1856MARCHANT William with CHATFIELD Matilda?
Christening27 November 1859MARCHANT Robert William Alfred?
Birth1861CHATFIELD Charles Henry James?
Census1861CHATFIELD Robert?
Census1861DOWLING Sarah Ann?
Burial25 September 1862CHATFIELD Jemima?
Death1862CHATFIELD Jemima?
Christening10 May 1863CHATFIELD Annie Priscilla?
Christening19 July 1863CHATFIELD Louisa Alice?
Marriage1863CHATFIELD Jonathan with HAYES Elizabeth Christian?
Birth1863CHATFIELD Louisa Alice?
Birth1865CHATFIELD Laura Emily?
Marriage1865CHATFIELD William with STAPLES Esther \ Hester?
Birth1865CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Christening21 January 1866CHATFIELD Arthur Alfred?
Christening21 January 1866CHATFIELD Laura Emily?
Christening21 January 1866CHATFIELD Ernest Robert William?
Christening20 May 1866CHATFIELD James?
Birth1866CHATFIELD James?
Death1867CHATFIELD Richard?
Christening5 July 1868CHATFIELD Clara Jane Matilda?
Birth1868CHATFIELD Jonathan?
Christening21 November 1869CHATFIELD Jonathan?
DeathMarch 1871CHATFIELD John?
Census1871CHATFIELD Clifford Walter?
Census1871STAPLES Esther \ Hester?
Census1871CHATFIELD James Henry?
Census1871CHATFIELD Clara Jane Matilda?
Census1871CHATFIELD Rosetta?
Census1871COOK Zillah?
Census1871DOWLING Sarah Ann?
Census1871SIMS Louisa?
Census1871CHATFIELD Annie Priscilla?
Census1871CHATFIELD Robert?
Census1871CHATFIELD James?
Census1871YATES Caroline?
Census1871CHATFIELD Jonathan?
Census1871CHATFIELD William?
Census1871CHATFIELD Ernest Robert William?
Census1871CHATFIELD William?
Census1871CHATFIELD Louisa Alice?
Census1871CHATFIELD Alfred William Robert?
Census1871CHATFIELD Laura Emily?
Census1871CHATFIELD Arthur Alfred?
Census1871CHATFIELD Charles Henry James?
Birthabout 1874MARTIN Ellen Alice?
Burial1 April 1875GOLDSMITH Sarah?
Death1875CHATFIELD Richard?
Death1875GOLDSMITH Sarah?
Death5 December 1878CHATFEILD \ CHATFIELD John?
Death1878CHATFIELD William?
Death1878DOWLING Sarah Ann?
Birthabout 1878SALES Frederick?
Birth2 January 1879CHATFIELD Alfred Horace?
Death1880? Mary?
Birthabout 1880STEER Ellen Mary?
Marriage1880CHATFIELD William with FARMER Emily?
Death1886CHATFIELD William?
Marriage1887GREENWAY Ebenezer Geoffrey with CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
Marriage1889ELWORTHY James with CHATFIELD Annie Priscilla?
Marriage1890CHATFIELD James Henry with DACOMBE Elizabeth?
Death1892CHATFIELD William?
Death1892CHATFIELD William?
Birth26 July 1893PEPLOE Keith K?
Death1893CHATFIELD Robert?
Death1893FARMER John?
Birth1895YOUNG Archibald Bruce?
Birth1896ELWORTHY Elizabeth Ada?
Marriage2 February 1898CHEESEMAN George with CHATFIELD Louisa Alice?
Birth1898ELWORTHY Lilian Mabel?
Birth1898MORLEY Annie Laurie?
Birth1899CHATFIELD William?
Christening1899ELWORTHY Lilian Mabel?
DeathNovember 1900CLARK Maria?
Birth1900CHATFIELD Arthur?
Death1900SANDLES Israel William?
Census31 March 1901MARTIN Ellen Alice?
Christening11 August 1901ELWORTHY James?
Birth1901CHATFIELD Margery Elizabeth?
Birth1901TURK Frances Elizabeth?
Birth1902ELWORTHY Zillah Emily?
Christening1902ELWORTHY Zillah Emily?
Marriage1903CHATFIELD John William with ALDOUS Mary Anne?
Marriage1903MANTON Henry John with STEER Ellen Mary?
Birth1 January 1904JONES Helen Nora?
Birth15 March 1904SEDGWICK Susan Annie?
Death1 May 1904PEPLOE Gerald Sydney?
Birth1906CHATFIELD Harold Sydney?
Birth1906CHATFIELD James?
Birth24 February 1910GASSON Edith Hester?
Census1911CHATFIELD James?
Census1911CHATFIELD Harold Sydney?
Census1911CHATFIELD Margery Elizabeth?
Census1911CHATFIELD Ernest George Thomas?
Census1911CHATFIELD James?
Census1911CHATFIELD Jonathan?
Census1911ELWORTHY Lilian Mabel?
Census1911BENNETT Elizabeth?
Census1911CHATFIELD William Ernest?
Census1911ELWORTHY Zillah Emily?
Census1911ELWORTHY William?
Census1911CHATFIELD Emily Mary Louise?
Census1911ELWORTHY Elizabeth Ada?
Census1911CHATFIELD William Leonard?
Census1911CHATFIELD Albert Edwin?
Census1911PAGDEN Lillian Victoria?
Census1911PAGDEN Lewis Henry?
Census1911KNIGHT Emma?
Census1911CHATFIELD William?
Death1912COOK Zillah?
Birth1914CHATFIELD Leslie?
Death1915CHATFIELD Annie Priscilla?
Death1915ELWORTHY Lilian Mabel?
Death1915CHATFIELD James?
Marriage1916CHATFIELD James Walter with WOOD Dorothy?
Marriage1916CHATFIELD Percy with KINGSWOOD Kate?
Death1917ELWORTHY Elizabeth Ada?
Birth23 February 1919BARTHOLOMEW Violet?
Marriage1919CHATFIELD Alfred Henry Charles with MILES Dorothea May?
Birth9 July 1920CHATFIELD Ronald Nelson?
Death1920ELWORTHY Zillah Emily?
Birth1920CHATFIELD Walter T?
Marriage1920CHATFIELD Walter with PARKER Florence Mary Ann?
Birth3 December 1921CHATFIELD Douglas A?
Birth4 July 1922CHATFIELD John Anthony Cecil?
Marriage1922CHATFIELD Albert Edwin with PAGDEN Lillian Victoria?
Birth10 September 1923CHATFIELD Hilda Victoria?
Death1923ELWORTHY James?
Birth1923CHATFIELD Joan?
Death1923FARMER Emily?
Marriage1924CHATFIELD Robert with MORLEY Annie Laurie?
Marriage1924YOUNG Archibald Bruce with CHATFIELD Florence?
Marriage1924CHATFIELD George with BARGUS Amy?
Birth1924CHATFIELD Barbara J?
Marriage1924CLARK Frederick with CHATFIELD Violet?
Birth1924CLARK William D?
Marriage1925CHATFIELD Charles Thomas with SEDGWICK Susan Annie?
Death1925CHATFIELD Dinah?
Birth13 October 1926CHATFIELD Doreen Hilda?
Birth1926CHATFIELD George Herbert?
Birth1926CLARK Frederick J?
Birth1927CHATFIELD Zilliah M?
Marriage1928CHATFIELD William Leonard with MARTIN Marjorie Rose?
Birth1929CHATFIELD Daphne M?
Birth1929CHATFIELD John?
Death1929DACOMBE Elizabeth?
Birth27 November 1930CHATFIELD Norman?
Marriage1930CARR Raymond with CHATFIELD Emily Mary Louise?
Birth1931CHATFIELD Dorothy M I.?
Birth1932CARR Jean M?
Birth1933CHATFIELD Jean?
Birth1933CHATFIELD Patricia M A?
DeathDecember 1934CHATFIELD Henry?
Birth1935CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Death1935PAGDEN Lewis Henry?
Death1937PEPLOE Daniel Henry Theophilus?
Marriage1938CHATFIELD Harold Sydney with GASSON Edith Hester?
Birth1938CHATFIELD Priscilla M?
Marriage1939CHATFIELD Leslie Cecil with BARTHOLOMEW Violet?
Birth1940EASTWOOD Terence E C?

155 High St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD William?
Census1881STAPLES Esther \ Hester?

2 Victoria Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1916CHATFIELD William Ernest?

Baptist New Connexion

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening1820CHATFIELD Nicholas?

Black Boy Lane, Otherwise Bank St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Rowland?
Census1881GOODAGE Emily?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1859BOAKES Daniel?

General Baptist Chapel

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Christening?CHATFIELD Nicholas?
Christening4 June 1823CHATFIELD Walter?

Golding Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901ELWORTHY James?
Census31 March 1901ELWORTHY James?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Annie Priscilla?
Census31 March 1901ELWORTHY Elizabeth Ada?
Census31 March 1901ELWORTHY Lilian Mabel?
Census31 March 1901ELWORTHY William?
Census31 March 1901ELWORTHY Florence Mabel?
Census1901CHATFIELD Arthur?
Census1901CHATFIELD Harry?
Census1901CHATFIELD James Walter?
Census1901CHATFIELD Charles William T?
Census1901DACOMBE Elizabeth?
Census1901CHATFIELD James Henry?
Census1901CHATFIELD Albert Reginald?
Census1901CHATFIELD Zillah Eleanor?

High St.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1841CHATFIELD Bethia?
Census1841CHATFIELD John?
Census1841WARRINGTON Frances?
Census1841CHATFIELD William?
Census1851CHATFIELD Emma?
Census1851CHATFIELD George?
Census1851CHATFIELD Bethia?
Census1851CHATFIELD John?
Census1851CHATFIELD William?
Census1851CHATFIELD Jemima?
Census1851WARRINGTON Frances?
Census1861CHATFIELD William?
Census1861CHATFIELD William?
Census1861CHATFIELD Jemima?
Census1861SIMS Louisa?
Census1871CHATFIELD William?

Hilldenborough Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Census1861CHATFIELD Arthur?
Census1861CLARK Maria?

Long Barn

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1841JESSOP Sarah?
Census1841CHATFIELD Elenor?
Census1841CHATFIELD Letitia?
Census1841CHATFIELD John?
Census1841CHATFIELD Maria?
Census1841OSBORNE Eliza?
Census1841CHATFIELD Francis?

Six Bells Lane

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD James?

St John's

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851CHATFIELD Richard?
Census1851DUNMALL Mary?

St Johns Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881MARTIN Ellen Alice?
Census1891MARTIN Ellen Alice?

St Johns

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851? Jane?
Census1851YATES William?
Census1851YATES Caroline?

St Margaret's Church, Underriver

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?PEPLOE Gerald Sydney?

St Nicholas

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage26 July 1778CHATFIELD William with GESUP Sarah?
Christening22 March 1781CHATFIELD Mary?
Christening12 April 1782CHATFIELD Eleanor?
Marriage17 May 1801CHATFIELD William with JESSOP Elizabeth?
Christening15 April 1804CHATFIELD Jane?
Christening4 August 1805CHATFIELD William?
Birth21 February 1809CHATFIELD John?
Christening23 April 1809CHATFIELD John?
Christening11 March 1810CHATFIELD Robert?
Christening19 January 1831CHATFIELD William?
Christening19 January 1834CHATFIELD Alfred?
Christening25 June 1837CHATFIELD Matilda?
Christening22 July 1838CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Christening1 January 1843CHATFIELD Maria?
Christening12 November 1848CHATFIELD Arthur?
Christening5 September 1884CHATFEILD \ CHATFIELD John?

Sunny Bank

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Alfred William Robert?
Census1881CHATFIELD Elizabeth Ada?
Census1881CHATFIELD Charles Henry James?
Census1881CHATFIELD James Henry?
Census1881COOK Zillah?
Census1881CHATFIELD William?
Census1891CHATFIELD Charles Henry James?
Census1891CHATFIELD Alfred William Robert?
Census1891COOK Zillah?
Census1891CHATFIELD Elizabeth Ada?
Census1891CHATFIELD Henry?

Tubbs Hill

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1851CHATFIELD Mary?
Census1851CHATFIELD Jonathan?
Census1851CHATFIELD Richard?
Census1851GOLDSMITH Sarah?
Census1861CHATFIELD Jonathan?
Census1861CHATFIELD Richard?
Census1861GOLDSMITH Sarah?

View Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Richard?
Census1861DUNMALL Mary?

Wood Ridings, Granville Rd.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1881CHATFIELD Louisa Alice?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Sheerness, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1841BUCKHURST Alfred?
Birth1841MONDAY Emily Ann?
Marriage1860BUCKHURST Alfred with MONDAY Emily Ann?
Census1871BUCKHURST Alfred George?
Census1871BUCKHURST Alfred?
Census1871MONDAY Emily Ann?
Death1893MONDAY Emily Ann?
Death1899BUCKHURST Alfred?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Sheerness, Sheppey, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1857SARGENT Agnes?
Birth1865RUCK Emma Eliza Harriet?
Birth1886BUCKHURST Alfred Nelson?
Birth1888BUCKHURST Fanny Emily?
Birth1891BUCKHURST Violet Maude?
Birth1896BUCKHURST George William?
Birth1897BUCKHURST William Harry?
Birth1900BUCKHURST Mina Matilda?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Sheppey, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1860SARGENT Abraham Arthur?
Birth1861BUCKHURST Alfred George?
Marriage1885BUCKHURST Alfred George with CHATFIELD Minnie Matilda?
Death1963CHATFIELD Victor?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Shepway, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
DeathNovember 1991CHATFIELD John Peter?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Shipbourne Rd., Hildenborough, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1861CHATFIELD Rosetta?
Census1861CHATFIELD Clara Alice?
Census1861CHATFIELD James?
Census1861OSBORNE Maria?
Census1861CHATFIELD William?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Shipbourne, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1799? Fanny?
Birthabout 1799BARRETT Fanny?
Christening29 October 1815CHATFIELD Jesse?
Marriage7 May 1818CHATFIELD Thomas with BARRETT Fanny?
Christening15 May 1836PILCHER James?
Christening15 May 1836PILCHER Jane?
Birthabout 1836PILCHER James?
Birth1836PILCHER Jane?
Birthabout 1838PILCHER Walter Chatfield?
Death27 August 1839CHATFIELD Mary?
Burial8 January 1853BARRETT Fanny?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Shop 5, Cray Buildings, Foots Cray, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Frederick Leonard?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Hazel Florence?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Frederick Leonard?
Census31 March 1901HAZELDEN Jane?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Shoreham St., Shoreham, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891FARMER Emily?
Census1891CHATFIELD William?
Census1891CHATFIELD Amos?
Census1891CHATFIELD Florence?
Census1891CHATFIELD George?
Census1891CHATFIELD Horace?
Census1891CHATFIELD Edith?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Shoreham, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage14 July 1839CHATFIELD Francis with OSBORNE Eliza?
Birth1880CHATFIELD John William?
Birth1883CHATFIELD Amos?
Birth9 August 1885CHATFIELD Horace?
Birth13 April 1887CHATFIELD George?
Birth1889CHATFIELD Florence?
Birth1891CHATFIELD Edith?
Birth16 August 1892CHATFIELD Frank?
Birth18 September 1895CHATFIELD Herbert?
Birth5 July 1897CHATFIELD Daisy?
Birth19 November 1900CHATFIELD Robert?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD George?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Robert?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD William?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Daisy?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD John William?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Florence?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Frank?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Amos?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Herbert?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Horace?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Edith?
Census31 March 1901FARMER Emily?
Birth12 April 1903CHATFIELD Violet?
Census1911CHATFIELD William?
Census1911CHATFIELD George?
Census1911CHATFIELD Violet?
Census1911FARMER Emily?
Census1911CHATFIELD Horace?
Census1911CHATFIELD Frank?
Census1911CHATFIELD John William?
Census1911CHATFIELD Daisy?
Census1911CHATFIELD Herbert?
Census1911CHATFIELD Robert?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Sidcup, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1854CHATFIELD Charles Edward?
Marriage2 February 1865MANTELL John Dalton with CHATFIELD Eliza?
Birth2 July 1898PARKER Gladys Francis?
Birth1910HIGHGATE Dorothy Francis Emma?
Death1953BUTCHER Elizabeth Hannah?
Death1953HIGHGATE John James?
Marriage1954CHATFIELD Bertie William John with WHEELER Irene F?
Birth1954VALLOM Susan A?
Birth1955CHATFIELD Donald A?
Marriage1955LEGG Maurice E C with HOLMES Sheila R?
Birth1956CHATFIELD Robert V?
Birth1958VALLOM Jane?
Death15 March 1959CHATFIELD James?
Birth1959LANGLANDS Jeremy D?
Death1959SANDLES Joseph?
Birth1961CHATFIELD Penelope A?
Birth1964CHATFIELD David A C?
Birth15 March 2008HOUSE Hannah Lorna?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Singlewell Rd., Northfleet, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Alice?
Census31 March 1901SALES Frederick?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Sinksnorth, Frittenden, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1891CHATFIELD Lucy?
Census1891DURRANT John?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Sittingbourne : 10 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1836WHIBLEY Emily Ruth?
Birth1946CHATFIELD Roger Herbert?
Birth1950WILES Ann C?
Birth1951CHATFIELD Andrew P?
Birth1957BROWNING Susan A?
Birth1957DEAN Glenis B?
Death1966BROWNING Henry Sidney?
Marriage1969CHATFIELD Kenneth R with WILES Ann C?
Marriage1974BOSWELL Nigel G C with DEAN Glenis B?

Milton Regis Hospital

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1954PARKS Maxy Moses?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Smallhythe, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1999CHATFIELD Raymond Thomas?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Smarden TN27 : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1720MOTT Isaac?


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1911CHATFIELD Hannah?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Snodland ME6 : 5 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Henry George?
Census31 March 1901CHATFIELD Alfred Leonard George?
Census31 March 1901PLACE Elizabeth?

Christ Church

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial23 April 1946CHATFIELD Frederick William?
Burial1 May 1951TOMLIN Alice Edith?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Southborough Cmtry, Victoria Rd., Southborough, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial4 May 1909BENFOLD Leah?
Burial24 September 1947CHATFIELD Albert E?
Burial16 June 1951CHATFIELD James William?
Burial15 September 1967FLETCHER Sophie?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Southborough Cmtry., England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial22 December 2000HICKS Dorothy May?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Southborough Cmtry., Southborough, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial11 October 1939STRANGE Edith Gertrude?
Burial7 October 1942STRANGE Percy Leonard Fitzgerald?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Southborough Cmtry., Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial19 February 1957CHATFIELD Walter Henry?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Southborough, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1815? Harriet?
Birthabout 1847BOARER Harriet?
Birth1860PRESSNELL George?
Birth1868CHATFIELD Minnie Ann?
Marriage11 June 1870BROWN Albert with CHATFIELD Eliza Ann?
Census1871CHATFIELD Minnie Ann?
Census1871CHATFIELD Edwin?
Census1871CHATFIELD Fetitia?
Census1871CHATFIELD Peter Henry?
Census1871WALLER Anne?
Birth1873BUDGEN Albert Charles?
Birth1876BUDGEN John Edwin?
Birth1879BUDGEN Harriett Ellen?
Birth24 October 1903CHATFIELD James William?
Census1911CHATFIELD George Henry?
Census1911SAUNDERS Agnes Littlechild?
Census1911CHATFIELD James William?
Census1911CHATFIELD Elsie Elizabeth M?
Census1911BLACKFORD Frederick William?
Census1911CHATFIELD Sophia?
Census1911POTTER Thomas Robinson?
Census1911CHATFIELD Harry Alfred?
Census1911CHATFIELD James William?
Marriage14 June 1913CHATFIELD Sidney with DRAWBRIDGE Lilian Murrell?



United Kingdom - KEN Kent - Speldhurst, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?HILDER Issue 5?
Birth?JEFFERY Nicholas?
Christening26 August 1747NEWNHAM Richard?
Christening2 September 1748JEFFERY Nichols (74)?
Christening10 March 1754RICHARDSON Mary?
Christening14 December 1755RICHARDSON Elizabeth?
Christening19 February 1758RICHARDSON John (76)?
Birth1772DRIVER Thomas?
Birth1773DRIVER Martin?
Birth1775DRIVER Chatfield?
Marriage13 April 1777JEFFERY Nichols (74) with MERCER Sarah (75)?
Birth1777DRIVER Robert?
Birth9 April 1780JEFFERY Jane (37)?
Christening4 May 1780JEFFERY Jane (37)?
Christening6 April 1781DRIVER Elizabeth?
Birth1781DRIVER Elizabeth?
Birth1781GOODWIN Hannah?
Burial7 June 1782JEFFERY Nicholas?
Death1782JEFFERY Nicholas?
Christening2 September 1783DRIVER John?
Birth1783DRIVER John?
Birth1784RICHARDSON James?
Birth5 January 1785DRIVER Barbara?
Christening15 June 1785DRIVER Barbara?
Birth1793RICHARDSON John?
Burial6 February 1794RICHARDSON John?
Death1794RICHARDSON John?
Christening19 April 1795DRIVER James?
Birth1795DRIVER James?
Birth4 December 1797RICHARDSON Matthew?
Birth8 June 1799RICHARDSON Ann Clark?
Burial8 February 1801CHATFIELD Mary?
DeathFebruary 1801CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth1801RICHARDSON Mary?
Birth31 January 1802STRANGE Sarah Ashdown?
Birth9 June 1803RICHARDSON Henry?
Marriage7 February 1811RICHARDSON James with ALLEN Elizabeth?
Marriage5 November 1812PAYNE John with RICHARDSON Sarah?
Marriage29 April 1813SEAMER William with RICHARDSON Elizabeth?
Marriage17 August 1813PHILLIPS Thomas with RICHARDSON Selina?
Birth27 April 1816RICHARDSON Mary Ann?
Christening19 June 1816PHILLIPS John Richardson?
Birth1816PHILLIPS John Richardson?
Birth12 November 1821RICHARDSON Elizabeth Stafford?
Birth3 May 1824RICHARDSON Henry Percy?
Birthabout 1825PATEMAN Thomas?
Birth5 March 1826RICHARDSON Ann Clark?
Birth22 February 1828RICHARDSON George?
Marriage15 June 1828CHATFIELD John with HAYLEY Ansley?
Marriage30 June 1828CHATFIELD John with HALEY Ansley?
Christening1828STRANGE Edward Hilder?
Marriage9 April 1829AVIOLET William Goldsmith with RICHARDSON Susannah?
Birth1830STRANGE Felton?
Christening3 February 1834STRANGE Mary?
Burial18 September 1838DRIVER Martin?
Census1841RICHARDSON John (38)?
Marriage24 March 1842STRANGE George (18) with RICHARDSON Charlotte (19)?
Census1851STRANGE Edward Jeffrey?
Census1851STRANGE Emily?
Census1851STRANGE Felton?
Census1851RICHARDSON John (38)?
Census1851STRANGE Nevill?
Census1851MATHEW Mary Strange?
Census1851STRANGE Jane?
Census1851STRANGE Charles Mathew?
Census1851RICHARDSON Elizabeth?
Census1851STRANGE Orlando?
Marriage21 August 1855HERINGTON Charles with STRANGE Mary?

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