List of events ordered by date

United States of America - CA California - Lookout, Modoc Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth26 July 1882HOWELL Ruth Ann?
Marriage23 October 1899TURNBULL John Thomas with HOWELL Ruth Ann?



United States of America - CA California - Los Angeles City, Los Angeles Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
DivorceApril 1971WYNSMA Kenneth with VINKEMULDER Carol Louise?
Marriage18 November 1972LEMEUR Glenn Wesley with FASHBAUGH Gail A?



United States of America - CA California - Los Angeles Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Divorce?CHATFIELD Thomas Roderick with CARROZZO Carole A?
Birth?HENNEMANN Issue 3?
Birth?HILL Issue 4?
Marriage15 July 1895MULFORD David Munson with REYNOLDS Adila May?
Residence1885/1895WILSON Isaac Newton?
Marriage11 December 1907van DEVENTER Francis Marion with BABCOCK Eva D?
Birth20 December 1912PLANTE Evelyn A?
Death13 November 1914WHANN Jesse William?
Marriage26 November 1914PARKER George Fay with de ARMAN Lois B?
Marriage8 December 1915HEDGE Cecil Corwin \ Corwan with CHATFIELD Margaret C?
Marriage30 December 1917WILSON Isaac Newton with NUCKOLLS Mary Lucinda?
Residence1917CHATFIELD Irvin Alonzo?
Residence1917HEDGE Cecil Corwin \ Corwan?
Death21 May 1918BABCOCK Miles?
Birth22 May 1918BURROUGHS Harold C?
Marriage21 December 1919PARRY Sam Elias with CHATFIELD Katherine?
Marriage31 December 1919DELONG Armand Berry with WINKLER Clara A?
Death18 June 1920SAWYER Ira B?
Birth7 October 1920DELONG William Berry?
Birth17 February 1921SUTKE Arthur Truxton?
Marriage15 October 1921JACKSON Edward H with BUSS Pearl Avis?
Marriage16 September 1922COONS Arthur Wesley with EBERHARD Claire Frances?
Marriage18 September 1922DAVIS Lee Augustus with SANDERS Lucille?
Marriage27 December 1922MALLALIEU Thomas Gotwald with CLARK Annabel Tobitha?
Marriage29 January 1923HOUCK Joseph Charles with MARTIN Florence Irwin?
Birth1 June 1923SUTKE Shirley Jane?
Marriage10 April 1924JOHNSON Leland Franklin with KENNEDY Elma Ruth?
Birth9 June 1924LAWTON William Wallace?
Birth13 January 1925VERDON Gwyneth Evelyn?
Birth17 March 1925WHITFIELD Mary Louise?
Marriage6 May 1925RICHARDSON John Henry with FOWLER Ella Constance?
Birth7 June 1926LAWTON Bradley Chatfield?
Birth19 January 1927STURDY Mary Mildred?
Marriage13 April 1927SHOPE Paul Saul with LOAGUE Josephine?
Marriage15 June 1927LOVEJOY Cyrus Cecil with FINNIGAN Rosa?
Death18 September 1927BURROUGHS Harris A?
Marriage22 September 1928HAMILTON George Howard with SKOVE Florence Elizabeth?
Marriage3 October 1928CHATFIELD Frederick Perry with GHIANDA Emiliam Rosam Eloisam?
Marriage2 March 1929JOHNSON David Albion with GUILHAUMA Edith Augustine?
Marriage18 June 1929FELANDO Anton Joseph with ZUANICH Jacqueline Mary?
Birth14 August 1929RICHARDSON Gerald Burt?
Birth17 September 1929WEBB Nola Madeline?
Marriage30 January 1930CAMPBELL Robert Barr with CHATFIELD Gladys Elinor?
Birth28 May 1930CHATFIELD John Bodkin?
Marriage3 July 1930LARSON Ernest S with CHATFIELD Marie A?
Marriage16 August 1930WISSNER Leonard O with HIGGINS Margaret Virginia?
Marriage23 August 1930HOKIT Edward Daniel with HENRY Nina Marvell?
Death30 December 1930CHATFIELD Arthur John?
Divorcebefore 1930SHAW Charles Elliott with CHATFIELD Ora L?
Census1930WILTON Ruth Isabelle?
Marriage18 January 1931SMITH Lewis James with WILTON Jean Henrietta?
Marriage23 April 1931GOMPF Rohles L with BERRY Lucille L?
Death31 March 1932CHATFIELD Irvin Alonzo?
Birth17 April 1932GOMPF Joan Rohlene?
Death18 May 1932SHAW Charles Elliott?
Marriage10 June 1932ZIEGELASCH William Otto with WOODMANSEE Carolyn D?
Marriage19 June 1932HILL Dwight W with WILTON Ruth Isabelle?
Birth25 November 1932FELANDO Anita Rose?
Birth8 January 1933HILL Wilton Wade?
Marriage22 May 1933SUTKE Arthur (Otto) William with CHATFIELD Margaret C?
Birth15 June 1933CHATFIELD Patricia Lee?
Marriage20 September 1933JOHNSON Walter Andrew with FOWLER Mary Muriel?
Birth24 September 1933ARNOLD Syliva Darryl?
Birth23 January 1934FOSTER Carol Darlene?
Birth18 April 1934SMITH Ronald William?
Birth5 July 1934LARTER Betty Lou?
Death17 September 1934CHATFIELD Charles H?
Marriage19 January 1935ZIEGELASCH Dwight William with SKOVE Florence Elizabeth?
Marriage11 March 1935CHATFIELD Russell Warren with PARKER Margaret E?
Marriage23 March 1935WEBB Raymond Niece with BERGSTROM Lois Yvonne?
Birth18 May 1935HILL Richard Lee?
Birth26 May 1935WEBB Lois Lorraine?
Birth24 July 1935SHOPE Charles Albert?
Marriage17 August 1935BLIGHT Edward Montague with CHATFIELD Laura Elizabeth?
Marriage27 August 1935LAWHEAD Philip Mason with AGNER Frances Louise?
Birth21 December 1935CHATFIELD Pauline Estell?
Death29 December 1935TOMLIN Cloyce Oak?
Birth11 February 1936WEBB Delbert Leon?
Birth21 May 1936ROBERTS John Albert?
Death22 July 1936MACDONALD Alexandra?
Death24 July 1936CHATFIELD Ora L?
Birth1 August 1936LAMKIN Claude Russell?
Birth1 August 1936LAMKIN Claudia G?
Birth6 November 1936CHATFIELD Belvedear Joan?
Death10 February 1937SANDERS Joseph C?
Marriage30 June 1937CHATFIELD Lesley Earl with ESCHE Cheris Dorine?
Birth6 October 1937ROSTER Neal David?
Birth24 January 1938LEMEUR Glenn Wesley?
Birth10 February 1938SMITH Shirley Gail?
Birth9 April 1938HALL Robert Roy?
Birth20 May 1938CHATFIELD Margaret Ann?
Marriage4 June 1938BARTLETT Vernett Harlan with CHATFIELD Grace Gibson?
Birth13 July 1938WEST ROSTER Judith Anne?
Birth7 October 1938LAMKIN Barbara Jean?
Marriage21 January 1939WILLARD Lester Leon with DUERR Edna?
Birth12 February 1939SCHULTHEIS Kathryn Frances?
Death10 May 1939CHAPLIN Caryl Francis?
Birth14 May 1939LEMEUR Eugene Keith?
Marriage17 June 1939CHATFIELD Donald E with BYRD Ruth Evelyn?
Birth12 September 1939CHATFIELD Michael Lesley?
Marriage19 October 1939ASSON Arthur E with CHATFIELD Madelene Veronica?
Birth18 November 1939HALL Pauline Jo?
Birth25 November 1939SMITH Carolyn Marie?
Death24 January 1940CHATFIELD George Cunningham?
Birth25 January 1940WEBB Alan LeRoy?
Birth10 June 1940LINK Donna Ruth?
Birth18 September 1940CLUGAGE Linda Dee?
Census1940HENAGHAN James Archibald?
Death19 January 1941DEBUS Verona Julia?
Marriage15 March 1941CASTRUCCIO James Sentous with GRIM Joan Catherine?
Birth12 May 1941LEMEUR Ralph Edward?
Death5 July 1941CHATFIELD Horace Greely?
Marriage25 July 1941LAMKIN Russell Gordon with KENNING Dorothy Darlene?
Marriage4 August 1941PETERSON Roy C with KIRKPATRICK Edith?
Marriage12 September 1941BUCKLIN Vail Rhodes with MATTHEWS Constance Mary?
Death26 December 1941CHATFIELD Nota Anette?
Death2 February 1942NELSON \ NIELSEN Julius Bernard?
Death21 March 1942PENTON John Alfred?
Birth29 November 1942CHATFIELD Karen Lynn?
Marriage13 December 1942JEFFRIES William R with CHATFIELD Marguerite?
Marriage20 December 1942JOSLIN Robert Chatfield with CHEESMAN Anita D?
Death2 February 1943CHATFIELD Thomas Douglas?
Birth9 March 1943HENAGHAN James O Farrell?
Birth4 April 1943ALLIN Pamela Jean?
Birth4 December 1943LEMEUR ??
Marriage9 February 1944THOMPSON William Lawrence with TATE Naomi Ethel?
Birth14 February 1944DAIGNEAULT Freda Adeline?
Marriage2 May 1944BEECHEY Thomas with HENESSEE HALL Mina Jaunetta?
Birth2 May 1944PORSGAARD Diana Christine?
Birth6 May 1944JOSLIN David Emmett?
Death20 July 1944KENDALL James Blaine?
Marriage6 November 1944LUCAS Charles Curtis with MCINTEER Loretta R?
Death20 December 1944CHATFIELD David Alvah?
Marriage13 January 1945BEGNAUD Allen Lee with BARNES Belva Gerin?
Marriage28 February 1945CHATFIELD Billy Wallace with ANDERSON La Verne A?
Marriage28 February 1945GILLIS Donald Joseph with STURDY Mary Mildred?
Marriage8 April 1945HUNNEL Harley Eugene with LATHAM Arlene Ruth?
Marriage1 May 1945CHATFIELD Ned Aguire with RUSSELL Gloria Jena?
Birth22 August 1945LOVERIDGE Luverne Lewis?
Death9 September 1945DAMON John Elston?
Marriage2 March 1946BURROUGHS Harold C with KLEMA Hedwig Margarete?
Death22 July 1946CRANE May Louise?
Death22 August 1946BOYLE Mary Agnes?
Birth2 November 1946TREVINO Thomas V?
Marriage21 November 1946KUNKLE Richard Earl with WEBB Josephine Amelia?
Death6 February 1947CHATFIELD Russell Warren?
Birth21 February 1947CHATFIELD Billy Wallace?
Marriage2 March 1947MURRAY William Robert with GRAHAM Marion Joann?
Birth25 May 1947WILLIAMS Diane Lee?
Death26 May 1947CLARK Charles Henry?
Death28 May 1947CHATFIELD Harry Ives?
Death16 June 1947WELCH Pearl?
Marriage11 July 1947GILLIS Donald Joseph with WEBB Nola Madeline?
Birth5 March 1948LEUTEL Diane Claire?
Marriage29 March 1948MASON Wallace Harding with HAWLEY Lillian Jane?
Death10 May 1948LAMKIN Gail E?
Marriage28 May 1948PEDDER Jack Junior with HENNEMAN Killeen Magie?
Death15 July 1948SHIELDS Bertha P?
Death19 January 1949HOUCK Joseph Charles?
Birth24 February 1949TYLER Garry Lee?
Birth24 February 1949TYLER Larry Dana?
Marriage5 March 1949VINKEMULDER CHATFIELD Henry Blake with MOSCHETTI Roccina Jeanette?
Marriage6 June 1949GARRETT Theodore Robert with LUZZADDER Enid May?
Death7 July 1949DOYLE Grace Elizabeth?
Death4 October 1949ZIEGELASCH William Otto?
Marriage24 October 1949ELLISON Ben with NEWBURY Vera M?
Marriage17 December 1949GRIFFIN Vern Arthur with SUTKE Shirley Jane?
Birth6 February 1950CHATFIELD Christine Lorain?
Death19 June 1950LOVEJOY Cyrus Cecil?
Marriage29 July 1950HARTMAN Jacob William with CHATFIELD Grace Gibson?
Marriage18 September 1950BAUER Walter Louis with PETERSON Geraldine Henrietta?
Birth25 September 1950LEUTEL Janet Lee?
Marriage1 October 1950HATTON William Howard with FOSTER Carol Darlene?
Birth23 October 1950PEDDER Sandra Marleen?
Death25 October 1950POWELL Herman lee?
Marriage18 December 1950PARKER George Fay with WILBUR Louise Adele?
Birth7 January 1951CHATFIELD David Blake?
Marriage19 January 1951CHATFIELD Conway Hendricks with FEDOR \ HARENBERG Elsie Margaret?
Death8 February 1951CHATFIELD Raymond Thomas?
Marriage15 February 1951SCOTT Ward Chapman with CHATFIELD Patricia Lee?
Marriage9 March 1951SATTERFIELD William Ambrose with BEECHEY Athalie Gladys?
Birth27 March 1951WIELER Rita Elizabeth?
Marriage6 April 1951AKIN Thomas Lawrence with LARTER Betty Lou?
Death7 April 1951POWELL Isabelle Caroline?
Marriage10 May 1951HENAGHAN James Archibald with LOROI Mary Frances?
Marriage1 July 1951HILL Wilton Wade with ARNOLD Syliva Darryl?
Death2 November 1951PIERCE Nellie Maria?
Death23 January 1952MOEN Duane Chatfield?
Death25 August 1952VREELAND Clara B?
Death27 January 1953FOWLER Morris Wilbur?
Death31 March 1953WOOD Clyde Warren?
Birth14 April 1953CHATFIELD Christine Coleen?
Marriage4 September 1953SHANGRAW Ralph Cortis with HICKS Myrtle Leione?
Birth17 September 1953CHATFIELD Kimball Bradley?
Death25 September 1953CRANE Laura Aldrich?
Marriage31 October 1953OWENS Eben Lowell with PETTERBORG Marilyn Cecelia?
Marriage27 November 1953HOFFMAN Eugene Richard with WHITFIELD Mary Louise?
Death10 May 1954CHAPLIN Arthur William?
Death11 May 1954HEDGE John Ellsworth?
Marriage7 August 1954SEAVEY LEMEUR Glenn Wesley with LINDSEY Helen Wilma?
Marriage12 September 1954CREEGER Donald Harris with CHAMBERS Marjorie Ann?
Death10 November 1954KING Charles William?
Death4 January 1955CHATFIELD Mary Olive?
Birth25 February 1955PEDDER Kenneth Lloyd?
Birth13 March 1955CHATFIELD Gina Stuart?
Birth13 March 1955CHATFIELD Jennifer Jillson?
Marriage23 April 1955SMITH Ronald William with FELANDO Anita Rose?
Birth10 June 1955LEWIS Andrea J?
Marriage1 July 1955CHATFIELD John Bodkin with BROOKS Dolores Jene?
Birth31 July 1955HIPSHER Linda Marie?
Death1 August 1955FINNIGAN Rosa?
Death16 November 1955HAWLEY William Washington?
Marriage20 January 1956GARRETT Theodore Robert with DONNELLY Mary Louise?
Marriage11 April 1956ROSTER Neal David with WEST ROSTER Judith Anne?
Death22 May 1956AKIN Thomas Lawrence?
Death19 July 1956BARNARD George Hilliard?
Birth20 September 1956HIPSHER Fredrick J?
Birth19 December 1956CARLSON Melodee S?
Death13 March 1957van DEVENTER Francis Marion?
Marriage26 April 1957RUSSO Andrew Frank with BARNARD Priscilla Ann?
Death23 June 1957SHEPARD Veda S?
Marriage30 August 1957WEBB Delbert Leon with SCHULTHEIS Kathryn Frances?
Marriage7 September 1957ROBERTS John Albert with SMITH Carolyn Marie?
Birth16 September 1957CHATFIELD John B?
Birth21 November 1957RUSSO Andrew Frank?
Death10 December 1957CHICKERING Elbridge Newhall?
Death27 January 1958WOODMANSEE Carolyn D?
Birth3 February 1958ROGERS Steven K?
Birth19 February 1958HIPSHER John Lewis?
Birth14 April 1958ROBERTS David Allen?
Death6 June 1958CHATFIELD Wilber William?
Death15 August 1958CHATFIELD Zella Mae?
Death10 November 1958WHANN Jesse Pluve?
Birth15 November 1958GERNOLD Deborah Maire?
Birth11 February 1959MCDANIEL Sherry L?
Birth4 March 1959SMITH Lewis Anton?
Death7 April 1959TINGEY Adna Kennard?
Death27 April 1959CHATFIELD Allen Leroy?
Birth12 May 1959BREKKE Cindy Lee?
Birth31 August 1959GREENHAW Vickie L?
Death7 October 1959ULLMAN Elsie Elizabeth?
Marriage17 October 1959GOEBEL Edgar D with ANEY Myra Della?
Death14 December 1959CHATFIELD John Curtis?
Birth19 January 1960DUCHI Lisa M?
Birth11 February 1960PEDDER Glenn?
Birth28 April 1960SMITH Lori Jean?
Birth26 May 1960MCKAY Scott Arthur?
Marriage10 June 1960CHATFIELD Donald Laverne with BRODA Helen?
Birth29 July 1960HIPSHER Robin Jean?
Birth27 August 1960SCANLAN William C?
Birth10 September 1960GERNOLD Timothy Shawn?
Death20 September 1960MALLALIEU Thomas Gotwald?
Marriage27 September 1960CHATFIELD Evan Wilbur with BUCKNER Gene Germain?
Birth24 April 1961ROBERTS William Michael?
Birth22 May 1961DUCHI Julie C?
Death16 June 1961CHATFIELD Oliver Porter?
Death28 June 1961TURNEY Frank Emerson?
Marriage4 July 1961JOSLIN Robert Chatfield with CHEESMAN Anita D?
Birth18 July 1961HARMON Gregory Neil?
Marriage18 August 1961CALLAHAM Norman Edward with FORD Linda J?
Marriage3 November 1961CHATFIELD Edwin Howard with BENDER Carol Diane?
Birth7 November 1961BROWN Donna Ann?
Birth28 January 1962GERNOLD Christopher Dee?
Birth15 April 1962PEDDER Laraine?
Marriage11 May 1962WEEKLEY Charles Thomas with COLLINS Patricia M?
Birth16 September 1962RUSSO Dena Lynn?
Birth4 October 1962ROBERTS Jean Annnette?
Death7 October 1962CHATFIELD Mary Clark?
Death8 October 1962GIBSON Lee Andrew?
Birth21 November 1962CHATFIELD Jordana?
Birth27 November 1962CHATFIELD Roger Matthew?
Birth10 April 1963CHATFIELD Matthew Robert?
Marriage2 August 1963MACKIE Vernon W with POLING Deanna M?
Birth10 August 1963COVAULT Holly A?
Marriage1 September 1963HENDLEY Edward Vincent with ALLIN Pamela Jean?
Birth4 October 1963GREENHAW Donald Stacey?
Birth3 November 1963CHATFIELD Patricia?
Birth21 November 1963ROBERTS Donald John?
Marriage22 March 1964BENSCHOTER Eugene Douglas with CALLAHAM Wilma Ann?
Marriage3 August 1964HENAGHAN James O Farrell with CHATFIELD Karen Lynn?
Birth3 September 1964DUCHI Anthony Leo?
Birth16 September 1964CHATFIELD Robin Arlene?
Death3 October 1964CHATFIELD Hobart Edwin?
Death8 October 1964KILLEEN Katherine Margaret?
Death18 October 1964CHAMBERS Edna Frances?
Birth31 January 1965MACKIE Eric Richard?
Death14 July 1965LARTER Walter Harry?
Birth20 August 1965RICE David Earl?
Death29 September 1965DAMAN Martha Mabel?
Death19 October 1965CLARK Annabel Tobitha?
Birth3 November 1965HARMON Stephen Russell?
Birth15 November 1965CHATFIELD Teresa \ Theresa A?
Marriage3 December 1965WILLIAMS Kenneth with SMITH Shirley Gail?
Marriage10 December 1965LEMEUR Glenn Wesley with LINK Donna Ruth?
Birth26 March 1966HENDLEY Patricia Beth?
Death28 May 1966KOHLER Edward John?
Marriage6 August 1966CANFIELD Roger Allen with BENDER Carol Diane?
Marriage29 October 1966CHATFIELD Edward Nims with BOWDEN Beran A?
Death26 December 1966HATTON William Mills?
Death27 January 1967PARKER George Fay?
Marriage15 April 1967CHATFIELD Maurice Roy with VEACH Mary Katherine?
Birth17 May 1967HENRY Farley Suzanne?
Birth30 June 1967CHATFIELD Edward Nims?
Death22 July 1967BOLANDER Ralph?
Death16 October 1967WELLS Priscilla D?
Death30 October 1967HENNEMAN Lloyd Earl?
Death31 October 1967CHATFIELD Billy Wallace?
Death29 December 1967CHATFIELD Grace?
Marriage30 December 1967HILL Wilton Wade with SCHUBERT NORTH Helen A?
DivorceJanuary 1968BROOKS Jack Douglas with SMITH Christine P?
Marriage17 June 1968TREVINO Thomas V with SCHWEMMER Kathleen Ann?
Death10 July 1968PARKER George Fay?
Marriage10 August 1968BOLANDER Richard Dean with DEKAY Kathryn G?
Death22 September 1968HESS Carol Aneta?
Death30 September 1968LOPEZ Manuela Maria?
Birth19 February 1969MACKIE Evan William?
Death23 March 1969RICHARDSON John Henry?
DivorceJuly 1969HIPSHER Federico B with ZAZUELTA Linda M?
DivorceAugust 1969TREVINO Thomas V with SCHWEMMER Kathleen Ann?
Birth1 September 1969CHATFIELD James S?
Marriage21 September 1969DELONG William Berry with CHATFIELD Belvedear Joan?
Death10 October 1969MCFALL Fred?
Marriage29 November 1969SEIDEL Donald C with PEDDER Sandra Marleen?
Death25 December 1969TILGHMAN Emma J?
Death11 January 1970OPENSHAW Delcina Vilate?
Marriage21 March 1970VINKEMULDER CHATFIELD Henry Blake with PEATTIE Helen Patricia McNamara?
Birth1 September 1970CHATFIELD Kate La Grande?
Birth18 October 1970CHATFIELD Shannon De Anne?
Death14 May 1971HOKIT Edward Daniel?
Death2 June 1971MCINTEER Loretta R?
DivorceNovember 1971RAMSEY Gordon Somers with GRABER Gwendoly E?
Death6 January 1972HAZEN Edna H?
Death24 February 1972BRIMHALL Orson Spencer?
Birth21 March 1972BOLANDER Daryl A?
Marriage28 April 1972SNODGRASS Charles L with LEUTEL Diane Claire?
Marriage24 June 1972RAMSEY Gordon Somers with LOCKWOOD Nancy L?
Death1 July 1972TREVINO Thomas V?
Death12 July 1972CHATFIELD William?
Death17 March 1973ROSTER Neal David?
Death6 June 1973GIBSON Betty Lee?
DivorceNovember 1973LOVERIDGE Luverne Lewis with SCHWEMMER Kathleen Ann?
Death31 January 1974DOYLE John S?
Death10 August 1974THOMPSON Robert J?
Marriage31 January 1975MAGGIO Samuel Edward with SMITH Shirley Gail?
DivorceJune 1975SNODGRASS Charles L with LEUTEL Diane Claire?
Birth20 July 1975BOLANDER Katherin G?
Death6 August 1975MARKHAM Edith Leola?
Death24 August 1975CHATFIELD Clarence Harold?
Marriage20 December 1975CHATFIELD David Blake with DRANEY Donna M?
Marriage21 February 1976HANNAMAN Jack R with OWENS Evelyn Dorothea?
Death8 March 1976WEBB Alan LeRoy?
Death6 April 1976GOEBEL Edgar D?
Marriage22 May 1976GANDY Ronald W with LEECH Debra Diane?
Death22 June 1976HENNESSEE Lyle Wayne?
DivorceJune 1976MCKAY Gene Arthur with HENDLEY Mary Ann?
Marriage17 December 1976DAHL Stephen J with CHATFIELD Margaret?
Death10 March 1977BURROUGHS Harold C?
Death3 May 1977CUTLER Mabelle Gertrude?
Death24 June 1977GERNOLD Charles Leonard?
Death27 June 1977LOUDERBACK Mary Rebecca?
Marriage9 September 1977REGEON Randall Douglas with HIPSHER Linda Marie?
Birth13 October 1977GARCIA Philip G?
Divorce12 January 1978SEAVEY LEMEUR Glenn Wesley with LINDSEY Helen Wilma?
Marriage2 August 1978CHATFIELD Elton Lyle with ANDERSON RUDD Margaret Louise?
Birth21 September 1978MLADJAN Gretchen M?
Marriage17 June 1979HAMBURGER Alvin R with STURDY Mary Mildred?
Divorce16 October 1979BORSHEIM Glenn Dennis with ? Betty J?
Death8 January 1980CHATFIELD Hazel Beatrice?
Divorce8 October 1980BROOKS Jack Douglas with SMITH Christine P?
Death19 January 1981CHATFIELD Lucille May?
Divorce14 May 1981WEEKLEY Charles Thomas with COLLINS Patricia M?
Death6 February 1982MANESS Jewell Malton?
Death25 February 1982LATHAM Floyd Adelbert?
Birth20 April 1982DAGGETT Clayton Chatfield?
Death21 April 1982DELONG Armand Berry?
Death11 August 1982HARE Alice L?
Marriage11 August 1982WEEKLEY Charles Thomas with HENDLEY Mary Ann?
Death22 October 1982CREEGER Henry Washington?
Death21 February 1983ROBINSON Glenn Lyle?
Divorce24 February 1983HENDLEY Edward Vincent with ALLIN Pamela Jean?
Death15 May 1983O'TOOLE Jack Chatfield?
Birth29 July 1983TYLER Brent A?
Death12 October 1983HILL Dwight W?
Death29 May 1984BEECHEY Thomas?
Burial4 June 1984BEECHEY Thomas?
Marriage30 June 1984CHATFIELD Paul Hansen with WALKER Joelle?
Marriage11 August 1984MCKAY Scott Arthur with EYTCHESON Michelle M?
Divorce19 September 1984ROGERS Edward Jack with GRAHAM Marion Joann?
Marriage23 November 1985SCANLAN William C with CHATFIELD Robin Arlene?
Death12 April 1986CHATFIELD Lesley Earl?
Death9 November 1986TRAMMELL Lee?
Death3 December 1986LOWER David Raymond?
Death29 January 1987WINKLER Clara A?
Birth25 November 1987HARMON Timmothy Ryan?
Death3 June 1989BALE Mary Esther?
Death7 June 1989KOPPERS Herman Henry?
Birth9 July 1989MCKAY Michael Scott?
Birth16 November 1989CHATFIELD Alexandra Joyce?
Death8 January 1990HENRY Nina Marvell?
Death25 February 1991POWELL Ruby Esther?
Birth29 March 1991HARMON Matthew Evan?
Birth28 August 1991MCKAY Amanda Marie?
Birth16 February 1992CHATFIELD Blair Marina?
Birth25 March 1992OLMOS Carlos Alberto?
Death16 June 1994BORSHEIM Glenn Dennis?
Death26 July 1994SMITH Lewis James?
Death18 November 1994CHATFIELD Janene Rae?
Death2 March 1995WEBSTER Barbara Augusta?
Death2 May 1995MAGGIO Samuel Edward?
Birth6 May 1995CHATFIELD Savonne Quinn?
Death29 November 1995SMITH Lewis Anton?
Death16 February 1996CHATFIELD Matthew Robert?
Death14 June 1996WOOLLEY Lois Emma?
Death3 February 1997DICKINSON Selden Curtiss?
Death19 September 1997YEATON Beatrice?
Death15 July 1998WILBUR Alma Jenette?
Death23 December 1998CHATFIELD Mark Webster?
Residence1999POLEYNARD Kelly Byron?
Death6 March 2000ANEY Myra Della?
Death3 June 2002ANDERSON La Verne A?
Death30 October 2002HENNEMAN Killeen Magie?
Death14 August 2003DELONG William Berry?
Residence2012HOPKINS Patsy?
Residence2012MOORE ??



United States of America - CA California - Los Angeles National Cmtry., Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?GOEBEL Edgar D?
Burial?CHATFIELD Orwell Arthur?
Burial?PENTON John Alfred?
Burial?TATE Naomi Ethel?
Burial?LOWER David Raymond?
Burial?ADAMS Marian Jacqueline?
Burial?BABCOCK Miles?
Burial?GRAHAM Jay Clegg?
Burial17 February 1947CHATFIELD Russell Warren?



United States of America - CA California - Los Angeles Twp., Los Angeles Co, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940SNOW Charles Austin?



United States of America - CA California - Los Angeles Twp., Los Angeles, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940CHATFIELD Marie A?



United States of America - CA California - Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1900FINNIGAN Rosa?
Census1900SUTKE Arthur (Otto) William?
Census1910HULSE Mary Ann?
Census1910WHANN Jesse William?
Census1910CRESSEY George Babcock?
Residence1910BOS Gertrude B?
Census1910SUTKE John?
Census1910WHANN Jesse Pluve?
Census1910FINNIGAN Rosa?
Census1910FINNIGAN Donill J?
Census1910PIERCE Nellie Maria?
Census1910DEBUS Verona Julia?
Census1910FOWLER George W?
Census1910BABCOCK Minnie Frances?
Census1910SUTKE Arthur (Otto) William?
Census1910CHATFIELD Horace Greely?
Census1910CHATFIELD Helen Alice?
Census1910FOWLER Mary Muriel?
Census1910CRESSEY Frank Graves?
Census1910CRESSEY Paul F?
Census1910BAUMGART Olga?
Death21 January 1913SUTKE John?
Birth10 November 1916MATTHEWS Constance Mary?
Birth11 June 1920CHATFIELD Maye Frances?
Death20 September 1920LAMKIN Claude E?
Census1920BURROUGHS Claude A?
Census1920SUTKE Arthur (Otto) William?
Census1910/1920FOWLER Ella Constance?
Census1920CHATFIELD Ora L?
Census1920CHATFIELD Cornelius Vanslight \ Van Slicke?
Census1920SPENCER Martha Adeline?
Census1910/1920CHATFIELD Francis Leonard?
Census1910/1920CHATFIELD Marie A?
Census1910/1920CHAMBERS Edna Frances?
Census1920HEDGE Cecil Corwin \ Corwan?
Census1920CHATFIELD Helen Alice?
Residence1920WILSON Isaac Newton?
Residence1920van DEVENTER Francis Marion?
Census1910/1920CHATFIELD Irvin Alonzo?
Residence1920BABCOCK Eva D?
Census1920CHATFIELD Margaret C?
Census1920BURROUGHS Harold C?
Census1910/1920FOWLER Morris Wilbur?
Residence1920NUCKOLLS Mary Lucinda?
Census1920BAUMGART Olga?
Census1910/1920BOYLE Mary Agnes?
Census3 April 1930CHATFIELD Nathan Stuart?
Census1930CHATFIELD Ora L?
Census1920/1930CHATFIELD Orwell Arthur?
Census1930WILLIAMS Salina Adeline?
Census1930CHATFIELD Arthur John?
Census1930HOUCK Joseph Charles?
Census1930HENRY Nina Marvell?
Census1930BAUMGART Olga?
Census1920/1930FOWLER Mary Muriel?
Residence1930SUTKE Shirley Jane?
Census1930SUTKE Arthur (Otto) William?
Residence1930? Laura?
Census1930SKOVE Florence Elizabeth?
Residence1930SUTKE Arthur Truxton?
Residence1930LOAGUE Josephine?
Census1930SCHECKLER Josie?
Census1930WILTON Jean Henrietta?
Census1930MARTIN Florence Irwin?
Census1930CHATFIELD Ned Aguire?
Census1930JACKSON Leroy?
Census1920/1930SPICER Lucretia R?
Census1930HAMILTON Beverley Elizabeth?
Census1930AGUIRE Mary Theresa?
Census1930POINDEXTER Salina Adeline?
Census1930LAMKIN Russell Gordon?
Census1930LAMKIN Claude Benjamin?
Census1930CHATFIELD John Curtis?
Census1930ROSS Isabella Jean?
Census1930WILLIAMS John Worley?
Residence1930BOS Gertrude B?
Census1930RAMAGE Alexander Sydney?
Census1930KENDALL James Blaine?
Census1930RICHARDSON Orba Agnes?
Census1920/1930CHATFIELD Robert Bolivar?
Census1930SCOTT Ward Chapman?
Census1930CHATFIELD Margaret C?
Census1930HAMILTON George Howard?
Census1930MACDONALD Alexandra?
Census1930WILTON William S?
Birth25 January 1931ALBERTSON Charles Evans?
Marriage26 June 1931GRIFFITH Alfred E with FALL Stella Gentry?
Marriage26 October 1934KNESS Walter Ernest with FOILES Mary May?
Birth7 December 1935CHATFIELD Nicholas Eric?
Death8 March 1938CHATFIELD Ernest A?
Birth8 July 1938CHATFIELD Raymond Thomas?
Death18 February 1940HOY Emily S?
Census1940HENNEMAN Carl Newhall?
Census1940SPICER Lucretia R?
Census1940WILTON Ruth Isabelle?
Census1940HEDGE Cecil Corwin \ Corwan?
Census1940ASSON Arthur E?
Census1930/1940FOWLER Morris Wilbur?
Census1940MOEN Duane Chatfield?
Census1940MOEN Guy Herman?
Census1940GIBSON Betty Lee?
Census1930/1940CHAMBERS Edna Frances?
Residence1930/1940van DEVENTER Francis Marion?
Census1930/1940LOVEJOY Cyrus Cecil?
Residence1930/1940BABCOCK Edith Augusta?
Census1940BIRKHOLZ Lillie?
Census1940SLAY Velma Inez?
Census1940HENNEMAN Shirley Virginia?
Census1940HENNEMAN Ralph Blanton?
Census1940HENNEMAN Lloyd Earl?
Census1940POWELL Russell Calvin?
Census1940HENNEMAN Killeen Magie?
Census1940CHATFIELD Hazel Beatrice?
Census1940? Mary?
Census1940ZUANICH Jacqueline Mary?
Residence1940LINDBLOM Leota Vedora?
Census1940STURDY Mary Mildred?
Census1940KILLEEN Katherine Margaret?
Residence1940CHATFIELD Donald E?
Census1930/1940CHATFIELD Horace Greely?
Census1940HILL Dwight W?
Census1940HENNEMAN Gerry Allen?
Census1940ROBERTS John Albert?
Census1940ROBERTS Jean Edmund?
Census1940CHATFIELD Nicholas Eric?
Census1940CHATFIELD Helen Alice?
Census1940RICHARDSON John Henry?
Census1940KLEMA Hedwig Margarete?
Census1940? Mamie C?
Census1930/1940? Bernice L?
Census1940AGNER Frances Louise?
Census1940FELANDO Anita Rose?
Census1940FELANDO Anton Joseph?
Census1940ROBERTSON Olga Adelaide?
Residence1930/1940BABCOCK Eva D?
Census1940BRANDOW Dennis?
Census1940HARRISON Daisy?
Census1930/1940PEDDER Jack Junior?
Census1940LAWHEAD Philip Mason?
Census1940LARTER Betty Lou?
Census1940LARTER Walter Harry?
Residence1930/1940DURST Glynn Franklin?
Census1940? Laura?
Census1930/1940BRANDOW Richard A?
Residence1940SHOPE Charles Albert?
Census1940PLANTE Evelyn A?
Census1940HILL Richard Lee?
Census1940POINDEXTER Salina Adeline?
Census1940WEBB Edna Mae?
Census1930/1940PIERCE Nellie Maria?
Census1940SUTKE Arthur (Otto) William?
Census1940POWELL Russell Gale?
Census1940HENNEMAN Katherine Mary?
Census1940BURROUGHS Claude A?
Census1930/1940SHOPE Paul Saul?
Census1940HENNEMAN Ralph Blanton?
Census1930/1940MCFARLAND Maria Alma?
Census1940CHATFIELD Loran K?
Census1940CHICKERING Virginia Inez?
Census1940AKIN Thomas Lawrence?
Residence1940SCHMITT Flora E?
Census1930/1940FINNIGAN Rosa?
Census1940MOEN Valera B?
Census1940MOEN Archie Herman?
Census1940MOEN Gerald A?
Census1940BURROUGHS Harold C?
Census1940HILL Wilton Wade?
Census1940CHATFIELD Orwell Arthur?
Census1940DEBUS Verona Julia?
Census1940CHATFIELD Madelene Veronica?
Census1940MAYER Mildred Aline?
Residence1940BYRD Carl T?
Census1940HAGAIN Frank Lugar?
Residence1940BYRD Ruth Evelyn?
Census1940WILLIAMS Salina Adeline?
Census1940GIBSON Lee Andrew?
Census1930/1940WHITFIELD Mary Louise?
Census1940CREEGER Henry Washington?
Census1940CHATFIELD Margaret C?
Death14 July 1941ROBERTSON Olga Adelaide?
Marriage7 November 1941WEBB George Hobert with SLAY Velma Inez?
Marriage3 March 1945HENNEMAN Carl Newhall with WHITFIELD Mary Louise?
Death22 August 1945SPICER Lucretia R?
Death15 March 1948CHATFIELD Robert Corinth?
Death28 May 1948CHATFIELD Alice Elizabeth?
Death28 March 1949DURST Glynn Franklin?
Death14 November 1950STANDAGE Joseph Leonard?
Naturalization9 May 1952CHATFIELD \ REID John Arthur?
Death3 March 1953HUBBELL Burton Everett?
Marriage12 October 1953HENNEMAN Carl Newhall with MCFARLAND Maria Alma?
Naturalization28 May 1954HENAGHAN James Archibald?
Death4 April 1956GRIM Fred Britton?
Death24 January 1957BABCOCK Edith Augusta?
Death11 January 1960CHATFIELD Roscoe Devlin?
Marriage3 February 1961ANDREWS Dewey M with CHATFIELD Wanda R?
Death14 April 1963CHATFIELD Orwell Arthur?
Death23 January 1964ROBERTS Jean Edmund?
Death29 August 1965SHOPE Paul Saul?
Marriage21 December 1966DUBIN Alan Sander with CHATFIELD Joan Rhoda?
DivorceJuly 1967SUTTON Stanley R with NEMEC Ruby A?
Marriage7 September 1968GREENWELL Homer F with NEMEC Ruby A?
DivorceAugust 1969LEEPER Vernon A with MOEN Valera B?
DivorceAugust 1970ROSTER Neal David with WEST ROSTER Judith Anne?
DeathMarch 1978MOEN Archie Herman?
Death17 May 1980ADAMS Marian Jacqueline?
Death10 January 1982WILTON Ruth Isabelle?
Residence2020BUCHANAN Beverley J?



United States of America - CA California - Los Banos Cmtry., Los Banos, Merced Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BARGER Helen Lee?



United States of America - CA California - Los Banos, Merced Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death25 May 1912WISENOR William Thomas?



United States of America - CA California - Los Gatos Memorial Park, San Jose, Santa Clara Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BIGGS Virginia Harriet?
Burial?HUBBARD Frank Hobson?
Burial15 March 1960SAWYER George Reuben?



United States of America - CA California - Los Gatos Memorial Park, San Jose,Santa Clara Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial8 March 1960CHATFIELD Mabel Clair?



United States of America - CA California - Los Gatos, San Jose, Santa Clara Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death17 September 1975BIGGS Virginia Harriet?



United States of America - CA California - Los Gatos, Santa Clara Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death5 March 1960CHATFIELD Mabel Clair?



United States of America - CA California - Los Molinos Cmtry., Los Molinos, Tehama Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?FINN Alice Caroline?



United States of America - CA California - Los Molinos, Tehama Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth29 September 1915CHATFIELD Noreen Ellen?



United States of America - CA California - Love's Mill, Tehama Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence30 May 1867HAZEN George Washington?



United States of America - CA California - Loyalton, Sierra Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1923STARRR Mary E?



United States of America - CA California - Madera Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1920HENSLEY Vernal L?
Residence2004RICE Tulula Quanah?



United States of America - CA California - Magnolia Memorial Park, Garden Grove, Orange Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?ILES Waaneita L?
Burial?KNELLER Harry Dwight?



United States of America - CA California - Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death20 October 1920SPROUL Thomas John?



United States of America - CA California - Manton Cmtry., Manton, Tehama Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?HAZEN George Washington?
Burial?HAZEN Wheeler Edward?
Burial?WILLCOX Mary Ida \ Isabell?



United States of America - CA California - Manton, Tehama Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death11 October 1902HAZEN Wheeler Edward?
Death7 February 1910HAZEN George Washington?
Death1931WILLCOX Mary Ida \ Isabell?



United States of America - CA California - Marin Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage9 December 1905CHATFIELD George Frederick with FISHER Valine Katherine?
Birth16 August 1921CURRY Leonard?
Birth6 April 1928LUZZADDER Enid May?
Birth1 February 1941HAGAIN Juanita Joan?
Birth27 December 1956CHATFIELD Fremont Daniel?
Birth26 March 1958CHATFIELD Brian Nicholas?
Marriage26 November 1966ELBERT Hugh Charles with EASTMAN Donna R?
Death2 April 1967LUZZADDER Walter Irving?
DivorceMay 1968ELBERT Hugh Charles with EASTMAN Donna R?
DivorceApril 1973CHATFIELD Herbert Henry with HICKS Constanc J?
DivorceJanuary 1974WILKIE Leroy Kenneth with SANCHEZ Louise?
DivorceDecember 1974KATSCHER Roy Fredrick with CHATFIELD Joyce Allene?
Death18 April 1987CHATFIELD Evelyn?



United States of America - CA California - Marina, Monterey Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1991LAKE Barbara?
Residence2005JONES Barbara Ann?
Residence2005LIVAK Robert Patrick?



United States of America - CA California - Mariposa Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage14 May 1977BOTTI Stephen Joseph with LAWSON Vicki Jo?



United States of America - CA California - Markleeville, Alpine Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence2008CHATFIELD Kimball Bradley?



United States of America - CA California - Martinez, Contra Costa Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death21 November 1983CHATFIELD Nellie Mary?



United States of America - CA California - Marysville 57105 : 3 events

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Yuba Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth28 December 1886OVERMYER Lawrence Edward?
Death10 August 1998CHATFIELD William Oral Edson?
Residence2012CHATFIELD Mary Ann?



United States of America - CA California - Marysville Twp., Yuba Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth16 November 1871DEVOE Bertha Nevada?
Residence1940HORWEGE Merle Elaine?
Residence1940PHILLIPS Edith Henrietta?
Residence1940KENDALL Fred?
Birth7 December 1954WALKER Daniel Lee?
Birth5 March 1956WALKER Kenneth Edward?
Birth26 February 1957WALKER John Steven?
Marriage22 May 1981FOUCH James Edward with TRAUNER Kathryn Elizabeth?
Residence1998LINDEE Krista Marlene?



United States of America - CA California - Masonic Cmtry., Fallbrook, San Diego Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CLEMENS Elizabeth Ann?



United States of America - CA California - Maxwell, Colusa Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1920CHATFIELD Raymond LeRoy Sterling?
Census1920CHATFIELD Arthur William?
Census1920MILLER Ada Avis Isabelle Helen Vivian Leslie Bebe?
Marriage2 July 1933CHATFIELD Raymond LeRoy Sterling with LAGRANDE Lucille Elizabeth?



United States of America - CA California - McCloud, Siskiyou Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death9 October 1926HORWEGE Elizabeth?



United States of America - CA California - Medoc Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death12 August 1950TERRILL Jennie Minerva?



United States of America - CA California - Menifee 66182 : 1 event

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Riverside Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death9 January 2011THOMPSON Lenora Marie?



United States of America - CA California - Merced Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death13 April 1946DAMAN Minnie Elsie?
Birth5 November 1949SUTTON Dawn Louise?
Birth31 October 1950SUTTON Steven Douglas?
Death21 January 1963TOLAND Walter G?
Death3 September 1984BALAAM Grace Emma?
Death30 May 1992? Helen Marie?



United States of America - CA California - Merced, Merced Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death17 January 1974CHATFIELD Solon Silas?



United States of America - CA California - Mill Valley, Sausalito, Marin Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940CHATFIELD Evelyn?
Census1940LUZZADDER Enid May?
Census1940LUZZADDER Walter Irving?
Census1940LUZZADDER Norma J?



United States of America - CA California - Mission Viejo, Orange Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1998LANDIS Joseph D?
Residence2006LANDIS Joseph D?
Residence2011? Inez A?



United States of America - CA California - Modesto Acacia Memorial Park, Modesto, Stanislaus Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Fremont Rowell?
Burial?NORMAN Vira Lorice?



United States of America - CA California - Modesto Hospital, Modesto, Stanislaus Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death14 October 1994CHATFIELD Gaylord Leroy?



United States of America - CA California - Modesto Pioneer Cmtry., Modesto, Stanislaus Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial22 July 1922BUZZELLE Sophronia?



United States of America - CA California - Modesto, Stanislaus Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth18 February 1888HUBER Elizabeth Ann?
Birth14 July 1920MCCONNELL John?
Census1920WISSNER Lenora?
Census1920BUZZELLE Sophronia?
Census1920WISSNER Leonard O?
Death2 September 1925JOHNSON Celia Ann?
Census1920/1930WISSNER Lucille N?
Census1920/1930CHATFIELD Louisa Maria?
Census1920/1930WISSNER Lloyd Charles?
Census1920/1930WISSNER Leandous Henry?
Death14 April 1937JOHNSON Marcus Lebaron?
Census1940WISSNER Leonard O?
Census1940HIGGINS Margaret Virginia?
Census1940CHATFIELD Louisa Maria?
Census1940WISSNER Lenora?
Census1940WISSNER Leandous Henry?
Census1930/1940OPENSHAW Rose Adean?
Birth13 October 1949CHATFIELD Merrill Arthur?
Death26 January 1950JOHNSON Hyrum Stephen?
Death28 September 1960HUBER Elizabeth Ann?
Burial1 October 1960HUBER Elizabeth Ann?
Death29 December 1964OPENSHAW Brigham Nelson?
Burial2 January 1965OPENSHAW Brigham Nelson?
Death15 February 1980CHATFIELD Remo Elizabeth?
Death21 November 1997HUDELSON Bendora Ruth?
Death15 September 1999CHATFIELD Vira Michelle?
Residence1999CHATFIELD Vira Michelle?
Residence2009MARTIN Mildred Joy?
Death19 April 2016CURRY Cynthia L?



United States of America - CA California - Modesto, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death6 November 2018CHATFIELD Sherri?



United States of America - CA California - Modoc Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth27 January 1950MILLER Janet Andrea?
Death1 November 1954DELBROUCK Melvin Elbert?



United States of America - CA California - Mokelumne Hill Protestant Cmtry., Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Patricia Jane?
Burial?MARSHALL Betty A?
Burial?GARCIA Mary Margaret?
Burial?CHATFIELD Clayton Charles?
Burial?CHATFIELD Stanley Clayton?
Burial?CHATFIELD Rebecca Anne?



United States of America - CA California - Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1940CHATFIELD Clayton Charles?
Residence1940CHATFIELD Norman Nelson?
Residence1940CHATFIELD Stanley Clayton?
Residence1940KING Ada Irene?
Residence1940CHATFIELD Earl Edwin?
Census1940/1942CHATFIELD Clayton Nelson?
Residence2010CHATFIELD Clayton Charles?
Residence2010CHATFIELD Raymond Richard?



United States of America - CA California - Mono Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1 May 1945CHATFIELD Maurice Roy?



United States of America - CA California - Monrovia, Los Angeles Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1910/1920CLARK Charles Henry?
Census1910/1920CHATFEILD Theresa Susanna?
Census1910/1920CLARK Cassius Charles?
Census1910/1920CLARK Annabel Tobitha?
Census1930PLANTE Evelyn A?
Census1930CHATFEILD Theresa Susanna?
Census1930CLARK Charles Henry?
DeathMarch 1987? Louise?
Death29 October 1992SHANGRAW Ralph Cortis?



United States of America - CA California - Montague, Siskiyou Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death18 July 1966GREER Luther Cheatham?
Death1975CHATFIELD Iris Minola Aloha Thyra?



United States of America - CA California - Montebello Judicial Twp., Los Angeles Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940ANDERSON Harold C?
Census1940ANDERSON La Verne A?
Census1940SANDAHL Gladys A?



United States of America - CA California - Montebello, Los Angeles Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1940CHATFIELD Thomas Douglas?
Census1940CHATFIELD Pauline Estell?
Census1940CHATFIELD Raymond Thomas?
Census1940CHATFIELD Raymond Thomas?
Census1940MENDEL Doras Louise?
Death22 February 1973SHAW Charles Elliott?
Death13 October 1993HENESSEE HALL Mina Jaunetta?



United States of America - CA California - Montecito Memorial Park, Colton, San Bernardino Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?LANGBRIDGE Janice Sue?
Burial?TOWNSLEY Lillian Lorraine?
Burial?CHATFIELD Belvedear Joan?
Burial?CHATFIELD Edward Nims?
Burial?DELONG William Berry?
Burial?LEECH James Emerson?
Burial?WHITTED Edwin G?



United States of America - CA California - Montecito, Santa Barbara Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death5 April 1918FARWELL Rose?
Census1920CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Hobart Chatfield?
Census1920CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Robert Farwell?
Death16 January 1945CHATFIELD-TAYLOR Hobart Chatfield?



United States of America - CA California - Monterey Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth18 November 1928CLARK Carolyn Beth?
Birth29 May 1952CHATFIELD David Forrest?
Birth14 January 1955CHATFIELD Vernon Devere?
Birth21 September 1962SHAW Kevin Lee?
Death29 August 1988FERGUSON Daisy Elsie?



United States of America - CA California - Monterey Park, Los Angeles Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1930BARTLETT Vernett Harlan?
Census1930ROBINSON Mabel M?
Census1940BARTLETT Vernett Harlan?
Census1940CHATFIELD Grace Gibson?
Death3 January 1958BUTLER Nancy Clyde?



United States of America - CA California - Mount Tamalpais Cmtry., San Rafael, Marin Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?LUZZADDER Walter Irving?

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