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United States of America - CT Connecticut - Indian River Cmtry., Killingworth, Middlesex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?GRINNELL Priscilla?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Jack's Hill Cmtry., Oxford, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BUCKINGHAM Ebenezer?
Burial?WOODRUFF Olive?
Burial?BEECHER Laura?
Burial?BUCKINGHAM Aurelius?
Burial?BUCKINGHAM Clarissa?
Burial?MALLORY Freelove Amy?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Jack's Hill, Oxford, New Haven Co., USA

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Residence?CHATFIELD Chester?
Burial?SPERRY Betsey?
Residence?BUCKINGHAM Clarissa?
Burial?BUCKINGHAM Ebenezer N?
Residence?BUCKINGHAM Cynthia?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Jordan Cmtry., Waterford, New London Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?COLLIER Ellen M?
Burial?EDWARDS Francis Stanley?
Burial?PARDEE Henry Warner?
Burial?MORRILL Charles William?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Kensington, Hartford Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
BirthJanuary 1890GIBBS Georgianna Gregory?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Kent, Litchfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1930/1940MILLER Mary Ann?
Census1940MILLER Elsie J?
Census1930/1940MILLER Frank Pierpont?
Census1930/1940MILLER Bertha P?
Census1930/1940GARRIGUS Elsie May?
Census1940MILLER Lois P?
Census1930/1940MILLER Dwight S?
Death24 March 1978MILLER Frank Pierpont?
Residence2007/2015CHATFIELD Hunter R?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Killingly, Middlesex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth6 July 1769GRAVES William G?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Killingly, Windham Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth18 June 1733WHITMORE Elias?
Birth31 July 1928PROVOST Ulde E?
Marriage12 November 1963PROVOST Ulde E with BATHGATE Helen Grace?
Marriage1978PROVOST Ulde E with CROSS Ruth V?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Killingworth, Middlesex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?HULL Roswell?
Birth?HULL Issue 13?
Birth?CONKLING Issue 3?
Birth?REDFIELD Issue 12?
Birth?KELSEY Issue 10?
Burial?BRONSON Irena \Irene?
Birth?KELSEY Issue 11?
Birth2 March 1665HAND Sarah?
Birth29 May 1665HULL Thomas?
Death1665LOOMIS Elizabeth?
Birth18 August 1668CHATFIELD George?
Marriage13 December 1668HULL John with KELSEY Abigail or Abigayle?
Birth8 December 1670STEVENS Josiah?
Marriage18 January 1671POTTER Marmaduke with CHATFIELD Abigail N?
Death9 June 1671CHATFIELD George?
Birth20 October 1671KELSEY John?
Birth4 August 1672HULL Hesther?
Birth25 December 1673KELSEY Joseph?
Death16 November 1675HULL Josiah?
Marriage17 January 1677HAYDEN Nathaniel with FRENCH Sarah?
Birth1679PIERSON Mary?
Christening9 February 1680HAYDEN Hannah?
Death1680KELSEY William?
Marriage10 December 1685HULL Thomas with SHEAFFER Hannah?
Birth1686BUELL Benjamin?
Birth24 January 1689BUELL Deborah?
Birth1690GRISWOLD Michael?
Marriage10 February 1691CHATFIELD George with HULL Hesther?
Birth25 July 1691LAY Temperance?
Birth26 September 1691GRISWOLD Joseph?
Birth20 December 1691HULL Elizabeth?
Birth7 March 1692BUELL Josiah?
Birth10 November 1692CHATFIELD Esther?
Death1 January 1693CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth15 December 1693CHATFIELD George?
Birth1694JEFFERS Martha?
Birth5 March 1695CHATFIELD John?
Marriage22 June 1697KELSEY John with CRANE Phebe?
Birth9 August 1698CHATFIELD Abigail?
Marriage25 June 1699STEVENS Josiah with HUBBELL Sarah?
Birth7 January 1700CHATFIELD Josiah?
Marriage1700BALDWIN Josiah with PIERSON Mary?
Deathabout 1700NETTLETON Isabel?
Birth8 October 1701HULL Mary?
Birth18 October 1701STEVENS Daniel K?
Birth23 October 1703CHATFIELD Esther A?
Death20 April 1706HAYDEN Nathaniel?
Birth3 June 1706CHATFIELD Cornelius?
Marriage24 December 1706REDFIELD Theophilus with GRINNELL Priscilla?
Birth10 October 1708KELSEY Joseph?
Birth28 July 1709CHATFIELD Naomi?
Birth1709CONKLING Thomas?
Birth18 June 1711REDFIELD Richard?
Birth8 October 1711CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth8 October 1711CHATFIELD Philip?
Death1711CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth1 May 1712KELSEY Martha?
Birth1712NETTLETON Daniel?
Marriage15 September 1713GRISWOLD Michael with HULL Elizabeth?
Birth10 January 1714BALDWIN Mary\Mercy?
Marriage29 December 1714GRISWOLD Joseph with LAY Temperance?
Birth14 January 1715CHATFIELD Mary?
Marriage11 October 1715HAZELTON Charles with CHATFIELD Abigail?
Death30 January 1716HULL Hesther?
Marriage20 June 1716BUELL Josiah with JEFFERS Martha?
Death12 May 1717KELSEY Abigail or Abigayle?
Death19 May 1717FRENCH Sarah?
Birth17 June 1717BUELL John?
Birth29 December 1717HAZELTON Mary?
Birth20 February 1718WILCOXSON Silas?
Birth1 April 1718KELSEY Gideon?
Marriage30 October 1719CHATFIELD George with WILCOX(SON) Silence?
Marriage30 October 1719CHATFIELD George with MANSFIELD Silence?
Birth1719LEWIS Sarah?
Birth17 May 1720HAZELTON Samuell?
Marriage4 November 1720CHATFIELD John with ARNOLD Abigail?
Death1720HULL Thomas?
Birth14 March 1721CHATFIELD Abigail?
Birth14 March 1723CHATFIELD Susanna?
Birth3 June 1723GRISWOLD Giles?
Marriage1723CHATFIELD George with PARKS Esther?
Birth9 March 1724CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth9 March 1724CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth28 April 1724BUELL Heill?
Marriage11 May 1724CHATFIELD Josiah with HULL Mary?
Birth10 August 1724KELSEY Abner John\Jonah?
Marriage14 JAN 1724/1725STEVENS Daniel K with CHATFIELD Esther A?
Death18 February 1725BUELL Benjamin?
Birth15 April 1725CHATFIELD Lydia?
Birth1725NICHOLS Hannah?
Birth25 February 1726CHATFIELD Josiah?
Birthabout 1726CHATFIELD Ann?
Birth1 April 1727CHATFIELD Ann?
Birth2 March 1728BUELL Martha?
Death24 July 1728HULL John?
Birth5 March 1729CHATFIELD John?
Birth23 April 1729CHATFIELD Mercy or Marcy?
Birth28 January 1731CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth11 April 1732GRISWOLD Rebinah?
Birth13 April 1732HAZELTON Charles?
Birth12 September 1732KELSEY Josiah?
Birth17 September 1732CHATFIELD Jesse?
Birth7 October 1732STEVENS Daniel?
Death11 October 1732BUELL Josiah?
Birth17 October 1732BUELL Martha Ruth?
Birth8 May 1733CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth13 September 1733WARD Merab?
Birth14 MAR 1733/1734STEVENS Esther?
Birth15 May 1734CHATFIELD Neomi?
Birth27 November 1734PARMALEE Dinah?
Marriage3 MAR 1734/1735CONKLING Thomas with CHATFIELD Naomi?
Death2 May 1735CHATFIELD George?
Marriage23 June 1735REDFIELD Richard with CHATFIELD Mary?
Marriage21 October 1735CHATFIELD Cornelius with KELSEY Martha?
Birth13 December 1735CHATFIELD George?
Birth1 April 1736CHATFIELD Lucy?
Birth6 April 1736HAZELTON Abigail?
Birth24 July 1736REDFIELD Eliphalet?
Birth4 August 1736CHATFIELD Hannah?
Marriage19 August 1736CHATFIELD Philip with BALDWIN Mary\Mercy?
Death20 October 1736HAYDEN Hannah?
Marriage30 December 1736NETTLETON Daniel with HAZELTON Mary?
Birth23 April 1737HULL Moses?
Birth22 June 1737NETTLETON Amos?
Birth10 July 1737CONKLING Mary?
Birth8 October 1737CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth12 February 1738CHATFIELD Joseph?
Birth8 May 1738STEVENS Reuben?
Birth21 October 1738PARMALEE Mary?
Birth1738CHATFIELD Rabina\Rebina?
Death1738CHATFIELD Abigail?
Death1738HAZELTON Charles?
Birth9 January 1739NETTLETON Daniel?
Birth18 January 1739CHATFIELD Cornelius?
Birth12 March 1739REDFIELD Priscilla?
Birth22 March 1739HULL Joel?
Marriage4 July 1739BUELL John with CHATFIELD Abigail?
Birth7 January 1740CHATFIELD Eleazer?
Death8 March 1740KELSEY Joseph?
Birth7 April 1740ISBELL Eleazer?
Marriage1 May 1740KELSEY Joseph with LEWIS Sarah?
Birth9 June 1740BUELL John?
Birth5 August 1740CHATFIELD Benjamin?
Birth29 December 1740CHATFIELD David?
Birth21 June 1741CHATFIELD Abigail?
Birth1 February 1742BUELL Abel?
Birth13 February 1742NETTLETON Tamson?
Birth4 April 1742CHATFIELD Rebina?
Birth21 June 1742KELSEY Martin?
Birth21 June 1742REDFIELD Reuben?
Birth24 November 1742WARD Mary Molly?
Death19 April 1743BUELL John?
Birth15 May 1743CHATFIELD Solomon?
Birth19 July 1743CHATFIELD Jonathan?
Birth21 September 1743REDFIELD Abigail?
Death1 October 1743HULL Mary?
Birth5 October 1743CHATFIELD Stephen?
Birth19 December 1743PARMELEE Hannah?
Marriage18 April 1744KELSEY Gideon with CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth17 July 1744NETTLETON Roswell?
Birth12 August 1744BUELL John?
Marriage6 January 1745KELSEY Abner John\Jonah with CHATFIELD Ann?
Birth16 January 1745HULL Roswell?
Death18 July 1745NETTLETON Daniel?
Birth18 June 1746CHATFIELD Martha?
Birth29 October 1746BUELL Hannah?
Marriage18 November 1746GRISWOLD Giles with CHATFIELD Mercy or Marcy?
Birth1 April 1747CHATFIELD Lucy?
Birth18 April 1747GRISWOLD Mary?
Birth10 July 1748CHATFIELD William?
Birth28 October 1748GRISWOLD Giles?
Birth3 June 1749BUELL Abigail?
Birth14 June 1749CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth4 September 1750PARMALEE Amos?
Death19 September 1750KELSEY John?
Birth15 October 1751CHATFIELD Charity?
Birth19 October 1751GRISWOLD Mercy?
Marriage1751CHATFIELD John with BUELL Martha Ruth?
Death13 February 1752HAZELTON Mary?
Marriage2 July 1752DOUD \ DOWD Peleg with WARD Merab?
Death27 September 1752HULL Elizabeth?
Birth19 April 1753BUELL Deborah?
Death8 June 1753GRISWOLD Michael?
Birth14 AUG 1752/1753DOUD \ DOWD Lucretia?
Birth15 October 1753GRISWOLD Lucy?
Marriage15 May 1754STEVENS Daniel with CHATFIELD Neomi?
Marriage17 October 1754CHATFIELD Josiah with GRISWOLD Rebinah?
Birth1754CHATFIELD John?
Birth26 August 1755CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth28 August 1755GRISWOLD Jesse?
Birth20 October 1755STEVENS Lydia?
Marriage18 November 1756CHITTENDEN Timothy with WARD Abigail?
Birth13 July 1757CHATFIELD Jonathan?
Birth9 September 1757STEVENS Rebina?
Birth11 February 1758GRISWOLD Edward?
Birth17 April 1758STEVENS Charles?
Death13 May 1758CHATFIELD Neomi?
Marriage18 January 1759KELSEY Josiah with CONKLING Mary?
Death14 February 1759REDFIELD Theophilus?
Birth10 May 1759GRISWOLD Ezanos?
Marriage10 October 1759HANDY Rufus with REDFIELD Priscilla?
Death14 October 1759STEVENS Daniel?
Birth30 November 1759GRISWOLD Nathaniel?
Christening9 December 1759GRISWOLD Nathaniel?
Birth2 September 1760WELLMAN Zadock?
Marriage25 December 1760HULL Moses with CHATFIELD Rebina?
Birthabout 1760SMITH Richard?
Birth22 April 1761CHATFIELD Rebecca?
Marriage10 December 1761STEVENS Reuben with PARMALEE Dinah?
Birth13 December 1761HULL Nathaniel?
Birth30 March 1762GRISWOLD Abner?
Birth3 August 1762KELSEY Preston?
Birth2 April 1763CHATFIELD Barbery?
Marriage28 April 1763ISBELL Eleazer with PARMELEE Hannah?
Birth16 January 1764HULL Mary?
Birth21 January 1764GRISWOLD Drusilla?
Death5 March 1764KELSEY Gideon?
DeathMarch 1764GRISWOLD Drusilla?
Birth17 July 1764CHATFIELD Josiah?
Birth19 August 1764BLATCHLEY John?
Marriage20 November 1764LE BARON David with CHATFIELD Martha?
Birth1764BRUCE Zelpha\Zilpha?
Marriageabout 1764REDFIELD Richard with WILCOX Lydia Ward?
Birth7 April 1765HULL Mary?
Birth8 September 1765CHITTENDEN Dinah?
DeathOctober 1765CHATFIELD George?
Birth17 November 1765HULL Lemuel?
Birthabout 1765CHATFIELD Abigail?
Birth5 March 1766ISBELL Joel?
Birth19 April 1766HULL Susannah?
Birth21 May 1766GRISWOLD Drusilla?
Birth17 June 1766STEVENS Reuben?
Birth21 October 1766LE BARON Solomon?
Marriage16 August 1767HANDY Rufus with WARD Mary Molly?
Birth3 February 1768REDFIELD William?
Birth8 February 1768CHATFIELD Heil Buel?
Birth9 April 1768HANDY Bettey?
Birth5 August 1768CHATFIELD Elihu?
Birth18 November 1768LE BARON Francis?
Birth20 November 1768GRISWOLD David?
Birth20 April 1769HULL Nathaniel?
Christening30 April 1769HULL Nathaniel?
Birth25 June 1769CHATFIELD Orren?
Birth21 July 1769HULL Mercy?
Birth1769CHATFIELD George Washington?
Birth2 September 1770REDFIELD Thankful?
Birth19 January 1771LE BARON Huldah?
Birth22 November 1771HULL Lydia?
Marriage5 December 1771KELSEY Martin with CHATFIELD Esther?
Deathabout 1771WILCOX Lydia Ward?
Birth21 April 1772LE BARON Martha?
Birth19 November 1772KELSEY Charity?
Christening11 April 1773LANE Mary?
Birth16 April 1773CHATFIELD Michael?
Death18 September 1773LAY Temperance?
Marriage18 November 1773HULL Roswell with CHATFIELD Charity?
Birth12 February 1774GRISWOLD Charity?
Birth2 December 1774KELSEY Lebbeus?
Birth18 January 1775HULL Roswell?
Birth21 February 1775LE BARON David?
Birth13 September 1775KELSEY Hannah?
Death23 November 1775CHATFIELD George?
Birth11 February 1777LE BARON Lydia?
Birth16 February 1777KELSEY Martin?
Death4 March 1777CHATFIELD Esther A?
Birth23 July 1777SMITH Siba?
Death19 September 1777ISBELL Eleazer?
Death4 June 1778CHATFIELD Abigail?
Birth31 March 1779LE BARON Ruth?
Birth6 June 1779HULL Electa?
Birth13 December 1779KELSEY Zemira?
Marriage4 March 1780CHATFIELD John with LAY Sarah?
Birth1780CHATFIELD Hannah?
Death25 January 1781CHATFIELD Ann?
Death25 January 1781CHATFIELD Ann?
Birth2 March 1781KELSEY Ansel?
Birth17 April 1781LE BARON Naomi Roxina?
Birth21 June 1781KELSEY Parnel?
Death13 October 1782CHATFIELD ??
Birth27 November 1782KELSEY Julia?
Marriage19 June 1783GRISWOLD Edward with HURD Asenath?
Birth12 October 1783LE BARON James?
Marriage1783KELSEY Preston with GRAVES Clarissa?
Birth2 May 1784CHATFIELD Asa?
Death2 July 1784STEVENS Daniel K?
Birth14 January 1785KELSEY Charles?
Death4 August 1785CHATFIELD Benjamin?
Birth29 October 1785LE BARON Daniel?
Birth7 May 1786GRISWOLD Polly?
Death26 July 1786HULL Lemuel?
Birth23 September 1786CHATFIELD Orin?
Birth8 January 1787PARMELEE Elizabeth?
Birth27 January 1787KELSEY Amelia?
Marriage26 April 1787CHATFIELD Josiah with HULL Susannah?
Birth27 April 1788CHATFIELD Joel?
Marriage13 November 1788GRISWOLD Abner with HULL Mary?
Birth15 November 1788LE BARON Hannah?
Death9 December 1788CHATFIELD Cornelius?
Birth27 March 1789KELSEY Ambrose?
Birth15 July 1789KELSEY Thomas Conkling?
Birth25 July 1789CHATFIELD Cornelius?
Marriage13 August 1789NETTLETON Josiah with GRISWOLD Drusilla?
Marriage31 December 1789CHATFIELD Jonathan with CHITTENDEN Dinah?
Birth4 March 1790CHATFIELD Josiah?
Death8 March 1790CHATFIELD Josiah?
Birthabout 1790NETTLETON Norman?
Marriage25 September 1791HULL Nathaniel with GRISWOLD Adah?
Birth10 December 1791KELSEY Eunice?
Marriage11 December 1791STEVENS Reuben with HULL Lydia?
Birth8 August 1792CHATFIELD John?
Death24 May 1793STEVENS Rebina?
Birth11 December 1793CHATFIELD Mary?
Birth1793FINK Maria?
Birth24 August 1794PARMALEE Loren B?
Birth21 September 1794KELSEY Uri?
Birthabout 1794GRISWOLD Tryal?
MarriageFebruary 1795CARTER Josiah with KELSEY Avis?
Birth20 August 1795CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birthabout 1796NETTLETON Charlotte?
Birth9 March 1797KELSEY Lorin?
Death16 July 1797CONKLING Mary?
Marriage18 November 1799CHATFIELD Michael with HALL \ HULL Sarah Asenath?
Birth1799CHATFIELD Lewis W?
Death15 August 1800LEWIS Sarah?
Birth1800CHATFIELD Laura?
Birth1801NETTLETON Danforth?
Marriageabout 1802KELSEY Lebbeus with DICKERMAN Nancy?
Birth1803GRISWOLD Leander?
Death23 April 1804GRISWOLD Giles?
Birthabout 1804NETTLETON Alfred?
Christening14 April 1805CHATFIELD Michael?
Birth1805CHATFIELD Michael?
Marriage18 June 1806CHATFIELD Elihu with GRISWOLD Polly?
Birth23 November 1806CHATFIELD Albert N?
Marriageabout 1806CHATFIELD Asa with MARTIN Levina?
Marriage1 January 1807KELSEY Martin with SMITH Siba?
Birth13 April 1807CHATFIELD Caroline?
Birth17 May 1807CHATFIELD Lewis?
DeathMay 1807KELSEY Martin?
Death12 November 1807KELSEY Josiah?
Birthabout 1807NETTLETON Willis?
Christening6 November 1808CHATFIELD Lewis?
Birth1 January 1809CHATFIELD William?
Birth2 July 1809HULL Electa?
Birth25 December 1809GRISWOLD Rachel Eunice?
Death1809SPENCER John?
Birth1810CHATFIELD Orange?
Birth2 July 1811HULL Almira Maria?
Marriageabout 1811CHATFIELD Cornelius with FINK Maria?
Death27 September 1812PARMALEE Dinah?
Birth5 March 1813HULL Joel?
Marriageabout 1813KELSEY Ambrose with ? ??
Marriage10 February 1814CHATFIELD Josiah with GRISWOLD Tryal?
Birth17 October 1814HULL Albert Bronso?
Birthabout 1814? Maria?
Marriage23 September 1816WATERMAN Henry with CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth21 March 1818HULL Alvan \ Alvin?
Death30 September 1819WELLS Sarah?
Death22 January 1820KELSEY Martha?
Birth31 January 1820HULL Lucius?
Marriage3 November 1822PARMELEE Constant with KELSEY Hannah?
Death1822PARMELEE Hannah?
Birth7 April 1823HULL Clarissa Fidelia?
Death6 August 1823KELSEY Preston?
Birthabout 1824WARNER Dolly?
Birth27 February 1829CHATFIELD Charlotte Annette?
Death1830CHATFIELD Abigail?
Deathabout 1830CHATFIELD Esther?
Birth4 August 1831CHATFIELD Selden Andrew?
Death15 April 1833GRISWOLD Ezanos?
Birth11 May 1834CHATFIELD Elmina Amelia?
Christening29 April 1836CHATFIELD Charlotte Annette?
Christening29 April 1836CHATFIELD Elmina Amelia?
Christening29 April 1836CHATFIELD Selden Andrew?
Death5 April 1837CHATFIELD Charity?
Marriage14 October 1838BUELL William with CHATFIELD Elizabeth Ann?
Death3 April 1839LE BARON Solomon?
Marriage23 April 1839HULL Albert Bronso with GRISWOLD Cynthia?
Death3 May 1839GRISWOLD Nathaniel?
Marriageabout 1839CHATFIELD James Linsley with HILL Betsey?
Census1840CHATFIELD James Linsley?
Census1840HILL Betsey?
Census1840CHATFIELD Saraette O?
Death6 October 1841HULL Mary?
Death28 August 1842AUGUR \ PETTIBONE Mary?
Death26 March 1843PARMELEE Constant?
Marriage28 November 1845CHATFIELD Stephen Josiah with WRIGHT Sophia L?
Marriage7 November 1847HULL Lucius with WELLMAN Lydia A?
Birth1847CHATFIELD Frank James?
Census1850BARTLETT \ (MADISON) Roxanna?
Census1850CHATFIELD Carlisle?
Census1850ARNOLD Temperance S?
Census1850BUELL William A?
Census1850HILL Betsey?
Census1850CHATFIELD Frank James?
Census1850CHATFIELD Albert N?
Census1850GRISWOLD Charles E \ M?
Census1850CHATFIELD Ellever?
Census1850CHATFIELD Laura?
Census1850CHATFIELD Georgianna A?
Census1850CHATFIELD Mary?
Census1850CHATFIELD Roderick?
Census1840/1850MUNGER Ada C?
Census1850CHATFIELD Celestia M?
Census1850CHATFIELD Stephen Josiah?
Census1850CHATFIELD Edwin?
Census1850FRANCIS Morrell?
Census1850CHATFIELD Emily?
Census1850CHATFIELD James Linsley?
Census1840/1850CHATFIELD Orange?
Census1850WRIGHT Sophia L?
Census1850GRISWOLD Amasa Pettibone?
Census1850CHATFIELD Constant Webb?
Census1850BUELL Samuel?
Census1850CHATFIELD William?
Death12 December 1852PARMELEE Moses?
Birthabout 1852CHATFIELD Lovina Frances?
Marriage7 August 1853STEVENS Lyman Edwards with HULL Clarissa Fidelia?
Death16 August 1853GRISWOLD Tryal?
Birth1853HULL Mary Nancie?
BirthOctober 1854CHATFIELD Joel Albert?
Death26 May 1857KELSEY Julia?
Death21 September 1858HULL Jeremiah?
Death22 December 1858REDFIELD Thankful?
Death3 July 1859KELSEY Hannah?
Census1860CHATFIELD Roderick?
Census1860MUNGER Ada C?
Census1860CHATFIELD Stephen Josiah?
Census1860CHATFIELD Mary?
Census1860HILL Betsey?
Census1860CHATFIELD Frank James?
Census1860CHATFIELD Jane E?
Census1860CHATFIELD Orange?
Census1860GRISWOLD Charles E \ M?
Census1860CHATFIELD Albert N?
Census1860GRISWOLD Doriska \ Dorliska A?
Census1850/1860CHATFIELD Hudson A?
Census1860CHATFIELD Carrie S?
Census1850/1860CHATFIELD Cynthia D M?
Census1860GRISWOLD Amasa Pettibone?
Census1860CHATFIELD James Linsley?
Census1860CHATFIELD Joel Albert?
Census1850/1860CHATFIELD Nathan E?
Census1860WRIGHT Sophia L?
Census1860CHATFIELD Arden Monroe?
Census1860CHATFIELD Walter Stephen?
Census1860CHATFIELD Ann Augusta?
Death10 September 1862CHATFIELD Mary?
Death1 July 1864HULL Lucius?
Death24 April 1870BRONSON Irena \Irene?
Census1870CHATFIELD Roderick?
Census1870CHATFIELD Frank James?
Census1870CHATFIELD Ann Augusta?
Census1870CHATFIELD James Linsley?
Census1870HILL Betsey?
Census1870CHATFIELD Orange?
Census1870CHATFIELD Arden Monroe?
Birth22 April 1875CHATFIELD Thurber Redmayne?
Death1877CHATFIELD Albert N?
Census1880CHATFIELD Frank James?
Census1880HILL Betsey?
Census1880CHATFIELD Glenora?
Census1880HULL Mary Nancie?
Census1880CHATFIELD James Linsley?
Census1880CHATFIELD Arden Monroe?
Census1880CHATFIELD Thurber Redmayne?
Death1882NETTLETON Danforth?
Death14 May 1883NETTLETON Alfred?
Death2 May 1899HULL Clarissa Fidelia?
Marriage1 October 1902CHATFIELD Thurber Redmayne with COWIE Inez Jillson?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Killingworth, New London Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth12 July 1754HULL \ LORD Elizabeth?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Lakeview Cmtry., New Canaan, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial24 July 1931HOYT Archibald?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Lawn Cmtry., Huntington, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Anna Augusta?
Burial?WHEELER Leander Joseph?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Lebanon, New London Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth22 May 1704WOODWORTH Caleb?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Library Park Cmtry., Waterbury, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Joseph Edward?
Burial?LOUNSBURY Esther?
Burial?BALDWIN Prudence?
Burial?BOAKS Olive?
Burial?CHATFIELD Daniel?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Lichfield Rd., Torrington, Litchfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death11 December 1937CHATFIELD Harriet Lucretia?
Residence1937NORTON Rebecca E?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Litchfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage?SANFORD Stephen with CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth6 November 1766LAKE Vincent Gershom?
Death6 February 1802CHATFIELD Sarah?
Birth10 May 1807WARNER Esther Betsey?
Death2 September 1819BRONSON Amos?
Marriage12 April 1826WHITNEY Marshall Frost with WARNER Esther Betsey?
Marriage20 July 1830CHATFIELD Bennet with WORDEN Mary?
Marriage15 December 1835CHATFIELD Dennis with MATHEWS Mary Jane?
Marriageabout 1848WOOSTER Hollis with WHITNEY Esther Betsy?
Birth12 May 1852MERRIMAN Esther Catherine?
Birth10 December 1914CHATFIELD Luana M?
Residence1917ENGLISH Carmine Edward?
Birth2 April 1927CHATFIELD Edward George?
Residence1975CHATFIELD Glen Tibbetts?
Divorce1983CHAMBERLAIN Bruce E with CHATFIELD Diana Lepha?
Divorce1983CHATFIELD Thurber Redmayne with PEET Vivian Jean?
Divorce1985FITZPATRICK Terry Edward with CHATFIELD June?
Divorce1990CHATFIELD Dwayne Robert with HOLOMANY Sharon L?
Divorce1991CHATFIELD David Allen with SAUL Laura R?
Death15 March 1995JOHNSON Ethel?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Litchfield, Litchfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth3 November 1727GAY Ann?
Birth2 May 1764LAKE Asahel?
Birth4 September 1775GOODWIN Lydia?
Birth22 April 1778TURNER Jacob?
Birthabout 1778PRINDLE Sarah?
Marriage13 May 1799TURNER Jacob with PRINDLE Sarah?
Birth24 January 1810TURNER Ruth Adaline?
Death11 December 1825PRINDLE Sarah?
Birth12 May 1834FILLEY Myron Winslow?
Death16 April 1838TURNER Jacob?
Residence1850MORRIS Esther M?
Residence1850MORRIS Leonard A?
Residence1850SANDLAND Priscilla?
Death17 July 1851LOVELAND Clark?
Census1860WARNER Egbert Lewis?
Census1860WILCOXSON Frances A?
Census1880BISSELL Benjamin B?
Birth1 April 1898KELM Ferdinand?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Long Hill Burial Grnd., Shelton, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?ALLIS Betsey?
Burial?BEARD Joel?
Burial?HUBBELL Mary?
Burial?LAKE Huldah?
Burial?NICHOLS Nancy Maria?
Burial?CHATFIELD Maria?
Burial?BEARD Oliver Gould?
Burial?CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Burial?CHATFIELD Lemuel?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Long Hill, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death17 November 1880CHATFIELD Maria?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Lower White Hills Cmtry., Shelton, Fairfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?LAKE Abigail?
Burial?FRENCH Carrie May?
Burial?FRENCH Bennett?
Burial?PEET Polly?
Burial?HUBBELL Eli?
Burial?HUBBELL Mary Wilhelmina?
Burial?HUBBELL Timothy?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Lyme, New London Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth6 May 1728TINKER Benjamin?
Birthabout 1754MINER Esther?
Marriage19 May 1774ATKINS Samuel with MINER Esther?
Marriage1994SALAFIA Michael J with SPRING Laura C?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Mad River, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death9 June 1819ALCOTT Samuel?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Madison Twp., New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth14 May 1823WILCOX Alfred Nelson?
Census1900CHATFIELD Glenora?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Madison, Middlesex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death13 September 1822GRISWOLD Mercy?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Madison, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?BOWMAN Mira Chittenden?
Birth29 January 1815GRISWOLD Cynthia Ann?
Death23 February 1846CHITTENDEN Samuel?
Birth25 December 1849CHITTENDEN George Benjamin?
Census1850LEE Timothy H?
Census1850NORTON Joseph Payne?
Census1850GRISWOLD Cynthia Ann?
Census1850BUSHNELL William Chapman?
Census1850FRISBIE Sophia Ann?
Census1850MUNGER George Nicholas?
Census1850NORTON Issue?
Census1850CHITTENDEN Luranda C?
Birth5 April 1852MUNGER Emma Louise?
Birth18 May 1854MUNGER George Badger?
Birth18 June 1854BUSHNELL Cynthia Anne?
Census1850/1860CHITTENDEN Samuel Hosmer?
Census1860LEE Timothy H?
Census1850/1860CHITTENDEN George Benjamin?
Census1850/1860CHITTENDEN Samuel Conkling?
Census1850/1860MUNGER Amanda Ann?
Census1850/1860NORTON George Wilbur?
Census1860NORTON Adelbert Alonzo?
Census1850/1860? Sarah W?
Census1860CHATFIELD Georgianna A?
Census1860NORTON Carlile Elmore?
Death1 August 1867MEIGS Edward Morrison?
Census1870MUNGER Clarissa?
Census1870BADGER Milton?
Census1870BUSHNELL Cynthia Anne?
Census1870BUSHNELL William Chapman?
Death1 March 1873BADGER Milton?
Marriage24 November 1876MUNGER George Badger with BUSHNELL Cynthia Anne?
Census1880MUNGER Clarissa?
Census1880BOOTH Nancy J?
Death1880BOOTH Nancy J?
Census1880CHITTENDEN Samuel Conkling?
Census1880MUNGER George?
Census1880HULL Shelden?
Census1880CHITTENDEN Samuel Hosmer?
Census1880DUDLEY Elizabeth?
Census1880HULL Charlotte J?
Census1880GRISWOLD Leander?
Census1880HULL Ida E?
Census1880MUNGER George Badger?
Census1880MUNGER George Arthur?
Census1880MUNGER Amanda Ann?
Census1880BUSHNELL Cynthia Anne?
Death7 August 1882MUNGER George Nicholas?
Death19 October 1887BUSHNELL William Chapman?
Death14 December 1889MUNGER Clarissa?
Death4 January 1892MUNGER Caroline?
Death1 October 1900HULL Shelden?
Census1900LEE Timothy H?
Census1900CHITTENDEN Samuel Hosmer?
Census1900HULL Shelden?
Census1900MUNGER Amanda Ann?
Census1900CHITTENDEN Horace Washburn?
Census1900CHITTENDEN Mira Delano?
Census1900HULL Charlotte J?
Census1900MUNGER Caroline Washburn?
Census1900MUNGER George?
Census1900JACOBS Cornelia Lois?
Death12 January 1901MUNGER Amanda Ann?
Death7 April 1903MUNGER George?
Death27 February 1905JACOBS Cornelia Lois?
Marriage29 November 1905PARDEE Arthur J with MUNGER Alice Comelia?
Marriage12 June 1907BARKER Edward Ballis with MUNGER Caroline Washburn?
Census1900/1910DELANO Ella Spencer?
Census1900/1910CHITTENDEN Marjorie Lee?
Census1900/1910BUSHNELL Cynthia Anne?
Census1900/1910? Elimira S?
Census1900/1910CHITTENDEN George Benjamin?
Census1900/1910MUNGER George Badger?
Birth23 February 1912BOWMAN Elizabeth Delano?
Census1920JONES Charles Walter?
Census1930CHITTENDEN George Benjamin?
Census1930CHITTENDEN Marjorie Lee?
Death10 November 1935BOWMAN Morgan Herbert?
Marriage7 September 1940SCHOFIELD Edward Brown with BOWMAN Elizabeth Delano?
Marriage1940BOTSFORD Gardner with CHITTENDEN Katharine Hastings?
Death4 May 1965CHITTENDEN Horace Washburn?
Death17 June 1965HASTINGS Katherine Panet?
Death30 May 1966CHITTENDEN Mira Delano?
Marriage27 August 1966PEPE Albert Joseph with BOWMAN Deborah Delano?
Marriage18 September 1976MULLER Robert Donald with MICHAEL Mary Delano?
Birth30 January 1978SCHOFIELD Maya Elizabeth?
Death22 September 1981CHITTENDEN Marjorie Lee?
Marriage18 August 1984TRUAX Chester N with LOWRY Katharine Stuart?
Death21 December 2009CHITTENDEN Elizabeth Panet?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Manchester, Hartford Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth21 May 1921RISLEY Geraldine?
Birth26 August 1922WILSON Russell Bissell?
Census1930/1940WILSON Russell Bissell?
Marriage29 July 1967PINCKNEY John Nelson with CHATFIELD Marion Marjorie?
Death27 August 1996CHATFIELD Alvin Frederick?
Death24 June 1998CHATFIELD Maryann?
Residence2015MURPHY Ashley Erin?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Mansfield, Tolland Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1880HOPKINS Carrie B?
Census1880? Mehitable J?
Census1880HOPKINS Edgar?
Census1880HOPKINS Joseph?
Marriage29 November 1899GARRIGUS Harry Lucian with PATTERSON Bertha May?
Census1920GARRIGUS Russell Milton?
Census1920GARRIGUS Elsie May?
Census1920GARRIGUS Howard Sherman?
Census1930GARRIGUS Ralph Henry?
Census1920/1930GARRIGUS Harry Lucian?
Census1920/1930GARRIGUS Wesley Patterson?
Census1920/1930PATTERSON Bertha May?
Census1920/1930GARRIGUS Upson Stanley?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Marlborough, Hartford Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1995BISACCIA Cheryl L?
Residence1995ROBY Peter F?
Marriage29 May 1999ROBY Keith P with SPISAK Dara L?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Meridan, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence2021CHATFIELD Sue Ellen?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Meriden, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth27 June 1803GRISWOLD George?
Death10 September 1818GRISWOLD Giles?
Marriage4 October 1819SHEPHARD Amos with ALCOTT Statira?
Birth19 September 1839HARRISON Harriet?
Residence1850? Sarah A?
Residence1850BENTON Henry?
Residence1850BENTON Ella May?
Census1850NEWTON Amos?
Census1850ALCOTT Emily?
Census1860HOTCHKISS Henry Dwight?
Death26 February 1876BOOTH Sally Newton?
Census1880NORTON Rebecca E?
Census1870/1880WOOSTER Nancy Ellen?
Census1870/1880BARKER Eva M?
Census1880NORTON Henry O?
Census1880WOOSTER Polly?
Census1880NORTON Frederick Edwin?
Census1870/1880HOTCHKISS Henry Dwight?
Census1870/1880WOOSTER Fannie M?
Census1880NORTON Otis?
Census1870/1880BARKER Alfred?
Census1880CHATFIELD Harriet Lucretia?
Census1900WRIGHT Nellie R?
Residence1900FOSTER Alice J?
Census1900BARKER Alfred?
Census1900WRIGHT Sophia L?
Census1900CHATFIELD Everitt Carlyle?
Residence1900CHATFIELD Joel Albert?
Residence1900FOSTER Charles?
Residence1900CHATFIELD Henry Finch?
Death29 July 1903FOSTER Charles?
Residence1910LANDERS Della E?
Census1910CHATFIELD Sherwood Benton?
Census1910CHATFIELD Everitt Carlyle?
Census1910INGHAM Nellie Louise?
Census1910CURTISS Bessie Ethyl?
Census1910CURTISS Charlotte Elizabeth?
Census1910CHATFIELD Dorothy Mae?
Census1910SHERWOOD Grace F?
Census1910CURTISS Maud Adella?
Birth16 October 1920CHATFIELD Marion Elizabeth?
Census1930CHATFIELD Shirley Ford?
Census1930WALDRON Annie L?
Census1930CHATFIELD Everitt Carlyle?
Census1930CHATFIELD Dorothy Mae?
Census1930CHATFIELD Marion Elizabeth?
Census1940CHATFIELD Everitt Carlyle?
Census1940CHATFIELD Marion Elizabeth?
Death16 November 1953CHATFIELD Everitt Carlyle?
Birth25 June 1958HALL Larry Earl?
Death21 April 1967TUTTLE Gertrude Chatfield?
Death20 May 1972CHATFIELD Lora M?
Death1 February 1976CURTISS Maud Adella?
Marriage1 May 1976HALL Leon Carl with BARRESI Joanne Rose?
Death1 December 1977CHATFIELD Lauren Hubert?
Marriage13 June 1981PETROSKY Gary L with DAIGNEAULT Marie A?
Residence1981DAIGNEAULT Marie A?
Residence1981PETROSKY Gary L?
Marriage3 September 1983BARNARDO Vincent J with HALL Lynn A?
Residence2001DAIGNEAULT Marie A?
Residence2001PETROSKY Gary L?
Death12 December 2021CHATFIELD Doris Ethel?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Methodist Church Cmtry, Seymour, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?? Lois?
Burial?HOLBROOK Willis?
Burial?HOLBROOK Betsey Grace?
Burial?HOLBROOK Daniel?
Burial?RIGGS Elizabeth Ann?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Methodist Cmtry., Bethany,New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?SPERRY Esther A?
Burial?WARNER George William?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Middlebury, Litchfield Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1880BUCKINGHAM Mary?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Middlebury, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth19 November 1793CHATFIELD Oliver Stoddard?
Birth13 January 1828CHATFIELD Mary Jane?
Birth14 October 1829CHATFIELD George Wooster?
Census1830MERWIN Thomas?
Birth23 October 1846NICHOLS Kendrick Hothckiss?
Marriage22 July 1972BREENEY John J with CHATFIELD Deborah D?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Middlesex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1620NETTLETON Samuel?
Divorce1979PARDEE Henry Warner with PFANDER Paula Lischen?
Death5 August 2005CHATFIELD Malcolm A?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Middletown, .Middlesex Co, USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death2 December 1979RADCLIFFE Dorothy Russell?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Middletown, Middlesex Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth3 July 1753STANCLIFT Abigail?
Birth15 October 1753MILLER Lydia?
Birth20 March 1792RILEY Rosetta?
Death1808CHATFIELD Mercy or Marcy?
Birth1831INGHAM George W?
Census1840PRIOR Johnathon H \ N?
Birth4 March 1845NORTON Otis?
Birth16 June 1863FULLER Henry Riley?
Death1927BEARD Estella Lavinia?
Residence1940LYPSCON Henry?
Residence1940? Lora?
Residence1940LYPSCON Arthur H?
Death1952WILCOX Emily L?
Death1956LYPSCON Henry?
Death3 January 1973GARRIGUS Howard Sherman?
Death5 February 1982AITKEN Mildred?
Death27 June 1995BISACCIA Albert L?
Death30 April 2003CHATFIELD Robert Edwin?
Death22 November 2018BAILLIF Helen Adelaide?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Milford Center Cmtry., Milford, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?TUCKER Frank A?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Milford Cmtry., Milford, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?STRONG Charles Pond?
Burial?STOWE Frederick?
Burial?STOWE Nelson Lloyd?
Burial?KYLE Marion Irene?
Burial?TRUMAN Percy Edwin?
Burial?MERWIN Thomas?
Burial?CHATFIELD Fanny Maria?
Burial?STRONG Edward Henry?
Burial?CHATFIELD Mary Josephine?
Burial?STRONG Charles?
Burial?STOWE Florence M?
Burial?MERWIN Caroline?
Burial?TREAT Amy?
Burial?STOWE Frederick P?
Burial28 April 1874SOMERS Lois?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Milford Side Cmtry., Woodbridge, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?KIMBERLY Frances Laurena?
Burial?BALDWIN Ephraim?
Burial?BALDWIN Jennie Louisa?
Burial?BALDWIN Mary E?
Burial?BALDWIN Patty?
Burial?CHATFIELD Eunice?
Burial?BALDWIN Henry Rockwell?
Burial?BALDWIN Andrew Miles?
Burial?NEWTON Martha?
Burial?CHATFIELD Lewis?
Burial?CHATFIELD John J?
Burial?CHATFIELD Hannah?
Burial?CHATFIELD Anna Maria?
Burial?NORTHROP Joel?
Burial?CHATFIELD Martha A?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Milford Twp., New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census1900/1910REARDON Grace F?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Milford, New Haven Co., USA

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1640NETTLETON Isabel?
Birth30 April 1674BOTSFORD Hannah?
Birth21 March 1677BALDWIN Josiah?
Birth24 August 1690ANDREWS Ruth?
Birth14 FEB 1690/1691NORTHROP Joel?
Birth14 December 1729HINE Mary?
Birth1752SANFORD Raymond?
Birth28 July 1755CHATFIELD Rebeckah?
Birth21 February 1757CHATFIELD Joel?
Birth4 September 1762CHATFIELD Isaac?
Birth28 November 1764BUCKINGHAM Ebenezer?
Birth22 January 1771CHATFIELD Sarah?
Marriage21 December 1773SANFORD Raymond with CHATFIELD Rebeckah?
Death6 May 1774HOTCHKISS Rachael?
Deathbefore August 1778CHATFIELD Elnathan?
Birth13 June 1779POND Mary Hubbard?
DeathApril 1780CHATFIELD Isaac?
Birth16 January 1781STRONG William?
Marriage10 February 1781COE Denman with NORTHRUP Mary?
Birth13 October 1782MERWIN Thomas?
Marriage1782BALDWIN Ephraim with NEWTON Martha?
Birth26 August 1793STOWE Frederick?
Birth8 February 1798CHATFIELD Thirza?
Birth22 November 1803MERWIN Caroline?
Birth20 July 1804SOMERS Lois?
Birth24 March 1805STRONG Charles Pond?
Birth1806MERWIN Amy Treat?
Birth9 June 1810FOWLER Charlotte?
Birth9 July 1815STRONG William?
Marriage9 March 1825STRONG Charles Pond with MERWIN Caroline?
Birth12 March 1833STRONG Charles William Pond?
Birth11 March 1834STRONG Caroline Merwin?
Death5 April 1836MERWIN Caroline?
Birth8 May 1836STOWE Nelson Lloyd?
Marriage3 September 1836SHERWOOD Oliver Burr with FOWLER Charlotte?
Census1 June 1840MERWIN Thomas?
DeathAugust 1840POND Mary Hubbard?
Census1840STRONG William?
Death13 May 1842MERWIN Thomas?
Death6 December 1848TREAT Amy?
Birth8 April 1850STRONG Clarissa Chatfield?
Census1850SOMERS Lois?
Residence1850STRONG Charles William Pond?
Census1850STOWE Frederick?
Death22 October 1851RIGGS William Edgar?
Birth12 July 1856PLATT Fannie E?
Marriage11 May 1860STOWE Nelson Lloyd with CHATFIELD Fanny Maria?
Residence1850/1860STRONG Edward Henry?
Residence1850/1860STRONG John Lewis?
Residence1850/1860CHATFIELD Clarissa Lewis?
Residence1850/1860STRONG Charles Pond?
Census1850/1860STRONG William?
Death21 March 1870STRONG Charles Pond?
Census1860/1870STRONG Anna Pond?
Residence1860/1870STRONG Clarissa Chatfield?
Census1860/1870STRONG Sarah Maria \ Martha?
Death26 April 1874SOMERS Lois?
Census1880CHATFIELD Fanny Maria?
Census1880STOWE Frederick P?
Census1880STOWE Nelson Lloyd?
Death8 March 1882STOWE Frederick?
Death1896TUCKER Frank A?
Census1900CHATFIELD Mary Josephine?
Census1900TUCKER Grace Louise?
Marriage12 September 1908BELLVILLE George Edmund with TUCKER Grace Louise?
Death17 January 1910CHATFIELD Mary Josephine?
Census1910CHATFIELD Lillian Josephine?
Census1910STEELE Frank Willis?
Census1920STOWE Frederick P?
Census1910/1920TRUMAN Beatrice M?
Census1920KYLE Marion Irene?
Census1910/1920STOWE Florence M?
Census1920STEELE Frank Willis?
Census1920CHATFIELD Fanny Maria?
Census1920STOWE Nelson Lloyd?
Census1910/1920TRUMAN Percy Edwin?
Census1920CHATFIELD Lillian Josephine?
Census1930STOWE Florence M?
Census1930STOWE Nelson Lloyd?
Census1930CHATFIELD Fanny Maria?
Census1930TRUMAN Percy Edwin?
Death1932TRUMAN Percy Edwin?
Death13 February 1933STOWE Nelson Lloyd?
Death26 December 1934CHATFIELD Fanny Maria?
Death2 February 1940KYLE Marion Irene?
Census1940BRADSHAW Margaret S?
Census1940CURTIN Thomas Patrick?
Census1940BRADSHAW Edward Joseph?
Census1940MOORE Margaret E?
Birth19 June 1947BRODERICK Elizabeth Usher?
Death3 February 1951CHATFIELD Lillian Josephine?
Death20 August 1953RADCLIFFE Edward Chatfield?
Death29 April 1969CURTIN Thomas Bradshaw?
Marriage21 August 1971CHATFIELD David Dean with MORRELL Cheryl Ann?
Marriage24 June 1972STEFANOWICZ Stanley Craig with CHATFIELD Marilyn Langdale?
Residence1972CHATFIELD Marilyn Langdale?
Marriage26 December 1975CHATFIELD Richard Charles with CASTRICONE Debra Jean?
Marriage7 October 1977REHNBERG Carl F with BALDWIN Mary Margaret?
Marriage5 December 1980BALDWIN Robert Hammond with TREGGER Martha A?
Death24 January 1987CHATFIELD Gurdon Filley?
Death5 March 1988STOWE Florence M?
Death15 August 1990LANGDALE Marion L?
Marriage18 June 1994ZADROZNY Wayne W with CHATFIELD Almeda Louise?

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