List of events ordered by date

Mexico - Tampico

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1934? Margaret Stuart?
Residence1934ROSS Margaret C?
Residence1934ROSS Douglas Joseph Howard?



Mexico - Tijuana

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1 December 1971CHATFIELD Henry Edward with OSBORN Mildred Kindy?



Mexico - Chihuahua - Chihuahua : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death29 September 1992CLARK Lewell Harold?



Mexico - Coahuila - Bohemia : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1869JELINEK Frank?



Mexico - Durango - Ciudad de Durango : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth5 February 1981SALAZAR Felipe de Jesus?



Mexico - Nuevo Leon - Colombia : 1 event

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Bogota,South America

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth7 December 1995STAFFORD Daniel David?



Mexico - Sonora - Cananea : 1 event

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Cananea Municipality

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth16 July 1909CHITTENDEN Elizabeth Panet?



Mexico - Sonora - Nogales

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage13 October 1945HORNE John Henry with SHADDOCK Frances Marie?



Montenegro - Corzulas

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1887von ROVIGNO William R Martinowics?



Netherlands - Amsterdam, Holland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1834de GRAAN Henry?
Birthabout 1904van ABSHOVEN Cornelius?



Netherlands - Holland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?van ESS ??
Birth?van HOVEN \OUDENHOVEN Paulinna?
Marriage?van ESS Simon with KONIJNENDIJK Appolonia?
Marriage?van ESS Simon with van DER SLUIS Lena?
Death14 January 1772HOWELL Arthur?
Birth14 March 1835HOFFMAN William?
Birth14 November 1845van ESS Simon?
Birth15 November 1847van DER SLUIS Lena?
Birth2 June 1851VANLOUTAN Mary?
Birth18 September 1861MOLL Maude?
BirthJune 1872van ESS Cornelius?
BirthMarch 1876HAMMINK George?
Birth22 October 1878WOLTJER Henry?
Death15 June 1943CHATFIELD Walter Lawrence?
Death21 July 1944GILMOUR Hugh Edward?
Death8 April 1945THOMPSON William Lawrence?



Netherlands - LI Limburg - Margraten 6269 : 2 events

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Holland American Cmtry.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Keith Grayson?

Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial, Eijsden-Margraten

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?THOMPSON William Lawrence?



Netherlands - NB Noord-Brabant - Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cmtry,Holland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?GILMOUR Hugh Edward?



Netherlands - NB Noord-Brabant - Uden War Cemetery, Holland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?CHATFIELD Walter Lawrence?



Netherlands - NH Noord-Holland - Huizen 1270 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1933van ESSEN Gerrit Jan?



Netherlands - ZE Zeeland - Ouwerkerk 4305 : 2 events

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Schouwen-Duiveland Municipality

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth6 December 1832KORNOELJE Cornelius?

Oosterland, Schouwen-Duiveland Municipality

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth28 February 1837VANPOPPERING Adrinia?



Netherlands - ZH Zuid-Holland - Rotterdam 3000 : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Census?ZWICK Albert Robert?
Birth11 April 1909BONS Paulina Cornelia?



Netherlands - ZH Zuid-Holland - South Beijerland, Holland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth28 May 1842KONIJNENDIJK Appolonia?
Death23 July 1878KONIJNENDIJK Appolonia?



New Caledona - 98818 Nouméa - New Caledonia

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth1860EDWARDS Charles?



New Zealand

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?COOK Virginia?
Birth?REDWARD Denise?
Birth?HODREN Issue 6?
Birth?WRIGHT Issue 2?
Birth?REDWARD Issue 6?
Birth?CHATFIELD Murray Kenneth?
Birth?CHATFIELD James Golding?
Birth?CHATFIELD Margaret Ruth?
Birth?CHATFIELD Ian Douglas?
Birth?KUNAC Sharon?
Birth?KUNAC Michelle Louise?
Birth?CHATFIELD Athol?
Birth?KUNAC Deane?
Birth?KUNAC Boris?
Birth?BROSNAHAN Bruce Chatfield?
Birth?HOOPER Issue?
Marriage?REDWARD Kelvin Huia with UNDERWOOD Violet Kate?
Birth?REDWARD Roger?
Death?BRYAN Wilden Graham?
Birth?SEDCOLE Issue 11?
Birth?REDWARD Issue 7?
Birth?REDWARD Gary Weston?
Birth?DAWSON Luke Warwick?
Birth?CHATFIELD Leicester?
Birth?CHATFIELD Janet Margaret?
Birth?BROSNAHAN Cushla?
Marriage?KUNAC Eric Wallace with CHATFIELD Beryl Stephanie?
Birth?CHATFIELD Leslie Thomas?
Birth?CHATFIELD Julie?
Birth?CHATFIELD Brendon James?
Birth?CHATFIELD Susan May?
Birth?CHATFIELD Wendy Jane?
Birth?COOK Francis William?
Birth?COOK Colin Leslie?
Birth?CHATFIELD Sandra?
Birth?KEYWORTH Hanna?
Birth?CHATFIELD Robyn?
Birth?CHATFIELD Richard?
Birth?CHATFIELD Stanley?
Birth?CHATFIELD Richard?
Marriage?DAWSON Jeffrey with WILLIS Debra May?
Birth?DARKINS James?
Birth?BROSNAHAN Issue 7?
Birth?MORRIS ??
Birth?CHATFIELD Douglas?
Birth?MORRIS Issue 3?
Birth?CHATFIELD Lawrence Derby?
Birth?CHATFIELD Beverley?
Birth?LE NOEL Issue 12?
Birth?TORLESSE Issue 3?
Marriage?COOKSLEY George Elijah with MORRIS Susan Blanche?
Birth?CHATFIELD Miriam Louise?
Birth?CHATFIELD Robert Graeme?
Birth?CHATFIELD Brett?
Marriage?WHITE ? with AKROYD Gertrude Emily?
Marriage?CHATFIELD Bruce Ashley with ? Claire Lynette?
Birth?COOK ??
Birth?WILLIS Ashlee Sara?
Birth?WILLIS Caitlin Ann?
Birth?CHATFIELD Gregory Charles?
Birth?? Issue 2?
Birth?WILLIS Tahlia Jane?
Birth?CHATFIELD Philip?
Birth?BOWYER Issue 3?
Birth?CHATFIELD Alfred William?
Birth?HARRISON Issue 5?
Birth?CHATFIELD Betty?
Death?STEPHENS George?
Birth?CHATFIELD Issue 3?
Birth?BROSNAHAN Robert?
Birth?CHATFIELD Megan Francis?
Birth?CHATFIELD Janet?
Immigration3 November 1841CHATFIELD Edmund Benjamin?
Birth11 April 1853HADFIELD Henry Samuel?
Birth1858WEAVERS Charles Maurice \ Morrice \ Morris?
Birth1860TUCKEY Francis Henry?
Birth1862LAWRENCE Amelia Frances?
Birth1864PERKINS William Herbert?
Marriage1864CAMPBELL Colin with MILLER Susannah Balderston?
Birth1864TUCKEY Mary Hobhouse?
Emigration1866CHATFIELD Robert Thomas?
Immigration1867CHATFIELD William Charles?
Birth1867MCDOWELL Jessie Ellen?
Marriage1868NORRIS Frederick William with CAINS Phoebe Maria?
Birth25 September 1869TUCKEY Elizabeth Rhodes?
Marriage1869CHATFIELD William George with CHERRY Mary Ann?
Birth1862/1869TORLESSE Issue 5?
Birth1872MACEY Louisa?
Birth1872ALLEN Albert Terlayson?
Birth1872CHATFIELD Harriet Jane?
Birth1872CLARK Samuel James?
Immigrationabout 1873BALLINGER Thomas Ingram?
Birth1873BROWNHILL William George?
Birth1873LAWRENCE Frederick Edward?
Birth1874CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Birth1874ROBB James?
Marriage1874CHATFIELD William Charles with HOGGARD Mary?
Birth9 July 1875MCLAREN Flora Brown?
Marriage1875GUY William Thomas with COLVIN Annie?
Birth28 June 1876GUY Mary?
Birth24 December 1876DRYDEN Ernest?
Birth1876LELIEVRE William Jules François?
Birth1876CHATFIELD Robert?
Birth1876SEDCOLE James Edwin?
Birth2 June 1877GUY William Walter?
Birth1877JONES CKA CHAMPION Margaret Ann Holywood?
Birth1877CHATFIELD David?
Birth1877HAYTER George Albert?
Birth1877CHATFIELD Thomas William?
Birth29 November 1878GUY Louisa?
Birth1878HARTNOLL William Frank?
Birth1878REED Isabella Louisa?
Death1879GUY Louisa?
Birth1879TUCKEY Richard Septimus?
Birth1879CHATFIELD Ernest Sutton?
Birth1879CRANE Ada Marie?
Birth11 March 1880GUY Lilly?
Marriage1880COOKSLEY George Elijah with HINES Susan?
Birth1880HARTNOLL Eliza?
Death1880CAINS Phoebe Maria?
Birth1880CHATFIELD Clara Ruth?
Marriage1881CHATFIELD William with BLYTH Catherine?
Birth1881LE NOEL Noel James?
Marriage1881ASHTON George with CAREY Kate?
Birth1881COOKSLEY Mary Jane Elizabeth?
Birth1881MILLS Hughina?
Marriage1881WEAVERS Charles Maurice \ Morrice \ Morris with LAWRENCE Amelia Frances?
Marriage1881LATTO David with HISLOP Janet?
Birth10 February 1882GUY Emily Annie?
Birth1882CHATFIELD Florence?
Marriage1882DENNISTON Arthur James with LAWFORD Una?
Birth1882HARTNOLL Alfred Pascoe?
Birth1882CHATFIELD William James?
Marriage1883BAILEY Charles with JOHNSON Caroline Amelia?
Marriage1883COSTER William with SHAW Elizabeth?
Death1883HINES Susan?
Birth20 March 1884CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth1884CAMPBELL William Millar?
Marriage1884SCHNARNDORFF Albert with CARSON Jane?
Birth19 January 1885CHATFIELD Francis Cecil?
Birth1885CHATFIELD Richard Albert?
Birth1885WITTON Olive May?
Birth1885BEALS Thomas Howell?
Birth1885DENNISTON Lawford?
Marriage1885MARSHALL John with JONES Louisa Kate?
Birth1885HARTNOLL Charles Darwin?
Birth1885SCHNARNDORFF Mary Elizabeth?
Death12 June 1886VINCENT Sarah?
Birth26 November 1886CHATFIELD Elsie Buckingham?
Birth1886MARSHALL Francis Lionel?
Birth1887HUGHES Edith Harriet?
Birth1887AKROYD Gertrude Emily?
Birth1887LE NOEL Noel Ernest?
Birth1887CHATFIELD Robert William Tudway?
Birth1887HARTNOLL Miriam Caroline?
Birth12 June 1888MERRICK Catherine \ Katherine May?
Birth1888CHATFIELD Lily Maud?
Birth1888RAYNER Florence?
Birth1888DEVONSHIRE Mildred Jane?
Birth1888LOVELL Mark Wesley?
Death21 February 1889CHATFIELD Lily Maud?
ImmigrationDecember 1889WEEKS Marie Louise?
Birth1889REARDON Christopher Tierney?
Birth1889HARTNOLL Lydia Priscilla?
Birth1889CHATFIELD Jennie Frances?
Marriage1889HODREN Walter with CORNEY Amy Ellen?
Birth1890WEAVERS Edith Agnes?
Birth1890CHATFIELD Laura Ellen?
Marriage1890BELL George Frederick with ROE Catherine?
Marriage1890TAYLOR William Evans with EVANS Lilian?
Birth13 September 1891ASHTON Sylvia Ellen?
Death3 December 1892CHATFIELD James?
Marriage1892BALLINGER Thomas Ingram with CHATFIELD Harriet Jane?
Birth6 July 1893HARTNOLL Rose Irene?
Birth1893HODREN Walter Leonard?
Marriage1893WEBB George with MCDONALD Agnes?
Death21 October 1894CHATFIELD William George?
Marriage1894PERKINS William Herbert with MCDOWELL Jessie Ellen?
Birth25 February 1895CHATFIELD Charles George Cecil?
Birth1895HARTNOLL Edith Cecilia?
Marriage1895LAWRENCE Frederick Edward with MACEY Louisa?
Birth1895RUSH Eustace Bede?
Marriage4 August 1896ROBB James with GUY Mary?
Birth1897WEBB Clarence Christopher?
Marriage1897SEDCOLE Albert William Robertson with CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
Marriage1897MCKAY George Maxwell with GUY Lilly?
Birth1897SEDCOLE Mary Margaret?
Death1898HARTNOLL Henry John?
Birth1899MCDOWELL Horace Bee?
Marriage1899BROSNAHAN Thomas with MOORE Mary Elizabeth?
Birth1899PERKINS Herbert Playsted?
Birth9 June 1900CHATFIELD Robert Greatham?
Birth1900CHATFIELD Lilian Elizabeth Jane?
Marriage1900GOLDING James Charles with REED Isabella Louisa?
Marriage1900CHATFIELD Thomas William with COOKSLEY Mary Jane Elizabeth?
Birth1900SNELL Henry Keith?
Birth1900HAYTER William Harry?
Birth24 May 1901GILBERTSON Catherine?
Birth31 July 1901COSTER Agnes Caroline Christina?
Marriage5 August 1901CHRISTENSEN Morten with CHATFIELD Jane?
Birth19 September 1901CHATFIELD Elsie Florence?
Birth1901CHATFIELD Jessie?
Birth1901HARTNOLL Henry John?
Marriage1901CHATFIELD Ernest Henry with GIBSON Armanalla?
Birth1901CHATFIELD Jess Theodore?
Birth1901CHATFIELD William Jule?
Birth1901HEATHER Hazel Norman?
Marriage1901WILKINSON James with PARVIS Emily Nina?
Death8 March 1902CHATFIELD Jessie?
MarriageMay 1902GALBRAITH William with CHATFIELD Clara Ruth?
Birth30 June 1902CHRISTENSEN Martin Henry?
Marriage1902SEDCOLE James Edwin with BYRN Doecas?
Birth1902SEDCOLE Albert John?
Birth1902CHATFIELD Albert Joseph?
Birth1902WINTER Alexander Herbert?
Marriage1902STUCKEY Thomas Alfred with GIBBONS Augusta May?
Death1902SCHNARNDORFF Albert?
Birth24 January 1903WILKINSON Gwendoline Euphemia?
Birth29 January 1903CHATFIELD Arthur Ernest?
Birth25 December 1903CHATFIELD Fanny Ruth?
Death1903LAWRENCE Amelia Frances?
Marriage1903CHATFIELD Amos with BAILEY Annie Georgina?
Marriage1903CHATFIELD Ernest Sutton with JONES CKA CHAMPION Margaret Ann Holywood?
Birth1903GALBRAITH Lily Rhoda Ruth?
Birth1903STUCKEY Albert Edward Glenmore?
Birth1903HARTNOLL Roy Lee?
Death1903HARTNOLL Roy Lee?
Death1903CHATFIELD Albert Joseph?
Birth24 February 1904HAYTER Amelia Grace?
Birth23 March 1904CHRISTENSEN Elsie Christina?
Birth30 July 1904WILLIAMS Thomas Munro Sooby?
Birth6 October 1904HARRISON Doreen Gladys?
Birth25 October 1904GALBRAITH Jane Florence?
Birth7 November 1904CHATFIELD Roy Percy?
Marriage1904ALLEN Albert Terlayson with GUY Emily Annie?
Birthabout 1904HARTNOLL Frank Leslie Roy?
Death1904HARTNOLL Frank Leslie Roy?
Birth1904CHATFIELD Sydney May Joan?
Birth1 June 1905BUNNY Monica?
Birth25 June 1905HARTNOLL Philip Roland?
Birth10 August 1905CHATFIELD Leicester William Charles?
Marriage1905GUY William Walter with MILLS Hughina?
Birth1905SEDCOLE James Archdell?
Marriage1905DOLAN Patrick Joseph with SWAN Mabel?
Birth1905CHATFIELD Amy Amelia?
Marriage1905SMITH Thomas Reuben with VETORI Mary Louisa?
BirthFebruary 1906CHATFIELD Joan?
Birth15 March 1906GALBRAITH George William?
Birth20 May 1906WELLESLEY Robert Hill Connell?
Birth26 December 1906RAINSFORD George Leopold Eugene?
Death1906MCLAREN Flora Brown?
Marriage1906MASEMANN John Henry with WEEKS Marie Louise?
Marriage1906HARTNOLL William Frank with KEEP Florence Jane?
Marriage1906CHATFIELD Richard Albert with WEBSTER Lillian Gray?
Birth1906DOLAN Ethel Ann?
Birth1906HEATHER Wilma Beatrice?
Birth30 January 1907TORLESSE Robert Charles?
Birth20 March 1907CHRISTENSEN Edward Percival?
Birth26 June 1907SMITH Alice Maud Winifred Harriet?
Birth24 November 1907TORLESSE Susan Frances?
Death11 December 1907HARTNOLL Alan Lee Frank?
Birth1907HARTNOLL Frances Jane?
Birth1907CHATFIELD Ada Louise Hannah?
Birth1907CHATFIELD Doris Maude Montague?
Birth1907TAYLOR Albert Arthur?
Birth1907HARTNOLL Alan Lee Frank?
Birth1907MAGILL Frederick Louie?
Marriage1907HOLDER Charles Horace with HUGHES Edith Harriet?
Birth1 December 1908CHATFIELD Pearl Lillian Jane?
Emigrationbefore 1908CHATFIELD William Frank?
Marriage1908LAWRENCE Joseph with CHATFIELD Florence?
Birth1908HOLDER Edward Percival Horatio?
Birth26 August 1909MASEMANN Coral Eyre?
Birth1909CHATFIELD Florence Gladys Ruth?
Marriage1909MARSHALL Francis Lionel with CHATFIELD Janet Margaret?
Birth1909GUY William Walter?
Marriage1909HARTNOLL Alfred Pascoe with TUCKER Alice Elizabeth?
Birth1909BELL Kenneth Archie?
Marriage1909CHATFIELD Gordon with WEAVERS Edith Agnes?
Birth1909HARTNOLL Doris May?
Birth1909CHATFIELD Myrtle Gertrude?
Birth1909CHATFIELD Annie May?
Birth5 February 1910CHATFIELD Reginald Thomas Walter?
Death24 March 1910CHATFIELD Eunice Maude?
Birth3 April 1910HARTNOLL Myra Edith?
Death19 December 1910HADFIELD Henry Samuel?
Marriage1910CHATFIELD William James with SCHNARNDORFF Mary Elizabeth?
Birth1910CAMPBELL William Alfred Millar?
Birth1910FERRIS Myra Amelia Jane?
Birth1910CHATFIELD Elsie Mary May?
Divorce1910GALBRAITH William with CHATFIELD Clara Ruth?
Birth1910CHATFIELD Eunice Maude?
Birth1910WARN Kathleen Anne?
Death1910CHATFIELD Annie May?
Marriage1910THOMPSON Thomas Ernest with DEVONSHIRE Mildred Jane?
Marriage1910BROWNHILL William George with CHATFIELD Clara Ruth?
Birth1910CHATFIELD Frances Mary Ada?
Birth8 January 1911HARTNOLL Alice Andrine Frances?
Birth14 January 1911CHATFIELD Nolla Lucretia?
Birth8 February 1911CHATFIELD Ruby Amelia?
Birth1 October 1911THOMPSON Mildred Bessie?
Birth1911LAWRENCE Ina Josephine?
Birth1911BROWNHILL Victor Lawrence?
Birth1911HAYTER Leslie Roy?
Birth1911CLARK Ronald William?
Birth1 January 1912WYATT Claude?
Birth15 April 1912CHRISTENSEN Eric Roald?
Birth15 November 1912CHATFIELD Naomi Mary Georgina?
Marriage1912LOVELL Mark Wesley with AKROYD Gertrude Emily?
Marriage1912LE NOEL Noel James with HARTNOLL Miriam Caroline?
Birth31 March 1913HARTNOLL Florence Irene?
Birth15 April 1913CHATFIELD Finlay Gordon?
Birth1913THOMPSON Joan Marguerite?
Birth1913LE NOEL Stillborn?
Death1913BRYANT Frances Isabel?
Death1913LE NOEL Stillborn?
Birth1913CHATFIELD Dudley James?
Birth28 September 1914LE NOEL Edwin James?
Birth4 October 1914CHATFIELD Richard Henry Arthur?
Birth1914HARTNOLL Stanley?
Marriage19 January 1915CHATFIELD Charles George Cecil with CLUTTERBUCK Daisy May?
Birth23 July 1915CHATFIELD Constance Mary?
Birth12 August 1915CHATFIELD Josephine Leslie Lavinia?
Birth20 October 1915CHATFIELD Iris Margaret?
Birth1915BROWNHILL Stanley William?
Birth1915HARTNOLL Ailsa Jean?
Marriage1915SMITH Stanley with STURGESS Ethel Shirley \ Shorland?
Immigration1915STURGESS Ethel Shirley \ Shorland?
Marriage1915HARTNOLL Charles Darwin with VIRTUE Elsie Beatrice?
Birth28 August 1916CHATFIELD Phyllis Irene?
Birth16 October 1916CHATFIELD Marjorie Norma?
Birth5 November 1916CHATFIELD Eunice Jane?
Marriage1916CHATFIELD Selwyn Morton with LAWRENCE Doris Irene?
Birth1916LE NOEL Alfred Leonard?
Marriage1916REARDON Christopher Tierney with RAYNER Florence?
Birth18 March 1917HARTNOLL Harold Lee?
Birth27 May 1917CHATFIELD Evie Agnes?
Marriage1917MORRIS Lewis Charles James with HARTNOLL Lydia Priscilla?
Birthabout 1917LOVELL Mildred Gertrude?
Birth1 October 1918GOLDING Daisy Evelyn?
Birth1 December 1918DAWSON Henry Francis?
Marriage1918MORRIS John Henry Ball with HARTNOLL Rose Irene?
Birth5 May 1919CHATFIELD Roma Holbrook?
Birth4 July 1919CHATFIELD Leonard Derby?
Birth19 July 1919CHATFIELD Neville Sutcliffe?
Birth24 August 1919ANDREWS Phyllis Gertrude?
Death1919PERKINS William Herbert?
Death1919TUCKEY Henry Edward?
Marriage1919BEALS Thomas Howell with WEEKS Marie Louise?
Death1919DENNISTON Arthur James?
Death1919WITTON William George?
Birth28 January 1920CHATFIELD Denis Douglas Judson?
Birth2 February 1920CHATFIELD Albert George Wynrod?
Birth8 October 1920CHATFIELD Richard Roland?
Marriage1920CHATFIELD Stanley Norman with ASHTON Sylvia Ellen?
Marriage1920CHATFIELD Francis Savaii with RICHARDSON Ellen Olivia?
Birth21 July 1921MORRIS Alice Margaret?
Marriage1921BALLINGER Thomas Ingram with COX Frances May?
Death1921CHATFIELD William?
Birth13 January 1922CHATFIELD Bryan?
Birth25 June 1922REARDON Jocelyn Mary?
Birth20 April 1923MORRIS Coralie Melva?
Marriage1923CHATFIELD William Jule with HARTLEY Alice Harriett Ann?
Death1923BROWNHILL Stanley William?
Marriage1923LE NOEL Noel Ernest with HARTNOLL Edith Cecilia?
Birth8 May 1924KERSHAW Lester Murray?
Birth30 September 1924CHATFIELD Nola Elsie?
Birth27 November 1924BOOTH Gordon Charles?
Marriage1924JACKSON Aubrey Montaque Ferdinand with CHATFIELD Elizabeth Frances?
Birth1924CHATFIELD John Newton?
Marriage1924DARKINS Alfred Robert with CHRISTENSEN Elsie Christina?
Marriage1924COOK William Colin with WILCOX Alice May?
Birth7 January 1926CHATFIELD Leigh Kathleen Vallery?
Birth15 April 1926MORRIS John Henry?
Death1926? Alice?
Marriage1926REDWARD Francis Huia with CHATFIELD Elsie Florence?
Marriage1927THOMPSON William Nelson with CHATFIELD Sylvia Ursula Ruth?
Marriage1927CHATFIELD Arthur Ernest with MASEMANN Coral Eyre?
Marriage1927EDWARDS Amos Henry with GALBRAITH Lily Rhoda Ruth?
Marriage1928DRYDEN Ernest George with CHATFIELD Thelma Ethel Maude?
Death29 March 1929CLUTTERBUCK James?
Marriage1929CHATFIELD Albert Edward with HARRISON Doreen Gladys?
Marriage1929HARTNOLL Henry John with MACFARLANE Maude Dorothy Isabella?
Death1929TAYLOR William Evans?
Birth26 November 1930COOK Bruce Melvin?
Marriage1930CHRISTENSEN Edward Percival with MEADE Violet?
Marriage4 April 1931TORLESSE John Henry with BUNNY Monica?
Birth18 November 1931CHATFIELD Gaynor Hazel Isabel?
Birth20 November 1931TORLESSE Diana?
Marriage1931WILLIAMS Thomas Munro Sooby with GALBRAITH Jane Florence?
Death1931BEALS Thomas Howell?
Marriage1931HOLDER Edward Percival Horatio with CHATFIELD Rita Madge?
Marriage1931SEDCOLE James Archdell with CHATFIELD Pearl Lillian Jane?
Marriage1931TAYLOR George Alexander with CHATFIELD Naomi Mary Georgina?
Marriage1931PHILLIPS Frederick William with LAWRENCE Ina Josephine?
Birthabout 1931BELL Frances Mary?
Marriage1931BELL Kenneth Archie with CHATFIELD Frances Mary Ada?
Birth1932CHATFIELD Stillborn?
Marriage1932WYATT Claude with CHATFIELD Nolla Lucretia?
Death1932BELL Frances Mary?
Marriage1932COOK Thomas with CHATFIELD Ruby Amelia?
Death1932TUCKEY Francis Henry?
Marriage1932SNELL Henry Keith with WARN Kathleen Anne?
Marriage1933WEBB Clarence Christopher with CHATFIELD Florence Catherine?
Marriage1933MAGILL Frederick Louie with CHATFIELD Florence Gladys Ruth?
Marriage1933CHATFIELD William Jule with HENDERSON Nancy?
Death1933LOVELL Mark Wesley?
Marriage1933HARTNOLL Philip Roland with LEVET Rona Fedora?
Death15 September 1934TUCKEY Elizabeth Rhodes?
Birth29 November 1934KUNAC Eric Wallace?
Marriageabout 1934WELLESLEY Robert Hill Connell with HARTNOLL Alice Andrine Frances?
Marriage1934RAINSFORD George Leopold Eugene with CHATFIELD Amy Amelia?
Death1934CAMPBELL William Millar?
Marriage1934STUCKEY Albert Edward Glenmore with CHATFIELD Fanny Ruth?
Death29 October 1935CHATFIELD Clara Ruth?
Marriage1935CHATFIELD Dudley James with BOOT Eunice Jean?
Birthabout 1935CHATFIELD Donald James?
Marriage1935CHATFIELD Selwyn Athol with DOLAN Ethel Ann?
Marriage1936BRAY Basil with MASEMANN Coral Eyre?
Marriageafter 1936BROSNAHAN Bernard John with CHATFIELD Marjorie Norma?
Death1936BYRN Doecas?
Marriage1936CHATFIELD Harold Spencer with SKUDDER Eunice Elizabeth?
Marriage1936PADDY William Henry with CHATFIELD Rita Madge?
Death5 November 1937HARTNOLL Henry John?
Marriage1937CHATFIELD Finlay Gordon with THOMPSON Mildred Bessie?
Death1937GIBBONS Augusta May?
Marriage1937COOK Francis Colin with CLARK Margaret Rowand?
Birth27 June 1938COOK Beverley June?
DeathAugust 1938HARTNOLL Henry Lee?
Marriageabout 1938CHATFIELD Bryan with CHATFIELD Eunice Jane?
Marriage1938TORLESSE Charles Edward with ASLIN Margaret?
Birth1938CHATFIELD Barry Thomas Alfred?
Death1938WEAVERS Charles Maurice \ Morrice \ Morris?
Birth17 July 1939CHATFIELD Alfred Wiliam Bevan?
Death1939YARKER Edith Evelyn Maud?
Marriage1939GRESHAM Laughlan Hugh with CHATFIELD Kathleen Atholl?
Death1939BELL George Frederick?
Birthabout 1939CHATFIELD Ronald Morton?
Marriage1939MEAR David Beattie with RICHARDS Muriel Frances?
Marriage1939CLARK Cecil Reginald with CHATFIELD Judith Patricia?
Marriage1939HEDGLAND George Kenneth with CHATFIELD Phyllis Irene?
Marriage1940BROWNHILL Victor Lawrence with SOWDEN Verina Clarie Hannaford?
Death1940LAWFORD Una?
Death1940COOKSLEY George Elijah?
Death1940REARDON Christopher Tierney?
Birth1940CHATFIELD Judson?
Marriageafter 1940CHATFIELD Neville Sutcliffe with ? Marjory Nicoll?
Death1940MACEY Louisa?
Marriage1940CHATFIELD Richard Henry Arthur with ANDREWS Phyllis Gertrude?
Birthabout 1941CHATFIELD Robert G?
Birth1941HODREN Anne?
Birthabout January 1942BROSNAHAN Leslie Norma?
Death18 July 1942CHATFIELD John Newton?
Birth15 October 1942SNELL Judith K?
Birthabout 1942CHATFIELD Kelvin John?
Marriageabout 1943CHATFIELD Richard Roland with REARDON Jocelyn Mary?
Marriage1943MCDOWELL Horace Bee with TORLESSE Susan Frances?
Marriage25 February 1944CHATFIELD Denis Douglas Judson with GOLDING Daisy Evelyn?
Marriage6 September 1944REED Vivian James with MUNRO Shirley Dawn Jesse?
Death18 November 1944PERKINS Herbert Playsted?
MarriageMay 1945DAWSON Henry Francis with HUGHES Joan Stephanie?
Death1945BALLINGER Thomas Ingram?
Death1945CAMPBELL William Alfred Millar?
Birthabout 1945CHATFIELD Peter Charles?
Marriageabout 1945HARTNOLL Harold Lee with MCCORMICK Peggy Claretta?
Death1946SWAN Mabel?
Marriage1946CLARK Ronald William with CHATFIELD Josephine Leslie Lavinia?
Deathbefore 1946HANDRICKS Norman Leslie?
Death12 March 1947CHATFIELD Jane?
Marriage23 August 1947CHATFIELD Reginald Thomas Walter with SMITH Alice Maud Winifred Harriet?
Birth11 December 1947DAWSON Ann Shirley?
Death1947HARTNOLL Stanley?
Death1947LAWRENCE Frederick Edward?
Death6 January 1948CHATFIELD Richard Albert?
Death1948LOVELL Mildred Gertrude?
Birthabout 1948CHATFIELD Philip?
Death1948AKROYD Gertrude Emily?
Death1948HAYTER William Harry?
Death1948FERRIS Myra Amelia Jane?
Death1949MCDOWELL Horace Bee?
Death1949BROWNHILL William George?
Death1949SMITH Thomas Reuben?
Death1 February 1950CLARK Margaret Rowand?
Death1950WYATT Richard George?
Death1950EDWARDS Amos Henry?
Death1950COX Frances May?
Death1950HARTNOLL Edith Cecilia?
DeathAugust 1951TUCKEY Mary Hobhouse?
Death6 November 1951MASEMANN John Henry?
Marriage1951CHATFIELD Arthur Douglas with RICHARDS Muriel Frances?
Death1951HARTNOLL William Frank?
Death1951MCDOWELL Jessie Ellen?
Death1951WEEKS Marie Louise?
Death5 March 1952LELIEVRE Victor Jules François?
Death30 September 1953HODREN Walter Leonard?
Birthabout 1953CHATFIELD Alison?
Death1953CHATFIELD Emilie Frances?
Death1953KEEP Florence Jane?
Death1953GATWARD Gertrude Alice?
Death1954ASLIN Margaret?
Death1954GILBERTSON Lewis?
Death10 May 1955CHATFIELD Ernest Henry?
Death8 July 1955DOLAN Ethel Ann?
Death31 October 1955CANDISH Leslie Samuel?
Death1956CRANE Ada Marie?
Death1956MOORE Mary Elizabeth?
Death9 January 1957DAVIES Florence Maud?
Death1957RAINSFORD William St Clair?
Death1958CLARK Samuel James?
Death1958PARVIS Emily Nina?
Death1959? Georgina?
Death9 May 1960REDWARD Francis Huia?
Death15 December 1960GALBRAITH William?
Death1960BROSNAHAN Thomas?
Birth1960KERSHAW Cherry Rowand?
Death22 July 1961WEBSTER Lillian Gray?
Birth3 September 1961CHATFIELD Rosetta?
Death1961HOLDER Charles Horace?
Death1961RAYNER Florence?
Death2 March 1962LELIEVRE William Jules François?
Birth19 September 1962KERSHAW Andrew?
Death1962THOMPSON Thomas Ernest?
Birth15 January 1963CALDWELL Melissa?
Marriage1963CHATFIELD Barry Thomas Alfred with WINTER Jacquelene?
Death1963GALBRAITH Lily Rhoda Ruth?
Birthabout 1963CHATFIELD Julia Maria?
Death1963HAYTER George Albert?
Death21 June 1964CHATFIELD Florence Catherine?
Marriage8 August 1964CHATFIELD Alfred Wiliam Bevan?
Death12 September 1964CHATFIELD Dudley James?
Death1964DEVONSHIRE Mildred Jane?
Birth1964KERSHAW Linda Sharo?
Death5 January 1965HINGE Noel Michael?
Birth1966CHATFIELD Tony James?
Death1966STUCKEY Albert Edward Glenmore?
Death16 July 1967CHATFIELD Julia Maria?
Death27 September 1967MORRIS John Henry Ball?
Birth20 October 1967CHATFIELD Shaun Nicholas?
Marriage16 December 1967BOWYER Allan Halsey with CHATFIELD Barbara Joan?
Death1967? Ethel Eileen?
Birth1967KERSHAW Christopher Murray?
Death1967HAYTER Leslie Roy?
Birth9 August 1968CHATFIELD Christie Marie?
Birth13 October 1968CHATFIELD Dean William?
Death1968WEBB Clarence Christopher?
Deathabout 1968MACFARLANE Maude Dorothy Isabella?
Birth1968CHATFIELD Graham Lawrence?
Marriageabout 1968HANDRICKS Paul with CHATFIELD Vickie Ashton?
Birth5 April 1969BOWYER Paul Allan?
Birth14 November 1969CHATFIELD Tiri Jane?
Marriagebefore 1969CHATFIELD Lawrence Derby with ? Jillian May?
Marriage1969CHATFIELD Peter Charles with KNAGGS Dorothy Ann?
Death1969DARKINS Alfred Robert?
Death13 February 1970GUY William Walter?
Death1970HARTNOLL Miriam Caroline?
Death1970WINTER Alexander Herbert?
Death1970HEATHER William Henry Norman?
Birth9 May 1971CHATFIELD Katie Louise?
Death1971CHATFIELD Amy Amelia?
Birth1971CHATFIELD Joanne?
Death1971HARTNOLL Alfred Pascoe?
Death18 March 1972HARRISON Doreen Gladys?
Birth7 May 1972BOWYER Mark Aaron?
Birth8 August 1972CHATFIELD James Edward?
Death22 August 1972CHATFIELD Cyril Ernest?
Death1972HARTNOLL Charles Darwin?
Birth1972CHATFIELD Michael John?
Death1972SEDCOLE James Archdell?
Birth28 January 1973CHATFIELD Brady Charles?
Death27 July 1974CHATFIELD Robert Greatham?
Death1974LEVET Rona Fedora?
Death1974WYATT Claude?
Death9 March 1975CHATFIELD Charles George Cecil?
Death1975MERRICK Catherine \ Katherine May?
Birth17 January 1976BOWYER Angela Kristine?
Birth30 January 1976CHATFIELD Simon Joel?
Death26 May 1976CHATFIELD Arthur Ernest?
Death9 December 1976CHRISTENSEN Martin Henry?
Death1976CHATFIELD Nolla Lucretia?
Death1976GALBRAITH Jane Florence?
Naturalization20 July 1978CHATFIELD Philip John?
Naturalization30 October 1978CHATFIELD Helen Dprita?
Naturalization30 October 1978CHATFIELD Carol Claire?
Naturalization30 October 1978CHATFIELD Cecil?
Death20 August 1979CHATFIELD Albert George Wynrod?
Death21 September 1979WELLESLEY Robert Hill Connell?
Death1979TORLESSE Susan Frances?
Death1980CHATFIELD Rita Madge?
Marriageabout 1981CHATFIELD Gregory Charles with CAREY Sally Ann?
Birthabout 1981BOOTH Jodie Maria Joyce?
Death1981LAWRENCE Doris Irene?
Death1981PADDY William Henry?
Death1 June 1982CHATFIELD Albert Edward?
Death11 August 1982LOVELL Joan Emily?
Death1982CHRISTENSEN Edward Percival?
Birth26 April 1983PARSONS \ DEANE Luke Jonathan?
Death1983HARTNOLL Rose Irene?
Death7 April 1984CHATFIELD Robert Kelvin?
Birth11 August 1984CLARK Joseph?
MarriageOctober 1984KERSHAW Andrew with CALDWELL Melissa?
Death5 December 1984COOK Bruce Melvin?
Death3 April 1985MISKIN Frances Mildred?
Death24 May 1985CRANE Colleen Mildred?
Birth19 December 1985KERSHAW Samuel Francis?
Death22 December 1985CHATFIELD Nola Elsie?
Death1985ASHTON Sylvia Ellen?
Birth21 July 1986CLARK Samuel James?
Death1986CHRISTENSEN Elsie Christina?
Death22 December 1987CHATFIELD William Derby?
Death16 February 1988CHATFIELD Cecil?
Birth29 February 1988KERSHAW Mathew James Semple?
Birth1 July 1988CLARK Matthew Peter?
Death19 November 1988CHATFIELD Joanne?
Death19 November 1988GILBERTSON Catherine?
Death1988CHATFIELD David?
Death1988RAINSFORD George Leopold Eugene?
Death1988CHRISTENSEN Eric Roald?
Death1989CHATFIELD Ruby Amelia?
Death1989GALBRAITH George William?
Death1990MEADE Violet?
Death1990CHATFIELD Constance Mary?
Death1990CHATFIELD Fanny Ruth?
Death1990LE NOEL Edwin James?
Birth12 March 1991DEANE James Antony?
MarriageSeptember 1991DEANE Graham Kenneth with KUNAC Michelle Louise?
Death8 November 1991CHATFIELD Pearl Lillian Jane?
Death1991WILLIAMS Thomas Munro Sooby?
Birth1 January 1992HANDRICKS Benjamin?
Birth25 August 1992DEANE Sarah Jean?
Death23 November 1992CHATFIELD Enid Jean?
Birth20 December 1992KERSHAW Jonas Andrew?
Death1992LAWRENCE Ina Josephine?
Death1992WILKINSON Gwendoline Euphemia?
Birth2 April 1993HANDRICKS Kelvin?
Death1994BRAY Basil?
Death1994TAYLOR Albert Arthur?
Death1994MASEMANN Coral Eyre?
Death4 August 1995HARTNOLL Philip Roland?
Death14 August 1995CLARK Ronald William?
Birth28 August 1995KERSHAW Isaac Carol?
MarriageOctober 1996FARAONE Albert William with CHATFIELD Tiri Jane?
MarriageNovember 1996CHATFIELD Brady Charles with EMERSON Tamara Lynn?
Death11 October 1998MCCORMICK Peggy Claretta?
Death1998CHATFIELD Keith?
Death21 June 1999HARTNOLL Alice Andrine Frances?
Birth17 September 1999HANDRICKS Devon Norman?
Birth9 December 1999FARAONE Sarah Diana?
Death1999HARTNOLL Myra Edith?
Birth6 April 2000CHATFIELD Garron Paul?
DeathNovember 2000DAWSON Henry Francis?
Death2000SMITH Alice Maud Winifred Harriet?
Deathabout 2000BIRD Olive J?
Death2000BOOT Eunice Jean?
Death2001CHATFIELD Bryan?
Birth2 May 2002CHATFIELD Jessica Ann?
Death2 May 2002STEPHENS Stella May?
Birth14 May 2002FARAONE Sofia Marie?
Death7 July 2002JACKSON Kerry?
Death22 September 2002GEANY Denis Michael?
Birth12 December 2002DEANE Bradley Luke?
Death2002CHATFIELD Arthur Douglas?
Birth6 January 2003CHATFIELD Dawson James?
Death5 June 2003CHATFIELD Josephine Leslie Lavinia?
Death21 June 2003CHATFIELD Leonard Derby?
Death2003CHATFIELD Naomi Mary Georgina?
Death19 March 2004CHATFIELD Kelvin John?
Birth14 July 2004ELSON Toby Ashton?
Death2004CHATFIELD Phyllis Irene?
Death4 January 2005CHATFIELD Stanley George?
Death2005KUNAC Eric Wallace?
Birth25 May 2006DEANE Coel Wallace?
Death18 March 2007HARTNOLL Harold Lee?
Death5 September 2007DEAN Susan Winifred Jane?
Death2007ROBERTS Thomas Arvon?
Birth3 September 2008DEANE Hunter James?
Death2008CHATFIELD Eunice Jane?
Death2008HARTNOLL Florence Irene?
Death2010CHATFIELD Pamela Dorothy?
Death19 June 2011CHATFIELD Neville Sutcliffe?
DeathNovember 2011CHATFIELD James Ross?
Marriage24 November 2012DAWSON Luke Warwick with HOOKER Chelsea?
Death8 December 2012KERSHAW Samuel Francis?
Death2012? Marjory Nicoll?
Death2012CHATFIELD Iris Margaret?
Birth13 March 2013DEANE Sienna Angelina?
Death2013CHATFIELD Gaynor Hazel Isabel?
Death2013CHATFIELD Kathleen Atholl?
Birth6 July 2014MCELWAIN Oliver Kenneth Lee?
Death2014CHATFIELD Roma Holbrook?
Death29 October 2015? Yvonne Margaret?
Deathafter November 2015CHATFIELD ??
Death2015HODREN Anne?
Death25 June 2016CHATFIELD Marjorie Norma?
Birth30 March 2017MCELWAIN Harper Jean?
Death5 November 2017CHATFIELD Alfred Wiliam Bevan?
Residence2021MUNRO Shirley Dawn Jesse?
BirthJune 2022DEANE ??
BirthJune 2022DEANE ??



New Zealand - "Greatham", Waiuku

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth4 April 1933CHATFIELD Bernard Gordon?



New Zealand - "Kurston," 11 Mercey St., Island Bay, Wellington

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence?HUGHES Vyvyan Westbury?



New Zealand - 1 Stenness Ave., Somerfield

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1942CHATFIELD John Newton?



New Zealand - 10 Nixon Place, Wanganui

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1915CHATFIELD Joseph?



New Zealand - 106 Tinakori Rd., Wellington

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1911BRYANT Frances Isabel?
Residence1911TUCKEY Henry Edward?



New Zealand - 12 Balmoral Rd., Eden

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1963CHATFIELD Philip John?
Residence1963JACKSON Rowena Othilie?



New Zealand - 12 Heywood Cres., Roskill, SE3, Auckland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1954? Dalys Emily?
Residence1954CHATFIELD David?



New Zealand - 129 Bealey Ave., Christchurch

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1911CHATFIELD Florence Catherine?
Residence1911CAINS Amelia Frances?
Residence1911CHATFIELD Francis Savaii?
Residence1911CHATFIELD Robert Thomas?



New Zealand - 13 Bridgewater Rd., Parnell

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death18 October 1934WYLLIE Norma Louisa?



New Zealand - 135 Waipuna Rd., Otahuhu, Auckland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1978CHATFIELD Oliver Derby?
Residence1978GOWER June Valerie?



New Zealand - 14 Gladwyn Rd., One Tree Hill, Auckland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death18 March 1925CAINS Amelia Frances?



New Zealand - 14 Perth Ave, Dunedin

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1919CHATFIELD Alfred William?



New Zealand - 15 Nixon Street, Hamilton

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death10 May 1965MCCORMACK Lillian Anne?



New Zealand - 15 Sanders Ave., North Shore, Auckland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1946CHATFIELD Nola Elsie?



New Zealand - 156 Richard St., Opotiki, Bay of Plenty

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1963CHATFIELD Bryan?
Residence1963CHATFIELD Eunice Jane?



New Zealand - 16 Taurarua Terrace, Parnell

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1941CHATFIELD Holbrook Alfred?



New Zealand - 19 Salisbury St., Dannevirke, Tararua District, Manawatu-Wanganui, North Island

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1981CHATFIELD Finlay Gordon?



New Zealand - 2 Bridgewater Rd., Parnell

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1924CHATFIELD Alfred William?



New Zealand - 2 Waterview Rd., North Shore, Auckland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1949GILBERTSON Catherine?
Residence1949CHATFIELD Cyril Ernest?
Residence1949CHATFIELD David?



New Zealand - 20 York St., Parnell

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1921CHATFIELD Richard Albert?



New Zealand - 20a Ann St., Rotorua, Bay of Plenty

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1960? Kay Pamela N?
Residence1969CHATFIELD Alfred W?



New Zealand - 21 Cambria Rd., North Shore, Auckland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1946CHATFIELD Cyril Ernest?
Residence1946GILBERTSON Catherine?



New Zealand - 21 Lucknow Tce., Karori, Wellington

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1963CHATFIELD Reginald Thomas Walter?
Residence1963SMITH Alice Maud Winifred Harriet?



New Zealand - 21 Nixon Ave., Otahuhu, Auckland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1981? Jillian May?
Residence1981CHATFIELD Lawrence Derby?



New Zealand - 21 Wairiki Rd., Mount Eden, Auckland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death6 January 1923CHATFIELD Robert Thomas?



New Zealand - 2107 Whangarei Heads Rd., McLeod Bay RD4, Whangarei 0174

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence2016CHATFIELD Barbara Joan?



New Zealand - 22 Argyle St., Mornington, Dunedin, Otago

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death27 May 1919CHATFIELD Helena?



New Zealand - 22 Greenhaven Ave., Papakura, Auckland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1972? Jillian May?



New Zealand - 229 High St, Dannevirke, Hawkes Bay

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death29 December 1950MORTENSEN Augusta Fredrikke?



New Zealand - 25 Thackeray St., Heretaunga, Wellington

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1978? Lynette Christine?
Residence1978CHATFIELD Ewen John?



New Zealand - 255 Fenton St., Rotorua, Bay of Plenty

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1969LAWRENCE Doris Irene?



New Zealand - 26a Dommett St., Gisborne

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1969CHATFIELD Vickie Ashton?
Residence1969HANDRICKS Paul?



New Zealand - 27 Stewart Ave., Otahuhu, Auckland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1954CHATFIELD Oliver Derby?
Residence1954GOWER June Valerie?



New Zealand - 28 Alpers Ave., Eden, SE3, Auckland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1954CHATFIELD Eileen Hazel?



New Zealand - 28 Gollan Rd., Otahuhu, Auckland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1957CHATFIELD Arthur Douglas?
Residence1957RICHARDS Muriel Frances?



New Zealand - 28 Greenhaven Ave., Papakura, Auckland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Residence1969? Jillian May?
Residence1969/1972CHATFIELD Lawrence Derby?
Residence1978? Jillian May?
Residence1978CHATFIELD Lawrence Derby?

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