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United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Chertsey KT16 : 15 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1847COSSON Eliza Ann?
 Marriage1878CHATFIELD Edward with COSSON Eliza Ann?
 Birth5 August 1880SMALLDRIDGE Mary Ann?
20 century
 Death24 October 1904STRONG Emilia Frances?
 Birth26 July 1912CHAPMAN Elinor Audley?
 Marriage1915CHATFIELD Charles John with CURWOOD Hilda Florence Mary?
 Marriage1917CHATFIELD Thomas Henry with CHEAL Mary Millicent?
 Marriage1925ALCORN William Walter with GREENSLADE Ivy?
 Marriage1928CHATFIELD Edward William with WELLS Marguerite Gladys?
 Birth1929BROWN Laurence J?
 Marriage1929BROWN Norman with CHATFIELD Mabel Jane?
 Death1931CHATFIELD Ethel Kate?
 Marriage26 June 1965ENGLISH John R with HOOYDONK Elsa Mary?
 Birth7 September 1972BEST Jacqueline Margaret?
21 century
 Birth28 May 2011EDWARDS Aaron John Chatfield?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Chessington

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death28 April 1967WHITE Eliza?
 Death22 March 1998HURLOCK Charles Walter R?
21 century
 Death2 March 2012CHATFIELD Joan M M?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Chiddingfold

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1842WOOBERRY Elizabeth?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Chipstead

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth11 October 1847CHATFIELD David?
 Christening15 September 1850CHATFIELD William?
 Birth1850CHATFIELD William?
 Christening14 November 1852CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth1852CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Marriage4 September 1887JENNER Edward with CHATFIELD Ellen Mary?
 Christening5 March 1899BEADLE Alice Isabella Olwyn?
20 century
 Birthabout 1910STURT Kathleen?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Christ Church, Croydon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening3 October 1875DIVALL Emily Ada?
 Christening15 February 1880CHATFIELD Herbert George?
20 century
 Marriage5 September 1906CHATFIELD Herbert George with LUCKING Emily Annie?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Claygate

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birthabout 1832? Eliza?
 Christening4 March 1860PHILLIPS Robert Lawrence?
 Birthabout 1860PHILLIPS Robert Lawrence?
20 century
 Marriage17 December 1908NYE Norman Shore with CHATFIELD Minnie?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Cobham

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage27 September 1890WATERS George with PICKARD Edith Alice?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Commonside, Mitcham

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death24 February 1864ARTHUR William?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Coulsdon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening23 October 1779CHATFIELD Francis?
 Birth1779CHATFIELD Francis?
 Christening28 January 1781CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1781CHATFIELD John?
 Christening12 March 1783CHATFIELD George?
 Birth1783CHATFIELD George?
 Birth31 October 1784CHATFIELD Charles?
 Christening28 November 1784CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth25 July 1786CHATFIELD Frances?
 Christening20 August 1786CHATFIELD Frances?
 Death1786CHATFIELD Frances?
 Birth24 September 1787CHATFIELD Edward?
 Christening21 October 1787CHATFIELD Edward?
 Birth28 January 1789CHATFIELD William?
 Christening28 February 1789CHATFIELD William?
 Birth6 March 1791CHATFIELD Frances?
 Christening3 April 1791CHATFIELD Frances?
 Birth1796ROFFEY Patience?
19 century
 Marriage1 May 1847CHATFIELD Richard with COOMBER Mary Anne?
 Christening7 November 1847CHATFIELD David?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Cranleigh, Hambledon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1873DENDY Alice?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Cranleigh

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth1756MATTHEWS Jane?
19 century
 Birth1879ELLIS William John?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Croydon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?? Maureen?
18 century
 Christening4 January 1722OSBORNE Mary?
 Christening8 July 1736CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Christening21 November 1737CHATFIELD Allen?
 Birth23 July 1748CHATFIELD Robert?
 Christening2 August 1748CHATFIELD Robert?
 Birth1750CHATFIELD Allen?
 Birth21 July 1751CHATFIELD Charles?
 Christening31 July 1751CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth18 August 1753CHATFIELD John?
 Christening23 August 1753CHATFIELD John?
 Birth26 May 1755CHATFIELD William?
 Christening2 June 1755CHATFIELD William?
 Death4 June 1755CHATFIELD William?
 Burial8 June 1755CHATFIELD William?
 Birth7 May 1757CHATFIELD William?
 Christening8 May 1757CHATFIELD William?
 Birth5 February 1760CHATFIELD Mary?
 Death18 September 1761OSBORNE Mary?
 Death30 April 1772CHATFIELD Allen?
 Birth3 January 1776CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Birth11 September 1779CHATFIELD John?
 Birth26 February 1781CHATFIELD Allen?
 Birth3 July 1782CHATFIELD Henry?
 Birth17 April 1783CHATFIELD William?
 Christening15 May 1783CHATFIELD William?
 Birth19 July 1784CHATFIELD Samuel?
 Christening14 August 1784CHATFIELD Samuel?
 Birth6 February 1785CHATFIELD James?
 Christening23 February 1785CHATFIELD James?
 Birth12 March 1786CHATFIELD Anne?
 Christening15 April 1786CHATFIELD Anne?
 Birth3 July 1787CHATFIELD Mary?
 Burial12 July 1787CHATFIELD Anne?
 Christening4 August 1787CHATFIELD Mary?
 Burial28 July 1788CHATFIELD Mary Anne?
 Birth6 February 1789CHATFIELD Ann?
 Birth28 February 1790CHATFIELD Maria?
 Christening5 June 1790CHATFIELD George?
 Birth11 March 1791CHATFIELD Caroline?
 Birth30 March 1792CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Death29 May 1794CHATFIELD Thomas William?
 Burial31 May 1794CHATFIELD Thomas William?
 Birth17 October 1795CHATFIELD Mary Anne?
 Birth16 November 1797CHATFIELD Frances?
 Burial15 December 1797CHATFIELD Robert John?
 Birth29 June 1799CHATFIELD Charles?
 Christening4 August 1799CHATFIELD Charles?
19 century
 Christening23 November 1804CHATFIELD Robert Money?
 Death21 May 1811CHATFIELD Robert?
 Burial27 May 1811CHATFIELD John?
 Death5 March 1813CHATFIELD James?
 Christening6 May 1818CHAPMAN Amelia?
 Death16 January 1819CHATFIELD George?
 Burial12 April 1819HUMFREY Ann?
 Death30 May 1821CHATFIELD William?
 Death10 July 1821BRIDGES Mary?
 Death11 July 1822CHATFIELD Samuel?
 Birthabout 1823HOLLYMAN John?
 Christening25 March 1828CHATFIELD Catherine?
 Birth1829CHATFIELD John?
 Death28 September 1830STORROW Ann?
 Birth1830MOORE Ann Maria?
 Birthabout 1833CHATFIELD Hephzibah?
 Birth1833CHATFIELD Richard?
 Birth1834PEAT Nancy Ann?
 Death10 January 1835CHATFIELD Richard?
 BirthApril 1835CHATFIELD Julia Elizabeth?
 Birthabout 1835AGATE James?
 BirthApril 1836CHATFIELD Harriett?
 Birth5 September 1836CHATFIELD Charles Henry?
 Christening12 October 1836CHATFIELD Charles Henry?
 Birth1838WRENCH Henrietta Buxton?
 Death11 August 1839MOTT John?
 Death1839PEAT John?
 Birth1840CHATFIELD Caroline?
 Birth13 August 1842CHATFIELD Adelaide Mary?
 Christening14 September 1842CHATFIELD Adelaide Mary?
 Death22 October 1849CHATFIELD Sophia Ann?
 Birth11 June 1851CHATFIELD John Samuel?
 Marriage1851CHATFIELD John with MOORE Ann Maria?
 Birth1852HOLLYMAN Emma?
 Birth1853CHATFIELD Richard Arthur?
 Death28 November 1854CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1854CHATFIELD Ann Sophia?
 Birth1855CHATFIELD Ellen?
 Birth1855HOLLYMAN Eliza?
 Death1856CHATFIELD Ann Sophia?
 Birth1856CHATFIELD Henry Charles?
 Death6 June 1857CHATFIELD Caroline?
 Birth1857CHATFIELD Julia Elizabeth?
 Death1857ROFFEY Patience?
 Marriage30 May 1858CHATFIELD John with ANDREWS Kate?
 Birth1859DAVEY Henry?
 Birth1860CHATFIELD Sophia Eliza?
 Birth1861CHATFIELD Richard Roffey?
 Death1861CHATFIELD Richard Roffey?
 Birth1862CHATFIELD Walter Edward?
 Christening15 November 1863CHATFIELD Lavinia Nancy?
 Birth1851/1863HOLLYMAN Issue 2?
 Birth1863CHATFIELD Lavinia Nancy?
 Birth1865CHATFIELD Harriet Louisa?
 Birth1865PILCHER Walter Chatfield?
 Birth1866CHATFIELD Emily Julia?
 Death1866CHATFIELD Harriet Louisa?
 Birth28 August 1868COATES Annie Matilda?
 Marriage5 May 1870HODGSON Matthew with CHATFIELD Adelaide Mary?
 Marriage1870CHATFIELD John Samuel with OSBORN Sarah?
 Marriage1871COOPER George with JUPP Mary Ann?
 Death1871PICKARD Selina E?
 Marriage15 May 1873AGATE James with CHATFIELD Harriett?
 Death1873CAMPBELL Arabella?
 Christening25 January 1874CHATFIELD William Henry?
 Marriage1874CLAY Joseph Spender with GARRETT \ CLAY Elizabeth Sydney Jane?
 Birthabout 1874CHATFIELD Emma?
 Birth1874CHATFIELD William Henry?
 Death1874MOORE Ann Maria?
 Death27 March 1875CHATFIELD Julia Elizabeth?
 Burial2 April 1875CHATFIELD Julia Elizabeth?
 Death23 November 1876CHATFIELD Charles?
 Death18 August 1877CHATFIELD Richard?
 Marriage1877CHATFIELD Richard Arthur with HOLLYMAN Emma?
 Birthabout 1878LEGGETT George William?
 Marriage1878STONER Charles with SEAGRAVE Agnes?
 Birth12 October 1879DALE Thomas?
 Birth1 January 1880CHATFIELD Herbert George?
 Birth1880DAVEY Henry Ernest?
 Marriage23 March 1881CHATFIELD Henry Charles with HOLLYMAN Eliza?
 Birth18 August 1881BROWN Annie Rebecca?
 Marriage1881STREETER William with CHATFIELD Rosina?
 DeathJanuary 1882CHAPMAN Amelia?
 Birth1882VARNEY Alfred James?
 Death1883CHATFIELD Rosina?
 Birth1883DAVEY Walter S?
 Marriage21 December 1884WOODMAN George with CHATFIELD Julia Elizabeth?
 Death1884CHATFIELD Richard Arthur?
 Marriage8 August 1885CHATFIELD Walter Edward with STILL Sarah?
 Death21 September 1885CHATFIELD John?
 Marriage28 December 1885GILLMAN Henry with CHATFIELD Rebecca?
 Death1885CHATFIELD Trayton?
 Birth4 June 1886CHATFIELD Eveline Christina?
 Marriage14 June 1886MULLALY Alexander James with CHATFIELD Lavinia Nancy?
 Christening10 July 1887WOODMAN George John?
 Birth11 December 1887BEST Annie Jane?
 Marriage1887BATES James Stephen with SALLIS Ann?
 Birth1887DAVEY Percy James?
 Birth1888MULLALY Philip Henry?
 Marriage1890BROWN John Thomas with KEEP Rosie Jane?
 Birth1890MULLALY Alexander Walter?
 Death30 August 1891RICHARDS Mary?
 Birth1892WHYBORN Frances Ada?
 Birth1892MULLALY Albert Edward?
 Marriage1892WHYBORN Eli with WEBB Ann?
 Birth1893MULLALY Gladys Lavinia?
 Birth13 May 1894CHATFIELD Ernest George Thomas?
 Death1894PEAT Nancy Ann?
 Birth1894WHYBORN Esther Rose?
 Birth2 July 1896CHATFIELD William Edward Herbert?
 Marriage1896CHATFIELD William Henry with BUTLER Caroline \ Katherine?
 Burial1896CHATFIELD Harriett?
 Birth1896MULLALY Ethel Lily?
 Christening12 September 1897WHYBORN Annie Louisa?
 Christening12 September 1897WHYBORN Frances Ada?
 Christening12 September 1897WHYBORN Esther Rose?
 Birth1897WHYBORN Annie Louisa?
 Birth14 August 1898CHATFIELD Daisy?
 Birth1898MULLALY Daisy Elizabeth?
 Marriage25 December 1899DALE Thomas with BROWN Edith Mary?
 Death1899WHYBORN Annie Louisa?
 Birth1899WHYBORN Ethel Rose?
20 century
 Marriage1900BOWLES George Henry with CHATFIELD Margaret Ella?
 Death1900CHATFIELD Henry Roser?
 Death3 July 1901CHATFIELD Eliza Ann?
 Death20 October 1901CHATFIELD John Samuel?
 Death1901WHYBORN David John?
 Birth1901WHYBORN David John?
 Death1901WHYBORN Ethel Rose?
 Birth3 April 1902DUCHEMIN Cecil Frank?
 Birth28 June 1902CHATFIELD Elsie Gertrude?
 Marriage23 August 1902BALLARD Nelson Frederick Frank with CHATFIELD Susan Harriett?
 Birth26 December 1902CHATFIELD Alfred Daniel?
 Birth1902BALLARD Kathleen Marsh?
 Death1902COATES William Diston?
 Christening20 December 1903WHYBORN John Arthur?
 Death1903BOWMAN Martha Amelia?
 Birth1903MULLALY Harold Arthur?
 Birth1903WHYBORN John Arthur?
 Birth1904RIDLEY-GURR Constance May?
 Marriage1904GURR Sylvanus Ridley with TILDEN Ada?
 Death1904BENSLEY William Charles?
 Birth1904MULLALY Cyril Ernest?
 Marriage1904CHATFIELD Bessie Janet?
 Marriage1904CHATFIELD Richard William with HOVELL Eliza Annie?
 Marriage1905CHATFIELD Arthur Richard John with SIMMONS Grace?
 Birth1905NYE Frederick Rowland?
 Death1907CHATFIELD Ellen Sharp?
 Birth1909MCCAUL Arthur Edward?
 Marriage1909CHATFIED Albert with HEAD-PAGE Harriett Alice H?
 Birth1909WHYBORN John Arthur?
 Birth5 December 1910BUTT Irene May?
 Death1911CLOUT William Henry?
 Death1911MULLALY Alexander Walter?
 Birth26 April 1912CHATFIELD Providence George John?
 Birth1912AUSTIN \ KNIGHT Ada A E?
 Death1912WHYBORN James?
 Death1912CHATFIELD Lavinia Nancy?
 Birth21 October 1913BARNARD Beryl Pauline?
 Birth1913CHATFIED William Henry?
 Birth1913PEARCE Doris M?
 Death1913GRAHAM Annie?
 Marriage1915AVIS Fenelon Theodore Longfellow with FOSTER Betsy?
 Birth1915MCCAUL Marie Florence?
 Death1915MULLALY Alexander James?
 Death1915WHYBORN Eli?
 Marriage1915HOARE James H with WHYBORN Esther Rose?
 Birth2 August 1916BARBER Graham Scott?
 Marriage1917VINALL William W with WHYBORN Frances Ada?
 Death10 May 1918CAPON Sarah?
 Death17 November 1918LUCKING Walter?
 Death1918OSBORN Sarah?
 Death1919MULLALY Albert Edward?
 Marriage1919CHATFIELD William Edward Herbert with WHEELER Dorothy Jennie \ Jessie T?
 Marriage1919CLARK Samuel J with ORSBORN Mabel Hanley?
 Birth9 June 1920CHATFIELD William Alfred E?
 Death1920SHORE Emmeline Frances?
 Birth1921JEARUM Dorothy Joan?
 Birth1921MCCAUL Leonard Gerard?
 Birth9 July 1922CHATFIELD Alfred James?
 Death1922? Lydia?
 Birth1922EASLEA Monica M?
 Birth1922HEASMAN Betty D?
 Death15 December 1923CHATFIELD Benjamin William Harold?
 Marriage1923CHATFIELD Alfred Daniel with DAWKINS Ethel Maud?
 Birth1923MCCAUL Irene Patricia?
 Marriage24 May 1924CHATFIELD Ernest Harold with WINDY Rose Elizabeth?
 Birth1924CHATFIELD Denis A W?
 Death1924CHATFIELD William Henry?
 Birth1925CHATFIELD Kenneth L?
 Birth1925WYDELL Patricia D?
 Birth1925CHATFIELD Joan C?
 Death1925BUTLER Caroline \ Katherine?
 Marriage1925MULLALY Harold Arthur with TURK Frances Elizabeth?
 Death1926HUNT Annie Catherine?
 Marriage1926SUTCLIFFE Harry with CHATFIELD Daisy?
 Birth1926WYDELL Jill R?
 Marriage1926CHATFIELD Herbert John S with SMITH Lily Elizabeth?
 Birth10 May 1927van TROMP William M?
 DeathJune 1927BIRD Thomas John (14)?
 Birth1927CHATFIELD Harry J?
 Death1927BLOWER Emma?
 Birth1927CHATFIELD Mary E?
 Birth1927FAIRCLOTH Ronald?
 Death1927CHATFIELD Emily?
 Birth23 May 1928CHATFIELD Ronald George Stephen?
 Marriage1928MULLALY Cyril Ernest with SAUNDERS Minnie Violet?
 Birth1928MULLALY Yvonne E?
 Birth1929CHATFIELD Jean E?
 Death1929CHATFIELD Harry J?
 Death1929ALCORN William?
 Death1929MCCAUL Arthur Edward?
 Birth1929MULLALLY Brian T?
 Death1929AVUS Venus Minnie?
 Birth24 October 1930CHATFIELD Elsie Frances M?
 Death1930CHATFIELD Joan C?
 Birth1930KEEBLE Olive P?
 Marriage1931WHYBORN John Arthur with BEYNOLF Mary A?
 Death1931CHATFIELD Denis A W?
 Birth1931WYDELL Raymond S?
 Marriage1932BETTEN William with ROBINSON Josephine Audrey?
 Birth1932CHATFIELD Donald A?
 Death1932CHATFIELD Henry Charles?
 Death1933CHATFIELD Reuben?
 Marriage1933WRIGHT Thomas Albert with MCCAUL Ivy Kathleen?
 Death1934MULLALY Gladys Lavinia?
 Death1935CHATFIELD Annie?
 Death5 March 1936MCCAUL Mary Pauline (15)?
 Marriage1936CHATFIELD Providence George John with BUTT Irene May?
 Birth1936MCCREADIE Neil?
 Birth1937WRIGHT Kathleen M?
 Death26 March 1938BROWN John Thomas?
 Birth25 August 1939DENDY Hazel Joan?
 Death7 December 1939LUCKING Emily Annie?
 Death1939WALKER Mary Louisa Kate?
 Birth1939HOGSDEN Nancy D?
 Birth1939SEABROOK Patrica B?
 Birth1940MULLALLY Ernest K?
 Marriage1941MCCAUL William John Reeves with FISHER Maud?
 Birth1941HOLLIDAY Brian W?
 Marriage1941CHATFIELD William Alfred E with SMITH Gladys M?
 Birth1941WRIGHT Terence R?
 Birth27 May 1942FAIRMAN Brian Leonard G?
 Birth1942CHATFIELD Diane J?
 Birth1942CHATFIELD Doris M?
 Birth17 August 1943BALDARO Sonya?
 Birth31 December 1944TAYLOR Peter C E?
 Death1944BARNARD Charles Frederick?
 Birth1944EDWARDS Pamela L?
 Birth1945CHATFIELD Roger W?
 Birth1946THOMAS Carol A?
 Marriage1946THOMAS David R with CHATFIELD Jean E?
 Marriage1946NASH Douglas H with MCCAUL Ethel Caroline?
 Birth1946COLLINS Jennifer C?
 Death1947ORSBORN Mabel Hanley?
 Death1947SMITH Gertrude Agnes?
 Birth1948THOMAS Ian D?
 Marriage1948MÜLLER Siegfried W O with BRAHMS Leonora S?
 Death1948WINDY Joseph James?
 Death1949WINDER Harry?
 Death1950WEBB Ann?
 Birth2 January 1951TAYLOR Elizabeth Anne?
 Marriage1951FAIRCLOTH Ronald with CHATFIELD Elsie Frances M?
 Marriage1951CHATFIELD Ronald George Stephen with GLEN Doris J?
 Birth1951FAIRCLOTH Colin V?
 Death1952LENNOX George Albert H?
 Death1952RANDELL Julia?
 Death1955DIVALL Emily Ada?
 Marriage1956CHATFIELD Roy Pierpoint with KING Patricia?
 Birth1956FAIRCLOTH Malcolm D?
 Death1957CHATFIELD Amelia Maria?
 Birth1957CHATFIELD Ian?
 Death1957CHATFIELD Ian?
 Marriage1958CHATFIELD Bernard Cecil with JONES Gladys Violet?
 Birth1958MCCREADIE Larkland?
 Birth1959O'BEIRNE Ashley J C?
 Death29 December 1960BROWN Emily Jane?
 Birth1960O'BEIRNE Justin F?
 Death1961CHATFIELD Emily Susan Ann?
 Death1962PEARCE George Alexander?
 Death1963WHEELER Dorothy Jennie \ Jessie T?
 Marriage1964CHATFIELD Michael Walter with EDWARDS Pamela L?
 Death1965BUTT John Henry?
 Birth1965MCCREADIE Clive?
 Death1966EDWARDS Lily Matilda?
 Marriage1967CHATFIELD Roger W with COLLINS Jennifer C?
 Marriage1969BARNETT Matthew H with CHATFIELD Winifred A?
 Marriage1969FAIRMAN Brian Leonard G with CHATFIELD Elsie Frances M?
 Marriage1969HILL Arthur with CHATFIELD Alice Rose?
 Marriage1969CHATFIELD Keith T with CHAVANNES Lorraine?
 Birth1970CHATFIELD Clare Elizabeth?
 Death1972CHATFIELD Lilly Maria?
 Marriage1972FORTUNE Nicholas A with BOSWELL Margaret M?
 Birth1972BURTON Paul David?
 Birth1973CHATFIELD Gary James?
 Death1974ELLISON Agnes Maria?
 Birth1975SPARKES Daniel Robert?
 Death21 December 1976TAYLOR Oliver Edward?
 Death1976CHATFIELD Walter?
 Marriage1977O'BEIRNE Ashley J C with BRIGGS Vivian A?
 Marriage1977LOWNSBOROUGH Roger G with CHATFIELD Dilys C?
 Marriage1979FAIRCLOTH Malcolm D with NEWELL Kim E?
 Marriage1981BRIGGS David J E with O'BEIRNE Rachel E?
 Death1982FULLERTON Frederick Edward?
 Birth1983CHATFIELD Stephen James?
 Death1983DAWKINS Ethel Maud?
 DeathOctober 1984CHATFIELD Herbert John S?
 Birth1986CHATFIELD Thomas William?
 DeathJanuary 1988CHATFIELD Alfred Daniel?
 Marriage1990CHATFIELD Jonathan Alexander with THEOBALD Alison J?
 Marriage1990DEEBLE Stephen W with OSWALD Victoria Anne?
 Death1995CHATFIELD Peter Alexander?
 DeathAugust 1997CHATFIELD William Alfred E?
 DeathJune 1999BEDFORD Mavis E?
 MarriageSeptember 1999O'BEIRNE Ashley J C with SCOTT Heather?
21 century
 MarriageMarch 2002CHATFIELD Gary James with WILLSHER Jacqueline C?
 Residence2006GATLAND Susan B?
 Death2016WOOD Audrey Maureen?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Dorking RH4 : 79 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Christening12 March 1698BIRD Daniel?
18 century
 Christening20 April 1708BIRD George?
 Birth23 February 1710BIRD Edward (448)?
 Christening4 March 1710BIRD Edward (448)?
 Christening19 January 1713BIRD Thomas?
 Christening14 November 1732BIRD Edward (224)?
 Christening7 October 1733BIRD Mary?
 Christening19 September 1735BIRD George?
 Christening12 October 1735BIRD Anne?
 Christening12 February 1737BIRD Mary?
 Christening13 May 1740BIRD Mary?
 Christening6 July 1742BIRD Thomas?
 Christening9 June 1744BIRD John?
 Christening5 October 1747BIRD Elizabeth?
 Christening22 February 1748BIRD William?
 Christening16 February 1753BIRD William?
 Christening23 July 1757BIRD George?
 Christening23 July 1757BIRD George (112)?
 Marriage14 September 1760BIRD Edward (224) with REEVES Mary (225)?
 Christening5 July 1761BIRD Mary?
 Christening10 September 1762BIRD Betty?
 Christening11 March 1764BIRD Edward?
 Christening15 June 1766BIRD John?
 Christening17 April 1768BIRD Daniel?
 Marriage12 November 1769BIRD John with PETERS Mary?
 Birth19 February 1772BIRD John?
 Birth3 February 1773BIRD Edward?
 Christening3 February 1773BIRD John?
 Birth12 March 1775BIRD Mary?
 Christening25 June 1780BIRD Ruth?
 Marriage22 November 1791BIRD George (112) with NETTLEFOLD Elizabeth (113)?
 Christening20 March 1794BIRD George (56)?
 Birth1794BIRD George (56)?
 Christening27 March 1796BIRD William?
19 century
 Christening25 June 1800BIRD Elizabeth?
 Christening18 September 1803BIRD Hannah?
 Christening13 March 1805BIRD Joseph?
 Christening21 August 1807BIRD Joseph?
 Birth14 November 1809BIRD Louisa?
 Christening3 December 1809BIRD Louisa?
 Birth18 December 1811BIRD Sophia?
 Christening8 January 1812BIRD Sophia?
 Burial23 November 1814BIRD Joseph?
 Death10 February 1815BIRD Sophia?
 Birth12 July 1816BIRD Frances?
 Birth7 January 1818BIRD Mary Anne?
 Marriage11 October 1819BIRD John with CORNWALL Elisabeth?
 Birth19 May 1820BIRD George?
 Death5 June 1820BIRD George?
 Birth26 October 1821BIRD Maria?
 BirthSeptember 1823BIRD Elizabeth?
 Burial18 November 1823BIRD Louisa?
 Birth15 August 1826BIRD Lydia?
 Birth1 June 1827BIRD Julia?
 Birth3 September 1828BOXSHALL Thomas?
 Christening5 October 1828BOXSHALL Thomas?
 Birth7 March 1829BIRD Thomas Curtis (28)?
 Death1842CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Death1840/1856BIRD George (56)?
 Death1884CHATFIELD Sarah Bellis?
20 century
 Marriage1908CHATFIELD Alfred George with GUNSTON Alice?
 Birth1914STANFORD Ronald W?
 Birth28 March 1916CHATFIELD Jack?
 Birth22 April 1918SKILTON Dorothy Winifred?
 Birth19 May 1921LANSDELL Kathleen Mary?
 Birth19 February 1924CHATFIELD George Herbert?
 DeathDecember 1985CHATFIELD Reginald Herbert?
 Death1999SKILTON Dorothy Winifred?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1864STILL Sarah?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage25 November 1891SPRACKLING Frederick Isaac with CREES Frances Ann?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage12 August 1893CHATFIELD Frederick Thomas with FREEMAN Kathleen Martha Ann?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening11 August 1816BIRD Frances?
 Christening12 April 1818BIRD Mary Anne?
 Christening4 June 1820BIRD George?
 Christening13 January 1822BIRD Maria?
 Christening26 October 1823BIRD Elizabeth?
 Christening24 September 1826BIRD Lydia?
 Christening1 August 1827BIRD Julia?
 Christening24 May 1829BIRD Thomas Curtis (28)?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Dunsfold

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth9 July 1880SPENCER Harry?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Earlswood

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1899CHATFIELD Ethel Maria?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - East Clandon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening11 May 1817MIALL Richard?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - East Sheen, Richmond

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1880CHATFIELD Beatrice Harriet?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - East Surrey

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
21 century
 DeathSeptember 2003EDWARDS Douglas Harold Moore?
 DeathApril 2006CHATFIELD Reginald Arthur?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
21 century
 Death2 June 2000CHATFIELD Thomas Baron?
 Death9 September 2000DAVIDSON Beryl?
 BirthSeptember 2000CHATFIELD Morgan Travis L?
 DeathJanuary 2001FITZPATRICK Desmond J?
 DeathOctober 2001BUTTERY Ellen Doris?
 BirthOctober 2002CHATFIELD Reagan Jarvis H?
 Birth2002COLEMAN Michael John?
 DeathSeptember 2003FITZPATRICK Kathleen Ann?
 Death16 June 2004CHATFIELD David George?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Englefield Green

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening25 January 1876HIGHGATE John James?
 Birth1876HIGHGATE John James?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Epsom KT19 : 54 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening13 February 1803RICHARDS Mary?
 Marriage25 August 1835CHATFIELD Charles with RICHARDS Mary?
 Death1837CHATFIELD Emily?
 Birth1838CHATFIELD Joseph?
 Marriage1845CHATFIELD Henry with ROBINSON Mary Ann?
 Birth1848CHATFIELD Henry?
 Death1861CHATFIELD Ellen Elizabeth?
 Birth1865PICKARD Sarah Ann Ellen?
 Birth7 December 1870NICHOLAS Arthur John?
 Marriage1 December 1871CHATFIELD Henry with GOODAY Selina?
 Birth1871TROWER Frederick John?
 Marriage1879HOGSDEN John Charles with CHATFIELD Emma?
 Death1882CHATFIELD Albert Victor?
 Birth1883CHATFIELD Margaret Ella?
 Death1886CHATFIELD Annie Maude?
 Marriage1887CHATFIELD William with JACOBS Annie Eliza?
 Death1887ROBINSON Mary Ann?
 Birthabout 1889HOGSDEN Sophia?
 Death1889MIALL Richard?
 Death1890CHATFIELD John?
 Marriage1898CHATFIED Walter?
 Marriage1898PICKARD Charles Alexander?
20 century
 Birth6 December 1900TROWER Frederick George?
 Marriage1900TROWER Frederick John with CHATFIED Eleanor?
 Marriage1903WIGGLESWORTH Percival Gill Lister with CHATFIELD Helen Elizabeth?
 Death1903GOODAY Jesse?
 Birth1904BOWLES George William?
 Marriage1904CHATFIELD William Frederick with SEARLE Louisa?
 Death1907CHATFIELD Henry?
 Birth1909BOWLES Grace Margaret?
 Birth1911WIGGLESWORTH Albert William?
 Birth1913CHATFIELD Claude Ronald?
 Birth1914MARSH Hilda J?
 Death1914PICKARD Jonathan?
 Birth29 March 1916CHATFIELD David Reginald?
 Birth1918CHATFIELD Donald Ernest?
 DeathApril 1922CHATFIELD Robert Edward?
 Birth1923CHATFIELD Eileen M C?
 Death1925CHATFIELD William John?
 Birth22 July 1927CHATFIELD Harry?
 Death1927TROWER Frederick John?
 Birth1927DAVID Paul A?
 Death1927FRIDAY Hannah \ Harriet?
 Birth5 June 1929CHATFIELD Joan?
 Birth1929BUFTON Alan A?
 Marriage1929LOBB Alfred Stanley with CHATFIELD Evelyn Ella?
 Marriage1930TROWER Frederick George with BAKER Edith E?
 Marriage1931NORMAN John S with BOWLES Elizabeth Hannah?
 Birth1931PEARCE Bessie M?
 Marriage1933CHATFIELD William George with BARELLI Lilian Alma?
 Marriage1934WIGGLESWORTH Albert William with MARSH Hilda J?
 Birth25 November 1941HOOYDONK Elsa Mary?
 Birth26 July 1969CHATFIELD John Edward?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death12 May 1876CHATFIELD John?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Esher KT10 : 12 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage30 May 1847CHATFIELD William with EADES Sarah?
 Birth1850CHATFIELD Henry?
 Birth1874CLARKE Ernest Bidwell?
 Birth1876CLARKE Catherine Margaret?
 Birth1879CLARKE Florence M?
 Christening2 December 1888CHATFIELD Harry?
 Birth1888CHATFIELD Harry?
 Death1889CHATFIELD Louisa?
 Christening1 June 1890CHATFIELD Nellie?
 Birth1890CHATFIELD Nellie?
 Christening1 November 1891CHATFIELD William Jesse?
 Birth1891CHATFIELD William Jesse?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Ewell KT17 : 9 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening2 March 1740CHATFIELD Katherine?
 Christening22 July 1741CHATFIELD Robert?
 Christening6 April 1757BRIDGES Mary?
 Marriage4 July 1782CHATFIELD William with BRIDGES Mary?
19 century
 Birthabout 1829GAMMON Leonard?
 Birth1830CHATFIELD Robert?
 Birthabout 1834ROBINSON James?
 Christening2 October 1842AILES Ann?
 Birth1842AILES Ann?

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