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List of events ordered by date

United States of America - CT Connecticut - New Haven Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Marriage?HINMAN Ransom B with WILLIAMS Alma Elizabeth?
 Birth?REMER Issue 4?
 Birth?RIGGS Issue 3?
17 century
 Christening16 September 1693CHATFIELD Abigail?
18 century
 Birth15 March 1713BLAKESLEE Deborah?
 Birth19 September 1714SMITH Obedience?
 Birth25 February 1741JOHNSON Elizabeth?
 Marriageabout 1745CHATFIELD John with WOOSTER Sarah?
 Death8 June 1751JOHNSON Elizabeth?
 Birth1770MIX Margaret?
 Marriageabout 1779DAVIS Benjamin with DAVIS Naomi?
 Birth25 February 1784SCOTT Esther Roberts?
 Birth19 April 1788CHATFIELD Martha Ann?
 Birth1790RIGGS Philo?
 Birthabout 1797HOTCHKISS Truman?
19 century
 Marriage9 November 1800MILES Marcus with DAVIS Betsey?
 Birthabout 1804HOTCHKISS Jennet?
 Death29 September 1805CHATFIELD Lyman?
 Birthabout 1805COMSTOCK Nancy?
 Birth1805THOMPSON Pheba?
 Birth18 January 1806SPERRY Betsey?
 Marriage25 December 1807REMER Lewis with RIGGS Rachel?
 Birthabout 1807HOTCHKISS Eliza Ann?
 Birth1808THOMPSON Hyrum?
 Death7 June 1809JOHNSON Ruth?
 Birth15 April 1810BOAKS Lucinda?
 Birth1812GUNN Robert D?
 Marriageabout 1813CHATFIELD Lewis with BALDWIN Patty?
 Marriage1 March 1815WHEELER John Clark with CHATFIELD Charlotte?
 Marriage18 November 1817CHATFIELD Leman with SWEETLAND Mary H?
 Marriage1817RIGGS Leveritt with CHATFIELD Rachel?
 Marriage4 January 1818CHATFIELD Zina with WHITNEY Eunice?
 Marriage8 January 1818RIGGS Joseph Harvey with BALDWIN Elizabeth?
 Marriage27 August 1818SANFORD Gay Raymond with BROWN Hannah?
 Marriage7 November 1820STRONG Eli with BUCKINGHAM Mary?
 Christening14 October 1821CHATFIELD BRADLEY Jane?
 Marriage2 January 1825MUNGER George Nicholas with MERWIN Amy Treat?
 Death2 July 1825MUNGER George?
 Deathabout 1825BUELL Abel?
 Death19 July 1826MUNGER Susan?
 Birth3 December 1827HAWLEY Eliza?
 Death6 January 1828MERWIN Amy Treat?
 Marriage20 May 1828BADGER Milton with MUNGER Clarissa?
 Death27 October 1828CHATFIELD Charlotte?
 Marriage31 December 1828BRONSON Zenas with CHATFIELD Anna Marie or Maria?
 Birth19 January 1829DOOLITTLE Ellen Maria?
 BirthApril 1829GUNN Grace Ann?
 Death4 August 1830BUELL Hannah?
 Marriage21 September 1830UPSON Lauren with CHATFIELD Selina Lillian?
 Marriage26 October 1830SOMERS David with FRISBIE Almira?
 Marriage23 December 1830CHATFIELD Bennett with HOLBROOK Mary Ann?
 Marriage1830RIGGS John Sidney with PARDEE Maria?
 Marriage29 June 1832CHATFIELD Burritt with BOAKS Lucinda?
 Death17 December 1836GUNN Robert D?
 Death9 January 1837TUCKER Rhoda?
 Marriage3 August 1837CHATFIELD Joel Raymond with TOMLINSON WOOSTER Mary?
 Birth12 May 1838MCEWEN Dwight Ferdinand?
 Marriage24 March 1839GILDERSLEVE Henry with BUCKINGHAM Nancy?
 Death28 March 1840MORRIS Jason?
 Death6 April 1841JOHNSON Theadocia?
 Death28 December 1841JUDD Abijah Pascal?
 Death14 January 1842JOHNSON Elizabeth?
 BirthJanuary 1843CHATFIELD Sarah Clarissa?
 Birth1843GUNN George Tomlinson?
 Birth9 September 1844CHATFIELD Hiram?
 Death15 September 1845CHATFIELD Benjamin Franklin?
 Death28 September 1845CHATFIELD Lucretia Mary?
 Death9 December 1845CHATFIELD Martha M?
 BirthAugust 1846GUNN Luzerne?
 Birth14 September 1846CHATFIELD Mary Tomlinson?
 Death28 September 1846BEEBE Ursala?
 Birth15 December 1846GILYARD Sarah Lois?
 Death3 April 1850PARDEE Maria?
 BirthOctober 1850DOWD Frances J?
 Marriage28 November 1850MUNGER George with JACOBS Cornelia Lois?
 Birth11 March 1852CHATFIELD Walter Henry?
 Death14 April 1856CHATFIELD Eunice?
 Birth28 April 1856CHATFIELD Mary Josephine?
 Death20 April 1859DOOLITTLE Ellen Maria?
 Birth1860CHATFIELD Frankie?
 Death21 February 1861WILLIAMS Alice Jane?
 Birth6 November 1861RIGGS Ellis E?
 Marriage8 August 1862MURRAY William Henry Harrison with HULL Isadora Laura?
 Marriage8 March 1863WARNER Egbert Lewis with CHATFIELD Harriet Crittenden?
 Death28 June 1863KINNEY Betsey?
 Death11 December 1863CHATFIELD Frankie?
 Marriage28 December 1863HOLBROOK Nathan Pierce with TOMLINSON Ellen?
 Death7 November 1864CHATFIELD Anna Maria?
 Death3 May 1865GUNN George Tomlinson?
 Marriage18 May 1865KIMBERLEY Enos Sperry with CHATFIELD Sarah Clarissa?
 Death14 August 1867CHATFIELD Frances A?
 Birth25 September 1867BRISTOL Elias Edward?
 Death5 October 1867ALCOTT George A?
 Death3 September 1868WHEELER John Todd?
 Marriage19 May 1869MUNSON Cornelius Franklin with FRISBIE Evalena I.?
 BirthJune 1870CHATFIELD Walter Stoddard?
 Death17 June 1871HITCHCOCK Polly?
 Death3 July 1871CHATFIELD Eugene A?
 Death23 December 1872CHATFIELD Thirza?
 Birth20 February 1873RULE Clara E?
 Death28 September 1873BUCKINGHAM Roanna?
 Death10 May 1874BALDWIN Elizabeth?
 Death1876THOMPSON Catherine?
 Marriage10 September 1877CHATFIELD Joel with KEAST Maria Catherine?
 Death31 December 1879RIGGS Joseph Harvey?
 Death16 July 1881CHATFIELD Chester?
 Death3 March 1883WILLIAMS Nelson B?
 Marriage7 April 1885CHATFIELD Frederick John with SMITH Edith Belle?
 Death27 May 1885MUNSON Emma Fidelia?
 Death28 March 1886WILLIAMS Elsie Maria?
 Birth22 May 1887MUNSON Lena Lillian?
 Birthabout 1887PAGE Marion Elizabeth?
 Death23 May 1888CHATFIELD Wilbur F?
 Death20 January 1890ROWE Ella?
 Birth28 April 1891MUNSON Grace Helen?
 Birth7 October 1891LANGDALE Marion L?
 Birth21 March 1893CHATFIELD Charles Buckingham?
 Death29 August 1893MERWIN Mary Gibson?
 Birth25 September 1893HUNT Stanley Dwight?
 Birth15 October 1893HIGGINS Freda?
 Death16 October 1894BUCKINGHAM Philo Beecher?
 Birth25 June 1896CHATFIELD Alta Louise?
 Birth22 September 1896CHATFIELD Chester Hart?
 Marriage1896CHATFIELD Ruel B with DOWNS Ruth R?
 Birth3 March 1898BRISTOL Jeanette Frances?
 Birth25 September 1898CHATFIELD Lauren Hubert?
 Death21 May 1899SPERRY Infant?
 Death7 September 1899CHATFIELD Benjamin Nichols?
 Birth1899SPERRY Infant?
20 century
 Birth9 July 1900WRIGHT Morgan Spencer?
 Death2 August 1900TODD Samuel?
 Death13 July 1902BEECHER Otis Bird?
 Death30 November 1902LOVERIDGE Emma Elizabeth?
 Birth29 December 1903ALCOTT Buella M?
 Death2 July 1904CHATFIELD John Holbrook?
 Death1904WOOSTER Polly?
 Death10 March 1905WAKELEE Eli Hawkins?
 Death23 May 1905CHATFIELD George Wooster?
 Death1905CHATFIELD Joel Albert?
 Death1 January 1906BEARD Theodore Edward?
 Marriage14 November 1906ISBELL Milton Cleveland with WAKELEE Cora Amanda?
 Death1906WRIGHT Nellie R?
 Death10 August 1907PERRY Elizabeth Jane?
 Death21 June 1908GILYARD Sarah Lois?
 Marriage10 October 1908CHITTENDEN Horace Washburn with HASTINGS Katherine Panet?
 Death1908GRIFFIN William J?
 Birth2 August 1910CHATFIELD Jean Isabel?
 Death21 August 1910STRONG James Preston?
 Death5 September 1910? Jennie?
 Marriageabout 1910WARNER Earl Botsford with PAGE Marion Elizabeth?
 Birth1910SPERRY Irene L?
 Birth1 September 1911CHATFIELD Henrietta Maye Louise?
 Birth2 October 1911KRICK Mabel Evelyn?
 Birth23 June 1912CHITTENDEN Marjorie Lee?
 Death26 December 1912SPERRY Irene L?
 Death1914CHATFIELD Bernice W?
 Birth11 April 1915CHATFIELD Minotte McIntosh?
 Death22 January 1916RUSSELL Stella Stowe?
 Death1916DOWD Frances J?
 Death4 February 1917DUDLEY Louis Franklin?
 Death27 March 1917SANFORD Everitt Elisha?
 Birth30 July 1918CHATFIELD Katherine?
 Death17 December 1919WOOSTER William Henry Harrison?
 Residence1920WILBUR Edwin Chatfield?
 Residence1920CHATFIELD Mary Clark?
 Residence1920WILBUR Louise Adele?
 Residence1920WILBUR Oliver\Otto Hugh?
 Death25 June 1921WARNER Nathan J?
 Death28 December 1922CHATFIELD Julia?
 Birth19 January 1924BATHGATE George Drummond?
 Death23 October 1924TODD Creighton C?
 Death1924PIERPONT Ellen A?
 Birth1 December 1925KERR Agnes?
 Death7 December 1925CHATFIELD Sarah Lucinda?
 Death1926CHATFIELD Frederick J?
 Death7 April 1927CHATFIELD Frederick John?
 Death1927GUNN Luzerne?
 Death1929WEBBER Willie A.?
 Death30 June 1935WAKELEE Frank Watrous?
 Death1936WILLIAMS Henry Perry?
 Birth25 November 1939CHATFIELD Malcolm A?
 Death1944DOWNS Ruth R?
 Marriagebefore 1945TAUSENDFREUNDT Walter F with DIVINE Martha Amelia?
 Death1945KIMBERLY Jared Raymond?
 Death1948CHATFIELD Frances?
 Death16 December 1953CHATFIELD James Henry?
 Birth28 June 1955HALL Leon Carl?
 Death2 August 1955WOODING Ida Estella?
 Birth11 July 1957HALL Lynn A?
 Residence1962CHATFIELD Russell Estes?
 Death27 March 1972FREEMAN Horace Smith?
 Birth12 November 1977LOWRY Forest Lewis?
 DeathJanuary 1978JENKINS Nettie M?
 Death16 July 1980CHATFIELD Gertrude Yates?
 Birth31 July 1980LOWRY Rebecca Goodrich?
 Divorce1980CHATFIELD Malcolm A with ? Ann?
 Divorce1981DAWSON Harold W with BATHGATE Olive Margaret?
 Divorce1982CHATFIELD Robert W with BUCCITTI Michele M?
 Divorce1984CHATFIELD Terry Richard with DELANAUZE Denise S?
 Divorce1988MILTON Thomas Robert with WOODWORTH Joan E?
 Residence1990CHATFIELD Terry Richard?
 Divorce1990CHATFIELD Terry Richard with THORNE Cynthia N?
 Residence1990COWLES Holly Louise?
 Residence1990MCCOY Peter Dean?
 Death8 March 1997BREWSTER Helena?
 Death1 November 1998CHATFIELD Wilson Porch?
 Residence1999KEENY William Francis?
21 century
 Death20 December 2007BATHGATE Olive Margaret?
 Death3 April 2010DAWSON Harold W?
 Death22 August 2010CAMMILLETTI Mary Victoria?
 Death16 October 2013CHATFIELD Margaret Louise?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - New London 06320 - Griswold, British Colonial America : 6 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Marriage22 August 1765BRAHMAN \ BRAMAN \ BRAYMAN \ BRAYTON Benjamin with FITCH Abigail?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death8 December 1945MORRILL Charles William?
 Death31 October 1975EDWARDS Francis Stanley?
21 century
 Death4 January 2000PARDEE Henry Warner?
 Residence2000PARDEE Henry Warner?
 Death29 April 2002COLLIER Ellen M?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - New London Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth11 December 1923CHATFIELD Wilbert Eugene?
 Birth31 May 1944WOODWARD Susan Hooker?
 Divorce25 September 1969CHATFIELD Richard Stephen with CORTRIGHT Maude K?
 Death21 November 1982CHATFIELD Emily Bullard?
 Death29 July 1998JUDD Ross B?
21 century
 Death28 December 2004PEABODY Wendell C?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - New Milford 06776 - Litchfeild Co. : 31 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth6 May 1773WILKINSON Isaac?
 Marriage18 December 1791WILKINSON Isaac with SMITH Tamar?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?WHITE Brenda (McKay)?
18 century
 Birth24 May 1777SMITH Tamar?
 Birth3 May 1790CHATFIELD Zina?
 Birth30 May 1793CHATFIELD John?
19 century
 Marriage9 August 1801BUCKINGHAM Joseph with LOCKWOOD Sally?
 Birth22 August 1809CHATFIELD Keziah?
 Birth17 October 1811CHATFIELD Harriett Louise?
 Birth16 February 1814CHATFIELD Sarah Marinda?
 Birth17 July 1818CHATFIELD Almira Jane?
 Deathafter 1819CHATFIELD Levi?
 Marriage16 January 1820CHATFIELD John with PERCY Eunice?
 Birth28 March 1820CHATFIELD Electra Ann?
 Birth4 June 1821CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Death10 July 1822BRADLEY Sarah?
 Birth21 October 1822CHATFIELD Silas Barnum?
 Birth29 March 1824CHATFIELD Mary Alice?
 Birth25 December 1825CHATFIELD Hannah Abia?
 Birthabout 1869JACKSON George Oliver?
20 century
 Birth7 April 1931PEET Vivian Jean?
 Birth5 November 1941CARTER Shirley Ann?
 Birth30 March 1953CHATFIELD David Allen?
 Marriage1959FOSHAY Burton A with CARTER Shirley Ann?
 Birth6 October 1961SAUL Laura R?
 Death4 October 1963CHATFIELD David Cowie?
 Death16 October 1975PEET Hiram D?
 Death21 October 1975CHATFIELD Glen Tibbetts?
 Marriage27 June 1980CHATFIELD Lynsley Joseph with CARTER Shirley Ann?
 Residence1985SAUL Laura R?
 Marriage12 August 1994CHATFIELD Dwayne Robert with KEELER Laurie A \ S?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Newtown 06470 - Fairfield Co. : 12 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth1 February 1737SUMMERS Luke?
 Birth16 October 1799HAWLEY Truman?
19 century
 Birth10 October 1829JORDAN Nancy?
 BirthJune 1839BOOTH Anne Eliza?
 Marriage5 January 1847FRENCH Nichols with JORDAN Nancy?
 Birth1851PIERPONT Ellen A?
 Birth19 November 1868BOTSFORD Bertha Maria?
 BirthDecember 1878DOWNS Ruth R?
 Marriage23 November 1898FRENCH Frederick Jordan with TAYLOR Harriet Emmaline?
20 century
 Death10 August 1953RULE Clara E?
 Death7 October 1959GURNEY Thomas Henry?
 Death10 February 1989COLE Charles Chatfield?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Newtown Twp., Fairfield Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth25 September 1788BALDWIN Philo?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Niantic 06357 - New London Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth21 August 1927CHATFIELD Morris Eugene?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Noank, New London Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
21 century
 Death22 December 2015STEINETZ Theodore L?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Norfolk 06058 - Center Cmtry., Litchfield Co. : 9 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?ROOD Mary Ann?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Edward Newton?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Frederick Newton?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Marion K?
 Burial?CROSIER Lepha Emeline?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth10 October 1859ROOD Mary Ann?
 Birth31 May 1884CHATFIELD Edward Newton?
20 century
 Death10 September 1905HART Amanda W?
 Birth15 March 1924CHATFIELD Frederick Newton?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - North Branford 06471 - New Haven Co. : 4 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?HOTCHKISS Leonard F?
20 century
 Death13 August 1917HOTCHKISS Leonard F?
 Marriage1997CHATFIELD Wilson Porch with MATTHEWS Constance Mary?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
21 century
 Death26 March 2009MATTHEWS Constance Mary?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - North Haven 06473 - Clintonville Rd., New Haven Co. : 20 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Residence?BALDWIN Kim Hammond?
 Residence?COUGHLIN Thomas J?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Marriage14 January 1729ALCOTT John with BLAKESLEE Deborah?
 Birth17 August 1774? Ebenezer?
 Birth1790DAYTON Joshua?
19 century
 Marriage7 June 1821DAYTON Joshua with REDFIELD Julia Ann?
 Birthabout 1825TODD Samuel?
 Birth5 September 1826JACOBS Cornelia Lois?
 Birth6 December 1845PIERPONT Ruel D?
 Birth31 October 1849PIERPONT Esther Maria?
 Death10 July 1855CHATFIELD Anson?
 Birth19 October 1858PIERPONT Edwin J?
 Birth1883CHATFIELD Florence Jeanette?
 BirthJanuary 1892JOHNSON Ethel Elvira?
20 century
 Death2 September 1913HOTCHKISS Philo Chatfield?
 Death2 September 1913HOTCHKISS Royall Avery?
 Birth18 June 1918CHATFIELD Donald Strong?
 Death25 June 1962CHATFIELD Russell Estes?
 Death8 August 1970BRYANT Norman?
21 century
 Residence2010CHATFIELD Nancy J?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - North Haven Twp., New Haven Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth11 September 1819PIERPONT Jason?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - North Killingworth, Middlesex Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death7 August 1800KELSEY Joseph?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - North Madison West Side Cmtry., North Madison, New Haven Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?FRISBIE Sophia Ann?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - North Madison, New Haven Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth20 April 1800NORTON Joseph Payne?
 Birth1 May 1804FRISBIE Sophia Ann?
 Birth25 December 1833NORTON George Wilbur?
 Marriage6 May 1855NORTON George Wilbur with CHATFIELD Georgianna A?
 Birth4 April 1857NORTON Carlile Elmore?
 Birth8 March 1862NORTON George McClellan?
 Birth7 June 1864NORTON Ida Bell?
 Death19 April 1873FRISBIE Sophia Ann?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Norwalk 06850 - Fairfield Co. : 23 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth4 November 1787CAMP Abraham Keeler?
 Birth8 June 1789ST JOHN Mary?
 Birth17 August 1792OSBORN Phares?
19 century
 Birth12 January 1818CAMP Abraham St John?
 Death12 October 1847ST JOHN Mary?
 Death27 January 1856CAMP Abraham Keeler?
 Death27 March 1867CAMP Abraham St John?
 Death21 October 1869OSBORN Phares?
 Residence1880SHERWOOD Charles Gerard?
20 century
 Birth3 April 1939WERSHAW Arthur Samuel?
 Birth27 July 1961FARLEY Jacquelyn Ann?
 Death4 April 1966WEED Ruel O?
 Marriage4 March 1978ROSS Wallace Craig with RITCHEY Jean R?
 Marriage18 March 1989BORA Douglas Arthur with BOOTH Lorene E?
 Birth14 November 1990DALUSIO Jaime Thomas?
 Marriage16 March 1991DALUSIO Thomas James with FARLEY Jacquelyn Ann?
 Death30 October 1992CHATFIELD Helen Alvina?
 Death1 March 1996MCMANN Henrietta F?
21 century
 Residence2007BORA Douglas Arthur?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
21 century
 Death25 May 2015BORA Douglas Arthur?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?ST JOHN Mary?
 Burial?CAMP Abraham Keeler?
 Burial?CAMP Abraham St John?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Norwich 06360 - New London Co. : 5 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth15 April 1782CHAPMAN Moses?
19 century
 Marriage3 October 1808CHURCH Aaron Merrick with SWEETLAND Mary H?
 Birth18 August 1826HUNTINGTON Frederick Gilbert?
20 century
 Death27 December 1962MILLER Ethel M?
 Marriage21 March 1970CHATFIELD Richard Stephen with LAVOIE \ LEMIRE Ronda \ Rhonda L?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Old Cmtry., Huntington, Fairfield Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Nancy?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Daniel?
 Burial?CHATFIELD David?
 Burial?HALE Betsy Ann?
 Burial?CHATFIELD John Edwin?
19 century
 Death31 December 1888HALE Betsy Ann?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Old Lyme 06371 - New London Co. : 3 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Marriage8 February 1964TWING Paul F with WOODWARD Susan Hooker?
 Death25 November 1975CUTLER Charlotte Elizabeth?
 Death22 August 1976WOODWARD Joseph Cutler?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Old Saybrook 06475 - Middlesex Co. : 4 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth18 January 1747STANNARD Phebe?
 Birth19 March 1747STANNARD Anna Hulda?
20 century
 Death4 August 1955TULLER George Oliver?
21 century
 Residence2015? G Madeline?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Old Saybrook Twp., Middlesex Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Birth1680DUDLEY Daniel?
18 century
 Birth29 July 1719DUDLEY Daniel?
 Christening12 March 1743DUDLEY Susanna?
 Birth27 December 1745DUDLEY Josiah?
 Birth15 June 1749DUDLEY Deborah?
 Death23 February 1752DUDLEY Deborah?
 Birth9 December 1752DUDLEY Chloe?
 Birth9 April 1754DUDLEY Daniell?
 Birth25 January 1758DUDLEY John?
 Birth12 August 1761DUDLEY Elias?
 Birth23 March 1764DUDLEY Ezra?
 Death28 August 1767DUDLEY Daniel?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Orange 06477 - New Haven Co. : 7 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth9 November 1785HINE Urania?
19 century
 Birth1812PARDEE Maria?
 Birth15 April 1849CLARK Jane Eunice?
 Birth22 August 1871MORSE Jennie Louise?
20 century
 Residence1967BATHGATE Shirley Louise?
 Residence1982BURMASTER Dale B?
 Death7 January 1991BURMASTER Charles A?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Oronoque, Fairfield Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1857BLAKEMAN Frank Ernest?
20 century
 Death16 March 1910BEARD Lucy Maria?



United States of America - CT Connecticut - Oxford 06478 - Chestnut Tree Hill, New Haven Co. : 647 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Residence?CHATFIELD Enos?
 Residence?BALL Hannah?
 Residence?CABLE Mary Ann?
 Residence?CHATFIELD Edward Wales?
 Residence?SPERRY Roxy?
 Residence?CHATFIELD Abijah?
19 century
 BirthFebruary 1885CABLE Emma Jeannette?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening19 March 1780CHATFIELD James?
 Christening3 January 1793CHATFIELD Lewis?
 Christening14 September 1794CHATFIELD Chester?
 Christening23 April 1797CHATFIELD Enos?
 Christening16 February 1799CHATFIELD Hannah?
19 century
 Christening9 July 1801CHATFIELD Daniel?
 Christening30 December 1804BUCKINGHAM Cynthia?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?? Mary Ann?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Abijah?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Rachel?
 Burial?RIGGS Elizabeth?
 Burial?MCEWEN Maria Louisa?
 Burial?PERRY Joel?
 Burial?WILCOXSON Nathan J?
 Burial?WILCOXSON Frances A?
 Burial?BLACKMAN Anna?
 Burial?PERRY James?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Solomon?
 Burial?CABLE Bessie Minerva?
 Burial?PIERSON Hanna Retta?
 Burial?PIERSON Hannah Elizabeth?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Lois?
18 century
 Burial26 September 1789BEECHER Isaac?
19 century
 Burial28 November 1826BALL Hannah?
 Burial1 September 1865WARNER Charles Bennett?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CABLE Roswell?
 Burial?CABLE Roswell?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Hannah?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth16 May 1863CHATFIELD Mary J?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?HINMAN Philo?
 Burial?HUBBELL Elizabeth Jane?
 Burial?SPERRY Augusta?
 Burial?SPERRY Silas?
 Burial?SPERRY Jane E?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Caleb?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Truman Freeman?
 Burial?CHATFIELD David King?
 Burial?CHATFIELD John Frederick?
 Burial?CHAPMAN Mary?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Sheldon?
 Burial?JONES Elizabeth?
 Burial?HAWKINS Lewis?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Oliver?
 Burial?SPERRY Laura Maria?
 Burial?KING Mary?
 Burial?PERRY Gideon?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Gideon?
 Burial?PLUMB Charity?
 Burial?COE Mary?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Isaac?
 Burial?CHATFIELD John?
 Burial?WOOSTER Nathaniel?
 Burial?HUBBELL Wales Austin?
 Burial?WHITMORE Sarah?
 Burial?HINMAN Hannah?
 Burial?HOLBROOK Austin?
 Burial?HOTCHKISS Jenny J?
 Burial?HOLBROOK Mary Grace?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Comfort?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Lyman?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Bennett?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?MALLORY Freelove Amy?
 Burial?BEECHER Laura?
 Burial?BUCKINGHAM Aurelius?
 Burial?WOODRUFF Olive?
 Burial?BUCKINGHAM Clarissa?
 Burial?BUCKINGHAM Ebenezer?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Residence?BUCKINGHAM Cynthia?
 Residence?CHATFIELD Chester?
 Burial?SPERRY Betsey?
 Residence?BUCKINGHAM Clarissa?
 Burial?BUCKINGHAM Ebenezer N?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Marriage?FRENCH John with CHATFIELD Polly Maria?
 Residence?CABLE Roswell?
 Birth?BEECHER Issue 5?
 Marriage?CHATFIELD John Frederick with BATEMAN Olive?
 Marriage?WILCOXSON Nathan J with MCEWEN Maria Louisa?
18 century
 Birthabout 1735WISEBURY Rachel?
 Marriage2 June 1747DURAND John with CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Birthabout 1747CHATFIELD Amy?
 Christening10 November 1748CHATFIELD Hannah?
 Birth1748CHATFIELD Hannah?
 Birth1750CHATFIELD Gideon?
 Death1750CHATFIELD Gideon?
 Christening5 November 1752CHATFIELD John Frederick?
 Birth1752CHATFIELD John Frederick?
 Christening2 June 1754CHATFIELD Eli?
 Christening21 July 1754FOX Comfort?
 Birth1754CHATFIELD Eli?
 Birth5 August 1755CHATFIELD Gideon?
 Birth21 September 1757WHITMORE Elizabeth?
 Christening15 January 1758FAIRCHILD John?
 Marriageabout 1759SMITH Christopher with HARGER Abigail?
 Birth5 January 1761PERRY Betty?
 Birth26 July 1767PLUMB Charity?
 Birth6 September 1767LOVELAND Treat?
 Birth7 May 1768WOODRUFF Olive?
 Birth15 August 1768RIGGS Elizabeth?
 Marriage30 April 1772PERRY Gideon with HINMAN Hannah?
 Death8 March 1773DURAND John?
 Marriage10 June 1773UFFORD Shores\Shoars\Spears with DURAND Elizabeth?
 Birthabout 1775HYDE Ira Aurelius?
 Birth1775PRINDLE Betsey?
 Birth30 August 1776SPERRY Silas?
 Death21 October 1776CHATFIELD Esther?
 Birthabout 1776UFFORD Mabel?
 Birth15 June 1777PERRY James?
 Death17 June 1777JACKSON Anna or Anne?
 Marriage4 June 1778CHATFIELD Samuel with BEDELL Eunice?
 Birth14 June 1778CHATFIELD John Frederick?
 Death30 June 1778CHATFIELD Oliver?
 Birth11 January 1780CHATFIELD James?
 Christening8 May 1780CHATFIELD Sarah Ann?
 Marriage28 September 1780CHATFIELD Gideon with JONES Elizabeth?
 Birth1780CHATFIELD Sarah Ann?
 Death9 May 1781BLACKMAN Anna?
 Birth16 September 1781CHATFIELD Hannah?
 Birth12 March 1782HULL John Clark?
 Birth24 March 1782CHATFIELD William?
 Christening25 March 1782CHATFIELD William?
 BirthJuly 1783CHATFIELD David King?
 Birth1 October 1783PERRY Nancy?
 Birth18 April 1784FRENCH Sheldon?
 Birth10 July 1784CHATFIELD Anson?
 Death17 May 1785CHATFIELD Samuel?
 Birth4 September 1785FRENCH Nichols?
 Birth5 September 1785DAVIS Anson R?
 Marriage12 February 1786CHATFIELD Daniel with WHITMORE Elizabeth?
 Birth21 January 1787CHATFIELD Rachel?
 Birth2 February 1787FRENCH Lucy?
 Christening20 August 1787CHATFIELD Divine?
 Death23 November 1787CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Birth1787CHATFIELD Divine?
 Death13 May 1788HINMAN Hannah?
 Death16 May 1788PERRY Betty?
 Birth23 September 1788WOOSTER Mamre?
 BirthSeptember 1788CHATFIELD Russell?
 Birth27 April 1789FRENCH John?
 Birth12 May 1789DURRAND Hannah?
 Birth28 August 1789CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Death23 September 1789BEECHER Isaac?
 Birth1 February 1790CHATFIELD Sherman?
 Birth20 May 1790CHATFIELD Abijah?
 Birth28 October 1790CHATFIELD Lois?
 Birthabout 1790CHATFIELD Frederick F?
 Birth1790CHATFIELD Lucinda?
 Marriageabout 1790LOVELAND Treat with PRINDLE Betsey?
 Birth21 February 1791FRENCH Joseph?
 Marriage12 January 1792CHATFIELD Abijah with BALL Hannah?
 Death26 February 1792FOX Comfort?
 Birth10 March 1792CHATFIELD Asahel?
 BirthSeptember 1792CHATFIELD Henry H?
 Marriage28 October 1792BUCKINGHAM Ebenezer with WOODRUFF Olive?
 Birth11 May 1793FRENCH Sarah?
 Birth11 May 1793LOVELAND Lois?
 Birth15 October 1793CHATFIELD John?
 Birth30 November 1793BUCKINGHAM Aurelius?
 Birth21 March 1794TIBBALS Amanda?
 Birth16 April 1794BEECHER Laura?
 Birth11 July 1794CHATFIELD Elias?
 Birth27 August 1794BUCKINGHAM Clarissa?
 Death27 October 1794MALLORY Freelove Amy?
 Birth1794CHATFIELD Lyman?
 Birth16 April 1795FRENCH David?
 Marriage30 June 1795PERRY Gideon with CHATFIELD Comfort?
 Birth20 December 1795BUCKINGHAM Roanna?
 Birth5 April 1796CHATFIELD Nancy?
 Birth12 May 1796WILCOXSON Nathan J?
 Birth17 June 1797FRENCH Philo?
 Birth1797CHATFIELD Polly Maria?
 Birth1 February 1798CHATFIELD Bennett?
 Birth15 February 1798PERRY Thirza?
 Birth22 June 1798BATES Julia?
 Death3 November 1798CHATFIELD Comfort?
 Birth21 November 1798CHATFIELD Hannah?
 Birth12 January 1799CHATFIELD Elizabeth Ann?
 Birth6 February 1799BUCKINGHAM Mary?
19 century
 Birth18 November 1800RIGGS Eli?
 Birthabout 1800CHATFIELD Pamelia \ Parmela?
 Birth1800CHATFIELD Pulaski?
 Birth19 July 1801CHATFIELD Isaiah?
 Marriage5 August 1801HYDE Ira Aurelius with CHATFIELD Sarah Ann?
 Death27 September 1801CHATFIELD Bennett?
 Birthabout 1802CHAPMAN Mary?
 Birth1802CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Marriage24 January 1803HULL John Clark with CHATFIELD Hannah?
 DeathMay 1803LANE Sarah?
 Birth17 August 1804BUCKINGHAM Cynthia?
 Birth8 February 1805CHATFIELD Jane?
 Birth3 May 1805MORRIS Jason?
 Birth26 March 1806BUCKINGHAM Nancy?
 Birth12 July 1806DAVIS Burritt?
 Birth13 November 1806GUNN Silas?
 Birth15 December 1807SPERRY Augusta?
 Birthabout 1807CHATFIELD Bennet?
 Birthabout 1807CHATFIELD Bennett?
 Death20 April 1808TWITCHELL Samuel?
 Birth6 May 1808OSBORN Sarah Electa?
 Death12 July 1808CHATFIELD Sheldon?
 Death1808SPERRY Eleazer Elisha?
 BirthApril 1809HULL Shelden?
 Death4 May 1810TUCKER Samuel?
 Birth13 December 1810CHATFIELD George?
 Death18 February 1811FRENCH Nichols?
 Birth25 April 1811SPERRY Jane E?
 Death12 January 1812CHATFIELD Sarah Riggs?
 Birth26 August 1812CHATFIELD Sheldon?
 Birth27 February 1813TOMLINSON Charles Augustus?
 Birth3 May 1813SPERRY Charles Jones?
 Marriage9 December 1813CHATFIELD Henry H with TIBBALS Amanda?
 Birth7 February 1814GRIFFIN William J?
 Birth1 April 1814CHATFIELD Edwin?
 Death19 July 1814PERRY Gideon?
 Birth12 November 1814SMITH Ruth Ann?
 Marriage1 January 1815CHATFIELD Chester with BUCKINGHAM Clarissa?
 Death9 June 1815CHATFIELD George?
 Birth25 June 1815SPERRY John Proctor?
 Birth19 October 1815CHATFIELD Frederick Henry?
 Birth1815CHATFIELD Divine?
 Death9 June 1816CHATFIELD Edwin?
 Death15 July 1816FRENCH Joseph Nichols?
 Birth21 September 1816CHATFIELD Philo?
 Birth1816SMITH Augusta?
 Death23 April 1817CHATFIELD Gideon?
 Birth10 October 1817SPERRY Laura Maria?
 Death18 November 1818DURRAND Hannah?
 Marriage1818CABLE Roswell with CHATFIELD Hannah?
 Birth1818CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth1818RIGGS Clark?
 Birth12 January 1819HULL John Cyrus?
 Birth6 May 1819CHATFIELD Harvey W?
 Birth6 May 1819CHATFIELD Henry?
 Christening14 May 1819CHATFIELD Harvey W?
 Christening14 May 1819CHATFIELD Henry?
 Death15 August 1819FRENCH Philo?
 Birth27 November 1819SPERRY Emmeline Jenette?
 Birth8 March 1820CABLE Mary Ann?
 Birth6 June 1820BUCKINGHAM Philo Beecher?
 BirthJuly 1820GUNN Frederick S?
 Birth23 August 1820FRENCH Nichols?
 Birth1820RIGGS Elliott?
 Death1820SMITH Christopher?
 Death3 October 1821? Mary Ann?
 Birth26 January 1822CHATFIELD Amanda Henrietta?
 Birth3 February 1822CABLE Agur Edwin?
 Birth29 March 1822HAWKINS Lewis?
 Birth18 April 1822CHATFIELD David B?
 Residence1822CABLE Agur Edwin?
 Birth1822RIGGS Eliza?
 Birthabout 1822CABLE Horace Scott?
 Birth1 January 1823PERKINS Sally Caroline?
 Birth1 January 1823SPERRY Lucinda?
 Marriage25 February 1823CHATFIELD Lewis with PERRY Thirza?
 Marriage7 July 1823CHATFIELD David King with CHAPMAN Mary?
 Marriage1 November 1823PERRY James with CHATFIELD Lois?
 Death24 November 1823GUNN Frederick S?
 Birth14 March 1824CHATFIELD Albert?
 Birth22 May 1824CHATFIELD Martha M?
 Birth24 July 1824CABLE Lavinia Lucy?
 Birth1824CHATFIELD Eliza?
 Birth1824RIGGS Charles?
 Birth12 March 1825PERRY Elizabeth Jane?
 Marriage27 June 1825CHATFIELD Pulaski with TIBBALS Amanda?
 Marriage14 December 1825HOLBROOK Austin with SPERRY Augusta?
 Birth1825FRENCH Jane Maria?
 Birth10 March 1826SPERRY Thomas Albert?
 Birth18 May 1826CABLE Julia Elizabeth?
 Birth16 July 1826CHATFIELD Eunice?
 Birth13 September 1826CHATFIELD John Lyman?
 Death25 November 1826BALL Hannah?
 Birth1826RIGGS Nancy?
 Death21 January 1827KING Mary?
 Death2 March 1827JONES Elizabeth?
 Death27 July 1827CHATFIELD John Frederick?
 Death27 November 1827WHITMORE Sarah?
 Birth15 January 1828CHATFIELD Benjamin Pulaski?
 Birth5 March 1828CHATFIELD Enos Beecher?
 Birth28 August 1828CABLE Frederick Abijah?
 Death21 September 1828CHATFIELD Thomas?
 BirthNovember 1828SPERRY Bennett?
 Birth4 February 1829CHATFIELD Mary?
 Marriage8 March 1829FRENCH David with WOOSTER Elizabeth Ann?
 Birth24 July 1829GUNN Flora Philinda?
 Birth1829CHATFIELD Maria?
 Birth13 August 1830MCEWEN Maria Louisa?
 Birth28 September 1830CABLE Betsey Mariah?
 Marriageabout 1830WILCOXSON Nathan J with BLACKMAN Anna?
 Birth1830FRENCH John?
 Birth23 February 1831CHATFIELD Lucretia Mary?
 Birth23 February 1831CHATFIELD Mary Frances?
 Birth8 July 1831CHATFIELD Harriet Crittenden?
 Birth14 July 1831SPERRY George Cornelius?
 Birth26 July 1831WILCOXSON Frances A?
 Death1 October 1831CHATFIELD Jennette?
 Death4 November 1831CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth3 June 1832HUBBELL Elizabeth Jane?
 BirthJune 1832FRENCH William Oscar?
 BirthAugust 1832CHATFIELD Bennett?
 Birth11 October 1832DAVIS Sarah Electa?
 Birth1832CABLE Roswell?
 Death20 February 1833CHATFIELD Truman Freeman?
 Birth23 April 1833CHATFIELD Emily C?
 Marriage19 February 1834HULL Frederick with SMITH Ruth Ann?
 Birth11 November 1834HUBBELL John P?
 Birth1834CABLE Horace?
 Death4 January 1835COE Mary?
 Marriage27 April 1835CHATFIELD Bennett with TURNER Ruth Adaline?
 Birth15 December 1835CHATFIELD Charles Smith?
 BirthJanuary 1836FRENCH Austin W?
 Birth21 March 1836FRENCH Bennett?
 Death13 March 1837FRENCH Austin W?
 Death25 April 1837HINMAN Philo?
 Death28 June 1837CHATFIELD John Frederick?
 Death2 September 1837CABLE Roswell?
 Birth10 November 1837CHATFIELD Alfred Bennett?
 Birth15 December 1837CHATFIELD Wales?
 Birth10 April 1838CABLE Hannah Jennette?
 Birth17 April 1838CHATFIELD Benjamin Franklin?
 Marriage23 April 1838MORRIS Jason with BUCKINGHAM Cynthia?
 Death12 September 1838PERRY James?
 Birth22 July 1839CHATFIELD Edward Wales?
 Death23 September 1839BUCKINGHAM Ebenezer?
 Marriage19 November 1840CHATFIELD Frederick Henry with WILLIAMS Priscilla Cornelia?
 Death20 December 1840BUCKINGHAM Clarissa?
 Birth16 February 1841WILLIAMS Elsie Maria?
 Death8 November 1841PERRY Nancy?
 Birth25 November 1841CHATFIELD George S?
 Birth25 December 1841TOMLINSON Ellen?
 Birthabout 1841CABLE Hanford E?
 Marriage1841SMITH Clark with CHATFIELD Amanda Henrietta?
 Birth24 March 1842HUBBELL Frederick William?
 Birth20 June 1842SMITH Laura Cornelia?
 Marriage12 October 1842BUCKINGHAM Philo Beecher with PERKINS Sally Caroline?
 Birth1842CABLE Jewett?
 Birth28 February 1843CHATFIELD Jane W?
 Birth24 May 1843CHATFIELD Eugene A?
 Birth30 May 1843CHATFIELD Heber C?
 Death14 July 1843HAWKINS Sarah?
 Birth4 February 1844CHATFIELD Charles Henry?
 Birth2 April 1844CABLE Glover Wheeler?
 Marriage9 April 1844CHATFIELD Harvey W with BUCKINGHAM Harriet Esther?
 Birth14 August 1844LEEK Frank Alonzo?
 Birth24 September 1844HUBBELL Wales Austin?
 Birth2 March 1845CHATFIELD Julia?
 Death4 June 1845FRENCH David?
 Birth15 September 1845TOMLINSON Willard Earl?
 Death4 October 1845CHATFIELD John J?
 Marriage19 November 1845SPERRY George I. with CABLE Mary Ann?
 Birth23 April 1846HULL Albert E?
 Birth19 November 1846WILLIAMS Alice Jane?
 Birth5 December 1846CHATFIELD Frances A?
 Birthabout 1846LEEK Horace C?
 Birth4 May 1847HULL Caroline?
 Birth24 August 1847CHATFIELD John F?
 Death1 September 1847CHATFIELD Lucinda?
 Birth19 November 1847FRENCH Sarah Jane?
 Death28 February 1848HULL Caroline?
 Birth20 March 1848CHATFIELD Wilbur F?
 Marriage26 February 1849CLARK Wilson Hart with CABLE Julia Elizabeth?
 Death1 November 1849WOODRUFF Olive?
 Marriage25 March 1850PERRY George with SPERRY Emmeline Jenette?
 Death26 July 1850SPERRY Silas?
 Marriage16 December 1850BALDWIN Augustus Franklin with CHATFIELD Eunice?
 Residence1850CHATFIELD Divine?
 Residence1850CHATFIELD Grace D?
 Birth13 May 1851LEEK Frederick T?
 Birth25 May 1851CLARK Julia Elizabeth?
 Death4 June 1851FRENCH Sarah Jane?
 Marriage31 August 1851JOHNSON Nathan S. with CABLE Betsey Mariah?
 Marriage24 April 1853CABLE Frederick Abijah with DAVIS Sarah Electa?
 Birth4 July 1853LEEK Elizabeth Amanda?
 Death15 September 1853CHATFIELD David King?
 Death8 January 1854LEEK Alonzo?
 Birth25 March 1854CLARK Lillian?
 Birth22 May 1854CABLE Frances Eliza?
 Death3 September 1854CHATFIELD Hannah?
 Birth11 October 1854CHATFIELD William Howard?
 Marriage30 November 1854WRITER Gabriel M with CABLE Hannah Jennette?
 Marriage24 December 1854HAWKINS Lewis with HOLBROOK Mary Grace?
 Death28 January 1855WOOSTER Mamre?
 Death16 May 1855CABLE Frances Eliza?
 Death23 November 1855WOOSTER Nathaniel?
 Death9 June 1856CABLE Horace Scott?
 Death29 June 1856CHATFIELD Polly Maria?
 Marriage30 August 1857CHATFIELD Howard Guy with CARRINGTON Emily \ Emmeline G?
 Death25 December 1857PLUMB Charity?
 Death30 March 1858CHATFIELD Lewis?
 Birth3 December 1858CLARK Wilson Henry?
 Death7 July 1859TUTTLE Maria?
 Birth14 August 1859FRENCH Charles Beebe?
 Birth1859TOMLINSON Phebe Augusta?
 Birth5 February 1860STODDARD Lillie M?
 Death24 March 1860CHATFIELD Divine?
 Death5 May 1860CHATFIELD Rachel?
 Death25 June 1860GRIFFIN Betsey Maria?
 Residence1860LEEK Elizabeth Amanda?
 Marriage17 March 1861WILLIAMS Nelson B with PERRY Elizabeth Jane?
 Birth14 July 1861WARNER Nathan J?
 Birth12 August 1861HUBBELL Henry Murray?
 Birth27 August 1861CLARK Helen Marian?
 BirthAugust 1861HINMAN Ransom B?
 Death19 September 1861WILCOXSON Frances A?
 Death9 August 1863CABLE Roswell?
 Death20 September 1863HUBBELL Elizabeth Jane?
 Death7 November 1863HUBBELL Henry Murray?
 Birth11 December 1863HOSLEY William Henry?
 BirthDecember 1863WARNER Charles Bennett?
 Birth1863WILLIAMS Henry Perry?
 Death22 May 1864SPERRY Roxy?
 BirthJune 1864WILLIAMS Alma Elizabeth?
 Death5 November 1864SMITH Willis?
 Death31 August 1865WARNER Charles Bennett?
 Birth12 December 1865WARNER Arthur Gaius?
 Death26 December 1865SPERRY George I.?
 DeathMarch 1866CHATFIELD Betsey?
 Death16 May 1866HUBBELL Wales Austin?
 Death16 September 1866GUNN Silas?
 Death25 September 1866HULL John Clark?
 Marriage18 August 1867THOMAS William W with CHATFIELD Julia?
 Birth18 August 1867RADCLIFFE Albert Edward?
 Marriage5 April 1868DOOLITTLE Edmund Lewis with CABLE Mary Ann?
 Birth22 September 1868SANFORD Sherman?
 Birth26 November 1868CHATFIELD Edward Russell?
 Death21 February 1869CHAPMAN Mary?
 Death5 June 1869CHATFIELD Enos?
 Birth4 November 1869CABLE Sarah Frederica?
 Death29 April 1870VANHOUTEN Sarah Jane?
 Death11 May 1870FRENCH Joseph?
 BirthJuly 1870CHATFIELD Mary L?
 Death3 October 1870BLACKMAN Anna?
 Death28 April 1871CHATFIELD Mary L?
 Birth4 June 1871CHATFIELD Carrie Julia?
 Birth23 October 1871FRENCH Edward Nichols?
 Death21 December 1871HULL John Cyrus?
 Death4 June 1872BATEMAN Olive?
 Death8 January 1873CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Marriage12 November 1873CABLE Glover Wheeler with HATCH Huldah Elizabeth?
 Death29 January 1874BEECHER Laura?
 Death11 July 1874FRENCH Sarah?
 Death15 March 1875CHATFIELD Lois?
 Birth6 October 1875CHATFIELD Jenny F?
 Birth15 February 1876CHATFIELD William Everett?
 Death18 February 1876CHATFIELD Jenny F?
 BirthJuly 1877CABLE Frederick Alfred?
 Birth6 September 1878CHATFIELD Thomas Heber?
 Death11 October 1878SPERRY Augusta?
 Birth17 January 1879CABLE Henry Roswell?
 Birth5 July 1879CHATFIELD Clark Charles?
 Death25 July 1879CHATFIELD Clark Charles?
 Death31 May 1880CHATFIELD Isaiah?
 BirthSeptember 1880CABLE Julia Gertrude?
 Residence1880? Jennie?
 Residence1880LEEK Frederick T?
 Residence1880CABLE Lavinia Lucy?
 Birth6 January 1881CHATFIELD Mary Clark?
 Birth1 October 1881TREAT Mary Henrietta?
 Death12 July 1882HOTCHKISS Jenny J?
 Death30 September 1882WILCOXSON Nathan J?
 BirthDecember 1882CABLE Nelson Miles?
 Death27 October 1883CHATFIELD Hannah?
 Death24 July 1884BUCKINGHAM Aurelius?
 Birth22 October 1885CHATFIELD Josephine Harriet?
 BirthAugust 1886CABLE Horace Scott?
 Death12 January 1887BATES Julia?
 Death23 February 1887FRENCH Nichols?
 Birth3 March 1887POPE Charles Parker?
 Death1887DOWNS Smith?
 BirthSeptember 1888CABLE Lillian Clark?
 Death4 January 1889OSBORN Sarah Electa?
 Birth31 July 1889CHATFIELD Edith Lillian?
 Death15 May 1890CHATFIELD Josephine Harriet?
 Death23 July 1890CHATFIELD Edith Lillian?
 Death13 September 1890PERRY Thirza?
 Death14 October 1890BEEBE Jane \ Mary?
 Birth7 August 1892CHATFIELD Benjamin Thomas?
 Death24 May 1893DAVIS Burritt?
 Death25 November 1893FRENCH John?
 Birth1895FRENCH Flora Jane?
 Death1896FRENCH Flora Jane?
 Marriage8 June 1898SANFORD Sherman with CABLE Bessie Minerva?
 Birth1898FRENCH Terrence B?
 Death1899FRENCH Terrence B?
20 century
 Birth27 February 1900SANFORD Helen Augusta?
 Marriage8 April 1901HOSLEY William Henry with WARNER Mary Louise?
 Marriage18 June 1902JAMES George Walter with CABLE Julia Gertrude?
 Birth11 April 1903FRENCH Abbie Mae?
 Death6 June 1904FRENCH William Oscar?
 Death1904MURRAY Bridget?
 Death17 January 1905BOOTH Anne Eliza?
 Death3 March 1905SPERRY Laura Maria?
 Death1906HAWKINS Lewis?
 Death30 April 1907CLARK Jane Eunice?
 Death29 September 1907CHATFIELD William Everett?
 Death10 February 1909TOMLINSON Ann Maria?
 Death28 June 1910CHATFIELD Edward Wales?
 Marriage2 November 1910ROBINSON Pearl H with CABLE Emma Jeannette?
 Death21 February 1911CHATFIELD Albert?
 Marriage18 June 1913POPE Charles Parker with CABLE Lillian Clark?
 Death11 December 1913HOLBROOK Mary Grace?
 Death28 September 1915ROBINSON Pearl H?
 Death8 March 1918LEEK Frank Alonzo?
 Death9 November 1919CABLE Glover Wheeler?
 Death24 July 1923STODDARD Lillie M?
 Death2 November 1927FRENCH Charles Beebe?
 Death11 October 1930SMITH Laura Cornelia?
 Death17 October 1930HATCH Huldah Elizabeth?
 Death4 July 1935HULL Cyrus John?
 Death20 February 1950FRENCH Frederick Jordan?
 Death1957CABLE Bessie Minerva?
 Death13 November 1958CHATFIELD Henry Oliver?
 Marriage8 April 1961CHATFIELD George Allen with SCHUR Jane Carol?
 Residence1972WOODWORTH Joan E?
 Death11 September 1975FRENCH Abbie Mae?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Marriage23 February 1757FAIRCHILD Abiel with CHATFIELD Anna?
19 century
 Marriage22 January 1801TWITCHELL Samuel with HINMAN Lucy?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth25 November 1766WOOSTER Nathaniel?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD George Welton?
 Burial?HULL Cyrus John?
 Burial?HULL Caroline?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Mary Ida?
 Burial?BROWN William Edward?
 Burial?CHATFIELD John Lyman?
 Burial?BEEBE Jane \ Mary?
 Burial?MORSE Jennie Louise?
 Burial?BATES Julia?
 Burial?AINSWORTH Sylvia Ann?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Frank Benjamin?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Eliza Judd?
 Burial?CHATFIELD John Lyman?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Benjamin Rockwell?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Benjamin Pulaski?
 Burial?TOMLINSON Ann Maria?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Sarah Ann?
 Burial?FRENCH Edward Nichols?
 Burial?SMITH GIBBS Maude Agnes?
 Burial?WOOSTER Elizabeth Ann?
 Burial?FRENCH John?
 Burial?FRENCH William Oscar?
 Burial?FRENCH Terrence B?
 Burial?FRENCH Sheldon?
 Burial?FRENCH Sarah?
 Burial?FRENCH Laura Ann?
 Burial?FRENCH Flora Jane?
 Burial?FRENCH Doris Adelaide?
 Burial?BATES Pauline Ainsworth?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Ebenezer?
 Burial?JUDD Sarah Eliza?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Lizzie Julia?
 Burial?FREEMAN Horace Smith?
 Burial?FRENCH David?
 Burial?TAYLOR Harriet Emmaline?
 Burial?FRENCH Charles Beebe?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Polly Maria?
 Burial?FRENCH Abbie Mae?
 Burial?FRENCH Joseph?
 Burial?FRENCH John?
 Burial?FRENCH Sarah Jane?
 Burial?FRENCH Nichols?
 Burial?FRENCH Mary Ann?
 Burial?BOOTH Anne Eliza?
 Burial?FRENCH Austin W?
 Burial?BATES Sylvia Chatfield?
 Burial?HULL John Clark?
 Burial?HULL John Cyrus?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Hannah?
 Burial?JORDAN Nancy?
 Burial?FRENCH Frederick Jordan?
 Burial?FRENCH Nichols?
 Burial?FRENCH Philo?
 Burial?STODDARD Lillie M?
 Burial?FRENCH Joseph Nichols?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Edwin Henry?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?SMITH Augusta?
 Burial?GATES Alice E?
 Burial?HUBBELL Frederick William?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?SPERRY Roxy?
19 century
 Marriage29 JAN/JUN 1856SPERRY Lucius Perkins with CHATFIELD Emily C?
 Marriage26 January 1868CHATFIELD Heber C with WOOSTER Jane G?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?HATCH Huldah Elizabeth?
 Christening?CABLE Frederick Alfred?
 Burial?CABLE Glover Wheeler?
 Christening?CABLE Henry Roswell?
19 century
 Christening27 June 1847CHATFIELD Julia?
 Christening3 September 1848CABLE Hannah Jennette?
 Marriage20 September 1851CHATFIELD Enos Beecher with SEYMOUR Mary Elizabeth?
 Christening28 November 1854LEEK Elizabeth Amanda?
 Christening30 August 1861CLARK Helen Marian?
 Christening14 January 1864WARNER Charles Bennett?
 Christening12 December 1865WARNER Arthur Gaius?
 Christening31 May 1869WARNER Mary Louise?
 Christening4 June 1871CHATFIELD Edward Russell?
 Christening13 October 1871CHATFIELD Carrie Julia?
 Birth15 July 1875CABLE Bessie Minerva?
 Christening17 September 1880CABLE Julia Gertrude?
 Christening6 January 1881CHATFIELD Mary Clark?
 Christening16 April 1882CHATFIELD Ruth Wooster?
 Christening16 April 1882CHATFIELD Thomas Heber?
 Christening11 December 1882CABLE Nelson Miles?
 Christening1 February 1885CABLE Emma Jeannette?
 Christening28 October 1885CHATFIELD Josephine Harriet?
 Christening12 August 1886CABLE Horace Scott?
 Christening17 September 1888CABLE Lillian Clark?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Divine?
 Burial?LEEK Frank Alonzo?
 Burial?MURRAY Bridget?
 Burial?HUBBELL Henry S?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Edwin?
 Burial?WARD Susan Hepsie?
 Burial?HUBBELL Charle T?
 Burial?DAVIS Burritt?
 Burial?ROBINSON Pearl H?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Edward Wales?
 Burial?WILLIAMS Alma Elizabeth?
 Burial?HINMAN Ransom B?
 Burial?WOOSTER Mamre?
 Burial?JAMES George Walter?
 Burial?CHATFIELD William Everett?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Charles Smith?
 Burial?CHATFIELD George?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Edith Lillian?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Josephine Harriet?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Enos?
 Burial?CABLE Horace Scott?
 Burial?WILLIAMS Alice Jane?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Jennette?
 Burial?WILLIAMS Henry Perry?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Clark Charles?
 Burial?PERRY Elizabeth Jane?
 Burial?OSBORN Sarah Electa?
 Burial?HUBBELL Henry Murray?
 Burial?HUBBELL George Sperry?
 Burial?HUBBELL Mary Elizabeth?
 Burial?CABLE Julia Gertrude?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Alfred Bennett?
 Burial?CLARK Jane Eunice?
 Burial?CABLE Emma Jeannette?
 Burial?TUTTLE Maria?
19 century
 Burial1883WILLIAMS Nelson B?
 Burial1886WILLIAMS Elsie Maria?

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