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United Kingdom - WSX West Sussex - Haywards heath RH16 - Princess Royal Hospital, Sussex West : 34 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Death?BIGGS Ethel Mary?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening26 July 1891CHATFIELD Charlie?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening30 November 1873VAUGHAN Charlotte Louisa?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1873VAUGHAN Charlotte Louisa?
 Birth1881PARSONS Rosa Harriett?
 Birthabout 1884CHATFIELD Harry A?
 Birth1888CHATFIELD Frank?
 Birth1891CHATFIELD Charlie?
 Marriage10 July 1898PARSONS Thomas Edward with WELLER Eliza Elizabeth?
20 century
 Death1983CHATFIELD Frank?
 Death1983CHATFIELD Ida Alice?
 DeathNovember 1984BENNETT Bernard K?
 Death1984CHATFIELD Annie Isabel?
 Death1985BAMPTON Verdun Nellie R?
 DeathMay 1986CHATFIELD Jesse?
 DeathAugust 1986CHATFIELD Nellie?
 Death1986CHATFIELD Edith Caroline?
 Death1987LONG Clarence G?
 Death1988MARKWICK Edward G H?
 Death1990LONG Isabel May?
 DeathJanuary 1992CHATFIELD Leslie Martin?
 Death1 October 1992CHATFIELD Providence George John?
 MarriageSeptember 1994CHATFIELD Russell Charles with ROWLAND Louise Patricia?
 Death1994COOPER Helen Florence?
 BirthJuly 1995CHATFIELD Connor Colin M?
 Death1996CHATFIELD Rosina Annie?
 Marriage1997LANGLEY Christopher C with CHATFIELD Teresa Jane?
 DeathApril 1999WOOLLVEN Phyllis M?
21 century
 BirthAugust 2000LANGLEY Joseph Charles?
 Death2000ADDISON Leonard Horace?
 BirthMay 2001LOBLEY Andrea Emma?
 Death2001HILTON Violet Maud?
 Death2001JEFFERY Harry James?
 BirthNovember 2003LANGLEY Alexander Richard P?



United Kingdom - WSX West Sussex - Horsham RH12 - 4 West St., Sussex West : 266 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1 July 1861CHATFIELD Charles John?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?DENDY Issue 9?
18 century
 Birth1754/1765DENDY William?
 Marriage6 November 1788DENDY William with STRUDWICK Sarah \ Sari?
 Christening25 October 1789DENDY William?
 Birth1789DENDY William?
 Christening21 November 1790DENDY Samuel?
 Birth1790DENDY Samuel?
 Marriage30 December 1791DENDY Samuel with BECHELY Sarah?
 Christening5 February 1792DENDY John?
 Birth1792DENDY John?
 Christening20 October 1793DENDY Charles?
 Birth1793DENDY Charles?
19 century
 Christening9 May 1811DENDY William?
 Birth1811DENDY William?
 Marriage14 May 1815DENDY William with SCUTT Sarah?
 Birthabout 1825DENDY Thomas?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1839ATTWATER Ann?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birthabout 1806SPRIGGS Elizabeth?
 Marriage11 August 1824DENDY Charles with SPRIGGS Elizabeth?
 Birth1828VENN Ann?
 Birthabout 1840DENDY Frederick Peter?
 Birthabout 1842DENDY William?
 Marriage14 June 1848CHATFIELD John Maurice with MOASE Eliza?
 Birth1848DENDY George?
 Christening18 August 1850CHATFIELD John Maurice?
 Burial20 August 1850CHATFIELD John Maurice?
 Birth1850CHATFIELD John Maurice?
 Death1850CHATFIELD John Maurice?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Marriage18 February 1798CHATFIELD Samuel with MERCER Mary?
 Christening30 December 1798CHATFIELD Thomas?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Burial21 April 1833BROOK Mary?
 Burial14 January 1844CHATFIELD John?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birthabout 1737FULLER Mary?
 Birth1799HERYET \ HERRIOTT Thomas?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?DENDY Issue?
 Birth?GREATWICK Henry?
17 century
 Birthabout 1625CHAMBERS John?
 Marriage14 September 1631DUMBRELL Francis with PATCHING Lucy?
 Christening26 January 1635ROWLAND Elizabeth?
 Marriage9 October 1673GREATWICK Henry with CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Burial26 February 1684PATCHING Lucy?
18 century
 Christening10 December 1736BOTTING \ BOOTTING Ann \ Anne?
 Marriage24 June 1755PATCHING John with TUGWELL Elizabeth?
 Marriage19 July 1761CHATFIELD Benjamin with BOTTING \ BOOTTING Ann \ Anne?
 Christening11 May 1788CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth1788CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth1788MILLER Philadelphia?
 Birthabout 1790? Sarah?
 Marriage1795WELLER James with BURSTOW Jane?
 Birthabout 1795CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth1798CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Christening14 April 1799CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth1799CHATFIELD Mary?
19 century
 Christening10 October 1800CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth1800CHATFIELD Mary?
 Christening19 April 1801CHATFIELD Edward?
 Birth1801CHATFIELD Edward?
 Christening23 January 1803CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Christening28 January 1803CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1803CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1803CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Christening28 November 1804CHATFIELD Hannah?
 Christening7 December 1804CHATFIELD Kitty?
 Birth1804CHATFIELD Hannah?
 Birth1804CHATFIELD Kitty?
 Birth3 November 1806CHATFIELD Richard?
 Christening9 January 1807CHATFIELD Richard?
 Marriage14 May 1808WELLER James with CHATFIELD Anne?
 Burial1 December 1808MERCER Mary?
 Burial8 December 1808CHATFIELD Samuel?
 Burial15 February 1809CHATFIELD Kitty?
 Christening6 September 1809CHATFIELD Abraham Brooke?
 Birth1809CHATFIELD Abraham Brooke?
 Death1809CHATFIELD Kitty?
 Marriage8 February 1810CHATFIELD Charles with MILLER Philadelphia?
 Christening17 June 1810PARKHURST Rebecca?
 Christening30 December 1810CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Birth1810CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Birth1810PARKHURST Rebecca?
 Christening18 July 1813CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Birth1813CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Christening11 September 1815CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth1815CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birthabout 1816BEECHING John?
 Christening5 April 1818CHATFIELD Jane?
 Birth1818CHATFIELD Jane?
 Christening24 October 1819CHATFIELD Henry Roser?
 Birth1819CHATFIELD Henry Roser?
 Christening11 August 1820CHATFIELD Jane?
 Christening11 August 1820CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Birth1820CHATFIELD Jane?
 Birth1820CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Burial8 September 1822ROSER Mary?
 Christening17 September 1826CHATFIELD Thomas William?
 Christening15 October 1826STOVELL Benjamin?
 Birthabout 1827? Mary?
 Birth1827DALE Harriet?
 Death5 March 1829STOVELL Benjamin?
 Christening2 May 1830STOVELL Stephen?
 Marriage30 May 1830SCUTT William with DINES Fanny?
 Birth15 July 1830HEWS Alice Elizabeth?
 Christening14 July 1833STOVELL John?
 Christening21 July 1833BURSTOW Rosina?
 Burial5 July 1834SAYERS Maurice?
 Christening12 October 1834CHATFIELD William Parkhurst?
 Birth1834CHATFIELD William Parkhurst?
 Christening18 January 1835STOVELL Hannah Chatfield?
 Christening24 January 1836CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth1836CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth1837DALE Elizabeth?
 Christening1 April 1838CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1838CHATFIELD John?
 Christening7 June 1840STOVELL Thomas?
 Birth19 July 1840CHATFIELD Henry Roser?
 Christening30 August 1840CHATFIELD Henry Roser?
 Christening30 May 1841STOVELL Edwin?
 Marriage1842FLINT Thomas with COTTINGTON Ann?
 Christening5 February 1843CHATFIELD Emily?
 Birth1843CHATFIELD Emily?
 DeathJanuary 1844CHATFIELD John?
 Christening10 August 1845CHATFIELD Ann \ Anne?
 Birth1845CHATFIELD Ann \ Anne?
 Christening8 March 1846STOVELL Albert Henry?
 Birth1846SCUTT Sophia?
 Birthabout 1846STOVELL Albert Henry?
 Birth1847CHATFIELD Charles?
 Death1847DINES Fanny?
 Birthabout 1847FEIST Eliza?
 Birth1847DOWNER Charles?
 Birth1847STONER Charles?
 Christening16 January 1848CHATFIELD Charles?
 Marriage1848DENDY Thomas with ? Mary?
 Marriage2 April 1850CHATFIELD John Maurice with VENN Ann?
 Christening22 December 1850CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Birth1850CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Marriage15 December 1853SILVESTER Edward with CHATFIELD Jane?
 Birth1854CHATFIELD Elizabeth Annie?
 Birth1854CHATFIELD Elizabeth Hannah?
 Birth1855CHATFIELD Alice E?
 Birth1855EASTON Fanny Maria?
 Christening25 January 1856CHATFIELD Alice E?
 Birth1856CHATFIELD Herbert?
 Birth1857CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth1858BEECHING Emma Jane?
 Marriage1858BEECHING John with HEWS Alice Elizabeth?
 Birth1858SEAGRAVE Agnes?
 BirthMay 1859CHATFIELD George Henry?
 Death1859? Jane?
 Marriage1859STILL Stephen with ATTWATER Ann?
 Birth1860BEECHING Henry?
 Marriage1860DENDY Walter with COMPER Caroline?
 Christening31 March 1861CHATFIELD Ellen Jane?
 Christening11 July 1861CHATFIELD Charles John?
 Birth1861CHATFIELD Ada?
 Birth1861CHATFIELD Ellen Jane?
 Christening9 February 1862CHATFIELD David John?
 Birth1862CHATFIELD David John?
 Death1863SPRIGGS Elizabeth?
 Christening9 May 1864CHATFIELD Grace?
 Birth1864CHATFIELD Grace?
 Death1864CHATFIELD Hannah?
 Death1864COMPER Caroline?
 Birth1866CHATFIELD Spencer T?
 Death1866VENN Edward?
 Birth1867CHATFIELD Godfrey?
 Death1869DALE Thomas?
 Marriage1870TEMPLETON Andrew Haswell with CHATFIELD Ann \ Anne?
 Birth1871TEMPLETON Rebecca Parkhurst?
 Death1872DENDY Charles?
 Birth1873BONIFACE Harriet Louisa,?
 Birth1873TEMPLETON Annie Victoria?
 Marriage1875MCKENZIE Donald with CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Marriage9 November 1876CHATFIELD Charles with SCUTT Sophia?
 Birthabout 1876MCKENZIE Alexander?
 Christening18 November 1877CHATFIELD Elizabeth Jane?
 Birth1877CHATFIELD Elizabeth Jane?
 DeathJanuary 1878SCUTT Sophia?
 Burial1 February 1878SCUTT Sophia?
 Death1878CHATFIELD Abraham Brooke?
 Death1878CHATFIELD Richard?
 Christening14 September 1879STONER Agnes May?
 Christening19 October 1879CHATFIELD Edith Emily?
 Death1879DOWNER William?
 Birth1879CHATFIELD Edith Emily?
 Death1879DENDY Frederick Peter?
 Birth1879STONER Agnes May?
 Death1880HEWS Emma Jane?
 Christening11 March 1883CHATFIELD Herbert George?
 Birth1883CHATFIELD Herbert George?
 Christening9 March 1884JUPP Eveline Charlotte?
 Burial16 February 1886CHATFIELD Henry Roser?
 Birth1888STEEL Edith Ellen?
 Marriage1890CHATFIELD Louis Victor with STEVENS Alice?
 Death1891MORGAN Sarah?
 Christening12 June 1892ROWE Maude Louise?
 Birth1892ROWE Maude Louise?
 Death1892BEECHING John?
 Death1892HEWS Alice Elizabeth?
 Marriage1895HEDGES Edwin George with CHATFIELD Ada?
 Marriage1898SANDLES Israel William with UPTON Alice Caroline?
 Marriage1898SANDLES Joseph with SWANN Jennie?
 Death1899PARKHURST Rebecca?
20 century
 Marriage17 August 1901CHATFIELD Frederick John with STONER Agnes May?
 Christening25 May 1902CHATFIELD Charles Frederick John Thomas?
 Birth1902CHATFIELD Charles Frederick John Thomas?
 Death1902BRACKPOOL Thomas?
 Death1902KNIGHT John Upton?
 Birth1903SAYERS Walter Henry C?
 Birth1905CHATFIELD Evelyn May?
 Birth1907ANSELL Gordon Matthew?
 Birth1907BAILLIE Emily Mabel?
 Birth1908CHATFIELD Dorothy Bessie F?
 Death1908GODSMARK Lydia Henty?
 Marriage1910SANDLES Frederick Edwin with BELLCHAMBERS Alice May?
 Death1910DENDY George?
 Birth6 June 1911TOMSETT Hilda May?
 Birth12 July 1911CHATFIELD Edward Alfred?
 Death1911CHATFIELD Harriett?
 Marriage1911CHATFIELD Herbert George with PULLEN Elsie Ellen?
 Birth1913CHATFIELD Leslie N?
 Birth1914ROWLAND Dorothy E?
 Death1915STONER Charles?
 Death1916ARNOLD Esther?
 Death1916CHATFIELD Jane Elizabeth?
 Death1921BRACKPOOL Sarah Ann?
 Marriage1926GREENFIELD George C with CHATFIELD May?
 Marriage1927SAYERS Walter Henry C with CHATFIELD Dorothy Bessie F?
 Marriage1927WOOD William G with CHATFIELD Evelyn May?
 Birth1928WOOD Anthony G?
 Death1929PENN Joseph Chatfield?
 Death1929SEAGRAVE Agnes?
 Death1931BAILLIE Wilthee Charles?
 Marriage1934CLEVERLEY Arthur E M with CHATFIELD Gladys Eileen Mary?
 Marriage1935CHATFIELD Claude Ronald with ROWLAND Dorothy E?
 Marriage1935CHATFIELD Harry Edward with MANNERS Nellie A?
 Death1940WOOD Anthony G?
 Death1947STONER Agnes May?
 Death1948CHATFIELD Frederick John?
 Marriage1949BROOKER Edward Henry J with MEDHURST Emily M?
 Death1950BURT Thomas Arthur?
 Birth1959STYLES Kevin J?
 Birth1960STYLES Jayne E?
 Death1960? Margaret Stuart?
 Death1960CHATFIELD Evelyn May?
 Death1961CHATFIELD Charles A?
 Death1962JUPP Fanny?
 Marriage1962BAKKER Hendrik with CHATFIELD Lois M?
 Death1962BROOKER Edward Henry J?
 Birth1964SIMPSON Joanna R?
 Birth1964STYLES Glyn E?
 Death1967CLEVERLEY Arthur E M?
 Death1969BELLCHAMBERS Alice May?
 Marriage1971CHATFIELD Anthony Leslie with CLARK Christine?
 Birth1971STYLES Richard James?
 Marriage1972BALLARD Paul with CHATFIELD Linda I.?
 Death1973CHATFIELD Charles Frederick John Thomas?
 Birth1974CHATFIELD Matthew Philip?
 Death1976ROSS Douglas Joseph Howard?
 DeathMay 1984CHATFIELD James Maon?
 Death1990CHATFIELD Norah Daisy B?
 DeathNovember 1993RAPLEY Gladys Irene?
 Death1994MACKINLAY Winifred Elizabeth Alice?
 Death21 March 1996CHATFIELD Margaret Ellen?
21 century
 Residence2002CHATFIELD Anthony Leslie?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth1790DALE Thomas?



United Kingdom - WSX West Sussex - Littlehampton BN17 - East Preston, Sussex West : 34 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1891CHATFIELD Wilfred Arthur?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening23 December 1866SNASHFOLD Sarah Ellen?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage7 October 1818DUKE James with CHAPMAN Anna Maria?
 Christening18 November 1849ORSBORN Charles?
 Christening27 January 1856RANSOM William?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death4 October 1819CHAPMAN Anna Maria?
 Birthabout 1820? Mary A?
 Birth1844HATCHER Albert?
 Birth1849ORSBORN Charles?
 Birthabout 1856RANSOM William?
 Birth1860FARNDELL Sarah J?
 Birth1864CHANT Ellen?
 Birth1866SNASHFOLD Sarah Ellen?
 Birth1872CHATFIELD Minnie?
 Birth1876ORSBORN William Charles?
 Birth1877ORSBORN Ernest Edward?
 Marriage6 June 1880RANSOM William with CHATFIELD Virginia?
 Birth1883RANSOM Alice Louisa?
 Birth1884RANSOM Ethel Kate?
 Marriage25 September 1887CHATFIELD George with STILES Eliza Jane?
 Birth1887RANSOM Maud Eleanor?
 Birth1889CHATFIELD Winifred?
 Birth1889RANSOM Leonard Jack?
 Birth1893CHATFIELD Dorothy Gladys?
 Christening13 September 1896BEECHING Walter Ernest?
 Christening16 January 1898BEECHING Nellie Vera?
 Birth1898CHATFIELD Nellie Caroline?
20 century
 Birth1900BEECHING Jane H?
 Birth1900RANSOM Emily Virginia?
 Death1908RANSOM William?
 Birth18 November 1945CHATFIELD Allan James?
 Death19 December 1996CHATFIELD Ronald Jack?
21 century
 Death27 March 2011CHATFIELD Graham Michael?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death17 March 1856DUKE James?



United Kingdom - WSX West Sussex - Midhurst GU29 - Fernhurst, Sussex West : 45 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening27 June 1824KINGSHOTT Charles?
 Christening25 December 1825TERRY Anthony?
 Birth1860KINGSHOTT Edmund?
 DeathJanuary 1885KINGSHOTT Charles?
 Marriage31 October 1891ETHERINGTON Samuel with POAT Jane?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening30 March 1776DABBS George?
 Birthabout 1776DABBS George?
19 century
 Birth28 March 1803DABBS Ann?
 Birth10 June 1804DABBS Sarah?
 Christening8 July 1804DABBS Sarah?
 Birthabout 1806DABBS Eliza?
 Birthabout 1807DABBS Mary?
 Christening3 January 1808DABBS Mary?
 Christening11 March 1810DABBS George?
 Birthabout 1810DABBS George?
 Birthabout 1813DABBS Elizabeth?
 Residence1881HUGHES Eliza?
 Residence1881CULLUM Henry E?
 Residence1881CHATFIELD Joseph?
 Residence1881CULLUM Ada Louisa?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1899CHATFIELD Ethel Kate?
20 century
 Birth18 January 1901CHATFIELD Leonard James Ellis?
 Birth1903CHATFIELD Mabel Jane?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 DeathJune 1916POAT Jane?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1854BRIGHT Mary Ann?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1866CHATFIELD Georgina L?
 Death1867HUGHES Mary?
 Death1872HUGHES James?
 Death1875CHALLEN John?
 Death1879SUETT Ruth?
 Birth1887BUCKMAN William?
 Death1887DABBS Elizabeth?
 Marriage27 August 1894CHATFIELD Charles Morgan with RICHARDSON Anne?
20 century
 Death1900TERRY Anthony?
 Death1903ETHERINGTON Samuel?
 Marriage1910CHATFIELD Arthur Fox with PORTER Kate?
 Marriage1910PORTER Kate?
 Marriage1911BUCKMAN William with TERRY Edith Kate?
 Birth17 October 1915BUCKMAN Victor William?
 Birth1918BUCKMAN Ronald A?
 Death1929CHATFIELD Frances Sarah?
 Death1963TERRY Edith Kate?
 Death1964BUCKMAN William?
 Birth1964CHATFIELD Paula J?
 Birth1966CHATFIELD Ian Paul?



United Kingdom - WSX West Sussex - Petworth GU28 - Coultershaw, Sussex West : 45 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth22 March 1870CHATFIELD James Michael?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birthabout 1831BOTTING William?
 Birth24 December 1867DENDY Jemima?
 Christening18 July 1869DENDY Walter?
 Birth1869DENDY Walter?
 Birth1870DENDY Henry?
 Residence1871DENDY Walter?
 Residence1871DALE Jemima?
 Residence1871DENDY Walter?
 Residence1871DENDY Jemima?
 Christening9 May 1872DENDY Kate?
 Christening5 September 1872DENDY Henry?
 Birth1872DENDY Kate?
 Christening8 June 1873DENDY Alice?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?KNIGHT Anne?
 Birth?KNIGHT Frances?
 Birth?KNIGHT Jane?
 Birth?KNIGHT John Upton?
 Birth?KNIGHT Thomas?
 Birth?KNIGHT Mary Sophia?
 Birth?KNIGHT Elizabeth?
18 century
 Birthabout 1788UPTON Ann?
 Christening27 July 1791KNIGHT John?
19 century
 Marriage12 December 1820KNIGHT John with UPTON Ann?
 Christening14 November 1821KNIGHT Anne?
 Christening30 July 1823KNIGHT Frances?
 Christening2 February 1825KNIGHT Mary Sophia?
 Christening28 April 1826KNIGHT John Upton?
 Christening9 January 1828KNIGHT Elizabeth?
 Christening2 October 1829KNIGHT Jane?
 Christening9 March 1832KNIGHT Thomas?
 Birthabout 1832JOHNSON Agnes Attree?
 Christening19 January 1848MEACHEN Bertha?
 Birth1848MEACHEN Bertha?
 Death1867CHATFIELD David John?
 Marriage2 July 1869OLDER James with MEACHEN Bertha?
 Birth1871CHATFIELD Harriott Alice?
 Birth20 January 1874OLDER Albert Henry?
 Christening8 March 1874OLDER Albert Henry?
 Marriage15 April 1882TERRY Arthur with CHATFIELD Frances Sarah?
 Marriage1892CHATFIELD Alfred with SNASHFOLD Sarah Ellen?
20 century
 Death1919MABBS Ellen Jane?
 Death1921SNASHFOLD Hezekiah?
 Death1926CHATFIELD Emily?
 Death1931HEATHER Henry?



United Kingdom - WSX West Sussex - Selsey PO20 - Sussex West : 3 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening8 October 1797PHARAOH Hannah?
19 century
 Birthabout 1867? Ellen?
20 century
 Birth5 November 1908LELLIOTT Charlotte Emma?



United Kingdom - WSX West Sussex - South Stoke, Arun District

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening5 May 1804HERSEE William?



United Kingdom - WSX West Sussex - Southwick BN42 - St Michael & All Saints, Sussex West : 41 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage6 February 1843CHATFIELD James with RUSSELL Jane?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Burial24 May 1842CHATFIELD John?
 Burial30 September 1847PORT Sarah?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Henry John?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Herbert?
 Burial?CHATFIELD James?
 Burial?CROSSKEY Matilda?
19 century
 Burial4 March 1898CHATFIELD Marian?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening22 February 1818UPTON Richard Adams?
 Birthabout 1818UPTON Richard Adams?
 Birthabout 1832CHATFIELD Ruth?
 Birth1832WADEY Owen?
 Christening30 March 1834WADEY Owen?
 Birthabout 1838CHATFIELD William Thomas?
 Birthabout 1839CHATFIELD Mary?
 Christening11 April 1841CHATFIELD Susan?
 Birth1841CHATFIELD Susan?
 Death1842CHATFIELD John?
 Christening1 December 1844NORMAN Jane?
 Birth1844NORMAN Jane?
 Christening25 December 1845UPTON John Adams?
 Birth1845UPTON John Adams?
 Death1847PORT Sarah?
 Marriage14 December 1851YEATES George with CHATFIELD Ruth?
 Marriage29 May 1852CHATFIELD Barnabas with KINGSNORTH Jane?
 Christening6 April 1856WADEY Ruth?
 Christening27 December 1857REEVES Eliza Jane?
 Birth1857REEVES Eliza Jane?
 Burial5 September 1858CHATFIELD John?
 Death1858CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1861WHYBORN Sarah Jemima?
 Birth1864WHYBORN Frances Ann?
 Birth1864WYNHALL George William?
 Birth1865HERSEY Ann?
 Birth1865WHYBORN Eli?
 Birth1883CHATFIELD Marian?
 Christening26 May 1895CHATFIELD Lawrence?
 Christening26 April 1896WIXEN John Herbert?
20 century
 Birth27 August 1903CHATFIELD Henry Frank?
 Birth8 January 1905CHATFIELD Edith Florence?
 Birth17 December 1908CHATFIELD Leslie?



United Kingdom - WSX West Sussex - St Botolph Churchyard, Hardham, Horsham District

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Maurice?
 Burial?GUMBRELL Annie May?



United Kingdom - WSX West Sussex - St Mary Churchyard, Sompting

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Margaret Ellen?



United Kingdom - WSX West Sussex - St Mary's Churchyard, Pulborough

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?SMITH Archibald?



United Kingdom - WSX West Sussex - Steyning BN44 - 1 Malthouse Cottages, Sussex West : 305 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Residence1912CHATFIELD Albert William Davies?
 Residence1912DUKE Ellen Kensett?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening23 September 1827CHATFIELD Walter?
 Birth4 August 1838CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Christening1 December 1844CHATFIELD Henry John?
 Birth1844CHATFIELD Henry John?
 Marriage6 September 1865CHATFIELD Henry John with CROSSKEY Matilda?
 Christening15 July 1866CHATFIELD Harry Hedley?
 Christening4 October 1868CHATFIELD Fanny?
 Birth1868CHATFIELD Fanny?
 Birth1871CHATFIELD Grace?
 Christening4 January 1872CHATFIELD Grace?
 Death9 January 1872CHATFIELD Grace?
 Christening4 May 1873CHATFIELD James?
 Birth1873CHATFIELD James?
 Christening2 April 1875CHATFIELD Frank?
 Birth1875CHATFIELD Frank?
 Christening2 September 1877CHATFIELD Herbert?
 Birth1877CHATFIELD Herbert?
 Christening27 November 1881CHATFIELD Louisa?
 Birth1881CHATFIELD Louisa?
 Christening30 December 1883CHATFIELD Francis?
 Birth1883CHATFIELD Francis?
 Birth1883CHATFIELD Marian?
 Christening25 October 1885CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth1885CHATFIELD Charles?
 Marriage4 September 1892CHATFIELD Harry Hedley with HERSEY Ann?
 Marriage20 December 1894WIXEN John Thomas with CHATFIELD Fanny?
 Birth24 August 1896CHATFIELD George Howard?
 Death1 March 1898CHATFIELD Marian?
20 century
 Death7 December 1901CHATFIELD Herbert?
 Birth6 October 1902CHATFIELD Albert Edward?
 Death27 July 1903CHATFIELD James?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death1863COTTINGTON Ann?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth23 June 1901CHATFIELD Edith Violet?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?CHATFIELD Henry?
 Birth?STEEL Issue 4?
 Birth?STEEL Iassue 6?
17 century
 Birth1653/1654SMITH William?
 Deathabout 1687CHATFIELD Barnard?
 Burial1687CHATFIELD Barnard?
18 century
 Christening2 April 1704CHATFIELD John?
 Christening19 August 1705CHATFIELD Jane?
 Christening25 October 1706CHATFIELD Henry?
 Christening17 June 1709CHATFIELD Susannah?
 Burial2 December 1710SMITH William?
 Christening28 February 1711CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Burial3 June 1712CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Christening21 April 1717CHATFIELD Mary?
 Death13 September 1721CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Burial16 September 1721CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Christening17 August 1738CHATFIELD Edward?
 Christening12 February 1739CHATFIELD John?
 Christening12 April 1745CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Marriage19 September 1765CHATFIELD John with PARSONS Rebecca \ Rebekah?
19 century
 Christening13 August 1826TOWN Rebecca?
 Birth1838TUGWELL Sarah?
 Marriage16 October 1842CHATFIELD James with BUDD Elizabeth?
 Death22 September 1851PATCHING Ruth?
 Christening2 November 1851CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Birth1851CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Christening26 December 1853CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Marriage1855TUGWELL William with BATCHELOR Jane?
 Birth1856WICKS Rose Ellen Charlotte?
 Birth1857CHATFIELD George Henry?
 Birth1857CHATFIELD William John?
 Death1858CHATFIELD William John?
 Marriage1859CHATFIELD Thomas Parker with JONES Elizabeth?
 Death1859TOWN Rebecca?
 Marriage1860GROVER Henry with KENT Harriet?
 Death1860STURT Mary?
 Marriage1863CHAPMAN Horace Edward with FLETCHER Adelaide Maria?
 Death1863WYNHALL Sarah Charity?
 Death1864COLEMAN Hannah?
 Marriage1865CHATFIELD Thomas Parker?
 Death27 November 1867CHAPMAN Arthur George?
 Death29 August 1869CHATFIELD Caroline?
 Death8 October 1869CHATFIELD Benjamin?
 Birth1869CHATFIELD Arthur?
 Death1872PENFOLD John?
 Birth1873CAMPBELL Arthur Vansittart?
 Birth1873TAYLOR Caroline Delia?
 Marriage1874HATCHER Albert with BOLT Louisa?
 Death1875CLEMONS Eliza?
 Birth7 November 1876HATCHER Edith Emily?
 Marriage1876CHATFIELD Edward George with CHISHOLM Emma?
 Birth1876AUSTIN Amy Louise?
 Birth1876PENFOLD John Ernest?
 Death1876CHATFIELD Friend?
 Death6 August 1877CROSSKEY Matilda?
 Marriage1877REEVES Eliza Jane?
 Marriage1878REEVES Harry Alma with WICKS Rose Ellen Charlotte?
 Birth1879PEARCE George Alexander?
 Death1879CHATFIELD Emma?
 Marriage1879CHATFIELD Henry John with PUTTICK Louisa?
 Birth1879CUTTRESS Carey John?
 Marriage24 January 1881ELLABY Thomas with CHATFIELD Catherine?
 Death1882TANNER Robert?
 Christening4 March 1883CHATFIELD Ambrose?
 Death1884NEWNHAM Caroline?
 Birth1885HEAVER Helen Kate?
 Birth28 August 1886LINDUP Iris Maud?
 Death1886CHATFIELD Alfred?
 Death1886BASTYN Mary Anne?
 Marriage1886MITCHELL Frederick with WEBB Adah Zillah?
 Birth5 May 1887CHOWNE William P?
 Death1887CHATFIELD Maria?
 Death1887CHATFIELD Esther Jane?
 Marriage1887YEATES Thomas Chatfield with HAFFENDEN Elizabeth Ann Gaston?
 Death1888CUTTRESS George Stephen C?
 Birth1889CHATFIELD Ernest Allan?
 Marriage1889CLOUGH Alfred with CHATFIELD Rosine?
 Marriage1890WOODGATE Harry with ATKINS Louisa Mary?
 Death1890CHATFIELD Ernest Allan?
 Marriage1890CHATFIELD Harry with WHITE Kate Charlotte?
 Birth17 March 1891OLNEY Frank Wheatland?
 Death1891BOLT Louisa?
 Death1891COAKES Jane?
 Birth1891REEVES Nelson William?
 Death1892KNIGHT Agnes Hannah?
 Death1892HATCHER Albert?
 Birth1892TURNER Joseph Ephraim?
 Birth1893REEVES Letitia May?
 Birth1894STEEL Ethel Florence?
 Birth31 March 1895HOLLOWAY Olive Elizabeth M?
 Birth14 October 1895WIXEN John Herbert?
 Marriage1895DENDY Alice?
 Marriage1895CHATFIELD Ernest Edgar with TAYLOR Caroline Delia?
 Birth1895BOSTEL Beatrice May?
 Marriage1895SANDS Washington William (Tewaunki) with CHATFIELD Rosaline Elsie?
 Birth1896CHATFIELD Alfred William Perton?
 Death1896TANNER Ann?
 Birth1897CHAMBERLAIN Horace Allan?
 Marriage1897JARVIS Thomas with CHATFIELD Maria Jane?
 Death1898CHATFIELD Nellie?
 Death1898MILLER Isaac Robert?
 Birth1 February 1899HOPKINS Thomas Arthur?
 Death29 June 1899CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Death1899MILNER William Henry?
 Death1899COMFORT Mary Ann Ruth?
 Birth1899CRUIKSHANK Walter R?
 Birth1899TRUMBLE Lily?
20 century
 Birth1900RUTHERFORD Harry?
 Birth10 September 1901CHATFIELD Edward Alexander?
 Birth6 November 1901DOEL Ivy Catherine?
 Birth23 November 1901CHATFIELD Rosina Annie?
 Birth11 December 1901SCARRATT Thomas F?
 Birth1901BEECHING John William?
 Death21 April 1902CHATFIELD Henry John?
 Death2 May 1902SANDS Washington William (Tewaunki)?
 Birth3 July 1902SANDS Rosaline Elsie?
 Marriage1902CHATFIELD Frank with TEAR Maud Thirza?
 Marriage1902CUTTRESS Carey John with CHATFIELD Gertrude Mabel L?
 Birth1903CHATFIELD Clara Annie?
 Birth1903CARR Ellen Dorothy?
 Marriage1903CARR Frederick with CHATFIELD Louisa Tester?
 Death1903DALE Jemima?
 Birth1903CHATFIELD Arthur Maurice?
 Birth3 February 1904LE CLERCQ Mona Mary E?
 Birth22 March 1904CHATFIELD John Thomas?
 Birth21 April 1904CHATFIELD Ermyntrude Beatrice?
 Death14 December 1904CHATFIELD Charles John?
 Marriage1904CHATFIELD Herbert Comfort with SMITH Gertrude Agnes?
 Marriage1904STEEL Henry with KEAN Ella Annie?
 Death1904KENT Harriet?
 Death1904ALCORN William?
 Birth1904CHATFIELD William James?
 Birth1904HOLDEN Frank?
 Death1904NOVIS Anna \ Annie Elizabeth?
 Death1904DENDY Walter?
 Birth20 May 1906MITCHELL Frederick Lawrence?
 Death1906CHATFIELD John Isaac?
 Birth1906CUTTRESS Primrose Ena?
 Marriage1907BLOWFIELD John with HILTON Helena Rosa?
 Birth1907JACOBS Sydney Herbert?
 Birth1908ALCORN William Frederick?
 Marriage1908CHATFIELD Harry Vincent with MARCHANT Minnie?
 Birth1908CHATFIELD Herbert James?
 Birth17 June 1909CHATFIELD Arthur Leonard?
 Birth1909CHATFIELD Kathleen?
 Death1909CHAPMAN Peter Godfrey?
 Marriage1909CHATFIELD Frederick James with LINDUP Iris Maud?
 Death1909CHATFIELD Adah Zillah?
 Marriage1909FULLER Edmund with CHATFIELD Ethel Kate?
 BirthFebruary 1910CHATFIELD David William?
 Birth23 April 1910ALCORN Winifred Edith?
 Birth26 April 1910COOPER Helen Florence?
 Birth12 November 1910HOOK Marjorie?
 Birth1910CHATFIELD Elsie?
 Birth1910CUTTRESS Carey J?
 Death1910CHATFIELD Julia?
 Birth24 June 1911TOWNSEND Ethel Mary?
 Marriage1911RIDDLES Frederick with CHATFIELD Edith May?
 Death1911CHATFIELD Alice Leah?
 Death1911CHATFIELD Vashti?
 Marriage1912CHATFIELD Albert William Davies with DUKE Ellen Kensett?
 Birth1912RIDDLES Alice M?
 Birth1912CHATFIELD Elsie?
 Birth6 August 1913FORD Kathleen Ivy?
 Birth1913ALCORN Edith A?
 Birth1913RIDDLES Frederick G?
 Birth4 May 1914ALCORN Grace Annie?
 Death1914? Martha?
 Birth1914OLNEY Albert J?
 Birth1914CHATFIELD Oliver?
 Birth6 June 1915CHATFIELD Edward Burt?
 Birth21 July 1915ALCORN Albert Thomas?
 Marriage1915BAMPTON Frederick S with CHATFIELD Nellie?
 Marriage1915STEEL Ernest James with BAKER Nellie Victoria?
 Marriage1915EDWARDS John C with CHATFIELD Lilian?
 Death1915CHATFIELD Reginald Arthur?
 Marriage1915JOHNSON Harry K with CHATFIELD Annie Rose?
 Birth1915STACE Winifred E?
 Marriage1915BIGGS Frederick with CHATFIELD Ethel Hazeltine?
 Birth1915CROUCH Iris B?
 Death1915BURTENSHAW Amelia?
 Marriage1915CHATFIELD Albert with PULLEN Jane?
 Birth1915CHATFIELD Reginald Arthur?
 Birth16 March 1916BAMPTON Verdun Nellie R?
 Birth3 July 1916VINALL Robert Joseph?
 Death1917LEIGH Nicolata?
 Death1917WESTGATE Sarah?
 Birth1917STACE Enid M?
 Death1917CARLISLE Mary?
 Death1917CHATFIELD Arthur?
 Death21 March 1918CHAPMAN Spencer?
 Death7 November 1918ALCORN Frank?
 Marriage1918CHATFIELD Alfred William Perton with BOSTEL Beatrice May?
 Death1918WIXEN John?
 Birth1919JOHNSON Frank?
 Birth1919EDWARDS Robert C?
 Birth1919CHATFIELD Freda D?
 Death1919BAMPTON Freda D?
 Marriage1919CHATFIELD Albert Arther with HUDSON Emily?
 Marriage1919CHATFIELD George William T with PICKARD Ellen A?
 Birth28 February 1920BAMPTON Gwendoline?
 Birth28 April 1920CHATFIELD Kenneth Frank W?
 Marriage1920BARLOW John Kennedy with HAMPSHIRE Ellen Cheshire?
 Marriage1921TURNER Joseph Ephraim with CHATFIELD Amelia?
 Birth1921TURNER Irene?
 Birth1921CHATFIELD Charles A?
 Birth28 April 1922CHATFIELD Sydney David William?
 Marriage1922TAPP Aubrey Lorenzo R with CHATFIELD Lily Olive?
 Birth1922TURNER John A?
 Marriage1922RUTHERFORD Harry with TRUMBLE Lily?
 Birth1923EDWARDS Antony?
 Death1923CHATFIELD Charles Edward?
 Birth1923BEECHING Mavis G?
 Death1923CHATFEILD Arthur Robert?
 Birth1923EDWARDS Peter?
 Birth1923TAPP Ralph A?
 Birth1924BARDEN June Grace?
 Birth1924DEWEY Frederick R G?
 Marriage1925SCARRATT Thomas F with CHATFIELD Matilda Alice?
 Marriage1925BOWLES Leonard with BISH Dora K?
 Death1925CHATFIELD Herbert?
 Death1925HARRIS Ann \ Anne \ Annie?
 Death1925COOK Mary Ann?
 Marriage1925CHATFIELD John with SCRACE Daisy Violet?
 Birth1 February 1926CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1926BAMPTON Sylvia M?
 Birth1926BEECHING Hazel N?
 Marriage1926MINTER Leonard J with CHATFIELD Irene Elizabeth Lash?
 Marriage1926SCRASE Frank P with CHATFIELD Maud?
 Marriage1927MOODY Eric Percival R with CHATFIELD Beatrice?
 Birth1927STANDING Harry G?
 Birth1927CHATFIELD Aubrey A?
 Birth1927CHATFIELD Joan R?
 Birth1928BEECHING Anthony G?
 Birth1928TURNER Josie E?
 Birth1929SCARRATT Doreen?
 Death1929GREED Ernest Arthur?
 Birth1929SCRASE Denis A G?
 Death1929CHATFIELD Rhoda?
 Marriage1929PUTLAND Charles Frederick with CHATFIELD Edith Florence?
 Death1929TESTER Emma?
 Death1929AUBREY Emma Elizabeth?
 Marriage1929MITCHELL Frederick Lawrence with CHATFIELD Ermyntrude Beatrice?
 Birth1929CHATFIELD Frederick A?
 Death1929CUTTRESS Carey John?
 Marriage1930CHATFIELD Leonard Harry with FOWLER Dorothy Maria\Moira\Moria?
 Birth24 October 1931CHATFIELD Dennis F?
 Death1931CHANT Ellen?
 Birth1931MITCHELL Raymond?
 Marriage1931CHATFIELD Frederick James with FORD Kathleen Ivy?
 Marriage1932CHATFIELD Edward Horace with BARNETT Dorothy Irene?
 Marriage1932HOLDEN Frank with CARR Louisa Maud?
 Birth1933HOLDEN Pamela T?
 Birth1933CHATFIELD John D?
 Birth1933PUTLAND Frederick A?
 Marriage1933STEVENSON Harry with CHATFIELD Rosina Annie?
 Marriage1933BROOKS Stanley with RIDDLES Alice M?
 Marriage1933CUTTRESS Carey J with JOHNSON Elizabeth M?
 Death1933REEVES Christiana Ellen?
 Marriage1933CHATFIELD Sydney Harold with SIMMONDS Mollie I.?
 Birth1933RUTHERFORD Nora?
 Birth1933CHATFIELD Clive W?
 Death1934WIXEN John Thomas?
 Birth1934BROOKS Brian F?
 Birth1934WILDERSPIN Frances M?
 Marriage1934CHATFIELD Oliver with HOLLAND Margaret E?
 Death1934WICKS Rose Ellen Charlotte?
 Marriage1934CHATFIELD Leslie with VENNER Iris?
 Birth1935CHATFIELD Shirley P?
 Death1935CHATFIELD Thomas?

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