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List of events ordered by date

United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Reg Office, Mid Eastern

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Marriage29 April 1972MCCAUL Francis Robert with HANNA Elizabeth Hague?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Reigate RH2 : 75 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?APPS Issue 4?
19 century
 Birth1849CHATFIELD James?
 Death1849CHATFIELD James?
 Birth1850APPS Henry?
 Birth1864CHATFIELD Esther?
 Birth1864MULLALY Alexander James?
 Marriage1868FREEMAN James with ? Emma?
 Birthabout 1869CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1872CHATFIELD Ellen Mary?
 Birth1875NYE Thomas Wickman?
 Birth1876RAZZELL Eleanor Frances?
 Marriage1877COMPTON William McGrath with WEST Catharine Mary Ann?
 Birth1879RUSBRIDGE Mary Annie?
 Death1884MORLEY Timothy?
 Death28 August 1886CHATFIELD Catherine?
 Marriage1886ROWE John with FARNDELL Sarah J?
 Birth8 July 1892CHEAL Mary Millicent?
 Birth1895PETERS Alfred Frederick?
 Birth1895CHATFIELD Alfred Leonard?
 Birth1895RAZZELL Francis John A?
 Birth25 August 1896COMBER Eva Mahala?
 Birth31 December 1898BEADLE Alice Isabella Olwyn?
 Marriage1899CHATFIELD David Richard with MORLEY Sarah Martha?
20 century
 Marriage1900NYE Thomas Wickman with CHATFIELD Bessie Maud?
 Birth22 February 1901MACKENZIE Arthur Ernest?
 Birth17 December 1901SCRACE Daisy Violet?
 Birth1903PANTON William Michael?
 Birth1904CHATFIELD Alice May Violet?
 Birth1904CHATFIELD Leonard?
 Marriage1905CHATFIELD Arthur John with RAZZELL Eleanor Frances?
 Marriage1910VARNEY Alfred James with APPS Esther?
 Marriage1910CHATFIELD Horace with EDE Nellie?
 Birth30 April 1911VARNEY Esther Mary?
 Birth28 June 1912CHATFIELD Arthur Frank?
 Birth1913CHATFIELD Eva?
 Birth1914CHATFIELD Ena C \ G?
 Birth1914CHATFIELD Evelyn E M?
 Birth29 May 1915CHATFIELD David George?
 Marriage1915CHATFIELD Alfred Leonard with COMBER Eva Mahala?
 Birth1916PANTON Rosie Nellie Frances?
 Birth1917CHATFIELD Harry?
 Death1918CHATFIELD Ena C \ G?
 Marriage1919CHATFIELD Harry with BEADLE Alice Isabella Olwyn?
 Death1920CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth28 March 1921CHATFIELD Edward Stanley?
 Birth1921CHATFIELD Constance Alice?
 Birth7 August 1922PETERS Ronald Frederick?
 Marriage1922PETERS Alfred Frederick with CHATFIELD Anne Emma C?
 Birth28 January 1924PETERS Violet A?
 Death24 November 1924CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Death15 May 1926FREEMAN Kathleen Martha Ann?
 Birth6 June 1926CHATFIELD Brian Stanley?
 Birth2 October 1927PETERS Kathleen Isabel?
 Birth9 December 1928CHATFIELD Robin Oliver?
 Marriage1928CHATFIELD Reginald Arthur with JENKINS Evelyn May?
 Marriage1929MACKENZIE Arthur Ernest with CHATFIELD Ethel Jane?
 Birth1929CHATFIELD Ramon B?
 Death1929ILLMAN Mary J?
 Marriage1930CHATFIELD Maurice Leonard with TOMSETT Hilda May?
 Marriage1930BOORER Wilfred with CHATFIELD Milly Florence Esther?
 Birth1930MACKENZIE Grace S?
 Birth1930MACKENZIE Vera R?
 Death1930CHATFIELD John?
 Marriage1930RAZZELL Francis John A with CHATFIELD Eva May?
 Death1931BAWDEN Thomas John H?
 Marriage1931CHATFIELD Frank Albert with BUTTERY Ellen Doris?
 Birth1932CHATFIELD Doreen Muriel?
 Birth1933CHATFIELD Rosemary D?
 Marriage1933CHATFIELD Leonard Walter with CLIST Evelyn May?
 Death1933MARTIN Amos?
 Death1937PANTON William Henry?
 Marriage1945FRENCH Ronald Thomas Raranga with CHATFIELD Constance Alice?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Alice May Violet?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Frederick Thomas?
 Burial?FREEMAN Kathleen Martha Ann?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Richmond-on-Thames

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth21 January 1899DAWKINS Ethel Maud?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Richmond-upon-Thames

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth16 December 1900THOMSON Max Temple?
 Birth1967BEAN Diane Elizabeth?
 Marriage1969CHATFIELD Alan B with KIDD Judith M?
 Death1969ODELL Alfred James?
 Death1970CHATFIELD Frank Albert?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Richmond

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth2 April 1882POPE Florence?
 Marriage1891CHATFIELD Albert Charles with BRENNAN Maud?
 Birth1894MARTIN Percy William H?
20 century
 Death1933TANNER Mary Ashurst Constance?
 Birth1963IRELAND Bridget?
 Marriage1968RODGER William with HOWELL Margaret Elizabeth?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Ripley

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Marriage1737CHATFIELD John with STURT Frances?
 Death23 May 1748DUNCUMBE Ann?
 Death13 June 1781STURT Frances?
19 century
 Birth1846WHITE Jesse?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Roehampton

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1868GUEST Mildred Ella?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Ruxley

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birthabout 1860CHATFIELD Emma?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Send & Ripley

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening13 September 1742CHATFIELD Frances?
 Birth1742CHATFIELD Frances?
 Christening24 August 1744CHATFIELD Anne?
 Birth1744CHATFIELD Anne?
 Christening21 November 1748CHATFIELD Martha?
 Birth1748CHATFIELD Martha?
 Christening29 April 1750CHATFIELD John?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Shere

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Marriage23 January 1705STURT Nathaniel with DUNCUMBE Ann?
19 century
 Christening31 July 1887CHATFIELD Alfred George?
 Christening28 July 1889CHATFIELD Horace?
 Birth1889CHATFIELD Horace?
 Christening31 May 1891CHATFIELD Bertha?
 Christening26 November 1893CHATFIELD Thomas Henry?
 Christening21 March 1897CHATFIELD Richard James?
 Christening5 November 1899CHATFIELD Ethel Maria?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - South East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Marriage1911BARTHOLOMEW Thomas with BISHOP Hettie E?
 Birth1934EDWARDS Mervyn K De B?
 Birth1934CHATFIELD Frank C?
 Birth1934CHATFIELD Patricia M?
 Birth14 July 1935RAZZELL Robin Cedric?
 Birth1935CHATFIELD Jean M?
 Birth1935KNIGHT Frederick H W?
 Birth1936CHATFIELD Brenda S?
 Death1936CHATFIELD Edward?
 Birth1936MAYCOCK Shirley A?
 Birth27 August 1937COOMBER Eunice M?
 Marriage1937CHATFIELD Jack with SKILTON Dorothy Winifred?
 Marriage1937STANFORD Ronald W with PAINTER Rose M E?
 Birth1937CHATFIELD Shirley M?
 Marriage1938RABIGER Paul Gustave with BIRD Greta Lillian?
 Birth1938CHATFIELD Janet R?
 Marriage1938CHATFIELD Arthur Frank with PANTON Rosie Nellie Frances?
 Death11 April 1939CHATFIELD Frederick Thomas?
 Birth1939MACKENZIE David A J?
 Birth1939CHATFIELD Jill?
 Death1939CHATFIELD Maud Mary?
 Birth1940MEAD Eileen E?
 Death1940GUMBRELL Ellen?
 Marriage1940HARDING Henry J with STONER Vera?
 Birth1941CHATFIELD Malcolm Roy?
 Death1941RUSBRIDGE Mary Annie?
 Birth1942CHATFIELD Catherine M?
 Birth1942HARDING Valerie?
 Death1942CLARK Maria?
 Birth1943PORTE Violet A?
 Birth1944CHATFIELD Joan D?
 Birth1944CHATFIELD Marianne J?
 Birth25 September 1946CHATFIELD Richard?
 Death1946CHATFIELD Mary Maria?
 Death1946CHATFIELD Florence Rhoda?
 Marriage1946CHATFIELD David George with MARTIN Evelyn Martha?
 Birth1946CHATFIELD David W?
 Birth1946FRENCH Yvonne D?
 Birth1947TELLING Janet S?
 Marriage1948PETERS Ronald Frederick with BRYANT Mabel F?
 Marriage1949BUFTON Alan A with MACKENZIE Grace S?
 Marriage1949GOODHEW James A with MACKENZIE Vera R?
 Birth1950BUFTON Alan W?
 Birth1950GOODHEW Ian J?
 Birth1950HARDING Lorraine?
 Birth1951DUNGATE Robert W?
 Death1952CHATFIELD Agnes Maria?
 Death1952BURTENSHAW Henry?
 Birth1952GOODHEW Stephen?
 Birth1952CHATFIELD Kathryn L?
 Birth7 May 1953NEAL Nigel Graham?
 Birth1953HARDING Kevin J?
 Birth1953TELLING Clive P?
 Marriage1954PERKINS Brian G with CHATFIELD Brenda S?
 Birth1954PERRIN Barbara J?
 Death1954RAZZELL Francis John A?
 Marriage1955HOSKING William H with CHATFIELD Rosemary D?
 Marriage1956KNIGHT Frederick H W with CHATFIELD Shirley M?
 Birth1956STYLES Carolyn M?
 Marriage1957MOORE Keith with CHATFIELD Janet R?
 Birth1957PERKINS Graham A?
 Death1957CHATFIELD Arthur John?
 Birth1957BLACKMAN Raymond W?
 Birth1957BUFTON Hazel?
 Marriage1957CHATFIELD Frank C with MAYCOCK Shirley A?
 Birth1957KNIGHT Lisa D S?
 Birth1957PERKINS Graham A?
 Marriage1957STAMPER Peter M P with CASTEL Brenda?
 Death22 May 1958MORLEY Sarah Martha?
 Marriage1958EDWARDS Mervyn K De B with MEAD Eileen E?
 Marriage1958RAZZELL Robin Cedric with COOMBER Eunice M?
 Birth1958CHATFIELD Ian David?
 Birth1958BRIGGS Vivian A?
 Birth1958CHATFIELD Stephen F?
 Birth1959PERKINS Christopher P?
 Death1960BOORER Wilfred?
 Birth1960NEWELL Kim E?
 Marriage1960HOLDEN Paul with CHATFIELD Catherine M?
 Marriage1960CORPES John W with CHATFIELD Jill?
 Birth21 May 1961FITZPATRICK Kathleen Ann?
 Death4 June 1961CHATFIELD David Richard?
 Birth1961KNIGHT Ian F H?
 Marriage1961CHATFIELD Edward Stanley with HOGSDEN Nancy D?
 Birth1961HOLDEN Edwin T?
 Birth1961PERKINS Sandra G?
 Marriage1961FITZPATRICK Desmond J with PORTE Violet A?
 Birth1961CHATFIELD Andrew P?
 Birth1961PERKINS Sandra G?
 Birth8 April 1962CHATFIELD Nigel Richard?
 Birth1962EDWARDS Nina Tracy?
 Birth1962O'BEIRNE Anthea J?
 Death1963RAZZELL Eleanor Frances?
 Marriage1963CHATFIELD Malcolm Roy with PARKER Sheila A?
 Birth1963HOLDEN Elaine?
 Birth1964O'BEIRNE Rachel E?
 Birth1964CHATFIELD Christopher E?
 Birth1964HOLDEN Joanne P?
 Birth1965O'BEIRNE Ruth E L?
 Birth1965CHATFIELD Christopher M?
 Marriage1965HUBBARD Michael L with CHATFIELD Marianne J?
 Death1966CHATFIELD Gladys Irene?
 Birth1966CHATFIELD Jonathan Alexander?
 Birth1966O'BEIRNE Melanie Jane?
 Death1968CHATFIELD Alfred Leonard?
 Marriage28 June 1969VINCE Philip Godfrey with FRENCH Yvonne D?
 Birth1970BLACKMAN Suzanne Jayne?
 Death1970CHATFIELD Daisy?
 Birth1971HOLDEN Richard Paul?
 Death1971OLNEY Frank Wheatland?
 Birth1972CHATFIELD Ian Roy?
 Birth1973BUCKMASTER Vanessa Grace?
 Death1973PETERS Alfred Frederick?
 Marriage1973GROUT Paul L with CHATFIELD Kathryn L?
 Marriage1974WOODLEY John C with MAYCOCK Shirley A?
 Death1975CHATFIELD Bernard Cecil?
 Death1976CHATFIELD Milly Florence Esther?
 Death1978COMBER Eva Mahala?
 Marriage1979CHATFIELD Frank C with LENSON Anne P?
 Marriage1980CHATFIELD Stephen F with FITZPATRICK Kathleen Ann?
 Marriage1981DUNGATE Robert W with BUFTON Hazel?
 Death1982CHATFIELD Anne Emma C?
 Marriage1982CHATFIELD James Holman Thomas with HOWELL Penelope Ann?
 Birth1983FAIRCLOTH Nicola Trudy?
 BirthJune 1984CHATFIELD Scott Charles?
 DeathOctober 1984CHATFIELD George Harold?
 DeathApril 1986MACKENZIE Arthur Ernest?
 BirthMarch 1988CHATFIELD Luke Camden?
 Death1988CHATFIELD Arthur Frank?
 Death1989CHATFIELD Maurice Leonard?
 Death1989EELES Helena Dorothy?
 Marriage1990CHATFIELD Christopher E with OLIVER Emma?
 Death20 November 1991CHATFIELD Alice May Violet?
 Marriage1992CHATFIELD Christopher M with PLEDGE Teresa M?
 DeathFebruary 1993CHATFIELD Ivy Rose?
 MarriageMay 1993CHATFIELD Ian Roy with BUCKMASTER Vanessa Grace?
 Birth17 May 1994CHATFIELD Thomas Alexander?
 BirthJuly 1994CHATFIELD Louie Sebastian A G?
 BirthJanuary 1997CHATFIELD Cameron James R?
 Birth23 February 1997CHATFIELD Edward Alexander?
 DeathApril 1998CHATFIELD Ethel Jane?
 BirthOctober 1998CHATFIELD Mitch Jordan K?
 Marriage1998CHATFIELD Malcolm Roy with DEMPSEY Frances M?
 DeathJune 1999PETERS Kathleen Isabel?
 Birth26 August 1999CHATFIELD Mark Alexander?
 DeathAugust 1999CHATFIELD Edward Stanley?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - South Eastern

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth1961WIDERA Barbara?
 Death1979SANDLES Susannah Palmer?
 DeathJune 1995TOMSETT Hilda May?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - South Norwood, Croydon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth1905CHATFIELD Leslie William?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - South West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth1936SPREADBURY Brian A?
 Birth1937CHATFIELD Marion I?
 Birth1938BOOTH Maureen?
 Birth1938CHATFIELD Arthur E?
 Death23 February 1939MARINDIN George Eden?
 Birth1940CHATFIELD Mary E?
 Marriage1940CHATFIELD William George with OLIVER Eva Marjorie?
 Marriage1940GILES Arthur H with CHATFIELD Vera L?
 Death1941BATTERSBY Thomas Preston?
 Birth1941CHATFIELD Diana M?
 Death1941ROWE Maude Louise?
 Birth1941CHATFIELD David R?
 Birth1942CHATFIELD Muriel C?
 Birth1942CHATFIELD Anthony R?
 Birth1942GILCHRIST Peter D?
 Birth17 August 1943WHITE Ann Barbara?
 Birth1943TICKNER Malcolm N?
 Death1943DAVIS Charlotte Rebecca?
 Birth1943GILES Patricia A?
 Birth1943CHATFIELD Trevor J?
 Death1943EVENS Agnes Janet?
 Birth1944CHATFIELD Donald W?
 Birth1944RASSELL Susan J?
 Marriage1944TELLING Peter K with CHATFIELD Eileen M C?
 Death1945CHATFIELD Violet Alice Cholmley?
 Birth1946CHATFIELD Brenda?
 Birth1947CHATFIELD Pauline A?
 Death1947CHATFIELD Albert Victor?
 Death1947CLARKE Cecil Manners?
 Birth1948CHATFIELD Ian E J?
 Birth1948KINSEY Roger?
 Death1948RITCHIE Sarah Paton?
 Birth1948WALDEN Elizabeth J?
 Marriage1950CHATFIELD Brian Stanley with ARNOLD Julia D?
 Birth1950DRECZKO Bernard J?
 Birth1951CHATFIELD Anthony?
 Birth1951CHATFIELD Graham C?
 Birth1951SKUTEK Michael C?
 Marriage1951SKUTEK Ludwick Ian with JONES Mary J?
 Marriage1952STONE Reginald W with CHATFIELD Peggy D?
 Death1953WHENDAY Walter John?
 Marriage1953CHATFIELD Ramon B with SMITH Joyce E M?
 Birth1953CHATFIELD Shirley E?
 Death1953YOUNG Mellany Fuszard?
 Birth1954SKUTEK Carol A?
 Birth1954CHATFIELD Kenneth L?
 Birth1954CHATFIELD Audrey J?
 Birth1954STONE Susan A?
 Marriage1955CHATFIELD Frank William with DAVIDSON Beryl?
 Birth1956CHATFIELD John W?
 Birth1956CHATFIELD Leslie B?
 Birth1956SUMMERFIELD Anne T?
 Birth1957CHATFIELD Christopher?
 Birth1957CHATFIELD David?
 Birth1957PUNTER Cheryl J?
 Birth1958LAMY Sharon E?
 Birth1958CHATFIELD Christopher L?
 Birth1958GILES Trevor A?
 Marriage1958WOOLGAR Maurice J with CHATFIELD Marion I?
 Marriage1959HARD John W with JONES Mary J?
 Birth1959CHATFIELD Caleb R?
 Birth1959SPREADBURY Sally J?
 Marriage1959SPREADBURY Brian A with CHATFIELD Diana M?
 Birth1959WOOLGAR David J?
 Marriage1960SAYERS Lenard with CHATFIELD Mary E?
 Birth1960CHATFIELD Martin?
 Birth1960SPREADBURY Susan A?
 Birth1960TOOVEY Kim N?
 Birth1961CHATFIELD Paul A?
 Birth1961KURN Kenneth M?
 Birth1962SPREADBURY Philip C?
 Birth1962CHATFIELD Peter?
 Birth1962CHATFIELD Linda?
 Birth1962SAYERS Lynn E?
 Marriage1963SKUTEK Ludwick Ian with CHATFIELD Doreen Muriel?
 Death1963TURNER Lucy Lilian?
 Marriage1963CHATFIELD Trevor J with WHITE Ann Barbara?
 Birth1963EMERY Nicholas A?
 Marriage1963CHATFIELD Anthony R with COOPER Susanne M?
 Marriage1963TICKNER Malcolm N with CHATFIELD Brenda?
 Birth1963CHATFIELD Andrew S?
 Birth1963TICKNER Sharon?
 Birth1963CORPES Glenn?
 Marriage1963EMERY Anthony J with CHATFIELD Muriel C?
 Death1964CHATFIELD Oliver Robert?
 Birth1964SPREADBURY Judith D?
 Birth1964CHATFIELD Mark T?
 Birth1964CHATFIELD Dennis A?
 Birth1964KURN Tracey L?
 Birth1964TICKNER Tracy?
 Birth1965CHATFIELD Julie?
 Marriage1965FOUNTAIN Allan C with BOOTH Maureen?
 Marriage1965CHATFIELD David R with BALDARO Sonya?
 Birth1965CHATFIELD Paul D?
 Marriage1966CHATFIELD Donald W with BARRETT Angela J?
 Birth1966CHATFIELD Louise Kim?
 Birth1966TICKNER Nigel?
 Birth1966CORPES Jane?
 Birth1966CHATFIELD Rodney David?
 Birth1967CHATFIELD Steven Paul?
 Birth1967SAYERS Gary Lee?
 Marriage1967RUIZ Laurence E with CHATFIELD Joan D?
 Birth1967TICKNER Neil?
 Birth1967OLDER Joanne?
 Birth1967CHATFIELD Paul Anthony?
 Birth1967GEARY Craig Ronald?
 Birth1968CHATFIELD Louise Anne?
 Marriage1968CHATFIELD Ian E J with WALDEN Elizabeth J?
 Birth1968CHATFIELD Maxine Patricia?
 Birth1969TILLER Amanda Louise?
 Marriage1969KINSEY Roger with CHATFIELD Pauline A?
 Birth1969SPREADBURY Emma Lucille?
 Death1969GRUBB Winifred Mary?
 Marriage1971HARASYN Noel W with ROBINSON Penelope A P?
 Marriage1971OLDER Peter L with RASSELL Susan J?
 Marriage1971DRECZKO Bernard J with CHATFIELD Audrey J?
 Death1971CHATFIELD Alfred George?
 Birth1971CHATFIELD Claire Louise?
 Death1971HIDER Bessie?
 Birth1973CHATFIELD Richard Ian?
 Marriage1973CHATFIELD Arthur E with BOOTH Maureen?
 Marriage1973BUTLER Ian M with CHATFIELD Shirley E?
 Birth1973DRECZKO Simon John?
 Marriage1974HITCHENS Peter with CHATFIELD Shirley E?
 Birth1974KINSEY Philip?
 Marriage1974LAPICKI Peter R with WARNE Susan?
 Birth1974HITCHENS Benjamin Peter L?
 Birth1976CHATFIELD Mark Leonard?
 Birth1976HITCHENS Tina Shirley?
 Birth1976SPREADBURY Simon John?
 Birth1976SPREADBURY Wayne?
 Marriage1977CHATFIELD Graham C with ROBINSON Penelope A P?
 Birth1977CHATFIELD Susan?
 Marriage1977CHATFIELD John W with LAMY Sharon E?
 Marriage1978CHATFIELD Christopher with PUNTER Cheryl J?
 Marriage1978CHATFIELD Leslie B with MILLARD Tina D?
 Birth1978DRECZKO Laura Jane?
 Birth1979CHATFIELD Louise Sarah?
 Marriage1979CHATFIELD Jeremy D with SMITH Wendy J?
 Birth1979CHATFIELD Lisa Marie?
 Marriage1979CHATFIELD Martin with PICKETT Zita N?
 Birth1979LAPICKI Mark Peter?
 Birth1979CHATFIELD Tracey Ann?
 Marriage1980BLACKMAN Raymond W with CHATFIELD Linda?
 Birth1980CHATFIELD Daniel Martin?
 Birth1980CHATFIELD Laura Anne?
 Birth1981CHATFIELD Donna Samantha?
 Birth1982CHATFIELD Steven Leonard?
 Birth1983CHATFIELD Robert Nigel C?
 BirthJanuary 1984CHATFIELD Martin Reginald?
 MarriageAugust 1984RAYNOR Andrew B with SAYERS Lynn E?
 Marriage1984CHATFIELD Robert C with TOOVEY Kim N?
 MarriageMay 1985CHATFIELD Christopher L with SUMMERFIELD Anne T?
 BirthJanuary 1986CHATFIELD Martin William?
 BirthOctober 1986CHATFIELD Lisa Marie?
 Marriage1986CHATFIELD Martin with BROWN Karen E?
 Birth1986CHATFIELD Daniel John?
 BirthNovember 1987RAYNOR Chantale?
 BirthDecember 1987CHATFIELD Samantha Kate?
 MarriageJanuary 1988CHATFIELD Rodney David with KURN Tracey L?
 BirthJune 1988CHATFIELD Maria Kathleen?
 BirthJuly 1988KURN Kerry David?
 Birth1988CHATFIELD Harriet Emily?
 MarriageMay 1989KURN Kenneth M with CHATFIELD Louise Anne?
 MarriageAugust 1989THOMAS Peter with TICKNER Sharon?
 BirthJune 1990KURN Troy Alexander?
 Marriage1990CHATFIELD Steven Paul with LAMB Emma L?
 BirthJanuary 1991THOMAS Cara?
 BirthMarch 1991CHATFIELD Michelle?
 MarriageApril 1991CHATFIELD Peter with BLACKMAN Suzanne Jayne?
 MarriageJune 1991GEARY Craig Ronald with CHATFIELD Louise Kim?
 BirthJune 1991CHATFIELD Robert Ian?
 BirthNovember 1991KURN Cody Emma?
 Death1991JENKINS Evelyn May?
 MarriageJune 1992TICKNER Nigel with TILLER Amanda Louise?
 DeathDecember 1992CHATFIELD David Reginald?
 Marriage1992BYROM Thomas A with PICKETT Zita N?
 Death1992CHATFIELD Doreen Muriel?
 BirthApril 1994GEARY Laura Louise?
 BirthSeptember 1994TICKNER Shauna Louise?
 MarriageFebruary 1995TAYLOR Gary with CHATFIELD Claire Louise?
 Death4 April 1995CHATFIELD Frank William?
 DeathAugust 1995WHITE Ann Barbara?
 MarriageJuly 1996WOOLGAR David J with SHEPHERD Kay?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - South Western

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Marriage1940CHATFIELD David Reginald with LANSDELL Kathleen Mary?
 Marriage1941GARDNER Richard S with BEYTS Agnes M K?
 Death1969CHATFIELD Benjamin Cecil?
 DeathApril 1992LANSDELL Kathleen Mary?
 Death1992SKUTEK Ludwick Ian?
 Death5 June 1993ELKINS Emily N Louisa \ Louise?
 MarriageSeptember 1993CORPES Glenn with FAIRLEY Hazel Alexandra?
 BirthOctober 1994CORPES Jack Harry?
 BirthJune 1995CHATFIELD Bertie Edward A T?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Barnabus, Sutton

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage18 September 1893CHATFIELD Henry with NEWNHAM \ UNDERWOOD Ann?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Bartholomew, Norbury

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Christening?BARNARD Beryl Pauline?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Dunstan, Cheam

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Burial4 August 1833CHATFIELD Dorinda?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St James, Croydon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening24 August 1834PEAT Nancy Ann?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St John the Baptist, Croydon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening7 April 1750CHATFIELD Allen?
 Christening10 February 1760CHATFIELD Mary?
 Marriage1 December 1774CHATFIELD John with HUMFREY Elizabeth?
 Christening30 January 1776CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Christening14 October 1779CHATFIELD John?
 Christening27 March 1781CHATFIELD Allen?
 Christening9 August 1782CHATFIELD Henry?
 Christening14 March 1789CHATFIELD Ann?
 Christening3 April 1790CHATFIELD Maria?
 Christening9 April 1791CHATFIELD Caroline?
 Christening3 May 1792CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Marriage19 July 1792WENTWORTH Robert with CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Christening18 May 1793CHATFIELD William Hambly?
 Christening25 May 1794CHATFIELD Arthur Allen?
 Christening21 November 1795CHATFIELD Mary Anne?
 Christening1 November 1796CHATFIELD Robert John?
 Christening18 December 1797CHATFIELD Frances?
19 century
 Burial28 May 1811CHATFIELD Robert?
 Marriage14 October 1827CHATFIELD John with DAY Sophia?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St John The Baptist, Croydon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening4 November 1827CHATFIELD Sophia Ann?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St John the Baptist, Croydon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Burial5 October 1830STORROW Ann?
 Christening10 April 1831MOORE Ann Maria?
 Marriage26 May 1844MARTIN James with CHATFIELD Rebecca Tabitha?
 Christening10 August 1851CHATFIELD John Samuel?
 Christening13 March 1853CHATFIELD Richard Arthur?
 Christening1 January 1855CHATFIELD Ann Sophia?
 Christening9 March 1856CHATFIELD Henry Charles?
 Christening7 February 1858CHATFIELD Julia Elizabeth?
 Christening9 January 1881DAVEY Henry Ernest?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Mary Magdalen Churchyard, Ripley

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?STURT Frances?
 Burial?STURT Nathaniel?
 Burial?DUNCUMBE Ann?
 Burial?CHATFIELD John?
 Burial?STURT Martha?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Mary Magdalen, Richmond

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening27 June 1797HISCOCK John (58)?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Mary, Thames Ditton

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage16 October 1814CHATFIELD John with WHETSTON Susannah?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Mary, West Horsley

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening19 June 1836MIALL John?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Michael and All Angels Church, Wallington

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Marriage1973CHATFIELD Christopher J with WATSON Elizabeth?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Michaels Church, Ashtead

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 ChristeningJune 1940CHATFIELD Colin John (1)?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Nicholas, Cranleigh

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening17 November 1754LASSAM Michael?
 Christening24 November 1756MATTHEWS Jane?
 Marriage6 September 1775LASSAM Michael with MATTHEWS Jane?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Peter and Paul, Mitcham

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Christening21 August 1904BATES Jennie \ Jessie Louisa?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Peter, Wrecclesham

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening20 August 1899GREEN Hilda Nora?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Peters, Croydon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening25 March 1860CHATFIELD Sophia Eliza?
 Christening2 August 1861CHATFIELD Richard Roffey?
 Christening10 August 1862CHATFIELD Walter Edward?
 Christening21 May 1865CHATFIELD Harriet Louisa?
 Christening9 September 1866CHATFIELD Emily Julia?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Teresa's, Wimbledon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth23 June 1963CHATFIELD Kevin John?
 Birth15 July 1964CHATFIELD Teresa Margaret?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - St Teresas, Wimbledon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth18 November 1971CHATFIELD Richard?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Stoke d'Abernon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening18 June 1848CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Christening8 September 1850CHATFIELD Henry?
 Christening21 November 1852CHATFIELD Susanna?
 Birth1852CHATFIELD Susanna?
 Marriage19 April 1866ST AUBYN Edward with STEWART Edith?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Surbiton Cmtry., Surbiton

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Burial27 January 1928WHITE Jesse?
 Burial22 July 1930CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Burial16 October 1933CHATFIELD Henry?
 Burial29 January 1942GOODAY Selina?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Surbiton

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1855CHATFIELD Ellen?
 Birth1857CHATFIELD Mary Agnes?
 Birth1858CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Birth1859CHATFIELD Annie?
 Birth24 September 1860CHATFIELD Charles Edward?
 Christening31 October 1860CHATFIELD Charles Edward?
 Birth27 November 1861CHATFIELD Frederick?
 Birth2 June 1862MOORE Eliza Caroline?
 Christening6 July 1862MOORE Eliza Caroline?
 Christening28 January 1863CHATFIELD Maud?
 Death23 July 1866CHATFIELD Charles Henry?
 Birthabout 1867? Mary?
 Birth6 September 1877CHATFIELD Florence Alice?
 Christening7 October 1877CHATFIELD Florence Alice?
 Birth1895CHATFIELD Henry Leonard?
 Marriage29 August 1896CROCKER Albert with WHITE Annie?
20 century
 Birth13 November 1903CHATFIELD Frederick Bernard?
 Death2 January 1949SMITH Ethel Marion?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Sutton Cmtry., Sutton

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Burial20 April 1907CHATFIELD Henry?



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Sutton

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage13 October 1856CHATFIELD Henry with APPS Frances \ Fanny?
 Birthabout 1856? Lydia?
 Christening10 April 1859CHATFIELD Frank?
 Birth1863CHATFIELD Sarah Ann?
 Birth1868CHATFIELD Arthur?
 Birth1870CHATFIELD Albert Job?
 Birth1872CHATFIED Walter?
 Marriage25 March 1876CHATFIELD George with HAMSHAR Elizabeth?
 Birth11 December 1883CHATFIED Albert?
 Christening4 December 1884CHATFIED Albert?
 Birth1888CHATFIELD Arthur William?
 Christening19 September 1889CHATFIED Ernest?
 Birth1890CHATFIELD Albert John?
 Christening9 June 1899WIGGLESWORTH Percival Gill Lister?
20 century
 Birth18 February 1967CHATFIELD Jane Frances Mary?
 Death1967BAKER Edith E?
 Death1967CHATFIED Eleanor?
 Marriage1969CHATFIELD Graham Walter with TAYLOR Sandra Christine?
 Marriage1970GROVE Jonathan F with CHATFIELD Rosemary V?
 Marriage1971CHILTON Nicholas P C with HENDRICKSE Gwynneth C?
 Death28 July 1972CHATFIELD Elsie Gertrude?
 Death1973BARBER Graham Scott?
 Death1975BIRD Marie Pauline (7)?
 Death1976BUCKMAN Victor William?
 Death1976TROWER Frederick George?
 Birth1978MCCAUL Helen Louisa\Louise?
 Death1979RINN Gladys Florence L?
 Birth1980MCCAUL Kathrine Frances?
 Death1981CHATFIELD Albert (Bertie) Frederick?
 Death1981OLDER Albert John?
 Death1982CHATFIELD Thomas Holman?
 Birth1983MCCAUL Thomas Alexander?
 Death6 March 1984CHATFIELD Herbert Walter?
 Death1987CHATFIED William Henry?
21 century
 DeathMay 2006FREEMAN Vivienne Patricia?
 Death22 April 2011BRIDER Phyllis Louisa?

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