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United Kingdom - ESX East Sussex - Heathfield TN21 - All Saints, Sussex East : 21 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Burial5 March 1846CHATFIELD Nicholas?
 Burial8 March 1853FEATHERSTONE Hannah?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Marriage26 March 1732CHATFIELD Walter with CRIPPS Mary?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Marriage3 June 1669MEPHAM Richard with GLADWELL Mary?
18 century
 Birth1767COOKE William?
 Birthabout 1795COLEMAN Hannah?
19 century
 Birth1826LANCASTER Robert?
 Birthabout 1837PIPER William?
 Christening28 February 1841CURTIS Mary Emily?
 Christening20 November 1842CORNFORD Hannah?
 Birthabout 1842OAYNE Ann?
 Birth1842CORNFORD Hannah?
 Birth1842ELLIS John?
 Christening15 December 1844CORNFORD Nicholas Jesse?
 Birth1844CORNFORD Nicholas Jesse?
 Marriage20 February 1859PIPER William with CURTIS Mary Emily?
 Christening16 November 1862PIPER Emily Jane?
 Birth1862PIPER Emily Jane?
 Birth1873LANCASTER James?
 Birth1874LANCASTER Charles Henry?
20 century
 Marriage26 August 1900PIPER Thomas with LANCASTER Rose E?



United Kingdom - ESX East Sussex - Lewes BN7 - All Saints, Cliffe, Sussex East : 522 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening30 June 1811CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Burial25 June 1868PAINE Frances?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?VERRALL Maria?
 Burial?FULLER John?
 Christening?MADGWICK Issue +7?
17 century
 Marriage14 August 1620CHATFIELD John with VINALL Joanne?
18 century
 Christening17 February 1757MADGWICK Elizabeth?
 Christening15 September 1766CHATFIELD Christian?
 Christening11 June 1767MADGWICK William?
 Christening25 May 1769CHATFIELD Rebekah?
 Burial16 September 1772CHATFIELD Rebekah?
 Death1772CHATFIELD Rebekah?
 Burial28 November 1779PARSONS Rebecca \ Rebekah?
 Christening29 June 1786CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Christening31 October 1791CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Marriage26 April 1792MADGWICK William with CHATFIELD Christian?
 Christening6 June 1794MADGWICK John Chatfield?
 Christening25 June 1795ATTWOOD William?
 Christening17 November 1796MADGWICK Catherine?
 Christening25 September 1798MADGWICK Rebecca \ Rebekah?
 Christening9 November 1798CROCKFORD Ann Eleanor?
 Burial13 November 1798CROCKFORD Ann Eleanor?
 Burial16 December 1798CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
19 century
 Christening7 January 1800CROCKFORD Eleanor?
 Christening28 May 1805CROCKFORD William Henry?
 Christening11 July 1806MADGWICK Thomas?
 Burial25 March 1808MADGWICK Elizabeth?
 Christening6 August 1808CROCKFORD Emma Catherine?
 Burial28 February 1809CHATFIELD Catharine?
 Christening19 July 1809CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Christening8 November 1810CROCKFORD Eliza Ann?
 Christening29 May 1814CHATFIELD Edward?
 Burial21 November 1814CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Christening17 December 1815CHATFIELD Frances?
 Burial18 May 1818CROCKFORD Emma Catherine?
 Christening4 April 1819HENTY Ann?
 Burial15 May 1819CROCKFORD William?
 Burial27 January 1820CHATFIELD John?
 Christening6 September 1821MADGWICK Mary Ann?
 Burial16 July 1822CROCKFORD Eleanor?
 Burial1 January 1823CHATFIELD Christian?
 Burial23 July 1823CHATFIELD Ann?
 Christening24 September 1823MADGWICK John Chatfield?
 Marriage26 April 1824ATTWOOD William with MADGWICK Rebecca \ Rebekah?
 Christening20 May 1825ATTWOOD William?
 Christening16 February 1829ATTWOOD Christiana Fanny?
 Marriage17 November 1830TURNER Richard with CROCKFORD Eliza Ann?
 Christening30 March 1831ATTWOOD John Madgwick?
 Christening13 December 1832ATTWOOD Thomas Fowle?
 Marriage19 October 1833FULLER John with VERRALL Maria?
 Birthabout 1833TOWNSEND Mary Ann?
 Christening9 December 1834FULLER Emma?
 Burial16 April 1835FULLER Emma?
 Christening16 July 1836FULLER Henry?
 Burial24 July 1836FULLER Henry?
 Christening25 September 1837FULLER Thomas?
 Christening2 August 1839FULLER George?
 Burial4 December 1841ATTWOOD William?
 Marriage6 April 1842CHATFIELD Frances with WOOD Alfred?
 Burial12 May 1842MADGWICK Rebecca \ Rebekah?
 Burial17 November 1842CHATFIELD John Trayton?
 Christening4 August 1843FULLER John?
 Burial1 December 1844TURNER Charity?
 Christening30 April 1845CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Burial20 December 1845FULLER William?
 Birth1846CHATFIELD Edward Alfred?
 Burial18 October 1847PALMER John?
 Marriage13 September 1848CATT WILLETT John with MADGWICK Mary Ann?
 Birthabout 1851CHATFIELD Susannah?
 Birthabout 1852CHATFIELD Sarah Hodskinson?
 Burial6 September 1854FUNNELL Frances?
 Birth1855CHATFIELD Alice?
 Birth1858CHATFIELD Edith?
 Birth1861CHATFIELD Emily?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death19 January 1880BRYANT William?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth29 January 1852CHATFIELD John?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening14 February 1823WALLIS Ebenezer Samuel?
 Christening25 June 1826WALLIS Naomi Mercy?
 Christening7 November 1827WALLIS Luther?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening14 May 1820FUNNELL Samson?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?MARTIN Issue?
17 century
 Marriage2 December 1622JUTTON Anthony with CHATFIELD Ann?
 Death29 March 1629CHATFIELD Robert?
 BurialMarch 1629CHATFIELD Robert?
 Burial18 October 1641BALDWYN \ BLUNDEN Mary?
18 century
 Birthabout 1790CHATFIELD George?
19 century
 Birthabout 1828MARTIN Herbert?
 Birthabout 1833SIFFLEET Elizabeth?
 Birthabout 1840CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Birth1840SIMMONDS Naomi?
 Birthabout 1840MARTIN Emily?
 Birth1852SMITH Emily?
 Birth1854MARTIN Ellen?
 Birth1855CHATFIELD Emily?
 Birth1856MARTIN James?
 Birth1858MARTIN Mary?
 Birth1860MARTIN Amos?
 Birth1863MARTIN Thomas?
 Birth1865MARTIN William?
 Birth1868MARTIN John?
 Birth1870MARTIN George?
 Birth1874MARTIN Fanny Elizabeth?
 Birth1875BATES James?
 Birth1876BATES Emily?
 Birth1888MARTIN William?
 Birth1890MARTIN Alice?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1845CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth1853BUSHBY Elizabeth Smith?
 BirthApril 1876CHATFIELD Edward George?
 BirthJuly 1877CHATFIELD Charles Montague?
 Birth1878CHATFIELD Alfred Ernest?
 Birth1880CHATFIELD Leslie?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage20 August 1837CHATFIELD John with HENTY Ann?
 Marriage27 September 1880CHATFIELD William with TASKER Sarah Ann?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Residence1861CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Residence1861CHATFIELD Thomas?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birthabout 1820FUNNELL Samson?
 Birthabout 1837EARLE Elizabeth Mary Anne?
 Birth29 May 1857MOON William Thomas?
 Christening1 June 1857MOON William Thomas?
 Birthabout 1881MARTIN William James?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Burial2 May 1854CHATFIELD Stephen?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening26 February 1852CHATFIELD Sarah Hodskinson?
 Christening10 October 1855CHATFIELD Alice?
 Christening19 January 1862CHATFIELD Emily?
 Marriage3 December 1872CARMICHAEL James with CHATFIELD Elizabeth Lash?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Marriage19 September 1718CHATFIELD John with ASHFOLD \ ASHFORD \ ASHFULL \ ASHFELD Anne?
19 century
 Christening6 April 1843WOOD Thomas Chatfield?
 Christening6 December 1848CHATFIELD Elizabeth Lash?
 Christening21 February 1853BUSHBY Elizabeth Smith?
 Marriage29 April 1875CHATFIELD Thomas with BUSHBY Elizabeth Smith?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Marriage22 May 1754MADGWICK John with TOURLE Dorothy?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Burial23 January 1840BURFIELD John?
 Christening1842/1851BRYANT Issue 4?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening2 February 1768FULLER William?
19 century
 Christening19 January 1806TOWNSEND William?
 Marriage22 April 1817MADGWICK John Chatfield with VERRALL Elizabeth?
 Christening7 June 1818BUCKMAN Emily?
 Marriage27 October 1821CHATFIELD Thomas with WREN Mary?
 Marriage31 January 1824BROWNING James with BRIGGS Ann?
 Marriage22 August 1841BRYANT William with BUCKMAN Emily?
 Burial13 August 1851MADGWICK John Chatfield?
 Burial4 March 1860BUCKMAN Emily?
 Marriage19 March 1866FULLER Wiliam Edward with VINCENT Caroline?
 Christening3 May 1876CHATFIELD Edward George?
 Christening1 August 1877CHATFIELD Charles Montague?
 Christening25 August 1878CHATFIELD Alfred Ernest?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth2 August 1848TASKER Sarah Ann?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Marriage10 May 1692CHATFIELD William with COMBER Sarah?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage15 February 1835CHATFIELD William with HOLDER Susan?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Marriage18 November 1664MARTEN Michael with MARCHANT Elizabeth?
18 century
 Christening19 December 1781PAINE Harriot?
 Christening14 July 1784PAINE Sarah?
 Christening6 January 1788PAINE Frances?
 Christening13 August 1788PAINE Trayton?
 Christening13 August 1799PAINE George?
19 century
 Marriage24 June 1807CHATFIELD Thomas with PAINE Frances?
 Christening17 July 1814WOOD Alfred?
 Christening1 June 1844WOOD Fanny?
 Burial14 June 1872WOOD Alfred?
 Burial3 September 1889CHATFIELD Frances?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage1846CHATFIELD Henry with FUNNELL Frances?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage22 August 1836JOHNSTON Thomas with CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Marriage22 August 1836TRELFER John with CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Marriage10 January 1847STAPLEHURST Henry with WELLER Theophila?
 Christening24 November 1861CHATFIELD James Joseph Pierpoint?
 Christening17 July 1870CLARKE Fanny Jane M?
 Christening2 January 1887WALLIS Marie Louisa?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening18 February 1752GROVER Elizabeth?
19 century
 Christening14 April 1803VERRALL Maria?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening28 December 1757PAINE Trayton?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Marriage7 May 1702CHATFIELD Robert with MARTEN Sarah?
 Christening10 January 1718CHATFIELD Michael?
19 century
 Birthabout 1865CHATFIELD William?
 Birth1868COTTINGHAM Ellen?
 Birth1872COTTINGHAM Philip George?
 Birth1874COTTINGHAM Edward C?
 Birth1889CHATFIELD Albert?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?CHATFIELD Robert?
18 century
 Birth25 October 1757PAINE Trayton?
 Birth1757MADGWICK Elizabeth?
 Birth1766CHATFIELD Christian?
 Birth1769CHATFIELD Rebekah?
 Death26 November 1779PARSONS Rebecca \ Rebekah?
 Deathabout 1779MADGWICK John?
 Birth17 December 1781PAINE Harriot?
 Birth3 December 1783PAINE Sarah?
 Birth24 May 1786CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth9 January 1787PAINE Frances?
 Birth7 September 1791CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Birth5 June 1794MADGWICK John Chatfield?
 Birth28 May 1795ATTWOOD William?
 Birthabout 1795JOHNSTONE John?
 Birth12 October 1796MADGWICK Catherine?
 Birth25 August 1798MADGWICK Rebecca \ Rebekah?
 DeathNovember 1798CROCKFORD Ann Eleanor?
 DeathDecember 1798CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Birth1798CROCKFORD Ann Eleanor?
 Birth27 November 1799CROCKFORD Eleanor?
19 century
 Death1801TOURLE John?
 Birth23 May 1805CROCKFORD William Henry?
 Birth10 November 1805TOWNSEND William?
 Birth1806MADGWICK Thomas?
 Birth27 May 1808CROCKFORD Emma Catherine?
 Birth23 June 1808CHATFIELD John Trayton?
 Death1808MADGWICK Elizabeth?
 Death17 February 1809CHATFIELD Catharine?
 Birth17 February 1809CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth4 August 1810CROCKFORD Eliza Ann?
 Birth24 January 1811CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Birth1814WOOD Alfred?
 Birth1814CHATFIELD Edward?
 Death1814CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth1815CHATFIELD Frances?
 Birthabout 1817TRELFER John?
 DeathMay 1818CROCKFORD Emma Catherine?
 DeathMay 1819CROCKFORD William?
 DeathJuly 1822CROCKFORD Eleanor?
 DeathDecember 1822CHATFIELD Christian?
 DeathJuly 1823CHATFIELD Ann?
 Birth1825ATTWOOD William?
 Birthabout 1825PALMER Susannah?
 Birthabout 1825PARKER Elizabeth?
 Birth1829ATTWOOD Christiana Fanny?
 Birthabout 1829MEDHURST William?
 Birth1831ATTWOOD John Madgwick?
 Birth1832ATTWOOD Thomas Fowle?
 Birth1 November 1834FULLER Emma?
 Birth1837FULLER Thomas?
 Birthabout 1838CHATFIELD Frederick?
 Birth1839FULLER George?
 Death1840BURFIELD John?
 Birth1840GOLDS Sarah?
 Death1841ATTWOOD William?
 Birth1841SMITH Mary Ann?
 DeathNovember 1842CHATFIELD John Trayton?
 Marriage1842CHATFIELD Thomas with PANNETT Hannah?
 Death1842MADGWICK Rebecca \ Rebekah?
 Birth1843FULLER John?
 Death1843WOOD Thomas Chatfield?
 Birth1843WOOD Thomas Chatfield?
 Birth1844WOOD Fanny?
 Marriage1844CHATFIELD William with CHERRYMAN Martha?
 Birthabout 1844HERRIOTT Ellen?
 Death1844TURNER Charity?
 Death15 December 1845FULLER William?
 Death1845CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Marriage1847BUSHBY George with SMITH Emily?
 Birth1847CHATFIELD Jane Elizabeth?
 Death1847? Charity?
 Death1847PALMER John?
 Birthabout 1847BRAY Charity?
 Birth1848CHATFIELD Elizabeth Lash?
 Marriage1848TOWNSEND William with KNIGHT Jane Ann?
 Birth1850CHATFIELD William?
 Birth1850VINCENT Charles?
 Death1851MADGWICK John Chatfield?
 Birth16 October 1852KNIGHT Dinah Ann?
 Birth1852VINCENT Jane?
 Birth1852CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Marriage1852PATEMAN Thomas with CORNFORD Rhoda?
 Marriage1853BRAY James with EVANS Esther?
 Birth1853BRUNTON Edward?
 Marriage1853MARTIN Thomas with CHATFIELD Frances?
 DeathApril 1854CHATFIELD Stephen?
 Death1854FUNNELL Frances?
 Marriage1854COTTINGHAM Phillip with CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Birth1854VINCENT Mary?
 Marriage1855WALLIS Ebenezer Samuel with ISARD Elizabeth?
 Death1855? Lucy?
 Birthabout 1855CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth1856VINCENT Harry?
 Marriage1857CHATFIELD George with BAKER Maria?
 Marriage1857MARTIN Herbert with SIFFLEET Elizabeth?
 Birth1858CHATFIELD Alice Jane?
 Birth1858CHATFIELD Mary Maria?
 Birth1858CHATFIELD Martha?
 Burial30 September 1859FUNNELL William Baker?
 DeathSeptember 1859FUNNELL William Baker?
 Birth1859CHATFIELD Ann?
 Marriage1860RANDALL John with CHATFIELD Belinda?
 Birth16 February 1861CHATFIELD James Joseph Pierpoint?
 Birth1861CHATFIELD George?
 Death1862HOOK Susannah?
 Marriage1862STRANGE Alfred with SMITH Mary Ann?
 Marriage1863NEWTON George with CHATFIELD Jane?
 Death1863MITCHELL Harriett?
 Birth1864CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Death1864SMITH Emily?
 Birthabout 1865CHATFIELD Samuel?
 Birthabout 1865CHATFIELD James?
 Death1865RANDALL William?
 Death1865CROWHURST Lucy?
 Death22 May 1866PATTENDEN Jane?
 Marriage1866CHATFIELD Richard with MARTEN \ RANDALL Mary Ann?
 Birth1866TURNER George W?
 Marriage1866ALCORN William with CHATFIELD Lucy?
 Birth1866HILLMAN Albert?
 Birth1866CHATFIELD Grace?
 Death24 May 1867FULLER John?
 Death7 November 1867VERRALL Maria?
 Marriage1868CHATFIELD Esther?
 Death1868PAINE Frances?
 Marriage1868PARSONS Thomas with CHATFIELD Belinda?
 Death1868BELL Susannah Cooper?
 Death1868CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Birth1868SANDLES Israel William?
 Death1868CHATFIELD Henry James?
 Marriage1868SANDLES Finden William with CHATFIELD Jane Elizabeth?
 Birth1869CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Marriage1869MOCKFORD James with HOOK Philadelphia?
 Death1870CHATFIELD John?
 Death1870AWCOCK Richard?
 Birth1870SANDLES Henry?
 Death1871SANDLES Henry?
 Birth1871BRISTOW Louisa?
 Death1871CHATFIELD Catherine \ Catholine?
 Birth1872SANDLES Trayton Albert?
 Death1872WOOD Alfred?
 Marriage1873BATES James with SMITH Emily?
 Death1874CHATFIELD Agnes Ada?
 Deathabout 1874TOWNSEND William?
 Marriage1874CHATFIELD Henry with GOLDS Sarah?
 Birth1875ALCORN Harriet?
 Death1875MARTEN Lucy?
 Death1875ALCORN William?
 Birth1875CHATFIELD William Henry?
 Marriage1876LITTLEJOHN Salterne George with CHATFIELD Sarah Hodskinson?
 Death1876CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth1877ALCORN Lucy?
 Marriage24 February 1878CHATFIELD William with HADDOCK Ruth?
 Marriage1879CHATFIELD John with PATEMAN Mary Ann?
 Marriage1879MARTIN James with POWELL Elizabeth Ann?
 Birth1879STEPHENS Annie?
 Birth1880SANDLES Matilda Rachel?
 Death1881SANDLES Matilda Rachel?
 Birth1881SANDLES Minnie?
 Death1881? Mary?
 Birth1881SIMMONS Grace?
 Birth1882WEST Annie Elizabeth?
 Marriage1882BACON George with CHATFIELD Rhoda?
 Marriage1882CHATFIELD Alfred John with MARTIN Mary?
 Death1882CHATFIELD James?
 Birth1883CHATFIELD Ambrose?
 Birth1883CHATFIELD Margaret Jane?
 Birth6 July 1884CHATFIELD Irene Elizabeth Lash?
 Marriage1884BEARD Edwin with UNWIN Sarah Ann?
 Marriage1884BROOKER Peter with BATCUP Mary Jane?
 Death1884BROOKER Jane?
 Death1884TURNER Albert John White?
 Birth1884CHATFIELD William John?
 Death25 April 1885CHATFIELD Edward?
 Death1885KNIGHT Jane Ann?
 Marriage1885CHATFIELD John with MARTIN Harriet?
 Death1885MARTIN Thomas?
 Birth1885COX Alfred John?
 Death1885WILKINS Eliza?
 Birth1885CHATFIELD Kate?
 Death1885HAINES Eliza?
 Death1885HERRIOTT Ellen?
 Birth23 January 1886CHATFIELD Mabel?
 Birth1 July 1886HEAD-PAGE Harriett Alice H?
 Death1886KENNARD Phillis Ann?
 Death1886MOCKFORD James?
 Death1887CHATFIELD Lucy?
 Marriage1887MARTIN Thomas with SMITH Emily?
 Birth1887MOON James David?
 Death1888WINDER John?
 Birth1888CHATFIELD Olive Mary?
 Birth1888CHATFIELD Hilda Grace Humfry?
 Death1888GOLDS Sarah?
 Marriage1888FRENCH James with CHATFIELD Harriett?
 Birth1888MOON Lilian Maria?
 Death1889CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Marriage1889MARTIN Amos with CHATFIELD Mary Maria?
 Birth1889WALLIS Sydney?
 Birth1889MOON Charles Ernest?
 Marriage1890MARTIN William with UNWIN Sarah Ann?
 Death1890FULLER George?
 Birth1890WHEELER George Frederick?
 Death1891PAYNE Eli?
 Marriage1891MANKTELOW Alfred with CHATFIELD Sarah Ann?
 Death1891WALLIS Ebenezer Samuel?
 Death1892CHATFIELD Edward?
 Death1892MAYNARD Harriet?
 Marriage1892ALCORN William with CRUSE Ann?
 Death1892CHATFIELD Frances?
 Marriage1893CHATFIELD Charles with SMITH Ellen?
 Death1894BUSHBY George?
 Marriage1894PARSONS Ernest?
 Birth10 May 1895KENWARD Mabel Sarah?
 Birth1895JENNER William Walter?
 Death1895ALCORN Lucy?
 Marriage1895TURNER Alfred John with DIPLOCK Ellen?
 Birth1895MOON Daisy Maud?
 Birth10 September 1896TURNER Alfred George?
 Marriage1896GODLEY James Owen with CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Marriage1896CHATFIELD William with VAUGHAN Charlotte Louisa?
 Birth19 February 1897TAPP Aubrey Lorenzo R?
 Birth1897MOON Florence May?
 Death1897BUDD Elizabeth?
 Death1897HIDE Elizabeth Lucy?
 Marriage1897PAGDEN Lewis Henry with MARTIN Ellen Alice?
 Birth1898TURNER Matilda Ellen?
 Birth1898CHATFIELD Amelia Louisa?
 Marriage1898PENFOLD John Ernest with CHATFIELD Julia?
 Death1898CHATFIELD John?
 Birth14 January 1899CHATFIELD Bernard?
 Birth1899BARNDEN Louisa?
20 century
 Death1900CHATFIELD George?
 Birth1900MOON Dorothy Alice?
 Death1900MOON Thomas?
 Marriage1900AVIS Harry Thomas with HUNT Mary Jane?
 Marriage1900CHATFIELD William Henry with GODLEY Louisa?
 Birth30 June 1901AVIS May Gladys?
 Birth1902TURNER Frank Albert?
 Death1903CHATFIELD James?
 Death1904CHATFIELD John Banks?
 Birth4 October 1905JENNER Nellie Kate?
 Death1905LUFF Frances?
 Death11 March 1906CHATFIELD Caroline?
 Birth1906BISH Dora K?
 Death1907COTTINGHAM Phillip?
 Death1907PATEMAN Thomas?
 Death1908CHATFIELD William Henry?
 Death1909CHATFIELD Elizabeth Rhoda?
 Death1910CHATFIELD Michael?
 Marriage1910PARSONS Ernest Alfred with CHATFIELD Ruth Lillian?
 Death1911CHATFIELD Albert Charles?
 Death1911CHATFIELD John James?
 Death1911ELLIS Margaret?
 Death1912LINEHAM Frances Hannah?
 Marriage1913OLNEY Frank Wheatland with CHATFIELD Maud Mary?
 Death1913CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth1914AVIS Arthur R?
 Death1914BAKER Maria?
 Death1914HOPGOOD Maria?
 Death1915MARTIN John?
 Marriage1915WHEELER George Frederick with CHATFIELD Gladys?
 Death1915CORNFORD Rhoda?
 Birth1916COX Alfred John William?
 Death1916WALLIS William Thomas?
 Death13 June 1917MOON William Thomas?
 Death9 September 1917EARLE Elizabeth Mary Anne?
 Marriage1918ALCE Thomas Frederick with CHATFIELD Ella?
 Death1919CHATFIELD Ann A?
 Birth28 May 1920STILL Raymond Albert?
 Death1920PATEMAN Mary Ann?
 Marriage1920CHATFIELD Frank with TICEHURST Lily?
 Marriage1920STILL Albert with CHATFIELD Nellie May?
 Birth20 February 1921CHATFIELD Leslie Martin?
 Death1921CHATFIELD George Henry?
 Marriage1921STUNT Archibald Alfred with CHATFIELD Hilda Adelaide?
 Birth28 December 1922STUNT Kenneth?
 Death1922CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1922STILL Dora?
 Birth1923WHEELER Raymond J?
 Death1924WOODROFFE Mary Elizabeth?
 Marriage1924CHATFIELD Ewart John with KENWARD Winifred E?
 Birth1924CHATFIELD Winifred Mary?
 Birth1924STILL Norman?
 Birth14 February 1925CHATFIELD Gerald Henry?
 Birth1925ADDISON Leonard Horace?
 Death1925WALLIS Louisa Madeline?
 Death1927FULLER John?
 Birth1928BOWLES Beryl R?
 Death11 February 1929CHATFIELD Charles?
 Death11 February 1929SMITH Ellen?
 Marriage1929CHATFIELD Robert Harold with BARNDEN Louisa?
 Death1930KENWARD Winifred E?
 Death1930MARTIN Mary?
 Marriage1932CHATFIELD Ewart John with KENWARD Mabel Sarah?
 Death1934CHATFIELD Ellen Jane?
 Death7 April 1935CHATFIELD George Albert?
 Probate4 May 1935CHATFIELD George Albert?
 Death1935EARL Mary Jane?
 Death1935KNIGHT Jane?
 Marriage4 October 1938CHATFIELD Charles Frederick with JENNER Nellie Kate?
 Marriage1941STILL Raymond Albert with GRYS Marie S Le?
 Birth1942CROUCH David J?
 Death1942AWCOCK Edmund?
 Death1942CHATFIELD Christopher?
 Marriage1942COOPER Donald Frederick with CHATFIELD Winifred Mary?
 Death1944WILLIAMS Reuben?
 Death1945CHATFIELD Leah?
 Birth1945HEASMAN Geoffrey M?
 Probate1 March 1947FUNNELL Frederick?
 Birth1947COX Peter J?
 Birth1947STILL Jane S?
 Marriage1948CHATFIELD Leslie Martin with ROSE Mary?
 Death1948CHATFIELD Frederick John?
 Birth1948STILL Bruce?
 Death1951CHATFIELD Luther?
 Death1951BRUNSDEN Bessie?
 Birth1951CHATFIELD Angela?
 Death1952CHATFIELD Frank?
 Death1952CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Death1954CHATFIELD Robert Harold?
 Birth1954CRISFORD Jane M?
 Death1954COX Alfred John?
 Birth1956CHATFIELD Elaine?
 Death1958CHATFIELD Emily Rose Beatrice?
 Death1961CHATFIELD Robert?
 Death1961FROST Arthur David?
 Death1963KING Clara?
 Marriage1965HIDE Jeffery C with STILL Vivien S?
 Marriage1968CROUCH David J with STILL Jane S?
 Marriage1972GARNER Michael W with CRISFORD Anne E?
 Death1972FLINT Frank Ernest?
 Death1973CHATFIELD Harold?
 Marriage1974STILL Bruce with WATSON Linda?
 Marriage1976MARCHANT Geoffrey R with CHATFIELD Elaine?
 Death1976CHATFIELD Nellie May?
 Marriage1977CRISFORD Peter R with HECKS Mary J?
 Marriage1978GILMORE Rex A with CRISFORD Jane M?
 Death1978GREY Louisa Caroline?
 Death1981SPRACKLING Bernard Richard?
 MarriageSeptember 1984BRADFORD Norman A C with CHATFIELD Sally C?
 Death1986CHATFIELD Winifred Mary?
 Death1990AXFORD Ralph Benjamin?
 DeathMay 1994CHATFIELD Florence Elsie?
21 century
 Marriage2005MCDAVITT \ SHARPE Michael A with CHATFIELD Carrie Ann?



United Kingdom - ESX East Sussex - Newhaven BN9 - 8 Portland Terr., Heighton, Sussex East : 24 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Residence1904CHATFIELD Amelia Louisa?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening2 November 1823WINDER John?
 Birthabout 1823WINDER John?
 Christening30 June 1832DULY Richard?
 Birth1832DULY Richard?
 Birth1848MOCKFORD James?
 Christening24 October 1852WINDER James Legatt?
 Birth1852WINDER James Legatt?
 Birth1858PAVER William Henry?
 Birth1860HOOK Barbara?
 Birth1873MOCKFORD Agnes Gertrude?
 Birth1882MOCKFORD Henry Reginald?
 Birth1891THORPE Walter William Paver?
20 century
 Death1903LEGATT Mary Anne?
 Death1905CHATFIELD Henry?
 Death1906VAUGHAN Charlotte Louisa?
 Death1907ALCE Samuel?
 Birth1907BEAGLEY Harry?
 Marriage1908CHATFIELD George Albert with PATCHING Lydia?
 Death1919WADY Amelia Jane?
 Death1923HOOPER Sampson Joseph?
 Death1930SARGENT Louisa Jane?
 Death1931CHATFIELD Charles Lawrence?
 Death1 June 1996CHATFIELD Robert James?



United Kingdom - ESX East Sussex - Rye TN31 - Brede, Sussex East : 22 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1844STACE Jabez?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1854GURR Elizabeth?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Birth1696COLEMAN Elizabeth?
 Christening1696COLEMAN Elizabeth?
 Birth1697COLEMAN John?
 Christening1697COLEMAN John?
18 century
 Birth1736PAIN Sarah (71)?
 Marriage4 December 1769CHATFIELD Walter with GARNER Anne?
19 century
 Birthabout 1832APPS Frances \ Fanny?
 Marriage8 December 1833CHATFIELD George Austen with HILDER Frances Elizabeth?
 Burial9 February 1834CHATFIELD George Austen?
 Death1834CHATFIELD George Austen?
 Marriage14 June 1835FINN Samuel with HILDER Frances Elizabeth?
 Birth1861BUTTENSHAW Charles Herbert?
 Birth1867PAYNE Mary Annie Elizabeth?
 Birth1881CRAMP Orlow?
 Death1889BUTTENSHAW Charles Herbert?
 Marriage1894COOMBER William with CHATFIELD Annie Clara?
20 century
 Death1911AMOS Richard?
 Death1914FUGGLE Maria?
 Birth1920CHATFIELD Roy E G?
 Death1926GUEST Fanny?



United Kingdom - ESX East Sussex - Seaford BN25 - Sussex East : 6 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birthabout 1823BOXALL Matilda Ann?
 Birth1880HUNT Mary Jane?
 Christening1880HUNT Mary Jane?
 Birth1884HOOPER Amy?
 Birth1892CHATFIELD Esther Ada May?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
21 century
 Death6 April 2010CHATFIELD Brenda Freeman?

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