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List of events ordered by date

? - St Arvens, Monmouthshire, Wales

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth17 July 1807Wells Charles Rush



? - St Brides Minor, Glamorgan, Wales

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Christening1882Davies Stephen Herbert



? - St John's Church, Dowlais, Glamorganshire, Wales

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Guest Josiah John



? - St Mary, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Wales

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Christening25 May 1853Crates Clara



? - St Saviour, London England

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth1896Alcorn Sarah Lucy



? - St Vincent

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Birth?Tucker Oronde



? - Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Birth?Stewart Katie



? - Stornoway, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Census1861Chatfield Sophia Ann



? - Sturgate, Kent. England

Event TypeDateIndividual
18 century
 Birthabout 1795Smith Rebecca



? - Sydney, NSW Australia

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Marriage1886Goodwin John J with Westman Eliza Ellen



? - Temiferog, Denbighshire, Wales

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birthabout 1875Green Georgina



? - Tendring, Essex. England

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Birth1931Copping Pamela J



? - The Garrison, Gibralter

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth1873Bush Mabel Comfort



? - Tortola, British Virgin Islands, West Indies

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth21 July 1804Dougan Mary Stephen



? - Trevethin, Monmouthshire, Wales

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth1877Palfrey Sarah



? - Trinidad & Tobago

Event TypeDateIndividual
21 century
 Residence2013? Claire
 Residence2013Barrow Randolph



? - Trinidad

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Birth1949Chatfield Adrian Francis
 Birth1952Chatfield Teresa M



? - Tunbridge Wells, Kent England

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 BirthJanuary 1993Chatfield Michelle Sarah
 BirthAugust 1994Chatfield Alex Christopher
 BirthNovember 1998Chatfield Sarah Jane



? - Unknown

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Hayes Charles C
 Burial?Hewitt Joy \ Jay Anchor
 Burial?Welsh Matthew Allen



? - Vicarage, Much Marcle, Herefordshirem England

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Census1881Chatfield George Ernle



? - West Glamorgan, Glamorganshire, Wales

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Birth1948Gardner Richard J E



? - West Indies

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Deathabout 1922Matthews George Lipscombe



? - West Road Crmtrm.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Chatfield Peter Vincent



? - Western Desert, of North Africa

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Death1942Brownhill Victor Lawrence



? - Wigtownshire, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Probate21 June 1909Chatfield Henry Albert



? - Williton District, Somerset England

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth15 September 1887Jones Blanche Albania



? - With parents. Confectioner.

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Census1911Chatfield Edward Burt



? - WWI

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Death28 April 1916Hughes Vyvyan Westbury
 Death23 December 1917Sandles Trayton Finden
 Death1918Chatfield Harry



? - WWII

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Death1 January 1943Chatfield Donald Ernest
 Death28 October 1944Chatfield Sidney Edward
 Death7 March 1945Stuart Charles Wilmon



? - Ystradyfodwg, St John, Glamorganshire, Wales

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Marriage25 April 1877Price Evan with Pugh Ann




Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Birth27 September 1907Divris Pandelis C



Algeria - 16 Alger - Algiers

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Death12 March 1883Dilke Ashton Wentworth



Angola - Age, Cuanza Sul

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Death16 April 1852Alcott Junius




Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 BirthApril 1977Ferrarese Luis Matias
 Birth1977? ?



Armenia - Marash, Cilicia

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth28 February 1872Adams Sharkey Henry



Atlantic Ocean - .

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Death1879Van Ess ?



Atlantic Ocean - At sea HMS Hood, Denmark Strait

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Death24 May 1941Chatfield Edwin Herbert



Atlantic Ocean - At sea

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birthabout 1862Chatfield Elizabeth Alice



Atlantic Ocean - Cremated, ashes scattered on

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Chatfield Richard Lewis




Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Birth?Cakebread Trevor
 Birth?Chatfield Louise
 Birth?Chatfield ?
 Birth?Chatfield Douglas
 Death?Howes Giles
 Birth?Chatfield Brenda
 Birth?Chatfield Aidan Rhys
 Birth?Chatfield Harry
 Birth?Bowden Annette
 Birth?Chatfield David
 Birth?Angwin Issue 5
 Birth?Chatfield Cheryl
 Birth?Larkmann Christopher
 Birth?Larkmann Jonathan
 Birth?Larkmann Simon
 Birth?King Fiona
 Birth?King George David Chatfield
 Birth?Cowell Issue 2
 Birth?Chatfield Cheryl
 Death?Beveridge Issue 2
 Birth?? ?
 Birth?Chatfield ?
 Death?Chatfield Christie Jean
 Birth?Cakebread Brian
 Birth?Chatfield Rhonda
 Birth?Chatfield Rex
 Birth?Chatfield Robert
 Birth?Chatfield Ray
 Birth?Cakebread Christine
 Marriage?Reid Tim with Chatfield Krystal Lee
 Birth?Chatfield Peter
 Birth?Chatfield Leonard
 Birth?Heussler Judy
 Birth?Heussler ?
 Marriage?Tun ? with Chatfield Krystal Lee
 Birth?Chatfield Kathryn Jade
 Birth?Chatfield Katrina
 Death?Chatfield Hezekiah
 Birth?Cakebread Issue 6
 Birth?Chatfield Allan
 Birth?Chatfield Judy
 Birth?Chatfield Jack
 Birth?Chatfield Issue 5 ?
 Birth?Chatfield Leonie
 Birth?Chatfield Leonie
 Birth?Chatfield Issue
 Birth?Chatfield Marion
 Birth?Chatfield Marion
 Birth?Cakebread Ivan
 Birth?Chatfield Rodney
 Birth?Mackenzie Issue 4 sons, 1 dau.
 Birth?Edwards Judy
 Birth?Kostanti Helen
 Birth?Kostanti Mark
 Birth?Luck Issue 8
 Birth?Wilms Carol
 Birth?Edwards Philip
 Birth?Williams Timothy
 Birth?Glendenning John
 Birth?Edwards Malcolm
 Birth?Willes Frederick
 Birth?Glendenning Joy
 Birth?Willes Heather
 Birth?Willes Robert
 Birth?Willes Ronald
 Birth?Edwards Barry
 Birth?Edwards Alexandra
 Marriage?Naimo Dominic with Chatfield Samantha Tara
 Death?Chatfield Charles Allen
 Birth?Eden Issue 1
 Birth?Coombs Melv.
 Birth?Chatfield Max
 Death?Garrett Gibson Mary Jane
 Birth?Chatfield Carol
 Birth?Chatfield Greg
 Birth?Chatfield Graeme
 Birth?Stephen Issue
 Birth?Chatfield Sandra
 Birth?Chatfield Gordon
 Marriage?Stanley ? with Sutherland Kay Rose
 Birth?Chatfield Ross
 Death?Smith Issue 5
 Birth?Smith ?
 Birth?Stitz Kate
 Birth?Stitz William
 Birth?Stitz Claire
 Birth?Waine Betty Joan
 Birth?Waine John Carlisle Scott
 Birth?Smith ?
 Birth?Walders Mary
 Birth?Baker Lyn
 Birth?Chatfield Stephen
 Birth?Dunbar David Chatfield
 Birth?Doidge Issue 3
 Death?? ?
 Birth?Jones ?
 Birth?Jones ?
 Birth?Duff ?
 Birth?Chatfield Dale
 Birth?Chatfield Robyn Ann
 Birth?Chatfield Rodney
 Birth?Chatfield Jamie
 Birth?Sago Candice
 Birth?Chatfield Joseph
 Death?Russell Janet Elizabeth
 Birth?Dowsett Steve
 Birth?Douglas Verna
 Birth?Douglas Ray
 Birth?Chatfield Sue
 Birth?Chatfield Jennifer Anne
 Birth?Inglis J E
 Birth?Inglis E ?
 Birth?Chatfield William Charles
 Birth?Chatfield John
 Birth?Chatfield Sydney William
 Birth?Chatfield Wayne
 Birth?Chatfield Wayne
 Birth?Chatfield Sylvia
 Birth?Chatfield Jan
 Birth?Chatfield Tammy
 Birth?Chatfield Geoff
 Birth?Chatfield Geoff
 Birth?Chatfield Geoffrey
 Birth?Chatfield Jean
 Birth?McDonald Irene
 Birth?McDonald Judy
 Birth?McDonald Teresa
 Birth?McDonald Victor
 Birth?McDonald Wayne
 Birth?McDonald William
 Birth?McDonald William Christopher
 Birth?McDonald Malcolm Chatfield
 Marriage?Nugent Gregory Mark Lee with Fields Carole
 Birth?McDonald Cassandra
 Birth?Chatfield Geoffrey Edwin
 Birth?Chatfield Timothy
 Birth?Burnheim Issue 10
 Birth?Chatfield Brenda
 Birth?Forder Issue 6
 Birth?Chatfield Donald
 Death?Chatfield Thomas
 Birth?Chatfield Doug
 Birth?Chatfield Gail Patrcia
 Birth?Chatfield Douglas
 Birth?Priddle Raymond
 Birth?? ?
 Birth?King Robert
 Birth?Chatfield Phyllis
 Birth?Priddle Edna
 Birth?Chatfield Phillip
 Birth?Cornu Issue 8
 Marriage?Chatfield Blaine Ian with Karvelas Helen
 Marriage?Chatfield Alan George with ? Heather
 Birth?Chatfield Michelle
 Birth?Chatfield Ernest
 Birth?Chatfield Norma
 Birth?Ransley Robert
 Birth?Edwards Issue 2
 Birth?Mackenzie ?
 Birth?Matthewman Issue 2
 Birth?Chatfield Ruth
 Birth?Edwards Ruth
 Birth?Chatfield Joan
19 century
 Birth1836Cain George William
 Immigrationabout 1837Driver Henrietta
 Immigrationabout 1837Smith Robert
 Birth1861Budsworth James
 Immigration15 September 1862Chatfield Charles
 Immigration1862D'Evlin Annie Caroline
 Immigration1862D'Evlin John Joseph
 Immigration1862Gamble Anne
 Immigration1862D'Evlin Daniel O'Sullivan Joseph
 Birth1866Chatfield Emily
 Deathafter 1877Pocock Ann
 Birthabout 1878? Alice
 Birth15 May 1881Nicholson Catherine
 Birth1 February 1882Nicholson Rachel Anne
 Birth24 December 1882Devlin Michael
 Birth1893Gjedsted Kathlen
 Birth13 October 1894Guy Francis Chatfield
 Birth1895Retallack Hugh James
 Birth1896Chatfield Anna Winifred
20 century
 Marriage1901Clements John James Alfred Arthur with Newey Ada Elizabeth
 Birth1905Nanscawen William Lionel
 Birthabout 1906King Brenda
 Marriage1909Kunack William John with Teasdale Ruby Jane
 Marriage1909Retallack William John with Ricketts Lily
 Marriage1911Retallack Walter George with Bolt Elizabeth Nancy
 Immigration1911Chatfield Alfred Ernest
 Marriage1911Coombs James Henry with Teasdale Irene May
 Birth1 January 1912Armati Leo Vivian
 Marriage1912Retallack Alfred Charles with Burrows Edith Sarah
 Birth1913Chatfield Anne
 Birthafter 1913Chatfield Alfred Charles
 Birthafter 1913Chatfield Donald
 EngagementMarch 1914Chatfield Albert Ernest with McCooke Ruby Eleanor Isabella
 Birthabout 1915Baldock Jack Lester
 Marriage3 April 1916Hughes Vyvyan Westbury with Chatfield Olive Amy
 Birth6 May 1916James Lewis Edward
 Birthafter 1916Chatfield John Robert
 Birthafter 1916Chatfield Richard
 Birthabout 1919Mackenzie Erla Chatfield
 Birth29 January 1920Chatfield Allen William
 Birth2 December 1922Chatfield Roy
 Immigration1922Chapman Clara Julia
 Immigration1922Chatfield Roy St John
 Birth29 October 1923Chatfield Edgar James
 Birth1923Chatfield John Alexander
 Immigration1923Davidson Dudley Percy
 Birth29 February 1924Smith Elsie Joyce
 Birthabout 1924Waine Jacqueline Joyce
 Death22 October 1925Bishop James
 Birthabout 1925Chatfield Ronald Walter
 Birth31 January 1926Chatfield Reginald Bruce
 Birth6 September 1926Chatfield Clifford Keith
 Birthabout 1926Chatfield William Richard
 Birth18 May 1928Chatfield Ronald
 Death1928Bailey John Henry
 Birth1928Chatfield Malcolm Harry
 Birth29 January 1929Mackenzie Gordon Kettle
 Birth4 February 1930Chatfield Philip George
 Death23 November 1930Battley Frederick John
 Birth1930Chatfield Jennifer Josephine
 Birth1930Edwards Blanche Kathleen
 Birth17 November 1931Chatfield Kathleen Mary
 Birth7 March 1932Fraser Claire Elizabeth
 Birth6 November 1932Chatfield Hazel Joan
 Birth13 February 1934Chatfield Alan Keith
 Birth20 July 1934Chatfield John Leonard
 Death1934Mawle Frederick Ernest
 Death11 December 1935Johnston Annie Alice
 Birth1935Brown Rhonda
 Birthabout 1935Chatfield Rae
 Birth22 September 1936Chatfield Ron
 Marriage11 November 1936Black Robert Phillip with Richards Eleanor Rose
 Birth5 February 1937Chatfield Marie Anne
 Birth1937Brown Frances
 Birth18 January 1939Howell Margaret Elizabeth
 Marriageabout 1939Bookham John Stephen with Chatfield Mavis Margaret
 Marriageabout 1939Waine John Grenville with Ellison Dorothy Frances May
 Birth30 April 1940Chatfield Keith
 Birth27 June 1940Chatfield Maxwell
 Birth1940Edwards William
 Marriage5 April 1941Chatfield Harry with Thomas Gwladys Jean
 Marriage6 November 1941Brown Alexander Coulthard with Gray Dorothy Leila
 Birth21 November 1941Chatfield Annette
 Marriage27 June 1942Brown Douglas Vincent with Neumann Olga
 Marriage26 August 1942Edwards Herbert Charles with Wilson Dorothy Mary Stuart
 Birth11 February 1943Howell Donald James
 Birth10 May 1943Doidge Reginald David
 Birth30 September 1943Chatfield Keith
 Birth1943Hall Margaret Rae
 Birth24 February 1944Baldock Merilyn Ruth
 Birth8 May 1944Chatfield Brian Lawrence
 Death22 December 1944Chatfield Florence
 Birth20 January 1946Barton Christopher Neil
 Birth23 March 1946Howell Alan Frank
 Birth4 December 1946Chatfield Graeme Barry
 Birth13 December 1946Brown Infant
 Death13 December 1946Brown Infant
 Birth1946Hall Desley Ruth
 Birth24 March 1947Chatfield Donald John
 Marriageafter June 1947Brennand Harold Francis with Chatfield Jessica Victoria
 Death9 July 1947Brown Douglas Vincent
 Birth18 December 1947Chatfield Robert William
 Birthabout 1947Chatfield Kerry Frances
 Birth13 July 1948Chatfield Karen Joyce
 Marriage20 December 1948Tremlowe Noel Vivian with Waine Jacqueline Joyce
 Birthabout 1948Chatfield Leone Joy
 Marriagebefore 1948Chatfield Warren Clifford with Pyke Doris
 Birth25 June 1949Chatfield Jennifer
 Birth1949Baker Keith Arthur
 Birth5 April 1950Barton Barbara Jane
 Birth6 May 1950Tremlowe ?
 Birthabout 1950Heussler William W
 Engagement1950Milne John William with Waine Betty Joan
 Birth19 November 1951Chatfield Michael
 Birth1951Ferris Lynette
 Birth1951Hall Noelene
 Birth6 January 1952Chatfield Vicki
 Marriage5 August 1952Milne John William with Waine Betty Joan
 Birth25 April 1954Chatfield Neil
 Birth1 December 1954Chatfield Frederick John
 Birth3 December 1954Chatfield Kevin
 Marriageabout 1954Chatfield Ian Robert with Crawford Jean
 Immigration1955Chatfield Harold Charles
 Immigration1955Sims Thelma Myrtle
 Birth25 March 1956Chatfield Phillip Joseph
 Birth1956McMillan Craig
 Birth18 August 1957Chatfield Tanda Maree
 Deathabout 1957Douglas Leslie Victor Alexander
 Birth1957Piper Lynette E
 Birth11 January 1958Chatfield Christopher
 Birth27 February 1959Chatfield Alan
 Birth16 April 1959Chatfield Gregory Allan
 Birth10 November 1959Chatfield Kevin Alan
 Birth1959Chatfield Heather Joy
 Birth1959Hall Tracey Kathleen
 Birth1959Piper Trevor G
 Birth23 September 1960Chatfield Patricia Anne
 Death21 January 1961Blackeby Ernest James
 Death1961Mawle Clara
 Marriage1 December 1962Mathews John with Chatfield Coralie
 Birth1962Chatfield Gary Alexande
 Birth9 April 1963Griffiths Lee-Ann Marie
 Death26 May 1963Cakebread Edgar Ralph
 Marriage1963Fields Reginald Charles with Chatfield Sylvia A
 Birth1963Fields Warren
 Birth19 September 1964Griffiths Rodney Glen
 Death1964Battley William Gladstone
 Birth1964Fields Carole
 Death18 September 1965Brown Eric Douglas
 Birth1965Chatfield Warren Leon
 Birth1965Mathews Mark
 Birth1965Piper Suzanne Jane
 Birth1966Chatfield Andrew Peter
 Birthabout 1966Chatfield Donna Maria
 Birth31 July 1967Griffiths Jacquline Joy
 Birth12 November 1967Fitzhenry Janette Mary
 Birth1967Fields Roger
 Death1968Jackson William Charles
 Residence1969Redward Denise
 Marriage30 March 1970Webster Garry with Edwards Jennifer Chatfield
 Birth26 February 1971Maclean Robert James
 Birth18 August 1971Nixon Rachel Michelle
 Event forOctober 1971Nixon Terence William with Chatfield Jennifer
 Birth13 March 1972Griffiths Jodie Lucille
 Birth1972Chatfield Daniel France
 Marriage3 March 1973Chatfield Brian Lawrence with Read Maureen Sandra
 Birth27 July 1973Chatfield Samantha Jayne
 Birth1973Chatfield Scott Bradley
 Immigration1974Toskov Anna
 Birth9 December 1975Chatfield Sandra Anne
 Death1975Connors Alma Evelyn
 Birth18 June 1976Chatfield Kylie Nicole
 Divorce12 November 1976Nixon Terence William with Chatfield Jennifer
 Marriage29 December 1976Pugh Donald John with Chatfield Jennifer
 Death1978Edwards Blanche Kathleen
 Birth13 January 1979Chatfield Nicholas
 Birth1979Chatfield Belinda Faye
 Birth5 February 1980Chatfield Steven
 Birth6 September 1981Chatfield Brett
 Death27 November 1982Baumann Charles Francis
 Birth1982Chatfield Tracy Anne
 Birth1983Nugent Christopher
 Divorce20 August 1984Black Robert Phillip with Richards Eleanor Rose
 DivorceOctober 1984Pugh Donald John with Chatfield Jennifer
 Deathabout 1985Chatfield George Donald
 Birth28 November 1986Chatfield Kimberley Rae
 Death15 January 1987Chatfield Wilkins Beryl Joan
 Marriage12 December 1987Chatfield Brendon Charles with Batty Jaqueline
 Deathafter 1987Chatfield Doris Maude Montague
 Birth1987Nugent David
 Death1987Loveday Freda Gladys
 Death18 August 1988Hastie Lillian May
 Birth16 July 1989Chatfield Kelly Belinda
 Death1989Harris Violet Myrtle
 Death9 August 1990? Henrietta
 Death10 August 1990Clarke Norris
 Death25 August 1990Chatfield Roy Wiliam
 Birth1990Nugent Jessica
 Death14 September 1991Herbert Rita Eileen
 Death1992Chatfield Arthur Frederick George
 Death4 June 1993Omond Dorothy Marguerite
 Death29 December 1994Black Robert Phillip
 Death29 September 1997Chatfield Leone Joy
 Death1997Aves Edna May
 Death7 April 1998Gilmour William Reinhold
 Death13 May 1999Hitchcock Joyce Dorothy
 Death13 June 1999Chatfield Thomas Ernest
21 century
 Death10 June 2000Chatfield Kevin Nicholas
 Death17 July 2001Pugh Donald John
 Death28 July 2003Chatfield Roy
 Burial19 February 2004Baker Nelson Roy
 Marriage21 February 2004Chatfield David Ashley with Doyle Louise
 Death25 November 2004Chatfield Tom
 Death3 December 2004Stephens Roma May
 Death16 March 2005Chatfield Dennis John William
 Death10 October 2005Chatfield Albert George
 Birth2005Chatfield-Carberry Shanina Grace
 Death2005Richards Eleanor Rose
 Death6 June 2006Chatfield-Carberry Shanina Grace
 Death8 October 2006Chatfield Robert William
 Death20 February 2008Chatfield Edgar James
 Death23 August 2008Jarred Gladys
 Death25 November 2008? Shirley
 Death15 December 2008Chatfield Donald John
 Marriage27 June 2009Chatfield Keith with ? Carolyn Anne
 Death14 February 2010Jarred Pearl
 Death17 March 2010Chatfield Audrey May
 Death4 May 2010Chatfield Keith
 Death2010Bailey Cynthia Maureeen
 Death19 June 2011? Eva Frances
 Birth1 July 2011Maclean Indi Johanna
 Death7 July 2011Howell Margaret Elizabeth
 Death3 September 2012Liversidge Peter Philip
 Death31 December 2012Chatfield Coralie
 Death9 October 2014Chatfield Kelly Belinda
 Deathabout 2014Baker Walt Elliott
 Death20 February 2015Jarred Kathleen
 Death21 February 2016Chatfield Michael
 Death7 April 2016Chatfield Robert Lewis
 Death3 December 2016Edwards David Chatfield
 Residence2016Bionda Jennifer
 Residence2016Steer David
 BirthFebruary 2018Naimo Marcus
 DeathFebruary 2018Naimo Marcus
 Death26 November 2018Chatfield Richard Henry
 Death1 August 2020Aarons Dearis
 Death24 October 2020Chatfield Keith Richard
 BirthJuly 2021Chatfield Lincoln Kosta
 Birth1 December 2022Naimo Ryker Marcus
 Birth29 June 2023Tun Daisy Rose
 Birth29 June 2023Tun Hazel Jean

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