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List of events ordered by date

United Kingdom - All Saints Churchyard, West Dean, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Burial4 September 1883CHATFIELD Ambrose?



United Kingdom - All Saints' Church, Crawley Down, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Marriage19 September 1931CHATFIELD William Leonard with SMITH Beatrice Mary?



United Kingdom - All Saints, Crawley Down, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening31 July 1853CHATFIELD Anne?
 Christening2 May 1858CHATFIELD Frederick Thomas?
 Christening2 August 1863CHATFIELD Fanny Rosanna?
 Christening1 September 1867CHATFIELD Harry?
 Burial21 August 1870BRACKPOOL Susanna?
 Christening27 August 1870CHATFIELD Susannah?
 Burial21 September 1870CHATFIELD Susannah?
 Burial29 August 1875BRACKPOOL Richard?
 Christening5 September 1880CHATFIELD Frank?



United Kingdom - All Saints, Framfield, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening24 June 1808CHATFIELD John Trayton?



United Kingdom - Alton Hampshire

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 DeathFebruary 1987CHATFIELD James Hector?



United Kingdom - Amberley, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening1 July 1737FULLER Mary?
19 century
 Christening26 February 1832BRABY Jane?
 Birth1839SEARLE Sarah Elizabeth?
 Death4 January 1851BRABY Robert?
 Marriage18 February 1854CHATFIELD William with BRABY Jane?
 Marriage1855SKINNER Henry with HOLLIST Rhoda?



United Kingdom - Angmering, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?CLEMENTS Issue?
 Birth?HOLLIST Rhoda?
18 century
 Christening25 March 1743FIELD Amy?
 Marriage20 June 1763CHATFIELD Benjamin with FIELD Amy?
 Marriage3 March 1783CLEMENTS \ CLEMONS Thomas with WOODS Sarah?
 Christening11 March 1792CLEMENTS \ CLEMONS John?
 Birth1792CLEMENTS \ CLEMONS John?
19 century
 Christening22 May 1806HOLLIST Rhoda?
 Christening17 March 1817BUDD Elizabeth?
 Birth1817BUDD Elizabeth?
 Christening27 April 1828HOPKINS Mary?
 Birth1828HOPKINS Mary?
 Christening24 November 1833MITCHELL Susannah?
 Birth1833MITCHELL Susannah?
 Christening11 August 1835CHATFIELD Lucy Jane?
 Marriage25 November 1847RANSOM Thomas with HOPKINS Mary?
 Marriage4 June 1854PENN Benjamin Chatfield with MITCHELL Susannah?



United Kingdom - Appledram, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Death3 March 1748CHATFIELD Thomas?
 DeathMarch 1748COPPICE Mary?
 Christening30 December 1751CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birthabout 1752KNOTT Newman?
 Christening25 April 1754CHATFIELD Jane?
 Christening6 March 1755CHATFIELD John?
 Christening26 December 1756CHATFIELD Frances?
 Christening30 December 1782CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1782CHATFIELD John?
 Christening10 November 1784CHATFIELD William?
 Birth1784CHATFIELD William?
 Christening1 October 1786CHATFIELD Ann?
 Birth1786CHATFIELD Ann?
 Christening20 January 1789CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth1789CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Christening26 June 1791CHATFIELD Charlotte?
 Birth1791CHATFIELD Charlotte?
 Christening24 August 1793CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth1793CHATFIELD Charles?
 Christening10 July 1796CHATFIELD Joseph?
 Birth1796CHATFIELD Joseph?
 Burial28 July 1799CHATFIELD Thomas?
 DeathJuly 1799CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Death24 September 1799CHATFIELD Thomas?
19 century
 DeathAugust 1802CHATFIELD John?
 Marriage28 July 1812CARVER John with CHATFIELD Charlotte?
 Christening25 July 1819CHATFIELD Oliva Eliza?
 Birth1819CHATFIELD Oliva Eliza?
 Burial14 February 1829CHATFIELD Charles?



United Kingdom - Ardingly, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?MITCHELL Issue 4?
 Birth?HOLMAN Issue 3?
 Birth?CHATFIELD John?
 Birth?CHATFIELD Thomas?
16 century
 Birthabout 1552CHATFIELD George?
 Birth1564CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1587CHATFIELD Nicholas?
 Death5 September 1591CHATFIELD Francis?
 Birth1591CHATFIELD Francis?
 Birth1593CHATFIELD Marie \ Mary?
 Birth1595CHATFIELD John?
17 century
 Burial22 April 1601CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1610CHATFIELD John?
 Christening19 April 1612CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth1612CHATFIELD Mary?
 Christening13 March 1613CHATFIELD Nicholas?
 Burial16 October 1613CHATFIELD Nicholas?
 Death1613CHATFIELD Nicholas?
 Birth1613CHATFIELD Nicholas?
 Marriage15 November 1632CHATFIELD John with BALDWYN \ BLUNDEN Mary?
 Christening1 December 1632CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1632CHATFIELD John?
 Christening24 July 1636CHATFIELD Nicholas?
 Birth1636CHATFIELD Nicholas?
 Birth1636CHATFIELD Richard?
 Birth1637MARTEN Michael?
 Birth1638CHATFIELD Sara?
 Christening21 February 1640CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth1640CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth1643CHATFIELD Rebecca?
 Burial1 August 1644CHATFIELD Mary?
 Death1644CHATFIELD Mary?
 Christening26 May 1645CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth1645CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth18 November 1656CHATFIELD John?
 Birth28 February 1660CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Christening2 February 1664CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth1664CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth1666COMBER Sarah?
 Burial9 September 1669CHATFIELD Mary?
 Death1669CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth31 July 1670CHATFIELD Edward?
 Birth1673CHATFIELD William?
 Birth1677CHATFIELD Walter?
 Death25 November 1680CHATFIELD Nicholas?
 Burial27 November 1680CHATFIELD Nicholas?
 Birth1693CHATFIELD Robert?
 Christening1 January 1694CHATFIELD John?
 Christening2 September 1694CHATFIELD Stephen?
 Birth1694CHATFIELD Stephen?
 Christening10 May 1697CHATFIELD William?
 Birth1697CHATFIELD William?
 Burial27 October 1698CHATFIELD William?
 Birth5 October 1699CHATFIELD William?
18 century
 Burial1 September 1704CHATFIELD Stephen?
 Death1704CHATFIELD Stephen?
 Burial9 May 1705CHATFIELD John?
 DeathMay 1705CHATFIELD John?
 Marriage23 February 1747WICKINGS John with CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth17 November 1748WICKINGS John?
 Burial30 November 1748CHATFIELD Mary?
 DeathNovember 1748CHATFIELD Mary?
 Burial2 March 1764CHATFIELD William?
 DeathMarch 1764CHATFIELD William?
 Birth26 January 1775TULLY Ann?
 Christening19 February 1775TULLY Ann?
 Birth23 January 1777CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birthabout 1779SIMMONS Mary?
 Marriage3 July 1793WEBBER Samuel with TULLY Ann?
 Birth22 September 1796WEBBER Ann?
 Birth12 June 1797HOLMAN William?
19 century
 Birth30 December 1800CHATFIELD Isaack?
 Birth17 April 1803CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Burial4 June 1807CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Death1807CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Birth5 January 1808CHATFIELD William Symonds?
 Death23 September 1808CHATFIELD Isaack?
 Birth5 June 1812CHATFIELD Edward?
 Christening5 July 1812CHATFIELD Edward?
 Christening29 January 1815GODSMARK Benjamin?
 Birth1815GODSMARK Benjamin?
 Christening29 March 1818CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Birth1818CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Burial31 October 1821CHATFIELD Charles?
 Death1821CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth1823CHATFIELD Harriet?
 Marriage17 April 1824HOLMAN William with HENLEY Ann?
 Birth1 January 1827BURT John Francis?
 Christening4 February 1827BURT John Francis?
 Christening26 April 1829CHATFIELD Jane Ann?
 Birth1829CHATFIELD Jane Ann?
 Christening27 January 1833CHATFIELD John Isaac?
 Birth1833CHATFIELD John Isaac?
 Birthabout 1833HOLMAN Lucy?
 Christening13 December 1835BACKSHALL Amos?
 Birth1835BACKSHALL Amos?
 Christening5 April 1836CHATFIELD Harriett Emily?
 Birth1836CHATFIELD Harriett Emily?
 Birth1839HOLMAN Joseph?
 Birth1840PATTENDEN Sarah Ann?
 Birth1843CHATFIELD Ann Victoria?
 BirthMay 1844ELIZABETH Backshall, Jane?
 Christening22 October 1845CHATFIELD Mary Ann \ Maryanne?
 Burial30 November 1845WEBBER Samuel?
 Birth1859BURT Aner?
 Birth1861BURT Francis?
 Marriage20 May 1865MITCHELL Obadiah with ELIZABETH Backshall, Jane?
 Burial11 June 1866CHATFIELD Charles?
 Death1866CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth1866CHATFIELD Rhoda?
 Burial30 January 1874HENLEY Ann?
 Death1874HENLEY Ann?
 Burial3 March 1875HOLMAN William?
 Marriage16 October 1875LANGRIDGE William with CHATFIELD Ann Victoria?
 Death1875HOLMAN William?
 Birth1881CHATFIELD Arthur John?
 Birth1889SANDLES Frederick Edwin?
 Christening26 June 1892HOLMAN Roland Harry?
 Birth1892HOLMAN Roland Harry?



United Kingdom - Arlington, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birthabout 1827HIDE Elizabeth Lucy?
 Birth1838HIDE James?
 Birthabout 1839ELLIOT Sarah?
 Birthabout 1857CHATFIELD Christopher?
 Birth1868LEVETT Rosa?
 Birth1870LEVETT Henry?
 Birth1871LEVETT Jane?
 Birth1872LEVETT Clara?
 Death1874JONES Ellen?
20 century
 Death3 March 1946LEVETT Henry?
 Burial7 March 1946LEVETT Henry?



United Kingdom - Arreton, Isle of Wight, Hampshire

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1870YOUNG Elizabeth Florence?
20 century
 Burial5 March 1912LILLYWHITE Henry?
 Burial24 August 1974CHATFIELD Charles Harry?



United Kingdom - Ashurst, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening26 December 1739LASSETTER Philadelphia?
19 century
 Birthabout 1856BACON George?



United Kingdom - Assumption of Blessed Mary & St. Nicholas Church, Etchingham, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?HERYET Elizabeth?



United Kingdom - At sea off

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Anne?
19 century
 Death1876CHATFIELD Anne?



United Kingdom - At sea, South West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death6 October 1917CHATFIELD Walter James H?



United Kingdom - Balcombe, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Marriage9 February 1692ATTREE John with BURT Sarah?



United Kingdom - Balcombe, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Birth1669BRAY Sarah?
 Marriage22 June 1693CHATFIELD Thomas with BRAY Sarah?
 Birth15 April 1694CHATFIELD Thomas?
18 century
 Birth30 November 1703CHATFIELD John?
 Christening31 December 1703CHATFIELD John?
 Christening3 September 1710CHATFIELD Jane?
 Birth1710CHATFIELD Jane?
 Death1 October 1730CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Christening4 October 1738CHATFIELD Benjamin?
 Death1740CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Christening19 February 1742CHATFIELD Edward?
 Birth1742CHATFIELD Edward?
 Death1742CHATFIELD Edward?
 Christening14 January 1743CHATFIELD Ann?
 Birth1743CHATFIELD Ann?
 Christening17 January 1745CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1745CHATFIELD John?
 Death1745CHATFIELD John?
 Christening13 January 1746CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1746CHATFIELD John?
 Christening15 September 1748CHATFIELD Edward?
 Birth1748CHATFIELD Edward?
 Death1748CHATFIELD Edward?
 Birth1750CHATFIELD Edward?
 Death1750CHATFIELD Edward?
 Christening11 May 1754CHATFIELD Henry?
 Birth1754CHATFIELD Henry?
 Death1754CHATFIELD Henry?
 Birth1755CHATFIELD Henry?
 Death1766BRAY Sarah?
 Death1769CHATFIELD John?
 Death1778CHATFIELD John?
 Christening26 October 1780CHATFIELD Henry?
 Birth1780CHATFIELD Henry?
 DeathJanuary 1783CHATFIELD Henry?
 Birth6 June 1783CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Christening26 June 1783CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Birth21 December 1784CHATFIELD Ann?
 Christening25 December 1784CHATFIELD Ann?
 Birth26 July 1788CHATFIELD Henry?
 Christening22 August 1788CHATFIELD Henry?
 Death7 February 1789CHATFIELD Henry?
 Burial11 February 1789CHATFIELD Henry?
 Christening28 June 1789GODSMARK John?
 Birth1789GODSMARK John?
 Birth8 March 1790CHATFIELD Mary?
 Christening30 July 1790CHATFIELD Mary?
 Christening9 July 1793CHATFIELD Henry?
 Birth1793CHATFIELD Henry?
 Birth26 July 1794CHATFIELD Harriett?
 Christening21 November 1794CHATFIELD Harriett?
 Birth28 January 1797CHATFIELD Caroline?
 Christening5 July 1797CHATFIELD Caroline?
 Birthabout 1798? Mary?
19 century
 Birth1804HENLEY Ann?
 Marriage9 December 1806STRODE James Cranbourne with CHATFIELD Ann?
 Burial29 March 1811CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Death26 December 1811CHATFIELD Henry?
 Burial1 January 1812CHATFIELD Henry?
 Death18 March 1819CHATFIELD Henry?
 Death1840BURTENSHAW Susanna?
 Christening5 June 1858PICKARD William Jonathan?
 Birth1858PICKARD William Jonathan?
 Birth1859PICKARD Selina E?
 Birth1861PICKARD Frederick Nicholas?
 Birth1870PATCHING Emily?
 Birth1873JEFFERY Thomas John?
 Marriage25 December 1897JEFFERY Thomas John with STONER Alice Maria?
20 century
 Birth18 June 1910RAPLEY Gladys Irene?



United Kingdom - Balsdean, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birthabout 1829WESTGATE Sarah?



United Kingdom - Barcombe, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Marriage11 February 1723LUCAS John with ATTREE Mary?
 Birth25 November 1781EVANS Henry?
19 century
 Marriage28 January 1803EVANS Henry with HOLMAN Charity?
 Birthabout 1806KNIGHT Jane Ann?
 Christening22 August 1813EVANS Esther?
 Marriage29 September 1831CHATFIELD William with EVANS Esther?
 Birthabout 1831BAKER Maria?
 Burial5 May 1839HOLMAN Charity?
 Christening18 July 1847SANDLES Finden William?
 Birth1847SANDLES Finden William?
 Birthabout 1848COTTRELL Anne?
 Burial17 July 1850EVANS Henry?
 Marriage6 April 1856CHATFIELD Thomas with AWCOCK Mary?
 Marriage6 September 1856CHATFIELD Henry with TOWNSEND Mary Ann?
 Birth1864PARSONS William?
 Christening5 May 1867PARSONS Fanny Natily?
 Birth1867PARSONS Fanny Natily?
 Birthabout 1868SMITH Ellen?
 Birth1881CHATFIELD George Thomas?
 Birth1894CHATFIELD Nellie May?
 Birth26 September 1896CHATFIELD Charles Leonard?
 Birth1899CHATFIELD Hilda Adelaide?
20 century
 Marriage26 April 1902CHATFIELD Percy with PAYNE Emily?



United Kingdom - Barlavington, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening13 March 1853HEATHER Henry?
 Birthabout 1853HEATHER Henry?
 Birth1875HEATHER Albert Henry?
 Birth1877HEATHER Alfred?
 Birth1878HEATHER William?
 Birth1880HEATHER Jane?
 Birth1882HEATHER Frances Sarah?
 Birth1884HEATHER Annie?
 Birth1886HEATHER Robert James?



United Kingdom - Barnham, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Marriage17 June 1736COUSENS William with LOCK Mary?
 Christening4 December 1748COUSENS Ann?
 Birth1748COUSENS Ann?
 Death1780COUSENS Ann?
20 century
 Birth1906CHATFIELD Charles John Robert?



United Kingdom - Bear Road Cmtry., Brighton, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Caleb Porter?



United Kingdom - Beckley, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1820SUTTON Sarah Jane?



United Kingdom - Beddingham, Chiddingly, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1828KENNARD Phillis Ann?



United Kingdom - Bedyles, Ditchling, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
16 century
 Death1505STAPLEY Alice?



United Kingdom - Belgrave House, Brighton, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death30 September 1872CHATFIELD Frederick?



United Kingdom - Berwick, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth9 January 1827WARD Bernard Edward?
 Christening5 February 1827WARD Bernard Edward?



United Kingdom - Bexhill, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birthabout 1838MITTEN Joseph?
 Birth1842BRISTOW Robert?
 Birth1863FREEMAN Emily Ellen?



United Kingdom - Billingshurst ?, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening10 June 1739JACKMAN Elizabeth?
 Birth1739JACKMAN Elizabeth?
 Christening31 January 1741JACKMAN Ann?
 Birth1741JACKMAN Ann?



United Kingdom - Billingshurst, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?REED Jane?
19 century
 Christening4 April 1830WADY Elizabeth?
 Birth1830WADY Elizabeth?
 Birthabout 1851GUMBRELL Ellen?
 Birthabout 1872COWSHALL James William?
 Residence15 January 1894SPENCER Harry?



United Kingdom - Binstead, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Christening28 February 1897CHATFIELD William?
 Birth1897CHATFIELD William?



United Kingdom - Binsted, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Marriage2 June 1749CHATFIELD Thomas with SHEPHARD Susan?
19 century
 Christening12 December 1825CHATFIELD Eleanor?
 Birth1825CHATFIELD Eleanor?
 DeathDecember 1826FAULKNER Alfred?
 DeathDecember 1826LOCK Philadelphia?
 Birth1828CHATFIELD George?
 Birth1831CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth1833CHATFIELD Henry?
 Christening22 September 1835CHATFIELD Edwin?
 Birth1835CHATFIELD Edwin?
 Birth1838CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Marriage18 December 1848JUPP George with CHATFIELD Eleanor?
 Marriage9 December 1854CHATFIELD Thomas with BURTENSHAW Amelia?
 Christening17 February 1858CHATFIELD Fanny Faulkner?
 Birth1858CHATFIELD Fanny Faulkner?
 Christening8 April 1860CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth1860CHATFIELD Charles?
 Marriage31 August 1861CHATFIELD FAULKNER Charles with TUSELY Mary Gobel?
 Birth1861CHATFIELD Alice?
 Birth1861CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth1863CHATFIELD Anne Maria?
 Christening17 January 1864CHATFIELD Anne Maria?
 Birth1866CHATFIELD Alfred?
 Christening24 August 1868CHATFIELD William Alan?
 Birth1868CHATFIELD William Alan?
 Christening9 July 1871CHATFIELD Jane?
 Birth1871CHATFIELD Jane?
 Christening2 February 1873CHATFIELD Albert Edwin?
 Birth1873CHATFIELD Albert Edwin?
 Birth11 December 1874CHATFIELD Lizzie?
 Christening31 January 1875CHATFIELD Lizzie?
 Death1885CHATFIELD Reuben?



United Kingdom - Birdham, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death1 December 1871CHATFIELD Joseph?



United Kingdom - Bishopstone, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1838GREEN Fanny?
 Birth1863CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth1864CHATFIELD Sarah Ann?



United Kingdom - Blackboys, Framfield, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth6 October 1838CHATFIELD Ruth Ann?
 Residence1871CHATFIELD Thomas?



United Kingdom - Bodiam, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birthabout 1803BUCKLAND James?
 Birth1817STEDMAN Harriett?
 Birthabout 1822? Ellen?
 Birth1826CHATFIELD George?
 Christening26 April 1829CHATFIELD Amos?
 Birth1829CHATFIELD Amos?
 Christening26 June 1831CHATFIELD Abner?
 Birth1831CHATFIELD Abner?
 Death2 March 1833CHATFIELD Abner?
 Christening5 May 1833CHATFIELD Frances?
 Birth1833CHATFIELD Frances?
 Birthabout 1834BUCKLAND James?
 Christening10 May 1835CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Birth1835CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Birth1836STEDMAN Mary Jane?
 Christening2 July 1837STEDMAN Mary Jane?
 Christening22 April 1838CHATFIELD Oris?
 Birth1838CHATFIELD Oris?
 Birthabout 1839BUCKLAND William?
 Christening16 April 1843BUCKLAND Susanna?
 Marriage8 July 1849CHATFIELD George with SAXBY Caroline?
 Christening12 August 1849STEDMAN Caroline?
 Birth1849STEDMAN Caroline?
 Christening22 December 1850CHATFIELD Levi?
 Christening5 October 1851STEDMAN Walter?
 Christening13 March 1853CHATFIELD Frances Grace?
 Christening24 April 1853CHATFIELD Lois?
 Marriage10 December 1853CHATFIELD Thomas with FUGGLE Maria?
 Birth1853CHATFIELD Frances Grace?
 Marriage8 December 1855CHATFIELD Amos with STEDMAN Mary Jane?
 Birth1855BUCKLAND Sarah?
 Birth15 November 1857CHATFIELD Mary Jane?
 Birth16 February 1859CHATFIELD Ann?
 Birth28 December 1860CHATFIELD James George?
 Birth21 October 1862CHATFIELD Emily?
 Birthabout 1863CLOUT Frank?
 Birth20 August 1864CHATFIELD Amos?
 Birth21 September 1864GARRETT Eli?
 Christening6 November 1864GARRETT Eli?
 Death20 January 1865CHATFIELD Amos?
 Birth10 February 1866CHATFIELD Harriett?
 Birth16 April 1866GARRETT Sarah?
 Christening3 June 1866GARRETT Sarah?
 Birth10 February 1867CHATFIELD Hannah?
 Burial8 March 1867STEDMAN Harriett?
 Death1867STEDMAN Harriett?
 Birth3 January 1868GARRETT Frederick?
 Christening1 March 1868GARRETT Frederick?
 Birth9 January 1869CHATFIELD Albert Amos?
 Birth26 November 1869GARRETT Emily?
 Christening2 January 1870GARRETT Emily?
 Birth12 November 1870CHATFIELD Agnes Minnie?
 Birth22 March 1872GARRETT John George?
 Christening5 May 1872GARRETT John George?
 Death8 November 1872CHATFIELD Agnes Minnie?
 Birth1872GOOD Mary Jane?
 Birthabout 1872GOOD Richard W?
 Birth17 January 1873CHATFIELD Jesse?
 Birth23 July 1874GARRETT Stephen?
 Christening6 September 1874GARRETT Stephen?
 Birth6 June 1877CHATFIELD Florence Lydia?
 Birth12 September 1877GARRETT Frances?
 Christening4 November 1877GARRETT Frances?
 Birth1881CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1882CHATFIELD Marian Daisy?
 Birth1888CLOUT Esther?



United Kingdom - Bolney, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
17 century
 Christening16 September 1688HARMES Mary?
 Burial15 June 1692HARMES Mary?
 Death1692ABBOTT Mary?
18 century
 Christening27 June 1762CHATFIELD Jane?
 Christening19 February 1764CHATFIELD Anne?
 Christening27 October 1765CHATFIELD John?
 Birthabout 1794GODSMARSH Sarah?
19 century
 Marriage12 November 1833CHATFIELD Abraham Brooke with PARKHURST Rebecca?
 Birth13 July 1834PARSONS Peter?
 Christening17 August 1834PARSONS Peter?
 Christening19 September 1858PETERS William?
 Birth1858PARSONS Charlotte Anne?
 Birth1858PETERS William?
 Marriage1858PETERS Matthew with TIDEY Elizabeth?
 Christening11 October 1859PETERS Stephen?
 Birth1859PETERS Stephen?
 Birth1860PARSONS Emily?



United Kingdom - Bosham, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?CHATFIELD John?
 Birth?SHERLOCK Lydia?
16 century
 Christening16 February 1589CHATFIELD Margaret?
 Christening16 February 1589CHATFIELD Rebecca?
18 century
 Christening26 November 1762HART Mary?
 Christening25 February 1776SHERLOCK Owen?
 Christening8 August 1779HOPKINS Lydia?
 Marriage7 October 1787CHATFIELD Thomas with HART Mary?
 Birthabout 1787CHATFIELD William?
 Christening25 May 1788CHATFIELD Mary?
 Christening27 November 1788HOSKINS William?
 Christening17 October 1790CHATFIELD William?
 Christening28 October 1792CHATFIELD James?
 Christening8 June 1794CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Marriage25 December 1795SHERLOCK Owen with HOPKINS Lydia?
 Christening17 July 1796SHERLOCK Lydia?
 Christening9 October 1796CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Christening9 September 1798CHATFIELD John?
 Christening25 September 1798MARTIN Eliza?
19 century
 Christening8 June 1800CHATFIELD George?
 Christening29 October 1811CHATFIELD Alfred?
 Birth1811CHATFIELD Alfred?
 Christening29 October 1812CHATFIELD Alfred William?
 Birth1812CHATFIELD Alfred William?
 Marriage3 June 1816CHATFIELD William with SHERLOCK Lydia?
 Marriage29 December 1816CHATFIELD Thomas with PHARAOH Hannah?
 Marriage29 June 1818CHATFIELD Joseph with MARTIN Eliza?
 Christening11 October 1818CHATFIELD Hariet?
 Christening3 November 1818CHATFIELD Emma?
 Birth1818CHATFIELD Emma?
 Christening19 November 1820CHATFIELD Jane?
 Christening22 July 1821CHATFIELD William?
 Burial16 March 1823CHATFIELD William?
 Christening13 March 1825CHATFIELD Eliza?
 Christening12 February 1826CHATFIELD John?
 Christening21 May 1826CHATFIELD Harriet Peachey?
 Birth1826CHATFIELD Harriet Peachey?
 Christening10 August 1828CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Christening9 November 1828CHATFIELD William?
 Christening9 January 1831CHATFIELD Emma?
 Death1831CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Birthabout 1832HOSKINS Charles?
 Burial7 February 1836HART Mary?
 Birth18 September 1836HOSKINS Sarah?
 Christening26 February 1837HOSKINS Sarah?
 Burial30 November 1837HOPKINS Lydia?
 Death1837HOPKINS Lydia?
 Christening2 December 1838HOSKINS Patience?
 Birth1838HOSKINS Patience?
 Burial15 September 1839CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth1840HOSKINS Albert?
 Birth1841HOSKINS Samuel J?
 Christening16 January 1842HOSKINS Samuel J?
 Death18 March 1842HOSKINS Patience?
 Christening28 September 1845HOSKINS Eliza?
 Birth1845HOSKINS Eliza?
 Birth9 August 1851HOSKINS Harry?
 Christening6 June 1852HOSKINS Harry?
 Birth1856SMITH Thomas William?
 Birth1860SMITH Harry Joseph?
 Birth1863SMITH Charles Edward?
 Christening29 May 1868SMITH Alice Rosina?
 Birth1868SMITH Alice Rosina?
 Christening21 December 1870SMITH Albert Edward?
 Birth1870SMITH Albert Edward?
 Birth1872SMITH Lily Kate?
 Birth1874SMITH Daisy?
 Christening29 October 1893MACORMAC Robert Charles?
 Christening17 February 1895CHATFIELD Charlotte Emily?
 Christening16 August 1896CHATFIELD Annie Margery \Alice Marjorie?
20 century
 Birth1904CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth28 June 1910CHATFIELD Charlotte Daisy?



United Kingdom - Boxgrove, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
16 century
 Birth1536PECKHAM Anne?
18 century
 Marriage5 February 1750CHATFIELD Thomas with BRIDGER Jane?



United Kingdom - Bramber, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Christening14 January 1770WELLING Mary?
19 century
 Birthabout 1818? Elizabeth?



United Kingdom - Bramley, Yorkshire West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth1909SLINN Frederick H?



United Kingdom - Brenchley Grove, Lindfield, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birthabout 1846CHATFIELD George?



United Kingdom - Brighton & Preston Cmtry., Brighton, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD John Charles?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Gordon David?
 Burial?CHATFIELD William Charles?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Albert Arthur?
 Burial?ROWE Amelia Caroline?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Amos?
 Burial?ALCORN Frank?
 Burial?LEACH Lily?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Charles Parker?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Bernard David?
 Burial?CHATFIELD John?
 Burial?HOLFORD Caroline?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Clementina?
 Burial?DUKE Frances?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Dorothy Ethel?



United Kingdom - Brighton \ Hastings, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birthabout 1822SOUNTAIN Jemima?



United Kingdom - Brighton West, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death1909CHATFIELD Ada Eliza E?



United Kingdom - Brighton Workhouse, Brighton, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Deathafter 1860CHATFIELD Thomas?



United Kingdom - Brighton, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?DUMBRELL Issue 8?
 Birth?CHATFIELD Stephen?
 Birth?GUNNING Mary Ann?
 Birth?STACE Issue 4?
 Birth?CHATFIELD Susan?
16 century
 Birth1561WORGER Thomas?
 Birth1594WORGER Richard?
17 century
 Marriage20 January 1622WORGER Richard with CHATFIELD Susanne?
18 century
 Birth1782HOLMAN Charity?
19 century
 Birth1 July 1802PARIS Sally?
 Birth19 August 1804CHATFIELD Robert Money?
 Birth10 July 1806CHATFEILD Joseph?
 Marriage23 April 1816WOODGATE Thomas with WOOD Charlotte?
 Marriage13 March 1821CHATFIELD Charles with WEBBER Ann?
 Birth1821CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth1822CHATFIELD Jane?
 Birth1823CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Birth1824CHATFIELD William Nicholls?
 Birthabout 1824KNIGHTON Susannah?
 Birth1825CHATFIELD Henry?
 Birth1825CHATFIELD Amelia?
 Birthabout 1825MITCHELL Mary Ann?
 Birth3 April 1826COMFORT Robert Richard?
 Christening4 June 1826CHATFIELD George Richard?
 Birth1826CHATFIELD George Richard?
 Christening17 June 1827CHATFIELD Benjamin?
 Birthabout 1827CHATFIELD Alfred?
 Birth1827CHATFIELD Alfred William?
 Birth1827CHATFIELD Benjamin?
 Birth1828POTTER Edwin?
 Birth1829CHATFIELD Harriett?
 Birth1830CHATFIELD Emily Miller?
 Birth26 October 1831TROWER Ann?
 Birth1831CHATFIELD Edward?
 Birth1832NEWTON Leah?
 Birthabout 1832CHATFIELD Walter?
 Birth1832CHATFIELD John Walter?
 Birth1832POCOCK Ann?
 Birth1833CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Birthabout 1833COZENS Henry?
 Birth7 April 1834CHATFIELD George Kemp?
 Birth1834TOWNSHEND Elizabeth Clementina?
 Birth19 October 1835CHATFIELD Allen Mitford?
 Birth1835RANSLEY Thomas?
 Birthabout 1835YEATES Sarah?
 Christening5 March 1837GOODE Charlotte Amelia?
 DeathMay 1837MOTT George?
 Birth1837CHATFIELD Hepzabah?
 Birthabout 1837LENEY Edmund?
 Birth1838FULLER Wiliam Edward?
 Birth1838HILTON Joseph?
 Birthabout 1839TRELFER Elizabeth?
 Birth1840CHATFIELD Henry James?
 Birth1840WOODHAMS Jane Sloman?
 Birth1841TRELFER Sarah?
 Birthabout 1841HILLMAN Albert?
 Birth1841CHATFIELD Ebenezer?
 Birthabout 1841CURTIS Mary Emily?
 Birthabout 1842BENTON Mary Ann?
 Death16 June 1843MOTT Robert?
 Birth1843TRELFER John?
 Death1843CHATFIELD Hepzabah?
 Birth1843CHATFIELD Mercy?
 Marriage29 July 1844CHATFIELD Thomas with PALMER Susannah?
 Birthabout 1844HAZELGROVE Henry?
 Burial31 March 1845YEATES Thomas?
 Birth8 July 1845CHATFIELD Frederick?
 Birth1845CHATFIELD Amos?
 Birth1845WEBB Martha Jemima?
 Death1845YEATES Thomas?
 Birthabout 1846CHATFIELD Henry James?
 Birth1846LEACH Henry?
 Birth1847GAINSFORD William?
 Birthabout 1847CHATFIELD Thomas B?
 Birth1847JUPP Ellen?
 Birth1847VINCENT Caroline?
 Birthabout 1847WOODHAMS Ruth A?
 Birth1848GODLEY Ellen?
 Birth1848RICE Frances?
 Death1848MOASE Eliza?
 Death19 May 1849CLUTTON Elizabeth?
 Birth1849VINCENT Martha?
 Marriage1849WINDER John with LEGATT Mary Anne?
 Birth1849CHATFIELD Charles Edward?
 Birth1849CHATFIELD Henry?
 Birth1849CHATFIELD Mercy?
 Marriage1849WILSON George with CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Death1849HARRIOTT Jesse?
 Marriage8 June 1850CHATFIELD Henry with TOWN Rebecca?
 Marriage10 November 1850CHATFIELD John with DAY Eliza?
 Death30 December 1850MOTT Mary?
 Birthabout 1850AKEHURST Stephen?
 Birth1850MILLER Isaac Robert?
 Christening1 June 1851CHATFIELD Sarah Elizabeth?
 Death1851CHATFIELD Henry?
 Birth1851SUTER Mary Jane?
 Marriage1851COLES John with PENN Jemima?
 Birth1851CHATFIELD Sarah Elizabeth?
 Birth1851CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Marriage1852CHATFIELD George with COOK Mary Ann?
 Birth1852CHISHOLM Emma?
 Birth1852HARRIS Ann \ Anne \ Annie?
 Birth1852TURNER Ellen R?
 Death10 September 1853CHATFIELD Robert?
 Birth1853CHATFIELD Emily Anne?
 Birthabout 1853CHATFIELD Elen B?
 Birth1853SARGENT Louisa Jane?
 Birth1853CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Marriage1853GAMMON Leonard with CHATFIELD Elizabeth Caroline?
 Marriage1853CHATFIELD Sarah Ann?
 Birth1853CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Marriage1853CHATFIELD George with PARKER Elizabeth?
 Birth1854SHOOSMITH Lucy?
 Birth1854WYMARK Clara Alice?
 Christening4 November 1855CHATFIELD Margaret?
 Birthabout 1855CHATFIELD Agnes?
 Death1855? Sarah?
 Birthabout 1855CHATFIELD William?
 Birth1855GAMMON James?
 Birth1855BAILEY Elizabeth Mary Ann?
 Death1855HOBDEN Sarah?
 Marriage1855CHATFIELD John Isaac with NORRIS Elizabeth?
 Birth1855CHATFIELD Christopher?
 Death1855TRELFER Sarah?
 Birth1855FORRESTER William Richard?
 Birth1856CHATFIELD Alma \ Alona Maud?
 Marriage1856BURGESS George with CHATFIELD Zilpah?
 Birth1856CHATFIELD Charles?
 Death1856CHATFIELD Amelia?
 Birth1856CHATFIELD George William Frederick?
 Birthabout 1856WADEY Ruth?
 Death1857CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Death1857? Elizabeth?
 Birth1857CHATFIELD Alice Ellen?
 Birth1857CHATFIELD William Henry?
 Marriage1858CHATFIELD Samuel Gilham \ Gillam with BOXALL Matilda Ann?
 Birth1858BAILEY Laura Morris?
 Birth1858VINCENT Harriet?
 Death1858CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth1858CHATFIELD Janet B?
 Death1858PARIS Sally?
 Death1858GAINSFORD Thomas?
 Birth1858CHATFIELD Esther Maria?
 Death2 January 1859CHATFIELD Mary?
 Marriage6 December 1859CHATFIELD Charles Henry with FULLER Caroline Emma?
 Birthabout 1859PAINE Caroline?
 Birthabout 1859CHATFIELD Ann Janet?
 Birthabout 1859CHATFIELD Ada E?
 Birth1859CHATFIELD Charles Parker?
 Marriage1859COZENS Henry with WESTGATE Sarah?
 Birth1859CHATFIELD Morris?
 Birth1859CHATFIELD Amelia Maria?
 Death1859JAMES Susanna?
 Birth1859CHATFIELD William?
 Birth1859POTTER Edwin Amos?
 Birthabout 1860CHATFIELD Edwin?
 Birthabout 1860DUKE Frances?
 Birth1860SIMMONS Mary Jane?
 Birth1860CHAPMAN Etheldred Ella Henrietta?
 Marriage1860CHATFIELD Henry with HONEYSETT Sarah?
 Birth1860CHATFIELD Lewis?
 Birth1860ROWE Amelia Caroline?
 Birth1860POTTER James?
 Birth1860CHATFIELD Walter Dixon?
 Birth1860CHATFIELD Frederick George?
 Marriage1860CHATFIELD William with POULTER Jane?
 Birth1860CHATFIELD Eliza?
 Death1860BOOTS Thomas Henry?
 Birth1860CHATFIELD Eliza?
 Marriage1860CHATFIELD Henry Roser with PRYOR Harriett?
 Birth1860CHATFIELD Edward Benjamin?
 Birth1861BAILEY Louisa?
 Birth1861WEBB Adah Zillah?
 Death1861CHATFIELD Morris?
 Birth1861BOND James?
 Marriage1861HILTON Joseph with CHATFIELD Vashti?
 Birth1861CHATFIELD William Richard?
 Birth1861CHATFIELD Alfred Arthur?
 Birth1861CHATFIELD Charlotte?
 Birth1861CHATFIELD Ebenezer John?
 Residence1861CHATFIELD Amos?
 Birth1862CHATFIELD Alfred William?
 Birth1862HILTON Laura Ann?
 Death1862BOOTS Richard?
 Birth1862MITCHELL Frederick?
 Death1862CHATFIELD Ebenezer John?
 Birth1862CHATFIELD Arthur James?
 Death4 October 1863SMITH Samuel George?
 Christening25 October 1863DUMBRELL James?
 Birth1863CHATFIELD Elizabeth Sarah?
 Death1863CHATFIELD Stephen?
 Birth1863CHATFIELD Thomas Peter?
 Birth1863BAILEY Alice M?
 Birth1863CHATFIELD Amos Edward?
 Birth1863HILTON Alice Jane?
 Birth1863TRELFER Thomas Ebeneezer?
 Birth1863NEWNHAM Jane Caroline?
 Birth1863DUMBRELL James?
 Birthabout 1863HILLMAN Walter?
 Birth1863CHATFIELD Amos?
 Birthabout 1863THATCHER Amy Jane?
 Birth1863CHATFIELD George Henry?
 Death1863/1864VINCENT Harriet?
 Birth1864CHATFIELD Allen Frederick?
 Birth1864CHATFIELD Bessy Caroline?
 Death1864DAY William?
 Birth1864HAFFENDEN Elizabeth Ann Gaston?
 Birth1864VINCENT Frederick?
 Birth1864CHATFIELD Emma?
 Birth1864CHATFIELD Albert Arthur?
 Birth1864CHATFIELD Perton?
 Christening21 March 1865JESTICO George James?
 Birth1865CHATFIELD Louis Victor?
 Birth1865RANSLEY Sarah?
 Death1865SELF Mary Anne?
 Birth1865BROWN Charles?
 Birth1865CHATFIELD Annie?
 Birth1865HILTON Horace?
 Birthabout 1865JESTICO George James?
 Birth1865CHATFIELD Henry?
 Marriage6 February 1866CHATFIELD Charles William with DRURY Eliza?
 Birth1866CHATFIELD Harry Hedley?
 Marriage1866VINCENT David with HERRIOTT Ellen?
 Marriage1866GODLEY William Joseph with PELLETT Ann?
 Birthabout 1866BROWN Jessie Kate?
 Death1866FULLER Wiliam Edward?
 Birth1866CHATFIELD James Barnabas?
 Birth1866HILTON Albert?
 Death1866CHATFIELD James Barnabas?
 Marriage1866COLEMAN James with RICE Frances?
 Death1866LENEY Edmund?
 Birth1866CHATFIELD Ann A?
 Death1866BANKS Philadelphia?
 Birth1866KNIGHT Agnes Hannah?
 Birth1867CHATFIELD Mercy Emily?
 Birth1867CHATFIELD Ada?
 Death1867CHATFIELD Charles?
 Death1867TUGWELL Stephen?
 Birth1867CHATFIELD Ernest John?
 Birth1867CHATFIELD Henrietta?
 Marriage1867TOURLE James with GODLEY Ellen?
 Birthabout 1867LEVETT Francis Herbert?
 Birth1867CHATFIELD Harry?
 Birth1867CHATFIELD Arthur Charles?
 Birth1868CHATFIELD Charles James?
 Birth1868CHATFIELD Hephzibah Jane?
 Birth1868HILTON Helena Rosa?
 Birth1868CHATFIELD Herbert?
 Death1868CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birthabout 1868MARTEN Michael?
 Birth1868CHATFIELD John Hunter?
 Birth1868CHATFIELD William Jesse?
 Birth1868WHITE Kate Charlotte?
 Birth1868CHATFIELD Ada?
 Death1868CHATFIELD Edward?
 Birth29 May 1869CHATFIELD Amy Mabel?
 Birth1869COZENS Frederick?
 Birthabout 1869? Charlotte?
 Birth1869HAZELGROVE Frances Mary?
 Death1869BAILEY Joseph?
 Birth1869CHATFIELD Ernest?
 Birth1869UPTON Alice Maude M?
 Birth1869RANSLEY Agnes?
 Marriage1869COX George with FEIST Eliza?
 Death1869CHATFIELD Ernest?
 Birthabout 1869TRIBE Elizabeth?
 Death1869CHATFIELD Charles William?
 Marriage21 July 1870CHATFIELD William Davey with LINDFIELD Leah Rachel?
 Death1870CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth1870COLEMAN Frances Charlotte?
 Birth1870CHATFIELD Fanny?
 Death1870PARKER Elizabeth?
 Birth1870CHATFIELD Edith Florence?
 Death1870MAYNARD Ruth?
 Birth1870CHATFIELD Ellen Dibble?
 Marriage1870PENN Absalom with WOODHAMS Jane Sloman?
 Birth1870CHATFIELD Herbert?
 Death23 January 1871CHATFIELD Caroline?
 Birthabout 1871ARCHER William?
 Birth1871HILLMAN Elizabeth?
 Death1871COLEMAN Frances Charlotte?
 Birth1871CHATFIELD Rose Emiily?
 Birth1871UPTON Ellen Harriett?
 Death1871CHISHOLM William?
 Death1871CHATFIELD Edith Florence?
 Birthabout 1872CHATFIELD Emma?
 Birth1872WIXEN Jane?
 Birth10 October 1873BRUNTON Edward Walter?
 Birth1873CHATFIELD Alfred Edward?
 Birth1873TOWNSEND John Harry?
 Birth1873COOTER Louisa?
 Birth1873CHATFIELD Louise?
 Marriage1873CHATFIELD William with SMITH Alice?
 Birth1874CHAPMAN Mary Edith F?
 Birthabout 1874COX Rhoda?
 Death1874CHATFIELD Esther Jane?
 Birth1874CHATFIELD Mabel Adelaide?
 Birth1874STREETER Clara Lucy?
 Birth17 July 1875BRUNTON Frederick Lawrence?
 Birth22 November 1875GREGORY George?
 Birth1875RANSLEY Clara Alice?
 Death1875LETTIS Thomas?
 Birth1875CHATFIELD Charles Herbert?
 Birth1875CHATFIELD Alice Mary?
 Birth1875HILTON William?
 Marriage1875CHATFIELD Robert with PORTER Elizabeth?
 Christening14 January 1876BRUNTON Edward Walter?
 Christening14 January 1876BRUNTON Frederick Lawrence?
 Birth1876HITCHINS Emma Susannah?
 Birth1876BROOKER Edward Henry?
 Marriage1876CHATFIELD George with BOWSHER Hannah?
 Death1876POTTER Edwin?
 Marriage1876SMITH John with CHATFIELD Harriett?
 Birth1877HITCHINS Thirza Maud?
 Birth1877BOWLEY Annie?
 Birthabout 1877WYMARK Edward?
 Birth1878CHATFIELD Bernard David?
 Birth1878SCRACE Emmeline Annie?
 Birth1878RANSLEY Charles?
 Birth1878GUMBRELL Flora Ada?
 Marriage1878CHATFIELD Thomas with YEATES Sarah?
 Birth1878BRUNTON Frank William?
 Birthabout 1878COX James A?
 Birth21 January 1879CHATFIELD Albert Edgar?
 Marriage25 October 1879COX Alfred with KNIGHT Jane?
 Birth1879TOURLE Ellen Jane?
 Birth1879CHATFIELD Frank Jesse?
 Death1879CHATFIELD Edward?
 Death1879HITCHINS Frederick William?
 Birth1879CHATFIELD Emily Elizabeth?
 Marriage1879FORRESTER William Richard with BAILEY Elizabeth Mary Ann?
 Birth1879HOOK Ernest Samuel?
 Birth10 March 1880CHATFIELD Walter William?
 Birth1880CHATFIELD Emma?
 Birth1880CHATFIELD Emily Susan Ann?
 Birth1880RANSLEY Ethel Mercy?
 Marriage1880CHATFIELD Alfred William with BALDEY Nellie Eliza?
 Birth1880CHATFIELD Arthur Fox?
 Birthabout 1880MARCHANT Mildred?
 Birth1881CHATFIELD Herbert Comfort?
 Birth1881HITCHINS William George?
 Emigration1881RANSLEY Thomas?
 Marriage1881WINDER John Alexander with CHATFIELD Elizabeth Alice?
 Marriage1881CHATFIELD George William Frederick with SARGENT Louisa Jane?
 Birth1881CHATFIELD Gertrude Mabel L?
 Death1881CHATFIELD William Richard?
 Emigration1881CHATFIELD Mercy?
 Birthabout 1881CHATFIELD Sarah?
 Birth1882CHATFIELD Annie?
 Death1882SOUNTAIN Jemima?
 Birthabout 1882EASON Sarah Anne?
 Marriage1882CHATFIELD Charles Parker with DUKE Frances?
 Birth1882BALCHIN Annie Frances?
 Birth1882CHATFIELD Elizabeth Lucy?
 Marriage1883BAILEY Laura Morris?
 Marriage1883CHATFIELD Edwin James with CHANT Ellen?
 Birth1883CHATFIELD Lizzie?
 Birth1883CHATFIELD Harry Vincent?
 Birthabout 1883CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Birth2 December 1884MARCHANT Minnie?
 Birth1884STACE Charles?
 Birth1884CHATFIELD Leonard Harry?
 Marriage1884CHATFIELD Charles with SMITH Sarah Susannah?
 Death1884WINDER James Legatt?
 Birth1884WOOD Alice Elizabeth?
 Birth1884DEWEY Frederick W?
 Death1884? Jane?
 Marriage1884BURT Francis with SIMMONS Mary Jane?
 Death1884COX Thomas?
 Birth1884CHATFIELD George James?
 Marriage1884PAVER William Henry with CHATFIELD Bessy Caroline?
 Birth2 May 1885CHATFIELD Lilian?
 Birth19 May 1885CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth3 June 1885CHATFIELD Lilian Gertrude?
 Marriage1885CHATFIELD Edward Benjamin with HOCKLIFFE Mary Louisa?
 Birth1885WINDER John Alexr?
 Marriage1885CHATFIELD Amos Edward with HOLLICK Agnes?
 Birth1885CHATFIELD William Charles?
 Birth1885MOON William Thomas?
 Birth22 September 1886CHATFIELD James Mortimer C?
 Death1886GLADMAN Sarah?
 Death1886CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth1886CHATFIELD Edward Burt?
 Birth1886CHATFIELD Albert William?
 Birth1886CHATFIELD Bertie?
 Death1886COZENS Henry?
 Marriage1886GREED Ernest Arthur with NEWNHAM Jane Caroline?
 Birth1886CHATFIELD Charles Henry?
 Birth11 September 1887LEACH Lily?
 Death1887JUPP Ellen?
 Birth1887CHATFIELD Alfred?
 Birth1887CHATFIELD George Henry?
 Birthabout 1887CHATFIELD Leonard?
 Death1887ROWE Francis Henry?
 Birth1887MITCHELL Albert William?
 Birth1887CHATFIELD Harry?
 Birth1887WOOLLEY Gladys Emily?
 Birth1888CHATFIELD Arthur Douglas?
 Birth1888CHATFIELD John Thomas?
 Marriage1888BOND James with THATCHER Amy Jane?
 Birthabout 1888MARCHANT Frederick?
 Birth1888CHATFIELD Ada Eliza E?
 Birth1889CHATFIELD Alice?
 Birth1889CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Birth1889CHATFIELD Nellie?
 Marriage1889ORSBORN Charles with GRAHAM Annie?
 Marriage1889CHATFIELD Mercy Emily?
 Marriage1889CHATFIELD Amos with ROWE Amelia Caroline?
 Death1889HITCHINS Thirza Maud?
 Birth18 April 1890BUTLER Edith Lizzie?
 Marriage1890TOURLE James with ENGLEFIELD Phoebe?
 Birth1890CHATFIELD Esther Laura?
 Birth1890BREWER Annie Maria?
 Marriage1890CHATFIELD Horace with WILMSHURST Mercy Ellen?
 Death1890GODLEY Ellen?
 Death1890CAPLE Sarah Ann?
 Marriage1890SLATER Ernest John with CHATFIELD Elizabeth Sarah?
 Birth8 January 1891CHATFIELD William Richard?
 Marriage2 February 1891STEPHENS Harry with CHATFIELD Emma?
 BirthMarch 1891CHATFIELD Horace Edward?
 Birth19 June 1891CHATFIELD Arthur Stanley?
 Birth1891CHATFIELD Ethel Sarah?
 Birth1891CHATFIELD Albert Arthur?
 Marriage1891CHATFIELD William Jesse with HAZELGROVE Frances Mary?
 Birth1891CHATFIELD Edward Frederick?
 Death1891FORRESTER William Richard?
 Marriage1891CHATFIELD Ernest John with KNIGHT Agnes Hannah?
 Birth10 June 1892CHATFIELD Amos Augustus?
 Birth9 December 1892CHATFIELD Sidney Ernest?
 Death1892MUNNINGS Sarah?
 Marriage1892PICKARD Frederick Nicholas?
 Death1892WEBB William?
 Birth1892GLEN Florence H?
 Birthabout 1892CHATFIELD Sarah E?
 Birth1892CHATFIELD Gladys Mercy?
 Birth1892MITCHELL Frederick?
 Marriage1892FORD Stephen with CHATFIELD Mercy Louise?
 Death13 September 1893CHATFIELD Edward?
 Death1893CHATFIELD Edward Frederick?
 Death1893CHATFIELD Arthur James?
 Birth1893CHATFIELD Dorothy Ethel?
 Death1893CHATFIELD Samuel Gilham \ Gillam?
 Birth1893CHATFIELD Arthur Charles?
 Death1893CHATFIELD Esther Laura?
 Birth1893BAKER Nellie Victoria?
 Marriage1893CHATFIELD Charles James with TRIBE Elizabeth?
 Death14 April 1894HOLFORD Caroline?
 Death16 April 1894CHATFIELD John?
 Death1894DUMBRELL Philip?
 Birth1894CHATFIELD Alfred?
 Marriage1894CHATFIELD Charles Lawrence with REED Jane?
 Marriage1894BEDFORD Thomas Clarke with CHATFIELD Agnes Maria?
 Marriage1894JESTICO George James with WIXEN Jane?
 Marriage1894CHATFIELD Louise?
 Birth1894CHATFIELD Nellie Olive?
 Birth1894CHATFIELD Ewart John?
 Birth7 January 1895HUDSON Emily?
 Death1895CHATFIELD Horace Edward?
 Marriage1895? ? with COUSSENS Louisa Edith?
 Birth1895CHATFIELD Bertie Francis?
 Death1895CHATFIELD Harriett?
 Marriage1895UPTON Alice Maude M?
 Birthabout 1895CHATFIELD Mabel M?
 Birth1895MASE Dorothy Gertrude?
 Birth1895CHATFIELD Kate Clara?
 Birth1895CHATFIELD Lawrence?
 Birth1896CHATFIELD William Harold?
 Birth1896GREED Florence Dorothy?
 Birth1896CHATFIELD Grace Ellen?
 Death1896BOXALL Matilda Ann?
 Birth1896MITCHELL Cecil?
 Marriage1896BRUNTON Frederick Lawrence?
 Birth1896CAPON Arthur James?
 Birth31 October 1897CHATFIELD John Thomas?
 Death1897AKEHURST Daniel Jenner?
 Birth1897CHATFIELD Elsie Mabel?
 Birthabout 1897AKEHURST Hilda?
 Marriage1897HARVEY \ WHITE Frederick\Frederick Wm with CHATFIELD Janet B?
 Birth1897CHATFIELD Ellen Louise?
 Birth1898CHATFIELD George Henry?
 Birthabout 1898CHATFIELD Miriam?
 Marriage1899MILNER William Henry with CHATFIELD Hephzibah Jane?
 Marriage1899CHATFIELD Bernard David with BOWLEY Annie?
 Death1899CHATFIELD Susannah?
 Birth1899CHATFIELD Walter Jesse?
 Birth1899BROOKER Edward Henry J?
 Marriage1899CHATFIELD Walter William with TOURLE Ellen Jane?
 Birth1899CHATFIELD Winifred?
 Death1899CHATFIELD Owen Alexander?
 Birth1899CHATFIELD Owen Alexander?
 Marriage1899BROOKER Edward Henry with CHATFIELD Emily Elizabeth?
20 century
 Marriage26 February 1900GREGORY George with COX Kate?
 Death1900? Lucy?
 Birth1900CHATFIELD Walter Joseph Godley?
 Marriage1900BAILEY Alice M?
 Death1900CHATFIELD Henry James?
 Birth1900CHATFIELD Annie Isabel?
 Marriage1901CHATFIELD Nellie?
 Birth1901MARTEN Joseph Thomas?
 Marriage1901FINCH Charles James with CHATFIELD Nellie?
 Death1902CHATFIELD Walter Jesse?
 Death1902LASH Elizabeth?
 Marriage1902CHATFIELD Charles Herbert with STREETER Clara Lucy?
 Birthabout 1902CHATFEILD Edith Violet?
 Birth1902MARTEN George Augustine?
 Death1902TRELFER John?
 Marriage1903TAYLOR William Walter with GROVER Violet Alice?
 Birth1903CHATFIELD Henry William?
 Marriage1903CHATFIELD Caleb Porter with PATCHING Emily?
 Death1903CHATFIELD Lydia?
 Birth16 October 1904CHATFIELD Henry James?
 Death1904CHATFIELD Charles?
 Birth1904SIMMONDS Edward Albert?
 Death1904JEFFERY Thomas John?
 Birth1904MARTEN Theresa Mary?
 Birth1904CHATFIELD Caleb Robert?
 Marriage1904CHATFIELD Charles Henry with MARSDEN \ MARCHANT Alice Maud?
 Marriage1904WILSON George William with CHATFIELD Hephzibah Jane?
 Death1904COX Charles?
 Birth1904/1905CHATFIELD Henry J?
 Marriage1905BETTEN Hugh with CHATFIELD Alice Mary?
 Death1905POTTER Edwin Amos?
 Marriage1905STACE Charles with CHATFIELD Clementina?
 Marriage5 June 1906CHATFIELD Alfred Ernest with POPE Florence?
 Birth6 June 1907CHATFIELD Herbert Leslie?
 Marriage1907PEARCE ? with CHATFIELD Emily Susan Ann?
 Birth1907WILSON George William?
 Marriage1907HAYLOCK Albert George with WINDER Alice Eliza?
 Death1908? Mary Jane?
 Birth1908STACE Clementina?
 Marriage1908CHATFIELD William Charles with LEACH Lily?
 Marriage1908WINDER John Alexander with HOLMAN Dorcas?
 Marriage1908ALCORN Reuben with GUMBRELL Flora Ada?
 Birth13 February 1909CHATFIELD George Donald?
 Birth4 March 1909CHATFIELD Stanley Horace?
 Birth22 February 1910BOND Ivy Maud G?
 Marriage1910CHATFIELD Frank Jesse with EASON Sarah Anne?
 Marriage1910MARTEN Michael with UPTON Ellen Harriett?
 Birth11 May 1911CHATFIELD Herbert Cyril?
 Death1911BROWNINGS Susan?
 Birthabout 1911ALCORN Winifred Edith?
 Death1911WILSON George William?
 Birth1911CHATFIELD Charles Henry?
 Death1911CHATFIELD Louisa Tester?
 Birth1911NYE Thomas W?
 Death1911GROVER Alice?
 Birth1911CHATFIELD Leslie Vincent?
 Marriage1912ALCORN Frank with BALCHIN Annie Frances?
 Birth1912CHATFIELD James F C?
 Birth1912DUNSTALL Edith Florence?
 Probate19 March 1913CHATFIELD Edward Benjamin?
 Probate12 April 1913CHATFIELD Perton?
 Death1913CHATFIELD Edward Benjamin?
 Death1914WINDER Edward?
 Marriage1914CHATFIELD Edward Burt with SADLER Louisa?
 Marriage1914CHATFIELD John Thomas with BREWER Annie Maria?
 Birth1914CHATFIELD Doris A?
 Death1914BRUNTON Edward?
 Birth17 January 1915GUNN Lilian Frances?
 Marriage1915CHATFIELD Sidney Ernest with PAGE Ethel?
 Marriage1915ATHERTON Herbert with CHATFIELD Emily Elizabeth?
 Birth1915FITT Irene?
 Birth2 September 1916MEDHURST Ethel Alexandra?
 Birth1916EDWARDS John H?
 Probate1 September 1917CHATFIELD Bernard David?
 Death19 November 1917CHATFIELD Caleb Porter?
 Death1917ELLIOT Sarah?
 Birth1917CHATFIELD Miriam M?
 Death1917CHATFIELD Ethel Sarah?
 Marriage1917CHATFIELD Arthur Douglas with RICHARDS Edith Victoria?
 Death1917CHATFIELD Christopher?
 Birth1917CHATFIELD Charles?
 Death1917CHATFIELD Christopher?
 Death7 December 1918DILKE Charles Wentworth?
 Birth1918CHATFIELD Joan L?
 Death16 January 1919CHATFIELD Amos?
 Birth21 August 1919CHATFIELD Herbert?
 Death14 October 1919HOCKLIFFE Mary Louisa?
 Probate8 December 1919HOCKLIFFE Mary Louisa?
 Marriage1919FORD William Thomas Stephen with MASE Dorothy Gertrude?
 Death1919STEEL James?
 Marriage1919NEWMAN George H with BOWLEY Annie?
 Birth1919CHATFIELD Violet M?
 Marriage1919HILLS George Owen with MORLEY Alice E?
 Death1919SCARBOROUGH Thomas?
 Birth6 August 1920CHATFIELD Ernest Frank?
 Death29 September 1920CHATFIELD Dorothy Ethel?
 Birth1920BEECHING Angela J?
 Death1920GOODE Charlotte Amelia?
 Marriage1920CHATFIELD Amos Augustus with BUTLER Edith Lizzie?
 Marriage1920BEECHING John William with AVIS May Gladys?
 Death1920TORR Julia?
 Birth1 May 1921CHATFIELD Ronald Jack?
 Death1921CHATFIELD George William Frederick?
 Marriage1921COOPER Herbert F with WOOLLEY Gladys Emily?
 Birth1921HILLS George F O?
 Death1921CHATFIELD Harry?
 Marriage1922NOVIS Eli A N with BAKER Margaret H?
 Marriage1922CAPON Arthur James with CHATFIELD Ethel Beatrice?
 Death1923CHATFIELD Jesse?
 Death1923FLINT Alfred James?
 Death1924WINDER John Alexander?
 Marriage1924CHATFIELD Alfred Owen with STEVENS Kathleen M?
 Death1924CHATFIELD William Charles?
 Death1925LEACH Henry?
 Birth1925CAPON Diana B?
 Birth1925CHATFIELD Denis O?
 Marriage1926CHATFIELD Arthur Stanley with PATERSON Stella M?
 Death1926GOLDSMITH Susan?
 Marriage12 November 1927SIMMONDS Edward Albert with GREGORY Ivy Helen?
 Death1927CHISHOLM Emma?
 Death1927ENGLEFIELD Phoebe?
 Birth1927DINNAGE Joan?
 Death1927STREETER Clara Lucy?
 Death3 January 1928CHATFIELD Ebenezer?
 Probate24 February 1928CHATFIELD Ebenezer?
 Birth1911/1928CHATFIELD Issue?
 Birth1928CHATFIELD Gordon David?
 Death1928SIMMONS Mary Jane?
 Marriage1928CHATFIELD Albert Edward with SMITH Ellen?
 Birth1928CHATFIELD Elizabeth K?
 Birth1928BISHOP Joyce E?
 Birth1928VIDLER Marjorie D?
 Death1928STACE Clementina?
 Birth1928SIMMONDS Enid Ivy?
 Birth1928CHATFIELD Leslie?
 Death20 March 1929CHATFIELD Alfred William?
 Probate30 April 1929CHATFIELD Amos Edward?
 Probate16 May 1929CHATFIELD Alfred William?
 Death1929HAMPSHIRE Ellen Cheshire?
 Death1929CHATFIELD Amos Edward?
 Birth1929WINDER Raymond?
 Death1929? Charlotte?
 Death1929CHATFIELD Alfred John?
 Death1930HOLMAN Dorcas?
 Birth1930BOWLES Raymond J?
 Death1930CHATFIELD Clementina \ Lemonia?
 Birth1930NOVIS Patricia Mary?
 Death1930CHATFIELD Horace?
 Birth1930CAPON Jacqueline D T?
 Birth1930CHATFIELD Doreen?
 Death24 April 1931CHATFIELD Kate?
 Birth1931STONER Donald A?
 Death1931CHATFIELD Ellen?
 Marriage1931CHATFIELD William George with TOWNSEND Ethel Mary?
 Marriage1931CHATFIELD Henry J with O'DELL Elsie M?
 Birth22 November 1932BOWLES Frederick John?
 Birth1932CHATFIELD Pamela F?
 Marriage1932CHATFIELD David William with COOPER Helen Florence?
 Birth1932CHATFIELD Ronald G?
 Birth1932FORD Betty L?
 Death5 June 1933CHATFIELD Kate?
 Death1933DRAKE Mary Jane?
 Birth1933CLIFFORD John Edward?
 Death1933DAY Charlotte?
 Birth1933CHATFIELD Sylvia M?
 Birth1933CHATFIELD Raymond?
 Death1933BURT Francis?
 Birth1933CHATFIELD Walter A?
 Birth1933LEWIS Geoffrey D?
 Death31 January 1934CHATFIELD Gordon David?
 Death25 October 1934ROWE Amelia Caroline?
 Death1934HILTON Laura Ann?
 Death1934CHATFIELD Walter A?
 Marriage1934CHATFIELD Caleb Robert with BOND Ivy Maud G?
 Marriage1934CHATFIELD William James with MOSS Iris S?
 Birth1934CHATFIELD Douglas J?
 Birth1934STEVENSON Hazel N?
 Marriage1934CHATFIELD Harry with DUNSTALL Edith Florence?
 Birth22 March 1935CHATFIELD John Charles?
 Birth28 May 1935BOWLES David Peter?
 Death1935CHATFIELD William Jesse?
 Marriage1935HILTON Cecil Charles with CROUCH Iris B?
 Birth27 April 1936CHATFIELD Caleb Porter?
 Probate7 December 1936CHATFIELD Charles James?
 Death19 December 1936BALDEY Nellie Eliza?
 Death1936CHATFIELD Charles James?
 Birth1936LEWIS Philip J?
 Birth1936STEVENSON Audrey A?
 Birth1936CHATFIELD Sylvia A?
 Death1936BARLOW John Kennedy?
 Death1936CHATFIELD John Thomas?
 Birth1936CHATFIELD Derek E?
 Marriage1936MARTIN Percy William H with CHATFIELD Nellie Olive?
 Probate25 January 1937BALDEY Nellie Eliza?
 Birth19 April 1937CHATFIELD Norman?
 Death1937CHATFIELD Frederick Thomas?
 Birth1937CHATFIELD Alan D?
 Birth1937HAITH Derek A?
 Birth1937STONER David M?
 Marriage1937CHATFIELD Arthur Leonard with GUNN Lilian Frances?
 Death1937CHATFIELD Denis O?
 Death1 October 1938CHATFIELD Charles Parker?
 Marriage1938CHATFIELD Leslie Vincent with MELLY Eileen May?
 Death1938CHATFIELD Robert?
 Birth1938CHAPMAN Flaire R Y?
 Marriage1938ALCORN William Frederick with MEYER Elizabeth D?
 Birth1938BOWLES Celia A?
 Marriage1938WHEELER Alfred G with CHATFIELD Doris A?
 Marriage1938VINALL Robert J with CHATFIELD Miriam M?
 Death1938HOLLICK Agnes?
 Birth1938BEAGLEY Robin J?
 Birth1938CHATFIELD Brian D?
 Birth12 November 1939CHATFIELD Raymond Frederick?
 Death1939JESTICO George James?
 Birth1939CHATFIELD Peter V?
 Death1939CHATFIELD Margaret?
 Birth1939BISH Daphne M?
 Residence1939CHATFIELD Maud?
 Marriage1940BEEBY David L with ALCORN Edith A?
 Birth1940JACOBS Pamela M?
 Death1940BORTHWICK Elizabeth Blair?
 Marriage1940SPENCER Alan Hugh with MEDHURST Ethel Alexandra?
 Marriage1940BEALE Geoffrey Linford with CHATFIELD Freda D?
 Birth1940CHATFIELD Annette L?
 Birth1940BRIGDEN Pamela J?
 Death1940UPTON Ellen Harriett?
 Death1941CHATFIELD Alfred?
 Marriage1941COX Alfred John William with FITT Irene?
 Birth1942CHATFIELD John E?
 Birth1942BEEBY Howard D?
 Marriage1942HILLS George F O with CHATFIELD Violet M?
 Death1942HAZELGROVE Frances Mary?
 Death1942PATCHING Emily?
 Death1942WYMARK Clara Alice?
 Birth1942CHATFIELD Sylvia D?
 Death1943CHATFIELD Susan Charlotte?
 Death1943BOND James?
 Birth1943CHATFIELD Gwenneth E?
 Birth1943BEALE Roger A?
 Birth1943GIBBS Barbara E?
 Death1944CHATFIELD Gwenneth E?
 Birth1944BEEBY Maurice C?
 Death1944WIXEN Jane?
 Birth1944CHATFIELD Wendy J?
 Death1945CHATFIELD Ernest Edward Edgar?
 Birth1945CHATFIELD Colin M?
 Death1945CHATFIELD William Charles?
 Birth1945HILLS Margaret A?
 Death1945MITCHELL Frederick?
 Marriage1946CHATFIELD Herbert with FINN Vera Maude?
 Birth1946VOAK Ian?
 Birth1946GUNN Catherine C?
 Birth1946CHATFIELD Diane S?
 Death1946MOWCOOMBER Rosina?
 Birth1946WHITE Daphne J L A?
 Marriage1946CHATFIELD James F C with KELLY Mary A J?
 Birth1947BEALE Pauline M?
 Death1947ALCORN William Frederick?
 Birth1947CHATFIELD Anne C?
 Death1948SHELSTON Richard Bryan?
 Marriage1948PORT Frederick C with CHATFIELD Joan L?
 Death1948HILTON Alice Jane?
 Marriage1948FITT Alfred James with LE CLERCQ Mona Mary E?
 Death15 April 1949GREGORY George?
 Death1949WILLIAMS Reuben?
 Death1949BAKER Nellie Victoria?
 Death1949CHATFIELD Sarah Ann?
 Birth1949CHATFIELD Valerie A?
 Marriage1949CHATFIELD Harold Benjamin with EVANS Muriel Rosaline?
 Death1949TAYLOR Caroline Delia?
 Death1950CHATFIELD Charles Herbert?
 Marriage1950WINDER Raymond with BISHOP Joyce E?
 Marriage1950LIPICKI Milecy with CHATFIELD Doreen?
 Birth1950CHATFIELD Peter W?
 Death1950WILMSHURST Mercy Ellen?
 Marriage1950HAYLOCK Jack Hill with THOMPSON Audrey?
 Birth1951HILLS John?
 Marriage1951MOSS William with CHATFIELD Elizabeth K?
 Death1951CHATFIELD Harry Hedley?
 Death1951FITT Alfred James?
 Marriage1952STONER Donald A?
 Birth1952LAPICKI Peter R?
 Death1952STEEL Henry?
 Marriage1952CHATFIELD Leslie with NOVIS Patricia Mary?
 Death1952CHATFIELD Rosaline Elsie?
 Death1952HIDE Ruth?
 Death14 April 1953CHATFIELD Albert Arthur?
 Birth1953HAYLOCK John Alexander?
 Birth1953MOSS Christine E?
 Birth1954STANDING Stephen H?
 Marriage1954BARNES Arthur W with LE CLERCQ Mona Mary E?
 Marriage1954CHATFIELD Gerald Henry with CLARKE Mary A?
 Birth1954LAPICKI Loretta D?
 Birth1955MOSS Alec W?
 Death1955MEYER Elizabeth D?
 Birth1955HILLS Sheila?
 Death1955WOOD Alice Elizabeth?
 Birth1955MOSS Janet L?
 Birth1956CHATFIELD Joan M?
 Marriage1956LEWIS Geoffrey D with WILDERSPIN Frances M?
 Marriage1956CHATFIELD Ronald G with RUTHERFORD Nora?
 Death1956CHATFIELD Clementina?
 Birth1956CHATFIELD Julia A?
 Birth1957CHATFIELD Susan Lesley?
 Birth1958LEWIS Jennifer F?
 Marriage1958WHITE Peter J with CHATFIELD Sylvia M?
 Birth1958CHATFIELD Carol A?
 Marriage1958CHATFIELD Caleb Porter with WARDEN Shirley E?
 Marriage1958HILL Ronald R with FORD Betty L?
 Birth1959MOSS Paul D?
 Marriage1959CHATFIELD Dennis F with CHAPMAN Flaire R Y?
 Marriage1959DEWEY Frederick R G with CHATFIELD Pamela F?
 Death1959CHATFIELD Charles Henry?
 Birth1959LEWIS Heather M?
 Death1959ALCORN Abram?
 Marriage1959CHATFIELD Brian D with BOWLES Celia A?
 Birth1959CLIFFORD Paul E?
 Marriage1960CHATFIELD Derek E with BISH Daphne M?
 Death1960CHATFIELD Caleb Robert?
 Death1960SCRACE Emmeline Annie?
 Death1960BRUNTON Edward Walter?
 Birth1960CHATFIELD Gavin Richard?
 Death1960CHATFIELD George William T?
 Birth1960PICKETT Zita N?
 Death1960THREADGOLD Emily Ruth?
 Death1960SADLER Louisa?
 Death30 May 1961CHATFIELD Frank Jesse?
 Marriage1961BEAGLEY Robin J with JACOBS Linda M?
 Death1961CHATFIELD Arthur Charles?
 Birth1961CHATFIELD Jane Elisabeth?
 Birth1961DEWEY Ian G?
 Birth1961CLIFFORD Rosemary J?
 Death1961WEST Annie Elizabeth?
 Birth1962DEWEY Andrew J?
 Birth1962CHATFIELD Angela M?
 Birth1962CHATFIELD Steven Lee?
 Death1962CHATFIELD Elizabeth Lucy?
 Marriage1962CHATFIELD Douglas J with KNIGHT Patricia J?
 Birth1962CHATFIELD Gary P?
 Birth1962BEAGLEY Gillian A?
 Birth1962CHATFIELD Donna G?
 Birth1962WHITE Anne C?
 Death1962CHATFIELD Dora Annie?
 Marriage1963HAITH Derek A with OLDER Pamela J?
 Marriage1963CHATFIELD Alan D with JACOBS Pamela M?
 Marriage1963BENISON Graham E with WILD Rosemary F?
 Death1963CHATFIELD William Harold?
 Death27 July 1964CHATFIELD John Hunter?
 Birth1964DEWEY Lynda J?
 Birth1964CHATFIELD Tracy J?
 Death1964PAYNE Emily?
 Death1964STEVENS Kathleen M?
 Death1964CHATFIELD Arthur Douglas?
 Birth1964WEST Karen V?
 Marriage1965CHATFIELD John E with MOORE Caroline J?
 Death1965BEECHING John William?
 Birth1965CHATFIELD Christopher J?
 Marriage1965STONER David M with BRIGDEN Pamela J?
 Death1965CHATFIELD Albert Edward?
 Birth1965CHATFIELD Neil D?
 Death1965CHATFIELD Nellie Olive?
 Birth1965CHATFIELD Debra A?
 Death1965MARTIN Percy William H?
 Marriage1966CHATFIELD John Charles with GIBBS Barbara E?
 Marriage1966CHATFIELD Colin M with GUNN Catherine C?
 Birth1966DEWEY Robert Neil?
 Marriage1966STEAD David A with CHATFIELD Anne C?
 Birth1966CHATFIELD Russell Charles?
 Marriage1966OLDER Peter L with MAINWARING Averil R?
 Death1966CHATFIELD Leslie?
 Death1966DEWEY Frederick W?
 Birth1968GATES Lara Tonya?
 Death1968POLLARD Grace Lilian?
 Marriage1968CHATFIELD Richard with ALLCOCK Heather Ann?
 Marriage1968CHATFIELD Peter V with PHILLIPS Priscilla A?
 Death1968TEAR Maud Thirza?
 Death1968BREWER Annie Maria?
 Birth1968STEAD Andrew Grant?
 Birth1969BEAGLEY Andrea Jane?
 Death1969CHATFIELD Albert William?
 Death1969CHATFIELD James Mortimer C?
 Birth1969CHATFIELD Victoria Frances?
 Birth1969CHATFIELD Kevin James?
 Death1969CHATFIELD Charles?
 Marriage1969CHATFIELD Raymond Frederick with TOWNSEND Audrey F?
 Birth1970CHATFIELD Tracey Jayne?
 Birth1970OLDER Steven Peter?
 Death1970CHATFIELD John Thomas?
 Death1970CHATFIELD Arthur Stanley?
 Birth1970CHATFIELD Justine Victoria?
 Death22 January 1971LEACH Lily?
 Birth1971CHATFIELD Stuart Raymond?
 Birth1972CHATFIELD Teresa Jane?
 Death1972SANDLES Thomas?
 Death1972BUTLER Edith Lizzie?
 Birth1972CHATFIELD Mark John?
 Death1973CHATFIELD John Thomas?
 Death1973MARSDEN \ MARCHANT Alice Maud?
 Death1973FORD William Thomas Stephen?
 Birth1973CHATFIELD Kirsty Johanna?
 Death1975CHATFIELD Hazel Lilian?
 Death1975LE CLERCQ Mona Mary E?
 Death1975CHATFIELD William Richard?
 Death1976CHATFIELD Harold Percy?
 Death1976TAPP Aubrey Lorenzo R?
 Death1978CHATFIELD Amos Augustus?
 Marriage1978WEBB Sephen C with CHATFIELD Carol A?
 Birth1979CHATFIELD Carrie Ann?
 Death1979CHATFIELD Frederick James?
 Death1979CHATFIELD Alfred Owen?
 Death1979CHATFIELD Herbert Henry?
 Death1980TURNER Alfred George?
 Birth1980KING Peter Alexander G?
 Death1980THIRKELL Charlotte Ann T?
 Birth1980STANDING Rebecca Jane?
 Death1982ALCE Thomas Frederick?
 Birth1983GILMORE Jeremy Charles?
 Marriage1983CREAMER Anthony with CHATFIELD Angela M?
 Birth1983STANDING David Thomas?
 DeathJanuary 1984FORD Kathleen Ivy?
 DeathOctober 1985CHATFIELD William George?
 Death1985HOOK Marjorie?
 Death1985WILD Victor Percy?
 BirthJune 1986SCOTT-ALLEN Emma Lucy?
 Death1986CHATFIELD Charles Leonard?
 Marriage1986SCOTT-ALLEN Paul James with CHATFIELD Donna G?
 Death1986O'DELL Elsie M?
 DeathJanuary 1988CHATFIELD Alice Rose?
 Birth1988CREAMER Laura Anne?
 Death1990DOEL Ivy Catherine?
 Death1993AVIS May Gladys?
 Marriage1993MOORE Guy B with CHATFIELD Jane Elisabeth?
 Death2 June 1994GREGORY Ivy Helen?
 Death4 September 1994MELLY Eileen May?
 DeathDecember 1994GUNN Lilian Frances?
 DeathOctober 1995GUMBRELL Annie May?
 Marriage1995SMITH Simon P P with CHATFIELD Debra A?
 Death1995OLDER Leslie Edward?
 Death1996CHATFIELD Arthur Leonard?
 DeathMay 1997CHATFIELD Frederick Percival?
 Death24 May 1998CHATFIELD Sydney David William?
 BirthMarch 1999CHATFIELD Max Ethan?
21 century
 BirthSeptember 2000CHATFIELD Max Ethan?
 DeathOctober 2000CHATFIELD Leslie?
 Death2000BEETHAM Grace Hilda?
 Death2000BOND Ivy Maud G?
 BirthJanuary 2002CHATFIELD Laura Bethany?
 DeathDecember 2003TOWNSEND Ethel Mary?
 DeathMarch 2005BAMPTON Gwendoline?
 DeathSeptember 2005MEDHURST Ethel Alexandra?
 Death12 August 2006CHATFIELD John Charles?
 Death6 July 2007CHATFIELD Dennis F?
 Death2009SPENCER Alan Hugh?

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