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United States of America - VA Virginia - Woodbridge 22191 - Alden Court : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Residence1990CHATFIELD Marcus Morton?



United States of America - VA Virginia - Wytheville 24382 - Wythe Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Marriage2 December 1986SNYDER Sharrod Zane with BOLDEN Jacqueline Carla?



United States of America - VA Virginia - Yorktown 23690 - Yorktown National Cmtry., York Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Andrew Murray?



United States of America - VT Vermont

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?BESSETTE Issue 6?
 Birth?MORSE Charles?
 Birth?MARTELLE Issue 9?
 Birth?BUTTERFIELD Issue 4?
 Birth?BURBANK ??
 Birth?RYAN Issue 4?
 Birth?THOMPSON Issue 2?
 Birth?ROYCE Elijah?
 Birth?DOWE \ LOW Mary?
 Birth?CASWELL Aucelins \ Apthorp W?
 Birth?CARROLL William?
 Birth?? Sarah?
 Birth?BUZZELLE Aaron B?
 Birth?SANFORD ??
 Birth?MUNGER Issue 4?
 Death?HULL Moses?
 Birth?BORA Donna?
18 century
 Marriage31 December 1772KING Palitiah with ARCHER Elizabeth?
 Birthabout 1778ATKINS Betsey?
 Birth5 December 1784INGRAHAM Lydia?
 Birthabout 1787? Sally?
 Birthabout 1794DURFEE Frasper?
 Birth1794WALBRIDGE Rosalany \ Roxylany?
 Birth1796MORSE Cynthia?
 Birth17 May 1797BOGUE Philo?
19 century
 Birth1 April 1803KIMBALL Truman M?
 Death1806WARD Merab?
 Birth28 July 1807HYDE Harmon?
 Birthabout 1807GOODRICH Phebe?
 Birthabout 1809GOVE Squire?
 Birth16 February 1810? Leonora?
 Birthabout 1811WARNER Alfred?
 Birth16 June 1812GOULD Nehemiah Wright?
 Birthabout 1812GOODENOUGH Olive?
 Birth18 January 1813FULLINGTON Mary Jane?
 Birthabout 1816CUTLER Eliza?
 Birthabout 1816CHATFIELD John?
 Birth1816MOORE Eliza A?
 Birth20 January 1818HINMAN Amanda?
 Birth24 November 1818BROWN Hiram S?
 Birthabout 1819FOSTER Rueben?
 Birthabout 1820ATWELL Abbie?
 Birth11 November 1821OWEN David G?
 Birthabout 1821CHATFIELD Jackson?
 Birthabout 1821CUTLER Emeline?
 Birthabout 1822CUTLER Chandler?
 Birthabout 1824? Harriet?
 Birth1824PATRICK Fayette?
 Birthabout 1824LAMB Diancy S?
 Birth1825CHATFIELD Lucinda?
 Birth1827FOSTER Kendall B?
 Birthabout 1827SPOONER Lucinda?
 Birth27 January 1828THOMPSON Martha Jane?
 Birthabout 1828LEACH Cyrus B?
 Birth1 January 1829GREEN Olive Lucretia?
 Marriage1830HARWOOD Samuel Bass with CHATFIELD Susan?
 Birth15 May 1832BIGELOW Sophia M?
 Birth1832JACKMAN Asa A?
 Birth1833SHERMAN John C?
 BirthDecember 1835CHATFIELD Louisa Merilda?
 BirthSeptember 1836LANDMAN Charles Harry?
 Birth1838CASWELL Lyndorf Lyman?
 Birthabout 1838CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birthabout 1840CHATFIELD George Henry?
 Birthabout 1840SHAMIA Harriet?
 Birth30 September 1841MEAD Eusebia Maria?
 Birth12 December 1841CHADWICK Ellen E?
 Birth1842CHATFIELD Mary Marian \ Miriam?
 BirthMarch 1843LITCHFIELD Abbie L?
 Birthabout 1844ADAMS Rose?
 BirthApril 1845ROBINSON Maria H?
 BirthMay 1845BEANE Abbie Aurora?
 Death18 December 1845HARWOOD Samuel Bass?
 Birthabout 1845CHATFIELD Laura M?
 Birth2 May 1846CHATFIELD Parsons Alden?
 Birthabout 1846GREEN George?
 Birth5 October 1847KINGSBURY Phoebe A?
 Birthabout 1847LYMAN Gertrude?
 Birth15 September 1849CHATFIELD Caroline?
 Birthabout 1849CASWELL Joseph Cleophus?
 Birthabout 1850CHAPMAN Julia Addie?
 Birth12 June 1851CHATFIELD George Morgan?
 Birth30 April 1852KIMBALL Wilson?
 Death1 May 1852KIMBALL Wilson?
 Birthabout 1852LONG Samuel Alfred?
 Birthabout 1852OWEN Paolina L?
 Birth6 March 1853CHATFIELD Betsey?
 Birth17 June 1854HARRINGTON Luther James?
 Birthabout 1854RUSSELL \ RENFSELL Ada?
 Birth12 September 1855O'BRIEN Clara Catherine?
 Birthabout 1857SMITH Nellie?
 Birthabout 1857WHITNEY Abijah P?
 Birthabout 1860HARWOOD Abbie F?
 Birthabout 1860SLOAN Russel?
 Birthabout 1862FARNHAM Clara M?
 Birthabout 1862HARWOOD Charles L?
 Birth30 January 1863WEBSTER William Jason?
 Birthabout 1863FOSTER Ida Alice?
 BirthAugust 1866ALLEN Charles L?
 Birth1866POND Charles Ezra?
 Birthabout 1867THRASHER Nelson G?
 Birth15 February 1868SHUTE George M?
 Birth6 April 1868CHATFIELD Bertha?
 Birth2 July 1868CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Birth24 July 1868SLACK Carlos Dana?
 BirthSeptember 1868POLLARD Nellie L?
 Birthabout 1868FOSTER Lizzie?
 Birthabout 1869COOK Alva H?
 Birth11 March 1870CHATFIELD Alice A?
 Birth15 March 1870SHUTE Francelia?
 BirthJune 1870HARWOOD Eugene P?
 Birth30 October 1870GILCHRIST Allen Robert?
 Birth3 August 1871ROYCE Fred Charles?
 Birth16 October 1872CHATFIELD Pearl Dexter?
 Birth21 October 1872CHATFIELD Frank?
 Birthabout 1872PARKER Edith M?
 Birth16 February 1873SHUTE Rufus G?
 Birth24 April 1873SWINYER Hattie Alice?
 Marriage26 August 1873CASWELL Lyndorf Lyman with CHATFIELD Laura Elizabeth?
 Birth26 December 1873LEROY Wilfred?
 Birth12 April 1874CASWELL Margarite E?
 Marriage27 April 1874CHATFIELD Frederick with HYDE Eunice Emma?
 Birth20 August 1874CHATFIELD Frederick Horace?
 Marriage16 September 1874MERRITT Marcus Morton with KIMBALL Emma Florence?
 Birth15 October 1874CHATFIELD Sarah Abbie?
 Marriage31 December 1874RUSSELL Joseph C with ALGER Arvilla?
 Birthabout 1874? Alice?
 Birthabout 1874KING Frank C?
 Birth25 January 1875TORREY Frank Herbert?
 Marriage27 February 1875CHATFIELD Zachary Taylor with SMITH Nellie?
 Birth2 June 1875CASWELL Clara E?
 Birth25 June 1875SHUTE Frances R?
 Birth3 September 1875BANNISTER Langdon J?
 Birth11 October 1875DAIGNEAULT John Lewis?
 Birthabout 1875LOVELAND Anna P?
 Birth11 March 1876GODSILL Thomas James?
 BirthApril 1876RUSSELL Henry C?
 Marriage27 May 1876OWEN Frederick P with BENEDICT Ella L?
 Birth11 October 1876CHATFIELD Gertrude Myrtle?
 Birth18 October 1876CHATFIELD George Levi?
 Birthabout 1876PEAKE Walter?
 Birthabout 1876ROYCE Gertrude F?
 Birth13 March 1877SHUTE Myrtie E?
 Marriage2 September 1877CHATFIELD Lewis Israel with DURFEE Sarah Ann?
 Birth18 September 1877CASWELL Benjamin Lyman?
 Marriage25 December 1877LONG Samuel Alfred with CHAPMAN Julia Addie?
 Birthabout 1877ROLLINS Ira J?
 Birthabout 1878PEAKE Lillian?
 Birth23 April 1879CHATFIELD George Rutherford?
 Marriage6 May 1879CHATFIELD Parsons Alden with FOSTER Jennie Mary?
 Birthabout 1879PEAKE Benjamin?
 Birth30 March 1880SHUTE Beatrice I.?
 Marriage3 October 1880DAMPIER Frank with WING Lucinda M?
 Death12 December 1880THOMPSON Joel?
 Birthabout 1880ABEAR Celistia E?
 Death28 February 1881CHATFIELD Infant?
 Death2 March 1881GOODENOUGH Olive?
 Marriage14 April 1881CASWELL Joseph Cleophus with PERKINS A. Ida?
 Birth11 December 1881CASWELL Joseph Charles?
 Birth1881CHATFIELD Infant?
 Death8 January 1882POND ??
 Death31 March 1882ADAMS Riley?
 BirthMay 1882SHUTE Oscar A?
 Death15 June 1882CHATFIELD Mary Ann?
 Birth21 October 1882CHATFIELD George Louis\Lewis?
 Marriage12 December 1882CHATFIELD Frank B with COBB Lillie W?
 Birth1882POND ??
 Marriage28 February 1883HARRINGTON Luther James with TRAVER Rogena Alberta?
 Birth29 May 1883CHATFIELD William Alonzo?
 Birth12 November 1883CASWELL Daniel L?
 Birth11 December 1883INGALLS Lola Ellen?
 BirthJune 1884SHUTE Mabel L?
 BirthOctober 1884TAYLOR Charles Garfield?
 Birth6 December 1884LANDMAN Merle Kenneth?
 Birthabout 1884CHATFIELD Arthur L?
 Birth11 June 1885CHATFIELD Russell Newton?
 Death9 February 1886MORSE Cynthia?
 Birth12 June 1886CASWELL Maude Evelyn?
 BirthJuly 1886WING Clarence E?
 Marriage12 September 1886WING Ohel Hartson with RANDALL Ada?
 BirthDecember 1886SHUTE Alvah?
 Marriage19 January 1887OWEN William H with LANE Mary N?
 Death8 February 1887CHATFIELD Lucinda?
 Marriage11 January 1888JACKMAN Aldice A with PAGE Bertha A?
 Marriage4 June 1888CHATFIELD Lewis Israel with FOSTER Ida Alice?
 Birthabout 1888MARTELLE Frank Walter?
 Birth11 February 1889MORSE Thomas Patterson?
 Birth16 June 1889SWINYER ??
 Birth26 December 1889WHITNEY Abbie May?
 Birthabout 1889? Marion A?
 BirthFebruary 1890SHUTE Harrison M?
 Marriage7 April 1890THRASHER Nelson G with SWINYER Hattie Alice?
 Marriage29 April 1890CHATFIELD George Henry with GOODALE Antoynette Maria?
 BirthApril 1890THRASHER Ada M?
 Marriage29 October 1890WHITTIER Frederick Ulysees with CHATFIELD Sarah Abbie?
 Birthabout 1890RIDER Marion L?
 Death25 January 1891MONTEITH Female?
 Birth2 June 1891RYAN Winifred Louise?
 Birth21 July 1891CHATFIELD Frank F?
 Marriage15 October 1891WEBSTER William Jason with ROYCE Gertrude F?
 BirthOctober 1891THRASHER Agnes M?
 Marriage26 January 1892SLACK Carlos Dana with PARKER Edith M?
 Birth27 February 1892FERRIS Daniel Horace?
 Death19 April 1892GOULD Nehemiah Wright?
 BirthJune 1892SHUTE Gladys M?
 Marriage9 October 1893PURINTON Louis Chase with ATWOOD Adah Mae?
 Death14 December 1893CHATFIELD John L \ S?
 Birthabout 1893? Dorothy?
 Birth12 May 1894SLACK Harold E?
 Marriage13 June 1894COOK Alva H with IRISH Lella M?
 Birth10 October 1894CHATFIELD Cora Ida Marion?
 Marriage7 November 1894FISH \ FISKE Charles J with CASWELL Margarite E?
 Birth29 April 1895GOODHUE Lawrence?
 Marriage12 October 1895OWEN Frederick P with SMITH Sarah J?
 Birth20 November 1895SHATTUCK Jack O?
 Marriage11 December 1895ROYCE William K with BEANE Abbie Aurora?
 Marriage24 December 1895ROYCE Fred Charles with LOVELAND Anna P?
 Birthabout 1895WELLS Jennie Lydia?
 Birthabout 1895SALLS Margaret May?
 Birthabout 1895WING Harold?
 Birth16 March 1896ROYCE Julie?
 Marriage16 March 1896WING Hiram M\U\V with THOMPSON Mary L?
 Marriage9 May 1896KING Frank C with CASWELL Clara E?
 Marriage28 September 1896RUSSELL Henry C with HAYDEN Anna?
 Birth11 November 1896WEBSTER Jessie Eveline\Evelyn?
 Marriage11 April 1897STYLES William P with CHATFIELD Annie Louisa?
 Birth10 June 1897CHATFIELD Lucinda May?
 Death2 September 1897MONTEITH Hannibal Jay?
 BirthNovember 1897WING Hazel I.?
 Death24 March 1898GREEN Olive Lucretia?
 Marriage22 April 1898MORRIS Charles Henry with BURNHAM Maude W?
 Death9 May 1898OWEN Paolina L?
 Birthabout 1898WING Basil?
 Birth17 February 1899CHATFIELD Elisabeth Laura?
 Birth5 March 1899PIERCE Carrie Annice?
 BirthMarch 1899MACDONALD Phyllis Agnes?
 Birth13 April 1899BESSETTE Louis Henry?
 Death20 May 1899ADAMS Fanny?
 Marriage26 July 1899WORTHLEY Daniel Emery with CHATFIELD Lillian Ruth?
 Birth27 July 1899THRASHER Rosamond Alice?
 Death2 October 1899JACKMAN Asa A?
 Marriage11 October 1899WOOD Frank Wesley with CHATFIELD Gertrude Myrtle?
 Birth30 November 1899COAPLAND Bernard Willis?
 Birthabout 1899FLINT Clarence Merrill?
 Birthabout 1899WING Myrtle?
20 century
 Marriage14 May 1900RUSSELL Henry C with POLLARD Nellie L?
 Birth10 December 1900WEBSTER Caroll Chatfield?
 Marriage25 December 1900KENT Luther Green with ERSKINE Carelia O?
 Birthabout 1900VANCE Loyd E?
 Death17 February 1901LANDMAN Charles Harry?
 Birth2 August 1902DAIGNEAULT Harold Frederick?
 Marriage20 September 1902WHITTIER Frederick Ulysees with ABEAR Celistia E?
 Birth4 October 1902YANDOW Rose Alma?
 Birth22 December 1902ROYCE Paul Herbert?
 Birthabout 1902ROYCE George M?
 Marriage1 January 1903WOOD Walter Israel with MACDONALD Annie F?
 Birth2 January 1903CHATFIELD Ruth Agnes?
 Marriage1 March 1903CHATFIELD Frederick Horace with PRENTISS May Matthews?
 Death10 September 1903CASWELL Joseph Cleophus?
 Marriage18 November 1903LANDMAN Clarence Everett with CHATFIELD Jane \ Jenette Adelaide?
 Marriage21 November 1903JACKMAN Aldice A with GOVE Harriet M?
 Marriage1903CASWELL Joseph Charles with RUSSELL Lovina Laura?
 Birthabout 1903GOCHEY Addie Phoebe?
 Marriage18 June 1904CHATFIELD George Levi with DUMAS Lucy A?
 Death12 September 1904MORSE Maria \ Marie?
 Birth13 September 1904BLODGETT Kimball Blaney?
 Birth3 December 1904WOOD Leyland Eugene?
 Birth17 December 1904THRASHER George Calvin?
 Birth7 March 1905CHATFIELD Female?
 Marriage18 April 1905ENGLISH Ellsworth Farwel with CASWELL Clara E?
 Death20 December 1905LAMB Diancy S?
 Birth28 March 1906CASWELL Phillip H?
 Birth26 May 1906CHATFIELD Lewis Porter?
 Birth11 September 1906PURINTON ??
 Marriage29 October 1906ROBERTS Carl Jackson with THRASHER Agnes M?
 Death5 December 1906DENNY George Benoni Buck?
 Birth9 December 1906COOK Ethel May?
 Death23 March 1907FERGUSON Adelaide C?
 Death3 June 1907OWEN David G?
 Birth11 August 1907CHATFIELD Helen Alvina?
 Birth22 August 1907CASWELL Mildred R?
 Death12 September 1907TORREY Frank Herbert?
 Birthabout 1907BRIGGS Cyrena Josephine?
 Marriage20 April 1908KING Frank C with CASWELL Clara E?
 Birth16 May 1908CHATFIELD John Edward?
 Birth15 June 1908FOURNIER Alice Marie?
 Marriage14 October 1908PERRY Eugene Harvey with CASWELL Maude Evelyn?
 Marriage18 November 1908BANNISTER Langdon J with MARSDEN Susie Emma?
 Marriage13 September 1909MONTEITH John with BASHAW Mary Brown?
 Birth23 September 1910NOVELLE Edward Thomas?
 Birthabout 1910CLINE Ethel M?
 Deathabout 1910SLOAN Russel?
 Birthabout 1911MONTEITH Margaret Ruth?
 Birthabout 1912MONTEITH Pearl?
 Birth3 December 1914CHATFIELD Glendine Lina?
 Birthabout 1914CASWELL Isabelle G?
 Birth14 September 1915MEAD Fern G?
 Birthabout 1915DAIGNEAULT Harriet B?
 Birth21 March 1916TAYLOR Helen T?
 Birth16 December 1916CHATFIELD Sarah Ethel?
 Divorce29 October 1917CHATFIELD Parsons Alden with FOSTER Jennie Mary?
 Birth16 November 1917MEAD Robert Flowers?
 Death1918RUSSELL Lovina Laura?
 Death8 May 1919THOMPSON Martha Jane?
 Birth22 November 1919BARRETT Russell?
 Birthabout 1919WHITTIER Bernard F?
 Birthabout 1920MEAD John S?
 Deathabout 1920RHODES \ RHOADS Sarah M?
 Birth25 February 1921CHATFIELD Carl Calvin?
 ImmigrationJuly 1923LAPRISE Hortense Rita?
 Immigration12 October 1923MACAULAY Irene May?
 Birthabout 1924MEAD William B?
 Birth6 April 1925AUSTIN Daniel Lewis?
 Immigration21 June 1925BATES Fred Austin?
 Birthafter 1926SWININGTON George H?
 Birthabout 1927PAINE Dorothy D?
 Death25 February 1930TRAVER Rogena Alberta?
 Death10 September 1930CROSS Rose Almeda?
 Birthabout 1930MONTEITH Percy J?
 Death19 April 1931WELLS Jennie Lydia?
 Divorcebefore 1931CASWELL Joseph Charles with ELLIS Mildred Hannah?
 Birth27 October 1933CHATFIELD Mabel?
 Death11 October 1935WEBSTER William Jason?
 Death26 December 1935RUSSELL Henry C?
 Death24 January 1936WHITTIER Marietta Alice?
 Death29 January 1936SALLS Edward Herman?
 Death19 December 1936SWINYER Hattie Alice?
 Death30 January 1938WHITTIER Frederick Ulysees?
 Death14 October 1938DENNY Ralph Boynton?
 Death15 January 1939O'BRIEN Clara Catherine?
 Birth8 September 1942CHATFIELD John Luther?
 Birth4 May 1943BRIGGS Larry Nelson?
 Marriage5 January 1951BLODGETT Kimball Blaney with AMMERMAN Mary Gertrude?
 Birth19 May 1954BONNEAU Janet Louise?
 Birth4 September 1954RICE Carla Faye?
 Birth25 December 1958RAYMOND Mary Ann?
 Birth3 May 1965CASEY James Francis?
 DeathFebruary 1969DREW Mary D?
 Death7 February 1974CHATFIELD Daniel Lewis?
 Death30 October 1982PIERCE Carrie Annice?
21 century
 Death22 August 2003PINCKNEY John Nelson?
 Death3 May 2015CHATFIELD Myrtle Lois?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Addison Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?BILLINGS Issue 4?
19 century
 Death28 December 1887CHATFIELD Reuben Kendall?
 Death12 January 1892CHATFIELD Frank F?
20 century
 Residence1917CASWELL Daniel L?
 Residence1917CASWELL Joseph Charles?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Albany 05820 - Orleans Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth30 March 1880SHUTE Blanche Izelle?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Alburgh, Grand Isle Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth26 March 1899LEROY Glendon Joseph?
20 century
 Residence1900LEROY Glendon Joseph?
 Residence1900LEROY Wilfred?
 Residence1900/1910? Alice?
 Marriage20 August 1919LEROY Glendon Joseph with MACDONALD Elizabeth Mary?
 Birth25 November 1919LEROY Norman Wilfred?
 Residence1920LEROY Norman Wilfred?
 Birth26 January 1921LEROY Florence Elizabeth?
 Birth26 January 1921LEROY Floyd Glendon?
 Birth1 May 1922LEROY Edith M?
 Death16 November 1970LEROY Glendon Joseph?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Arlington 05250 - Bennington Co. : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth10 December 1744LOTT Mary?
 Birth27 April 1775HURLBUT Deborah?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Barre 05641 - 20 Green Acres, Washington Co. : 66 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Residence1986RAYMOND Connie Lee?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Lillian Ruth?
 Burial?WORTHLEY Daniel Emery?
 Burial?WORTHLEY Kathryn Claire?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Residence1995QUINLIVAN Darlene Linda?
 Residence1995RAYMOND Ronald Marcus?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Residence1900MACDONALD Elizabeth Mary?
 Residence1900MACDONALD Grace Ethel?
 Residence1900MACDONALD Adah?
 Residence1900MACDONALD Phyllis Agnes?
 Marriage4 June 1917LEWIS Earl Malcolm with DREW Mary D?
 Birth13 April 1921LEWIS Helen Marie?
 Birth6 July 1925FLINT Elizabeth Aurilla?
 Birth13 August 1925LEROY Winston Robert?
 Birth5 March 1928LEROY George Erwin?
 Birth27 December 1929LEROY Kenneth Harold?
 Birth18 March 1930FLINT Constance Marie?
 Residence1930LEWIS Earl Malcolm?
 Residence1930LEROY Floyd Glendon?
 Residence1930DREW Mary D?
 Residence1930LEWIS Helen Marie?
 Birth17 August 1935BLODGETT Jane Louise?
 Residence1930/1940LEROY Florence Elizabeth?
 Residence1930/1940LEROY Edith M?
 Residence1930/1940LEROY Winston Robert?
 Residence1930/1940LEROY Kenneth Harold?
 Residence1930/1940LEROY Glendon Joseph?
 Residence1930/1940MACDONALD Elizabeth Mary?
 Residence1930/1940LEROY George Erwin?
 Residence1930/1940LEROY Norman Wilfred?
 Marriage21 February 1942LEROY Floyd Glendon with LEWIS Helen Marie?
 Marriage11 July 1942SLACK Harold E with MACDONALD Grace Ethel?
 Birth24 March 1943LEROY Mary Anne?
 Birth12 April 1943SEARLES Madelene Pearl?
 Birth18 August 1944SEARLES Mary Helen?
 Birth8 June 1946SEARLES Richard Wayne?
 Birth4 April 1947LEROY John Robert?
 Birth11 June 1947ROYCE Fred Conrad?
 Marriage19 February 1950LEROY Kenneth Harold with LAMELL Geraldine Eva?
 Death2 April 1954TEBBETTS Lila M?
 Marriage9 July 1954PERRIN Fred William with LEROY Florence Elizabeth?
 Birth26 April 1956DONOVAN Bruce Edward?
 Death18 May 1958MACDONALD Elizabeth Mary?
 Birth24 February 1959DONOVAN Norma Sue?
 Birth2 February 1961DONOVAN James Merrill?
 Birth22 September 1962DONOVAN Lois Elaine?
 Death22 April 1964BOWEN William Henry?
 Birth24 April 1964DAVIS Robin Lynn?
 Birth3 July 1967DONOVAN George Flint?
 Marriage31 July 1981LEROY Floyd Glendon with MCCORMICK Norma Jean?
 Marriage1 October 1988DONOVAN Bruce Edward with GIGUERE Elleen Catherine?
 Death30 March 1993WEBSTER Jessie Eveline\Evelyn?
 Death21 October 1994OSHA Seward Edmund?
 Death19 January 1998SEARLES Madelene Pearl?
 Marriage2 July 1998FORDHAM Wilfred Thomas with RAYMOND Connie Lee?
21 century
 Residence2000RAYMOND Amy M?
 Residence2011RAYMOND Heidi Elizabeth?
 Residence2011RAYMOND Ryan Marcus?
 Death24 November 2013RAYMOND Richard Delbert?
 Residence2014RAYMOND Amy M?
 Residence2014RAYMOND Felicia Lynn?
 Death22 May 2015CHATFIELD Paul William?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?LEROY Glendon Joseph?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Adah Zillah?
 Burial?MACDONALD Elizabeth Mary?
 Burial?MACDONALD Norman Malcolm?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Barre City, Washington Co

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Marriage17 February 1962ROYCE Robert Paul with WATSON Nancy Mae?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Barton 05822 - Orleans Co. : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth7 February 1898BISHOP Harvey William?
 Death20 January 1899LAMPSON Lucy Estella?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Belvidere, Lamoille Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth22 August 1877CHATFIELD Lillian Ruth?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Bennington 05201 - Bennington Co. : 37 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth11 December 1787HINSDALE Hiram?
19 century
 DeathMarch 1805SANFORD Raymond?
 Marriage11 June 1818HINSDALE Hiram with WALBRIDGE Rosalany \ Roxylany?
 Birth4 November 1825ROBINSON Alfred?
 Birth2 December 1825SANFORD Henry Brown?
 Birth22 August 1826HINSDALE Henry Walbridge?
 Birth2 February 1828SANFORD Mary Lucretia?
 Birth2 October 1830SANFORD George Pierce?
 Birth26 April 1833SANFORD Samuel Brown?
 Birth7 September 1835SANFORD Charles Roberts?
 Birth7 October 1838SANFORD William Mitchell?
 Death9 November 1852SANFORD Gay Raymond?
 Marriage15 July 1858SANFORD Samuel Brown with BIGELOW Sophia M?
 Death23 October 1859BROWN Hannah?
 Marriage22 June 1863ROBINSON Alfred with SANFORD Mary Lucretia?
 Marriage19 September 1865SANFORD Charles Roberts with ROBINSON Maria H?
 Death6 October 1865SANFORD Henry Brown?
 Death11 November 1886TOWNE Ebenezer?
 Death21 December 1887SANFORD George Pierce?
 Death21 April 1893ROBINSON Alfred?
 Death4 August 1896SANFORD Samuel Brown?
20 century
 Death5 August 1904SANFORD Mary Lucretia?
 Death24 February 1910SANFORD Charles Roberts?
 Marriage29 June 1940CLOWE Charles Francis with BATES Louise Mumford?
 Marriage8 August 1964BRIGGS Larry Nelson with REYNOLDS Thelma Doris?
 Death23 November 1975BRADSHAW Howard Ferris?
 Death23 September 1995CHATFIELD Lewis Porter?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?SANFORD Samuel Brown?
 Burial?SANFORD Gay Raymond?
 Burial?BIGELOW Sophia M?
 Burial?ROBINSON Alfred?
 Burial?SANFORD Jessie Howard?
 Burial?SANFORD Charles Roberts?
 Burial?SANFORD Mary Lucretia?
 Burial?SANFORD Henry Brown?
 Burial?BROWN Hannah?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
21 century
 Death15 June 2016RAYMOND Stanley Kenneth?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Benson 05731 - Rutland Co. : 7 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death22 January 1818CHATFIELD Martha?
 Death1 February 1819LE BARON David?
 Birth27 July 1897BISHOP Harold Elson?
20 century
 Marriage24 November 1920BISHOP Harold Elson with MUNGER GOULD Ruth Ursula?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Martha?
 Burial?LE BARON David?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Marriage15 December 1937BARRETT Russell with DOANE Hazel Milindy?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Berlin Corner Cmtry., Berlin Corners, Washington Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?RAYMOND Richard Delbert?
 Burial?LONG Lizzie Laura?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Lewis?
 Burial?JONES Harriet N?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Clyde Reed?
 Burial?REED Benjamin Porter?
 Burial?REED Ilda J?
 Burial?PREVOST Frederick Joseph?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Guy Lewis?
21 century
 Burial1 June 2004MCCORMICK Norma Jean?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Berlin, Washington Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death7 January 1844LOWELL Almena Lucetta?
 Birth2 June 1890CHATFIELD Edna Harriet?
 Marriage1 January 1895GODSILL Thomas James with AVERY Winona Coral?
20 century
 Residence1910CHATFIELD Ruth Agnes?
 Marriage7 June 1916CHATFIELD Clyde Reed with LONG Lizzie Laura?
 Residence1920MACDONALD Grace Ethel?
 Death22 July 1939CHATFIELD Clyde Reed?
 Death27 March 1957WORTHLEY Daniel Emery?
 Birth18 December 1969FORDHAM Tammy Sue?
 Birth21 April 1971BAKER Mindy Marie?
 Birth7 January 1974FORDHAM Wilfred Thomas?
 Death11 June 1974CHATFIELD Lillian Ruth?
 Death11 December 1975FOURNIER Alice Marie?
 Death8 April 1977WEBSTER Caroll Chatfield?
 Death9 May 1978LEWIS Helen Marie?
 Death6 December 1979GREENLEAF Arthur Rosswell?
 Death17 July 1982SALLS Ephraim Francis?
 Death6 September 1984SEARLES Harry Clyde?
 Birth11 June 1986RAYMOND Felicia Lynn?
 Birth19 December 1986RAYMOND Ryan Marcus?
 Birth17 March 1990DONOVAN Jennafer Lynn?
 Birth2 September 1990BAKER Desirae Lynn?
 Birth28 January 1992FORDHAM Shawn Thomas?
 Birth20 November 1992DONOVAN Jackson Kirk?
 Birth7 February 1995RAYMOND Emily Rose?
21 century
 Death17 September 2002WORTHLEY Kathryn Claire?
 Death27 May 2004MCCORMICK Norma Jean?
 Death5 February 2006LEROY Floyd Glendon?
 Death9 October 2011RAYMOND Ronald Marcus?
 Residence2011RAYMOND Emily Rose?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Betehl, Windsor Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth23 September 1788BUCKMAN Ruth?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Bethel 05032 - Clifford Memorial Hospital, Orange Co. : 44 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth23 February 1948CHATFIELD Linda Ellen?
 Death27 February 1948CHATFIELD Linda Ellen?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Paul William?
 Burial?PURINTON Arland Windsor?
21 century
 Burial21 May 2020CHATFIELD Lillian Marian?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?MORSE Miriam?
18 century
 Birth6 March 1799MORSE Miriam?
19 century
 Birth3 February 1836TORREY David?
 Residence1850CHATFIELD George Henry?
 Residence1850CHATFIELD Mary?
 Residence1850KINNEY Relief?
 Death9 June 1866POND Calvin?
 Birth20 April 1867TORREY Alfred?
 Death12 May 1868TORREY John?
 BirthMay 1868TORREY Eugene J?
 Death13 September 1868CHATFIELD Bertha?
 Birth14 April 1870TORREY Clara May?
 Marriage14 September 1870CHATFIELD Dexter Lorenzo with OWEN Paolina L?
 Birth13 October 1876POND William?
 Death3 August 1877CHATFIELD Anna B?
 Residence1880KINNEY Relief?
 Residence1880OWEN Paolina L?
 Residence1880CHATFIELD John L \ S?
 Residence1880CHATFIELD Frederick Horace?
 Residence1880CHATFIELD Gertrude Myrtle?
 Death2 January 1882TORREY David?
 Death10 January 1882CHAMBERLAIN Julia A?
20 century
 Death6 March 1903POND William Henry?
 Marriage26 December 1917CHATFIELD William Alonzo with WHITNEY Abbie May?
 Birth7 October 1918CHATFIELD Paul William?
 Marriage1 June 1920PURINTON Arland Windsor with WHITTIER Marietta Alice?
 Death27 October 1924FOSTER Jennie Mary?
 Birth2 August 1927CHATFIELD Louellen?
 Residence1930PURINTON Arland Windsor?
 Residence1930WHITTIER Frederick Ulysees?
 Residence1930WHITTIER Marietta Alice?
 Residence1930PURINTON Arland Wendell?
 Residence1930WHITTIER Bernard F?
 Marriage25 June 1939CHATFIELD Carl Calvin with TUCKER Bernice Myra?
 Marriage1 December 1940PURINTON Arland Windsor with STODDARD Marjorie Frances?
 Residence1940CHATFIELD William Alonzo?
 Birth22 June 1941CHATFIELD Nancy Carol?
 Marriage29 December 1947CHATFIELD Paul William with CHATFIELD Lillian Marian?
21 century
 Residence2020CHATFIELD Fred Allen?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Bethel Town, Windsor Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death26 November 1935CHATFIELD Parsons Alden?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Bloomfield, Essex Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth13 July 1829CURRIER Lucy Jane?



United States of America - VT Vermont - Bradford 05033 - Fairground Rd., Orange Co. : 10 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
21 century
 Residence2002TAYLOR Helen T?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birthabout 1866LEACH Fredrick Benton?
 Marriage27 March 1894BISHOP John Nathan with LAMPSON Lucy Estella?
20 century
 Residence1910PARKER Edith M?
 Residence1910SLACK Carlos Dana?
 Residence1910SLACK Harold E?
 Death17 April 1963HASTINGS Bernice Elvira?
21 century
 Death17 April 2004TAYLOR Helen T?
 Residence2014CHATFIELD Lora Oakes?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?HASTINGS Bernice Elvira?

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