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List of events ordered by date

United States of America - NY New York - Webster 14580 - Monroe Co. : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
21 century
 Residence2020CHATFIELD Matthew P?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
21 century
 Burial12 November 2020WOZNIAK Arline Ann?



United States of America - NY New York - Weedsport 13166 - Cayuga Co. : 11 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Residence?CHATFIELD Charles Hunter?
20 century
 Death28 September 1903RUDE John Milton?
 Marriage24 November 1910van SCOYK John Jepthiel with BESSEY Nyra Ethel?
 Death6 October 1937BABCOCK Eudora?
 Marriage6 July 1963CHATFIELD Burleigh Allen with JOROLEMON Jean?
 Death5 March 1970CHATFIELD Harmon Olin?
 Residence1970CHATFIELD Burleigh Allen?
 Residence1970CHATFIELD Naomi E?
21 century
 Death20 January 2008LIDDIARD John Ernest?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Harmon Olin?
 Burial?ROSCOE Arlene H?



United States of America - NY New York - West Bloomfield 14585 - Ontario Co. : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth19 June 1803STEVENS Lydia?
 Marriage16 August 1829FRENCH Edmond Payne with STEVENS Lydia?



United States of America - NY New York - West Edmeston 13485 - Otsego Co. : 3 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death3 April 1829ALCOTT Joseph Chatfield?
 Death12 November 1853ALCOTT Betsey?
 Death15 August 1863BRONSON Anna?



United States of America - NY New York - West Haverstraw 10993 - Rockland Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth25 July 1856CAIRNS Mary Fulton?



United States of America - NY New York - West Point 10996 - Orange Co. : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth8 September 1873TREACY John Vincent?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?TREACY Daniel F?



United States of America - NY New York - Westport 12993 - Essex Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth1876OLIVER Eugenie Hortense?



United States of America - NY New York - Whitehall 12887 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth22 May 1823TANNER Sophia Bishop?



United States of America - NY New York - Williamstown 13493 - Oswego Co. : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth7 October 1852CHATFIELD Mary Augusta?
 Birth7 August 1854CHATFIELD Harriett Rose?



United States of America - NY New York - Wilson 14172 - Niagara Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth5 April 1838VILAS Sarah Jane?



United States of America - NY New York - Windham 12496 - Maplecrest Cmtry., Greene Co. : 4 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Austin Newcombe?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Willis Dunham?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Katherine E?
20 century
 Burial6 April 1989COOK Dorcas May?



United States of America - NY New York - Windsor 13865 - Broome Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth16 February 1810GRANT Nelson?



United States of America - NY New York - Wolcott 14590 - Butler Twp., Wayne Co. : 25 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Residence1900CHATFIELD Mary?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Jesse Raymond?
 Burial?CHATFIELD George Edward?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Jesse Billing?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Henry Albert?
 Burial?MILLER Sarah Ann?
 Burial?ALT Esther Viola?
 Burial?COFFINGER Betsey?
 Burial?CHATFIELD Berlin?
 Burial?PURDY Charles E?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Residence?CHATFIELD Katelyn B?
19 century
 Birth23 April 1879FINCH Maude L?
 Death31 January 1882COFFINGER Betsey?
 Death18 February 1882CHATFIELD Jesse Raymond?
 Death18 May 1886MILLER Henry?
 Birth27 March 1889CHATFIELD Marion?
20 century
 Birth28 May 1919CHATFIELD Donald Phillip?
 Death2 June 1922MILLER Sarah Ann?
 Residence1969TATUM Elizabeth Madilene?
 Death31 March 1974ALT Esther Viola?
 Residence1990CHATFIELD James Shaw?
 DeathAugust 1996CHATFIELD Jesse Franklin?
21 century
 Residence2006? Lila A?
 Residence2009CHATFIELD Robert Allen?
 Death27 October 2011LATTIN Matilda Ruth?



United States of America - NY New York - Woodside 11377 - Calvary Cmtry., Queens Co. : 4 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?LOONIE John?
20 century
 Burial7 December 1900CANTLON Hannah?
 Burial3 March 1904CHATFIELD Arden?
 Burial6 September 1908CHATFIELD Robert Lee?



United States of America - NY New York - Woodstock 12498 - Ulster Co. : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth17 March 1810SICKLER Jacob J?
20 century
 Death13 August 1994CHATFIELD Edward Franklin?



United States of America - OH Ohio

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?ANDERSON Issue 3?
 Birth?KRISHER Issue 9?
 Birth?RICHARDSON Archibald?
 Birth?SNOW Issue 5?
 Birth?? John?
 Birth?BRAATZ Issue 7?
 Birth?WOOTEN Issue 4?
 Birth?SCOTT Issue 3?
 Birth?MARTIN James?
 Birth?ALLEN Issue 8?
 Birth?SMART ??
 Birth?HAHN Clare?
 Birth?HAHN Linde?
 Birth?KARG William R?
 Birth?COE Issue 3?
 Marriage?ISBELL Heman with ? ??
 Birth?SEIGLER ??
 Birth?LINEHAN Issue 2?
 Birth?HICKLING Issue 4?
 Birth?CHATFIELD Tess?
 Birth?HUDSON Issue 10?
 Birth?PORTER Issue 4?
 Birth?RIGGLE Issue 4?
 Birth?HEADLEY Issue 7?
 Birth?DULL Issue 7?
 Birth?CHAPMAN Issue 3?
 Birth?RUGGLES Issue 9?
 Birth?BURTON Issue 4?
 Birth?STYER Diana L?
 Birth?HENNEMAN Issue 2?
 Birth?OWREY Issue 7?
 Birth?BOLDEN Donald?
 Birth?SCHAMP Issue 4?
 Birth?ROCKWELL Issue?
 Birth?DAVIS Dale?
 Birth?BOLDEN Issue 3?
 Birth?BOLDEN Debra?
 Residence?CHATFIELD Alice J?
 Marriage?CHATFIELD Robert Dillingham with ERNST Jennie Theresa?
 Birth?BOLDEN Kathy?
 Birth?CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth?ANDERSON Issue 3?
 Birth?KOHR Issue 3?
 Death?THOMPSON Pheba?
 Birth?EVERINGHAM Issue 2?
 Birth?CHATFIELD Michael?
 Birth?WOLFORD Jefferson?
 Birth?EXTINE May?
 Birth?RHODEN Issue 5?
 Birth?POWELL Alice?
 Birth?POOL Issue 4?
19 century
 Birth17 February 1809SNOW Edwin?
 Birth12 October 1812HERRICK Louisa?
 Birth1812MCDONALD Delilah?
 Birth31 August 1813JAY Henry H?
 Birth22 March 1814ANDREWS Ruth?
 Birth31 August 1814HERRICK Polly M?
 Birthabout 1814CHANDLER Sylvester?
 Birth27 April 1816CHATFIELD Sabrina?
 Birth1 October 1816PARK Rodney J?
 Birthabout 1816? Elizabeth?
 Death13 March 1817HERRICK Polly M?
 Birth27 March 1817KELSEY Rosetta Cezanne?
 Birth1817CHATFIELD Reuben?
 Birthabout 1817GRAY Neely?
 Birth1818LEWIS Julia?
 Birth19 May 1819COSPER Elizabeth?
 Birth10 July 1819COE Rachel?
 Birth23 October 1819SILL Delilah J?
 Birth20 July 1820CHATFIELD Laura?
 Birth14 August 1820KELSEY Henry Cezanne?
 Birth1820LADD William C?
 Birthabout 1820MINARD Elizabeth?
 Birthabout 1821? Maria?
 Birthabout 1821CONKLIN Catherine?
 Birth11 October 1822PALMER Aurantha?
 Birthabout 1822MCCANNA Elizabeth?
 Birth31 August 1823WILEY Barsina?
 Birth8 September 1823COE Mynes?
 Birth11 January 1824MILLER Nancy?
 Death1825LAKE Vincent Gershom?
 Birth1825MEEKER Isaac?
 Birth28 July 1826LAKE Jacob S?
 Birthabout 1827DEAN Thomas P?
 Birth3 February 1828CHATFIELD Mariah Amanda?
 Birth14 April 1828DOTY Lucinda Holmes?
 Death16 August 1829HERRICK Louisa?
 Birthabout 1829CARTER John N?
 Birthabout 1829HUDSON Charles E \ T?
 Birth1829NEHEMIAH Charles S?
 Birth16 February 1830CHATFIELD Love Rebecca?
 Birth10 March 1830CASE Annette?
 Birth17 June 1831SQUIRES Mary L?
 Birth26 May 1832LEATHERS Harrison?
 Birth4 June 1832CHATFIELD Levi Gould?
 Birthabout 1832? Mary J?
 Birthabout 1832STITT Castine \ Costine \ Coston?
 Birthabout 1833COE Daniel?
 Birth28 January 1834CHATFIELD Harriet Athalia?
 BirthFebruary 1834STARRR Mary E?
 BirthJuly 1835FLOWERS Lovina?
 Birth1835CHATFIELD Henry E?
 Birthabout 1835JUMP Benjamin?
 Birth27 April 1836WARREN Nancy?
 Birth29 May 1836CHATFIELD Mary Almira?
 Birthabout 1836CHATFIELD Polly?
 Birthabout 1836BAIRD Emma?
 Birthabout 1836BICKETT William Harvey?
 Birth6 September 1837BISHOP Frances Charlotte?
 Birth13 November 1837HELVICK Vermena \ Vermenia?
 Birthabout 1837WILSON Isaac Newton?
 Birth26 February 1838IRISH Nancy M?
 BirthMarch 1838BURGER Joseph J?
 Birth5 July 1838SCHOWALTER \ SHOWALTER Susan \ Susanna \ Susanne?
 Birth21 August 1838BENTLEY Jewett Freeborn Garrettson?
 Birthabout 1838CHATFIELD Suzanna?
 Birthabout 1838SMITH Mary Samantha?
 Birthabout 1838CROUCH Leah?
 Birth1 December 1839BISHOP Josephine V?
 Birth22 January 1840SOUTH Rebecca Ann?
 BirthFebruary 1840DAWSON William?
 Birth6 April 1840CHATFIELD Wealthy L?
 BirthMay 1840CHATFIELD George Robert?
 BirthNovember 1840CRANE Eugene B?
 Birth26 February 1841CHATFIELD Ruth Emily?
 Birth3 June 1841CHANDLER Irene E?
 BirthAugust 1841BUTCHER John?
 Birth4 October 1841BISHOP Rosalia?
 Birthabout 1841OWEN John F?
 Birthabout 1841BARD William?
 Birthabout 1841CHATFIELD Armina?
 Birth1 August 1842CRANE Gilbert M?
 Birth5 August 1842SESSIONS Minard L?
 Death22 August 1842CRANE Gilbert M?
 Birth1842ROBB Georgianna A?
 BirthMay 1843CLARK Harriet Leila?
 Birth1 July 1843CHATFIELD David Reed?
 Birth30 November 1843HUDSON Zenith Emaline?
 Birth1843CHATFIELD Jane H?
 Birth1843BABCOCK Miles?
 Birthabout 1843CRANE Corydon G?
 Birth1843HOTCHKISS Ann Lucy?
 BirthJanuary 1844CHANDLER Martha E?
 Birth23 February 1844CRANE Mary H?
 Birth27 July 1844PANCAKE Henry?
 BirthNovember 1844PORTER Mary E?
 Birthabout 1844BURCH Chester?
 Birth1 March 1845MOORE Mary Ellen?
 Birth14 November 1845CHATFIELD Mary Catherine?
 Birthabout 1845CHATFIELD Eliza?
 Birth1845ROUSE Harvey J?
 Birth1845HULL Isadora Laura?
 Birthabout 1845CHATFIELD Emily?
 Birthabout 1845CHATFIELD Henry?
 Birth14 March 1846CHATFIELD Isaac Newton?
 BirthMay 1846CAZIER Eliza?
 Birth29 June 1846FERRELL Daniel?
 Birth1 August 1846BROWN Louise Maria?
 BirthSeptember 1846CLARK Hellen Susan?
 Birthabout 1846STOOPS Margaret Jane?
 BirthJune 1847BROWNELL Charles Henry?
 BirthDecember 1847REED Leroy?
 Birthabout 1847MOORE Daniel C?
 Birthabout 1847CHATFIELD Alexander?
 Birthabout 1847SNYDER Jemima?
 Birth1847REYNOLDS William C?
 Birth23 January 1848PARKER Milton Leonard?
 Birth7 May 1848LAWRENCE Ellen Celestine?
 Birth4 June 1848SOMERS Lena F?
 Birthabout 1848CHATFIELD Charlotte?
 Birthabout 1848CRANE Martha?
 Birth20 January 1849CHATFIELD Landon Albert?
 BirthFebruary 1849ANDERSON William P?
 BirthFebruary 1849TOBEY Boridella Ann?
 Death30 April 1849CHATFIELD Wealthy L?
 Birth3 May 1849REYNOLDS Mary Augusta?
 Birth4 September 1849BISHOP Samuel Lester?
 Birth15 October 1849CHATFIELD Mary Ella?
 Birthabout 1849CRANE Henry L?
 Birthabout 1849MCLAUGHLIN William?
 Birthabout March 1850CHATFIELD Albert?
 Birth13 May 1850BRACKNEY David?
 Birthabout 1850CAMERON Oscar?
 Birthabout 1850CHATFIELD Edwin?
 Birthabout 1850VERIGAN Adaline?
 Birthabout 1850? Mary V?
 Birthabout 1850SHOPE Alice S?
 BirthJanuary 1851CRANE Flora?
 Death20 March 1851BELL Ann?
 Birth1 April 1851TILLOTSON Alpharetta A?
 MarriageJuly 1851COE John W?
 Birth24 August 1851CHATFIELD LeGrand?
 Birth23 September 1851SHOPE John?
 Birthabout 1851WEBB Drusilla?
 Birth23 March 1852MAYBERRY Joseph?
 Birth11 April 1852CHATFIELD Delilah?
 Birth3 December 1852EWING Albert L?
 BirthDecember 1852PETTIBONE Sylvia C \ E?
 BirthFebruary 1853ROCKWELL John?
 BirthApril 1853CHATFIELD Jesse?
 DeathApril 1853CHATFIELD Jesse?
 BirthMay 1853ADAMS Clara?
 Birth3 August 1853WEBB Viola Virginia?
 Birth28 September 1853STEWART Amanda Jane?
 Birth3 December 1853DICKINSON Lewis Johnson?
 Birthabout 1853GEIGER Madison P?
 Birthabout 1853REYNOLDS John Harvey?
 Birth19 May 1854CHATFIELD Milton W?
 Birth7 November 1854ROBB Mary Elizabeth?
 Birth1854CHATFIELD James?
 Birthabout 1854ALCOTT Alfred?
 Birthabout 1854CHICK Elmira?
 Death10 March 1855DICKINSON Lewis Johnson?
 Birth1 May 1855CHATFIELD Horace Greely?
 Birth1855CHATFIELD Lilly M?
 Birthabout 1855SPRAGUE Lafayette Raymond \ Rayner?
 Birthabout 1855GRAHAM Hattie Bell?
 Birth5 January 1856REYNOLDS Lenora Phoebe?
 Birth20 June 1856CHATFIELD Ira Dorsey?
 BirthOctober 1856SIMMONS Mary Elizabeth?
 BirthNovember 1856DAY Benjamin Franklin?
 BirthNovember 1856THAKER Mary Ellen?
 Birthabout 1856HULL Ida E?
 Birthabout 1856WEBB Amanda?
 Birthabout 1856PLETCHER Phoebe?
 BirthAugust 1857ANDERSON Alice A?
 Birth1 August 1858DICKINSON Rosa?
 Death8 August 1858DICKINSON Rosa?
 Birth31 August 1858CHATFIELD Adella A?
 Birthabout 1858CAVENDER Ida?
 Birthabout 1858WILLIS Joshua?
 Birth22 January 1859EASTERDAY Rosaline Ellen?
 Birth2 March 1859CHATFIELD Albert Leonard?
 Birth17 November 1859DICKINSON Alpheus Lyman?
 Birth25 December 1859CHATFIELD Merrie Christmas?
 Birthabout 1859POST Emily?
 Birthabout 1859ALLEN Lucy?
 Birthabout 1859LADD Minnie H?
 Birth10 March 1860STANBERY Carrie?
 Birth8 May 1860COLE Fred M?
 Birthabout 1860CHAPMAN Charles M?
 Birth1860CHATFIELD Effie?
 BirthJanuary 1861KENTON John William?
 BirthFebruary 1861RUGGLES John F?
 Birth2 April 1861CHATFIELD Mary Ellen?
 Birth11 June 1861MITCHELL Frederick Elmore?
 Birth11 August 1861DULL Sarah E?
 Birth13 August 1861DIXON Isabele?
 Birth18 September 1861CHATFIELD William Freeman?
 Birthabout 1861BROWN Elizabeth D?
 Birthabout 1861HUDSON George?
 Birth1861BURNHAM Marble G?
 Birthabout 1861CHATFIELD Frank B?
 Death21 December 1862COOK Harriet Lola?
 Birthabout 1862DEAN Sarah Arminda?
 Birthabout 1862CHAPMAN Sola Hattie?
 Birthabout 1862WEBB Minnie?
 Birth27 March 1863WADE Eliza?
 Birth14 May 1863REYNOLDS Martha Chatfield?
 BirthJune 1863RUSSELL Eugene B?
 Birth2 October 1863BLUE Margaret Elizabeth?
 BirthOctober 1863CHATFIELD Martin Seymour?
 Marriage1863CHAPMAN Charles Hiram with HOTCHKISS Ann Lucy?
 Birthabout 1863WARREN Mary?
 Birth2 April 1864CHATFIELD Abigail Viola?
 Birthabout 1864CHATFIELD Elmina \ Elmira?
 Birth1864CHATFIELD Cora R?
 Birthabout 1864OWREY Serah \ Zera?
 Birth1864WATKINS Frank E?
 Birth1 January 1865WAGNER \ WAGGONER Caroline Catherine?
 Birth9 June 1865CHATFIELD Frederick?
 BirthSeptember 1865MARSH Lucy D?
 Marriage19 October 1865COE Almon F with HELSER Elizabeth M?
 Birthabout 1865FOWLER George Washington?
 Birthabout 1865NORTON Sylvester?
 Birth14 May 1866KAVANAUGH Charles M?
 Death1866ROBB Georgianna A?
 Birth1866CHATFIELD Don Carlos?
 Birth1866HOGOBOOM Evelyn?
 Birth1866POST Jessie Lenora?
 Birth1863/1867STITT Issue 2?
 Birthabout 1867BRIGGS Herbert B?
 Birthabout 1867MITCHELL Stanley?
 Birth17 February 1868ROBINSON Anna L?
 BirthFebruary 1868KAUS Mary H?
 Birth9 July 1868CHATFIELD Edward?
 BirthAugust 1868CHATFIELD Minnie A?
 Birthabout 1868CHATFIELD Llewellyn?
 Birth1868CHATFIELD Laura Elnora?
 Birthabout 1868REED Alice?
 Birth18 January 1869WHALEY Frank C?
 Death29 July 1869STONE Leander?
 Birth5 October 1869POOLE Elizabeth Jane?
 BirthJanuary 1870CRAWFORD Elizabeth A?
 BirthJanuary 1870LAWTON William W?
 Birth20 February 1870CHATFIELD Grace Hattie?
 Birth27 March 1870CHATFIELD Fay Briggs?
 Birth5 October 1870CHATFIELD Flora E?
 Birthabout 1870REED Leonard?
 Residence1870GRAVES Marvin Bernal?
 Residence1870KILLOM Marietta Miranda?
 Residence1870GRAVES Ella Miranda?
 Birthabout 1870BRIGGS Clifford L?
 Birthabout 1870CAMPBELL Mary Elizabeth?
 Birthabout 1870CHATFIELD Harry Landon?
 Birth1870PERRY Ernest Glenn?
 Birth1 August 1871HENNEMAN Carl?
 BirthSeptember 1871WILLIS Mary A?
 Birth6 December 1871CHATFIELD Effie O?
 BirthDecember 1871BURCH Vinca?
 Birth1871THAYER Frank B?
 BirthSeptember 1872CHATFIELD Jennie Maud?
 Death1872CHATFIELD Robert William?
 Birthabout 1872LYONS Lucy Lamb Stirgeon?
 Birth1872CHATFIELD Robert William?
 Birthabout 1872REED Kate?
 Birth14 April 1873HUFFMAN Elizabeth?
 Birth4 July 1873FOSKETT Edith May?
 BirthFebruary 1874CHATFIELD Ethel Blanche?
 BirthDecember 1874KRISHER Charles?
 Birthabout 1874CAMERON Mary?
 Birthabout 1874COOK William?
 Birthabout 1874STITT Minnie L?
 BirthSeptember 1875OLIVER Abbie?
 Birth27 October 1875LEISY Jessie A?
 Birth6 November 1875GASKILL Peter?
 Birth1875BARKER Effie M?
 Birth6 January 1876HONSE Nine A?
 BirthAugust 1876CHATFIELD Sula G?
 BirthNovember 1876MEIER Caroline?
 Birthabout 1876BRYANT Lucy M?
 Birthabout 1876REED Charles P?
 Birth1 February 1877BAILEY Lela Zoe?
 Death16 February 1877CHATFIELD Mariah Amanda?
 Birth12 March 1877CHATFIELD Hugh McKinley?
 Birthabout 1877WHEAT Olive J?
 BirthJanuary 1878CHATFIELD Philip Kouns?
 Birth29 March 1878WHEAT Morgan William?
 Birth3 July 1878CHATFIELD Ralph George?
 Birth27 July 1878MURPHY Rose M?
 BirthAugust 1878CHATFIELD Estella?
 Birthabout 1878BRIGGS Edith?
 Birthabout 1878BURKE Jesse?
 Birthabout 1878COOK George H?
 BirthJanuary 1879SIMPSON Lawrence?
 Birth22 March 1879FERRELL Lydia May?
 BirthApril 1879CHATFIELD Daisy F?
 Birth23 July 1879BURGER Blanche Elizabeth?
 Birth7 October 1879RADEKIN Frank?
 Birthabout 1879CAMERON Percy?
 Birthabout 1879LEWIS Earl Malcolm?
 BirthJanuary 1880COOK Marcellus Smith?
 Birth22 March 1880CHATFIELD Samuel Walter?
 BirthMarch 1880DUGAN William Edward?
 BirthJuly 1880CHATFIELD Jennet C?
 Birthabout 1880BROWN Margaret Belle?
 Birthabout 1880JONES Albert C?
 Birthabout 1880LIELAN Clara?
 Birth16 July 1881CHATFIELD Henry Harrison?
 BirthSeptember 1881CHATFIELD Albert H?
 Birth1881? Elizabeth?
 Birthabout 1881CLARK Minnie?
 Death17 July 1882CHATFIELD Elmina Amelia?
 DeathJuly 1882BRUBAKER Catherine?
 Birth1 September 1883CHATFIELD Bessie R?
 BirthFebruary 1884CHATFIELD James B?
 Birth27 March 1884CHATFIELD Cyrus Clifford?
 BirthJuly 1884DICKINSON Sumner W?
 BirthAugust 1884CHATFIELD Cora?
 Birth20 September 1884CHATFIELD Lois N?
 Birth1884ERNST George Benedict?
 DeathJanuary 1885CRITTENDEN Mary Root?
 BirthMay 1885SCHROEDER Rosetta L?
 Birth5 November 1885ROWE John Jay?
 Birth14 March 1886CHATFIELD Mabel Claire (Parker)?
 Birth10 May 1886PARSONS Lillie J?
 Birthabout 1886BUDDENBURG Alma E?
 Birthabout 1886DEAN Myrtie?
 BirthApril 1887RICHEY Ellwood?
 Birth7 May 1887CHATFIELD General Lafayette?
 BirthAugust 1887LEAVENWORTH Maisie L?
 Birthabout 1887? Lizzie?
 BirthJanuary 1888MANNING Hugh?
 Birth8 February 1888CHATFIELD Deforest Cleveland?
 Birth17 February 1889GRUMME Carey Lawrence?
 BirthAugust 1889RICHEY Robert?
 Birth1889SEIBERT Louis J?
 Birth1889BENNETT Lillian I.?
 Birthabout 1889EACHES Joseph Franklin?
 Birthabout 1889FOWLER Georgie G?
 Birth16 May 1890CHATFIELD Pauline Harriet?
 Marriage16 November 1890EVERINGHAM Milton Zell with ORAHOOD Lillie B?
 Birthabout 1890? Cora?
 Birthabout 1890DAY Luella?
 Birth27 February 1891CHATFIELD Frank Theodore?
 BirthFebruary 1891AYLE Edith?
 BirthSeptember 1891KLOPFENSTEIN Claude?
 Birthabout 1891ROESCH Richard Karl?
 Birthabout 1891WICKLIFFE George Farris?
 BirthApril 1892RICHEY Hibby?
 Birth24 June 1892WILLIS Ruth?
 Birthabout 1892MAY Elza H?
 Birthabout 1892? Ruby?
 Birth1892COON Lee Roy?
 Birthabout 1892ELLIS Ernest Ray?
 Birthabout 1893? Bertha?
 Birthabout 1893SPENCER Raymond G?
 Birth5 August 1894FRAZIER Beulah M?
 BirthSeptember 1894RICHEY Harold Guy?
 Birthabout 1894? Mary J?
 Birth7 February 1895KLOPFENSTEIN Millie M?
 BirthApril 1895KIMBALL Margery?
 BirthApril 1895RUGGLES Nellie?
 Birthabout 1895PATTON Mollie A?
 Birthabout 1895COLLINS Leonard?
 Marriageabout 1895WILKINSON Edwin Milton with NICHOLS Myrtie Leona?
 Birth31 March 1896DUNSON Helen Bertha?
 Birth22 June 1896FRIOR Fred A?
 BirthJune 1896ORTON Mary Fianna?
 BirthJune 1896WILKINSON L Loyed?
 Birth31 December 1896KLOPFENSTEIN Lee E?
 Birth21 May 1897CHATFIELD Nellie Blanche?
 BirthSeptember 1897HAMMINK Hazel?
 Birth23 December 1897LAWTON William Wallace?
 Birthabout 1897FRIDENMAKER Henry C?
 Birth1897LINEHAN Cleon R?
 Birthabout 1897MILEY Elmer?
 Birth5 February 1898LAWRENCE Merle?
 Birth1898HERWAT Eleanor C?
 Birthabout 1898VOIGHT May?
 Birthabout 1898MAY Carl G?
 Birth19 January 1899CHATFIELD Earl Charles?
 BirthJanuary 1899CHATFIELD Earl John?
 Death23 April 1899CONNER Jesse L?
 BirthJune 1899CRESSEY Paul F?
 BirthOctober 1899WEBSTER Daniel C?
 Birthabout 1899CHAMBERLAIN Herbert D?
20 century
 Birth11 February 1900MAY Emma Anndell?
 BirthMarch 1900SHOPE Ethel?
 Divorcebefore 4 June 1900HENNEMAN Charles Henry with FOX Laura May?
 Death5 July 1900BAYLOR Samuel?
 Birthabout 1900CHATFIELD Anderson?
 Birthabout 1900ADKINS Maymie?
 Birthabout 1900FRIDENMAKER Callie M?
 Birthabout 1901CHATFIELD Hazel?
 Birth4 February 1902FRIDENMAKER Minnie Eva?
 Birth11 February 1902FOUTY Ferne Louella?
 Birth1902? Verna L?
 Birthabout 1902MAY James A?
 Birthabout 1902ROBINETT Jennie?
 Death21 September 1903IRISH Nancy M?
 Death12 November 1903SMITH Martin?
 Birthabout 1903KUNTZ Ruth K \ R?
 Birth14 February 1904CHATFIELD Edward J?
 Birth1904CHATFIELD Edward J?
 Birthabout 1904HARDING William John?
 Birth1904GILL Pauline Marie?
 Birth8 April 1905BARROW Katherine Alice?
 Birth1905HENNEMAN Edgar Eugene?
 Marriage11 April 1906GARDNER Gaylord Harry with ROBB Leora Anna?
 Death27 April 1906LAWSON Georgia M Alice?
 Birth27 June 1906WILLIAMS Paul G?
 Birth26 November 1906HENSEL Charles L?
 Birth1906HENNEMAN Arthur Raymond?
 Birth28 April 1907CHATFIELD Fredericka?
 Birth1 September 1907GARDNER Austin Robb?
 Death13 November 1907LAKE Angelina \ Angeline?
 Birthabout 1907CHATFIELD Samuel K?
 Birthabout 1907? Dorothy Gladys?
 Birthabout 1907? Bertha?
 Birthabout 1907CHATFIELD Richard?
 Birth10 March 1908COLLINGSWORTH Gertrude?
 Birth25 March 1908CHATFIELD Muriel M?
 Death21 August 1908GARDNER Austin Robb?
 Birth24 December 1908CHATFIELD Joseph Kennard?
 Birthabout 1908THOMPSON Lawrence Orie?
 Birthabout 1908CHATFIELD Mary Emma?
 Birth1908GOMPF Rohles L?
 Birthabout 1908GASKILL Charles?
 Birthabout 1908STRATMAN Harold?
 Birth30 April 1909MARTIN Hope Helen?
 Birthabout 1909KASBURG Clarence?
 Birthabout 1909ROSS Jessie B\E?
 Divorce1909WEBSTER Albert Merrill with MILLER Ada Minerva?
 Birthabout 1909WAGNER Irene?
 Death16 February 1910SHARP Emma Catharine?
 Birth1 March 1910EDINGER Walter R?
 Birth4 June 1910CHATFIELD Henry Bowen?
 Birth28 July 1910GARDNER Donald H?
 Birthabout 1910GILL Ethel?
 Birthabout 1910MAY Melina A?
 Birthabout 1910SEIBERT Margaret I.?
 Birth22 January 1911HOWSON Earl Ellsworth?
 Birth5 May 1911CHATFIELD Thomas S?
 Birth19 September 1911TIBBS John Donald?
 Birth2 December 1911CHATFIELD Leland B?
 Birth1911CHATFIELD Adelbert \ Delbert C?
 Birthabout 1911? Thelma?
 Birthabout 1911LINEHAN Ruth?
 Birth11 January 1912CHATFIELD Winona?
 Birth21 May 1912NEELY Eliza Jane?
 Birth15 August 1912EACHES Reuben R?
 Birth21 September 1912LINEHAN Raymond J?
 Birth5 October 1912WALLACE Harold F?
 Birth1912SWITTER Arthur G?
 Birth12 February 1913EVERETT Ralph D?
 Birth21 April 1913GETZ Harriet L?
 Birth5 May 1913CHATFIELD Clarence Everett?
 Birth27 May 1913MCGARVEY Hazel I.?
 Birth29 June 1913CHATFIELD George Henry?
 Birth1 July 1913CHATFIELD Frank L?
 Birth9 October 1913HENNEMAN Elizabeth?
 Birth6 November 1913SEIBERT Daniel M?
 Birthabout 1913CHATFIELD Bernice M?
 Birthabout 1913MAY Richard J?
 Birth13 April 1914SAATKAMP George A?
 Birth24 May 1914FOUTY Ruby Irene?
 Birth30 July 1914MYERS Lois L?
 Birthabout 1914LYNCH Donald?
 Birth1914CHATFIELD Arthur C?
 Birthabout 1914HICKLING Arthur L?
 Death1914FOUTY Infant?
 Birth1914FOUTY Infant?
 Birthabout 1914CHATFIELD Thomas?
 Birth17 March 1915WICKLIFFE Mary Jane?
 Birth29 March 1915ROESCH Ann Mildred?
 Birth23 April 1915FRISTOE Irene C?
 Birth30 July 1915MAY Merrill Marcus?
 Birth25 August 1915HENNEMAN William John?
 Birthabout 1915WELLS Charles?
 Birthabout 1915SHACKLETON Ann E?
 Birthabout 1915? Luetta K?
 Birthabout 1915MCCULLOGH Paul W?
 Birthabout 1915CHATFIELD John E?
 Birth28 April 1916? Linda J?
 Birth24 June 1916CHATFIELD Howard LeGrand?
 Birth2 October 1916CREEGER Henry Washington?
 Birth1916? Dorothy B?
 Birthabout 1916SEIBERT Vernon N?
 Birth1916TARR Warren G?
 Birth1916CHATFIELD ??
 Birth1917BALL Neal W?
 Birthabout 1917MAY Eldon?
 Birthabout 1917LYNCH Edward?
 Birth1917HENNEMAN Myrna?
 Birthabout 1917DENNIN \ DINNEN Eva M?
 Birth2 February 1918HENRY Mary Jeanne?
 Birth10 February 1918MAY Florence Harriet?
 Birth1918CHATFIELD Mildred E?
 Birth1918HENNEMAN Charles White?
 Birthabout 1918? Evelyn M?
 Birthabout 1918FISHBURN James C?
 Birth4 February 1919CHATFIELD Elinor E?
 Birth3 April 1919PASKAN Jerry Daniel?
 Birth4 April 1919? Ruth A?
 Birth4 May 1919APPLE Olive Ursula?
 Birth13 May 1919FRIOR Frederick Eugene?
 Birth14 October 1919SZABO Anthony Louis?
 Birth15 December 1919CHATFIELD William Walter?
 Birth1919BECK Maxine L?
 Birthabout 1919HAMMINK Jean A?
 Birthabout 1919SEIBERT Doris E?
 Birth17 February 1920CHATFIELD ??
 Birth2 October 1920BALL Leona Odessa?
 Birthabout 1920CHATFIELD Kenneth J?
 Birth1920CHATFIELD Joseph F?
 Birth1920MCCLOSKEY George Henry?
 Divorcebefore 1920OWREY Joseph Ellsworth with BAILEY Iona Stella?
 Birthabout 1920MILLIGAN Clara Belle?
 Birthabout 1920GOFF Harold N?
 Birthabout 1920HAMMINK Harvey?
 Birth23 June 1921CHATFIELD Jack Arnold?
 Birth23 July 1921CHATFIELD Mildred Ethel?
 Birthabout 1921SEIBERT Charlene?
 Birthabout 1921FISHBURN Robert W?
 Birthabout 1921WRIGHT Robert J?
 Birth25 March 1922CREEGER Margery Lorain?
 Burial4 December 1922CHATFIELD Edward?
 Birth15 December 1922CHATFIELD Virgil Pierce?
 Birthabout 1922EARL La Verne?
 Birthabout 1922CHATFIELD George B?
 Birthabout 1922MAY Marston?
 Birth12 August 1923COLLINS Elmer S?
 Birth14 August 1923CHATFIELD Lida W?
 Birth5 November 1923BOWSHER Donald Conrad?
 Birth1923BALL Harold Ray?
 Birthabout 1923BALL Leonard C?
 Birthabout 1923CHATFIELD Gertrude W?
 Birth21 May 1924JENNINGS Earl A?
 Birth29 August 1924GRAHAM Barbara Ann?
 Birth6 November 1924CHATFIELD Kenneth Judson?
 Birth13 December 1924CHATFIELD William N?
 Birthabout 1924CHAMBERLAIN Herbert D?
 Birth1924HENNEMAN Paul Gilbert?
 Birthabout 1924JOSEPH Ruth M?
 Birthabout 1924GOFF Jerry M?
 Birth1925BALL Robert?
 Birthabout 1925CHATFIELD Robert B\P?
 Death4 November 1926LINEHAN James?
 Death6 December 1926ANDERSON Alice A?
 Birth1926HELWIG Marilyn Ann?
 Birth1926CHATFIELD Charles E?
 Birth1926HENNEMAN Albert Adolf?
 Birthabout 1926SPERRY Donald?
 Birth2 May 1927SCHAMP Ralph Lawrence?
 Birth5 May 1927HEADLEY Edith Evelyn?
 Birth3 October 1927FOUTY Darl A?
 Birthabout 1927CHATFIELD Edward?
 Birthabout 1927DICKS Francis Williard?
 Birth10 November 1929CHATFIELD Richard Norman?
 Birth27 December 1929BECK Annabelle?
 Birthabout 1929CREVISTON Mary J?
 Birthabout 1929MAY Edward L?
 Birthabout 1929HOPPER Margaret Norene?
 Birthabout 1929CHATFIELD Robert?
 Birthabout 1929GOFF Gloria?
 Birthabout 1929CHATFIELD Mark E?
 Birth1929STONE Ralph Leon?
 Birthabout 1929FRIDENMAKER Rachel L?
 Birth9 February 1930KRICHBAUM Clarence K?
 Birth16 August 1930EVERETT John Richard?
 Birthabout 1930KASBURG Frederick?
 Birthabout 1930WICKLIFFE Barbara S?
 Birthabout 1931de WITT Philip?
 Birthabout 1931BARRETT Patricia A?
 Birthabout 1931CREVISTON William?
 Birthabout 1931EMSWILER Herbert D?
 Birthabout 1931GOFF Patricia Jean?
 Birth4 July 1932WOOTEN Julia?
 Birth23 September 1932BECK Jacob Earl?
 Birthabout 1932DANIELS Lula \ Lulu Mae?
 Birth1932CHATFIELD Paul Edward?
 Birthabout 1932PIATT Marguerite Louise?
 Birth7 December 1933CHATFIELD Eleanor?
 Birthabout 1933CHATFIELD John?
 Birthabout 1933THOMPSON Lawrence?
 Birthabout 1933SPENCER Percene M?
 Birthabout 1933FRIDENMAKER Ella Jane?
 Birthabout 1933de WITT Mary Ann?
 Birth11 January 1934EVERINGHAM Milton Stanley?
 Birthabout 1934FOUTY Frederick?
 Birthabout 1934HALL Phyllis Cecilia?
 Birthabout 1934WARD Mary Lou?
 Birth9 February 1935THOMPSON Joseph H?
 Birth20 May 1935WITT Lawrence Rae?
 Birthabout 1935WOOTEN Phyllis?
 Birth24 November 1936CHATFIELD Clyde Henry?
 Birth2 December 1936CARPER Betty J?
 Birth5 December 1936EDINGER Joseph Vincent?
 Birthabout 1936BOLDEN Leroy?
 Birthabout 1936COTTINGHAM Glenna M?
 Birthabout 1936de WITT Diane?
 Birthabout 1936CREVISTON Joseph?
 Birth29 April 1937KEPPLER Earnest Edward?
 Birth18 May 1937DAVIS Mary Charlotta?
 Birth18 May 1937MCCULLOGH Robert E?
 Birthabout 1937WALLACE Donna?
 Birthabout 1937THOMPSON Nellie C?
 Birthabout 1937STRATMAN Allen Lynne?
 Birthabout 1937MAY Merrill M?
 Birthabout 1937MAY Patricia?
 Birth2 April 1938RADEKIN Sandra Lee?
 Birth23 November 1938DAVIS Ethel Marie?
 Birthabout 1938DANIELS Imogene \ Emma Jean?
 Birthabout 1938HITT Garry Bruce?
 Birth7 June 1939BRAATZ Margaret J?
 Birth27 October 1939CHATFIELD Arla Lee?
 Birth24 November 1939RADEKIN Ross Wesley?
 Birthabout 1939MAY Robert D?
 Birthabout 1939CHAMBERLAIN Deborah?
 Birthabout 1939THOMPSON Ronald W?
 Birthabout 1939CHATFIELD Judith Ann?
 Birthabout 1939MALONE John?
 Birthabout 1940CHATFIELD Linda?
 Birth29 January 1941CHATFIELD Henry E?
 BirthMarch 1941CHATFIELD Ronald Curtis?
 Birth12 November 1941CHATFIELD Rausel Lincoln?
 Birth16 April 1942HOFFMAN John J?
 Birth13 May 1942ORDWAY Leo Edward?
 Birth1942KING Karen Sue?
 Birth19 February 1943CHATFIELD Larry Dale?
 Birth1943CHATFIELD Janet R?
 Birth30 July 1944CHATFIELD Arthur Byard?
 Death6 January 1945SCOTT Leonora?
 Death7 April 1946RAYNER Margaret V?
 Death8 June 1946LINEHAN Bertha May?
 Birth5 September 1946BECHTOL Karen Irene?
 Death22 September 1946FISHBURN James S?
 Death24 November 1946BRAATZ William Charles?
 Marriage5 December 1946SCHAMP Ralph Lawrence with BROADSWORD Helen L?
 Death22 January 1947CHATFIELD James Arthur?
 Birth20 May 1947CHATFIELD William Henry?
 Death1 September 1947OWREY Leah Dorcas?
 Death7 September 1947HAZEN Estella May?
 Death9 October 1947BREWER Ervin E?
 Birth12 October 1947KARG Richard John?
 Birthabout 1947CHATFIELD Rosetta?
 Birth5 March 1948CHATFIELD Daniel S?
 Birth5 March 1948CHATFIELD David E?
 Death8 March 1948HENNEMAN Elizabeth Caroline?
 Birth17 March 1948CHATFIELD George Peter?
 Death6 November 1948CHATFIELD Albert Joram?
 Birth1948BECHTOL Roger?
 Death9 March 1949RADEKIN Frank?
 Birth1949JONES Daniel Edwin?
 Death27 February 1950SHOPE Arthur Hoskins?
 Death24 March 1950AMSLER James Gilbert?
 Birth29 July 1950BECHTOL Jerry Allan?
 Death8 August 1951SMITH Alice N?
 Birth19 August 1951BECHTOL Rodney L?
 Death5 December 1951WINTERS PICKARD Flora A?
 Death1951PATTON Mollie A?
 Death16 February 1952TRIPLETT Emma?
 Birth27 April 1952CHATFIELD Glenn Elwynn?
 Death31 May 1952NEER Lloyd Franklyn?
 Death23 June 1952WILKINSON Edwin Milton?
 Birth28 January 1953DAVIS Cynthia Louise?
 Death29 January 1953MITCHELL Hazel Imogene?
 Death6 April 1953STONER Charlotte?
 Birth2 May 1953BAILEY Freda L?
 Death20 July 1953KRICHBAUM Clarence Otto?
 Birth21 September 1953BECHTOL Charles David?
 Death24 September 1954STRATMAN Herman Francis?
 Death30 December 1954MARTIN Hope Helen?
 Birth15 January 1955CHATFIELD Roberta Diane?
 Birth8 February 1955CHATFIELD Michael John?
 Birth10 July 1955DAVIS David Aaron?
 Birth1 September 1955BOLDEN Arlene F?
 Birth23 May 1956BURTON Jefferson William?
 Birth1956CHATFIELD Mark R?
 Birth30 September 1957BECHTOL Susan Kay?
 Birth31 March 1958CHATFIELD Melancthon W?
 Birth24 April 1958BURTON Thomas Eugene?
 Birth2 June 1958GREENHAW John Kevin?
 Birth9 July 1958POOL John Douglas?
 Birth25 September 1958CHATFIELD Stephen Hale?
 Birth3 December 1958CHATFIELD James?
 Birth21 September 1959KEPPLER Tina Layne?
 Birth23 October 1959CHATFIELD Jayne Sue?
 Birth17 February 1960BRODBECK Robin M?
 Birth12 March 1960STICKLEY Jerry Lee?
 Birth18 May 1960EDINGER Barry K?
 Birth2 July 1960DAVIS Keith Anthony?
 Birth2 July 1960DAVIS Kurt Mathew?
 Birth14 August 1960CHATFIELD Jennifer?
 Death1960ALEXANDER Marietta?
 Birth26 January 1961CHATFIELD Daniel A?
 DivorceMay 1961WILLIAMS Paul G with CHATFIELD Rosalie Madonna?
 Birth25 October 1961CHATFIELD Peter W?
 Death30 November 1961BRAATZ Arthur George?
 Marriageabout 1961HEADLEY Donald G with CRUM Ruth Ellen?
 Birth16 February 1962BOLDEN Terri L?
 Birth3 March 1962EVERINGHAM Frederick C?
 Birth12 March 1962CHATFIELD Sheryl L?
 Birth16 August 1962CHATFIELD Curtis A?
 Birth27 February 1963EVERINGHAM Melissa A?
 Birth10 March 1963CHATFIELD Melissa F?
 Birth7 August 1963KEPPLER Gloria A?
 Birth14 November 1963BRODBECK Loris S?
 Birth11 February 1964EDINGER Joseph Vincent?
 Birth3 May 1964BOLDEN Jacqueline Carla?
 Birth2 June 1964SWINEHART Jan Marie?
 Birth11 January 1965KRICHBAUM Carla L?
 Birth27 March 1965CHATFIELD Susan Marie?
 Birth16 November 1965CHATFIELD Jesse William?
 Birth2 December 1965CHATFIELD Clarence?
 Death7 December 1965JONES Lewis Edward?
 Birth8 March 1966LACKMEYER Laura Jean?
 Birth1 December 1966EVERINGHAM Philip A?
 Death1966MURNAHAN Sylvia Mae?
 Divorce1966RIEGSECKER Walter Jay with WHITTED Wanda Lou?
 Birth17 January 1967HITT Rebekah Anne?
 Death5 September 1967CHATFIELD Ida Mayme?
 Birth16 September 1967CHATFIELD Terry L?
 Birth11 October 1967KEPPLER Anthony Ernest?
 Birth31 October 1967CHATFIELD Larry Dale?
 Birth7 January 1968CHATFIELD Joni?
 Birth11 February 1968CHATFIELD Brian Patrick?
 Birth27 September 1968CHATFIELD Raymond E?
 Death26 May 1969CHATFIELD Hugh McKinley?
 Divorce1969DAVIS Shirley Mae?
 Divorce1969HART Marian Louise?
 Birth14 June 1970EVERINGHAM Cynthia L?
 Birth27 September 1972CHATFIELD David S?
 Birth12 November 1972KRICHBAUM Kendra R?
 Birth28 May 1973BOLDEN Cynthia Rose?
 Birth3 December 1973POOL Coleen D?
 Death7 August 1975CHATFIELD Jack Arnold?
 Marriageabout 1975MASSIE David Allen with BOLDEN Arlene F?
 Death8 April 1976CHATFIELD Marjorie Jenette?
 Birth1 October 1976CHATFIELD Kimberly Ann?
 Marriage27 December 1976GREENHAW John Kevin with GARNER Lori L?
 Birth7 March 1977MASSIE David Allen?
 Birth5 April 1977CHATFIELD Cara C?
 Birth19 November 1977CHATFIELD Kelly Christine?
 Birth16 February 1978CHATFIELD Julia Rena?
 Birth9 October 1978MASSIE Kristina R?
 DeathOctober 1978DETRICK Albert Warren?
 Birthabout 1978CHATFIELD Andrea Lyn?
 Birth29 November 1979ELSMORE James Robert?
 Birth8 December 1979DAVIS Bartley James?
 Birth7 March 1980CHATFIELD Amber Dawn?
 Divorcebefore 1980TRACY Thomas Richard with BECHTOL Susan Kay?
 Birth27 February 1981FAULKNER Melissa June?
 Death1981HURSH Mary Etta?
 Birth4 July 1985DAVIS Michelle L?
 Birth22 December 1985CHATFIELD Jessica Lynn?
 Birth12 April 1986CHATFIELD Aaron Kyle?
 Birth5 May 1987POOL Joshua Lee?
 Birth13 July 1987CHATFIELD Andrea Lee?
 DeathJune 1989MYERS Lois L?
21 century
 Residence2000CHATFIELD George Robert?
 Divorce3 November 2003CONKLIN Dennis N with CHATFIELD Jayne Sue?
 Death25 August 2005SINNOTT James T?
 Death28 October 2006HOUSTON Doris P?
 Birthabout 2006CASDORPH David Samuel?
 Death7 March 2007BECHTOL Charles David?
 Death31 March 2007BAILEY Freda L?
 Death13 September 2007BROWNELL Betty Joy?
 Birthabout 2007CASDORPH Ella Rose?
 Death18 February 2008CHATFIELD Jeanne P?
 Death26 June 2008BECK Wilma Caroline?
 Death6 April 2009BRYANT Gary Lee?
 Death29 May 2009NEAL Sarah Madge?
 Death2 July 2009BALL Leona Odessa?
 Death7 May 2011BREZNAY Louis?
 Death19 June 2012HEADLEY Edith Evelyn?
 Death6 May 2016HOWSON Glenna Irene?
 Death9 June 2016CHATFIELD Cecil James?
 Death22 July 2017SAATKAMP Marilyn Jean?
 Death18 December 2018SZABO Anthony Louis?
 Death7 June 2019STICKLEY Karen Ann?
 Death17 September 2019KRICHBAUM Krista Kay?
 Death17 June 2020DAVIS Shirley Mae?

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