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List of events ordered by date

United Kingdom - Mare Hill, Pulborough, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Census1861Chatfield Michael
 Census1861Chatfield Albert
 Census1861Chatfield Emily
 Census1861Chatfield Robert Stanford
 Census1861Stanford Frances
 Census1861Chatfield William
 Census1861Chatfield Frederick
 Census1861Chatfield Frances Eliza
 Census1861Chatfield Harriett
 Census1861Chatfield Richard



United Kingdom - Marehill Lane, Pulborough, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Census1881Chatfield Annie
 Census1881Chatfield Albert
 Census1881Healey Emma
 Census1881Chatfield Thomas
 Census1881Chatfield Eliza



United Kingdom - Marehill, Pulborough, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Census1891Chatfield Albert
 Census1891Chatfield Thomas
 Census1891Chatfield Annie



United Kingdom - Maresfield Street, Barracks, Maresfield, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Census1871Stevens Charlotte
 Census1871Woodgate Wiliam Horace



United Kingdom - Maresfield, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Birth?Hobbs James
 Death?Chatfield Caroline
 Birth?Hobbs Issue 5
 Birth?Turner William
18 century
 Christening1 May 1755Chatfield William
 Birth1755Chatfield William
 Birth1769Hobbs John
 Christening29 April 1787Chatfield Sarah
 Birthabout 1787Chatfield Sarah
 Christening11 April 1789Chatfield Elizabeth
 Christening11 April 1790Chatfield John
 Birth1790Chatfield John
 Christening22 January 1792Chatfield Mary Ann
 Birth1792Chatfield Mary Ann
 Christening16 March 1794Chatfield William
 Birth1794Chatfield William
 Birth1796Chatfield Hannah
 Christening3 July 1797Chatfield Thomas
 Birth1797Baker Jane
 Birth1797Chatfield Thomas
19 century
 Christening5 October 1800Chatfield Jane
 DeathNovember 1800Hobbs John
 Birth1800Chatfield Jane
 Birth1801Browning James
 Death28 April 1802Chatfield Thomas
 Birth1802Chatfield Naomi
 Birth1803Burgess Sophia
 Christening13 January 1805Chatfield Henry
 Birth1805Chatfield Henry
 DeathJanuary 1807Gates Martha
 Christening14 February 1808Chatfield Robert
 Birth1808Chatfield Robert
 Marriage26 October 1809Hemsley Richard with Chatfield Elizabeth
 Birth1809Hobbs John
 Christening19 February 1815Helmsley Elizabeth
 Birth23 June 1815Hobbs Hannah
 Birth1815Helmsley Elizabeth
 Death27 March 1817Chatfield William
 Death1817Chatfield William
 Birth1817Hobbs William
 Birth12 July 1818Chatfield William
 Birth10 October 1819Chatfield Mary
 Birth5 December 1819Avis Robert
 Birthabout 1819Gurr William
 Marriage16 April 1820Chatfield William with Burgess Sophia
 Christening1 October 1820Avis Robert
 Marriage3 December 1820Chatfield Thomas with Wynn Mary Ann
 Birth21 January 1821Chatfield Charlotte
 Birth9 June 1822Hobbs Henry
 Christening8 December 1822Chatfield Catherine \ Catholine
 Birth1822Chatfield Catherine \ Catholine
 Birth1822Chatfield Lucy
 Birth7 December 1823Chatfield Thomas
 Birth2 October 1825Chatfield Maria
 Birth1825Hobbs Caroline Delia
 Birth1826Stevenson Hannah
 Birthabout 1826Weller Theophila
 DeathJune 1827Chatfield Elizabeth
 Birth1827Chatfield William
 Birth1828Chatfield Louisa
 Birthabout 1829Chatfield Robert
 Birth1829Chatfield Henry
 Birthabout 1829Stevens Sarah
 Birth1830Chatfield Elliner
 BirthMarch 1831Chatfield Charlotte
 Christening3 April 1831Chatfield Charlotte
 Birth1831Chatfield Alfred
 Birth1832Chatfield Frances
 Birth1833Cooke Tilden
 Birth1833Stevens Charlotte
 DeathSeptember 1834Hobbs John
 Birth1834Chatfield Caroline
 Birthabout 1834Chatfield Henry
 Christening8 March 1835Chatfield Harriett
 Birth1835Chatfield Harriett
 Birth1836Chatfield John
 Birth1836Wheatley William
 Christening17 June 1838Chatfield Emily
 Birth1838Chatfield Emily
 Birth1838Chatfield Mary Ann
 Birth1839Chatfield James
 Christening25 October 1840Chatfield William
 Birth1840Chatfield William
 Birth1840Feist Mary
 Census1841Chatfield Ann \ Anne
 Census1841Chatfield Amelia
 Birth1841Hobbs William
 Birth1841Chatfield William
 DeathAugust 1842Avis Ann
 Birth1842Gurr Timothy John
 Christening2 July 1843Chatfield William
 Marriage18 July 1843Hook John with Chatfield Catherine \ Catholine
 Birth1843Chatfield Eleanor
 Birth1843Chatfield William
 Birthabout 1843? Sarah
 Birth1843Hobbs Hannah
 Birth1844Chatfield Ellen
 Birth21 March 1845Hobbs John
 Christening22 June 1845Chatfield Caroline
 Birth1845Chatfield Caroline
 Birth1845Hobbs Harriet
 Birth1846Avis Robert
 Death18 July 1847Chatfield Jane
 Birth28 September 1847Hobbs Caroline
 Christening17 October 1847Chatfield Esther
 Birthabout 1847Avis Robert
 Birth1847Hobbs Eliza
 Birth1847Chatfield Esther
 Birth1847Gurr Elizabeth
 Birth1849Gurr Mary Ann
 Christening21 June 1850Hook Philadelphia
 BirthSeptember 1850Chatfield Charles
 Christening17 November 1850Chatfield Charles
 Birth1850Tester William
 Death1850Holmes Hannah
 Birth1850Chatfield John
 Birth1850Gurr Fanny
 Birth1850Hobbs Sarah
 BirthFebruary 1851Hook Mary
 Census1851Gurr Fanny
 Census1851Hook Mary
 Census1851Hobbs Sarah
 Census1851Chatfield Caroline
 Census1851Gurr Elizabeth
 Census1851Hobbs Hannah
 Census1851Hobbs Eliza
 Census1851Hobbs William
 Census1851Hook Charlotte
 Census1851Hook Harriet
 Census1851Chatfield Catherine \ Catholine
 Census1851Gurr Mary Ann
 Census1851Hook John
 Census1851Tester Caroline
 Census1851Tester Charles
 Birth1851Staplehurst Emily
 Census1851Gurr William
 Census1851Tester Thomas
 Census1851Chatfield Mary
 Christening19 December 1852Chatfield Alfred George
 Birth1852Chatfield Alfred
 Birth1852Hobbs John
 Birth1852Chatfield Alfred George
 Birth1853Young Martha Mary Ann
 Birth4 April 1854Chatfield Emily
 Birth1854Hobbs Henry
 Birth23 December 1855Chatfield Ann
 Birth1855Chatfield Harriet Jane
 Birth1855Chatfield Margaret
 Christening18 March 1857Chatfield Margaret
 Christening18 May 1857Chatfield Warden Henry
 DeathJune 1857Chatfield Sarah
 Christening30 August 1857Chatfield Henry
 Birth1857Chatfield Henry
 Birth1857Chatfield Nun
 Birth1857Hobbs Mary Ann
 Birth1857Chatfield Warden Henry
 Birth19 August 1859Chatfield Frederick John
 Birth21 August 1859Chatfield Naomi
 Birth1859Hobbs Caroline
 Birth21 June 1860Chatfield Eli
 Christening21 November 1860Chatfield Eli
 Birth1860Chatfield George
 Birthabout 1860Chatfield Harry
 BirthJanuary 1861Hobbs James
 Census1861 (previously 1851)Tester William
 Census1861Hobbs Caroline
 Census1861 (previously 1851)Chatfield Lucy
 Census1861Chatfield John
 Census1861Tester Thomas
 Birth1862Chatfield George William
 Birth1862Chatfield Henry George
 Birth1862Wheatley Janett
 Death1864Chatfield William
 Death1864Chatfield William
 Birth1864Wheatley Ellen
 Birth21 October 1866Chatfield William
 Death1866Chatfield Charlotte
 Birth1867Woodgate George Henry
 Birth1869Chatfield Frederick John
 Birth1869Woodgate Harry
 Christening25 December 1870Chatfield Annie
 Birth1870Avis Melicent Flora
 Birth1870Chatfield Annie
 Census1871Avis Robert
 Census1871Chatfield Henry
 Census1871Chatfield Catherine \ Catholine
 Census1871Chatfield Frederick John
 Birth1871Frost Ernest George
 Census1871Tester James
 Census1871Hope Harriett
 Census1871Hook Barbara
 Census1871Chatfield George William
 Census1871Reed Eliza
 Census1871Chatfield Naomi
 Census1871Chatfield Robert
 Census1871Stevens Sarah
 Census1871Tester Emma
 Census1871Chatfield Robert
 Census1871Martin Emily
 Census1871Frost George
 Census1871Chatfield William
 Census1871Chatfield Annie
 Census1871Chatfield John
 Census1871Chatfield Jane (Lucy)
 Census1871Chatfield John
 Census1871Hobbs John
 Census1871Frost David
 Census1871Chatfield Nun
 Census1871Chatfield Mary Ann
 Census1871Chatfield William
 Census1871Frost Ernest George
 Birth1872Avis Ada Matilda
 Birth1872Avis Anna Laura
 Marriage24 December 1873Chatfield William with Chewter Hannah
 Birth1873Chatfield George
 Death10 December 1874Chewter Hannah
 Birth1874Avis Louisa
 Christening7 April 1875Chatfield Ellen
 Birth1875Chatfield Albert Henry
 Birth1875Avis Kate
 Birth1875Avis Harry Thomas
 Birth1875Chatfield Ellen
 Birth1876Hart Mary Sophia
 Birth10 March 1877Chatfield Alice
 Birth1877Chatfield Walter
 Birth1877Frost Frederick Alfred
 Birth1878Chatfield Luther
 Christening7 March 1880Chatfield Charles Henry
 Birth1880Chatfield Charles Henry
 Census1881Chatfield Naomi
 Census1881Avis Harry Thomas
 Census1881Chatfield Luther
 Census1881Chatfield Annie
 Census1881Gurr William
 Census1881Chatfield William
 Census1881Chatfield George William
 Census1881Chatfield Nun
 Census1881Hart Mary Sophia
 Census1881Chatfield Albert Henry
 Census1881Avis Ada Matilda
 Census1881Gurr Fanny
 Census1881Chatfield Ellen
 Census1881 (previously 1871)Tester Caroline
 Census1881Chatfield John
 Census1881Chatfield John
 Census1881Stevens Sarah
 Census1881Hobbs Harriet
 Census1881Chatfield John
 Census1881Chatfield Alice
 Census1881Chatfield Frederick John
 Census1881Chatfield George
 Census1881Chatfield Charles Henry
 Census1881 (previously 1871)Hobbs William
 Census1881Martin Emily
 Census1881Gurr Elizabeth
 Christening5 February 1882Chatfield Ernest
 Birth1882Chatfield Ernest
 Birth6 December 1895Hazelden Grace
 Birth1896Chatfield Frederick Leonard
20 century
 Birth16 November 1900Chatfield Cecil Henry
 Census31 March 1901Chatfield Frederick Leonard
 Census31 March 1901Chatfield George Bernard
 Census31 March 1901Chatfield Stephen
 Census31 March 1901Chatfield George
 Census31 March 1901Avis Elizabeth Ann
 Census31 March 1901Payne Emily
 Census31 March 1901Chatfield Cecil Henry
 Birth1902Chatfield Laura Beatrice Maude
 Death16 March 1904Chatfield William
 Birth19 October 1905Chatfield Ernest Spencer Charles
 Birth9 September 1908Ford Florence Magdalene
 Census1911Ford Florence Magdalene
 Census1911Chatfield William
 Census1911Horscroft Lucy Ellen
 Census1911Chatfield George Bernard
 Census1911Avis Elizabeth Ann
 Census1911Chatfield Frederick Leonard
 Census1911Chatfield Ernest Spencer Charles
 Census1911Chatfield George
 Census1911Chatfield Laura Beatrice Maude
 Census1911Chatfield Ellen
 Census1911Chatfield Cecil Henry

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