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List of events ordered by date

United Kingdom - Farleigh, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birthabout 1807Chisholm William



United Kingdom - Felbridge Lane, Lingfield, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Census1891Brower Kate
 Census1891Chatfield Annie
 Census1891Chatfield Fanny Rosanna
 Census1891Brower Joseph
 Census1891Brower Susannah



United Kingdom - Felpham, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividual
18 century
 Burial29 November 1720? Sarah
 Marriage20 July 1775Stow Henry with Chatfield Ann
 Marriage22 December 1778Chatfield William with Cousens Ann
19 century
 Christening12 June 1814Farley Mary Frances
 Marriage10 April 1842Orsborn Charles with Farley Mary Frances
 Residence1891Hughes Joseph



United Kingdom - Ferring, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividual
18 century
 Marriage17 November 1762Chatfield John with Postlethwaite Jane
 Christening29 December 1762Chatfield Elizabeth
 Burial21 January 1763Chatfield Elizabeth



United Kingdom - Fewston, Yorkshire North

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Christening22 August 1841Wigglesworth Gill
 Birth1841Wigglesworth Gill



United Kingdom - Findon St., Findon, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Census1891Pratt Minnie
20 century
 Census31 March 1901Pratt Minnie



United Kingdom - Findon, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividual
18 century
 Christening3 March 1799Heryet \ Herriott Thomas
19 century
 Marriage7 June 1819Clements \ Clemons John with Chatfield Susan
 Christening16 July 1820Clemons Susan
 Birth1820Clemons Susan
 Christening21 October 1821Clemons Jane
 Birth1821Clemons Jane
 Christening1 June 1823Clemons Harriet
 Birth1823Clemons Harriet
 Christening29 March 1825Clemons Eliza
 Birth1825Clemons Eliza
 Christening3 December 1826Clemons Thomas
 Birth1826Clemons Thomas
 Christening25 October 1828Clemons Ellen
 Birth1828Clemons Ellen
 Christening15 August 1830Clemons Reuben
 Birth1830Clemons Reuben
 Christening17 May 1832Clemons David
 Birth1832Clemons David
 Christening27 July 1834Clemons Lucy
 Birth1834Clemons Lucy
 Christening28 February 1836Clemons Mary
 Birth1836Clemons Mary
 Christening19 November 1837Clemons Fanny
 Birth1837Clemons Fanny
 Christening1 February 1840Clemons Maria
 Birth1840Clemons Maria
 Birthabout 1840Heryet \ Herriott Hannah
 Christening24 October 1841Clemons Ann
 Birth1841Clemons Ann
 Christening1 October 1843Clemons Caroline
 Burial27 December 1843Clemons Fanny
 Birth1843Clemons Caroline
 Death1843Clemons Fanny
 Burial19 December 1844Clements \ Clemons John
 Marriage20 March 1847Reeves John with Clemons Eliza
 Marriage7 June 1851Heryet \ Herriott Thomas with Chatfield Susan
 Birth1887Pratt Minnie



United Kingdom - Firle, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 BirthOctober 1859Payne Eli
 Birth1 August 1897Chatfield Lucy



United Kingdom - Fishbourne, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Birth1 August 1902Chatfield Emily Alexandra



United Kingdom - Fittleworth, Sussex West

Event TypeDateIndividual
16 century
 Birth15 July 1588Chatfield Henry
 Marriage1588Chatfield George with ? Margaret
 Christening4 May 1592Norris George
17 century
 Death1614Chatfield Henry
 Birthabout 1614Ingram Abel
 Birthabout 1615Chatfield Miriam Elizabeth
 Christening24 February 1616Chatfield Francis
 Birth1618Chatfield Jane
 Birthabout 1619Chatfield Sarah
 Birth16 February 1620Chatfield Thomas
 Birth20 March 1623Chatfield George
 Christening21 March 1629Norris George
 Burial3 April 1629Chatfield Sarah
 Death1629Chatfield Sarah
 Birth1629Norris George
 Christening10 March 1633Norris Annis
 Marriage14 May 1633Ingram Abel with Chatfield Miriam Elizabeth
 Christening1 January 1635Norris Joseph
 Death28 January 1636Chatfield Henry
 Christening14 March 1640Norris Henry
 DeathJanuary 1649Chatfield Miriam Elizabeth
 Deathafter 1658Ingram Abel
18 century
 Marriage1 June 1729Chatfield Joseph with Weaver Mary
19 century
 Birthabout 1829Turner William J
 Christening6 October 1839Elliot Sarah
 Birth1859Elliott Ann Jane
 Burial18 April 1868Allum Sarah Caroline
 Birth1868Chatfield Ernest George
 Census1871Turner William J
 Census1871Chatfield Frank Bailey
 Census1871Knight Jane
 Census1871Upton Ann
 Census1871Knight Anne
 Census1871Knight Mary Sophia
 Census1871Knight John Upton
 Census1881Elliot Sarah
 Census1881Slater Ernest John
20 century
 Marriage7 August 1982Martineau John D with Hammond Elizabeth J



United Kingdom - Five Ash Down, Buxted, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Census1871Miller Martha
 Census1871Wilmshurst Edward
20 century
 Census31 March 1901? Sarah
 Census31 March 1901Brunsden Bessie
 Census1911Brunsden Bessie
 Census1911Chatfield Luther



United Kingdom - Flectching or Newick, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth1893Chatfield Frank



United Kingdom - Fletching Burial Ground, Fletching, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Chatfield Walter
 Burial?Hart Mary Sophia



United Kingdom - Fletching Common, Newick, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Census1841Holmes George
 Census1841Thomsett Elizabeth
 Birth1888Chatfield Emily



United Kingdom - Fletching, Sussex East

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Birth?Pollard Sophia
 Birth?Farmer John
 Birth?Browning Issue 2
 Birth?Farmer James
18 century
 Birthabout 1702Holmes Henry
 Birth1730Hobbs John
 Marriage2 February 1764Holmes Henry with Faulkner Elizabeth
 Christening2 June 1765Holmes Hannah
 Birth1765Holmes Hannah
 Christening19 March 1769Holmes George
 Birth1769Holmes George
 Marriage27 October 1777Vincent Stephen with Cogan Sarah
 Christening6 August 1780Cherryman Mary
 Christening8 October 1780Vincent John
 Birth1780Cherryman Mary
 Christening1 May 1785Vincent Stephen
 Marriage11 December 1785Chatfield William with Holmes Hannah
 Marriage1786 (previously 1782)Chatfield Thomas with Farrant \ Pryer Mary
 Christening13 February 1791Chatfield Hannah
 Christening16 June 1793Chatfield William
 Christening17 December 1797Briggs Ann
 Birth1797Briggs Ann
 Marriage26 November 1799Chatfield John with Cherryman Mary
19 century
 Christening11 May 1800Chatfield Elizabeth
 Birth1800Chatfield Elizabeth
 Christening8 February 1801Brown Ann
 Marriage28 December 1801Chatfield Henry with Johnson Elizabeth
 Birth1801Brown Ann
 Marriage13 April 1802Vincent John with Dumbrell Frances
 Birth1802Chatfield Thomas
 Birthabout 1802Jessup Mary Anne
 Christening30 January 1803Chatfield Thomas
 Christening6 March 1803Vincent Sarah
 Christening29 May 1803Chatfield Harriett
 Christening8 July 1804Ellis Jasper
 Christening7 October 1804Vincent William
 Christening6 November 1804Chatfield John
 Birth1804Chatfield John
 Christening19 May 1805Chatfield Martha
 Christening6 April 1806Francis Frances Ann
 Christening1 March 1807Vincent Mary
 Christening13 September 1807Chatfield Henry
 Birth1807Chatfield Henry
 Christening14 May 1809Vincent Harriet
 Christening2 July 1809Newnham Caroline
 Birth1809Newnham Caroline
 Christening4 February 1810Chatfield Elizabeth
 Christening22 April 1810Chatfield Martha
 Birth1810Chatfield Martha
 Birth1811Farmer John
 Christening9 February 1812Farmer John
 Christening5 April 1812Chatfield John
 Christening10 December 1812Vincent Ansley
 Birth1812Chatfield John
 Birth12 March 1814Chatfield Elizabeth
 Christening10 April 1814Chatfield Elizabeth
 Birth4 May 1814Vincent Stephen
 Christening29 May 1814Vincent Stephen
 Birth30 September 1816Avis Ann
 Birth13 November 1816Vincent David
 Christening22 December 1816Vincent David
 Christening7 September 1817Chatfield Ellen
 DeathJune 1818Chatfield Elizabeth
 DeathJune 1818Chatfield John
 Marriage7 December 1818Smith William with Cherryman Mary
 Death1818Chatfield John
 Christening30 January 1820Vincent John
 Marriage23 December 1821Awcock Richard with Baker Jane
 Christening23 June 1822Vincent Frances
 Birth1822Cherryman Martha
 Birthabout 1822Smith Edward
 Christening24 December 1823Chatfield Louisa
 Birth1823Chatfield Emily
 Marriage7 February 1824Ellis Jasper with Jessup Mary Anne
 Birth1824Browning Hannah
 Marriage9 April 1826Chatfield Thomas with Brown Ann
 Christening1 October 1826Chatfield Sophy Ann
 Birth1826Chatfield Sophy Ann
 Christening23 August 1829Chatfield William
 Birth1829Chatfield William
 Birthabout 1830Smith Caroline
 Burial12 October 1831Dumbrell Frances
 Marriage16 October 1831Chatfield Friend with Newnham Caroline
 DeathOctober 1831Dumbrell Frances
 Christening15 January 1832Chatfield Thomas
 Birthabout 1832Smith Thomas
 Christening13 October 1833Chatfield George
 Christening17 November 1833Chatfield John James
 Birth1833Chatfield George
 Birth1833Chatfield John James
 Marriage16 February 1834Farmer John with Chatfield Harriet
 Christening13 April 1834Pollard Edwin Hazel
 Christening22 June 1834Farmer John
 Christening27 November 1834Ellis Margaret
 Birth1834Ellis Margaret
 Birthabout 1834Pollard Edwin Hazel
 Christening10 March 1835Chatfield Louisa
 Birth1835Chatfield Louisa
 Birthabout 1835Smith James
 Christening13 March 1836Farmer James
 Christening25 June 1837Chatfield John
 Birth1837Chatfield John
 Birth1837Chatfield Martha
 Christening25 March 1838Awcock Mary
 Christening13 May 1838Farmer Ann
 Birth1838Awcock Mary
 Birth1839Chatfield Thomas
 Christening3 May 1840Chatfield Caroline
 Christening23 August 1840Farmer Harriett
 Birth1840Chatfield Caroline
 Birth1840Farmer Harriett
 DeathJanuary 1841Newnham Richard
 Christening26 December 1841Farmer George
 Birth1841Farmer George
 Census1841Vincent Ansley
 Christening3 August 1842Chatfield Friend
 Christening14 August 1842Avis Samuel Stapleyhurst
 Birth1842Avis Samuel Stapleyhurst
 Birth1842Chatfield Friend
 Christening26 February 1843Chatfield Martha
 Birth1843Chatfield Martha
 Marriage6 October 1844Wood Edward with Chatfield Emily
 Christening26 October 1845Chatfield Elizabeth
 Birth1845Chatfield Elizabeth
 Birth1845Farmer Elizabeth
 Christening22 February 1846Farmer Amelia
 Christening22 February 1846Farmer Elizabeth
 Birth1847Farmer Lucy
 Birth11 January 1848Chatfield George
 Christening27 February 1848Farmer Lucy
 Christening12 March 1848Chatfield George
 Death1849Holmes George
 Birth7 May 1850Chatfield Thomas Henry
 Christening9 June 1850Chatfield Thomas Henry
 Christening7 July 1850Farmer Sarah Jane
 Marriage1850Chatfield Thomas with Browning Hannah
 Birth1850Farmer Sarah Jane
 Christening26 January 1851Chatfield Robert
 Birth1851Wood Lucy Mary Ann
 Census1851Oliver Elizabeth
 Census1851Chatfield Thomas
 Census1851Chatfield Thomas Henry
 Census1851Chatfield William
 Census1851Chatfield Martha
 Census1851Chatfield George
 Census1851Brown Ann
 Census1851Chatfield Thomas
 Christening7 November 1852Farmer Stephen
 Birth1852Farmer Stephen
 Birth1852Smith Charlotte
 Birth1853Chatfield Jane (Lucy)
 Burial24 April 1854Avis Jane
 Birth9 December 1854Farmer Caroline
 DeathMay 1856Thomsett Elizabeth
 Christening7 September 1856Chatfield George
 Birth1856Chatfield George
 Birth1856Farmer Albert
 Marriage12 July 1857Chatfield John James with Ellis Margaret
 Birth1857Turner Elizabeth
 Birth1858Chatfield Alfred John
 Birth1858Chatfield Mary Ann
 Christening6 February 1859Chatfield Alfred John
 Christening3 April 1859Chatfield William Henry
 Christening27 December 1859Chatfield William
 Birth1859Chatfield John
 Birth1859Chatfield William
 Birth1859Farmer William
 Birth1859Chatfield William Henry
 Birthabout 1861Farmer Richard
 Birth1861Pollard John
 Christening2 March 1862Chatfield Horace
 Marriage4 October 1862Farmer John with Avis Harriet
 Birth1862Chatfield Horace
 Christening6 December 1863Chatfield George
 Birth1863Chatfield George
 Christening1 May 1864Chatfield Eleanor
 Birth1864Chatfield Eleanor
 Birth2 January 1865Farmer Frances
 Christening6 August 1865Chatfield Margaret
 Birth1865Chatfield Margaret
 Death1865Chatfield Thomas
 Birth1866Pollard Fanny
 Birth17 March 1867Gurr Walter
 Marriage24 August 1867Chatfield Thomas with Martin Eliza
 Birth1867Chatfield Eliza Alice
 Birthabout 1867Chatfield Elizabeth
 Christening1 March 1868Chatfield Eliza Alice
 Christening4 October 1868Chatfield Leah
 Marriage25 October 1868Friend William with Farmer Amelia
 Birth1868Chatfield Leah
 Christening2 May 1869Chatfield Kate Ann
 Birth1869Pollard Ellen
 Birth1869Chatfield Kate Ann
 Birth1869Gurr John
 Marriage26 February 1870Lockyer Obadiah with Farmer Lucy
 Christening5 June 1870Chatfield Agnes Ada
 Birth1870Chatfield Agnes Ada
 Census1871Farmer Albert
 Census1871Chatfield Harriet
 Census1871Chatfield Horace
 Census1871Farrant Gaius
 Census1871Chatfield Annie Louisa
 Census1871Farmer John
 Census1871Chatfield William Henry
 Census1871Chatfield Samuel
 Census1871Chatfield Leah
 Census1871Farmer William
 Census1871Farmer Emily
 Census1871Briggs Ann
 Census1871Chatfield William
 Census1871Chatfield Thomas
 Census1871Chatfield Alice
 Census1871Chatfield Harriett
 Census1871Newton Leah
 Census1871Chatfield Eleanor
 Birth1871Gurr Charles
 Census1871Chatfield Ellen
 Census1871Browning Hannah
 Christening1 September 1872Chatfield Louisa Jane
 Birth1872Chatfield Louisa Jane
 Birth1872Avus Venus Minnie
 Birth1872Pollard William
 Birth1873Gurr Mary Eliza
 Birth1874Chatfield Anne Louisa
 Birth1874Pollard Henry
 Marriage24 September 1876Farmer Stephen with Weston Catharine
 Birth1876Chatfield Louisa Tester
 Marriage25 August 1877Chatfield Warden Henry with Smith Charlotte
 Birth1877Pollard Walter
 Marriage5 October 1878Chatfield George with Tester Emma
 Birth1879Chatfield Florence Ellen
 Christening4 January 1880Chatfield Florence Ellen
 Birth1880Chatfield Alfred
 Census1881Pollard William
 Census1881Pollard Ellen
 Census1881Chatfield Eliza
 Census1881Pollard Henry
 Census1881Pollard Walter
 Census1881Pollard Edwin Hazel
 Birth1882Chatfield Percy
 Christening4 November 1883Chatfield Frederick James
 Birth1883Chatfield Alfred
 Christening2 November 1884Chatfield Alice Mary
 Birth1884Chatfield Alice Mary
 Christening1 August 1886Chatfield Mabel
 Birth1886Chatfield Mabel
 Christening4 March 1888Chatfield Emily
 Christening1 June 1890Chatfield Thomas
 Marriage24 December 1890Brown Charles with Smith Charlotte
 Census1891Chatfield Leah
 Census1891Chatfield William
 Death1892Vincent David
20 century
 Census31 March 1901Winder Lillian Louisa
 Census31 March 1901Winder Harry
 Census31 March 1901Reed Eliza
 Census31 March 1901Chapman Minnie Lucy Margaret
 Census31 March 1901Chatfield William
 Census31 March 1901Tester James
 Census31 March 1901Winder Edward
 Census31 March 1901Chatfield Leah
 Birth26 June 1902Chatfield Edward Walter
 Birth1903Chatfield Edith Jane
 Birth1906Chatfield Nellie Bertha
 Birth1907Tester Reuben Jack
 Birth5 November 1908Chatfield Albert Charles
 Census1911Tester Agnes
 Census1911Reed Eliza
 Census1911Avus Venus Minnie
 Census1911Tester Reuben Jack
 Census1911Tester Catherine Eliza
 Census1911Tester Charles Thomas J
 Census1911Tester Charles
 Census1911Tester Herbert George
 Census1911Tester James
 Census1911Tester William
 Death1932Chatfield George

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