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List of events ordered by date

United States of America - ME Maine - North Berwick 03906 - Hillside Cmtry., York Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?ADAMS Forrest Varney?



United States of America - ME Maine - North Vassalboro 04962 - Kennebec Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth5 June 1929CHATFIELD George Raymond?



United States of America - ME Maine - Norway 04268 - Oxford Co. : 3 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death19 December 1962CHATFIELD Gerard?
 Birth10 February 1981BEVERAGE John Wesley?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death3 December 1994MONTEITH Ralph Gordon?



United States of America - ME Maine - Old Town 04468 - Forest Hill Cmtry., Penobscot Co. : 4 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?PAUL Eleanor May?
 Burial?WICKETT Vaughan Havelock?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth8 November 1893WICKETT Vaughan Havelock?
20 century
 Death4 January 1962WICKETT Vaughan Havelock?



United States of America - ME Maine - Old York Cmtry., York Village, York Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?LADDS Eva Louise?



United States of America - ME Maine - Orr's Island, Cumberland Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Residence?? Jean?



United States of America - ME Maine - Orrington 04474 - Oak Hill Cmtry., Penobscot Co. : 5 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?LOUD Robert R?
 Burial?RAND Martha Ann?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage18 June 1857LOUD Robert R with RAND Martha Ann?
 Death30 June 1870RAND Martha Ann?
 Death24 January 1875LOUD Robert R?



United States of America - ME Maine - Oxford 04270 - Oxford Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birthabout 1883DURELL Charles P?



United States of America - ME Maine - Oxford Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 BirthDecember 1839SEAVEY Mason Moses?



United States of America - ME Maine - Pemaquid 04558 - Harrington Meeting House Cmtry., Lincoln Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?FERRARY Dorothy Jane?



United States of America - ME Maine - Portland 04101 : 19 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Marriage23 February 1951DENNY George Chatfield with LORD Joanne?
 Death14 December 1996LORD Joanne?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth8 July 1774SANDFORD Mary?
 Birth20 May 1783SANDFORD Laura?
19 century
 Marriage30 December 1804CROSS Thomas with SANDFORD Laura?
 Marriage31 May 1812SWIFT Joseph with SANDFORD Delia?
 Birth10 May 1819SWIFT Charles Edward?
 Birth28 May 1827SWIFT William Sandford?
 Birth1828PERKINS Rosina?
 Death6 April 1833CROSS Thomas?
 Death26 May 1850SWIFT Joseph?
 Death20 August 1850SWIFT William Sandford?
 Death9 June 1883SWIFT Charles Edward?
20 century
 Birth30 October 1982JEFFERS Carolyn Beth?
21 century
 Death21 October 2010CHATFIELD Donald Strong?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?SWIFT Joseph?
 Burial?SANDFORD Delia?
 Burial?SWIFT William Sandford?
 Burial?SWIFT Charles Edward?



United States of America - ME Maine - Prospect, Waldo Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Death25 January 1808DUDLEY Elias?



United States of America - ME Maine - Richmond 04357 - Sagadahoc Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth21 October 1932MCCORMICK Norma Jean?



United States of America - ME Maine - Rockland 04841 - Knox Co. : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD William Hobart?
19 century
 Birth7 July 1872SMITH GIBBS Maude Agnes?



United States of America - ME Maine - Rockport 04856 - Aldermere Farm, Knox Co. : 6 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death14 June 1999CHATFIELD Albert Hayden?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth1 August 1926CHATFIELD Charles W?
 Residence1951CHATFIELD Ann?
 Death16 July 1973HENRY Elizabeth Wolcott?
 Death7 March 1993? Marion Wallace?
21 century
 Residence2005CHATFIELD Charles W?



United States of America - ME Maine - Saco 04072 - York Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth1 September 1953CHATFIELD David Dean?



United States of America - ME Maine - Sanford 04073 - York Co. : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birthabout 1924LAVOIE Wildred Robert?
 Death21 August 1994DUPEE Howard Hewlett?



United States of America - ME Maine - Searsport 04974 - Elmwood Cmtry., Waldo Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?DUDLEY Elias?



United States of America - ME Maine - Skowhegan 04976 - Pooler Cmtry., Somerset Co. : 6 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Burial?CHATFIELD Ronald Arthur?
 Burial?SAVAGE Margaret Jennie?
 Burial?TOZIER Raymond Eldred?
 Burial?TOZIER Charlotte A?
Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Death26 September 1981TOZIER Raymond Eldred?
 Death9 December 1990CHATFIELD Ronald Arthur?



United States of America - ME Maine - Somerset Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 BirthAugust 1878WILLIAMS Della E?
20 century
 DeathJune 1968CHATFIELD Ernest George?



United States of America - ME Maine - Topsham 04086 - Sagadahoc Co. : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
18 century
 Birth17 January 1781SANDFORD Thomas Gelston?
 Birth25 June 1788SANDFORD Sally T?



United States of America - ME Maine - Union 04862 - Knox Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Marriage25 March 1827JUDD Abijah Pascal with GILMORE Sarah Ann?



United States of America - ME Maine - Van Buren 04785 - Aroostook Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Immigration1922MACKIE Vernon Alexander?



United States of America - ME Maine - Vanceboro 04491 - Washington Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Immigration16 May 1921MELLICK John F?



United States of America - ME Maine - Vassalboro 04989 - Kennebec Co. : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Residence1930? Minnie C?
 Residence1930O'BRIEN George L?



United States of America - ME Maine - Wade Plantation, Aroostook Co.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
19 century
 Birth12 December 1895TOZIER Raymond Eldred?



United States of America - ME Maine - Washburn 04786 - Aroostook Co. : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth21 October 1925OBAR Cecil Eldon?



United States of America - ME Maine - Waterville 04901 - Kennebec Co. : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
20 century
 Birth14 June 1974PEPE Arron?
21 century
 Residence2004BOWMAN Deborah Delano?



United States of America - MI Michigan

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
unknown date
 Birth?GALLUP Jenette?
 Burial?BUTLER Hazel Marie?
 Marriage?SANFORD Norman Datus with MILLER Catherine Donna?
 Birth?CHATFIELD William Ku-Ne-Quay \ O wan sum?
 Birth?WESTBROOK Issue 3?
 Birth?BENTLEY Issue 8?
 Birth?GRAHAM Travis?
 Birth?? ??
 Birth?HAMBLETON Joyce?
 Birth?MILLER Issue 5?
 Birth?BRIGHTON Alli?
 Death?PRINDLE Lucinda?
 Birth?DAVIS Issue 4?
 Birth?PILTZ Carol S?
 Birth?CULVER \ CHLVU Nettie?
 Birth?PERRY Debra Jean?
 Birth?COX Gregory?
 Birth?BROWN Angeline?
 Birth?KINGSLEY Issue 2?
 Birth?COX Charles?
 Birth?GRAHAM Kevin?
 Birth?CHATFIELD Carol L?
 Birth?MONROE Issue 2?
 Birth?VANDYKE Issue?
 Marriage?PRINDLE Lucinda?
 Birth?GRAHAM Karly?
 Birth?AMES William Earl?
 Birth?CHATFIELD Aaron David?
 Birth?FOX Issue 7?
 Birth?BOYCE Elizabeth?
 Birth?CHATFIELD Patricia?
 Birth?CHATFIELD Dale?
 Birth?STAFFORD Issue 2?
 Birth?HEFFERNAN Issue?
 Birth?RICHARDS Issue 3?
 Birth?ZABELKA Tyler James?
 Birth?ZABELKA Deveney Rae?
 Birth?CARLSON Debbie?
 Birth?FULTON Issue 4?
 Birth?MCDOWELL Charles Marvin?
 Birth?LORDSON Yahir?
 Birth?KISHPAUGH Issue 4?
 Birth?CHATFIELD Kimberly Sue?
 Birth?MCDOWELL Myrna Kay?
 Birth?FENNER Linda A?
 Birth?QUAY Kene "Ke Me Quay"?
 Birth?NEWBURY Issue 3?
 Birth?GALLUP Issue 3?
 Birth?GALLUP Marguerite?
 Birth?FREE Carol?
 Birth?CHATFIELD Issue 3?
 Birth?GORDON Dorothy?
 Birth?CHATFIELD Issue 1?
 Birth?CHATFIELD Emily Susanne?
 Birth?FULTON Issue 3?
 Death?WILKINSON Beebe Smith?
 Birth?BENTLEY Issue 4?
19 century
 Birthabout 1816CHATFIELD William?
 Birthabout 1824POTTER Jeremiah?
 Birth14 January 1828PAYNE Charlotte Maria?
 Birthabout 1830SMITH George J?
 Birth5 September 1835LEE Mary Jane?
 Birth5 September 1837HASMAN Sarah A?
 Birth5 January 1838SMITH Emmaline?
 Death1838FISHBOUGH Elizabeth?
 Birthabout 1838USHER Janette Jeannetta Kidoway?
 Birthabout 1839WILCOX Adelia?
 BirthJune 1840ROSE Emily Jane?
 BirthSeptember 1840CHATFIELD-LAW-BE-QUAY William?
 Birth16 November 1840CHATFIELD Ellen B?
 Birthabout 1840CHATFIELD Clarissa?
 Birth3 February 1841WILCOX Marianna?
 BirthSeptember 1841CHATFIELD Warren?
 Birth3 January 1842CHATFIELD Amy C?
 Marriage2 January 1843RICE Horace with KIRTLAND Elizabeth?
 Birth26 August 1843CHATFIELD Elmer B?
 Birthabout 1843BEAUMONT John?
 Birthabout 1843BENTLEY Martha?
 Birthabout 1843O-DOSH-OWAH Mary Ann?
 Birth24 January 1844BENTLEY Solon William?
 BirthAugust 1844FOWLER George W?
 Birthabout 1844WILKINSON Charles E?
 BirthMarch 1846THORNTON Charles Monroe?
 Birth6 June 1846COMSTOCK Elbridge?
 Birth14 July 1846CHATFIELD Andrew Oliver?
 Birthabout 1846WILKINSON Polly E?
 Birthabout 1846HULSE Lucinda?
 Birth1846? Bethina Ann?
 Birthabout 1846CHATFIELD Ellen?
 Birth1846CHATFIELD Cornelius?
 Birthabout 1846BENTLEY Samuel?
 Birthabout 1846RICE Horace F\t?
 Birthabout 1846CASE Daniel?
 Death26 January 1847CHATFIELD Cornelius?
 BirthMay 1847JENNINGS Frances M?
 BirthAugust 1847HERRINGTON Alzada A?
 Birthabout 1848GORDON William J?
 Birthabout 1848CHATFIELD Edward?
 Birthabout 1848HULSE Sarah A?
 Birthabout 1848BENTLEY Lois A?
 Birth1848CHATFIELD Willis?
 Birthabout 1849CHATFIELD Theodore C?
 Birthabout 1849WILKINSON Minerva?
 Birth25 May 1850CHATFIELD Samuel Eugene?
 Birth20 July 1850RICE Arthur?
 Birth27 September 1850WEBSTER Elizabeth?
 BirthSeptember 1850CHATFIELD Jay Louis?
 Birth23 November 1850COLE Perry?
 Birthabout 1850CHATFIELD Dorice \ Dorothy?
 Birthabout 1850CHATFIELD Amy?
 Birthabout 1850JENNINGS Eli J?
 Birth1850CHATFIELD Philander?
 Birthabout 1851CHATFIELD Cornelius Demitrius?
 BirthMarch 1852SNOW Melissa?
 Death23 November 1852? Ebenezer?
 Birthabout 1852DEXTER Celestia \ Celestine A?
 Birthabout 1852CHATFIELD Emly?
 Birthabout 1852CHATFIELD Alfred?
 Birthabout 1852BENTLEY James Eugene?
 Birthabout 1852CHATFIELD Albert?
 BirthJanuary 1853CHATFIELD Frederick W?
 Birth11 December 1853BAIRD Gelia M?
 Birthabout 1853BENTLEY Curtis L?
 Birthabout 1853OSBORN Harry B?
 Birth30 June 1854SPICER Lucretia R?
 BirthJune 1854DURRIN Luther Franklin?
 BirthJune 1854SPENCER Martha Adeline?
 BirthAugust 1854HALL DeVere?
 Birth1854HILL L H?
 Birthabout 1854CHATFIELD Ezkel?
 Birthabout 1854CHATFIELD Julia F?
 Birth1854SMITH Reuben E?
 Birth18 March 1855CHATFIELD Chester P?
 Birth27 March 1855LOVEJOY John Russell?
 Birthabout 1855COY Edward A?
 BirthJanuary 1856KING John A?
 Birth30 March 1856CHATFIELD Charles F?
 BirthJuly 1856KISHPAUGH Jonas D?
 Birth23 November 1856CHATFIELD Hubert Edmund?
 Birthabout 1856TERRELL Curtland?
 Birthabout 1856? Martha?
 Birth1856CHATFIELD Mary J?
 Birthabout 1856SPICER Melissa?
 Death2 January 1857MCDONALD Delilah?
 BirthSeptember 1857CHATFIELD Peter?
 Birth4 October 1857CHATFIELD Archie Stephen?
 Death21 October 1857HECKLE Debalt?
 Birthabout 1857CHATFIELD John F?
 Birth1857PERKINS Lynia R?
 Birth24 February 1858PELTON Fenella V?
 BirthFebruary 1858CHATFIELD Gilbert Lafayette?
 Birth21 April 1858SHAW Omar Richard?
 Birthabout 1858BENTLEY Jefferson D?
 BirthMarch 1859? Nancy?
 Birth21 June 1859KISHPAUGH John Baker?
 Birthabout 1859WILCOX Ira?
 Birthabout 1859ANDERSON Margaret?
 Birthabout 1859FILLMORE White Shusby?
 Birth26 March 1860BENNETT Mary Elizabeth?
 BirthMarch 1860CHATFIELD Edith L?
 BirthMarch 1860SMITH Mary Jane?
 Birthabout 1860BEAUMONT Frank?
 Birthabout 1860HAZEN Edward?
 Birthabout 1860BOVEE Orville?
 Birth1860STAFFORD Arvilla Elizabeth?
 BirthJanuary 1861CHATFIELD Albert H?
 BirthOctober 1861WILCOX Arthur?
 Birthabout 1861BENTLEY Carrie?
 Birthabout 1861LOWES Alfred T?
 Birthabout 1861MYERS Lizzie?
 Birthabout 1861BOVEE Joseph W Y?
 Birth1861CHATFIELD Clinton Dewitt?
 Birthabout 1861RUSSELL Janette S?
 Birth1 February 1862GEORGE Celina J?
 Birth6 June 1862CHATFIELD Zaida Jane?
 Marriage4 July 1862HALLOCK Benjamin Harrison with CHATFIELD Amy C?
 Birth8 October 1862KENNEDY Idell?
 BirthDecember 1862NYE May E?
 Birthabout 1862DONAHUE Rosilla J Harew?
 Birthabout 1862? Elva?
 Birth1862VANDOREN Ira J?
 BirthFebruary 1863CHATFIELD Eli Nathan?
 BirthNovember 1863FOWLER Minnie?
 BirthJuly 1864BROOKS Harris A?
 Birth28 December 1864WEAVER John R?
 Birthabout 1864MCCRARY Ella C?
 Birthabout 1864BOVEE Clarance?
 Birthabout 1864GRAY Jennie C?
 BirthMarch 1865CHATFIELD Frank J?
 BirthMarch 1865STYCKLE Minnie Sophia?
 BirthDecember 1865HILL Wesley D?
 Marriage1865BENTLEY Solon William with RIX Sarah Janet \ Jennette?
 Birth1865CHATFIELD Alseymour?
 Birth3 March 1866CHATFIELD Alfred Clark?
 Birth26 November 1866HALE Mary J?
 Birthabout 1866CHATFIELD Esther?
 BirthJuly 1867ROSE Elva May?
 Birthabout 1867CHAMPLIN Seymour?
 BirthJanuary 1868QUILLO Mary?
 Birth8 May 1868WILTON Henrietta Manerva?
 Birth15 May 1868CHATFIELD Bennie?
 BirthNovember 1868BARD Nellie U?
 BirthDecember 1868WATSON Laura L?
 Birthabout 1868BOVEE Mary Elenora?
 Birth1868STAYMAN Hattie M?
 Birth1868COOK Frank E?
 Birth1868POE Martha Marie?
 Birthabout 1868CHATFIELD Allen?
 Birth18 September 1869LOCKWOOD Emma Rose?
 BirthNovember 1869BOSWELL Anna L?
 BirthDecember 1869CHATFIELD Rose D?
 Birthabout 1869CHATFIELD-LAW-BE-QUAY Elizabeth?
 Birthabout 1869WATTS SWEET Mary?
 Birth1869BENTLEY William E?
 Birthabout 1869RIGGINS Frances A?
 Birthabout 1869CHATFIELD Ernest?
 Birth1869PETERS Frank?
 Birth10 March 1870CHATFIELD Grant?
 Birth25 September 1870CURTIS Wallace William?
 Birth1870CHATFIELD Nora?
 Birthabout 1870CHATFIELD Samuel?
 Deathbefore 1870GAY Marriette Martha?
 BirthAugust 1871DAVIS Eliga \ Elijah?
 Birth1871BLACK George Jerome?
 Birth1871ALCOTT Mary M?
 Birth1871ROWLEY Lacy J?
 BirthJuly 1872BROWNELL Irwin V?
 BirthOctober 1872PETERSON Olif?
 Birthabout 1872? Emma?
 Death1872BENTLEY Mary J?
 Birthabout 1872CHATFIELD William?
 Birth21 March 1873TRACY Dorria?
 Birthabout 1873NORTON Sarah?
 Birthabout 1873SCHULER Frederick?
 Birth1873SACKETT Fred A?
 Marriageabout 1873CHATFIELD Edward with ? Nancy?
 Birth1873WICKHAM Fred L?
 BirthJanuary 1874JORIS Peter?
 Birth8 March 1874BRADFIELD Rachel Elizabeth?
 Birth14 September 1874MCGEE Seth Augustus?
 Birth24 April 1875SMITH Mabel M?
 Birth1875BAILEY Merton A?
 Birthabout 1875MC KARNESS Irven?
 Birthabout 1875WEAVER Arthur?
 BirthFebruary 1876? Mabel M?
 Birth15 March 1876CASE Eva May?
 Death15 March 1876? Grace?
 Birth15 March 1876CHATFIELD Jackson?
 Birthabout 1876BENTLEY Florence?
 Birthabout 1876CHATFIELD John?
 Birthabout 1876FULTON Maggie?
 Birthabout 1876HAWES Helen C?
 Divorceabout 1876LOVEJOY John Russell with CHATFIELD Ernestine Eunice?
 Birth1876NORTON Horatio Nelson?
 Birthabout 1877? Sarah?
 Birth1877HEICKIE J Frank?
 Birthabout 1877SIEGEL Mary?
 Birth25 February 1878CHATFIELD Myron J?
 Birth5 April 1878BENTLEY Edith Lois?
 Birth24 August 1878KORNOELJE John?
 Birth2 November 1878CHATFIELD Almira May?
 Death28 December 1878CHATFIELD Eliza?
 Birthabout 1878DURRIN William E?
 Birthabout 1878MC KARNESS Moses?
 Birthabout 1878MIDDLEDITCH Elva?
 Birthabout 1878HINSDALE Grace?
 BirthFebruary 1879HARRISON Grace F?
 Birth13 March 1879CLAEYS Sebastian Julius?
 BirthJuly 1879WILCOX Edith A?
 BirthDecember 1879MONROE George Fisher?
 Birthabout 1879WILCOX Arthur L?
 Birthabout 1879ALLEN Lewis \ Louis Bidwell?
 Birthabout 1879CHATFIELD Bertha?
 Birthabout 1879HILLER Bernice M?
 Deathafter 1879DORRANCE Eliza?
 Birth10 January 1880CHATFIELD Blanche Elizabeth?
 Birthabout January 1880CHATFIELD Mary?
 Birth12 March 1880CHATFIELD Joseph?
 Birth5 July 1880YOUNG Frank Arthur?
 Death8 August 1880CHATFIELD Bertha?
 Birth18 August 1880WATSON Robert Howard?
 BirthSeptember 1880DOTY Helen P?
 Birthabout 1880DAY Millie A?
 Birthabout 1880SMITH Gertrude?
 Birthabout 1880HINSDALE Helen?
 Birth1880ROGERS Ellen A?
 BirthApril 1881BALLOU Mestie M?
 Birth27 November 1881CHATFIELD Dickerson?
 Birthabout 1881SMITH Claude?
 Birth7 July 1882MERRIMAN Chester David?
 BirthOctober 1882WILCOX Eva?
 Marriageabout 1882NILES Jesse Earl with CHATFIELD Zaida Jane?
 Birth1882HAWES Mary Olive?
 Birthabout 1882SACKETT Edith M?
 Birth18 June 1883LYPSCON Henry?
 Death9 July 1883DOTY John Wesley?
 Birth24 August 1883BEACOM Herbert Allen?
 BirthOctober 1883DOTY John W?
 Birth26 November 1883WELCH Lola C?
 Birthabout 1883HARROUN \ HURROUN Ida M?
 Birth3 September 1884PRINDLE Gertrude?
 BirthNovember 1884BALLOU Bertha?
 Birth1884BURTON James Brainard?
 Birthabout 1884DEFANO Sumner?
 Birth1884PARKER Ina B?
 Birthabout 1884SMITH Irene?
 Birth13 March 1885MEYERHUBER George Edward?
 BirthMarch 1885HILL Lucy B?
 Birth18 May 1885COLLINS Elizabeth Maud?
 Birth2 June 1885DUNHAM Blanche Orabelle?
 Birth9 August 1885LATTA Ora Lee?
 Birth16 November 1885CHILDS Fred Clayton?
 BirthNovember 1885CHATFIELD Chester Warren?
 Birthabout 1885BAIRD Carry A?
 BirthJanuary 1886CHATFIELD Lester S?
 Birth24 March 1886CHATFIELD Glenn Albert?
 Birth8 June 1886BUTEL William Alfred?
 Death18 July 1886MATRON Eva?
 BirthAugust 1886BOOKHAM Maggie A?
 BirthAugust 1886CHATFIELD Harry W?
 Birth5 November 1886JOHNSON Claus John?
 Birthabout 1886? Sally?
 Birthabout 1886MAPES Harvey E?
 Birth1886CHATFIELD Blanch B?
 Birth1886SWARTZ Harry?
 Birth1886BALLOW Estella L?
 BirthMay 1887CHATFIELD Georgia E?
 MarriageJune 1887DEVEREAUX Grant with CHATFIELD Ida M?
 Birth9 August 1887WELCH Mabel?
 BirthSeptember 1887CHATFIELD Maggie?
 Birth1887CHATFIELD Mattie M?
 Birth1887MCRAE Grace E?
 Birth1 February 1888OSBORN Elmer A \ J?
 Birth10 August 1888SPICE Charles Henry?
 Birth1888DRAVES Anna E?
 Birth1888DERUITER Lewis?
 Birthabout 1888CHATFIELD Gertrude Lillian?
 Birthabout 1888STEWART Nota?
 BirthMarch 1889CURTIS Arthur E?
 Birth18 May 1889ERKENBECK Edna?
 BirthMay 1889CHATFIELD Mack?
 BirthMay 1889CHATFIELD Mark?
 BirthJuly 1889ROWE William John?
 BirthNovember 1889HARRISON Alta L?
 Birth1889DIGGLES Robert E?
 BirthMarch 1890CHATFIELD Edith E?
 Birth13 October 1890CHATFIELD Beulah L?
 Birth1890WRIGHT Arthur William?
 Birth8 January 1891HARRISON Nina Agnes?
 Birth25 January 1891GUYOTT Mary Josephine?
 Birth22 February 1891SHAW Ina Viola?
 Birth1 June 1891CUTLER Edna E?
 Birth19 June 1891CHATFIELD June L?
 Birth18 July 1891CHATFIELD Ira Frank?
 Birth12 September 1891CHATFIELD Helen Alice?
 Birth30 September 1891CHATFIELD Daniel?
 Birth6 November 1891CONVERSE Ford Merrill?
 Birth28 November 1891WELLS William F?
 BirthNovember 1891BROOKS Jenney D G?
 Birthabout 1891? Alta A?
 Birth1891FORD Arthur P?
 Birth1891HUFF William M?
 Birthabout 1891? Maud A?
 BirthMay 1892PETERSON Lena?
 BirthJuly 1892CHATFIELD Grant?
 Birth27 August 1892ULLMAN Elsie Elizabeth?
 Birthabout 1892TRACY Bertha G?
 Birth31 March 1893CHATFIELD George?
 BirthMay 1893CHATFIELD Florence A M?
 Birth1893ABLING Bessie Bell?
 Birthabout 1893BEATTIE Mae \ May?
 Birth25 April 1894MURNER Pauline Ruth?
 Birth24 May 1894MEAD Bernice Mary?
 Birth14 December 1894ABLING Lottie Alberta?
 Birthabout 1894CHATFIELD Lionel J?
 Birthabout 1894FILLMORE Pearl?
 Birthabout 1894LABLANCE Willie?
 BirthJanuary 1895PUGH Grace G?
 Birth3 July 1895KING Zella E?
 Birth14 December 1895BROWNELL Berley Clark?
 Birth11 April 1896CHATFIELD Worth MacKnight?
 Birth29 April 1896ABRAMOUSKI Katherine Marie?
 BirthMay 1896WELLS Bessie M?
 BirthAugust 1896CHATFIELD Lucy?
 Death4 November 1896BENNETT Mary Elizabeth?
 Death18 December 1896PATTERSON Ruby?
 Birthabout 1896LABLANCE Florence?
 Birth1897MCLENNON Mildred?
 Birthabout 1897PATCH Howard Leonard?
 Death3 June 1898KISHPAUGH George Willard?
 Birth30 July 1898CHATFIELD Winnifred Elizabeth?
 BirthSeptember 1898CHATFIELD Ethel Louise?
 Birth3 October 1898HARE Alice L?
 Birthabout 1898CAREY Opal V?
 Birth1898SAXTON Willis W?
 Birth27 March 1899CHATFIELD George James?
 BirthMarch 1899CHATFIELD Lida?
 BirthMarch 1899CHATFIELD Sida?
 Birthabout 1899KRUEGER Minnie?
20 century
 BirthMarch 1900SWEENOR Clara Belle?
 Birth3 July 1900CHATFIELD Lillian Catherine?
 Birth1900ABLING Anna Lou?
 Birth1900LABLANCE Geneva M?
 Birthabout 1900MCGEE Gladys?
 Deathbefore 1900CHATFIELD ??
 Birth26 January 1901HILL Ruth E?
 Death16 March 1901BUTLER Margaret?
 Birth10 October 1901BREWER Charles E?
 Birth25 November 1901WELLS Neva?
 Birthabout 1901COMSTOCK Dorm?
 Birthabout 1901JOHNSON Annie?
 Birth5 August 1902COLE Benjamin C?
 Birth7 August 1902HAMILTON Keith DeWitt?
 Birthabout 1902CHATFIELD John?
 Birthabout 1902RAY Eva L?
 Birth3 March 1903DOVE John Rolland?
 Death1903BULLOCK Menzo D?
 Birthabout 1903MURNER Virginia?
 Birthabout 1903BALE Verna M?
 Birth1903CHATFIELD Irma W?
 Birthabout 1903van ESS Clarence?
 Birth3 May 1904ILES Waaneita L?
 Birth1 August 1904CHATFIELD Dora Marie?
 DeathNovember 1904HARRISON George James?
 Birthabout 1904DALLAVO Lola Ruth?
 Birthabout 1904van ESS Russell?
 Birth1904ABLING Rexford S?
 Birth1904CHATFIELD Daniel Harold?
 Marriageabout 1904BLACK George Jerome with CHATFIELD Myra E?
 Birthabout 1904HILL Marion C?
 Birth1904CHATFIELD Ethel Doris?
 Birthabout 1904HOXIE Alan P?
 Birth21 May 1905ROBERTS Gladys M?
 Death31 October 1905PRINDLE Gertrude?
 Birthabout 1905BROWN Emma?
 Birthabout 1905HAGER Verna C?
 Birth28 April 1906AREHART Chester L?
 Birthabout 1906WILLIAMS Mary?
 Birthabout 1906CAPPER Mildred C?
 Birthabout 1906DALLAVO Genevieve?
 Birth1906POST Howard Hugh?
 Death31 January 1907CHATFIELD Isaac Abrem?
 Birth18 May 1907HILL Harriet Serene?
 Birth4 August 1907LABLANCE Alvina Loretta?
 Birth1907CHATFIELD Helen Urdeen?
 Birthabout 1907HAGER Irma J?
 Marriageafter 1907CHATFIELD Mack with BLOOMFIELD Mary?
 Birthabout 1907POST Forrest S?
 Birth31 January 1908CHATFIELD Raymond M?
 Birth17 August 1908HILL Leslie Clarence?
 Birth1908CHATFIELD Eugene Clarence?
 Birthabout 1908HOFFMAN Bernard?
 Birthabout 1908van ESS Dorothy?
 Birth14 July 1909CHATFIELD Alfred Charles?
 Birth2 November 1909NETTLETON Russell L?
 Birth29 November 1909HOFFMAN Ralph Harper?
 Birth28 December 1909ROBERTS Vera E?
 Birthabout 1909MENDEL Doras Louise?
 Birthabout 1909BREWER Clifford R?
 Birthabout 1909BAILEY Charles F?
 Birthabout 1909MAPES Marie?
 Birth1909CHATFIELD Mildred Irene?
 Birth1 January 1910REENE John Legle?
 Birth30 September 1910IZZARD Ford E?
 Divorcebefore 1910BALE Joseph Alger with HARROUN \ HURROUN Ida M?
 Birthabout 1910LABLANCE Raymond?
 Birth1910CHATFIELD Frank A?
 Birthabout 1910GREENLEAF Belva Agnes?
 Birthabout 1910? Patrice G?
 Birthabout 1910CHATFIELD Iva?
 Birth1910CHATFIELD Charlotte Delilah?
 Birthabout 1910APSEY Doris?
 Death1910HARRISON Grace F?
 Birthabout 1910CHATFIELD Sydney L?
 Birth24 January 1911ILES Theda Rose?
 Birth24 January 1911MAPES Raymond C?
 Birth25 February 1911SPICE Mary Alice?
 Death4 March 1911van ESS Cornelius?
 Birth20 May 1911CHATFIELD Alton Frank?
 Birth10 September 1911WHEAT Charles W?
 Death14 December 1911CHATFIELD Martha?
 Birth1911CHILDS Dorothy H?
 Birthabout 1911SMITH Robert Bailton?
 Birth5 January 1912GORDON Mary Ellen?
 Birth6 February 1912LANGBRIDGE Lyle W?
 Birth23 February 1912JOHNSON Josephine Emma?
 Birth4 March 1912CHATFIELD Victor Ramage?
 Birth12 April 1912FENNER Lloyd Bruce?
 Birthabout 1912? Esther?
 Birth1912ROBERTS Frances?
 Birth10 February 1913SCHERER Caroline M?
 Birth13 February 1913LORDSON Ellsworth M?
 Birth31 May 1913CHATFIELD Francis C?
 Birth11 October 1913HILL Ethel M?
 Birth12 October 1913WHEAT Morgan H?
 Birthabout 1913HILL Dwight?
 Birthabout 1913HILL Merrit?
 Birthabout 1913? Margarite?
 Birthabout 1913? Lillian I.?
 Birthabout 1913DEFANO Josephine?
 Death8 January 1914ILES Infant?
 Birth27 March 1914? Esther L?
 Death29 April 1914PRINDLE Frank A?
 Birth31 May 1914BROWN Evelyn Lilly?
 Birth12 July 1914GONSER Kenneth E?
 Birth10 September 1914BOST? Natalie M?
 Birth15 November 1914CHATFIELD Sheldon C?
 Death19 November 1914DEVEREAUX Helen?
 Death18 December 1914ECKLEY Fred J?
 Residence1914ECKLEY Glenn Leroy?
 Birthabout 1914CRIBBS John?
 Birthabout 1914? Irene?
 Birth1914THUNDER Orville L?
 Residence1914PIERCE Hattie B?
 Birthabout 1914BEAVERSDORT Faye?
 Residence1914ECKLEY Inez L?
 Residence1914ECKLEY Fred J?
 Birth1914HAGER Catherine (Kathryn)?
 Birth22 January 1915BAWKS Kenneth Allen?
 Birth21 March 1915HILL Lyle Phillip?
 Birth27 March 1915CHATFIELD Lionel Merlin?
 Birth31 March 1915CHATFIELD Clarence L?
 Birth2 April 1915WILLIAMS Annebelle?
 Birth17 May 1915CHATFIELD Vera Mabel?
 Birth7 June 1915WELLS Lewis F?
 Birth14 June 1915SPICE Charles Henry?
 Birth6 November 1915? Cecil Marie?
 Birth23 November 1915CANZE Virginia Anne?
 Birthabout 1915MILLER Phyllis?
 Birth1915CHATFIELD Elizabeth?
 Death1915STAFFORD Mid S?
 Birthabout 1915HILL Delphin?
 Death2 March 1916CURTIS Lyman Thompson?
 Birth14 March 1916HERSEY Carrie Louise?
 Birth26 March 1916CHATFIELD Harlan Virgil?
 Birth25 April 1916MCCORMICK Cleobelle?
 Birth27 April 1916BROWN Geraldine?
 Birth22 August 1916BEACOM Rena E?
 Birth16 October 1916TITUS David L?
 Birth30 December 1916CHATFIELD Melvin McKnight?
 Birthabout 1916MORSE Glenn Barrette?
 Birthabout 1916DEVERS Beatrice May?
 Birthabout 1916CHATFIELD Anna Mae?
 Birthabout 1916? Nellie A?
 Birthabout 1916LANDIS Irene Marguerite?
 Birthabout 1916WELLS Irol L?
 Birthabout 1916ILES Genevive J?
 Birth1916GOULD Kenneth H?
 Birth14 May 1917DOMBOS Charles B?
 Birth21 May 1917HILL Stephen Bruce?
 Birth27 July 1917CHATFIELD Chester F?
 Birth5 August 1917? Ruth Elizabeth?
 Birth5 September 1917WILLIAMS Melbourne James?
 Birthabout 1917ROBERTS Evelyn May?
 Birthabout 1917DEVERS Irene Marie?
 Birthabout 1917HILL Twyla?
 Birthabout 1917CHILDS Vernon R?
 Birthabout 1917CHATFIELD Everton C?
 Birthabout 1917WHEAT Jeannetta?
 Birthabout 1917ROBERTS Lyle S?
 Birth18 June 1918MCCORMICK Gerald Wesley?
 Death26 July 1918CROMIE Robert?
 Birth6 December 1918BUDZYNSKI Angeline Lucille?
 Birthabout 1918CHATFIELD Dorothy?
 Birth1918ROBERTS Max N?
 Birthabout 1918HALL Irving?
 Birthabout 1918GORDON Laurie D?
 Birthabout 1918CHATFIELD Charlotte?
 Birthabout 1918JOHNSON Kathryn?
 Birthabout 1918DIGGLES Donald R?
 Birthabout 1918CHATFIELD Eva?
 Birth1918CORCORAN Frances Barbara?
 Divorcebefore 1918MURNER William H with HALLOCK Rose M?
 Birth1 February 1919COOMBS Ellen Jane?
 Birth28 February 1919WILLIAMS Glen Frank?
 Birth20 March 1919MCWHORTER Max E?
 Birth26 June 1919GORDON George William?
 Birth4 September 1919SINEMAN Arden W?
 Birth16 September 1919LYPSCON Arthur H?
 Birth19 September 1919GORDON Carl September?
 Birth30 October 1919CHATFIELD Clarence William?
 Birth1919HERSEY Shirley Alma?
 Birthabout 1919WHEAT Hazel?
 Birthabout 1919FORD Helen A?
 Birthabout 1919ILES Leslie W?
 Birthabout 1919DEFANO Carmen?
 Birthabout 1919BROWN Alex?
 Death1919EVO William?
 Birth1919CORCORAN Kharla Anne?
 Birthabout 1919JOHNSON Doris M?
 Birthabout 1919CHATFIELD Charlotte?
 Birthabout 1919HILL Marion O?
 Birth15 February 1920CHATFIELD Charles M?
 Birth31 July 1920STRAUB Florence Louise?
 Death1920DURRIN Luther Franklin?
 Birthabout 1920WELLS Reva J?
 Birth16 May 1921CHATFIELD Avery Y?
 Birth5 June 1921EVANS Albert Louis?
 Birth15 June 1921BEACOM Wallace Herbert?
 Birth11 August 1921ROBERTS Richard L?
 Birth26 August 1921BRACE Richard Isaac?
 Birth26 September 1921CHATFIELD John Joseph?
 Birth25 October 1921HADDIX Leone Jennie?
 Birth3 December 1921MURNER Heather M?
 Birthabout 1921ROBERTS Fay F?
 Death18 January 1922FORMAN Eugenia?
 Birth27 January 1922HILL Francis Roy?
 Birth2 March 1922BENNETT Elizabeth Margaret?
 Birth1 April 1922BROWNELL Betty Joy?
 Birth2 April 1922HOOLSEMA Donald?
 Birth28 April 1922CHATFIELD Margaret?
 Birth1 July 1922KLOPFENSTEIN Beatrice Carrie?
 Death28 July 1922BAKER Esther E?
 Birth17 August 1922CORCORAN Thomas Harmon?
 Birthabout 1922CHATFIELD Mary E?
 Birthabout 1922JOHNSON Lucile?
 Birthabout 1922MYERS Helen?
 Birthabout 1922GONSER Grace A?
 Birthabout 1922CHATFIELD Lucille?
 Birthabout 1922BALL James?
 Birthabout 1922MILLER Roger?
 Birth16 January 1923HASS Elizabeth Louise?
 Birth2 May 1923VANNORTWICK Wilbur Ory?
 Birth4 June 1923BRACE June?
 Birthabout 1923CHATFIELD Margaret I.?
 Birthabout 1923BROWN Leona?
 Birthabout 1923SHOESMITH Doris R?
 Birth18 February 1924KAHNE Helen L?
 Birth13 May 1924CHATFIELD Arthur Edwin?
 Birth7 June 1924MCCORMICK Gilford F?
 Birth12 July 1924CHATFIELD Dulcy D?
 Birthabout 1924JOHNSON Betty?
 Birthabout 1924BALL Pamela D?
 Birthabout 1924JOHNSON Virginia Lou?
 Birthabout 1924CHATFIELD Helen?
 Birthabout 1924CHATFIELD Charlotte?
 Birth3 March 1925MCDOWELL Marvin Harold?
 Birth8 June 1925NETTLETON Donald Robert?
 Birth20 July 1925BALL Jeremy Talcott?
 Birth8 August 1925NETTLETON Barney George?
 Birth24 September 1925TOMLIN Elvina?
 Birth24 November 1925ERKENBECK Clinton Lyman?
 Birth4 December 1925LARSON Helen Mae?
 Birthabout 1925MURNER Rosann?
 Birthabout 1925MILLER Charles?
 Birthabout 1925BALL Catherine?
 Birthabout 1925CHATFIELD Peggy Ann?
 Birthabout 1925GORDON Dean C?
 Birthabout 1925GONSER Frances A?
 Birthabout 1925CHATFIELD Frances M?
 Death1925MCCRARY Ella C?
 Birth27 March 1926HILL Helen Marie?
 Birth26 May 1926VINKEMULDER Dorothy C?
 Birth14 August 1926NORDQUIST S Eunice?
 Birthabout 1926ATKINSON Ellen Lorain?
 Birthabout 1926JOHNSON Frederick?
 Birthabout 1926JOHNSON Leonette L?
 Birth23 July 1927CHATFIELD Richard?
 Birth13 August 1927RYE Delores Marie?
 Birth5 December 1927CHATFIELD Viola?
 Birthabout 1927CHATFIELD Richard?
 Birthabout 1927PERKINS Winnifred Ellen?
 Birth21 January 1928MCWHORTER Carrol L?
 Birth12 March 1928NETTLETON Jack Alvin?
 Birth27 May 1928WHEAT Olive G?
 Birth15 December 1928ALLERDING Bettie Louise?
 Birthabout 1928BALL William J?
 Birthabout 1928TOMLIN Cloyce Oak?
 Birthabout 1928MCLAUGHLIN Colleen Rae?
 Birthabout 1928CHATFIELD Eli E?
 Birthabout 1928CHATFIELD Ida Jane?
 Birth27 January 1929SWEARS Stanley Carol?
 Birth31 January 1929CORCORAN Michael Charles?
 Birth4 February 1929CHATFIELD Mary A?
 Birth28 February 1929ORWELLER Joyce Margery?
 Birth17 May 1929ATKINSON Robert Ivan?
 Birth15 June 1929CHATFIELD Barbara Belle?
 Marriageabout 1929AREHART Chester L with ? Patrice G?
 Birthabout 1929ROBERTS Dolores J?
 Birthabout 1929BEAM Patricia?
 Birth26 January 1930CHATFIELD Lawrence William?
 Birth1 March 1930WYNSMA Kenneth?
 Birth1 July 1930MCDOWELL Freda Belle?
 Divorcebefore 1930CHATFIELD Glenn Albert with CUTLER Alvira Belle?
 Birthabout 1930TOMLIN De Roy?
 Birthabout 1930MCCORMICK Clarice?
 Birthabout 1930ROBERTS Betty J?
 Birth1930SPANOGLE Douglas W?
 Birth25 February 1931COREY Albert M?
 Birth3 June 1931CHATFIELD Max Lawrence?
 Death3 June 1931CHATFIELD Max Lawrence?
 Birth8 September 1931VINKEMULDER Charles Bradley?
 Birth9 November 1931NETTLETON Leo Franklin?
 Birth15 June 1932GRAHAM Illa Mae?
 Birth6 August 1932CHATFIELD Eleanor Lee?
 Birth12 October 1932PERSCHKE Richard Rheinhold?
 Death2 December 1932MULFORD Emily?
 Birthabout 1932AMES Neva Jean?
 Birthabout 1932ATKINSON James Edward?
 Birth10 March 1933NETTLETON Ted Reginald?
 Birth13 March 1933ANDERSON Laurel Catherine?
 Birth8 September 1933AMES Margaret E?
 Birth14 September 1933IZZARD Arbutus Marion?
 Birth18 October 1933MILLER W Linwood?
 Birthabout 1933BRENKE Edward A?
 Birth9 June 1934WHEAT Alice?
 Birth16 September 1934WHEAT Morgan H?
 Birthabout 1934ANDERSON Mary Ferne?
 Birth1934JONES Eunice Lucille?
 Birthabout 1934NEAL Lilian?
 Birthabout 1934CHATFIELD Ross?
 Birthabout 1934LANGBRIDGE Beverly A?
 Birthabout 1934BALL David I \ J?
 Birth24 January 1935IZZARD Wilson Ford?
 Birth28 May 1935CHATFIELD Willis Melson?
 Birth23 November 1935GRAHAM James Follis?
 Birthabout 1935BALL Robert Lee?
 Birthabout 1935WELLS Phyllis?
 Birth1935HILL Virginia Jean?
 Birth25 May 1936BENNETT Wallace Charles?
 Birth17 November 1936POST Donald R?
 Birth28 December 1936AMES Velma Ruth?
 Birthabout 1936ANDERSON Hugh R?
 Birthabout 1936MCDOWELL Dale Robert?
 Birthabout 1936CHATFIELD Joan D?
 Birth5 February 1937CHATFIELD Mary Sue?
 Birth31 May 1937CHATFIELD DeWayne Lee?
 Birth15 June 1937ANDERSON Pearl Marie?
 Birth3 August 1937MOORE Lovell?
 Birthabout 1937ANDERSON Grace?
 Birth1937HILL Kenneth Stephen?
 Birthabout 1937DOVE Jack L?
 Birthabout 1937CHATFIELD Robert B?
 Birthabout 1937BRENKE Marie M?
 Birthabout 1937REENE April Belle?
 Birthabout 1937LANGBRIDGE Nancy Marie?
 Death28 February 1938WILLIAMS Robert Wilson?
 Birth2 March 1938GONSER Sandra?
 Birth5 April 1938LORDSON Melvin?
 Birth1 May 1938WHITE Patricia Ann?
 Birth9 June 1938OLMEDA Eleanor May?
 Birth15 June 1938VANARTSEN Jack Charles?
 Birth1 July 1938NETTLETON Linda June?
 Birth2 September 1938CHATFIELD Kenneth Eugene?
 Birth26 September 1938ABBOTT Elizabeth Ann?
 Birth26 September 1938WHEAT Mary Lou?
 Birth15 November 1938HILL Marjorie Faye?
 Birth23 December 1938CHATFIELD David R?
 Birthabout 1938CHATFIELD John?
 Birthabout 1938NEAL James E?
 Birthabout 1938COX Ronald M?
 Birthabout 1938WHEAT Paula J?
 Birth1938HILL Richard Francis?
 Birth5 June 1939BOTMA Arthur R?
 Birth28 October 1939TREVARROW Paul Henry?
 Birth20 November 1939HENDLEY Lois Jean?
 Death9 December 1939STICKNEY Effie Marie?
 Death1939HAWES Mary Olive?
 Birthabout 1939BRENKE Bonnie Jean?
 Birthabout 1939BOWERMAN Janice Kay?
 Birthabout 1939TRZOS Edith May?
 Birth1 March 1940DURHAM Leo Patrick?
 Birth3 June 1940MCCORMICK Robert Lee?
 Death3 June 1940MCCORMICK Robert Lee?
 Birthabout 1940REENE Jewel Arabelle?
 Birthabout 1940JESKE Alice May?
 Birthabout 1940ANDERSON Violet?
 Birthabout 1940POST Polly Ann?
 Birth1940NETTLETON Frederick James?
 Deathbefore 1940SCHULER Frederick?
 Birthabout 1940IRWIN Barbara?
 Birth1940CHATFIELD Carol Ann?
 Birth8 February 1941CHATFIELD Darryl James?
 DeathApril 1941PIFER Hannah Catherine?
 Birth8 September 1941BAWKS Kenneth Wayne?
 Marriage15 October 1941ANDERSON Lionel Robert with NETTLETON Eva May?
 Birth1941IZZARD Frederick Allen?
 Birthabout 1941WHEAT Virginia?
 Marriage1 January 1942WEAVER George Allen with MARTIN Opal?
 Birth28 May 1942CRIBBS John Robert?
 Birth29 June 1942IZZARD Robert Neal?
 Birth22 July 1942CHATFIELD James Allen?
 Death1942DRAVES Anna E?
 Birth24 June 1943FENNER Melvin Bruce?
 Birth21 July 1943SLOMERS Nancy Rosemary?
 Birth31 July 1943BAWKS Ada Bernice?
 Birth3 September 1943CHATFIELD David Gene?
 BirthJune 1944COX Marilyn Jean?
 Birth19 November 1944CHATFIELD Mary C \ K?
 Birth22 May 1945MCCORMICK Gerald Wesley?
 Birth10 October 1945BAWKS Adrianne Marie?
 Birth11 May 1946ANDERSON Wanda May?
 Birth15 June 1946NETTLETON Gerald Robert?
 Birth15 June 1946SLOMERS Toni Jean?
 Birth6 May 1947MCDOWELL Carol Ann?
 Birth15 June 1947WILLIAMS Joann Kaye?
 Birth6 October 1947JONES Patricia Ann?
 Marriage15 October 1947NETTLETON Glen R with KAMPER Gertrude Marie?
 Marriage15 October 1947NETTLETON Barney George with KAMPER Marjorie Alice?
 Birth22 December 1947FOX Linda Gayle?
 BirthMay 1948MCDOWELL William Richard?
 Birth1 June 1948SLOMERS Bonnie Lou?
 Birth24 August 1948WILLIAMS Marilyn Jean?
 Birth10 May 1949SIX Gregory B?
 Marriage23 July 1949COOK William with WHEAT Olive G?
 Birth14 October 1949WILLIAMS Carol Ann?
 Birth22 November 1949MCCORMICK Lee Frederick?
 Birth1949FENNER Marvin Jack?
 Birth2 August 1950NETTLETON Barbara Marie?
 Birth9 August 1950FREE John E?
 Birth1950WILLIAMS David Wilson?
 Birth13 March 1951AHO Danny William?
 Birth26 May 1951BRAUER Susan Catherine?
 Death1951ANGELL Rex?
 Death27 January 1952GORDON Claude William?
 Birth17 June 1952HOOLSEMA Douglas Hugh?
 Birth30 August 1952HILL Lawrence Benjamin?
 Birth13 June 1953HOOLSEMA Donald John?
 Birth15 June 1954HOWARD Esther Jean?
 Birth26 July 1954HOOLSEMA Beth Elaine?
 Death1954HOFFMAN Augusta?
 Birth1 July 1955NETTLETON Sandra Key?
 Birth22 November 1955CHATFIELD Theresa Jean?
 Birthabout 1955CHATFIELD Robin Diane?
 Death1955SWARTZ Harry?
 Birth1 July 1956BOWSHER Donna Anna?
 Birth1 September 1956LORDSON Danny Lee?
 Birth30 December 1956JONES Sharri Lynn?
 Death1956NETTLETON Frederick James?
 Birth19 March 1957NETTLETON Charleen May?
 Birth14 May 1957NETTLETON Danny Brian?
 Birth1 July 1957CHATFIELD Stanley Spencer?
 Birth1 July 1957REDINGER Katherine Larayne?
 Birth28 October 1958REDINGER Karen Jean?
 Birthabout 1958NETTLETON Kathy Ann?
 Birth19 March 1959PILTZ Neil Eugene?
 Birth15 April 1959CHATFIELD DeWayne Dean?
 Birth1 July 1959WILLIAMS Betty Jean?
 Birth11 August 1959NETTLETON Laura Kay?
 Birth20 October 1959LORDSON Bertrand Morris?
 Birth7 June 1960PILTZ Elizabeth Ellen?
 Birth15 June 1960WILLIAMS Yvonne Marie?
 Birth1 July 1960HOWARD Elizabeth Myra?
 Birth24 August 1960BEACOM Ronald James?
 Birth1 September 1960IZZARD Kelly Joe?
 Birth12 October 1960JONES Sharon Kay?
 Birth27 November 1960HOOLSEMA Steven W?
 Death1960GILBERT Della V?
 Birth15 June 1961REDINGER Carl Ward?
 Birth1 September 1961IZZARD Keith Allen?
 Birth4 February 1962CHATFIELD Sharon K?
 Birth15 June 1962NETTLETON Deborah Sue?
 Birth1 August 1962HOOLSEMA Keith Michael?
 DeathNovember 1962CHATFIELD Orlo Herman?
 DeathFebruary 1963CHATFIELD Frederick Stevens?
 DeathMarch 1963HILL Cassius Edwin?
 Birth15 December 1963IZZARD Kim Aileen?
 Birthabout 1963FOWLER Debra Kay?
 Death1963ISBELL Mildred?
 DeathJanuary 1964BALL Thomas Muller?
 Birth6 March 1964JONES Michael William?
 Birth15 June 1964HOOLSEMA Mark Allen?
 Death28 August 1964DEVEREAUX Harold Grant?
 Birthabout 1964CHATFIELD Jeannine?
 Birth12 July 1966ACKERMAN Debra Sue?
 Birth16 December 1966DAY Lisa Ann?
 Birth1966FOWLER Dawn?
 Birth1966LORDSON Dana Paul?
 DeathJanuary 1967DAY Dorence M?
 Birth15 June 1967FOWLER Wendy Patricia?
 Death25 June 1967CHATFIELD Florence A M?
 Birth25 July 1967BEACOM Terry Lynn?
 Birth30 April 1968BOTMA Brian A?
 Birth15 June 1968LORDSON Julie Ann?
 Birth15 June 1969BEACOM Dawn Marie?
 Birth1 July 1969MCCORMICK Jerry Wesley?
 Death1 September 1969SMITH Samuel L?
 DeathOctober 1969MCCORMICK Frederick F?
 Birth25 February 1970DAVIS Erik Paul?
 Birth30 May 1970VANARTSEN Colleen Loraine?
 Birth15 June 1970NETTLETON Scott Allen?
 Birth6 September 1970MCCORMICK Gail Lynn?
 DeathOctober 1970CHATFIELD Glycie E?
 Marriageabout 1970CHATFIELD Marion V with FOX Linda Gayle?
 DeathFebruary 1971CHATFIELD Ray Everton?
 Birth27 March 1971MCGLINCH Bradley James?
 Birth28 July 1971MIEKLE Jeffrey Russell?
 Birth1 September 1971GARVOCK Jared Timothy?
 Birth19 October 1971MCCORMICK Jeremy Alan?
 Birth1971LORDSON Robert Allen?
 DeathJanuary 1972CHATFIELD Albert Lewis?
 BirthAugust 1972BEACOM William Curtis?
 Birth19 January 1973MCCORMICK Justin Travis?
 Death6 February 1973GRIFFIN Bessie?
 Death28 February 1973MCCORMICK Justin Travis?
 Birth24 April 1973CHATFIELD Eric John?
 Birth27 May 1973JONES Lisa Ellen?
 Birth15 June 1973CHATFIELD Andrea Heather?
 BirthJuly 1973CHATFIELD Jeffery Scott?
 Birth15 January 1974CHATFIELD Kevin Allen?
 Birth21 May 1974CHATFIELD Cynthia Marie?
 Birth15 June 1974BEACOM Melissa Jean?
 Birth9 November 1974CHATFIELD Ethan Robert?
 DeathDecember 1974BAILEY Bess?
 Birth1974AVERY Trisha Jo?
 Death31 March 1975SPANOGLE Douglas W?
 Birth27 May 1975GARVOCK Julie Susan?
 Birth20 September 1975MCGLINCH Jody Don?
 Birth1975NETTLETON Tabitha Lynn?
 Birth15 May 1976CHATFIELD Matthew Williams-Howard?
 Birth15 June 1976MCCLUNG William Devin?
 DeathJune 1977FOUTY Helen Mae?
 Birth19 September 1977WILLIAMS Tonya Mae?
 Birth27 September 1977SPENCER Jeremy James?
 Death2 December 1977RIGGS William?
 Birth15 June 1978NETTLETON Stanley Vernon?
 Birth9 September 1978AVERY Kylie Louise?
 Birth15 June 1979NETTLETON Tina S?
 Birth3 December 1979MCCORMICK Cheryl Ann?
 Birth1979BAWKS Kenneth Ray?
 Death1979PUGH Grace G?
 Birth23 July 1980SPENCER Brandon Thomas?
 Birth7 August 1980BAILEY Brooke Marie?
 DeathMarch 1981ROBINSON Winifred G?
 Birth30 December 1981GARMAN Neil Edward?
 Birth5 December 1982CHATFIELD Edward James?
 Birth12 February 1983SPENCER Justin Taylor?
 Birth1983CHATFIELD Stanley Spencer?
 DeathMarch 1984HEJDUK Harold?
 BirthFebruary 1985BISCORNER Laura Lynn?
 Death8 May 1985WHEAT Morgan H?
 Birth15 June 1985BISCORNER Jyneffer Marie?
 Death11 March 1987WILLIAMS Herbert Wilson?
 Birth1987BAWKS Randal William?
 Birth25 May 1988CHATFIELD Lee Roberson?
 Death15 July 1988NETTLETON Russell L?
 Death4 March 1991CHATFIELD Berta DeLores?
 Death17 May 1991SOLI Theodore J?
 Death20 July 1991CHATFIELD Laura L?
 DeathFebruary 1992MURNER Heather M?
 Birth1 June 1994BRIGHTON Parker?
 Death23 October 1997ATKINSON DeLores June?
 Death10 December 1997LORDSON Ellsworth M?
 Death12 August 1998ATKINSON Robert Ivan?
 Death31 January 1999CHATFIELD Margaret?
 Residence1999BEACOM Gary Allen?
21 century
 Death29 November 2000NORDQUIST S Eunice?
 Death3 December 2000MOYER Julia M?
 Death14 July 2001BEACOM Rena E?
 Death3 September 2001WILLIAMS Annebelle?
 Residence2001RAVENNA Joseph Thomas?
 Death7 January 2002BAWKS Kenneth Allen?
 Death22 April 2003BOWSHER Donald Conrad?
 Death23 July 2003CHATFIELD Muriel Adeline?
 Death26 May 2004BRAUER Leslie D?
 Death23 July 2004HILL Helen Marie?
 Death1 December 2005HEJDUK Harold James?
 Death26 April 2006NETTLETON Harry Alvin?
 Death23 May 2006HASS Elizabeth Louise?
 Death7 June 2006BORDNER Willard J?
 Death30 April 2007CHATFIELD Vera Mabel?
 Death7 September 2007SCHERER Caroline M?
 Marriage8 August 2008CHATFIELD Lee Roberson with ZONDERVAN Stephanie Payge?
 Birthbefore 2008PRICE Issue 2?
 Death15 August 2009GARVOCK Malcolm Walter?
 Death25 October 2009DURHAM Leo Patrick?
 Death3 September 2010WILLIAMS Melbourne James?
 Death12 January 2011KAMPER Marjorie Alice?
 Death30 March 2011ROSENBROCK Ruth Pauline?
 Death12 August 2011WHEAT Olive G?
 Death4 March 2012WHEAT Evelyn Mae?
 Death21 August 2012DYKES LoRena?
 Birth14 September 2012JARRAD Jimmie Ezra-Douglas?
 Death26 December 2012HANCOCK Hazel Emma?
 Death28 June 2013CRISP Luella Pearl?
 Death12 May 2017CHATFIELD Carl L?
 Burial12 August 2017CHATFIELD Stanley Spencer?
 Death21 February 2022ENGLEBERG Walter Edward?

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